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  • Hello and welcome back for some massive carnage.
    So sit back relax and enjoy episode 6 of some MEGA carnage in F1 2019!
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  • Ein Fisch :D
    Ein Fisch :D Month ago

    How can you crash that good? xd

  • Saattvik Thourwal
    Saattvik Thourwal Month ago

    2:34 stop William abuse

  • SG 7104C
    SG 7104C Month ago

    Why Do Accidents All Happen Around K-Mag?

  • SG 7104C
    SG 7104C Month ago +1

    A Williams Taking Out A Ferrari At Monaco
    Mercedes: YES!
    Red Bull: Wait What?! Williams? OMG
    *-3 Seconds Later-*
    Red Bull Takes Out Another Ferrari
    Mercedes: YES!
    Ferrari: Don’t Celebrate Too Early!
    **Hamilton Crashes And Kicks Bottas Out Of The Race**

  • Eric Cardona
    Eric Cardona Month ago +10

    I hate that the game stops when a wheel comes off

    • Chris Kelly
      Chris Kelly 25 days ago +1

      Yeah sucks when you're playing a racing simulator and the wheel coming off stops you from continuing to drive. When my wheel flies off my car i can normally drive around for 3-4 months no problem.

    • SG 7104C
      SG 7104C Month ago

      Eric Cardona Yup

  • Tony Productions
    Tony Productions Month ago +4


    NASCAR: Excuse me?

    • Tony Productions
      Tony Productions 28 days ago

      @Coastliner700 quite apparently, you aren't educated in NASCAR, you can't even defend yourself. Probably hasn't even watched a full race

    • Tony Productions
      Tony Productions Month ago

      @Wallace cheese and that's only is F1. And even F2. I'm not saying that drivers are more important then fans, without drivers you have no fans, without drivers you have no fans.

    • Tony Productions
      Tony Productions Month ago

      @Wallace cheese and F1 has 52 drivers (I think) fatalities. NASCAR has 28
      (I might change the numbers which is if there is an edit that's what it's for)

    • Wallace cheese
      Wallace cheese Month ago

      One of the NASCAR tracks has killed the most people

    • Tony Productions
      Tony Productions Month ago

      @Coastliner700 Have you ever watched multiple NASCAR Races before. Calling me a derogatory name won't make me change my mind anyways...

  • Mats Meerburg
    Mats Meerburg Month ago

    Next time play Music Under The vid

  • Uday Sharma
    Uday Sharma Month ago

    what level difficulty do you play for these crashes?

  • Niclas lgaal
    Niclas lgaal Month ago +2

    Hey! How long does it take to do a video like that?
    I'd Love you to answer my question...

    • Niclas lgaal
      Niclas lgaal Month ago +1

      @RaceVidzzzFTW oh! Wow! And what about the normal Crashes?

    • RaceVidzzzFTW
      RaceVidzzzFTW  Month ago +1

      The Mega Crashes take about 3/4 hours!

  • Amir Safwan
    Amir Safwan Month ago

    They see me rollin they hatin 2:15

  • Cristian Pio Irrera Costa

    To do a very bad crash:
    Mexico,start from pole,do a bad start so the car behind will try to overtake,push him out of the track to make him come back into the circuit and........BANG!!

  • Moritz Boewer
    Moritz Boewer Month ago

    Lando drunk to much milk... Anyway great vid👍

  • Federico Aguirre
    Federico Aguirre Month ago

    1:34 Checo Perez & Esteban Ocon

  • SamGamerOfficial
    SamGamerOfficial Month ago +2

    Pwoahhhhh the crashs are violent! 😂 👏

  • ZiriteX
    ZiriteX Month ago +5

    merry christmas race even though it isn’t christmas

  • Calvin Barton
    Calvin Barton Month ago


  • Flo Adi
    Flo Adi Month ago +3

    9:34 GigaKubica:-D

  • miki maoll
    miki maoll Month ago

    highlight R.Grojean ✌

  • Connor Bell
    Connor Bell Month ago

    Dude, each clip is cut way to short. Fix this please!

    • RaceVidzzzFTW
      RaceVidzzzFTW  Month ago

      Yes I can't do something about it, it's the game that causes this!

    • Aquber
      Aquber Month ago

      When your wheels come off..the game stops after 2 seconds

    • Aquber
      Aquber Month ago

      That's caused by the game..

  • random person
    random person Month ago

    This is what I've been waiting for , live the airborne crashes but pls stop cutting the clip straight after the car has crashed

    • random person
      random person Month ago

      @RaceVidzzzFTW oh ok

    • RaceVidzzzFTW
      RaceVidzzzFTW  Month ago +2

      Well after the wheel comes off the car the game gives you about 2/3 seconds and than it automatically stops so what you see in the video is everything there is sadly enough ☹️

  • Claudia Oliveira
    Claudia Oliveira Month ago +1

    Só video logo

  • rivitril
    rivitril Month ago +7

    Charles was like "I'm rolling in here like a COW"

    • LeoM365
      LeoM365 12 days ago

      @rivitril Its *Im hanging here* like a cow”

  • Temi
    Temi Month ago +4

    Official Formula 1 Airport (Austria)

  • Rs9sharkboy 1
    Rs9sharkboy 1 Month ago

    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky

  • F1LeclercFan
    F1LeclercFan Month ago +1

    Aero failure

  • Guatemauler Flex_18

    Very good videoo like 54

  • Enderman 021
    Enderman 021 Month ago

    Cool :)

  • george machine
    george machine Month ago

    Another meme to put on Reddit

  • FyZeR_LEWIS44 F1 lewis


  • Adam Mačuga
    Adam Mačuga Month ago

    Nice video

  • MARTIM Vloguer
    MARTIM Vloguer Month ago