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The Legend of Vox Machina 1x1 REACTION!! "The Terror of Tal'Dorei - Part 1"

  • Published on Feb 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Season 1 Episode 1 of The Legend of Vox Machina - The Terror of Tal'Dorei - Part 1 -
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  • Kyle Armstrong

    If the editor wants to tell them without spoilers: the first two episodes are based on a pre-stream event and used to introduce the characters, episode 3 is when the pacing slows down and they adapt an actual arc from the campaign (the amazing arc that’s considered to be when Critical Role truly founds its footing).

  • Noxshade
    Noxshade  +526

    Trivia time! This all started with Liam O’Brian (Vax) getting nostalgic for D&D after learning his friend Matt Mercer was a DM and asking if he would run a 1-shot adventure for Liam’s birthday. He did, and invited a bunch of other voice actor friends to join. It was the birthday part that let Laura Bailey (Vex) realize she and Liam share a birthday, so they decided their characters should be twins.

  • Liesmith
    Liesmith  +614

    A few signature moves showcased here:

  • Ben-san
    Ben-san  +553


  • Cthary
    Cthary  +113

    If you wonder: "Did Scanlan came up with this on the spot ?" The answer is mostlikely "YES", since Sam Riegel is a bloody Genius

  • Markamanic
    Markamanic  +120

    Kickstarter Goal was 750.000 for essentially just Episode 1 and 2.

  • dandydeadpool

    My favourite Taliesin Jaffe trivia is that he was(I believe)the VO director for Hellsing Ultimate and got Seras Victoria's voice actor to say "Bitches Love Cannons" on the DVD commentary as he enjoyed the Abridged version so much!

  • Declan M
    Declan M  +406

    It’s funny that Rick says that the Gunslinger was more of a Pathfinder class because that’s exactly what it is! CR started as a direct continuation of the cast’s Pathfinder home game; they switched to D&D 5e just before turning it into a web show. That’s also why campaign 1 starts when Vox Machina are all level 7/8 as opposed to lower levels.

  • Smoggy Fogbottom

    Scanlan and Pike are both gnomes! Also, their game used to be pathfinder and they switched to 5e when they started streaming, so your comment about percy's class makes sense!

  • Anathem
    Anathem  +85


  • TullkasLifts

    It's funny hearing them talk about the Bard class, when in the live show, Scanlan was legitimately MVP in so many different points.

  • the witchy wanderer

    About Scanlan: He's a gnome bard. The story behind it is that Sam and Liam are best friends and when Liam decided he wanted to play d&d for his birthday one year Sam said that he didn't know anything about d&d but he was up for it. He asked Liam the worst class and the worst race and thus Scanlan was born. Over the series I'm sure you'll see how great he made the combo.

  • VBane
    VBane  +586

    It should be noted that this Blue Dragon Arc actually never aired. It happened in their home game before they started streaming. The original Kickstarter was just for this and a few episodes, but they made like 15x their goal so it became a whole season comprised on this arc and a later Arc from the stream, skipping over the first couple arcs from the stream that were overall less integral to the longterm plot.

  • TriXJester

    Pike - Gnome Cleric

  • Cryonix
    Cryonix  +38

    Just FYI, during the games, Scanlan sang a little diddy for almost every bardic inspiration that he gave

  • Blackfox413

    Just so y’all can see, yes both Pike and Scanlan are gnomes.

  • Duganator
    Duganator  +167

    Couple of fun facts for you:

  • Doug Cowell

    The first 2 episodes are an introductory, pre-stream, story to help you get your bearings with so many characters. The next 10 episodes are a longer story arc with more time to develop. So for this first episode, yeah they're rushing a few things in, lots of tropes, but give it time and I think you'll enjoy it.

  • G Zafiris
    G Zafiris  +194

    Holy shit! Been a Critter since C1E3 on the Geek & Sundry stream, super excited (and SHOCKED) that you guys are watching this.