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Minecraft, But The Dimension Is Randomly Generated...


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  • camman18
    camman18  2 months ago +2314

    i might start premiering my daily videos for funsies so don't worry you don't have to wait 10 hours for the video it's nothing special lol

    • Angus Wai
      Angus Wai Month ago

      @JulyBro ok

    • JulyBro
      JulyBro Month ago +1

      @Angus Wai there’s a 0.00000000001% chance camman will say hi back

    • Angus Wai
      Angus Wai Month ago

      Hi camman

    • visibleUser
      visibleUser Month ago

      ​@Loreen Bradtke oh i dont know.... maybe get twitch?

    • JulyBro
      JulyBro Month ago

      Suuuure diamonds Hugh?

  • Milo Strachan
    Milo Strachan 2 months ago +1191

    I don't care how long this may takes I just want to watch it.

  • Ahmed Oyindamola
    Ahmed Oyindamola 2 months ago +901

    “Is that a slime?”
    Slime:”Im about to give him his worst nightmare”
    **falls 0ff

  • Miki
    Miki 2 months ago +2694

    "Why Is it like the end but not?"

    • ShortMiao
      ShortMiao Month ago

      ​@Linda Hamilton Oh, ok.

    • magic
      magic Month ago +1


    • Linda Hamilton
      Linda Hamilton Month ago +1

      @ShortMiao He did at 0:41 again Fly high Techno

    • ShortMiao
      ShortMiao Month ago +2

      @Linda Hamilton ...No one said that. Also R.I.P legend.

    • Moekejd
      Moekejd Month ago +2

      Minecraft end dimension LSD update

  • Nizar Saidi
    Nizar Saidi 2 months ago +1132

    "The ending cut off it's all good"
    had me on the floor😂😂😂

  • اهاه
    اهاه Month ago +50

    "not even close"
    Bro his voice is already echoing inside my mind

  • Vlad Prunea
    Vlad Prunea Month ago +36

    "Ez! Not even close."
    That hit me hard.😢

    • TheBigTeb
      TheBigTeb Month ago +2

      ​@thechillcat that's how grief works

    • Vlad Prunea
      Vlad Prunea Month ago +3

      @thechillcat yes

    • Thái Duy
      Thái Duy Month ago +1


    • thechillcat
      thechillcat Month ago +1

      Bro he died months ago yall are still thinking about him?

    • Bach
      Bach Month ago +2

      Same :(

  • Ahmed Oyindamola
    Ahmed Oyindamola 2 months ago +48

    To all those saying “I waited 10 hours for this video lol”
    *Camman18 uploads his video daily @10:00am Chicago USA time*

    • Davide Montalbano
      Davide Montalbano Month ago

      @Supersans Ciao dalla sicilia

    • Supersans
      Supersans Month ago +1

      ​@Davide Montalbano Ciao amico!

    • Ahmed Oyindamola
      Ahmed Oyindamola 2 months ago +1

      @Davide Montalbano that’s great
      Greetings here from Chicago ❤️

    • Davide Montalbano
      Davide Montalbano 2 months ago +2

      @Ahmed Oyindamola Nah man how would you tell? 👽👾(Italy by the way)

    • Ahmed Oyindamola
      Ahmed Oyindamola 2 months ago

      @Davide Montalbano not at all
      I’ve only stayed in Florida for couple of years
      Are you from Ohio?

  • Emergency Food
    Emergency Food 2 months ago +184

    who else is waiting for 10 hours just for a 1 minute or less short?

  • Marco Oropeza
    Marco Oropeza Month ago

    I like that he's not screaming so loudly anymore, it's more enjoyable, before he would scream for basically no reason, it's much better now in my opinion, keep going on with the improvement
    Can man18

  • Hammer_Bro23
    Hammer_Bro23 Month ago

    Man, I'm actually considering getting java just to play this update.


    *We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content*
    *It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that*

  • Spectre Play5
    Spectre Play5 Month ago

    I like that dimension, it was actually really cool

  • Cloud
    Cloud Month ago

    A camman video that doesn’t include screaming?
    Now this is good content

  • Mojang
    Mojang Month ago

    Camman: *finds starter chest*
    Also camman: *grabs everything but the birch*

  • I Wayan Yudha Pratama
    I Wayan Yudha Pratama Month ago +86

    "*coughs* oh hey there! The ending cut out with diamonds- it's all good-" got me 😂🤣

  • Princess Danielle Del rosario

    "easy not even close" you kinda sounded like hiccup at that part

  • LOLrpop
    LOLrpop Month ago

    I was kinda expecting it to end with:
    “ *Luckily I’m a parkour pr-* “

  • Jacksin Heart
    Jacksin Heart Month ago

    This gave me war flashbacks I played hardcore with mods and got stuck in this dimension for 5 hours because I lost my Portal

  • RayanJavaid khokhar
    RayanJavaid khokhar 2 months ago +1

    Wait wasn't the "legit" chest the legendary chest from the end city Wich has the most diamonds that can spawn in vanilla mc?

  • Speedbolt
    Speedbolt 2 months ago +2

    When he said "not even close" I suddenly remembered techno blade

    • Cheems
      Cheems 2 months ago

      Ikr 😔👊

  • RelixVorteloHell
    RelixVorteloHell Month ago

    "there's a mineshaft down there"
    Nah bruh how the hell can you tell

  • Jacky the Cat
    Jacky the Cat Month ago

    "Oh it's it's like a starter pack!" *I see birch only.*

  • heitor
    heitor Month ago

    The fact the First chest had wood but it was birch lol

  • urijah plays games
    urijah plays games Month ago

    This is hilarious 🤣

  • ShortMiao
    ShortMiao 2 months ago

    Alright let's go camman18ers
    "Is that a slime?"
    Slime: *Nooooo, I'm a mushroom!*

  • mushsprit
    mushsprit Month ago

    me when I see the mushrooms in the first one: "MUSHROOMS!!"

  • Incognito
    Incognito Month ago +8

    "Oh! It's a starter chest. Finally!"
    **three seconds later**
    "Oh, we're only getting starter chests."

  • Klek Man
    Klek Man Month ago

    This whole video seems like a acid trip

  • Creed Fitzpatrick
    Creed Fitzpatrick 2 months ago +43

    "Not even close"
    *realizes* Technoblade...R.I.P.

    • ilikewolves
      ilikewolves Month ago

      RIP technoblade 1999 - 2022
      "techoblade never dies"

    • adieuing
      adieuing Month ago +2

      @Rathod Meet 76 a human must die and not live forever if you didn't know.. actually you only look at nothing but technoblade so you wouldn't know that

    • 5usp3c7
      5usp3c7 Month ago +2

      *Not even close babyy*

  • GlitchyGaming
    GlitchyGaming Month ago +1

    Welcome to the backrooms my friend

  • Stupidvideos
    Stupidvideos Month ago

    Dang wool is just a stone retexture

  • Pereck
    Pereck Month ago

    I think Its a snapshot version. Maybe "Infinite Dimension" or something? IDK. Maybe 20w*****

  • Joy
    Joy Month ago

    Did anyone notice the birtch wood was enchanted?

  • 22much
    22much Month ago

    Good thing it wasn’t the back rooms

  • İĀmŃōṭƁâď
    İĀmŃōṭƁâď Month ago

    Every single minecraft youtuber: WOW THERE'S A FULL CHEST OF DIAMONDS 💎!!! Like I can name a few, this one, and Preston.🤣

  • Mohamad_plays321
    Mohamad_plays321 Month ago

    its called bonus chest

  • Csongor Szakos
    Csongor Szakos Month ago

    The ending made me like.

  • Super Sonic. Exe (2022 Roblox Hacker)

    you sayed 'not even close' and i remember: 'NOT EVEN CLOSE BABY TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!'

  • *𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕟𝕘 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕟*

    “Skinny mushroom?”

  • Tiago Sequeira
    Tiago Sequeira Month ago

    Minecraft but everything I look at turns to nightmare wood ...BIRCH

  • Agent Helos
    Agent Helos Month ago

    is that "Infinite" snapshot? " 22w *some number*~" or something like that?

  • RandomArts
    RandomArts Month ago

    Is this the only video where Camman doesn't scream every 5 seconds :O

  • H2O BLOB
    H2O BLOB 2 months ago

    Who doesn't play Minecraft now but still watches his videos?

  • Hakusho929
    Hakusho929 Month ago +1

    "Not even close"
    You guys know what this means 😭

  • Wimby
    Wimby 10 hours ago

    i could imagine mojang making a tiny preview of the map that looks like this and gets generated live

    POLA NEXAS Month ago

    they are bonus chests

  • adieuing
    adieuing Month ago

    great he said "not even close" i can tell atleast 10 comments said it
    camman pls dont say not even close in any short again

  • Lucas Liam
    Lucas Liam Month ago

    I think he cheated at the end but im not sure!!

  • YesTanGoBoy GamerSpot
    YesTanGoBoy GamerSpot 2 months ago +15

    Legends waiting 10 hours straight for a 1 minute or short video 😂😂

  • ooAidan
    ooAidan Month ago +10

    *Makes the jump*
    Camman: “Not even close”
    Me: 😢 🐷👑🗡

    • adieuing
      adieuing Month ago

      i knew it again

    • ALivingPerson
      ALivingPerson Month ago +1

      Same I even accidentally said techno never dies

  • Idon'tknow
    Idon'tknow Month ago

    Camman18:not even close.
    Techno:Not eVen cLose baBy!TecHnobLade Never Dies!

  • YesTanGoBoy GamerSpot
    YesTanGoBoy GamerSpot 2 months ago +6

    Finally legend is back with his legendary short video 🔥🔥

    • a
      a 2 months ago

      shut up bot u said this last vid and ur acting like he hasnt uploaded for a year he uploads a short everyday

  • toadboy4
    toadboy4 Month ago +1

    I actually figured out how the mine shafts work on 20w14inf on floating island worlds, they are fake and don’t have chests or anything in the air, but if it collides with blocks or anything like the island itself, than it becomes a real mineshaft and can have chests

  • Gupta YT
    Gupta YT 2 months ago +10

    Waiting to see a birch dimension 😜😂
    Who else want it ?

    • Brandon Farrell
      Brandon Farrell 2 months ago

      i would love to see his reaction to that lol

    • Gupta YT
      Gupta YT 2 months ago

      @SamHam but we want his reaction 😂

    • SamHam
      SamHam 2 months ago +1

      that would be hilarious

  • x
    x Month ago

    The first one is weirdcore or dreamcore

  • Donovan Mahan
    Donovan Mahan Month ago

    ah yes, going into second person view as you traverse a mineshaft hanging over the void, great idea.

  • Balls in the walls
    Balls in the walls Month ago

    All I could think was ‘I’ve been here sixty years and I’m still not bored’

  • Gael Zepeda
    Gael Zepeda Month ago

    Can you make a video about all blocks are birch wood

  • Silken Emperor
    Silken Emperor Month ago

    Kinda wanna see this done 10 times. For variation, or every minute your dimension changes.

  • MichaelMC
    MichaelMC 2 months ago

    Hey at least he makes good content, waiting 10 hours for his 1 minute video isn’t that bad.

  • Paul white Kisternamma

    Merry Christmas cammen 18 ❤️❄️❄️

  • Devdhar Singh
    Devdhar Singh Month ago

    Minecraft after smoking weed 😭

  • Sussy Gaming
    Sussy Gaming Month ago

    This is literally just 20w14infinite

  • Femke
    Femke 2 months ago +6

    Im just gonna play Minecraft while I wait…. I bet i beat the game in that amount of time

  • Godz
    Godz Month ago

    Notice how he doesn't take the birch in the chest

  • ZachBloxy
    ZachBloxy Month ago

    I totally believe u edited camman

  • THE E4
    THE E4 Month ago

    Alternative title : minecraft but all dimensions are f*cked up

  • Double Blade
    Double Blade Month ago +1

    For anyone wondering what mod this is called, it is actually in vanilla Minecraft, and if you click on versions in the launcher and go to snapshots there will be a snapshot with “infinite” in it, if you select that, write letters in a book and quill, publish it, and throw it into a portal, you will get something like this

  • JustAlex
    JustAlex Month ago

    Ok but minechaft chest 💀

  • nick plays
    nick plays Month ago

    Bro spawned in a rushboombiome

  • Seahorse
    Seahorse Month ago +1

    dayyumm this is cool. How can I play this dimentiom

  • Anthony Oliver
    Anthony Oliver Month ago +1

    Don’t fake wins, we all know you lost because mineshaft chests aren’t that good!

  • AmeralGames
    AmeralGames Month ago +1

    Skinny Mushroom
    I DIED

  • Short aviation
    Short aviation Month ago

    Is it like april fools snapshot?

  • king tiger tank
    king tiger tank Month ago

    Pov the Infinit Snapshot

  • FlakoMC
    FlakoMC 2 months ago +8

    we're always support u

    • Jelly Bean
      Jelly Bean Month ago

      verified youtuber with almost no likes and replies? ima fix that

  • Abdul Raheem
    Abdul Raheem Month ago +1

    not even close reminds me of technoblade

  • Nizar Saidi
    Nizar Saidi 2 months ago +15

    Shoutout to the people who wait hours just to watch a 60 second short!!!!

  • Estenombrenoseloponenadie Brawl Stars

    "NorMal CITy iN OhiO"

  • Paris Carper
    Paris Carper Month ago

    I really like how he'll post his loses, it makes me more interested because who knows, maybe he won't make it

  • Zenx
    Zenx Month ago

    Him: ez not even close

  • Honey-B17
    Honey-B17 5 days ago +1

    Camman: the dimensions generate randomly
    Camman after spawning 5 seconds: *why are the mushrooms like that??*

  • Огурчик
    Огурчик 2 months ago +48

    Yes! I have been waiting for 1 hour for THIS!

  • AndieMandie
    AndieMandie Month ago

    Guys we did it. We finally found The Beginning dimension

  • 4NAX
    4NAX 2 months ago +1

    Why are you making yourself lose on purpose ??

  • Bloom
    Bloom 2 months ago

    I love it how he gets the diamonds in a 1 out of 1000000000 chance so legit

  • MichaelMC
    MichaelMC 2 months ago +11

    Ending casually cuts out, normal occurrence.

  • CycoDragon 24
    CycoDragon 24 2 months ago

    Is this what LSD looks like?😆

  • jellybean
    jellybean Month ago

    How do u have more subscribers than me???!!??!

  • Isaac Getka
    Isaac Getka Month ago

    The ending had me dead 🤣

  • Monitsu
    Monitsu Month ago +1

    Legends say that one birch is still in that chest.

  • M.S
    M.S 2 months ago +62

    "skinny mushroom" Got me rollin'😂😂

    • firdous alsalihi
      firdous alsalihi Month ago

      @øbut then ig I just made it corny instead 💀

    • firdous alsalihi
      firdous alsalihi Month ago

      ​@ø also that's why instead of saying "__ likes and __ comments? Lemme fix that" I changed the ending to *"NOT ANYMORE, BABY!"* just to be original and a bit funny

    • firdous alsalihi
      firdous alsalihi Month ago

      @ø yea they're are comments that are boring sometimes so I get it. I just never really comment on videos that's why.

    • firdous alsalihi
      firdous alsalihi Month ago

      @ø ohhhhhhhhh kk

    • ø
      ø Month ago

      @firdous alsalihi like it's literally the 1000th time I see comments like these, they're unfunny, unoriginal, and just useless

  • Jason cabrera
    Jason cabrera Month ago

    People still call you canman18

  • ꫀׁׅܻ ꩇׁׅ݊ϐׁׅ֒ꫀׁׅܻꭈׁׅ

    I can't believe he accidentally fell in the void! It's such a beginner mistake!

  • GSupreme
    GSupreme Month ago

    It sounded like he Said dementia

  • cat shorts
    cat shorts 2 months ago +3

    "skinny mushroom" had me died 💀

  • SuomiRatchet
    SuomiRatchet 2 months ago

    Where can I play this idea? Randomly generated worlds seems to fun to play!

  • Pejuta little elk 123

    Strange world in a nutshell without the humans

  • ٴ
    ٴ Month ago

    Almost every Camman's video is just "Parkour pro. "