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This DOOM Challenge Took 23 YEARS To Complete!

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    Speedrunning Doom as a pacifist is the hardest challenge out there. Today we examine an achievement that took 23 years to finally complete.
    Zero Master's full run:
    • Doom II: Hell on ...
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Comments • 722

  • Hacker_LYX
    Hacker_LYX 3 years ago +5765

    A pacifist giving his life to kill the icon of sin, is truly poetic.

    • TARINunit9
      TARINunit9 3 years ago +224

      One could say... Messianic?

    • HisBloodHeals
      HisBloodHeals 3 years ago +195

      Jesus Christ anyone? Lol. His blood washed away our sins. Get it?

    • Jesus dog för dig
      Jesus dog för dig 3 years ago +173

      Never tought I would hear part of the gospel from a Doom game.

    • Eeeertoo
      Eeeertoo 3 years ago +91

      medexamtoolsdotcom Alrighty, bud.

    • bob johnson
      bob johnson 3 years ago +70

      @medexamtoolsdotcom whatever you say pal

  • Wepospalient
    Wepospalient 3 years ago +5010

    Doomguy wins by starting a bar fight and hiding in a corner.

    • Chris Welcome
      Chris Welcome 3 years ago +65

      Should give a shout out to Rimmer :D

    • Keykhosrau
      Keykhosrau 3 years ago +24

      @Chris Welcome That wasn't a bar room brawl, it was a bar room tidy.

    • Kartoon Network
      Kartoon Network 3 years ago +4


    • rivitril
      rivitril 3 years ago +15

      If he started a bar fight, you could be sure as hell he'll finish it

  • Nisse
    Nisse 3 years ago +2738

    So basically - to beat the Icon of Sin pacifist-style, you have to let your enemies turn you into a living bomb and launch you into the boss...
    That is very, very metal.

  • Gilboron
    Gilboron 3 years ago +3527

    I think it's a nice thematic capstone that in order to beat the Icon of Sin in a pacifist run, Doomguy has to sacrifice himself.

    • Chris Welcome
      Chris Welcome 3 years ago +116

      You must be prepared to do anything to accomplish the holy grail of Doom speed running :-)

    • username19237
      username19237 3 years ago +165

      Yeah I was gonna say. That’s pretty meta that the last level left unbeaten pacifist is the last level in the game.

    • Kastros Adam
      Kastros Adam 3 years ago +65

      A small price to pay for salvation

    • Two Wolves HighFiving
      Two Wolves HighFiving 3 years ago +69

      I think it's pretty damn amazing that the one demon responsible for resurrection is also required to end it all in a pacifist way.

    • Mechagirl Sachiko
      Mechagirl Sachiko 3 years ago +20

      The Doom Rogue-Like Angel of Pacifism challenge follows the same basic idea. When you reach the final level, the only way to kill the Spider Mastermind is by sacrificing yourself.

  • Kasey Scotney-Streeton
    Kasey Scotney-Streeton 3 years ago +1465

    •Came to be called an absolute legend
    •Stayed for the amazing content

    • Motorsagmannen
      Motorsagmannen 3 years ago +51

      KJ calling us absolute legends is so wholesome and nice.
      what an absolute legend he is!

    • M C
      M C 3 years ago +23

      @Motorsagmannen it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside lol like "awww no YOU'RE an absolute legend" lol

    • mm665
      mm665 3 years ago +15

      i like this thread

    • Avo
      Avo 3 years ago +15

      I also came when he called me an absolute legend.

  • Linguica
    Linguica 3 years ago +1975

    One wrinkle that was skipped is just how lucky ZM got with the infighting. In Doom, things "remember" what the last thing to injure them was. This includes barrels. During the run, at one point the shotgunner up above happened to nick an unexploded barrel. The barrel then "remembered" that it had been hit by that shotgunner. Then a little later when there are two imps left, one of the imps hits the barrel with a fireball and it blows up, killing one and injuring the remaining imp. The code looks to see what hurt the final imp, and then checks if the barrel "remembers" who damaged it. The barrel's "memory" is still of the shotgunner, because it's only updated when it is injured, not killed, and so the barrel tells the imp that it should be mad at the shotgunner instead!

    • SilverVayne
      SilverVayne 3 years ago +229

      Dude that's sick, thanks for sharing.

    • Jinx Skeel
      Jinx Skeel 3 years ago +54

      what????? oh gosh that's so complicated to understand...

    • GoodmansGhost
      GoodmansGhost 3 years ago +121

      Admit it, you learned that from Decino's video on infighting right before watching this one =P Amazing facts none the less.

    • Ahmrikhan
      Ahmrikhan 3 years ago +56

      This is also detailed in decino's latest video about monster infighting, if anyone else needs a visual aide to help in figuring it out. But Linguica did a great job explaining it.

    • CS Hobo
      CS Hobo 3 years ago +18

      My brain just exploded, this is so cool

  • Sean Graner
    Sean Graner 3 years ago +607

    It seems fitting that the last level of a Doom pacifist run requires the hero to sacrifice himself to stop the evil.

    • mm665
      mm665 3 years ago +26


    • Master of the Universe
      Master of the Universe 3 years ago +34

      He died for our sins.

    • Smo Cloud
      Smo Cloud 3 years ago +3

      Master of the Universe I really love how call of duty will never escape this meme.

    • 33LB
      33LB 3 years ago +21

      it seems fitting that doomguy basically becomes jesus Christ on the last level of a doom pacifist run, given that doom is the most Christian video game there is.

  • TheFallorn
    TheFallorn 2 years ago +114

    I can’t believe they turned Doom into a puzzle game...

  • Roadrunner KZSK
    Roadrunner KZSK 3 years ago +363

    11:29 Imagine you are the doom guy who is about to sacrifice his life in an ATTEMPT to end it all. You jump on the elevator and you are thinking "Will this work? Will my life go in vain and the whole universe remains overruled by this evil for ever?" You turn around while the platform is rising and the very last thing you see is the terrifying view on all those archviles raising their hands and are about to obliterate you in a few seconds. For a moment your skin freezes feeling the touch of death reaching it's arm to you and immediately after your skin starts to burn. You quickly jump as far as you can and the fireblasts rip your body mid air launching it across the room.... There is nothing more, only darkness. You will never know what happened next.

  • SyoShinozaki
    SyoShinozaki 3 years ago +110

    He saved Earth
    from demon invasion
    by sacrificing himself
    and without harming
    a single demon

  • Tristan Crosley
    Tristan Crosley 3 years ago +255

    Fun fact: Monsters in doom that are the same type cannot infight or even deal dammage to each other. The reason Zero Master was able to let the shotgunners/zombiemen kill each other is due to hitscan. If these monsters shot projectiles, like the imps fireball, they would not deal dammage/infight. There is a youtuber named Decino who has some annalysis videos looking into these sort of mechanics for DOOM if anyone is interested.

    • mathprodigy
      mathprodigy 3 years ago +2

      Very interesting, thanks

    • Karma 1233
      Karma 1233 3 years ago +17

      I see you also watch Decino

    • Puppet
      Puppet 3 years ago +7

      yeah except if an imp attacks a barrel and that barrel explodes on another imp then they will infight. However their projectiles still do no damage to eachother.

    • Sinn0100
      Sinn0100 3 years ago +7

      Actually, all hitscan enemies can infight. What I don't understand is how he got two imps to fight after the barrels were gone. The one imp kills the other with standard fire which should be impossible.

    • SyoShinozaki
      SyoShinozaki 3 years ago +8

      @Sinn0100 I've heard many years ago that Imps' close range attack (claws) do hurt other Imps, so when they go infight they hurt each other with their claws

  • Rainz Rinixz
    Rainz Rinixz 3 years ago +171

    Man I don't comment often. But Karl, if you read this I just want to give you props. I instantly click your vids when I see them, especially the doom ones. It's so simple, yet you make it so entertaining and with very knowledgeable information. Keep up the amazing work bro! Of course I won't forget the editor either *cough* having to cut that many deaths off when you play haha.
    Jokes aside, your videos are of quality. I really hope you become big

    • Lot Nemez
      Lot Nemez 3 years ago +4

      True. Because of this channel, I realized, that speedrun is a unique kind of online culture (not that the games are to be played online but you share and compare your results online) with various disciplines. Very interesting.

  • AP200
    AP200 3 years ago +617

    Favourite part of any of Karl's videos: "to achieve T H I S run"

    • Liam
      Liam 3 years ago +16

      T H I S comment

    • Proximity94
      Proximity94 3 years ago +36

      When you hear it you know shit is about to go down

    • J3WP33T4H
      J3WP33T4H 3 years ago +31

      Then the in game sound comes in and you get this rush of adrenaline as all of the talk finally comes together in a short yet simple run of pure skill

    • James
      James 3 years ago +10

      don't downplay the ACHIEVED

  • Narus Ferree
    Narus Ferree 3 years ago +178

    It was thought impossible, then Zero Master happened.
    -DOOM challenges in a nutshell.

  • DeamonSorrow
    DeamonSorrow 3 years ago +180

    I love how you approach to the topic and explain everything step by step!

  • Avo
    Avo 3 years ago +54

    Your content just gets better and better. Not only one of the best Perfect Dark/Golden Eye players ever, but a great content creator. Love your work.

  • FEARSlayer01
    FEARSlayer01 3 years ago +30

    I really enjoyed how in depth and informative this video was, you explained every bit of the run in ways that were easy to understand and get behind, and it's always interesting to see such insane runs be analyzed fully. Keep up the great work Karl

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc 3 years ago +143

    Kills - 10800%
    Yep... that's Doomguy.

  • The Black Dragon Baron
    The Black Dragon Baron 3 years ago +18

    This is like a sports analyst breaking down an important game. I love it

  • SilverVayne
    SilverVayne 3 years ago +33

    I can't believe Doom had demo files back then, the third person view is great feedback.

  • Een trotse Brabander
    Een trotse Brabander 3 years ago +7

    I love how much detail goes into your videos. So much homework done, I dont even play Doom myself but you get me hooked. Thanks, you absolute legend!

  • cooprc yt
    cooprc yt 3 years ago +32

    Love your stuff, love your style. Please do more doom!

  • MsUncleKevin
    MsUncleKevin 3 years ago +21

    That icon of sin strategy by looper was breathtakingly beatiful.

  • Nope
    Nope 3 years ago

    Romero and Carmack should personally congratulate this guy. This took the length of my entire life for this dude to complete.

  • KiLL WiLLv2
    KiLL WiLLv2 2 years ago

    Speedrunners are truly above all other gamers. This Doom run is mind blowing

  • Higor Guedes
    Higor Guedes 3 years ago +3

    Zero master is absolutely a legend

  • DogMeat-
    DogMeat- 3 years ago

    I have to say that the way Karl is presenting these videos, their information, pace and the way how he speaks makes him sound a true, trustworthy professional. I mean, i would buy car from this guy :D

  • DJblackhurricane
    DJblackhurricane 3 years ago

    Love these videos man. Very informative and professional with the way you explain what’s going on, without silly jokes or cutaways.

  • flobbingdonkey
    flobbingdonkey 3 years ago +15

    As always, a fantastic dissection of speed running. If Zero Master is the master of speed running, you sir are definitely the master of analysis in a Clip-Share video.

    • Karma 1233
      Karma 1233 3 years ago +1

      You should check out Decino here on Clip-Share. His analysis videos are on par with Karl's

  • LuxuryNightmare
    LuxuryNightmare 3 years ago +4

    This is one of my favorite channels, you do a great job explaining things!

  • Ant
    Ant 3 years ago +2

    Thanks for the great content Karl, in a time where my attention span is at minimal levels, I always watch your videos all the way through.

  • Samuel Paiva
    Samuel Paiva 3 years ago +12

    I learned about you and your videos when i watched the video about you doing the 52 in goldeneye dam, i have never played goldeneye, doom, quake etc but your videos are absolutely legendary
    you break down everything while being entertaining and to the point, i can watch one of your 20 minute videos and it looks like i only watched a minute because of how good they are.
    You are the true definition of a good content creator.
    Do you have intentions of making videos about more recent games? I'm a big fan of games like bloodborne and dark souls and find watching speedruns of those very entertaining despite not being a speedrunner myself.
    Keep being an absolute legend Karl, we'll all be here to support you.
    PS: apologies for any spelling errors, english is not my mother tongue.

    • Karl Jobst
      Karl Jobst  3 years ago +5

      Yes I have plans to cover dark souls

    0xGRIDRUNR 3 years ago

    I have so much respect for the few speedrunners that are also content creators! You all do so much for the world of speedrunning making it accessable like this!

  • Mitchell Fagan
    Mitchell Fagan 2 years ago

    That strategy at the end is extremely impressive
    I would love to see somebody do it while playing, but I know it's impossible
    Seriously I have always loved doom runs, they'res just something about them that makes them unique to all others

  • Eaterofpies
    Eaterofpies 2 years ago

    Karl you are amazing at this type of content creation. Well done!

  • Retrobution
    Retrobution 3 years ago

    I'm getting right into these challenge vids at the moment, I just finished watching a Donkey Kong Country no enemies death attempt among others. This ones an incredible story, even with me not being a huge fan of DOOM I found it enthralling how far someone would go to figure out new ways of playing their old favorites. It's giving me ideas... Great work mate.

  • Thrakerzad
    Thrakerzad 3 years ago +3

    okay, I'll admit, having the demons kill each other is a pretty hilarious strategy

  • mathprodigy
    mathprodigy 3 years ago

    Another great video. Narration and presentation on POINT, and very interesting subject matter. Love it

  • Neat
    Neat 3 years ago +6

    I was literally waiting for some new video to come up and one from this absolute legend of a speed runner and Clip-Sharer pops in my face! Well only watched 10 seconds time to enjoy myself !
    Yesss I am so glad that you did this topic! I actually watched his explanation video of this and the original run. But you make it so much clearer what's going on by explaining everything in great detail. Plus the icon of Sin bonus stuff at the end is absolutely insane. Thanks for another excellent video Karl!

  • Milo Novik
    Milo Novik 3 years ago +1

    I like to imagine that every playthrough of every doom game, doom guy experiences and remembers. That's why he's so good. He's had lifetimes of practice. As well as untold number of deaths.

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 3 years ago +3

    Imagine the day this strat manages to be pulled off, that's going to be one of the greatest days in the history of gaming.

  • Zelinkokitsune
    Zelinkokitsune 3 years ago

    I think with the TAS that goes understated is so hard it is to just get the Archviles to spawn the numbers required to do the final launch. It's around 0.78% that an archvile would spawn and ZeroMaster uses 30 of them in the TAS. It's utterly insane for odds!

  • riffbw
    riffbw 3 years ago

    I remember the day each of these dropped. Zero Master blew my mind with each one. It's crazy how long Underhalls took, but it was gripping. It's insane that it requires a ghost camera to adequately explain it.
    The TAS Icon of Sin was a thing of beauty. I don't know how long it took to get that created, but that might be the ZM's best work to date.

  • 2ndShiftSupremeOverlord

    It always blows me away how people are still unlocking these secrets within the game that allow for faster/more optimized runs. Incredible.

  • AK Man
    AK Man 3 years ago

    Awesome content. I find it fascinating how true legends optimize games down to the very understanding of the code. That's dedication.

  • Mr. ₿usiness
    Mr. ₿usiness 3 years ago +1

    As a person with a casual interest in speedruns, I love your channel. Always interesting!

  • Bruce Tungsten
    Bruce Tungsten 2 years ago

    Excellent video! The trick with the Archviles is just too awesome... pure Doom oddity.

  • shaman zen ghost
    shaman zen ghost 2 years ago

    tool assisted accomplishments normally feel a little irksome but the exact mechanism that the level is conquered, where a swarm of the most powerful and hated monster in the game accidentally destroys the overlord monster by way of an incredible leap-death combination - is 100% excellence, for the first time ever Tool assist has given me rightful grins.

  • Allstin
    Allstin 3 years ago

    It’s crazy what really goes into this, isn’t it?!
    And the Romero head isn’t on the enemy count I thought, just the starting revenant is the only enemy in the map at first (at least with GZDoom’s alternate HUD, which isn’t used for these runs). But I guess it still counts!

  • FuscaBat
    FuscaBat 3 years ago +1

    I didn't know that the door at 7:00 couldn't be manually closed. That makes the blue keycard room ten times harder than I thought it would be.

  • Kombinatsiya
    Kombinatsiya 3 years ago

    i love this because it doesn't rely on glitches but just massive amounts of trial and error.

  • marce'
    marce' 3 years ago +51

    > provokes mobs leading to them killing each others or themselves off of explosive barrels
    > sleeps at night with clean conscience

  • Tx Dice
    Tx Dice 3 years ago

    Look foward to these vids everyday. I still play original doom on my xbox at least once a week and have actually found a few secrets recently on my own! Best feeling ever

  • That Darn Lizzy Koopa
    That Darn Lizzy Koopa 3 years ago +2

    Being a pacifist is the hardest mode in any game as well as life.
    Pacifist doomguy knew this, and with his sacrifice he overcame mans basic instinct of rage, chaos and destruction and being a pawn of a weapon.
    instead he became the element of evolution.
    F to pay respects for Doomguy end boss sacrifice.

  • KellsKats
    KellsKats 3 years ago +2

    Cacodemons are probably my favorite enemies from Doom. They just look so cool.

  • x1teGaming
    x1teGaming 3 years ago

    With Karl and Decino I feel like I know everything there is to know about Doom and yet there's still more being discovered today.

  • Michael H
    Michael H 3 years ago

    hands down. that got to be the most epic way to beat a video game ever in history

  • AchmodinIVSWE
    AchmodinIVSWE 3 years ago

    When there is a level in a game with a ton of enemies I usually find it easier to just ignore the enemies and just run past them ( but usually I die at the next part because my HP have been drained by the first horde)

  • NoxDeadly
    NoxDeadly 3 years ago +3

    I was 3 when I first played this, it scared the living shit outta me, I can still feel a little fear from back then inside me now while watching it

  • Karma 1233
    Karma 1233 3 years ago +1

    I watched Decino cover this topic a while back. It's always cool to see someone else's view. Thanks for the continued Doom content, Karl. Keep it up!

  • Belt Buyer
    Belt Buyer 3 years ago

    Another amazing video man! Loved it! Keep up the great work :D

  • Nomadic Freedom
    Nomadic Freedom 3 years ago

    Watching doomguy in the third person view is hilarious. His legs and body are just so fast compared to the demons.

  • SWDude
    SWDude 3 years ago

    Nice to see doom speedrunning get more attention. Thanks for that karl!

  • Xystem 4
    Xystem 4 3 years ago

    Yes! Love the Doom videos! Keep them coming you absolute legend!

  • Tycho Azrephet
    Tycho Azrephet 3 years ago

    Pacifist runs are like the best set up for an Old Man Doom Guy story.

  • Philio Lynott
    Philio Lynott 3 years ago +5

    I am a complete outsider to Speedrunning (but a doom fanatic), thanks for making an unknown genre understandable and awsome!

  • Leviathan Films
    Leviathan Films 2 years ago

    KarlJobst is an absolute legend

  • Sylum
    Sylum 2 years ago +1

    Zero Master is an absolute legend

  • Computer_Freak_2004
    Computer_Freak_2004 3 years ago

    Just found recently your channel. All videos are very interesting and I always watch to the end. Keep up the good work! 😀

  • DemoGorgonZola
    DemoGorgonZola 3 years ago

    Great run, or should we say - absolutely legendary. :)

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden 3 years ago +6

    Playing Doomguy "True Pacifist" style is like trying to force Wolfwood to live by Vash's philosophy.

  • Foxhound645
    Foxhound645 3 years ago

    The fact that Karl does videos on my two favorite speed games (Doom 2 and Goldeneye) makes him my tied for first speedrun content maker. Goose is tied with him

  • Marcin Gx
    Marcin Gx 3 years ago +3

    Finally! Was buzzing for another Doom or Quake speed running video, more of these please!

  • mariox
    mariox 3 years ago +1

    I had so much fun playing that last level as a kid.

  • GTA V Modding
    GTA V Modding 3 years ago +1

    Good stuff as always. Love the attention to detail.

  • Guild Carver
    Guild Carver 3 years ago +6

    Some of these strats are absolutely insane.

  • Hamster Grooming & Pediatry Wellness Spa

    your videos are so entertaining, love watching them

  • Uki
    Uki 3 years ago

    i love this channel,so much info in a well made video! what a legend ;)

  • Arrested Effort
    Arrested Effort 3 years ago

    Yo, that first challenge was completed on my 23rd birthday. Not the final boss, but the first one you showcased. That's pretty crazy.

  • Sammy Fox
    Sammy Fox 3 years ago

    Just a silly question, are there other enemies that could harm romero's head if their projectiles passed through the icon's brain?

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 years ago

    That clip in itself is a great achievement. I enjoy that. And I'm not a fan of Doom, but its growing on me now since the skill of speed runners. Doom gets alot of flack, I did some flackin', now i'ma be lackin' the flackin'. Fucking good runs bois. Game is sick as fuck.

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧

    Watching doom guy quickly running away from the enemies looks so hilarious to me 😂

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder 2 years ago

    Wow that's just amazing. Reminds me how good the older games are

  • fullauto86
    fullauto86 9 months ago

    The fact that this is a catagory shows you how good it feels tomove in doom

  • reptongeek
    reptongeek 3 years ago

    Rather embarrassingly I didn't realise this took so long despite looking at the Doom II database on Compet-N several times! I just assumed it had been done, and I only discovered it hadn't when it was discussed on the Doomworld forums

  • Jinx Skeel
    Jinx Skeel 3 years ago

    zeromaster is undoubtly a living legend... i mean, the guy breaks his own records every f*cking day, that's insane!

  • Sleepy Adam
    Sleepy Adam 3 years ago +1

    My jaw fucking dropped when I saw that TAS. I thought he was just gonna get in the hole so he could punch John Romero to death but using the fire from the Archvilles is genius.

  • Arto
    Arto 3 years ago

    Watched zeromasters run and linguicas explanation but still coming back for more on this insane run

  • This Man
    This Man 3 years ago

    I really do enjoy how your viewers are the absolute legends

  • Teo Mantecón Tardivo
    Teo Mantecón Tardivo 2 years ago

    Do you think that its possible that someone with enough luck and patience actually makes the pacifist icon of sin or do you think no one would have the will power and patience to do it?

  • Spiral6SM
    Spiral6SM 3 years ago

    Probably should've mentioned the theoretical probability of getting that many archviles to spawn. I believe on MAP30, it is 3% per archvile?

  • TwistedThrill44
    TwistedThrill44 3 years ago

    I've had one of the worst things of my life happen to me last night, so waking up, trying to recover this morning and seeing a new video? It makes my shitty life a little bit better while I try and keep my mind off of things and onto things I love.
    Thank you, Karl, for making such incredible videos

  • Dan Inbox
    Dan Inbox 3 years ago

    These Doom videos are amazing.

  • SJK
    SJK 3 years ago

    I don’t even play doom but I loved that you included the answer to the title question in the thumbnail and the video was great!

  • Chopkinsca
    Chopkinsca 3 years ago +16

    Seeing the title and "pacifist" on the thumbnail made my mind jump straight to map02. Great video!

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger 3 years ago

    Awesome video, keep up the great work!

  • Tom
    Tom 3 years ago

    So ejoyable to watch :) Thank you Karl!

  • leanomon
    leanomon 3 years ago

    Yet another impeccable KJ vid. And congrats on the family news!

  • Paweł Lachowicz
    Paweł Lachowicz 3 years ago +2

    We may be legends, Zero Master is pure GOD of DOOM

  • Carl Johan
    Carl Johan 3 years ago

    Isn't there another level that is pretty much impossible to beat pacifist? Stronghold from TNT if I remember correctly. It was at one point deemed impossible to even simply finish the level with no restrictions on the nightmare difficulty, and it took a really long time before anyone actually did it.
    So doing a pacifist run of that seems pretty much on the same level as the icon of sin part :)