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Petraeus on status of Ukraine war

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • “Battle lines have been essentially static. The Russians have been doing more offensive operations… but not really achieving all that much… The question right now… is whether or not the Ukrainians can… do better than Russia in force generation… recruiting, equipping, training, organizing and employing additional forces.” - Gen. David H. Petraeus

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  • ted zehnder
    ted zehnder 4 months ago +1

    Just when large Russian groups of new conscripts move into battle positions to relieve, Ukraine should mount a concentrated attack (rocket/armor and light infantry) in those directions.You get retreating veteran fighters passing new conscripts coming up, you will scare the hell out of all of them but the new fighters will have a lasting impression..

  • Reimund Hevel
    Reimund Hevel 4 months ago +6

    I really enjoy these briefings from General Patraeus. Powerful, concise and insightful.

  • steve worthington
    steve worthington 4 months ago +24

    Here in the UK were training UA Troops. They hardly take breaks, full on comittment to learn and get in the fight, No winning against these guy,s.

    • Diogenes Ataraxia
      Diogenes Ataraxia 4 months ago +6

      We got some here in Oklahoma too training on Patriots. Makes me proud. Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine.

  • Jay Kraft
    Jay Kraft 4 months ago +5

    finally an honest headline on the general's comments, instead of stuff like 'the russians are done in the next 3 days!!' kinda nonsense

  • Joe alonzo
    Joe alonzo 4 months ago +2

    WWIII, The Pentagon has already admitted that members of the Army are already operating on the ground in Ukraine - albeit in an apparently limited capacity - In addition to the 31 tanks from America, Canada, Germany, Poland, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom all are sending tanks with troops operator and support teams into the war zone. In order to achieve that, the pentagon explained, a “trained individual at each of the positions within a tank” is needed, in addition to “a trained crew that knows how to fight well together.” “And then you have to have a trained platoon, platoons in a company; and a company in the battalion; and if you’re talking about the inner-level operations, battalions within brigades etc,” the pentagon said.🤷

    • s H
      s H 4 months ago +2

      No they did not admited that. But nice try

    • mn sawmill
      mn sawmill 4 months ago

      Troll alert..

  • Zman
    Zman 3 months ago

    The fact that a man such as Petraeus exists ( and I am not attacking him as a person
    Only the respect shown for his
    Expertise in the Hell that is War)
    Shows that Humanity as a whole has not really advanced very much at all. Technological progress, and educated eloquence about the Art of Human beings murdering each other in the name of Borders, Freedom, Sovereignty hardly constitute steps forward for the Human race. In fact, the logical conclusion to the ongoing insanity and madness of War and it's total acceptance as a means of conflict resolution can only be one thing.

  • The truth nothing else
    The truth nothing else 3 months ago

    Such a vise man, realistic prediction

  • Iron City
    Iron City 4 months ago +7

    Petraeus: "Russia really haven't done a lot"...Ukraine cities are being decimated.

    • Micro
      Micro 4 months ago +1

      Decimated? no .... a few smaller towns at frontline maybe

    • The truth nothing else
      The truth nothing else 3 months ago

      Such an achivement I am so impressed such an sucsess this really put the Russians ahead of eveything everywhere.

    • Kihm Jones
      Kihm Jones 3 months ago

      ​@Microwestern news .. at least you can read ..maybe but not between the lines

  • Ronald Marcks
    Ronald Marcks 4 months ago +7

    There are days when I wish Petraeus were in complete charge of US policy towards Russia and Ukraine.

  • danny janssens
    danny janssens 4 months ago +3

    Probably the last person in the world I believe at this time 🤣

  • eac26114653
    eac26114653 3 months ago +1

    This man is a retired 4 star general. Douglas Macgregor is only a retired colonel. But it seems that Colonel Macgregor is better at analyzing things in this Russai-Ukraine war. Very strange. One would think the retired 4 star general would be much smarter, capable, etc.

    • The Dolphin
      The Dolphin 3 months ago +1

      Lol. *Petreaus is not analysing anything* . He's simply a gvt mouthpiece.

    • Wouter Kellerman
      Wouter Kellerman 2 months ago

      Patreus never been in combat. Desk jockey pentagram sorry pentagon general.

  • inokentiy
    inokentiy 4 months ago +2

    Please 🙏 Can you tell me if there is such a service that helps Ukrainian people who do not want to join into army and go to war?
    I'm a civilized person and I don't want to fight in a war, but now in Ukraine there is a forced mobilization of all men (mostly the poor) and sending them to war against their will.
    Now here is a catch of men on the streets to be sent them to war and all borders are closed.
    Please help me, give me any contacts that can help with this case if there are such organizations

    • Rick Moore
      Rick Moore 4 months ago +6

      HAHAHA...good try Ivan . You earn a ruble for what it's worth . Go buy a potato .

    • long and short
      long and short 3 months ago

      Russian bot 🤖 detected

    • The Globalist
      The Globalist 3 months ago

      Please contact the US State Department. Re-settle in California maybe or Florida.

  • George James Ducas
    George James Ducas 4 months ago +2

    In 60 AD Apostle Saint Andrew traveled to the area of Kiev, preached, and said, one day a great city would be built here with many churches to the glory of God. Today there is a church to Saint Andrew in Kiev. The peoples in the area were Slavic. Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv, three brothers and the sister Lybid founded Kiev in 482 AD, Kiev was named after the older brother Kyi. Kiev the older brother was King. Herodotus wrote that Hercules had founded this land.
    The Rus were Viking tribes that settled peacefully in Kiev as far back as 750 AD with the Slavs there, 400 years before Moskva existed. The name Russia, coming from the city Moskva, has no connection to the RUS. Russia coming from Moskva started with Batu Kahn much later as a vasal under Mongolian rule. All the early Czars were Mongolian and of no connection to the RUS. The Rus were with the Slavs to the south in Kiev. Moskva were Finnish Urgic Tribes; Mosk means cow and Va water, which are Finnish names. There was no RUS there. The ethnic background of Moskva is Finnish-Urgic and Mongolian. The Rus developed the religion, city Kiev, alphabet, churches, and had its saints. The founder of Kievian Rus (800) or the Rus was a Viking named Askold or Oskold (Norse) from Sweden; not Oleg as in the Russian story. Kievian Rus exists long Before Novgorod and Oleg’s arrival there. Askold is the Slavic name. Oskold, the first King of Kievian Rus was in Kiev before Oleg in Novgorod. Oskold had 200 ships and 20,000 warriors. Oskold was baptized in Constantinople (128 years before Volodymyr) and sent the first bishop back to Kiev. Oskold and Dir were the first Dynasty of Kievian Rus. Askold rules from the 40-60s and Dir to the 80s. Askold is buried in Kiev and the first Kievian Christian King & Dynasty. Oleg followed coming from Sweden through Novgorod and was a pagan. Russia as named today started in the city of Moskva over 400 years later after Kievian Rus or Rus. From Kiev, the capitol of Rus, Kievian culture was spread, much like the Greeks Hellenized the known world, or like the British anglicized the world by the English language. This process does not make Moskva to become RUS in as much as Persian are not Greek. How we are misled by a name; Russia. The capitol of the RUS has always been Kiev. There is no other RUS and no RUS in Moskva. Many say Ukraine began recently; but the culture of the RUS is Kievian RUS, both culture and ethnic background. Ukraine is a name given by Poland meaning outer lands. The land of the RUS before the Mongolian invasion was very large. The name RUS is a Norse name which means men that row; there are no men that row in Moskva. So Moskva adopted the name Russia while being a Mongolian vassal, essentially traitor to the RUS; and all the Czars were Mongolian-Finnish. The Culture of the Mongolian was centralized power, and that cultural imprint was passed on to present day Russia. Ukraine’s real name should be Kievian RUS, or Kievskarus! Russia began in Moskva by Batu Kahn and Novgorod conquered much later, still no connection to the Rus.
    Putin & Lavrov should be ashamed of themselves, the USSR was an occupation; it never had the status of a sovereign state and due process of law that would be associated with a free society. Even today the mentality of the gulag exists. There is no freedom of press and speech, people are arrested for speech, there is no due process of law, and the religion is state run making it a totalitarian theocracy. As such, it did not deserve to exist in a free world; and history has shown such totalitarian organizations fail over time and author in many gulags. The true culture of Russia is Finno-Ugric and Mongolian, having nothing to do with the RUS (Kievian), expect borrowed as in the sense of Hellenized or Anglicized "forms" as a comparative reference. The centralized form of Russian politics is a very Mongolian imprint on culture. The actions of Putin seem to be another Mongolian invasion of Kiev; here I suggest as to the correct metaphor. I believe so. Putin & Lavrov insistence to have purview over eastern Europe also seems like paying tribute to the Mongolian Horde. Moskva started as an agglomeration of Finnish tribes, combining a Finnish name meaning cows water and developed by Mongolian culture. Mosk means cow and Va means water. The RUS are men that row, Vikings, Norse, established Kiev 400 years before (750 AD) Moskva even thought to exist. The name Russia for current nation is totally inappropriate. The current Russia started in Moskva; how misleading is the name Russia coming from Moskva that has no connection to the RUS. All the lands should be returned to Kiev; the West of Russia to Finland, and the East to Mongolia. Russia’s place on the globe appears as a temporary aberration in my view. To use threats of Nukes publicly strikes at the heart as adolescent behaviour; surely any nation or person that issues such threats and being an ally to such while not even having war imposed on them is not fit to rule. This would include allies of Russia. Oh yes, I remember, Russia didn't invent the bomb, they stole it in the 1940's and gave it to Kurchatov. Russia struggles with an identity crisis since its beginnings unoriginal to the ethnic groups. Its errors are numerous, 50 million killed by Stalin in WW2, allied to the Nazis to kill the Poles for their defeat in WW2, Holodomor where millions of Ukrainians were killed and grain stolen, and constant antagonist with Europe. We even have the Holy Mother announcing Russia’s errors at Fatima. Russia is a Mongolian culture and all the first Czars were Mongolian and Batu Kahn is the author.
    Oskold was the grandson of Ragnar the king of Sweden, his name is old Norse and spoke old Norse, the name Rus is old Norse, he settled peacefully in Kiev and the Slavs made him king, he brought Christianity to Kiev with his son dir...his burial mound is where St Nicholas church is built, Oleg wasn’t even in Novgorod when this happened, and Oleg is not a Rus nor old Norse name. The Slavs called Oskold the name Askold. After came Dir, Oleg was a pagan who assassinated Dir, Oskold becomes the first dynasty...later when the line of kings get to Vladimir, he is captured at a trading post by the Mongols, the post is called Moskva, and the king killed. Moskva as a city was a Mongolian invention, and Novgorod becomes a part of that Russia by conquest, although having nothing to do with the Rus. Oskold line is Ragnar, ironside, Oskold from the King of Sweden Ragnar. Oleg is via Rurik coming much later. The accounts of Oskold are within the time, Al Mamun an Arab writer of the time wrote of Oskold, the Russian chronicles come hundreds of years later. In much the same way accounts of relevant history are better understood by those of the times, much like the Bible, dating to the original times makes the account authentic. The Russian chronicles are merely a tale and inaccurate.
    Kiev was a city over 1000 years before Russia even existed. Kiev was Kievian Rus before Novgorod and when Oleg arrived. Putin is kidding himself if he thinks any part of Ukraine belongs to Russia. We can see that Israel belongs to the Jews, similarly all the lands around Kiev of Kievian Rus belong to Kiev as a single nation and city state. Russia's beginnings are a wanting child begun as a captive insurgency having nothing of its own; a captive state that was reeking in servitude to Mongolia and invented by Mongolia. The entire culture of Russia from Moscow is Mongolian centralized power, a pagan culture of no empathy and Christianity. The Christianity is tainted as a state religion or theocracy and politicized. History is often obscured by being written by the ones in charge. The history of Ukraine has been obscured by the Soviet Occupation and cultural appropriations. Moscow in an attempt to appropriate a history not its own, rewrote the narrative of history to cover up its compromised origins; Kiev and Ukraine is a history much older and more civilized; making contributions to civilization. Russian despotism becomes the blueprint, foundation & model for every despot nation, look at its allies; the error of its ways has spread throughout the globe; much like the message from the Holy Mother at Fatima. Those that are sympathetic to Russian atrocities can find similarities in their own histories. Ukraine has a democracy at a local level Moscow never had and fears. Russian boundless ignorance is a type often found in the poorest of nations, and usually the poorest have a history of the hardest tyrants over them that also inflict poverty, physical and spiritual, on others they attempt to subjugate, a reflection of their own lives, an abomination of desolation.
    Askold was in Constantinople in 860 and Oleg arrived in Novgorod not until 862. The Arabs referred to Askold as the Slavic King or King of the Slavs which he had been for a while. Pontius says Askold brings Christianity to Kiev from Constantinople and a bishop. Ragnar the Norse King of Sweden was born in 767 AD, his son Bjorn ironside was born in 796 AD, and grandson Oskold (Askold) was born in 820 AD. Askold arrived in Kiev in 840 and had a son Dir, Both become King and the first Christian dynasty. Askold dies and gets a burial mound in a park in Kiev. Dir follows as King. Dir is assassinated by Oleg who is a pagan. Nobody knows who Rurik is or who the father is . Oleg is a generation away from Askold. Olga of Kiev builds a church on Askold’ s burial grounds. Pontius of Constantinople says Askold brings a Bishop and Christianity to Kiev. Russia much later is a Mongolian invention....Ukraine was called so since kievian rus..Peter the great changed the name of muskovy to Russia in 1871 and forced the peasants who spoke ugric to speak old Slavic from Ukraine and call it Russian. At that time kiev had been for 1000 years. Russia is not older than the USa

    • Tx240
      Tx240 3 months ago

      By admission, Putin is trying to rebuild a Russian Empire. By definition an Empire is an occupation of not necessarily related areas.
      If you haven't seen it, look up the PBS interview with Julia Ioffe (ioffe). She gives some enlightening information on Putin and his motivation and Western interactions that helped encourage him to try and build an Empire.

    • George James Ducas
      George James Ducas 3 months ago

      @Tx240 by definition Putin's destiny is in a cage at the zoo, cadaver worshipping people, ugrics. Ugrics who took old Slavic from Ukraine and called it Russian and beat the peasants to learn it. Muskovy is not a Russian name, it's ugric, and started by Mongolia. Lenin was Mongolian. Kiev was called Ukraine 1000 years before Peter the great named it in 1721, which makes Russia less years than the USA.

  • clive dunning
    clive dunning 4 months ago +7

    General Petraeus has been advocating that the Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) should be supplied to Ukraine, for weeks ! No one seems to be listening to him ! The provision of this weapon system should be expedited immediately.

    • RobBCactive
      RobBCactive 4 months ago +3

      They announced that before the Leopards were freed, ties in with Bradley & Stryker

    • clive dunning
      clive dunning 4 months ago +2

      @RobBCactive Sadly, they still have not made it to Ukraine. Ukraine needs this capability right now, not in a few months time !

    • Landscape Vision
      Landscape Vision 4 months ago

      Should be there before the tanks. Rear GLOC of Russians will be tested 94 miles back from the front line.

  • el-qbayyli
    el-qbayyli 3 months ago +4

    You have the same cadance and tone as Macgregor maybe that's how you all talk in your War Colleges but he's clearly much more competent than you at analysing the situation or maybe you have other motivations to obscure the reality

  • Enrique LaRoche
    Enrique LaRoche 4 months ago

    2 Sarmat Missiles can destroy every Eu capitol city in 205 seconds or less. All they need is a new army and air force.

    • Enrique LaRoche
      Enrique LaRoche 4 months ago

      @Lulzicon War is dumb. in war Dumb rules...

    • Lulzicon
      Lulzicon 4 months ago +1

      @Enrique LaRoche just stop, you sound silly.

  • Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor 4 months ago +2

    Hard to believe but Ukraine previously promised Putin they would not try to blow up the Black Sea Fleet. That is why Putin should not talk to Ukraine, until they run Zelensky up the flag pole, in high-heels and Winter Speedo

    • Lulzicon
      Lulzicon 4 months ago +2

      LOL no they didn't, nice try Ivan. Cope harder about your flagship Moskova becoming a reef for fish.

  • Andreas Pries
    Andreas Pries 4 months ago

    Petraeus seems to be th U.S.-General-Custer of the 21st century

  • hon liong
    hon liong 4 months ago

    "...Leopard tanks, Abrams tank, Challenger tanks,...that would be the last piece they would to ..."
    Excuse me, General....you forgot the Patriot Missile systems, and F16. Once Zelensky got his shopping list filled, Moscow is within sight.

  • David Read
    David Read 4 months ago

    Link to the full interview?

  • Jesse Knaub
    Jesse Knaub 4 months ago +1

    Gen. Betrayus. The adzhat from Iraq war

  • Joseph Pacifico
    Joseph Pacifico 4 months ago +3

    Let’s not help them turn things around, eh. Don’t give them expert advice…

  • v Bremont
    v Bremont 4 months ago

    boots on the ground time to have the boy's feel what a war looks like Biden agrees send them to the battle field and long live wall Street 🤣🤐🤑😉😂

  • Zerg
    Zerg 4 months ago +2

    lay-o-pard tanks…

  • Bob Orgain
    Bob Orgain 4 months ago

    F16s needed

  • Breaking The Waves
    Breaking The Waves 4 months ago +1

    Are you sending super glue tanks ?

  • Christopher w
    Christopher w 4 months ago

    Close air support. NATO where are you?

  • CompressWealthDivide EconomicProsperity

    General Betray-us.

  • Calvin Duke
    Calvin Duke 4 months ago +4


    • S Hussein
      S Hussein 4 months ago +2

      Russia should & WILL take all of east 'ukraine' and Odessa Oblast link that up with Transnistria.
      Ukraine must be demilitarized and it's fighting men depleted for 2 generations. It will mean making Ukraine landlocked.
      This new state 'Novorossiya' will be the buffer state and will have the best agricultural land in the world, all of Ukraine's industry, coal and natural resources like metals. Ukraine was a mistake of history.

    • Kevmachine
      Kevmachine 4 months ago +1

      @S Hussein shhhh don't let the sheep hear that! they only know slava ukraine, don't want to overload them with too much information!

    • ZootyZoFo
      ZootyZoFo 4 months ago +1

      @S Hussein - If that’s true then why is Russia getting defeated on every battlefield in Ukraine? Why is the second most powerful army in the world using homeless men & prisoners to fight their war? Why is Russia using human waves of untrained troops and getting up to a thousand killed every day just to take a few meters of territory? Why can’t Russia do mobilized & combined arms warfare, how come they can’t gain air superiority in a year with that huge air force of theirs?

    • Daniel
      Daniel 4 months ago

      @ZootyZoFo Funny how Russia is taking ground when ukraine is being armed by 40+ nations and have gotten more money than all of Russia’s defense budget 🤣

  • Seeking Alpha
    Seeking Alpha 4 months ago +1

    A CNN commentator who was the chief General in Afghanistan, and CIA head dude who was politically taken out and put to better political uses with monetary benefit. Somewhat of a Bagdad Bob

  • Emmanuel Bediako
    Emmanuel Bediako 4 months ago +2

    Propaganda General ,lots of double talks,no wonder he failed in Afghanistan

  • dildar bhai
    dildar bhai 4 months ago +4

    why it is necessary to expand NATO, why Israel, America and Europe want to rule the whole world

    • s H
      s H 4 months ago +1

      Well for Nato it wasnt. But for eastern europe it was. Because after 50 years of occupation, multiple invasions and blackmail. They wanted to feels safe from russia

    • Tyler Edwards
      Tyler Edwards 4 months ago

      Not about expanding NATO. Ukraine was never really interested in NATO until Russia invaded them overnight and tried to take their Capitol. Get real.

  • HW_Plainview
    HW_Plainview 4 months ago +2

    Is anyone concerned about giving those people billions in U.S. weapon systems?

    • Name
      Name 4 months ago +2

      No...consider it a security fee between allies

    • s H
      s H 4 months ago +2

      Not realy no

    R1GAMBLER Month ago

    ☝🏻 WAR💅 PIG

  • Joshua Paul
    Joshua Paul 4 months ago +9

    Yeah, sure the same as winning in Afghanistan. In reality the front is about to collapse. Ukraine already lost most trained and motivated soldiers along with almost all hardware it had before the war plus hundreds of tanks and IFVs it got from Eastern Europe. Zelenskyy strategy is reduced to rounding up civilians often at gunpoint and throwing them into a meat grinder in a futile attempt to stabilize the front. It's now abundantly clear that Zelenskyy lied about a real Ukrainian mobilization potential. Even these drastic measures clearly cannot save him. The war is lost by Ukraine. This tank delivery announcement is just a transparent attempt to deflect accusations in an inevitable future blame game.

    • Charlie Wright
      Charlie Wright 4 months ago +12

      I've seen this exact same post a few times, Russian Troll/GRU Unit 26165 operative?

    • Joshua Paul
      Joshua Paul 4 months ago +3

      @Charlie Wright seethe

    • Niall
      Niall 4 months ago +5

      I think you said "Zelensky" when you meant to say "Putin"

    • Super geologist 2016
      Super geologist 2016 4 months ago +3

      Me too! I'm sure I saw this post on another video. Clearly Mr Troll needs to get back under his bridge!

  • mh
    mh 4 months ago +11

    Ukraine is losing guys... time to pack up and go home..

  • Simon Rajan
    Simon Rajan 4 months ago +2

    We’re you a general ?oh I forgot you are an a Yank-who never won a war -by the way Bakhmut is gone😅