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Creating 4 Presets for the Line 6 Pod Go

  • Published on Aug 24, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • In this video I create 4 extremely useful presets for the Pod Go: Clean, Grit, Crunch and Lead.
    Links to the Po Go Presets:
    The IR I use is the Ownhammer OH 412 RECTOR CB-NEO 160-07
    Thanks to Line 6 for making this video possible
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  • Hooter Bear
    Hooter Bear 2 years ago +59

    You explained this better than ANY Line 6 person. Thank youi. FINALLY a great explanation.

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 2 years ago +8

    Pod Go users: This video will catapult your tone crafting abilities. Fast. I saw this video the day I bought my PG, 6 months ago, but didn't really listen. By explaining the effect of the changes to certain parameters, Ritchie is giving you the keys to the kingdom. There is a ridiculous amount of information in this video...if you listen. I've spent 6 months, working around my PG, not with it. After listening today to what Ritchie's saying, I'm creating beautiful tones that take my playing to new levels. Thank you Ritchie. You're a fantastic teacher and a monster player. I subscribed.

  • Bob1Gee
    Bob1Gee Year ago +39

    This is by far the best video I’ve seen as far as showing how to create patches on this unit. I am by no means what you would call tech savvy and although I’ve been looking into these types of units in a attempt to downsize and simplify my rig, I’ve been a little hesitant because I feared that it would be too complicated to navigate. You make it look easy and I think I am ready to pull the trigger. Thank you!! 👍

      CAT CANCRUNCH 8 months ago


    • janibonneil
      janibonneil 10 months ago

      @EarlyMist Amen

    • Kevin Bridger
      Kevin Bridger Year ago +2

      Just got one and this is priceless for an old school noob like me 😄...well done sir!

    • Dave Guethlein
      Dave Guethlein Year ago

      Totally agree!

    • EarlyMist
      EarlyMist Year ago +1

      I agree. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to stay on the pc or laptop to edit basic patches. Now I know I don't.
      I do understand editing via the app link offers more control but I really just don't need that kind of complexity in my life right now. 👍

  • Jack Narcotta
    Jack Narcotta 2 years ago +38

    Richie Castellano: the patron saint of Parametric EQ, helping make modeler tones better in a real world context.

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago

    Got my pod go a couple days ago and I’ve sunk about 4 hours into it. I can’t wait to try things using your advice! And even showing the basics of navigating the panels was super helpful! Thank you!

  • aidantod33
    aidantod33 4 months ago

    This is the best digital fx tuition video I have seen in years. Thank you Richie!

  • Gerry Mcfarlane
    Gerry Mcfarlane Month ago

    Good quick lesson in using the Pod Go. Also good tones. Best I’ve heard from this unit. Real life sounds 😃👍

  • Chuck Parshall
    Chuck Parshall 2 years ago +3

    Having just purchased the Pod Go, I have to thank you Richie for accelerating my learning curve on it. My first foray into digital modeling of this type is made much easier with your support!

  • Soundbites
    Soundbites 2 years ago +1

    Had my Pod Go for two months but your amazing demo has taken me to another level in building presets. Thanks Richie

  • Shannon Sharp
    Shannon Sharp 2 years ago +1

    I bought the POD GO yesterday & this video is VERY informative for all of us starting with preset building. Thank you for all the tips and tricks. ❤

  • stringsultan
    stringsultan Year ago

    Fantastic video! I've been messing around with line 6 modelers for most of my career and this one had the steepest learning curve so far but you made it clear and concise. Thank you, sir!

  • James 9E
    James 9E 3 months ago

    Finally, someone reviewing the product. Good job

  • Kam K
    Kam K Year ago +1

    Exactly what I was looking for! Awesome quick start guide to using the unit and tone sculpting! That's the first time I've heard tones described as "tubby, hairy, and having a cold" lolol

  • Tony LV
    Tony LV 2 years ago +5

    This is the best tutorial I've seen; I was getting a little frustrated with the Pod Go, the millions of possibilities makes it overwhelming, and I need more time to practice my lousy guitar playing.

  • Josh Gordon
    Josh Gordon Year ago

    I just bought a POD GO a week ago. Very user friendly and I've created a couple of presets I really dig. But this video really opened way more doors for me! Fantastic job! This is the best POD GO video I've watched yet. Subscribed!

  • Nathan Ali
    Nathan Ali 4 months ago

    I’ve ordered one of these units in the last few days and been watching a few videos to get clued up on it. Your video is by far the best I’ve seen and that’s no discredit to the others I’ve watched. You have demonstrated how to preform the more complex actions on the unit in a really simple way! I had no idea that the PG was capable of some of the stuff you have demonstrated.
    Definitely will be watching your video again when setting up my patches!
    Slightly mind blown by how much you can do on this!
    Great work man!

  • 72Z15SS
    72Z15SS Year ago

    I really dig that little riff you play through creating presets! Thanks for the vid!

  • Daniel Radtke
    Daniel Radtke Year ago

    This is just such a fantastic piece of info and knowledge. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing the patches.

  • hcossar
    hcossar 2 years ago

    Dude. This is a sick and SUPER helpful vid. You did more in 27 minutes than I have in a few weeks ... Thanks SO much

    • hcossar
      hcossar 2 years ago

      Hey, could you explain how to get the Custom Tones to the Pod Go? Download and then ... ???

  • Kenneth Barnhouse
    Kenneth Barnhouse 2 years ago +1

    One of the best videos on the Pod GO I've ever watched. I love my Pod GO and you've loaded a ton of tricks and tips in this video. Thanks!

  • Josh Evans
    Josh Evans 10 months ago +1

    What a great video for the Pod Go! After having this for a month or so, I was getting a little exasperated with option paralysis. I really like the approach you have payed out here. I’ll be using this video as the format for my next set of patches or presets. Thanks tremendously!

  • Pete Olson
    Pete Olson Year ago

    Really like the way you put these videos together. And REALLY like your playing. Have got one of these on order and looking forward to receiving it!

  • zhobbyhouse1
    zhobbyhouse1 2 years ago +3

    Thank you for demystifying this. Your 9 uses for the Pod Go video was likewise extraordinarily helpful. Now all I need is more cowbell. 🤣

  • Ron Goldman
    Ron Goldman 11 months ago

    Fantastic time saver that allowed me to get going quickly! Loved your tones and pragmatic approach to building them.

  • Rhys M
    Rhys M Year ago

    I’ve watched so many videos on this and this have been the most well explained one. The tones are great and usable. Also some features I hadn’t seen at all in other videos. Thanks!

  • John Danter
    John Danter Year ago

    Really easy to follow without being simplistic; brilliant, well done and thanks.

  • Kassandra Shikari
    Kassandra Shikari 2 months ago

    Большое спасибо за видео!

  • Prince Ricker
    Prince Ricker Year ago +1

    Excellent video, Richie! Great playing, too. You rock. I sold my Helix LT because I want something simpler, and POD GO seems like what I need. Thanks!

  • anthony frank
    anthony frank Year ago

    Great video great tone!! Love the playing.

  • Stephen Dionne
    Stephen Dionne Year ago

    Fantastic! Watched this last night now have a much better grip of editing with the panel. Worked out how to get a volume pan effect working at a single point in one of my presets.. awesome!

  • Kelly Gallagher
    Kelly Gallagher 2 years ago

    Thanks. I was curious about the Pod Go. This realistic case-study really illustrates what it can do.

  • Jim R
    Jim R Year ago +1

    nice, that's exactly how I built my presets! I just bought the Pod Go after selling the Helix LT, then realising that I needed it after all a couple of months later... I actually think i will like the Go more than the LT, it does seem to be a little easier to use and I never used all the advanced routing anyway

  • Santiago Barrera
    Santiago Barrera 7 days ago

    Pure gold tones!

  • Ron Stein
    Ron Stein 2 years ago

    Got my go pod 2 days ago and followed along with your video . Best video I’ve watched, loved how you added a little trick for each setting.

  • Kaos/Bender
    Kaos/Bender Year ago

    Awesome tutorial, just picked up the pod go and you just made me feel even better about my purchase!! Thank you

  • Anthony Pitt
    Anthony Pitt Year ago +1

    absolutely great run through of making presets. I love the creative tips and tricks to achieve more functions without adding more blocks. I have an LT and was thinking of purchasing a podgo for a second rig but worried about the lack of DSP. you sir have hacked the system and made more with less ;-) #genius

  • Zagaroth DB87
    Zagaroth DB87 10 months ago

    Dude you're bad ass! Just purchased a GO unit and this has become my reference. Thank you!

  • Tim Stevens
    Tim Stevens 2 years ago +2

    Great stuff man, clearly explained and really helpful. Thank you.

  • stratpig
    stratpig 2 years ago +2

    Hey Richie, thanks for offering these for free. Much appreciated by all.

  • Riff Lix
    Riff Lix 9 months ago

    Thanks for this awesome vid. I just got a POD GO this evening and just watching this I dialled in my four sounds for my live gigs. Richie you Rock..!!

  • BUB vaughn
    BUB vaughn Year ago


  • Terrance Shumake
    Terrance Shumake Year ago

    I just bought a Podgo and found your channel. Thank you so much for making sense of everything! I just subbed!

  • Jason Horras
    Jason Horras Year ago +2

    HEY! I like to run my Looper before my POD when I’m making tones, so it loops while I eq and adjust other parameters. Especially nice when you’re about to play through live speakers.
    Great video! Thanks so much!

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 11 months ago

    Thanks Richie, these are the best starting templates! Please do some more for us poor PodGo users ;)

  • Tony T
    Tony T 2 years ago +1

    That rig is amazing and of course as well as you guitar playing!

  • Stan
    Stan 2 years ago

    Thanks! Very helpful for those of us who are not crazy about the factory presets.

  • Grit's Guitar
    Grit's Guitar Year ago

    Wow....such talent and smarts on display here. You could have decided to become a doctor or a lawyer (who knows maybe you are) but instead you chose to be a musician and teacher to others who play guitar. Good thing for me because I just got my PodGo and need this desperately.....thank you for your career choice....:You are a fabulous teacher. Cheers!

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott Year ago

    This is great Richie. My Pod Go will be here Thursday or Friday. Can't wait to mess around. Is this unit pretty much what you use for all of the Band Geeks videos? Or do you occasionally use other units or amps? Your tone is always spot on. I have a Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 I use for gigging. The Pod Go is going to be for recording. Thanks...

  • jorge mauricio mercado

    At last someone who does know how to make it sound good !!

  • Paul Key
    Paul Key 2 years ago

    So helpful, and I love the tones.

  • Sublyme
    Sublyme 2 years ago

    Thanks a million for this! Much more helpful than the 2 page cheat sheet that came in the box :)

  • David Vallejo
    David Vallejo Year ago

    Nice demo. A little fast, but I think if I rewatch it a few more times I can glean some useful information.

  • Frankie Bananas
    Frankie Bananas Year ago

    Thanks Ritchie they sound great and they are all I need.Modified some of course.

  • Martyn123
    Martyn123 2 years ago

    First time viewer of your channel and copied the 4 presets with the exception of the ir, they sound great, i was really struggling to get a full clean tone for when rhythm playing

  • yacht_rocker
    yacht_rocker 2 years ago

    Awesome! I’m glad you did an accompanying video. I grabbed these four presets the other day on CustomTone and was elated at how plug and play they were. Barely any tweaking needed to match my guitar. You rock, Richie!

    • Michael Costello
      Michael Costello 2 years ago +1

      @yacht_rocker Any chance you could share your 4 snapshots using the stock cabs?

    • yacht_rocker
      yacht_rocker 2 years ago +1

      Michael Costello No, I actually changed those back to stock cabs just for simplicity now. I’m hesitant to go back down the IR rabbit hole as it really sidetracked me back in when I used to have an AxeFX and Helix a few years ago.

    • Michael Costello
      Michael Costello 2 years ago

      Did you also buy the IR he suggested for the presets to sound right?

  • Keith Briscoe
    Keith Briscoe Year ago

    Just found 2 of your pod go vids. Really excellent as overviews of key features and parts of how to do things. Thx

  • BrBas
    BrBas 2 years ago

    love your channel i really enjoy the videos its great. i haven't seen [starship-we built this city] also [starship-noting gona stop us now]. i would like to hear you guys have a go at these covers.

  • I-Morse
    I-Morse 7 months ago +1

    Hi Richie, thanks for the tips. 2 questions. With user presets, it means that if I overwrite the factory presets I can have in total 64 banks with 4 presets each personalised for my own songs? Second question is, according to the set list of my gigs, can I organise my banks list just to have all the presets in sequence in order to get from one song to the next one? If yes, how can I do that? Thank you!

  • Ibra Jimenez
    Ibra Jimenez 2 years ago

    Nice. I'm gonna trade my HX stomp for one of this. Much more simpler and gig ready. Just what I need ! . ( Although I love the portability of the stomp) . Thanks for the tutorials

  • Heckler27
    Heckler27 Year ago

    Best video yet , thanks I liked and sub'd. I'm really curious to see what else you have tutorials for ... I currently struggling with plug-ins IR's etc.... and Ableton 10 for my guitars

  • HarleyBob957
    HarleyBob957 Year ago

    Thanks, this is the info I was looking for. Much appreciated.

  • Paul Oesterle
    Paul Oesterle 2 years ago

    I bought the Pod go I sat down with it for a half an hour it's a helix for 1/4 of the price thank you for your video my good man this thing sounds absolutely amazing

  • Muhammad Ichsan
    Muhammad Ichsan 2 years ago +1

    those are killer presets!

  • Joe F.
    Joe F. 29 days ago

    Richie, thanks for this video. I just got a Pod Go wireless and this is extremely helpful. I have a question that maybe you or anyone else watching might be able to help me with. I need some help setting up the volume pedal so it doesn't just go from 0 to 100. I'm sure there's a way to configure it so I can do volume swells. I've tried to mess with it but can't seem to make it so the swell is gradual. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Cliff Melhuish
    Cliff Melhuish 7 months ago

    Hi Ritchie. Had my Pod Go for two days now, I'm not tech wizard and only just learning guitar at 58 years old. Yours is the first video that has made sense to me. Many Thanks.

    • Kerry Ewen
      Kerry Ewen 4 months ago +1

      Never too late ,I started at 55 and now 62 , I’m rocking and recording

  • Bregava
    Bregava 2 years ago

    Awesome and thank you for sharing the tips to get the most out of pod go.

  • Ryan Equalizer
    Ryan Equalizer Year ago +1

    This is so useful. You saved my headache. Thank you.

  • Jonathan Maldonado
    Jonathan Maldonado Year ago +1

    I have some questions: What’s the difference of using a cabinet in the list versus an IR?

  • Richard McPike
    Richard McPike 8 months ago

    Best Podgo demo I have seen brilliant

  • Stuart McFarlane
    Stuart McFarlane Year ago

    Just got my pod go thank you for this explanation, with out this I would not have been able to set it up!!!

  • Portuguese Beer
    Portuguese Beer Year ago

    Very cool video!
    Can you do one or two presets with the Pod Go, but in 4CM?
    Cheers from Portugal 🍺🤘🇵🇹

  • SteveONeill
    SteveONeill 2 years ago

    This is a little long but if you're on the fence about modeling this could be a worthwhile read.
    I bought one of these for late night practicing through headphones and the occasional fly gig/jam. It sounds so good to me that it has become my main rig, but there’s an important catch- I bypass the cab sims and put it straight into the fx loop return of my Bad Cat Cub 15R because, let’s face it, FRFR systems cannot recreate the “amp in a room” sound.
    Although I’m not about to part with my Eventide H9, the effects on board are good to excellent. I’m still pretty floored by how uniformly great this setup sounds. Just so you don’t think I’m some easily impressed noob, I’ve been playing since the early 80’s and own or have owned great amps by the likes of Mesa (at least 6), Carr, Friedman, Budda, Fender CS, Orange, Rivera, Revv, and so-on. I’ve had my favorites from these brands and I can really say that the Pod Go into my Bad Cat’s fx loop return puts as big a smile on my face as any of the above amps.
    Maybe I just got lucky and the Bad Cat just happens to “like” the Pod Go and it’s a great combination just by chance? Eventually I’ll pull out other amps to find out. I also think it’s important to mention that in my experience it doesn’t sound good into the front of an amp which makes sense given that you’re putting a modeled preamp into a real preamp in this scenario.
    Modeling has really come of age IMHO. If you’re tired of lugging a big rig around and you’re intrigued by modeling but don’t like the FRFR experience you should consider this kind of setup. You may be very surprised. Oh yeah, the day after I bought this I got an email from Fractal as I'd been on their waiting list for the past 6 months for a FM3. With all the confidence that I was making the right choice and zero regret to date, I told them I was going to pass. YMMV

  • Thomas Sandø
    Thomas Sandø 6 months ago

    Hi, thanks for a very instructive video. I followed you step by step, and learning by doing was a success! The best video if you want to learn the basics by using the unit.

  • Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez Year ago

    Thanks for creating this video. One quick question, what is the shortcut to deleting the rest of the preset name?

  • Michael Leyzerzon
    Michael Leyzerzon 11 months ago

    Cool presets! Thank you a lot!

  • Joe Kirby
    Joe Kirby 2 years ago

    Those sound awesome and you taught me a ton!

  • Not SO Fast There
    Not SO Fast There Year ago +1

    The firts one who actually EXPLAINED how to make presets THANK YOU

  • 78tag
    78tag Year ago

    That's what I'm talkin about - excellent job.
    Come here -
    Get what the title said -
    Done .
    This is what YT guitar geek stuff is about. Thanks

  • Marty V
    Marty V 2 years ago +9

    The Helix Master at work. As a Padawan I watched many of your Helix floor videos. I am not surprised. :)

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 4 months ago

    Consise and well explained. Nice. 👍

  • Serge Richard
    Serge Richard 2 years ago

    These are great presets, but given the Pod Go has no spillover between presets, the sound gap between them makes them unusable in a band setting. I believe the Helix has a spillover option to correct this...Pod Go needs this update!!!
    Meanwhile snapshots are our only option.

  • vaiisking
    vaiisking 2 years ago

    Loved this video. I have a question, what is the best use of the effects use dedicated slot? I just slide mine to the beginning usually and unassign a bypass to it... no idea what to do with it.

  • Apos Pol
    Apos Pol 3 months ago

    can you assign to the expression pedal both delay and gain values for example?

  • Johnny Compton
    Johnny Compton 2 years ago

    Sir....thank you for an informative demo that sold me on this unit.

  • Mitch Banks
    Mitch Banks 2 years ago +3

    That I you very much I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this lesson. I love it and feel like I know the Pod Go much better. Thanks again

  • bluesfiddler4
    bluesfiddler4 2 years ago

    This is a 27 minute master class on the Pod Go; just started with it at the beginning of the year, but I learned more on this video that I had to date. Bought for guitar, but do you know anyone using it for violin? Or, do you have to use an amp block? Can you just set up a preamp? My pickups are pretty low level (standard piezo pickups).

  • azdh85224
    azdh85224 2 years ago

    Great job Richie. I always learn something from your videos. I love my Pod Go. But, I am not a big fan of the IR’s. Never found one yet worth buying that I have liked better than the stock cabs. And I usually like the already paired factory cab. But if not, It usually takes just a little searching. That is one piece of advice I would offer to anyone new - don’t be afraid to turn the knobs and experiment a little.

    • Richie Castellano
      Richie Castellano  2 years ago +1

      If you like the stock cabs that’s great! I just wanted to show people how to load IRs.

  • Dave Guethlein
    Dave Guethlein Year ago

    Best pod go video on Clip-Share, HANDS DOWN!

  • jables3377
    jables3377 2 years ago +1

    It would be nice if Line 6 created a smartphone app to make it a little easier to configure.... especially when it comes to inputting the text for the presets and what not.

  • Edward Stiles
    Edward Stiles Year ago

    Just got one...this helped SO much. Thanks.

    PRATYUL Year ago

    Hi Richie 1.would you recommend Pod Go for ambient music ? 2. Can I use my stereo reverb hall of fame 2 pedal ( are the inbuilt reverbs comparable ? ) with it in anywhere in block chain and have an over all stereo signal? Thanks

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 27 days ago

    Best video out here for the line 6 pod Go, Thank you.

  • Dr. Emiliano Fabac
    Dr. Emiliano Fabac 8 months ago

    Thank you Rich, simple, clear effective and easy.... Have fun

  • Old school geek
    Old school geek Month ago

    Hy. Thank you very much for this video. I recently bought a pod go. I'm a very beginner on électric guitar and don't have the ear to know what effect to chose and to set for having "the" sound of a particular song I want to cover.
    Are there web sites where you can find some podgo sets for classic songs , that I could easily reproduce on my podgo ?

  • Jeff Merritt
    Jeff Merritt Year ago

    I agree with Bob1gee one of the best tutes on creating presets. I shall subscribe. Thx Ritchie Cheers

  • Hudson Valley Wanderer

    I was going to return my pod go because I felt overwhelmed by it, but then i found this video now I may hold onto it lol

  • Hockeyman
    Hockeyman 2 years ago +1

    Phenomenal tutorial - Thanks. The pod go seems to do alot. Could you do a video on the Helix Floor vs Pod Go. Probably be easier to show what the floor can do that the Pid Go cant

    • Rob Cullen
      Rob Cullen 2 years ago

      As far as I can tell the Helix Floor is effectively 2 Pod Gos. I think I only need one.

    • エリックEric
      エリックEric 2 years ago

      I use the Helix, but looking to size down.
      You can go with the Helix if you want a multi effects modeler and a
      fitness tool.

  • Cătă Rusu
    Cătă Rusu 5 months ago

    Brilliant video!! Thank you! One question: do you use only the speakers/monitors, or do you have a combo, or head?

  • Ralex
    Ralex 2 years ago

    Absolutely excellent
    Richie you are the best

  • Jürgen Böttcher
    Jürgen Böttcher 5 days ago

    Damned, followed all your steps and now see, I could have easily downloaded them :-) Ok, this way I learned more!!