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Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Impressions: The Wraparound Display!


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  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything 2 years ago +95275

    Can I borrow the phone for a minute? I need to.... um... make a phone call...

  • Robby Lebotha ™
    Robby Lebotha ™ 11 months ago +1140

    Tech wise, it's great for them to push the boundaries. Functionally, it's like putting on a rear view mirror on a spaceship.

    • Way
      Way 2 months ago +2

      _Push the boundaries_..... Lol

    • Grqfes
      Grqfes 10 months ago +41

      how you tryna park witout a mirror

    • neu
      neu 11 months ago +76

      Hey man, you don’t know if a space shuttle is going to rear-end your space shuttle.

  • Phone Repair Guru
    Phone Repair Guru Year ago +3326

    Looks amazing but... Imagine repair costs 😱

    • Nif
      Nif 19 days ago

      @NaNJa You say as if an "adult" won't manage to break it. The amount of possible variables to cause damage to the phone is higher than of an ordinary one. Even if *you* take care of it, another person can still manage to break it, whether direct or indirectly. In other words, no, this is just not practical in any sense. Unless we've reached the point where ballistic glass is what they're using, even an "adult" can manage to screw it up. This phone applies to the people who are rich enough and not be bothered with buying another.

    • NaNJa
      NaNJa Month ago

      This phone is not for the type of people that need to worry about repair costs, or cases. Just treat the device with care, like an adult.

    • How Wong
      How Wong Month ago

      This is about advancement in innovation and creativity. If designers always worry about users breaking the phone, you will not have this kind of phone, you will have a military grade rugged phone instead. Looks ugly but you won't need to worry about repair.

    • AxelOOF
      AxelOOF Month ago

      @Unknown 000 10 months!

    • Wilson
      Wilson 2 months ago

      @Kruton I only came across it now; time doesn’t dismiss how stupid that comment was. Accept that you misunderstood something and move on.

  • Kei
    Kei 11 months ago +284

    Overall this is a phone I would get if I were rich. Would improve the resistance (so much screen means its easier to break, tiny cover on the upper and downside wouldn't hurt) and the sides would be more useful if the right was just volume: so you could slide the finger up and down the side to regulate the volume. The back screen with widget and camera is just a dream to me

    • Ladislav Josephs
      Ladislav Josephs 11 months ago +2

      I've seen price 3000 dollars at Xiaomi store China. Sure, it's good looking phone, but only the full size screen part of the phone is useful. The edges are only for looks without function. I wouldn't trade it for my Xiaomi foldable I bought for third of the price.

    • Travis Walker
      Travis Walker 11 months ago +8

      @Job van Tuijl it wasn't meant to be produced.

    • Job van Tuijl
      Job van Tuijl 11 months ago +5

      I looked up the price, but got the disappointing result the phone had been cancelled

  • Eidolon
    Eidolon Year ago +30

    It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I'd love to play around with something like it someday! Having said that, it looks uncomfortable as hell to carry around and I have to imagine not only would it be impossible for the average person to fix any malfunctions at home, but getting it fixed at a workshop would probably cost a fortune. It's super neat as a novelty, but I can't imagine a day would ever come where these are our everyday carries.

  • Don’t watch this
    Don’t watch this 4 months ago +15

    I feel like the glass going all the way around the edge is an amazing solution to the crease in foldable phones. It will fold the other way so there is litterally no way to crease it

  • Daniel Ramskill
    Daniel Ramskill Month ago +1

    Visually, it has the wow factor of the Samsung Z series (with about the same about of "but why?"). My first solution to the virtual buttons is why not just do a cutout for the volume and power? It would barely interrupt the screen if they got it tight enough and would provide a far superior user experience. I'm actually pretty excited to see if this makes it to the market as a totally new type of phone to compete with the folding flagships. Not being able to use a case makes me very concerned though. Insurance is going to be really high since screen replacements would probably be so inhibitively expensive that a phone replacement would be easier.

  • Roman Zatorski
    Roman Zatorski 7 months ago +6

    The charging animation is just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on a phone

  • BassyKelly
    BassyKelly Year ago +20

    very cool idea and looks freaking incredible, the killer for me is the touch rejection, if that's not perfect I would flip, what's the point of a modern high end piece of tech if it glitches and stutters? I know it's not because the hardware can't actually keep up, but it's the same result in the end

  • George William MDP _2OIO4OO9
    George William MDP _2OIO4OO9 2 years ago +17731

    2000 : "There's a screen on my phone"
    2020 : "There's a phone on my screen"

    • Flying Pelican
      Flying Pelican 15 days ago


    • m e o w
      m e o w 2 months ago

      @Tru Th it has reached 2k likes.

    • meechell
      meechell 4 months ago

      “There’s a snake in my boot.”
      - Woody

    • BunBuns♡
      BunBuns♡ 7 months ago


    • Gamer Yousha
      Gamer Yousha 11 months ago

      2030 there is no screen on my phone 🥱🥴

  • Hans Baier
    Hans Baier 11 months ago +42

    The back display instead of a front camera is awesome! Another alternative would be a back display that does not wrap around.

    • Apurv Surya
      Apurv Surya 5 months ago +1

      And they did it in MI 11 ultra

  • KingRonin
    KingRonin Month ago +1

    Love the intro. Fun editing and I love the sound design.

  • Clyde Fox
    Clyde Fox Month ago

    I really didnt expect them to actually make a rap-around screen phone that works and is as fast as it is, my question is how will phone cases work with the rap-around display?

  • Mandolino
    Mandolino 4 months ago

    Not sure, I like the experimental approach but I see much value here besides the selfie mode and the cool factor
    - battery life used for a screen on the back
    - sensible to impact
    - no physical buttons to adjust volume in the pocket

  • grocerylist
    grocerylist 2 years ago +709

    The "liquid charging" image should interact with the gyro and slosh around, like in a glass.

    • Bi i
      Bi i 11 months ago

      😍 I think I might be in love with this phone!

    • Robert Anthony Bermudez
      Robert Anthony Bermudez 2 years ago

      No. Coz if you lay it flat, the green 'liquid' will look like it filled the entire screen.

    • Øne-Hit Disaster
      Øne-Hit Disaster 2 years ago +1

      Abdu Komilov Instead of playing with your phone and watching it charge you watch it drain instead 😂

    • Martin Rakyta
      Martin Rakyta 2 years ago

      But what if your battery spills😂

    • AsAdas
      AsAdas 2 years ago +2

      and green droplets of water falling when percentage is going up

  • Dijith
    Dijith 4 months ago +5

    We could use the sides of the phone as gaming triggers when playing mobile games, there is so much potential here

  • Brandon Gonzales
    Brandon Gonzales 7 months ago

    This honestly kinda feels like a predecessor to folding phones now. Especially ones like the Z Flip 3, which accomplishes essentially the same things this phone uses the back of the screen for.

  • Borno Gaming
    Borno Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Looks amazing but... Imagine repair costs 😱

  • Max Headroom
    Max Headroom Month ago

    Honestly I think this tech will replace folding phones eventually. It's really the ultimate form factor for a cell phone

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 2 years ago +2935

    This legit looks like a 2020 product that people predicted in like 2009 or something

    • Reza Faldian
      Reza Faldian Year ago


    • Kuzey Bilgin
      Kuzey Bilgin Year ago

      Looking for this comment. The future of smartphones, heh?

    • ឵឵឵឵឵឵
      ឵឵឵឵឵឵ Year ago +1

      @Cason Lamothe "best year ever"

    • Cason Lamothe
      Cason Lamothe 2 years ago +1

      Bruh I just read a thread named "why 2020 is going to be the best year ever". They predicted flying cars and memory implants. the post was 10 years ago

    • Sharl Leg
      Sharl Leg 2 years ago

      @Insight really happy for them

  • Tuomas Kareikko
    Tuomas Kareikko Year ago +1

    That looks really cool, but I’d be terrified of dropping it if I had one 😁

  • Storm and Kylo Husky Family

    I would rather have this than a fold, I love the wrap around screen

  • Rhianna Hudson
    Rhianna Hudson 8 months ago

    Wow. Love this phone. So futuristic .

  • Gedders G
    Gedders G Year ago

    Looks pretty amazing but seems like it's early days for erganomic design of this wrap around screen. I have enough issues with my current phone accidently clicking on things and that seems like a huge problem for this phone.

  • Obviously
    Obviously 2 years ago +9299

    Phone: *drops sideways*
    Me: oh no my screen
    Phone: *bounces and lands on its back*
    Me: oh no my screen
    Phone: *bounces again and flips over*
    Me: oh no my screen

    • Bi i
      Bi i 11 months ago


      CΣΠTURIΩΠ 11 months ago

      OH No, OuR tAble! It's BroKen

    • Account
      Account Year ago

      @LuNa that is actually not a backup button but power on button

    • LuNa
      LuNa Year ago

      @Account if you have to have a backup power button that’s not a good sign

    • Account
      Account Year ago

      @LuNa there is still a physical power button on the top for backup lol

  • DcloudX
    DcloudX Year ago

    tbh everytime after I buy a new phone, what I have in mind is also buying the shockproof case immediately. I don't want my beautiful high investment phone to fall down... so I doubt this one...is a No Go although it looks cool

  • Guy Nakash
    Guy Nakash 11 months ago +8

    From technology to practicality, this is by far the coolest result to the dumbest idea ever.

  • Aaron Curd
    Aaron Curd Month ago

    Absolutely love this idea for a phone. Knock that battery up to 6500 mha (idc if the phone is bigger or thicker- I'd rather have less storage and longer battery life anyways). If you could have a slide-in tube style replaceable clear screen protector as the case, that just has a lid in the shape of the top flat face (that could also make the back strip sink in a be flush)- then who needs a case? The screen protector IS the case. Love the selfie bit too. Only other thing I would say is they could honestly put a button on the side for power or volume. If they can put a break for a button or two and make it as seamless as possible in the middle (side edge) of the screen- then are we really losing that much? If you can still see the screen image in-between the buttons and down the rest of the side of the phone- isn't that enough?
    That all being said- I love the idea of "re-skinning" your phone with one image change, instead of looking to buy new cases. Pretty fly! Now all we need is an Amoled display, a 120 hz refresh rate, wireless charging and we're good!

  • Godfrey Japhet
    Godfrey Japhet 8 months ago

    I've been thinking of a trnsparent glass phone so i think for that stage we going good, can't wait to see the release

  • chillz
    chillz 2 years ago +2978

    Xiaomi: Hey look at this Prototype!
    Screen Protector sellers: *intense breathing*

    • TinyToon
      TinyToon 9 months ago

      Haha XD

    • Shaheer Burney
      Shaheer Burney 2 years ago

      Just tape it

    • Anonymous Owl
      Anonymous Owl 2 years ago

      maybe I'll use a clear cellophane wrap for this hehe

    • Kenny S
      Kenny S 2 years ago

      It’s ok, we didn’t have bikinis on day 1 either.

    • rizky pratama
      rizky pratama 2 years ago

      you need a bubble wrap to protect this phone

  • Venkatesh Harithas

    I am sure, this will gonna be the next type of version sooner. What else they can make us happy with the same type of design

  • Hi Daniel
    Hi Daniel 11 months ago

    Loved the idea. About time to have a different design rather than the common candy bar. Mobile phone makers: keep them coming!

  • Александр Богуш

    Reminds me of the times when there was a lot of crazy phone designs before the first iPhone came out

  • Karl k
    Karl k 5 months ago

    One day hopefully Xiaomi would make it as affordable as normal mix

  • Bugケイティ
    Bugケイティ 2 years ago +2728

    This phone is actually so aesthetically pleasing, maybe in the future we can have something similar but thinner and less weight to it.

  • Denise Shephard
    Denise Shephard 5 months ago

    What I would be concerned about it would be the safety of the device and the repair bill because its all glass the device looks call but it looks to fragile to use as a every day phone

  • Fent i Desfent
    Fent i Desfent 11 months ago +1

    What if it had physical buttons in the camera strip, would that make it easier to control the volume or lock/unlock the phone??

  • James Heap
    James Heap 7 months ago +1

    the charging animation 🤤

  • Jerry Orange
    Jerry Orange Year ago

    I've just purchased Redme Pro 10 because I was so fed up with my Galaxy curved screen which was so bad to hold.
    I can see Xiaomi copy bad things and take them to another level.

  • Yann1ck
    Yann1ck 2 years ago +3938

    This is how everyone imagined in 2013 how the iPhone will be in 2020

    • Subramore
      Subramore 4 months ago

      still better than your chinese nokio 🤡🤡

      SADIQ KHAN 8 months ago

      Yes truth'

    • zeke
      zeke 8 months ago


    • ddemp_321
      ddemp_321 8 months ago

      all apple did is change cameras batteries and size wym

    • blxckdynxsty
      blxckdynxsty 8 months ago

      Soo trueeee

  • Ber2
    Ber2 8 months ago

    for me the best part is the selfie, nothing beats a selfie from the rear camera

  • BraVE1
    BraVE1 10 months ago

    I want this in full production someday 🔥

  • Yousss
    Yousss Year ago

    I want one 😍 just only for the design.

  • Hoard
    Hoard 11 months ago

    thats so cool i love phones that add a needless gimmick that looks cool but also makes you not want to get a case which means youre more likely to break it which means they make more money

  • Bobbyman
    Bobbyman Year ago +3552

    Samsung: Introducing the waterfall display
    Xiaomi: *HERE IS THE OCEAN*

    • Lord of Sadness
      Lord of Sadness 7 months ago +1

      @JimJamJon too dumb to make conclusions OMEGALUL

    • Lord of Sadness
      Lord of Sadness 7 months ago +1

      @I Love Plump Grannies true LULW

    • TinyToon
      TinyToon 9 months ago


    • JimJamJon
      JimJamJon 11 months ago

      @Dei Komp ?

    • Dei Komp
      Dei Komp 11 months ago

      Iphone ,heres same iphone x with iphone 4 body style

  • Andreas TH
    Andreas TH 11 months ago

    it looks absolutely stunning! but there is already no profit of having a glass backside on any phone except for fingerprints and the vendor selling you a new phone as fast as possible as the glass is always the first thing breaking! so yeah! great idea... ehmmm yeah... not for me

  • Roland Pada
    Roland Pada Year ago

    actually solved the issue with using main camera as selfie or video call camera ! its pretty neat !

  • Victor
    Victor 11 months ago +5


    FATTAH 11 months ago +1

    I guess we don't need wraparound screen just because we can make and keep it somewhere in a working state. As clearly this technology using more battery juice on palm detection and make rapid decision whether we are actually working on it or just holding the phone casually which nobody wanted that at the first place. However, I would be pretty happy if they just keep the side portion Of the screen for the sake of the battery animation and that's it. For widget we already seen far better edge panel on Samsung device which work much more efficiently.

  • Kelsomatic
    Kelsomatic 2 years ago +1219

    Everyone: Phones are so delicate now
    Xiaomi: But what if the whole phone was a screen?
    Pavement: 😏

    • Gonçalo Ferreira
      Gonçalo Ferreira 2 years ago

      Christina Andwena you're a poet when that mouth of yours is shut

    • Patrick Ayo Oladokun
      Patrick Ayo Oladokun 2 years ago

      Super-delicate phone it is. It is not meant for careless individuals while looking at the almost completely wrapped in glass all rather screen.
      How much does it cost to buy one?

    • Divano
      Divano 2 years ago +1

      @McLennon Georingo how did sk many people miss that joke

    • McLennon Georingo
      McLennon Georingo 2 years ago +2

      stoeger 2 I was joking man, I’ve dropped my phone a million times

    • Christina Andwena
      Christina Andwena 2 years ago

      Gonçalo yeah and? That was what I implied when I said xiaomi was the first to make a phone that is practically unrepairabls

  • Umohowet Yelayu
    Umohowet Yelayu Year ago +2

    *ME:* OMG, I want this phone! It’s so amazing! I don’t even care that it’s super thick. I just want it right now. This is so hot.
    *MKHB:* It’s just a prototype.
    *ME:* Le sadness. 😢
    LOL! This phone is so cool though!

  • Mohsen Balouneh
    Mohsen Balouneh Year ago

    Honestly I think the best phone design, belongs to mi9t pro (if only it had edges)

  • Cedar
    Cedar Month ago +1

    They could have easily gone for side double tap for wake and side up or down slide for volume control

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Year ago

    Looks pretty impractical and can't imagine this catching on but man does it look cool

  • Franco N. Sosa
    Franco N. Sosa Year ago

    It is cool, but I dunno if it's that more useful than a regular phone, it has it's disadvantages too. Though I think if they keep improving the product, it could compete in the market.

    • Franco N. Sosa
      Franco N. Sosa Year ago

      PD: yeah, it definitively needs a better case. If I had that phone, I'd hold it real hard just so I'd never drop it.

  • Luffy and Goku Skits
    Luffy and Goku Skits 8 months ago

    I think the best part of it is the charge it’s just like a full on night light and like if you’re basically looking at a meme someone or like your family chilling will see it and will enjoy it without you showing them

  • Russ Michaels
    Russ Michaels 11 months ago +2

    I bought a Xiaomi Note for my wife and daughter, nothing but problems due to the OTT battery optimisations. Notifications do not work properly, you just don;t get half your notifications and parental control apps do not work.... just too many issues... if not for this they would be great phones.

  • Oluwadamilare Oyinlola
    Oluwadamilare Oyinlola 9 months ago

    Maybe making this a folding concept will make it more practical

  • Cameron 👾
    Cameron 👾 2 years ago +680

    2:54 My parents would still manage to move all the icons to the back.
    Stunning phone!!

    • Commercio
      Commercio 2 years ago

      @Chawza Literally the same here.

    • Chawza
      Chawza 2 years ago +7

      I still wonder how they did that! I locked the homescreen shortcuts so she wouldn't have a hard time looking for her app but she still managed to move it up to the third home screen. then I checked again for the lock button and it still active!

  • ABDOU Samad
    ABDOU Samad 2 months ago

    Does the fact that the phone has a screen all around mean that you can never put it in a protective case and therefore there is a risk of breaking the screen easily?

    SCARLET★STAR Year ago

    2:00 Contrary to what most people believe Titanium alloys are usually weaker in both hardness and (what he probably meant) tensile strength. The upside of Ti is weight.
    But the few grams of weight saving probably do not matter here. So in a smartphone using titanium is probably just a marketing ploy because Titanium sounds fancy.
    Titanium is usually used where weight is actually a key performance metric, such as aerospace, when you don't need the full brute strength of steel and need the weight savings of Ti. But most of the time you don't even need the strength of Ti so you go for the even lighter Aluminium.

  • LikeDaWayUDieBoi
    LikeDaWayUDieBoi 5 months ago

    My mom and dad were finally learning how to hold the phones without giving extra thumb and finger touches on the corners and they came up with this phone where you are practically holding the screen🤦‍♂️

  • YTP Sauce
    YTP Sauce 9 months ago +1

    Imagine replacing its broken screen or battery 😭

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon Year ago +5921

    Can't wait for companies to add advertisements behind your smartphone for everyone to see

  • JPC
    JPC 9 months ago

    This would be a good idea with regular bezels. No need for selfie camera anymore just use the back display and camera

  • Nihel
    Nihel 11 months ago

    lets be real, once ya drop it a few times, it aint gonna look nice at all. Plus there is not much point in wrap-around display since ya cant really see all of it at once anyway, unless they make it possible to unwrap it to get a bigger screen but than again, there is an issue of that it is going to burn through your battery much faster than on a normal phone on stuff u dont even see most of the time. Overall, this is nothing more than a shiny new toy, a marketing device, a fancy novelty, but not a groundbreaking invention that some make it to be.

  • Aspec1ratio
    Aspec1ratio Month ago +2

    can you imagine the damage dropping that phone 💀

  • SuperFrodo95
    SuperFrodo95 11 days ago

    Curved glass presents too many problems to be worth it to me. After going through the experience of not being able to protect my Pixel 6 Pro with a tempered glass protector, breaking the screen, having buy a replacement and repair it. Flat glass is just better.
    This phone is just that nightmare scenario turned up to 11. No thanks...

  • Sulochan Acharya
    Sulochan Acharya 2 years ago +1583

    Xiaomi: makes a 360 degree display that bends around in the back
    App designers: *heavy breathing*

    • TinyToon
      TinyToon 9 months ago

      *visible confusion*

    • Late Night Thinker
      Late Night Thinker 2 years ago +2

      @Monsi it rlly isn't but long ago $1000 for a phone was such mind blowing concept like just get $300 one

    • Monsi
      Monsi 2 years ago

      Late Night Thinker Dude, 1000$ aren‘t the same as 3000$.

    • Late Night Thinker
      Late Night Thinker 2 years ago +2

      @Monsi "we. love. to innovate" people are starting to regularly buy $1000+ phones so I don't see why not

    • SlimShadyLovesPastries
      SlimShadyLovesPastries 2 years ago +1

      @Sulochan Acharya Pretentiousness always is key when it comes to office politics I suppose.

  • Harry Nguyen
    Harry Nguyen 10 months ago

    Really cool concept. Needs to be a thing

  • Mohamed Farih
    Mohamed Farih Month ago +1

    I wonder what the protective cases will look like

  • Anthony Rauscher —
    Anthony Rauscher — 11 months ago

    Be great as a gaming controller.
    Also - I'd rather have this than a 'flip' or 'fold' phone - period.

  • The Opinion
    The Opinion 11 months ago

    "When alloyed with other metals such as aluminium or vanadium, titanium becomes dramatically stronger than many steels. In terms of sheer strength, the best titanium alloys beat low to medium grade stainless steels. However, the highest grade of stainless steel is stronger than titanium alloys. We recommend sticking with a common titanium alloy if you’re looking for strength."

  • Hans Fansi
    Hans Fansi 2 years ago +1625

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like "Hey, a new cool power bank"
    Then I was like WHAT!!!!

    • Zaccreed vlog
      Zaccreed vlog 2 years ago


    • Sharl Leg
      Sharl Leg 2 years ago

      @Carl Coronel no

    • MKamTech
      MKamTech 2 years ago


    • Harshith JV
      Harshith JV 2 years ago +1

      Same here. 🤣

    • Carl Coronel
      Carl Coronel 2 years ago

      Hi guys! I'm a Filipino. Can you help me by subscribing at my channel. I will start song covers soon. I will mean to me a lot! Thank you 💗

  • Miki Cerise
    Miki Cerise 11 months ago

    It looks beautiful, but not worth dealing with MIUI again for me. 😅

  • Sneha Sivakumar
    Sneha Sivakumar Year ago

    I love how I will get so many new surfaces to break by dropping my phone

  • Jon Bour
    Jon Bour 11 months ago

    I can see it breaking the moment you look at it too hard 😂
    But it’s really cool, when do we get an iPhone like that?
    (Android fans be like: “in 15 years lmao”)

  • B.I.G. Brothers In Guitars

    I had two of them and I'm going to go for the third one!!

  • Murtaza Raza
    Murtaza Raza 2 years ago +1078

    Customers: What is its benefit?
    Xiaomi: It looks Cool
    Customers: We love it

    • ً
      ً Year ago

      @KASIA DINERO apple would never conceive of revolutionary technology like this ever. EVER.

    • 整个人看不懂的
      整个人看不懂的 2 years ago


      KASIA DINERO 2 years ago

      iPhone Users in a nutshell

    • ZY Liu
      ZY Liu 2 years ago

      Exactly the same feeling, looks cool but I will not pay for this

    • Man Of Culture
      Man Of Culture 2 years ago

      Watch this video on the channel called "cracked", " if smartphone ads were honest ". Literally says the same thing you just did and more. Lol.

  • username_31
    username_31 11 months ago

    Wow this xiaomi phone is really impressive!!! Wow

  • suki lee
    suki lee Year ago

    Amazing and the price is also amazing~

  • KönigLP
    KönigLP Year ago +1

    This was almost 2 years ago, but it is even more futuristic than the new 2021 Phones...

  • lonelyboi
    lonelyboi Year ago

    so...taking a selfie with this phone is like mi 11 ultra, but the display for selfie is noticeably bigger
    pretty cool

  • Devanshu Shah
    Devanshu Shah 2 years ago +1481

    Xiaomi : we created a curved display all the way around the phone
    Dbrand : aight imma head out

    • Kyungri
      Kyungri 2 years ago

      A W go and take a crap you iSheep LMAO

    • Muhammad Agung Wibowo
      Muhammad Agung Wibowo 2 years ago +1

      @A W uh oh. That's a bait.

    • Ayush Pant
      Ayush Pant 2 years ago +3

      @A W lmao, you hating... Cuz you're wrong for a lot of reasons😂

    • Devanshu Shah
      Devanshu Shah 2 years ago +1

      @A W If you dont like android dont see android related videos and commenting on android stuff

    • Bhagath
      Bhagath 2 years ago +1

      Nah they’d be happy now they can just make a camera strip and sell it for $80.

  • chuckielong1
    chuckielong1 3 months ago

    For us right now no. But it is nice to see a comp made a phone that's out of the box, maybe it will work maybe it won't for the consumers never know till u try. Just like with the zfold line some people thought they wouldnt like it but now can't see themselves to switching to another model. Gotta try to see wat work and wat doesn't kinda cool to see them willing to take risk.

  • Vera
    Vera 2 months ago

    the amount of visible fingerprints would be insane..

    PAUL MARSDEN SR 3 months ago

    I missed this review. Did Samsung make this display? It really looks like a good smartphone. A great video brother.

  • Renatus Free
    Renatus Free Month ago

    I guess instead of having to 'tap' on the volume function they should have to slide it. The it'd be easier for the software to detect when actually trying to use the feature.

  • Steven Jalopnik
    Steven Jalopnik Year ago +687

    There’s no denying that this is absolutely sick. I wouldn’t even consider buying one but it just so cool that it exists

    • Lord of Sadness
      Lord of Sadness 7 months ago +1

      @Saksham Chaturvedi OMEGALUL true

    • Saksham Chaturvedi
      Saksham Chaturvedi 9 months ago

      People to every LG Phone ever

    • Petr V
      Petr V 10 months ago +1

      @Arthur Hakhverdian Selfies with the (usually better) front camera... Otherwise I don't know either

    • human
      human 11 months ago +1

      @Arthur Hakhverdian looks cool, more screen space

    • cool sword
      cool sword 11 months ago +4

      @Arthur Hakhverdian I really can't think of anything except
      1) It looks sick. And that's true. It does look sick.
      2) It might help change impressions of the brand. I'm not doing professional research, but I know people who don't want a Chinese phone because for years and still now, even if less so, Chinese = cheap. So maybe it's one of those flashy products people don't even buy, but they attract people to the brand.
      Obviously, neither of those are utilitarian.

  • Minh Phạm
    Minh Phạm 4 months ago

    whoever thought of the selfie using the main camera is a freakin genius

  • Nathan Moore
    Nathan Moore Year ago

    Based on if your left or right handed they should make where you can switch which side you want the notification's and volume. If your right handed the volume should be on the left and vice versa, because less fingers are in the way. Just my thoughts. - Respectfully, N8

  • Eric Karczewski
    Eric Karczewski 5 months ago

    Hey, you gotta give them the benefit of the doubt, if you designed this phone, and wrote up a spec sheet, would you really pass up the chance to claim over 100% screen-to-body ratio?

  • Soumya Mukherji
    Soumya Mukherji 11 months ago

    Nice… Atleast someone is still trying to make something innovative/futuristic and not copy the sh**t out of Apple.

  • Junbo Li
    Junbo Li 2 years ago +1228

    Other phone company: My phone has 90+% Screen ratio, almost 100%
    Xiaomi: Mine is 180%

    • 영창
      영창 2 years ago

      @zynix27 the only thing you can say is "corona virus"?
      oh you are smart af! does it related to the phone? i didnt know dat

    • zynix27
      zynix27 2 years ago

      @영창 you coronavirus guys ain't really bright.

    • Ahmed Elgabry
      Ahmed Elgabry 2 years ago

      get rekt

    • Ajsal Vlk
      Ajsal Vlk 2 years ago

      @영창 better than plastic fold screens

    • neegas
      neegas 2 years ago


  • Apple Tricks
    Apple Tricks 11 months ago +1

    What about the video calls. Instead of large screen you need to flip your mobile on back small screen to use selfie camera for call.

  • Nickozix
    Nickozix 11 months ago

    Wow! This idea is far from nowadays! 💯

  • Alex Sadler
    Alex Sadler 11 months ago

    Am I going crazy, or did that figure in the background switch shelves?! 😱 That had to be on purpose.

  • Neil’s aero adventures

    This is neat tech and all, but I think we have long forgotten the actual reason for these things to exist. To be a phone. I just struggle to see the reason something like this has to exist. It's absolutely mind blowing tech and you'd be the man if you whipped this out on the bus. It's a neat gimmick but a gimmick none the less. I had an iPhone 13 pro and while yes it was fast, had a cool screen, and had shiny sides, the call quality was mediocre at best. I got so sick of social media and the shitstorm of a world we live in that I switched to a flip phone that cost $30 and it's call quality was unmatched. What good is all those cool features and gimmicks if the sole reason you have to carry that device is defeated. I'm not attacking anyone who sees these devices in a different light. We are lucky to have the technology we do and if implemented correctly, it makes life way easier. I just hate to see something skew so far from its original purpose. When he mentions in the video, "so what is the back screen for? The status bar is moved to the side to make it more clean looking, and for cool factor". I would rather see the r&d team focus on how to enhance more important aspects of a device like making a more intuitive touch interface. I fail to understand why we still have an emulated mechanical QWERTY keyboard on a flat surface with no dexterity. While I don't have the answer to that problem, it's something that would be interesting to see. Technology companies are trying too hard and instead of implementing new useful ways to implement the tech we have, they push forward with new concepts and ideas that really have no purpose. The best example I can provide on my viewpoint is like an electric car that has so many features and gimmicks that use battery and as a result, the car has a maximum range of 73 miles. The car has the best battery tech available at the time and is already equipped with the maximum amount of batteries possible. The problem is that the battery tech isn't advanced enough to supply the needs of the car. Essentially it's ahead of its time and it defeats its own purpose. Tech is so outstandingly good nowadays but we don't know how to implement it usefully. Technology is ahead of its time...

  • Mateusz Kolpa
    Mateusz Kolpa 2 years ago +186

    4:28 It would be even more awesome it they have added a sort of gravity to the liquid with g sensor, which would pull the liquid to the bottom and it would behave like a water bottle.

    • grandcalifornia
      grandcalifornia 2 years ago

      I was thinking about that when he held it in his hand

    • Ishan Sharma
      Ishan Sharma 2 years ago

      Thought the same

    • Eng Elisha
      Eng Elisha 2 years ago

      You have the coolest idea i have ever thought.

    • Nicklas Fisker
      Nicklas Fisker 2 years ago

      Some of the first iPhone apps was this and nothing else

    • henry chua
      henry chua 2 years ago +1

      Cool idea

  • xe1a
    xe1a Year ago +10

    The Mi mix alpha scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7