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Sue Gray anger: Theresa May and Ian Blackford in scathing attack on Boris Johnson

  • Published on Jan 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The SNP leader and the former prime minister pulled no punches in parliament after the publication of the Sue Gray report.
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  • Times Radio
    Times Radio  Year ago +48

    Ian Blackford explains to us why he was removed from the Commons.

  • David Mullen
    David Mullen Year ago +1284

    Theresa is loving the fact that she's not the worst Prime Minister ever after all

    • Joseph Zhang
      Joseph Zhang Year ago +65

      I feel she is relieved the pressure is on someone else (a worse leader/PM then her self)

    • Peter Magro
      Peter Magro Year ago +134

      Scary is it not. She was considered by many as weak and a joke but now we think she was WAY better than Johnson...

    • Barbara 1
      Barbara 1 Year ago +172

      She never was the worst.
      Her party stabbed her in the back to oust her from power. Boris et al made her work impossible.

    • Frank Jenkins
      Frank Jenkins Year ago +23

      @Peter Magro You might think she was better I certainly don’t the woman’s a traitor

    • JP Frank
      JP Frank Year ago +60

      Say what you want about her but no one would question her integrity in office. Policy matters/Brexit failures aside, I always liked her, an honest, honourable woman

  • Crystan
    Crystan Year ago +215

    Don't agree with May's politics, but I do agree she at least treated her office seriously. BoJo treats everything like a farce, and the sooner he resigns the better.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA Year ago +269

    I love how the Scottish guy speaks with so much passion and ruthlessness....

    • Original50
      Original50 Year ago +15

      Celts are generally more heart than head.

    • cellan j
      cellan j Year ago +21

      @Original50 you seem to have neither.

    • Original50
      Original50 Year ago +7

      @cellan j Do you troll as a hobby or are you on a payroll? 😂

    • cellan j
      cellan j Year ago +12

      @Original50 my original comment stands.

    • Original50
      Original50 Year ago +6

      @cellan j Good for you. 🥸

  • Sol Schwarz
    Sol Schwarz Year ago +339

    A prime minister lies in parliament and gets away with it. But you get kicked out for calling him out on it!?

    • Nineflames
      Nineflames Year ago +18

      Yes. Because if MPs were allowed to accuse each other of lying that's all they'd ever do. The whole debate would devolve into "no u". The rule may seem silly but it's there for a reason.

    • mark lawton
      mark lawton Year ago +3

      @Nineflames That rule is not serving us. End parliamentary privilege for sitting members, which will protect MPs from scurrilous accusations but still give members the opportunity to level well-founded accusations of dishonesty against who’ve brought the house into disrepute. Johnson’s lies are in Hansard, so he’d lose if he sued. Everyone in the whole country knows BJ is a lying cant, and he needs to be called on it.

    • A Passionate Nerd.
      A Passionate Nerd. 7 months ago +1

      @Nineflames Its also a fantastic way to make sure no one has to be held accountable for anything they ever say.

  • Moto Tv Woods Farm 👍🔔

    Its exceptional that a sitting prime minister is being investigated by the police

    • Dez Perado
      Dez Perado Year ago +19

      In the good auld days he'd have had to quit...
      Kinda shows how spineless and leaderless the party has become...

    • O
      O Year ago +3

      It's wasn't just Doris that attended either, there were 100s of other mps and these too should be in breech of the law and should also be hugely fined.

  • André Somers
    André Somers Year ago +456

    Lying in parliament is fine, calling someone out on that isn’t. Strange rules….

    • Steven Redpath
      Steven Redpath Year ago +29

      They are all “honourable members” and a truly honourable person would not lie or mislead parliament.

    • Scorpion5000
      Scorpion5000 Year ago +19

      @Steven Redpath And if it was found that they were clearly doing so, they would of course resign in shame

    • Psychotic Channel
      Psychotic Channel Year ago

      @Steven Redpath im a honorable person too 😅

  • AbbieNotAbs
    AbbieNotAbs Year ago +242

    Respect to that man for not withdrawing. Boris 100% lied, how is he not allowed to say that?

    • JP W
      JP W Year ago +1

      Because no one can. Its the rules, or are you saying he can break rules?

    • Mimi Kurtz
      Mimi Kurtz Year ago +8

      He IS allowed to say that. He did say it and suffers no repercussions beyond being removed from the House for the rest of the session. So the rule is not meant to stop accusations of lying but to prevent them being made lightly and ensures that debate isn't replaced by name-calling and personal insult.

    • AbbieNotAbs
      AbbieNotAbs Year ago +12

      @Mimi Kurtz You’re allowed to lie but you’re not allowed to accuse another of lying. This isn’t a democracy

    • AbbieNotAbs
      AbbieNotAbs Year ago +7

      @JP W As I’ve already said, being able to lie but not being allowed to call another out on their lies doesn’t feel like a democracy to me. Boris can lie and break whatever rules he wants so I don’t understand your point

    • classic rock
      classic rock Year ago +1

      Check out his party's track record then see if you've still got respect.

  • Gaymer
    Gaymer Year ago +139

    Saying what the whole country thinks.
    What an absolute don of a man 🎖

    • brian cox
      brian cox Year ago +14

      Hear!!! Hear!!! The SNP leader sounds like a reasonable man....

  • AshleyBailez
    AshleyBailez Year ago +36

    Don’t get me wrong, May didn’t make the best political decisions especially with Brexit but at least she treated the office with respect and didn’t treat the public with a la k of respect

  • David Orrell
    David Orrell Year ago +337

    Blackford is a hero. It's time someone stood up to this sham of a parliament.

    • shyloq
      shyloq Year ago +1

      I agree . But I don't trust that woman one bit either.

    • alan m
      alan m Year ago +1

      @King Benjamin 🤴 Conservatives anti-conservative?? Whooooosh

  • roger redworth
    roger redworth Year ago +172

    The world is watching and they clearly see what kind of person our Prime minister is

    • Anthony Simms
      Anthony Simms Year ago +13

      It begins with C and ends with a T.

    • david olong
      david olong Year ago +10

      Yeah, But the world will see that there are men like the SNP leader Ian Blackford who is an Honorable man

    • Sean
      Sean Year ago +6

      @david olong I feel like he just hates Boris, I can’t remember how many times he called Bojo to resign

    • david olong
      david olong Year ago +9

      @Sean I don't think he hates him he just knows what power a man and a liar can do to the office he loves and respects as does Keir Starmer.

    • Mr Moo
      Mr Moo Year ago +2

      @Anthony Simms Carrot ?

  • Loganwolfen
    Loganwolfen Year ago +239

    Anybody with a shred of decency would have resigned by now, whether he thought he followed the rules or not. But as everyone knows he has no decency, no empathy, no sympathy, no soul

    • julie bee
      julie bee Year ago +8

      Well put 👍👍👍

    • Anne Hughes
      Anne Hughes Year ago +12

      Absolute horrible little man. And all those who back him up

    • dragonfly6908
      dragonfly6908 Year ago +4

      I am not convinced by Saint Keir's explanation of the event that he was at, was it a party or a work meeting?. Sophie Raworth interviewed Keir about his "work meeting" and he was an absolute shambles trying to explain it, hilarious. This interview is on Clip-Share.

    • A2Z
      A2Z Year ago +3

      @dragonfly6908 Since the police are now doing retrospective investigations , then ALL 'meetings' or ' gatherings' ( that might have actually been parties) should be investigated by the Met ,
      if nothing else to appear to be even handed and non political.
      Strangely Starmer is clearly in the camp of 'nothing to see here' no need to look.
      It still stands Keir , Nothing to Hide, nothing to Fear from scrutiny and transparency.
      ( Lets start with the minutes of the ,'meeting' , and receipts for the 'business food and drinks '

  • John Martin
    John Martin Year ago +72

    Blackford is gold.
    A fact finding document with no facts.
    And he’s right.

  • Mimi Kurtz
    Mimi Kurtz Year ago +232

    It's a pity Theresa May couldn't find this mettle and morality while she was was PM.

    • Michael Just
      Michael Just Year ago +3

      Doesn't her husband sell cannabis for a living ?

    • Jason The Great
      Jason The Great Year ago +16

      Notice how she was staring at Boris when asking her question- but when he turned to face her she looked away.
      She's still not got that backbone.

    • Mimi Kurtz
      Mimi Kurtz Year ago +3

      @Michael Just Do you sell LSD for a living?

    • Mimi Kurtz
      Mimi Kurtz Year ago +11

      @Jason The Great She was not intimidated by Boris. All she did was glance down to pick up her covid mask as she had finished speaking.

  • Tom Beveridge
    Tom Beveridge Year ago +233

    Ian Blackford is not my favourite politician but he's on target here. And Theresa May's criticism, from one who had stood at that same dispatch box, is even ore damning.

    • Catherine Fleming
      Catherine Fleming Year ago +3

      Mr Blackford is NOT anyone's favourite in SCOTLAND EITHER So, your not alone there !!

  • King Darius
    King Darius Year ago +228

    Denying May saying exactly what the report states and he is misleading the house again 🙄 on this!!!!!

    • Mimi Kurtz
      Mimi Kurtz Year ago +6

      I can't understand why no MP picked up their copy of the report and read those words to the House, and immediately afterwards said Boris is lying to Parliament AGAIN. Ok, they would have been told to leave, but to confront him while his lie is still fresh would have been worth it.

    • MR S
      MR S Year ago +6

      @Mimi Kurtz Actually there was a labour backbencher who quoted from the report and read it out but johnson told him to read it again. Ridiculous!

    • King Darius
      King Darius Year ago

      @Mimi Kurtz powerful

  • Maria Lugos
    Maria Lugos Year ago +89

    On an other hand, the Speaker just handed for Ian Blackford more than 5 occasions to say out loud: "the PM is a liar!"
    The more people hear it in the Parliament, the better:)

  • Mr Steve
    Mr Steve Year ago +47

    So they can be "dishonourable", they can lie, they can mislead, but if anyone brings attention to it, or engages in conversation about it, they are simply removed from the house by Mr. Speaker. No wonder they confidently do whatever they like, with no fear of any consequences.

  • Beta Ray Bill
    Beta Ray Bill Year ago +160

    The withering look Boris gives Theresa after her scathing question.

    • Amanda Blair
      Amanda Blair Year ago +24

      And She gave back. And well done!

    • evitasd
      evitasd Year ago +17

      @Amanda Blair
      And she was rather enjoying it !

  • Gill B
    Gill B Year ago +51

    Good for him! It's about time MPs began to stand up to Johnson and to the ridiculous rules of 'The House'. Someone can lie but no-one is allowed to call them out on it. By that logic the House supports and encourages lying.

  • ROTJ
    ROTJ Year ago +27

    It's time to end the rule about not calling people a liar in the house. It only works if members including the prime minister don't deliberately lie

    • OON
      OON Year ago

      So many liars in that house even puts the devil to shame.

  • Brendan McPeake
    Brendan McPeake Year ago +140

    What a joke, chucking out the MP who simply tells the truth! British politics in the gutter!

    • Peggy Taylor
      Peggy Taylor Year ago

      You have no idea, you should watch Prime Ministers Questions every Wednesday morning. That was anger over something completely different to recent happenings. It’s the “I” word.

    • MC2
      MC2 Year ago

      made a nice change from everyone else leaving when Blackford stands up

    • AVATR
      AVATR Year ago +2

      Brendan and the western people ,
      you guys have no idea about the Indian politics.
      Forget about covid rules.
      In India no one talks , raises a voice against politicians .
      You guys don't know what gutter is.

  • Nikita Nokia
    Nikita Nokia Year ago +25


  • D C
    D C Year ago +109

    It's not like Boris has form for lying 🤣 He can't help himself he has been a pathological liar for decades.

    • john dilloway
      john dilloway Year ago +5

      Life most likely

    • Dez Perado
      Dez Perado Year ago

      Say it ain't so!?!

    • Mark
      Mark Year ago +3

      Pathological liar is a very accurate description. He’s so delusional he actually believes himself, I’m sure!

    • Peter Mills
      Peter Mills Year ago

      His own sister's comment sums him up well. Before he was even in the Cabinet :
      "Boris doesn't just think he should be PM, he believes he should be King of the World"!!

    • Hugh Sloan
      Hugh Sloan 2 months ago

      What I don't get is .he's supposed to be brainy enough to run the country but he says he doesn't understand his own rules. Blimey we'd be better off with a school boy from a council school running the country .about age 15 .

  • Phillipa Taylor
    Phillipa Taylor Year ago +161

    There stood a woman with integrity and dignity facing a man who has not one scrap of either

    • Alan Pattinson
      Alan Pattinson Year ago +3

      Spot on comment, who would have thought the Tory Party could get worse, much worse.

  • mickey thompson
    mickey thompson Year ago +159

    Johnson's 1982 school report: “Boris really has adopted a disgracefully cavalier attitude to his classical studies . . . Boris sometimes seems affronted when criticised for what amounts to a gross failure of responsibility (and surprised at the same time that he was not appointed Captain of the School for next half): I think he honestly believes that it is churlish of us not to regard him as an exception, one who should be free of the network of obligation which binds everyone else.”

    • angela nadeau
      angela nadeau Year ago +12

      Danngggg; some people grow into better useful people in society, and some just don't.

      MAKINA GEORDIE Year ago

      my teachers never liked me either.

    • Godehard Brysch
      Godehard Brysch Year ago +3

      @TravoltasBiplane Hi Travoltas, greetings from Germany, near Cologne, though I had an acedemic profession I support your opinion profoundly.
      Kind words to Dave, these people run our states, being productive.
      It's hard to watch how shelves are stacked in supermarkets in the morning.
      It's a very hard work hardly acknowledged.
      But maybe you have realized that sometimes even the super rich lead a modest life,
      We have at least 3 of them who have also invested in the UK, maybe you can guess who they are.
      Some of them know what counts in life, namely dignity, morality and honesty. - wish you all the best -

  • The Viewer
    The Viewer Year ago +78

    It amazes me that these people represent our country. It’s just sad. The leader of the SNP is talking about deaths in the UK as a result of COVID-19 and the Prime Minister laughs. It gets to the point where it’s just upsetting. We’ve all suffered; the Prime Minister doesn’t care about the people of this country and as a nation we should feel collective shame that he was allowed to be voted in.

    • dragonfly6908
      dragonfly6908 Year ago +1

      Sir Keir Starmer was not entirely convincing about what the event was that he attended, was it a party or a work meeting?. Sophie Raworth interviewed Sir Keir about his "work meeting" and he was all over the place trying to explain it, hilarious. This interview is on Clip-Share.

    • Steve Pipenger
      Steve Pipenger Year ago

      @dragonfly6908 You mean him having a beer by himself in a campaign office? Yeah...really the same thing. How many times did he say it didn't happen, then that it did but it was for work, then that it did but people tricked him into going? Johnson's actions/inaction killed over 150,000 people, and that's just the beginning of it.

    • dragonfly6908
      dragonfly6908 Year ago +2

      @Steve Pipenger You forgot the few "takeaways".

  • Paul Fulton
    Paul Fulton Year ago +110

    It's a discrace that the person pointing out the liar is told to leave the commons
    the speaker is useless

    • Christian Tönnies
      Christian Tönnies Year ago +16

      Its not the Speakers fault its the rules. Tbf the Speaker tried to give him advice on how he can still point the obvious out without incriminating himself but at that point Ian had lost his cool

    • Rhett Chappell
      Rhett Chappell Year ago +6

      It’s the rules, they’re meant to keep order in parliament regardless of sides (or the truths). I wouldn’t really want them sitting there hurling insults at each other. They are the most powerful people in this country

    • john dilloway
      john dilloway Year ago +17

      It does not matter he may have been thrown out but it was worth it because he said it the way it is and everybody heard it.

    • dixie doos
      dixie doos Year ago +1

      He was asked to shut his mouth twice tho he was on a roll

    • Shabbir Vadiwala
      Shabbir Vadiwala Year ago +3

      what the Mr speaker thinks PM is lieing or not or is he misled the house.

  • Dale Scrimshaw
    Dale Scrimshaw Year ago +73

    Speaks his mind not just for himself but for his constitution and everyone else would rather have a pm like Ian Blackford shame we probably never have a pm like himself who speaks his mind

    • Debra Moss
      Debra Moss Year ago +8

      Well said

    • A2Z
      A2Z Year ago +1

      Blackford empties the chamber when he gets up to speak .
      They should have promoted Cherry instead .

    • Trading Card Dealer
      Trading Card Dealer Year ago

      Let's see him challenge herr sturgeon for doing the very same thing to the Scottish people. Until then, they're all full of hot air. Nothing but a pantomime.

  • David Bell
    David Bell Year ago +118

    Both were right.
    The daft Speaker saying he wants to hear the answer.
    What answer.
    Johnson never gives any.
    Ian Blackford the star performance here.
    He spoke nothing but solid truth.

    • Patrick Mccutcheon
      Patrick Mccutcheon Year ago +6

      Indeed that speaker is thoroughly useless. Never holds Johnson to account. Why the tell does not do his job and insist Johnson answers instead of gaslighting?

  • Keith Seymour
    Keith Seymour Year ago +82

    This is England. We know full well the rules don't apply if you're rich.

  • Marcel
    Marcel Year ago +24

    Well if this isn't the best thing Theresa May has ever done in the house...like a BOSS 😂

  • Judith Matthews
    Judith Matthews Year ago +77

    There is the contrast. Two Tory Prime Minister both of whom I totally disagree with in terms of policy but we have one who behaved with dignity in public life and another who sniggers with cronies after it's announced he is being investigated by the police.

    • mickey thompson
      mickey thompson Year ago +4

      Well... it was May who sent the "go home" busses around London; she's no saint.

    • lfcgero
      lfcgero Year ago +3

      @mickey thompson and windrush but still not a patch on wurzel he is a laughing stock worldwide. Even trump is glad he has taken the heat off him.

  • jess
    jess Year ago +19

    i don't see how it's acceptable for anyone to shout "shut up" in this setting. then remove the one person actually taking it seriously. very disappointing.

  • Laird Dougal
    Laird Dougal Year ago +41

    Watching Johnson treating this as theatre, as something of no weight is nauseating. So too is watching The Speaker invoke decency when chastising Blackford, at the same time as he allows a demonstrated liar to remain in the House.

  • Norat 180
    Norat 180 Year ago +62

    Im a german but god i love this Blackford Guy.

    • Janet Malcolm
      Janet Malcolm 2 months ago

      Norat 180...he speaks as he finds things. Straight forward talking!

  • Debbie Harry
    Debbie Harry Year ago +59

    I like Ian Blackford. very nice man, honesty is the vibe he gives off.

    • mrD66M
      mrD66M Year ago +3

      See what he did after the Speaker 1st intervenes... great stuff, and TRUE.

  • David C
    David C Year ago +61

    Fair play ti Blackford for pointing out that it’s not his fault if the CRIME MINISTER cannot be trusted.

  • Perry Lindsay
    Perry Lindsay Year ago +37

    well done Ian Blackwood ,always admired you ,one of the only politicians who speaks the truth

  • johannesnicolaas
    johannesnicolaas Year ago +32

    The more I hear Ian Blackford the more I like him.

  • Russell Walts
    Russell Walts Year ago +11

    The time is now the people of England should stand as one and take to the streets. This sham of a government with this laughing, smirking, shameless prime Minister must go.

  • MrAbletospeak
    MrAbletospeak Year ago +21

    Sometimes heroes come from unexpected places.

  • ppodism
    ppodism 4 months ago +1

    I never thought I’d love something Theresa May said but this was a lovely moment

  • Lost Hope
    Lost Hope Year ago +61

    Good on Blackford, standing up for what is right, plaudits.

  • sue mount
    sue mount Year ago +17

    I have to say I admire Theresa May for asking this question

  • Michael Ebanks
    Michael Ebanks Year ago +35

    The speaker focuses on a few words( that are the truth ), but allows Boris and his cabinet to lie on a weekly basis, without asking them to correct there lies in the parliament

    • Gill B
      Gill B Year ago +4

      I did like that it gave Blackford the opportunity to repeat the statement over and over again though.

    • King Stannis Baratheon
      King Stannis Baratheon Year ago +1

      It comes with the job, he's just upholding the rules in the House. The rules are very old at this point, and when they were established it probably didn't seem like anything like this would happen. (Boris refusing to resign) So as speaker all he can do is throw people as and when they break the rules of the house. Because there was no proof at the time that boris lied to the house, or at least the speaker didn't have it there was no way to throw him out. But Iain Blackford made the accusation (that i fully agree is a fact) which is against the rules, so the speaker has no choice but to throw him out. But as far as any other action such as forcing a member out of office, the speaker is powerless. A bit like a referee, he has the power to kick them off if they do something in the game, but has no authority over what happens outside the game or previous games. And certainly cannot sack a player or manager from any team.

  • Jake M
    Jake M Year ago +8

    Fair play to Ian Blackford. Call it what it is.

  • Jqmatine X
    Jqmatine X Year ago +22

    Great speech, Priti looked as though she had seriously taken the opinions on board and looked embarrassed, very uncomfortable in her seat.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 8 months ago +1

    May gave him a scathing look when she sat down and he looked at her 😂

  • Steve Y
    Steve Y Year ago +6

    I voted for May, that will be the last time I vote conservative. I knew Johnson was a liability but he's exceeded all my expectations. A nasty piece of work.

  • Pete S
    Pete S Year ago +68

    The PM needs to resign and those civil servants need to be disciplined and sacked.. the report it self is a watershed version!

    • divvana Johnson
      divvana Johnson Year ago +2

      I don’t know why he still there

    • Pete S
      Pete S Year ago +1

      @divvana Johnson l have no idea either..

  • Carolyn Clitheroe
    Carolyn Clitheroe Year ago +3

    He was the one reading the rules to us, he didn’t need to read them for goodness sake! He was responsible for issuing them!

  • Shendy Bean
    Shendy Bean Year ago +52

    What person now in this country is ever going believe what comes out of their mouths now.
    Why is he not being removed he sits there laughing 😡

    • Michael Kemp
      Michael Kemp Year ago +1

      Have we ever believed any of these shysters?!

  • FFCFulham94
    FFCFulham94 Year ago +28

    When did they allow children to speak for the country? Cheering, sniggering and talking over each other, its so embarrassing, it's likwa bloody school yard.

    • Pranayam Dev
      Pranayam Dev Year ago +1

      Not as worst as in my country.
      When turn of opposition to question govt, the speaker always always shout at them, just to divert attention from pertinent questions. He has no decorum at all, just a yes man of the PM. Always suspending opposition leader or members.

    • fetchstix™
      fetchstix™ Year ago

      The real question is when in history non-children spoke for the country, to be honest...

    • rodtheworm
      rodtheworm Year ago +1

      Public schoolboys who never grew up.

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones Year ago +3

    Theresa May looks smartly dressed and speaking clearly and articulate, this is how anyone should be when addressing a large amount of people like this, it is important to be heard clearly so others can hear what you are saying. I have noticed we get alot of "Um's" and "err's" from our Prime minister, which is awful to say the least if you are addressing people as he has to, also I noticed he slumps over when he stands and answers others questions, (doesn't even bother to stand upright), and the other day he had his tie tucked in his shirt on some TV interview, I didn't like or dislike Mrs.Thatcher or Theresa May, but at least they looked and dressed the part. You would never have seen Harold Wilson or Ted Heath behave like this. Give Theresa May her due, she did behave cival and how anyone should who has any idea of good manners.

    • Helene Imoukhuede
      Helene Imoukhuede 10 months ago

      Simon Jones. Theresa May is a very good example of how a PM should respect that position and the country. Boris has never been respectful of any positions held by him. Worse, he encourages his team to do the same.

  • Cloud Hound
    Cloud Hound 2 months ago

    We need more Ian Blackfords. People are willing to speak truth to power.

  • Chris Stoddart
    Chris Stoddart 2 months ago

    Watching this a year on and it just goes to show how weak we are at locking up a liar in public office. This should be shown on national tv now

  • H B
    H B Year ago +2

    MP Ian a true man of honour and a hero!

  • Katie Jeremiah
    Katie Jeremiah Year ago +2

    We are tired of his arrogance, people have died without saying goodbye to their loved ones while he was having a party, where is the human decency?!

  • The Homeless Project
    The Homeless Project Year ago +26

    The lie minister is a joke the leader of the snp hats of to him 😎👌

  • andrewrobs
    andrewrobs Year ago +34

    Theresa May presided over Windrush, so I wouldn't exactly say her conduct in office was about dignity

    PLEASANTGIFFT Year ago +16

    Theresa getting the last laugh - Boris has no shame

  • Charles Fallon
    Charles Fallon Year ago +15

    You see it's questions like that which can confuse a narcissistic personality

    • Janet Malcolm
      Janet Malcolm 2 months ago

      All questions confuse Boris only proving one thing. A narcissist should not rule.

  • TP
    TP Year ago +1

    one of the few times Theresa was actually pretty based

  • Shaun M
    Shaun M Year ago +3

    And yet Johnson is allowed to lie continuously at the despatch box…

  • Tim Archer
    Tim Archer Year ago +12

    It sounds as though the PM knows hes home and dry with the Met. Unbelievable.

  • thomasm1964
    thomasm1964 Year ago +1

    You know British politics is in the toilet when you find yourself agreeing with every word Ian Blackford says. I never thought I would ever see the day.

  • PEdulis
    PEdulis Year ago +20

    And BoJoke still thinks he should just go on ruining the reputation of the government in the UK and the UK's reputation around the world.

  • Centrist Philosopher

    I am a staunch unionist but I have to hand it to Blackford - he spoke well

  • Ronan Dynan
    Ronan Dynan Year ago +1

    Gotta love Ian Blackford

  • JP W
    JP W Year ago

    Never has a human said so many words but said so little

  • Zahid Hussain Abbasi
    Zahid Hussain Abbasi Year ago +17

    I think Ex primeminster Theresa May she is right to raise Question about primeminster conduct during CVOID-19 lack down..

  • Hypsyzygy
    Hypsyzygy Year ago +4

    And also, at the very end, a clear Statement of No Confidence in the Prime Minister from Tory MP Andrew Mitchell !

  • Christopher Bussell
    Christopher Bussell Year ago +2

    The public must now demand that he offers his resignation if not have him physically removed.

  • Afzol Ali
    Afzol Ali Year ago +1

    Well said....I vote - Ian Blackford for Prime Minister ! 😲😲

  • NF World
    NF World Year ago +15

    Ian Blackford is the hero by saying the truth!

  • goharik jones
    goharik jones Year ago +5

    Well said Mrs T May !!

  • maurice fox
    maurice fox Year ago +3

    the Speaker said Blackford should do the decency thing but it the PM & Party that supposedly running the country that hasn't got 1 ounce of decency & the Speaker should remember that

  • Ace
    Ace Year ago +4

    This feels like Harry Potter's ministry of magic having a meeting.....

  • ghost
    ghost Year ago +6

    Blackford !! 🤣🤣 a true Scotsman 👍❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 FairPlay only a true Scotsman we tell it how it is ....... I’m glad to be 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Bill Bored
    Bill Bored 3 months ago +2

    Love it. AT 6:44 Therese Coffeey shouts an insult at Blackford and the speaker tells the big woman to shut up. LOVE IT. 🤣😂

  • Sidney Davy
    Sidney Davy Year ago +5

    That's a good question Theresa may. He is a disgrace to this country. How could they do such a thing.

  • J P
    J P Year ago +1

    Boy those two can really talk it’s like they have done absolutely nothing wrong ,

  • Alan High
    Alan High Year ago +2

    Well said Mr Blackford

  • Edward BROCK
    Edward BROCK Year ago +3

    You elect a clown you're going to get a circus...😏

  • Rory Hine
    Rory Hine Year ago


  • Kotas Byubilieau
    Kotas Byubilieau Year ago +3

    I don't know whether or not the UK will be better off today if May become the PM, but I am definitely sure that she will not launch this large number of gathering party in No.10 when most British people are suffering.

  • James Poe
    James Poe Year ago +81

    Theresa is definitely better than BoJo

    • Derek Tejan - Sie
      Derek Tejan - Sie Year ago +4

      That’s saying something!

    • James Poe
      James Poe Year ago

      @Derek Tejan - Sie yea course I be a foreigner so my knowledge of UK politics is extremely limited

    • |PhantoM|
      |PhantoM| Year ago +1

      @James Poe I can tell it’s limited, Theresa is a silly woman

    • James Poe
      James Poe Year ago

      @|PhantoM| I only remembered her when I visited Chesterfield back in 2017. She actually might have stopped being the PM at that time

    • Samuel Hutchison
      Samuel Hutchison Year ago

      yes if you are a remainer

  • Julie Evens
    Julie Evens Year ago +2

    It’s about time we had a Scottish prime minister

  • Keith Jeffries
    Keith Jeffries Year ago +6

    The PM must go NOW. He is a liability and a danger to the nation. I have no regard for this man at all.

  • theascendance
    theascendance Year ago +12

    She may have hit him where it "hurts"

  • ANarrowMindIsARainbowOfOnlyOneColour

    I LOVE the way Mr. Blackford says ‘a prime minister……….a being prime minister being investigated by the police’. 1:50 1:50 1:53 He’d be brilliant reading crime novels.

  • Peter Mills
    Peter Mills Year ago +1

    Jonhson's 'apologies' are always qualified in some way. Never fully admitting his responsibility!!

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +1

    Sounds like the speaker was about to cry at the end hahaha

  • PSYCH0
    PSYCH0 Year ago +2

    You can really see why Boris' school mate Dodgy Dave wanted to oust Bercow and put Hoyle in his place

  • CheckDisOutpeeps
    CheckDisOutpeeps Year ago +12

    Lost a family member to cancer while this guy partied.
    He needs to go 😡

  • 2142 Fitchy
    2142 Fitchy Year ago +13

    Not a fan of the SNP but anyone who rightfully scathes bo Jo is very welcome

  • Colin Ireson
    Colin Ireson 2 months ago

    The honest man gets kicked out the Commons the dishonest one stays. No wonder we are in such a mess. Roll on the GE.

  • S K
    S K Year ago

    I'm suprised noone in there has forcibly removed Boris from the house a long time ago.