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Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV

  • Published on Sep 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV
    MV Executive Producer: P NATION
    MV Director: Bangjaeyeob @bangjaeyeobfilm
    Composed by Crush, Sojin Hong
    Lyrics by Crush, j-hope, PENOMECO
    Arranged by Crush, Sojin Hong
    Mixed by Stay Tuned @Stay Tuned Studio
    Mastered by Randy Merrill @Sterling Sound
    Crush (크러쉬) [Rush Hour] is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.
    🎧 Spotify : spoti.fi/3E11iFR
    🎧 Apple Music : apple.co/3dtlghC
    🎧 Clip-Share Music : bit.ly/3LvVbuN
    🎧 Melon : bit.ly/3Sr3Qkv
    🎧 Genie : bit.ly/3DKdMkH
    🎧 FLO : bit.ly/3SG6t23
    🎧 Bugs : bit.ly/3C05sMF
    🎧 VIBE : bit.ly/3C0kuBV
    - Crush Official Instagram: crush9244
    - Crush Official Facebook: crush9244
    - Crush Official Twitter: crush9244
    - P NATION Official Clip-Share: clip-share.net/user/PNATIONOfficial
    - P NATION Official Instagram: pnation.off...
    - P NATION Official Facebook: pnation.offi...
    - P NATION Official Twitter: OfficialPnation
    Copyrights 2022 ⓒ P NATION All Rights Reserved
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Comments • 222 472

  • Dayana Tanguila
    Dayana Tanguila 8 days ago +1415

    Thanks to all ARMY for supporting HOSEOK, a hug to everyone for showing our love for him and the song.Very soon we will have the opportunity to witness the song in one of their concerts and I am sure that we will be able to attend.

  • Roxana CG
    Roxana CG 16 hours ago +36

    amo la coreografía sin duda fue la mejor colaboración sigamos apoyando Army está joyita

  • Mel bang7
    Mel bang7 13 hours ago +12

    Rush hour es una gran canción por parte de j-hope y crush, las vibras que transmiten con sus bailes y voces son increíbles. Sigamos dándole mucho amor y apoyó Army!!!

  • Mya 💜
    Mya 💜 16 hours ago +14

    Eu AMO ver o talento do Hobi em tudo que faz, desperta o que há de mais feliz dentro de mim! Não parem de ouvir essa colaboração perfeita, vamos continuar apoiando esses dois artistas incríveis!

  • Anna   Tenney - Official
    Anna Tenney - Official  17 hours ago +15

    Crush , You and J-Hope have done an mind blowing excellent job. This song is now stuck in my head and has me dancing around on the set of my movie I am producing and wrote. Congratulations guys on an amazing and awesome job. Also thanks for giving us a song that makes one get up and dance.
    You are both very talented artist that have my most respect and love in the entertainment industry.
    I can not wait for more music and WELCOME BACK CRUSH.

  • Edits By Lisa
    Edits By Lisa 5 days ago +628

    I'm amazed by the way hobi dances his moves are so smooth and elegant everything he does is literally out of this world

    • Nafees Begum
      Nafees Begum 4 days ago +1

      @zoza zoza 😂😂😂😂😂😂 are you all kiding me 😂😂😂😂

    • zoza zoza
      zoza zoza 4 days ago

      @ŘĮŸÃ ŠHÃŘMĄ....

    • zoza zoza
      zoza zoza 4 days ago

      @Nafees Begum.....

    • zoza zoza
      zoza zoza 4 days ago

      @Nafees Begum......

    • Nafees Begum
      Nafees Begum 5 days ago +1

      @D K ..

  • Annita D.L.C
    Annita D.L.C 15 hours ago +7

    Me encantó esta hermosa colaboración, lo mejor que yo haya escuchado J-HOPE te amo mi Rey

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia 18 hours ago +5

    Que buen ritmo y la letra muy buena, me agrada ver que se divierten bailando y cantando, los felicito a ambos artistas Crush y Jhope

  • Luciana Blanco
    Luciana Blanco 15 hours ago +5

    Estuve sin internet y no pude ver el MV hasta ahora, ni siquiera pude escuchar la canción :(
    Sin duda me encantó, sus voces juntas fueron increibles!
    Llegué tarde pero seguro ♥

  • Esmeralda Martínez
    Esmeralda Martínez 15 hours ago +6

    Definitivamente J Hope demostró que tiene lo suficiente para ser un artista super completo, BTS dominando la industria musical !!!!

  • fervegs
    fervegs 9 days ago +4289


  • Arlett Gómez
    Arlett Gómez 15 hours ago +6

    Sigamos apoyando a nuestros chicos JHOPE BTS son maravillosos está canción me hace bailar y me encantaaaa!!!!

  • hannie
    hannie 9 hours ago +24

    Клип качественный и песня очень настроение поднимает, видно, что парни сами кайфуют. Мне очень понравилось ^^ Спасибо арми, что они поддерживают сольную деятельность ребят!!

  • Carmen María Henríquez Figueroa

    Amo a JHOPE, es tan talentoso que me deja sin aliento!!!

  • Diza
    Diza 15 hours ago +6

    Nunca me voy a cansar de escuchar esta increíble canción

    SINUHE RIVERA 8 days ago +432

    There is no doubt that this genre fits wonderfully to our Jhope, and his genius when dancing is incredible we know that he definitely had to do with choreography since his steps are there. I love the song

    • Sucy elish
      Sucy elish 10 hours ago

      Here is the final video clip-share.net/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/video.html

    • Skye Fortalejo
      Skye Fortalejo 8 days ago +4


    • Sarah kou
      Sarah kou 8 days ago +6

      I agree, it suits him perfectly

  • Yoselin
    Yoselin 13 hours ago +3

    Llevemos a está hermosa canción a 20M, vamos ARMY animo si se puede!!

  • bantxsz
    bantxsz 18 hours ago +2

    Realmente me encanta este tipo de estilo, todo lo que hace J-hope es tan malditamente perfecto!

  • Ariana Anculli Gutierrez
    Ariana Anculli Gutierrez 9 hours ago +4


  • Daydream Hope
    Daydream Hope 6 hours ago +4

    J-hope's body movements, his flow, his rap, vocals, his facial expressions, and his dance IS ON POINT

  • 1970Mom_52
    1970Mom_52 8 days ago +367

    Admittedly I had never heard of Crush. I'm old enough to be his mom, but he's a cutie & son status now. I LOVED the song & J-Hope's dancing was out of this world as always.❤

  • eu
    eu 9 hours ago +3

    Mds esperei por esse feat a minha adolescência toda se n fosse um anúncio eu n saberia disso

  • TheYian GAMING
    TheYian GAMING 4 hours ago +3

    Esto es más que arte, felicidades

  • Bangtan Army.7
    Bangtan Army.7 14 hours ago +8

    It's been many days since it's released but I still come here 10 times a day to listen it.it's So addicting.

    • Samaira SOPE💜🌹
      Samaira SOPE💜🌹 13 hours ago +1

      Army did you vote for BTS at idol plus can you vote with multiple id's we're losing

  • Yessenia Rios flores
    Yessenia Rios flores 10 hours ago +3

    Me gusta mucho la energía que da es una de mis favoritas Colaboraciónes☺️❤️💜

  • Cynthia Gandara
    Cynthia Gandara 8 days ago +512

    Crush is such a talented singer-songwriter and I absolutely love his jazzy hip hop style and he actually sings beautifully. He already has “Joy” and now “Hope”. Well done! Hobi’s talent display on this track is unmeasurable. What a great vibe. I hope more people and the music industry open their minds and ears and enjoy these talented artists, they are the epitome of good music!

    • Sucy elish
      Sucy elish 10 hours ago

      Here is the final video clip-share.net/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/video.html

    • Donna Van camp
      Donna Van camp 7 days ago +1

      I agree 💯

    • van
      van 7 days ago +1

      🧡Hanga talaga CloOveR.MonSter ako sa sipag at
      tiyaga nga dalawang binibining ito!💟

    • Skye Fortalejo
      Skye Fortalejo 7 days ago +2


    • Jaxx O.
      Jaxx O. 8 days ago +6

      Just imagine the introduction ... Crush might've said: "Joy meet our Hope, and Hope, meet my Joy." That would have been a lovely experience, I'm sure!

  • Cecilia del Rosario Tito Mendoza

    Esta canción esta espectacular ... Brillando como siempre nuestro solecito.. Army por siempre

  • Eliana 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    Estamos de acuerdo la dualidad y versatilidad definen perfectamente a J-Hope,su forma de bailar es increíble e impresionante.

  • Karen R
    Karen R 13 hours ago +2


  • 𝐿𝑖𝑥𝑖𝑒 💜

    This song has a 90's vibe to it and I love it, and Hobi's little dance and happy sparkle is just beautiful 💜💜💜

  • غسق
    غسق 8 days ago +739

    ARMY, thank you for showing your love and support to J-Hope, you are amazing! We can reach 10 million before the second day ends. Fighting!!

    • D.o
      D.o 4 hours ago

      @POISOn🚫 suga

    • D.o
      D.o 4 hours ago

      @Sana Bibi RM

    • D.o
      D.o 4 hours ago

      @Elcianny Akino Jk

    • D.o
      D.o 4 hours ago

      @Sanem Khan jin

    • D.o
      D.o 4 hours ago


  • Taestudando
    Taestudando 4 hours ago +3

    ver eles dançando é a melhor coisa

  • bby mochiii
    bby mochiii 11 hours ago +1

    Q increíble colaboración, j-hope siempre siendo historia t amo hobi

  • تاي مري مي يرحم امك🙂🔪

    The song is really amazing, really amazing

  • Pau MintChoco
    Pau MintChoco 11 hours ago +1

    Es súper adictiva la canción, y el Mv está increíble

  • BTS 💜ARMY forever ♾ Pakistan

    This song literally full of vibes. Crush is literally an amazing singer and dancer and about Hobi he is a great song writer, dancer, rapper. He is really smooth in this song. And I love it.

    • El oficial Mc
      El oficial Mc 7 days ago

      Esta sesión de trap/K-pop igual está buena🔥🇲🇽🎵n

    • van
      van 7 days ago

      🧡Hanga talaga CloOveR.MonSter ako sa sipag at
      tiyaga nga dalawang binibining ito!💟

    • Meilin Helguera Martínez
      Meilin Helguera Martínez 7 days ago +1

      This song is pure relaxation and Hobi is the maximum expression of that👏🏻💜

  • María Isabel García 🇨🇴

    Después de 9 días de a ver salido está hermosa Colaboración CRUSH y J-HOPE, sigue en Tendencia en mi país ARMY Colombia Presente

  • Luffie
    Luffie 11 hours ago +2

    This collaboration is born because of equal fervor passion, enthusiasm and love from talented musicians so no wonder it really came out so good. Love for Crushope, a duo I never knew I needed.

  • Gatinho
    Gatinho 15 hours ago +3


  • Jeral
    Jeral 13 hours ago +1

    Crush y j hope hicieron un gran trabajo, amo esta canción

  • kookie
    kookie 8 days ago +128

    keep streaming armys! We're doing great, make sure to enjoy the song while streaming too, let's give Hobi and Crush our support/appreciation!

    • Sucy elish
      Sucy elish 10 hours ago

      Here is the final video clip-share.net/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/video.html

  • Madelyn Muñoz
    Madelyn Muñoz 14 hours ago +1

    Me encanta, enserio, me encanta la canción
    ¡¡¡J-hope y Crush!!! ♡♡

  • Hot Hub
    Hot Hub 2 hours ago +2

    I respect to everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on Clip-Share, HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! 🥰💖❤️

  • Nam_plantita 🌱
    Nam_plantita 🌱 12 hours ago +2

    La verdad puedo disfrutarla todo el rato

  • Clover
    Clover 18 hours ago +2

    This is a masterpiece, this dance is insanely good

  • Maria Flores Linares
    Maria Flores Linares 8 days ago +194

    ¡Esta canción es increíblemente pegadiza! ¡Súper orgullosa de J-Hope y Crush! :D
    ¡Sigamos apoyándolos con el stream! ^^

  • Diza
    Diza 12 hours ago +2

    Mi colaboración favorita de este año

  • Daydream Hope
    Daydream Hope 6 hours ago +3

    Not only the song sounds good, but the visual also looks good. The dance, the outfits, the rap, j-hope & crush also wear the best outfits. I'm so happy that i able to see hoseok comeback again even though just a featured, but after lollapalooza and JITB album i already miss him. Now we just wait the other bts members to comeback

  • Yaridza Mayta R.
    Yaridza Mayta R. 15 hours ago +4

    Amoo esta canción 🥰

  • TaebiasV
    TaebiasV 4 minutes ago

    Ame esta canción es ARTE💘. Te amo demasiado JHOPE💜

  • ErVa Blue
    ErVa Blue 8 days ago +261

    Es una gran colaboración tenemos que aumentar esos números, vamos Army apoyemos a Hobi♡♡♡♡♡

  • atenas mistery
    atenas mistery 15 hours ago +2

    Sigamos haciendo stream y en Spotify también, tal vez podrá estar en hot 200, hagamos stream por favor, vamos si se puede

  • Juana Márquez
    Juana Márquez 3 hours ago +3

    Que hermoso baile y mi ☀️solecito esta hermoso que siga brillando mi principe🤴muchos éxito se lo merece Dios lo bendiga 🙏

  • Jamila Arruda
    Jamila Arruda Hour ago +1

    Essa musica ta maravillosa
    Que ritmo bom

  • paneska
    paneska 15 hours ago +3


  • Salim Sah
    Salim Sah 8 days ago +2523

    It's not a song with an MV, it's a masterpiece made by true artists

  • Josselyn janet Quispe gavidia

    Me gusto mucho esta hermosa

  • Princess Butteflir:)
    Princess Butteflir:) 3 hours ago +4

    Eu apaixonei nessa musica agr eu escuto toda hora

  • Jadira M.I
    Jadira M.I 12 hours ago +2


    ERIKARMY 15 hours ago +1

    Un día más escuchando esta obra de arte

  • Moonflower
    Moonflower 8 days ago +146

    Esta es una gran colaboración, vamos Army démosle a hobi el apoyo que se merece, llevemos a los más alto está gran canción

  • Mariana Aragon
    Mariana Aragon 14 hours ago +3

    Esta canción es lo mejor

  • Myriam
    Myriam  16 hours ago +2

    en proceso de aprenderme la coreografía, espero que todo salga bien o voy a quedar jajaja

  • Shabnam Indora
    Shabnam Indora 10 hours ago +3

    Easily got to know by the voice that one king out of seven is singing. Superb.....✌
    Lots of love to J-hope💜💜

  • We are BulletPROOF
    We are BulletPROOF 15 hours ago +3

    We needed this collaboration seriously

  • Karla Rodriguez
    Karla Rodriguez 8 days ago +329

    Omggg the song is just a hit!!! The moves of j-hope’s dance are incredible

    • Sucy elish
      Sucy elish 10 hours ago

      Here is the final video clip-share.net/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/video.html

      TRENDING FUN 2 days ago

      It's just in in k

    • Ambitious Vevo
      Ambitious Vevo 8 days ago

      Tell me what you think about my music 🌪️
      Am I going to become the next Beyonce or not 😔

    • Maygel Colli
      Maygel Colli 8 days ago +1


    • Min Jana💜🌚
      Min Jana💜🌚 8 days ago +2

      Strreemmm pls

    BTS ARMY 7 hours ago +1


  • Stacey Duncan 💜 BTS
    Stacey Duncan 💜 BTS 15 hours ago +2

    Iconic duo, masterpiece of a song, fun video. It has it all!💜💜💜

  • Patty Álvarez
    Patty Álvarez 21 minute ago

    Vamos ARMY sigamos apoyando esta gran colaboración, esta estupenda..!!

  • Shreya
    Shreya 10 hours ago +1

    Such an energetic happy vibe song, the moment this song plays my body legs starts to tap dance and you know you just want to shake your body to it.

  • Dezzy March
    Dezzy March 7 days ago +2670

    Ooooh yeaaah it's funky! They brought those groovy vibes with this one!

  • BTS Army Girl
    BTS Army Girl 8 hours ago +2

    My god dance moves are just osm!!!🤩💜

  • Titia Bunny
    Titia Bunny 13 hours ago +1

    Perfeito , perfeito e perfeito

  • JeLuna Moares
    JeLuna Moares Hour ago

    Ahhh, amo muito essa dança

  • D N
    D N 5 hours ago +1

    In loveee
    So proud of Hobi and here they both are SUPER great!!

  • ᴀɴᴀぁ
    ᴀɴᴀぁ 8 days ago +2215

    j-hope's voice was so beautiful.... The song is really beautiful and not to mention the collaboration because it's divine, we have to support the song.

    • Erkan Çece
      Erkan Çece Day ago

      @sematavır derken knk ne yaşıon

    • Erkan Çece
      Erkan Çece 2 days ago

      @semauzatmak istemiyorsan yazmayabilirsin👍

    • Erkan Çece
      Erkan Çece 2 days ago

      @semabence uzatılacak bir konu bence.

    • Erkan Çece
      Erkan Çece 2 days ago

      ne yaşıon knk şarkı bu

  • martius noriega
    martius noriega 15 hours ago +2

    Excelente!! ❤💜

    NOHELIA TOMALA 17 hours ago +1

    Está música sube, cómo espuma..

  • BTS Army official 💜💜

    I'm just speechless about this piece by jhope and crush They really gave their everything on this MV

  • cualquier cosa
    cualquier cosa 13 hours ago +1


  • Min Min
    Min Min 8 days ago +134

    No había tenido oportunidad de escuchar la colaboración de Hoseok y recién lo hago, déjenme decirles que es increíble, me encantó, tiene un muy buen ritmo y el ambiente es tan Jhope, realmente la amé!! A seguir haciendole str34m a tremenda joya que nos regaló nuestro sol, Army cumplamos las metas ánimo

    • Maloris Castro
      Maloris Castro 8 days ago

      Les't go Army

    • Harley Park
      Harley Park 8 days ago

      Si digamos a más armys que hagan stream

    • El oficial Mc
      El oficial Mc 8 days ago

      Esta sesión de trap/K-pop igual está buena🔥🇲🇽🎵u

  • Allure_꼬하
    Allure_꼬하 6 hours ago +3

    중독성 쩐다. 비트.. 처음 한곡 듣고도 멜로디가 귀에 박히네 완전 취저..👍

  • Pateo Blinks
    Pateo Blinks 15 hours ago +2

    Canción toda hermosa

  • Daydream Hope
    Daydream Hope 6 hours ago +2

    Thank you Crush for asking j-hope to hop in your song!! Literally this song is a masterpiece, i'm also loving the visuals from the MV ~

  • Ayushi Pandey
    Ayushi Pandey 15 hours ago +1

    This is cool and energetic song.💜💜

  • Hopeiscool
    Hopeiscool 8 days ago +283

    Let’s give credits to Crush for writing and composing this wonderful song. His voice is one of a kind, sweet and sooo nice to the ears. I can listen to this song even while sleeping since the voice and melody are not that loud but kinda relaxing in my ears. Feels like I can listen to this song while hanging out in a beach but doesn’t want to join the party since I wanted to relax on my own. Both of them are genius and we can clearly see and feel that they really enjoyed working together.

    • Sucy elish
      Sucy elish 10 hours ago

      Here is the final video clip-share.net/video/f_TJ9KMAGQg/video.html

    • It's RikkiTuber
      It's RikkiTuber 5 days ago

      seriously they both are so amazing they're aura is just- Wow. 🤌💗
      I could dance to rush hours's choreo in my sleep lmao 🙌

    • xxxibgdrgn 88
      xxxibgdrgn 88 5 days ago

      @Taeger💜 wtfff

    • Taeger💜
      Taeger💜 5 days ago +1

      Yay crush and jhope both wrote the fun song i really luv the song!!

  • fifip :3
    fifip :3 3 hours ago +6


    • fifip :3
      fifip :3 58 minutes ago +1


    • merlyn💜
      merlyn💜 3 hours ago +2

      We need moooreee

  • Ellex
    Ellex 18 hours ago +1

    love the song and dance!

  • Princesa Jujuba
    Princesa Jujuba 15 hours ago +3


  • Sam zuñiga
    Sam zuñiga 2 hours ago

    Que buena que esta esta canción, quiero bailar como J Hope

  • Yonnys .R.🎵
    Yonnys .R.🎵 8 days ago +93

    Seamos honestos, este tema esta increible, hay que lograr la meta de 10M en un dia, ellos se lo merecen

  • YESS 🐋💜
    YESS 🐋💜 17 hours ago

    Jhope golpeando el ritmo como siempre. He is the beat!!

  • Gam 0018
    Gam 0018 10 hours ago +1

    This song is so good CRUSH is one of my fav artist now. J-hope is bring more vibe in the song I really like his move and also his voice 💕 like wanna see what’s he doing all the time

  • Maryory Guzmán
    Maryory Guzmán 15 hours ago +1

    I'm so proud of u, Solecito. U guys killed it. God bless y'all. ILY, Hoseok.

  • Dump acc
    Dump acc 11 hours ago +2

    That chorus part is addicting bruh!

  • Andrea Jumbo Acaro
    Andrea Jumbo Acaro 8 days ago +115

    Hobi tu talento es majestuoso, disfruto mucho escuchando esta increíble a canción. CRUSH x JHOPE

    • Aketzali_ CA
      Aketzali_ CA 8 days ago +1

      Woooo neta que está perrisima la canción... Se complementan tan bien los dos...🤯
      Mi fav desde ahora...👌🏼

    • Lali ami Stan Camilo
      Lali ami Stan Camilo 8 days ago +2

      Sí, ambos artistas son talentosos.

    • El oficial Mc
      El oficial Mc 8 days ago +1

      Esta sesión de trap/K-pop igual está buena🔥🇲🇽🎵o

  • ikzgl
    ikzgl 59 minutes ago

    CRUSHHHHHHHHING IT!! LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Fantastic duo! I heard this first on Spotify and knew I had to go check it out again time here. The MV is 💋🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻!

  • Ana Kaullainy
    Ana Kaullainy 18 hours ago +3

    Mano tá mt bom

    SEOK BB KIM Hour ago


    YNGI XC 11 hours ago +1