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700 Elo Chess - 19 BLUNDERS!!

  • Published on Mar 11, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Two 700s created this masterpiece.
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Comments • 2 506

  • Ricard F
    Ricard F Year ago +7292

    It is funny how embarrassing USA culture is that you can't even put something on the profile picture that is not disgusting.

    • Achyut Baruah
      Achyut Baruah 5 days ago

      Guys he's talking about the Biryani profile pic of Mr Singh in the video

    • Bu seni Alakadar etmez
      Bu seni Alakadar etmez 7 days ago

      @DRCGaming not every non American is European but nearly all of the people that finds something in everything to insult Americans are Europeans.

    • notTossable
      notTossable 7 days ago

      @Ricard For he just didnt feel like finding a profile picture?

  • Don't Fret About It
    Don't Fret About It Year ago +8678

    "When there is mate in one, look for a better move"

  • David Das
    David Das 3 months ago +3404

    I would learn so much if Gotham critiqued my game but i would also cry

    • Melvin V
      Melvin V Month ago +1

      @Gandalf_the_purplewithreddots Me playing with sleep deprivation: "My bishop can never be on the same diagonal as the enemy's bishop if I play it to g6"
      When I am sleep deprived I think I just can't align the board.

    • van g
      van g Month ago +1

      @Gandalf_the_purplewithreddots fr fr my on my attack plans "ok ok ok so that happens that will happen so i have to back it up like that and that" and "if i do that he will take so i will fork AHAH" me tryna spot the errors in setting them up "uh *1 second later of no looking* yes perfect"

    • #1GooseFan
      #1GooseFan 2 months ago

      @NikolaiJBennett LOL

    • Duo El-Cette
      Duo El-Cette 2 months ago +1

      @Gandalf_the_purplewithreddots me lmfao

  • Clemark Cadapan
    Clemark Cadapan 3 months ago +4066

    As 200 ELO this makes me feel good

    • Lunar Zion
      Lunar Zion 14 days ago

      I’m 760 and I’m way better than these people

    • Chill Panda
      Chill Panda 17 days ago

      Same as 271 player .

    • doodooman57
      doodooman57 27 days ago


    • Marto
      Marto Month ago

      Im 400 elo and i beat 1500 bot not joking

    • Michael Zheng
      Michael Zheng Month ago

      @filthy frank.5 I do not. I've seen 400s with less blunders than a 1475 game.

  • KiraAsakura14
    KiraAsakura14 3 months ago +1658

    "OOOOH! Me, Attack Rook!"
    I've never felt so attacked and I'm not even a rook.

  • Vinzenz Willer
    Vinzenz Willer 3 months ago +1899

    low elo chess is like war, but the tactician is incredibly drunk

    • Unga Clan of Bunga
      Unga Clan of Bunga Month ago +1

      @StormLess keep telling yourself that homie lol

    • StormLess
      StormLess Month ago +3

      @Unga Clan of Bungawhen im high i play better

    • nojus dorinas
      nojus dorinas Month ago +3

      High elo chess is like war, but everyone thinks that the tactician is incredibly drunk, until he cluthes

    • Im Very Average At Payday
      Im Very Average At Payday Month ago +4

      and under 200 is just fun

    • Lucas
      Lucas Month ago +5

      “Just one more glass…”

  • medumdumblah24playz
    medumdumblah24playz 3 months ago +963

    Im a 500 ELO and sometimes the way we win is that we just kinda wander into checkmates

    • Huck Mart
      Huck Mart 14 days ago

      Yeah i just kinda fuck around and find out.

    • Harshjeet Bharti
      Harshjeet Bharti Month ago


    • AppleLauda
      AppleLauda Month ago

      @Tejas Devadig F if you lost the match

    • Tejas Devadig
      Tejas Devadig Month ago +1

      I remember just taking a pawn with ooga booga brain and got checkmate. My pawn was stopping mate and i never noticed

    • Mr Croc
      Mr Croc Month ago


  • FavouredSaucer17
    FavouredSaucer17 Year ago +6303

    Low elo chess is surprisingly more entertaining than high elo chess

    • FireAtWill
      FireAtWill 2 months ago

      I’m a 600 Elo player and I have maybe 1 plunder a game

    • Aram Alqestoma
      Aram Alqestoma 2 months ago

      @FluoAndEduard I got 4 blunders in a game too where I win with ease and at least 20 points of material on my opponent, if I did that bad and crushed my opponent I wonder how bad they did lol.

    • FluoAndEduard
      FluoAndEduard 2 months ago

      im like 600 and i won a game because my opponent didnt saw that my queen was on the diagonal of a bishop and i delivered a mate in 1☠️ (also i did like 4 blunders lul)

    • Ro_ManUnseen
      Ro_ManUnseen 2 months ago


    • frenchTophat
      frenchTophat 3 months ago

      For real-

  • K.V
    K.V Year ago +242

    "What an intense game! I can't wait to show Levy how well we both played for people of such low ELO!" *gets roasted to oblivion*

    • Тэмүүлэн С
      Тэмүүлэн С 5 months ago +5

      It’s like people warning you to not open something but you open it anyway and you get punched in the face with a jack-in-the-box prank.

  • ikanaide0
    ikanaide0 3 months ago +1003

    I started playing chess yesterday and on my first game did only 13 blunders so I'm chillin

    • Melvin V
      Melvin V Month ago

      ​@Julius Caesar I checkmated my father in 5...
      A delayed scholars mate basically bc he blocked my first bishop but later on he moved his knight and I still had my queen on the diagonal with his f8 bishop so I just won...

    • Don't know why
      Don't know why Month ago

      @Oollex try losing with no blunders no mistakes and 1100 elo

    • Lebroso Protosszerg
      Lebroso Protosszerg 2 months ago +1

      I had a game where I lost with 6 missed wins once

    • Star Noelle
      Star Noelle 2 months ago

      Weird I made 1 blunder an loose to 200 elo because all my moves are mistakes

    • Oollex
      Oollex 2 months ago

      @Ishpreet and I make 2 blinders and lose with 800 elo

  • Varun Singh Narwal
    Varun Singh Narwal 2 months ago +255

    The funny part is that the two players are actually insanely intensed in this match like a match btw Hikaru and Magnus

  • Hi I'm Bob
    Hi I'm Bob 3 months ago +198

    Such a good story! Felt like I was watching a movie!

  • NorbYyY_GG
    NorbYyY_GG 3 months ago +92

    4:26 I LOVE THIS PART 😂

    • Drew Denney
      Drew Denney 26 days ago

      "black goes full ooga booga mode" - Levi Rosman

    • NorbYyY_GG
      NorbYyY_GG 3 months ago +6

      "you do well for the first 7 moves and then ooga booga kicks in"
      - GothamChess

  • Andries Kirstein
    Andries Kirstein Year ago +4382

    As someone who is rated at approximately this level, it's useful to see what was played (and what I honestly would probably have played) vs. what is the better move. I know you make these low rank videos more for entertainment, but I actually get a lot of value out of them. Thanks Levy!

  • Olaoluwa Ola-Fatodu
    Olaoluwa Ola-Fatodu 3 months ago +143

    I'm around 500 elo rn but this was worse than my games. I know it's easy to think I'm over estimating myself but I paused consistently trying to see what I would play and I spotted about 2 of the early checkmates. I don't think these guys were actually 700 elo.

    • Rafi
      Rafi 23 days ago

      well Im 1300s and also make this kind of mistake (not this often tho), all below 1600s are jusf noobs

    • Tangy Tim
      Tangy Tim Month ago

      They were rapid games

    • Natskii
      Natskii Month ago +2

      A bad but a very real 800 elo game. We always look dumber when we zoom out

    • FortePlayz
      FortePlayz Month ago +2

      Same lmao my highest is 530 elo and trust me this played worse than me

    • Shubce E
      Shubce E 2 months ago +5

      @BruceKetta this! I created an account a week ago which was the first chess game ever played and it was a friendly game with my brother and lost 250 elo in a draw game lol

  • NotTheSpy
    NotTheSpy 11 months ago +60

    20:53 almost broke my heart when i heard it was gonna be a draw. but thank god that was only a joke

  • Mijk
    Mijk 6 months ago +24

    Imagine them drawing and both being like. That was a high level game.

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway 3 months ago +13

    i remember discovering chess 2 years ago when i was eight , now im 10 and ive learnt so much from gothamchess . im most likely around 900-1000 ELO and im trying to get better at chess so badly

    • Gamey
      Gamey Month ago

      You're 10?

  • Abhi Pokhrel
    Abhi Pokhrel 3 months ago +129

    i almost died laughing at this commentary

  • Zack Avery
    Zack Avery Year ago +4415

    Their rating means nothing to them. In their minds they were fighting to the death with best moves every time. White went home after that win, smacked his wife on the tush, and opened a bottle of champagne. “Tonight, we celebrate!!!”

    • Aleš
      Aleš 3 months ago

      and i am here for it

    • Dustin Caskinett
      Dustin Caskinett 4 months ago

      We all know what black did when he got home

    • Jou t7
      Jou t7 4 months ago

      Its like watching three year toddlers play chess with their arrogant thought of thinking this is the best move of all moves.

    • Lionel Emilio
      Lionel Emilio 6 months ago

      No, we know there are 30 better moves than the ones we choose

    • Dranline
      Dranline 8 months ago


  • Kermit de Kikker
    Kermit de Kikker Month ago +2

    This is really interesting to watch when you're 700 Elo. The whole match I was like "But how could that have been a better move?!"

    TUTTI FRUTTI MAN Year ago +10

    I don't even play chess but I watch his videos because his narrating and explaining voice is very comforting.
    It feels like I know very niche stuff without knowing any opener whatsoever.

  • James Ward
    James Ward 7 months ago +5

    Chess humor at it's finest. The world needs more videos like this. It's funny because it's true, and because I'd have made many of those moves.

  • Dirty Apple
    Dirty Apple 6 months ago +5

    These low elo series can help me alot!!!! I've actually starting to realize my mistakes because I also did these things in a real match.
    I guess I watch too much GM players that's why I'm stuck under 1000.

  • ItsFlom
    ItsFlom 5 months ago

    I am currently around their rating and in my last 4-5 games i have had 0 blunders 0 missed wins and 1-2 mistakes, typically mate in 25-ish movies. Im very new to chess, so this helped me alot in learning more about what I can specifically learn. Thank you!

  • INBCheese
    INBCheese Year ago +2179

    Everyone was so focused on high level chess gameplay, it's really the lowest level chess gameplay that we wanna see

    • Mahal Pkita
      Mahal Pkita 8 months ago

      @TheLucidDreamer AHAHAH lmao

    • Reyhan Aniz
      Reyhan Aniz Year ago +4

      Yeah, high level gameplay is usually moves we don't understand. Well, this is too, but we can laugh at them at least.

    • Ryan Effrianto
      Ryan Effrianto Year ago


    • sharpvidtube
      sharpvidtube Year ago

      A lot of the high level stuff is tedious to watch

    • Yakziv Z
      Yakziv Z Year ago +1

      @AgiaDIY totally agree!!!

  • WordFile
    WordFile 7 months ago +2

    This is making me realize how important being strong at openings are, I’m at like 500 and I instantly saw the mate in 2 and I would do a lot of the moves you mention after the opening, but I am just awful at openings

  • mister koneko
    mister koneko 2 months ago +2

    I'm so glad I finished the video, now I've gained an insight to not blunder 19 moves but 15, thank you so much levy for this wonderful video.

  • kesh
    kesh 3 months ago +55

    I’m am approximately 1,300 and if a 700 to 800 played , Queen D1 I would’ve start suspecting too 😂

  • WindyNight114
    WindyNight114 Year ago +3

    I was starting to feel like these low elo games were getting a little boring, but honestly, they don't. Like the hilarity of it literally never gets old. haha

  • Boom Knight
    Boom Knight 3 months ago +8

    Personally me being a newer player, I'd move the other bishop to C5 or D6. The idea is as the game goes on it's attacking the king when not in real danger Hell even doing G4 a block down threatens their bishop/queen if they move the knight.
    Hell as he points out it lets the knight retake or drive in when it would be a much more questionable move if the bishop with threatening real pieces if the knife moved.

  • The King
    The King Year ago +1890

    Nice timestamps Gotham. Really gotta love the intensity of the Magnus-Hikaru game

    • くらかまるです
      くらかまるです Year ago

      @Naman Chhibbbar No, but You are apparently

    • NovemberOrWhatever
      NovemberOrWhatever Year ago

      Grabbed from another video I presume?

    • Lacatra
      Lacatra Year ago +7

      @Jakub Krąkowski but labeling timestamps with names of great chess players is a joke

    • Jakub Krąkowski
      Jakub Krąkowski Year ago

      @Lacatra no but labeling timestamps with names of great chess players is clickbaity af

    • David Gunawan
      David Gunawan Year ago

      @Naman Chhibbbar are you?

  • Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson Year ago +6

    The funniest part of this video for me (a 700) is I’m literally making the same mistakes in my head as I try to analyze as Jav did lol

  • CBSc Hommies
    CBSc Hommies Year ago +11

    As someone rightly said ' When you players plays a perfect game it's mostly a draw'.

  • code596
    code596 3 months ago +38

    I’m not here for the game I’m here for the reaction

  • cytramon
    cytramon Year ago +1

    you can't even imagine how hard it was to long even for those 4 minutes, but I just felt the tension building up

  • Hanf Peter
    Hanf Peter 7 months ago +4

    Knew this was gonna be entertaining af but it still exceeded my expectations lmao

  • Z m
    Z m Year ago +755

    Levy: You ever win a game by accident?
    Me an insomniac playing at 3am: OH yeah its all coming tog-wait I won?

    • Evelyn Pedraza
      Evelyn Pedraza 5 months ago


    • Augustus
      Augustus 11 months ago +10

      most of the time I'm like: look at those 3 great moves, I won, it would have been awesome if I had that figured out before moving randomly

    • Nighthawk
      Nighthawk Year ago +4

      @Elijah Stormblessed Same LMAO XD

    • Z m
      Z m Year ago +19

      @Elijah Stormblessed haha yeah that's what happens 90% of the time with me too

    • Elijah Stormblessed
      Elijah Stormblessed Year ago +80

      My 3am games go more like "Oh yeah it's all coming tog-wait I lost?" Lmao 😭

  • Riley Hodge
    Riley Hodge Year ago

    I'm not great at chess.. and im horrible at calculating all the moves but how you explain this makes me feel much better about myself

  • Irrelevant Noob
    Irrelevant Noob Year ago +3

    14:13 yeah, it's not a mouse-slip. It's definitely an extra attack on the bishop while forgetting that pawns can be a threat. Happens quite a lot to some people. :">

  • Ahmed Mostafa
    Ahmed Mostafa 7 months ago +1

    I am really enjoying this series it's so awesome entertaining and educational
    Thanks a lot dude

  • PXoliver
    PXoliver 3 months ago +2

    The queen moving one space at 16:00 instead of checkmate is something I’ll never forget

  • Martin Weiss
    Martin Weiss 5 months ago

    I could not stop laughing. This fellow is highly articulate - and funny as hell. Congrats - a really well done video with lots of entertainment value. Loving it! 😂

  • alexk
    alexk Year ago +496

    Learning by low elo players' mistakes make you improve way more than studying a gm. It is way harder to implement the playstyle from a gm than avoiding basic inaccuracies a 800 plays.

    • nightmareTomek
      nightmareTomek 4 months ago +2

      GMs of blunders.

    • Persono
      Persono 9 months ago +9

      @Mala rius Yes but being able to see blunders is easier and more fundamental than being a super GM

    • Mala rius
      Mala rius Year ago +40

      what are you talking about. They are GM‘s

  • aLoy
    aLoy Month ago

    It's great to see Levy showing some of his own gameplay every now and again.

  • Riverbed_Dreaming1232
    Riverbed_Dreaming1232 2 months ago +1

    I really need to find more 700s like this lol, I’m at 600 but I’ve never seen a 19 blunder game, 2-4 each is normal

  • CornerClosetShop
    CornerClosetShop 5 months ago

    I don't even play chess but your commentary is too much fun to listen to

  • Filip Craciun
    Filip Craciun 11 months ago

    This is the first episode I’ve watched several times over. The humor is absolutely on fire, without insurance

  • J S
    J S 2 months ago

    Great video for us low/beginner ELOs. Do more of these in the 300-800 range.

  • code overcode
    code overcode Year ago +115

    16:53 This is the definition of “when you have mate in 1, look for better”

  • Daniella I
    Daniella I Month ago

    The fact that I tried to watch this video during a class, while everyone was doing quiet independent work and he went oooga booga and I just lost it. The word choice. Love your videos man. You make chess funny and enjoyable even for complex and hard the game is.

  • Daily Dose of Video
    Daily Dose of Video 10 months ago

    2 GM in a match.. What a match man well played guys!

  • Csaba Ivancsik
    Csaba Ivancsik 3 months ago +7

    7:20 is single handedly your best joke ever.

  • Jake Baker
    Jake Baker 6 months ago

    Honestly, as someone who plays casually every once in a while. When I tried rapid chess, I looked just like this cause I was so concerned on time running out.

  • UndercoverKriegsman
    UndercoverKriegsman 8 months ago

    The array of emotions you just went though was amazing.

  • Javran Cheng
    Javran Cheng Year ago +427

    Thanks Levy! I'm pleasantly surprised that I not just won the GLE lottery but also featured in a standalone video! (I played white in this game)
    Few notes from what I can recall from my line of thinking, in case anyone was wondering (AMA!):
    - 5:32: I had some success in Scandinavian with this bishop and rook setup (usually winning a queen or something with a discovery) so I was tunnel visioned to clear e-file for the rook than anything else.
    - 7:09: I saw Rxb1 loses a2 pawn but Bxb1 can still protect so I went for it, didn't even look one step further after Qxa2, which ofc was the thing I was trying to do all along.
    - 11:37: Starting from here I missed most of black's queen backrank mate, wasn't aware that moving my bishop out is a way better idea.
    - 14:20: Believing black was doing some sort of rook sac idea that I didn't see, I decided to not give what they wanted, but I realized immediately after Qd8+ that was stupid 😂. I wonder if I recalled the rule of "2 more attacking pieces" at that moment I would see that was just a clear rook blunder.
    - 16:15: Can confirm, you won the million dollars.
    - 19:39: My brain isn't functioning, and I have this tendency of not giving what my opponent would obvious expect me to do.
    - 20:24: I just eyeballed that my king was more active, can probably stop those pawns after a queen trade, and I have queenside pawn majority, which was all an illusion.
    Have been struggling but I'm now motivated to put more efforts to not "fake learning", and review my course lines.
    Love your videos, keep it up! And/or find more success in your Chess career, whichever works better for you ;)

    • smarty rasor
      smarty rasor 3 months ago

      @Gab Alan and deatroying him completely

    • Gab Alan
      Gab Alan 7 months ago +15

      The man. The myth. The legend. He is here and will be competing in the next world championships against magnus carlsen

    • Wifebeater
      Wifebeater 9 months ago +5

      I lost so many brain cells watching this game.

    • Junior Valdez
      Junior Valdez 11 months ago +1

      Are you the one on the video?

    • Chaos29
      Chaos29 Year ago +12

      @Javran Cheng dont feel bad man, each mistake makes you better and the game is so hard to master

  • Arbin Paul
    Arbin Paul Year ago

    After guess the elo this comical game series is my most favourite... I really love these two series equally..

  • Louis Czar
    Louis Czar 2 months ago

    As a 80 ELO, this makes me feel special

  • Donnie
    Donnie 2 months ago +1

    Levy failing for over 16 minutes to FINALLY come up with a mating pun is almost as much of a blunder as the stuff we saw on the board XD

  • axatix
    axatix Year ago +1

    it is so exciting, who win 2 mins till end I can't wait ;) , great commentary, please more games like this ;)

  • Umang Thusoo
    Umang Thusoo 6 months ago

    i have been playing for a few days now. and i do 2/3 blunders in each game i am 900. but this is just too entertaining. like some of these are like whyy😂😂 makes me feel good about myself😂

  • ​꧁☆Goofy ahh nameඩා꧂

    700 elo players with gotham : doesn't know en passant, doesn't see Mate in 1, blunder there queen and blunder mate
    100 elo players with me : know en passant, see mate in 519 , know there openings , know double checks , legally 100M IQ

    • unholy_angle
      unholy_angle 6 months ago

      smurf accounts

    • SuperNovaDragon
      SuperNovaDragon 9 months ago

      @rageface memeaholic can confirm as well when I realized I hung a rook again

    • Salman Qafarov
      Salman Qafarov 11 months ago +1

      İ am 1600 and i don't know en passant either.

    • KnightFromJupiter
      KnightFromJupiter Year ago

      SealedOrion I guess it's time control, i am 600 and play 30 mins and there's definitely less pieces hanging (less != no)

    • Steve -
      Steve - Year ago +6

      Nope. The low elo players you are playing are making many mistakes. You just aren't able to see those mistakes.

  • Lennybird91
    Lennybird91 6 months ago

    I'm not even comfortable knowing what my chess rating is yet as I've come to learn this game only recently. All I'll say is I can barely beat the 1000 AI one in every 10 games or so. So I feel attacked watching this hahahah. Really enjoyable to watch honestly.

  • Kristian Sinozic
    Kristian Sinozic 5 months ago

    Watching this makes me feel good about my chess skills

  • Sam DG
    Sam DG 2 months ago

    As a more or less 700 rated myself I enjoyed this more than I thought

  • CORF
    CORF 9 months ago

    At first I was feeling a little bad for laughing cause I'm not very good at chess either... but that end game was something else lmao

  • Fran Carva142
    Fran Carva142 Month ago

    Nah past 13:20 I just started dying bro this is too good, personally I couldn't do better than them but this is too funny yo especially on 13:40 and white's next move😭💀💀

  • rbcdelta
    rbcdelta Year ago +84

    "Full Oooga-Booga mode!!" What a game!! Props to the sub who submitted this one! Been there. The comp score comes up, you review the game and 6 mistakes, 4 blunders, and 3 missed wins later you're muttering "what a stupid game". Next day you're at it again. Yep, been there. Great content - entertaining and fun!

  • Ayush Bhambhani
    Ayush Bhambhani Year ago

    Lmfao. I started playing a couple of months ago and I am in the same rating but these moves were beyond my thinking capacity. This is an eye opener

  • Robi_CK
    Robi_CK 8 months ago

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon this channel, hilarious stuff :D

  • Davon Jackson
    Davon Jackson 2 months ago

    My favorite part is stockfish literally having a heart attack analyzing this game going up and down from white to black on the left 🤣

  • itsconnoroaks92
    itsconnoroaks92 2 months ago

    😂😂😂 by far my favorite commentator of chess 😂😂
    Please do more low ELO rated games this is far too funny 😂
    Should be like "Gordon Ramsay rate my meal" except it's just us really bad chess players sending you our shocking chess games for you to rate 😂

  • WWyou
    WWyou Month ago

    As a 600 elo that made me feel so good about myself Ik I’m not good or even competent at chess but that double check leading to mate at the 6:00 mark was so obvious

  • Joshua Tree
    Joshua Tree Year ago +52

    I just surpassed 800 and now this makes me feel like i should be 1500 lol

    • Phase0
      Phase0 Year ago +8

      @Frosty 800-900 is just a refined version of 700. 900s would be able to start seeing these mates in 2 to be fair. I know this as I was a 900, now a 1700. I ask myself was this really what I was lol?

    • Frosty
      Frosty Year ago +4

      Im 520 but 800 to 1000 seem like gods

  • PlatypuSiH8U
    PlatypuSiH8U 2 months ago

    even as a 1400, levy teaches me so much with these low elo vids

  • Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez 6 months ago

    We should lowkey do these together so I can explain these moves with my triple digit chess brain

    LEGRANDRETOUR 2 months ago

    I start watching his content because of the funny commentary, now i got super interested in chess lol

  • Dino
    Dino  7 months ago +2

    11:51 I am a proud 770 elo player for spotting Qd1 immediately

  • allflying3
    allflying3 6 months ago

    That mate in 2 position is very common whenever I play against Scandinavian. People just got tunnel vision when seeing Nxc3 then proceed to give a check and have their Queen run around the board, not getting enough development then get mated. Sometimes they push their e pawn attacking the knight, take the knight then proceed to get mated.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Year ago +58

    2:02 The amount of times ive lost my bishop like that is more than my ELO.

  • Jan Snauwaert
    Jan Snauwaert Year ago

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