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[NMIXX] 'Love Me Like This' Recording Behind

  • Published on Apr 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Alex_Kills
    Alex_Kills 5 months ago +2868

    Their raw vocals all sound so great. They all have their own color that comes together perfectly. 7:27 Lily is so impressive 🙌

  • Pw
    Pw 4 months ago +231

    0:02 Jiwoo 🎉
    1:44 Kyujin 😻
    3:18 Sullyoon 🦌
    4:42 Bae 💛
    5:46 Haewon 🤍
    6:53 Lily 💚
    8:05 Lily, Haewon and Sullyoon talk.

    AG MULTIFANDOM 5 months ago +1354

    The naturalness with which BaE reaches the high notes, in another group she would easily be main vocal. By the way, not just BaE, the girls' vocals really are on another level!

    • Miss Gui
      Miss Gui 5 months ago +104

      They can all become main vocals in another groups. They are the vocal princesses put in one group.

      AG MULTIFANDOM 5 months ago +53

      @Miss Gui Of course, I just put BaE's vocals in the spotlight because I see few nswer's praising her vocals and it's amazing how most of the times people praise her as a good dancer or vocalist, someone makes a comment like yours. I have to have a lot of patience to deal with people who don't know how to interpret a text and don't have a minimum of common sense!

      AG MULTIFANDOM 5 months ago +5

      Complemented...I know they're all talented, I KNOW! But that I can't at least praise my utt?

    • Tahsin Choudhury
      Tahsin Choudhury 5 months ago +9

      @AG MULTIFANDOM I feel you with THIS! A lot of people have been skipping out on Bae and saying she doesn't shine as much as the rest, but this song doesn't show off her signature and rich vocal tone, and the parts she did get (like the pre-chorus) she DID make it her own. ppl were joking when YDS came out that the eras are being passed down in age order lol, and I lowkey hope it happens because EVERYONE in this group has the capabilities to shine!
      If it happens like this Bae's era is next!
      Nmixx fighting!

      AG MULTIFANDOM 5 months ago +2

      Finally someone who understands what I mean, hopefully that's the way it is, but if not that's ok too. Sooner or later she will have her highlight in an era. And for sure NMIXX fighting

  • 미즈키_.1.6
    미즈키_.1.6 5 months ago +483

    0:03 Jiwoo 😻
    1:51 Kyujin 💛
    3:18 Sullyoon ( 3:48 & 4:09 !!!!!)
    4:44 Bae 💋
    5:48 Haewon 🫡💗
    6:44 Lily 🙇🏻‍♀️

    • -amnotavi-!!
      -amnotavi-!! 5 months ago +8


    • fraise
      fraise 5 months ago +4

      If we skip the emojis it helps thanks

    • Кои Мегистус
      Кои Мегистус 5 months ago +1

      4:51 🎉🎉

    • S-Momo
      S-Momo 4 months ago +5

      @fraise bruh why do y'all still believe emojis freeze views or slow them down? No they don't, so please shut up for once.

  • Ashley Kathleen
    Ashley Kathleen 5 months ago +2823

    bae's vocals is soo underrated like fr

    • Asma Taqiyya
      Asma Taqiyya 5 months ago +12


    • Kpop World
      Kpop World 5 months ago +75

      No one vocals is underrated in nimxx😂

    • Lilyssi
      Lilyssi 5 months ago +31

      She's the faced of JYP vocal in NMIXX, she's the great example how JYP half air was

    • Zachariah
      Zachariah 5 months ago +47

      I always see that Bae gets a ton of hate online for no reason like I saw a comment of someone saying she only got accepted to JYP because she has rich parents and influences. And theirs like no proof Bae has rich parents or influences?

    • Zachariah
      Zachariah 5 months ago +11

      @Mr. Dust she was street cast that's one of reasons why people are making mean assumptions about her.

  • dndsjoy
    dndsjoy 5 months ago +548

    Nmixx really show us that they're not only visual but actually can sing dan dance

    • Be There Or Be Square
      Be There Or Be Square 5 months ago +24

      Nmixx is actually a group consists of all all-rounder which is why they can do all

  • ODR
    ODR 5 months ago +647

    NMIXX is a whole new level. A lot of groups have shown their recording bts but by far NMIXX is one of those groups that just made it easy to do the studio recording. Effortless even their live singing. As a KPop Fan of a number of girl groups since 2nd generation, I am very thankful I still have this energy to follow the 4th Generation and glad to support NMIXX.

  • sullyooniee
    sullyooniee 5 months ago +995

    look how short their recording were 😭 they make it easy like a piece of cake.

    • haewon
      haewon 5 months ago +30


    • Melina Lucía Martínez Torres
      Melina Lucía Martínez Torres 5 months ago +128

      I suppose they have cut out a lot of details so as not to lengthen the video so much, but still with what we have been able to see, it is impressive

    • Adi Tamtam
      Adi Tamtam 5 months ago +1

      Other song??

    • Chi
      Chi 5 months ago +1

      @Adi Tamtam ?

    • Beatriz Basilio
      Beatriz Basilio 5 months ago +35

      they did not post the whole recording process ofc 😂 professional recordings take a really long time but they always cut it in this videos for it to be more enjoyable and not so boring for those who are watching. but ofc nmixx have it easy because they are absolute aces 💅

  • Lumine Genshin
    Lumine Genshin 5 months ago +141

    7:22-7:31 Lily's powerfull voice 🔥

  • Hadi
    Hadi 5 months ago +191

    honestly i really love Jiwoo's rapping tone. she's such an ace; very good rap and dance, and is able to support vocally.

    • Noon Ahmed
      Noon Ahmed 3 months ago

      Actually, jiwoo would be a main vocalist easily in other grps such as ive, itzy, gidle

    • Hadi
      Hadi 3 months ago +1

      @Noon Ahmed okay let's not go that far lol

    • the clint
      the clint 3 months ago +4

      @Hadiactually he’s right, the main vocalists of idle and ive are the same with jiwoo who are in d tier

    • wendy
      wendy 2 months ago

      @the clint damn

  • 司馬浮生
    司馬浮生 5 months ago +888

    Sullyoon's voice is so beautiful

    ITZBT9UANDME  5 months ago +339

    Nmixx's vocal line is another level 🩷🩵

  • HSK
    HSK 4 months ago +65

    멤버들 보컬 능력치는 진짜 와 ㄷㄷㄷㄷ 감탄 밖에 안나옴 그냥 생라이브에서 음원이 바로 튀어나오는 그룹은 여기가 유일함

  • Louise anz
    Louise anz 5 months ago +138

    Bae and Jiwoo’s vocal are so good

  • eac ce999
    eac ce999 5 months ago +377

    Nmixx = a mixture of vocal queens

  • 빛날 빈
    빛날 빈 5 months ago +448

    라이브를 너무 잘하니까 노래가 더 좋게 느껴진다… 음원보다 라이브가 더 좋은 그룹은 엔믹스가 처음

    • Jini OG
      Jini OG 5 months ago

      Why does everyone keep saying enmixx and answers is Nmixx and Nswers

    • azka
      azka 5 months ago +3

      ​@Jini OG you read based translate..

    • Jini OG
      Jini OG 5 months ago

      @azka cuz I'm not Korean

    • زويه موا موا
      زويه موا موا 5 months ago +1

      ​@Jini OG SMAE SAME~

    • 성이름
      성이름 5 months ago

      @Jini OG ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뭔 대답이야ㅠ

  • ♡naomi♡
    ♡naomi♡ 5 months ago +31

    sullyoon, lily and haewon's pure vocals were wonderful ♥

  • Liebkne
    Liebkne 5 months ago +245

    진짜 엔믹스 보컬 역량은 들어도 들어도 미친 것 같다
    어떻게 전 멤버가 비주얼도 되면서 보컬까지 완벽할 수가 있지?

  • 𝐌𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐥𝐞 𝐍

    Bae is soo underrated for her beautiful and strong vocals. All members are amazing honestly, jiwoo is a rapper yet a good vocalist 💖

  • えだまめ
    えだまめ 2 months ago +4


  • 오직너만알겠어
    오직너만알겠어 5 months ago +71

    다 너무너무 잘한다 그리고 특히 6:58 릴리... 감정표현이며 피치며 진짜 완벽하다 릴리 노래 들을 때마다 쾌감 쩖

  • Joshua's wife
    Joshua's wife 5 months ago +112

    Their voices are so angelic

  • gojodecuecas
    gojodecuecas 16 days ago +2

    Why is nobody talking about kyunjins vocals?! Like her voice is so pretty to hear

  • Arelii_tm
    Arelii_tm 5 months ago +96

    They all sing very beautifully, but Jiwoo has such a beautiful unique voice, besides her rap is so good 🫶🏼❤️‍🔥

  • Sophia Bensi
    Sophia Bensi 5 months ago +12

    their raw vocals are so perfect! im in love with Kyujins deep bold voice ;)

  • Fat McGee
    Fat McGee 5 months ago +611

    There’s absolutely no reason for the rap line to be able to sing that well but hey, here we are
    A group of Aces I swear to god
    i love everything they’ve done but I still don’t think we’ve seen their full potential yet, which is so exciting!

    • 날아라치킨
      날아라치킨 5 months ago +26

      Kyujin said she is also vocalist in radio. And they said they are all rounders, no positions too. Nmixx ❤

    • Billy po 'ko
      Billy po 'ko 5 months ago +7

      And the main vocalists that dance so well.

  • Jiwon 💥
    Jiwon 💥 3 months ago +1

    their vocals are amazing!!

  • joss
    joss 5 months ago +119

    They are super talented. NMIXX best group ever

  • stray kids woo~
    stray kids woo~ 5 months ago +36

    4:15 the power in her voice i love it so much

  • DA
    DA 5 months ago +32

    Haewon her vocals are on the next level

  • Ania Rahaman
    Ania Rahaman 5 months ago +407

    sullyoon has the killer perfectionist excutioner instinct, she really shocked me with her vocals. And lily, do I even have to say..... always keep the best for the last.

  • 김겨광
    김겨광 5 months ago +176

    믹깅이들 노래 잘하는거 알고는 있었는데 새삼.. 진짜 잘한다.... 짱믹스 이번 노래 넘 좋고 성적도 좋아서 엔써는 정말 행복해....🥹❤️‍🔥

  • doyle
    doyle 5 months ago +94

    6명 전부 다 톤 자체가 되게 안정적이라 라이브 들을 때도 마음이 편안함

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 5 months ago +16

    Vocal da sullyoon me surpreende tanto, nunca pensei que ela tinha esse vocal todo, é muito perfeito.

  • Mayoneys ketchup
    Mayoneys ketchup 5 months ago +84

    Im a vocalist myself and I love this group. Each member has healthy techniques and IS supported. People are in aww to them they sound the same in studio or raw. Why? Because your vocal tone and color will sound very pleasing if your vocal is supported not throaty. You can even hear in 1:53 their maknae Kyujin is using headvoice and you cant hear any air to her voice its supported too. Even Bae her voice is supported ALL of them are.
    Some people are so amazed with this even tho this is the standard and bare minimum because lots of Girl groups majority of what I hear some of the members in other groups has only one or two member who has support. Because when you have vocal support it doesnt matter if you're crying or your throat hurts. Aslong that it is supported your sound will be the same and YOU wont struggle.(example is when sullyoon was belting and sounds the same even though she was crying in encore and also bae) Lots of girl idols are very throaty in singing I wonder why sometimes because they receive lots of training but why? Or idk maybe they dont have healthy warmups. I remember seeing Yeji doing warmup before performing and shes really singing loudly which is bad for their vocal chords. Idols should have healthy warmups because its a big factor. Also, not all coaching and techniques applies to all voices

  • Kpop addict
    Kpop addict 5 months ago +24

    I love sullyhoon's voice alot like fr

  • 오예스
    오예스 5 months ago +86

    릴리는 진짜... 저렇게 불러도 계속 할수있는게.. 넌 보물이야 릴리야❤️

  • Mean
    Mean 5 months ago +133

    지금껏 수많은 레코딩비하인드를 봐왔지만 이렇게 후보정도 없이 노래 잘하는 그룹은 처음이다

  • “-O-“
    “-O-“ 5 months ago +222

    Everyone all did so great but I wanna point out sully oo and lily… wth totally singing auto tune without auto tune omg they all so talented I love them sm ❤

  • 백구
    백구 5 months ago +182

    엔믹스는 무조건 레코딩 영상은 많이 줘야 됨 무조건 영업 떡밥 됨

  • once twice
    once twice 5 months ago +41

    kyujinnnnnn !!!!!! beautiful voice and everything !! 🤍🤍🤍

  • Vivi Faustino
    Vivi Faustino 3 months ago +9

    1:51 Why is no one talking about her vocals? I simply felt in heaven listening to her sing. Her voice is so smooth 😩💗

  • Kyrsten Paige
    Kyrsten Paige 5 months ago +14

    their vocals are so freaking good bro. sullyoon and kyujin really stood out to me

  • Asia
    Asia 5 months ago +9

    damn i've seen no one praise haewon's vocals here when she literally sounds incredible, how come?

  • Snowy
    Snowy 5 months ago +4

    sullyoon and haewon are such vocal beasts jeeezzz

  • Angela Del Carmen
    Angela Del Carmen 5 months ago +56

    We need to talk more about Kyujin's vocal!

  • Dassie
    Dassie 5 months ago +14

    HAEWON omg her voice 6:35

  • 오장육뀨
    오장육뀨 5 months ago +304

    진짜 진심 모두가 다 잘해…. 멤버들 보컬 말해뭐해,,,,,✨ 남은 5곡도 한 영상씩,, 풀어주셨으면 좋겠어요,,,🥹🤍

  • Asli Xasan
    Asli Xasan 5 months ago +29

    The fact that lily came to the studio only once and didn't do any mistakes wow😍🤩🤩

  • Nonnon
    Nonnon 5 months ago +83

    레코딩 비하인드 정말 기다렸는데 드디어!!
    애들의 프로다운 모습에 치인다. 완벽한 내 돌♥️

  • mn_k
    mn_k 5 months ago +18

    3:20 ソリュンちゃんの歌声大好き

  • 총총
    총총 5 months ago +56

    모든곡 다듣고싶어.....
    이번앨범 정말 맨날 통으로 돌리면서 듣는중임. 진짜 다좋음

  • El Kindangen
    El Kindangen 5 months ago +32

    Always amazed by Kyujin vocal stability.. kudoss...

  • 계란말이
    계란말이 5 months ago +253

    이와중에 스탭분들도 너무
    너무 스윗하심.
    상호 존중에 의한 녹음도
    엔믹스 멤버들 비쥬얼만큼이나
    스텝분들도 수고 많으십니다.
    복많이 받으시고 건강하세요.
    엔믹스 멤버들도 엔써들도..

    • Jini OG
      Jini OG 5 months ago +1

      Finally someone that appreciates the ataff

  • Philip Nguyen
    Philip Nguyen 5 months ago +222

    Sullyoon vocals really surprised me this era, she has such a beautiful voice.

  • Gaeul🍁
    Gaeul🍁 5 months ago +51

    Sullyoon vocals omg she is amazing

  • Grey Bustos
    Grey Bustos 5 months ago +164

    Dios, que forma de cantar, estoy fascinada con sus voces❤

  • Viviana Rickert
    Viviana Rickert 2 months ago

    sullyoon has improved so MUCH since the early days. she started out being the "super pretty" one of the group (even tho they are all stunning) but has really developed her natural voice. everyone in this group is so stunning vocal and looks wise

  • Lê Vũ Thùy dung
    Lê Vũ Thùy dung 5 months ago +50

    Sullyoon's voice is perfectly suit with this song

  • It’s me
    It’s me 5 months ago +62

    Lily’s voice is so good!!!!!

  • 계란말이
    계란말이 5 months ago +145

    우리 엔깅이들은
    타고난 재능들이 많은데
    노력들도 엄청 많이해서
    실력들이 실시간으로 발전해
    음원 녹음때보다 라이브하는게
    더 듣기좋음.
    보정떡칠한 음원만 줄창
    스트리밍하는 팀들의 팬들은
    평생 못느낄 즐거움이지만...
    진짜 실력파 엔믹스 파이팅!

  • 뚠둔이
    뚠둔이 4 months ago +36

    전 멤버가 보컬 다 되는 그룹은 엔믹스가 유일할듯 .. 개쩐다 진짜

      ULTRAVIOLET 4 months ago +2


    • 채니
      채니 3 months ago +1

      ㄹㅇ 엔믹스는 처음부터 진짜 ㅈ잘했음ㅁ

  • はは
    はは 5 months ago +33



    Kyujin getting the appreciation she deserves 🤍 1:52

  • Sooyaaa!!!
    Sooyaaa!!! 5 months ago +25

    One of the most talented groups active rn, everyone is just gives their everything! Nmixx fighting!!!!

  • 진솔한 배이씨
    진솔한 배이씨 5 months ago +59

    녹음하는 모습도 너무 예쁘고 멋있다ㅠㅠ

  • Picka boo
    Picka boo 5 months ago +71

    정말 한명한명 소중한 멤버들!! 각자의 음색에 집중해서 듣다보니 확실히 모두 실력이 탄탄하구나 느꼈어용! 싱글벙글 웃으며 봤다능 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ms_fatality
    Ms_fatality 5 months ago +4

    Sullyoon vocals are so clear omg😭🔥🔥🔥

  • 농담해원
    농담해원 5 months ago +60

    보컬이 녹음이랑 무대랑 똑같네 역시 짱믹스❤❤

  • haewon
    haewon 5 months ago +46


  • jelly
    jelly 5 months ago +50

    They're such good singers all of them

  • seventeencarat! 💎
    seventeencarat! 💎 5 months ago +175

    I cant be the only one absolutely in love with sullyoon’s voice like her low voice at the end of 4:09 was just sheer perfection??? 😫

  • Anh Pham
    Anh Pham 4 months ago

    sullyoon's voice is so beautiful

  • AnyandMochi
    AnyandMochi 5 months ago +25

    De verdad me sorprende las voces de estas chicas, mas las notas altas de Sollyoon y Lily💫❤, y Jiwoo me encata su voz es unica🤩❤

  • ellli0U
    ellli0U 5 months ago +46

    Sullyoon voice is so soft and sweet💕

  • minjiver
    minjiver 4 months ago +5

    O vocal da kyujin é revolucionário

  • takkochan
    takkochan 5 months ago +12

    u can see that haewon really is born a singer with how she looks completely relaxed that u wouldn't guess she's singing high notes if u would put it on mute,, just amazing actually i love her

  • milsleonhart
    milsleonhart 5 months ago +23

    Rawrrr vocal nmixx pas recording gilaaaa sama persis banget sama lagu nyaa yang dirilis. Malahan menurut ku live vocal mereka lebih kerenn bangettt👍🏻👍🏻

  • solitude life
    solitude life 5 months ago +70

    설윤 진짜 노래부를때 목소리가 단단하다

  • Alua Jamaeva
    Alua Jamaeva Month ago

    Bae's vocal so great

  • Nmixx's Fyan
    Nmixx's Fyan 5 months ago +93

    Vocal queens💗💅

  • 체리고양이
    체리고양이  5 months ago +80

    와 대박 특히 이번 곡 레코드 비하인드 진짜 궁금했는뎅.......ㅠㅠㅠ 다들 너무 잘하네........ㅠㅠ

  • 체리
    체리 5 months ago +15

    역시 엔믹스 보컬 장난 없다 너무 멋져

  • Mike
    Mike 5 months ago +37


  • 얼죽아
    얼죽아 5 months ago +62

    설윤 노래도 잘하는데 음색까지 쩔어서 듣기좋음,,

  • R1S3!
    R1S3! 5 months ago +24

    Sullyoon proved again that she's main vocalist material !

  • Park.Manoban
    Park.Manoban 5 months ago +65

    I do enjoy how themselves first practice and even correct themselves when they feel or know they can showcase some thing more. It’s mind blowing

  • 눈깔확
    눈깔확 5 months ago +140

    설윤이는 무슨 한이 있길래 보컬이 그리 애절
    할까?보컬 참 좋다

  • Huiwon Kang
    Huiwon Kang 5 months ago +26

    엔믹스는 이렇게 보정없이 라이브로 듣는게 너무 좋아 질리지가 않아

  • Delina
    Delina 5 months ago +33

    Their individual vocal colors are all beautiful. Amazing vocals! 👏 ❤

  • Kpop eonni
    Kpop eonni 5 months ago +4

    Omg Kyujin’s vocals HERE 1:51
    I love her voice, her vocals are so underrated but she can really sing

  • Jess
    Jess 5 months ago +5

    Kyujin’s voice is amazing 🤩

  • 어쩔ㅌㅣ비
    어쩔ㅌㅣ비 5 months ago +8

    와 애들 노래 진짜 미친듯이 잘한다

  • Rkskekfkakqktk
    Rkskekfkakqktk 5 months ago +57

    원래 저거 다 하고 기계로 만져서 좋게 만들지 않아...?
    왜 똑같은건데 cd랑...?
    성량은 또 다들 어떻게 저런데..?
    진짜 한번 입덕하면 헤어나갈 수가 없다... 다른 아이돌은 이제 성에 안차... 짱믹스 짱이다 진짜

  • {슼둥스} 천재
    {슼둥스} 천재 5 months ago +96

    Sullyoon’s diaphragm is amazing 🤩 her tone is so smooth that her high notes feels sooooo easy to hear 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Nn Hh
    Nn Hh 5 months ago +27

    설윤 미쳤다 진짜

  • Kaylee🐶
    Kaylee🐶 5 months ago +4

    haewon did result well her voice is unbelievable

  • Jed Zamir
    Jed Zamir 5 months ago +40

    lily is so freaking good, i hope they'll have another comeback with this genre

  • OneMorePixel
    OneMorePixel 2 months ago

    I love the contrast between when they sing and when they're saying thank you. All of them

  • 낮에는따사로운인간적인여자

    진짜...다들 너무 잘한다
    설윤 음색이 너무 좋음