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Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat Game 3 Full Highlights | 2023 NBA Finals | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Jun 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • MrPogz Zamora
    MrPogz Zamora 3 months ago +2949

    You need to make Jokic a unanimous MVP next season.

    • si markeyan
      si markeyan 3 months ago +20


    • Mickael Landry
      Mickael Landry 3 months ago +207

      @si markeyan Your LeHelp James get swept 🧹 🤫

    • Joy Vee
      Joy Vee 3 months ago +108

      @si markeyan10yr old kid commenting

    • Willy Wonka
      Willy Wonka 3 months ago +1

      @Mickael Landry Grammar. Chump!

    • Brad Pitbull
      Brad Pitbull 3 months ago +54

      I agree 👍
      Lebron is yesterday's news
      Jokic is the new goat 🐐

  • Anonnnn
    Anonnnn 3 months ago +1500

    Jokic first player in NBA finals history to drop 30-20-10. Insane

    • Ct Chen
      Ct Chen 3 months ago +29

      Hamza Tariq 87

    • Abraham Batara
      Abraham Batara 3 months ago +215

      ​Hamza Tariq 30-20 right? Not the 10 assists tho

    • Anonnnn
      Anonnnn 3 months ago +139

      Hamza Tariq I mean you can just look it up instead of making yourself look dumb

    • eric cartman
      eric cartman 3 months ago +15

      @Ct Chen 靠夭台灣人逆

    • redda2
      redda2 3 months ago +4

      What does that mean? I'm new

  • Renan 80s
    Renan 80s 3 months ago +1937

    It's a privilege to watch Jokic playing, what a monster 💀

    • Craig Wheeler
      Craig Wheeler 3 months ago +45

      I get the feeling that every game in this series is going to be either a narrow Heat victory, or an absolute ass whipping by the Nuggets! This is nuts, but Nuggets in 6 for the win!

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 3 months ago +33

      @Craig Wheeler
      That sums up pretty well How nuggets dominate the league.
      They are FAR better than every single team this season.
      It's not even close

    • velipulla
      velipulla 3 months ago +32

      ​@Craig Wheelerpeople change their opinion after every game and act like an expert😂😂

    • Kurinai Uchiha
      Kurinai Uchiha 3 months ago +5

      @velipullaspot on lol 😂

    • Cryptidian
      Cryptidian 3 months ago +1

      Yeah. He is making history and people keep talking about the Miami Undrafteds

  • Riccardo Esclapon
    Riccardo Esclapon 3 months ago +2958

    first time ever teammates had 30+ point triple doubles in any game is crazy to do in a finals game on the road

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 months ago +17

      @Vladimir KrstovMilosevic

    • velipulla
      velipulla 3 months ago +6

      ez against shitiami

    • Chris Oliver
      Chris Oliver 3 months ago +16

      @velipulla I think you're mistaken, they made it to the NBA finals!

    • Alex
      Alex 3 months ago +14

      ​@Vladimir Krstov Constantine is Greek 😅

  • AaronJohn TVDubbings
    AaronJohn TVDubbings 3 months ago +904

    Freedawkins , you are better than the official NBA Channel and you have the best high quality highlights

    • J Smith
      J Smith 3 months ago +17

      But the final statistics is small. It's hard to read.

    • Q J
      Q J 3 months ago +24

      @J Smithdon’t complain the nba channel usually has at least 5 ads per video.

    • Wyeth McKinley
      Wyeth McKinley 3 months ago +15

      He speaks the the truth, the overlapping audio on the clips is so huge

    • Wm. S.
      Wm. S. 3 months ago +2

      @J Smith Can you read them? 😂 You’d rather there be NO statistics?

  • Russell Lee
    Russell Lee 3 months ago +1023

    Jokic and Murray duo is pretty much unstoppable. Even in NBA finals.

    • Hie Eih
      Hie Eih 3 months ago +4

      Murray isn't good enough. They need a more efficient scorer

    • Thuy Nga
      Thuy Nga 3 months ago +2

      Nah, they can only go as far as role players help them😂

    • Trips
      Trips 3 months ago +12

      Jokic, Giannis, and Curry would be literally unstoppable.

    • far ray
      far ray 3 months ago +5

      @Hie Eih you mean Braun

    • Dennis kimani
      Dennis kimani 3 months ago +14

      ​@Hie Eih What? I bet your talking about his turnovers. Murray is a solid SG.

  • seyf
    seyf 3 months ago +1421

    Braun was a weapon wtf 15 points in 19 min. super quick and athlefic, high motor and he has jokic as a mentor, who makes everybody around him better.

    • J Smith
      J Smith 3 months ago +13

      Village kobe #2 :))

    • Dragica Andrejevic
      Dragica Andrejevic 3 months ago +100

      MPJ was not good in points, but was good in assists. Nuggets coach MM has a good assessment of MPJ, his impact on the game is important. His assists are historic and his defense is great, MPJ is a vegetarian and his diet causes gas and his farts make opponents tear up and the opponent can't see well and that's why they don't have good 2 point and 3 point percentages

    • Lieke Gerritsen
      Lieke Gerritsen 3 months ago +8

      and aready a pretty good defender!

    • Mars 403
      Mars 403 3 months ago +18

      @Dragica AndrejevicAHAHAHAHAH BRO💀💀

    • snemelC
      snemelC 3 months ago +1

      7/8 shooting!!!

  • Alen Šare
    Alen Šare 3 months ago +7

    I am from Croatia and I adore Jokić. He is the essence of basketball and how it should be played. And as a man, he is a man.

  • Renan 80s
    Renan 80s 3 months ago +385

    Look how Denver's bench celebrates every point, they're a very united and determined team, I root for them to be champions ❤🎉

    • velipulla
      velipulla 3 months ago +20

      Literally every team does that😂😂

    • Fope Oyetan
      Fope Oyetan 3 months ago

      @velipulla fr

    • Mario
      Mario 3 months ago

      lol which team doesnt?

    • Bob Jan
      Bob Jan 3 months ago +1

      Bench players are getting a ring for free, I would be celebrating too.

  • Toma Milojević
    Toma Milojević 3 months ago +948

    Jeste budni, ljudi? 🙂
    U Srbiji svanulo, oko pola 6 ujutru, cele noći se gledalo. Lepo je biti navijač Denvera i Jokića ovih dana.
    Pozdrav za ceo svet!

    • Nick Novic
      Nick Novic 3 months ago +45

      Naravno budni miami spava

    • Polimuni
      Polimuni 3 months ago +14

      hablo español, pibe; no te entiendo ni una hostia. 💁‍♂

    • YT RokiBalboa
      YT RokiBalboa 3 months ago +95

      I u sloveniji smo budni, imam poso al jbg gleda se Jokica burazeru💪💪💪 denver u 5!!!!

    • Toma Milojević
      Toma Milojević 3 months ago +19

      ​@YT RokiBalboa Bravo, buraz!

    • Z S
      Z S 3 months ago +22

      Zdravo Toma,
      lepe reci i Pozdrav iz njemacke.

  • apsodjfi
    apsodjfi 3 months ago +750

    that jokic and murray pick and roll is just unstoppable

    • EA11
      EA11 3 months ago +5


    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 3 months ago +34

      Heat fans think they got a chance.
      Last game nuggets almost went to OT.
      But when nuggets win, they blow them out.
      It's not even close.
      Nuggets are far better than every single team this season.
      No team has a chance when they face the nuggets

    • airkuna
      airkuna 3 months ago +3

      Not really..

    • Nicolas ZYX
      Nicolas ZYX 3 months ago

      Perfect angles

    • TooSmooveEli
      TooSmooveEli 3 months ago

      trash defenses

  • Fahad Aldakheel
    Fahad Aldakheel 3 months ago +36

    Joker is something else in the NBA... he is almost averaging a triple double every game this season including finals.... he is unbelievable... he should be MVP even if Miami wins the title

  • BatsMMA
    BatsMMA 3 months ago +45

    Jokic first player with 30-20-10
    Murray right behind him with 30-10-10
    This DUO is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯👑

    • JIN Kazama
      JIN Kazama 3 months ago +1

      miami should surrender now to avoid humiliation

  • Osman Cey
    Osman Cey 3 months ago +44

    Jokic is truly a masterpiece in his own world ❤

  • Delvin William
    Delvin William 3 months ago +169

    I missed the game since it was early morning in my timezone, thanks dude for compiling the full highlights ! that Murray's fadeaway and stop dribble are unguardable.

    • A creed
      A creed 3 months ago +9

      i waited for the game and then fall asleep worst feeling

    • Delvin William
      Delvin William 3 months ago

      @A creed true, then look up to google only for it to end and see the final score 🥲

    • Mikki Car
      Mikki Car 3 months ago +1

      google nbareplay for whole game,non ads

    • Agent Reckless
      Agent Reckless 3 months ago +4

      I watch games with friends, in Serbia they're at 2:30 AM. We may look like crap tomorrow, but we're gonna tell our kids about watching Historic Jokic performances

  • 小琺瑯
    小琺瑯 3 months ago +513

    Don't forget the outstanding performance from the Nugget rookie Christian Braun !!!!!

    • Odrac
      Odrac 3 months ago


    • Shakey
      Shakey 3 months ago +16

      @Odrac Christian Braun mate

    • Mcalamaa
      Mcalamaa 3 months ago +5

      True! Really good player

    • New Channel
      New Channel 3 months ago +9

      he is the future.Nuggets will be a contender for years with that core.Jokic is not even 29 yet.Murray is younger. MP is younger than murray and jokic. At some point he will be an all star.
      If they get this one i wont be surprised if they turn into a dynasty

      PG 13PACERNATION 3 months ago +3

      Absolutely loved it. Christian Braun was huge too. He needs more minutes and MPJ needs less. Braun gives the nuggets so much more energy and versatility on both ends 🔥

  • Suspicious Afternoon
    Suspicious Afternoon 3 months ago +78

    Jokic is literally writing history before our eyes man what a joy it is to watch this man COOK

  • Julien R.
    Julien R. 3 months ago +64

    The Miami crowd makes me even more happy for the win by the nuggets. It's the NBA Finals. Your eight seeded team historically made it until there and are in a serious position to win it all. How can you not show up and arrive late or not be at your seat because of those tacos and sodas, or just because you want to get home early?!?!

    • Sandan Saiyan
      Sandan Saiyan 3 months ago +10

      Nuggets fan at the same time were staying with team even when they had -10 in 2nd game

    • tus123 ik
      tus123 ik 3 months ago +3

      This final match is not so much fun. Unexpectedly, the Heat made it to the finals well, but it is difficult for them to win the finals. It would have been more exciting if Boston had come up.

    • Strytax
      Strytax 3 months ago +5

      well you are talking to the fanbase that was leaving during roy allen shot game 6, miami has won titles but surely hasn't been because of the court.

    • Kay A
      Kay A 3 months ago +2

      @tus123 ik Boston doesn’t have chemistry they would’ve gotten swept even though they were a better match up physically

    • Jay_ Stack
      Jay_ Stack 3 months ago +2

      I noticed that too…. Most of them were gone during the 3rd Quater

  • Nicolas ZYX
    Nicolas ZYX 3 months ago +152

    Jokic with a 32pts 21pts triple double 😂... what a beast 🔥🔥🔥

  • Johan Rijhkelaar
    Johan Rijhkelaar 3 months ago +25

    Great response from the Nuggets, Miami made a contest for a while , but it’s tough to guard the terrific duo of Jokic/Murray . What a game both had

  • Stormspiritftw
    Stormspiritftw 3 months ago +57

    Game was very close until 3rd quarter started and both Jokic and Murray decided to destroy the Heat! Triple double, double trouble!

  • Phumulani Sibisi
    Phumulani Sibisi 3 months ago +2

    Murray’s 3 at 3:32 was the shot of the night for me. Crowd had erupted and it felt like Miami was destined for a huge run. Big shot maker.

  • мирослав
    мирослав 3 months ago +54

    Jokić is just insane how easy seems got all those crazy stats!!😮 Nice to see Murray also doing his thing!

  • Robi Pindric
    Robi Pindric 3 months ago +25

    I am saying this for some time already. Chris Braun is awesome. I just like his style and the way he moves. Today's performance was just icing on the cake.

      PG 13PACERNATION 3 months ago +2

      Christian Braun was huge too. He needs more minutes and MPJ needs less. Braun gives the nuggets so much more energy and versatility on both ends 🔥

    • Tom Winn
      Tom Winn 3 months ago

      You can see his confidence start to take off during these playoff games

    • Tom Winn
      Tom Winn 3 months ago

      @PG 13PACERNATION MPJ was a liability on defense in game two. Chris Braun had like three steals or something

    • JIN Kazama
      JIN Kazama 3 months ago

      Braun style is all about who has the strongest body , he dont have fancy moves but he can go inside fast and strong

  • Leighton
    Leighton 3 months ago +74

    Legendary highlights thank you all the way from New Zealand. GO NUGGYS

  • Edward Jude Kasi Ayadiuno
    Edward Jude Kasi Ayadiuno 3 months ago +7

    The DENVER NUGGETS are looking to take this championship ring by game 5. The way the NUGGETS play so seamlessly , with everyone working exceotionally well with each other on that team,is so cool. Just shows how awesome of a job theur head coach is doing. The Denver Nuggets are special.

  • Boogie Boo
    Boogie Boo 3 months ago +16

    Amazing performance of both, how easy looking their scores for 3pts. But Denver was killing them on the attacking rim with 2pts. 2pts safeties shoots.

  • KnowledgeNerd
    KnowledgeNerd 3 months ago +10

    Both these teams are playing out of their minds and putting on a show. What Miami is doing with the talent that they have in unbelievable, hats off to Coach Spo

  • SlyisVz
    SlyisVz 3 months ago +25

    im a Heat fan since, well since im old enough to watch'em play lol
    that being said, The true MVP & Nuggets in 6
    i swear this guy is a triple double machine it's simply unreal

  • Jose Miguel Msrtinez Barrozzi

    De las mejores finales que he visto en los últimos años

  • Jochen Friedenberger
    Jochen Friedenberger 3 months ago +3

    Ich bin ein Denver Fan,aber ich bin auch Basketball Fan,und beide Teams bieten uns ein Weltklasse Final 💪

  • guiller
    guiller 3 months ago +50

    Jokic and Murray... this is just so nasty, these guys are impossible to stop. I haven't seen a duo like this in decades!

    • Colin Enriquez
      Colin Enriquez 3 months ago +1

      Lebron and Wade, Kobe and Shaq, how about Durant and Curry. You forgot all those? They all won more than ONE ring by the way

    • guiller
      guiller 3 months ago +2

      @Colin Enriquez How long ago was it with Curry and Durant? And Shaq and Kobe? And Lebron and Wade? It's been years...

    • guiller
      guiller 3 months ago +1

      @Colin Enriquez (Also, did Curry and Durant really work as a duo?)

    • Pierce Nichol
      Pierce Nichol 3 months ago +1

      @guiller you said decades not recent years

    • iamdalibor
      iamdalibor 3 months ago

      ​@Colin Enriquez
      True..BUT..Murray isn't all star like all those other players you mentioned.
      In fact... joker gotz no allstar (that is used in playoffs for that matter on the team)
      Jordan is a 1x all star who isn't even used
      Fact of the matter is this dou is unlike anything we seen in bball before yes it might not be the best Duo ever but it's just insane that Murray isn't even an MVP nor does he have any all defense accolades (neither does joker)

  • Riccardo Esclapon
    Riccardo Esclapon 3 months ago +180

    Nuggets played great, but MPJ and KCP keep struggling. Nuggets also need to be better about closing the door in the 4th, they had a huge lead with very little time left just to let the Heat come back into it again, could have been back to single digits with enough time to make a comeback

    • submissivelover
      submissivelover 3 months ago +39

      Nah they still won by 15 lol, the door was closed, Heat barely got within 10 at best... You're right about MPJr, he's having an absolutely pathetic finals

    • Paul Peace
      Paul Peace 3 months ago +26

      C. Braun & Gordon played great 👍👍

    • Wyatt
      Wyatt 3 months ago +4

      @submissivelover If Jamal gets that flagrant then they got 2 shots and the ball. They would have been down 6, with the ball, with time left.

    • Joy Vee
      Joy Vee 3 months ago +2

      tell that to the refs

    • Sander Lange
      Sander Lange 3 months ago +23

      Yes. What is going on with MPJ. Stunned and worried :(
      Is it health or just nerves getting to him.
      But C.Braun was amazing :)

  • Gnarshmell0w
    Gnarshmell0w 3 months ago +2

    I’ve been watching basketball since the 2015 season. Although it’s not the longest time to absorb the game of basketball in its entirety, I’ve seen amazing talent. I’ve seen Steph Curry running around hitting dagger 3’s from deep. I’ve seen Lebron James dominate in the finals, I’ve seen Kevin Durant being able to score from any spot on the court with ease. I’ve seen athletic freaks like Giannis and Ja Morant.
    For the most part as a fan, I watch in awe and admire the gifts these players are blessed with and have worked to polish said. None of them really hit the same as Jokic. He’s not jumping over people, he’s not bending around screens or “dominating” games like Lebron or Giannis where they just impose their will. When I watch Nikola Jokic play, I just shake my head sometimes. How on earth do you stop a guy who’s one of the best passers in league history, who can score from anywhere efficiently? Only way you could stop him is playing dirty and fouling. Can’t double a guy who has the IQ and passing ability in a 7 foot frame. Leave him be in a 1 on 1 and he’ll back you down and score with touch like that of a guard.
    I’m glad the media is slowly starting to respect his game and how truly he can be when he has a competent squad around him. Nuggets in 6!

  • Othinus
    Othinus 3 months ago +15

    FreeDawkin literally making me fall in love with basketball. I am a proper football(soccer for u ingrids xd) lover. The series randomly popped up in my feed and I just clicked cuz y not and I am so obsessed with hooping now I had my first session last week and I was the worst player on the court but guess what we back at it every Friday, beautiful sport. Big ups Dawkins u a legend mate

  • Hikidun M
    Hikidun M 3 months ago +169

    You can affect Jokic's production sometimes like low assist in game 2 but can't do that 4times. He's different.

    • gumdeo
      gumdeo 3 months ago +4

      He can't be stopped.

    • Travis J
      Travis J 3 months ago +2

      Low assist for him... not for the average Center. Still, he scored big in that game but his team just didn't play D and very low energy and careless

  • Так Так
    Так Так 3 months ago +92

    Напред Србия!
    За Йокича, за Серьбию!

  • Ironcity418
    Ironcity418 3 months ago +49

    This first time I’ve enjoyed NBA playoffs in decades

  • Ace 2
    Ace 2 3 months ago +83

    Jokic and Murray are a deadly combination indeed. They’re firing on all cylinders.

  • Sunny L
    Sunny L 3 months ago +5

    Moj tata u HR prati od pocetka i budi se ujutro svaki put kad igraju :D Jokic

  • Virgil Joshua
    Virgil Joshua 3 months ago +16

    Jamal Murray has such a smooth, soft touch when he drives to the hoop and pulls up for a bank shot or short teardrop shot. Jokic also has a very nice, soft touch on his short-range and mid-range shots. These soft touches make the absolute, total difference in the game. Klay Thompson was really missing that during the Warriors series against the Lakers.

    • Mobarik Farah
      Mobarik Farah 3 months ago +3

      This means Nuggets could be a dynasty for a few years, who are stopping them. 2-3 rings.

  • Rodri RP
    Rodri RP 3 months ago +24

    5 minutos antes del final el estadio ya se estaba vaciando, increíble lo que causa Jokic

    • Deki K.
      Deki K. 3 months ago +7

      They ran out of coke and sendwiches

  • Stefan Bacic
    Stefan Bacic 3 months ago +13

    I was rooting for them to let that kid Braun play more minutes from the beginning of the playoffs. 15/4/1 in 19 minutes, just a great game and really great defensive effort. Now compare that to MPJ's 2/7/0 in 21 minutes.

  • Efrain Cedeño
    Efrain Cedeño 3 months ago +2

    los jugadores al ganar debieran mostrar un poco de alegría, la alegría es contagiosa, y eso hace falta en estas finales

  • TheNotorious C.I.G
    TheNotorious C.I.G 3 months ago

    i gotta say even the heat lost the defensive effort from bam is unmatched in this game big ups to Jokic and Murray both perfomed exceptionally

  • Louis Williams
    Louis Williams 3 months ago

    Love to see all of these midrange shots from both teams in the highlights! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • 18 incheswide
    18 incheswide 3 months ago

    That slow mo move in the paint by Jokic...❤

  • Darius Tatum
    Darius Tatum 3 months ago +10

    Jokic showing up every single game in the playoffs and being historic constantly just goes to show he was the MVP of the league and while they made improvements to the selection process this year they need to do a better job at making sure there are no more sympathetic selections in the future.

  • J J
    J J 3 months ago +7

    Really hope Jokic will have his ring and the FMVP

  • Özhan Karaman
    Özhan Karaman 3 months ago +172

    Haven’t seen a game with so much post and mid range game in a long time 👍🏼💪🏼

    • Lieke Gerritsen
      Lieke Gerritsen 3 months ago +16

      Nuggets just 5-18 from three, what era is this, the 90s? ;)

    • Dimas Rr Rolas
      Dimas Rr Rolas 3 months ago +3

      Yes , but D amaze to see

    • Oscar Gee
      Oscar Gee 3 months ago +10

      Yes but it’s refreshing to see felt like a 2000s game

    • Kubby Kush
      Kubby Kush 3 months ago +1

      ​@Lieke Gerritsenyou clearly didn't watch 90's basketball to speak like they couldn't shoot. You people act so special just to prove yourself to be right but still end up wrong.

    • Francesco De Gasperi
      Francesco De Gasperi 3 months ago +8

      ​@Kubby Kush think he meant that they shot less 3's this game and more midrange similar to a 90's game (which is true), not that they couldnt shoot 3's in the 90's

  • valmir144
    valmir144 3 months ago

    I knew it would be nearly impossible for Miami to keep up with that insane scoring rate of game 2

  • Yourdad
    Yourdad 3 months ago

    Great editing on your videos! Love how the commentary blends in to the next clip

  • Chris Day
    Chris Day 3 months ago +6

    Pulling for nuggets. Love the heat. These teams are just badass. I guess that’s just the finals, but there seems to be something fresh about the way the ball moves.
    Hope they bring back hand checking. Not a fan of these “back it in” plays

  • roguegamer
    roguegamer 3 months ago +31

    Jokic not winning MVP this season was one of the biggest snub in nba history

    PG 13PACERNATION 3 months ago

    This Denver team has everything, so impressive! Jokic,
    Another phenomenal performanced by the Joker
    He is absolutely a triple double machine
    Excellent bounce back game by Jamal Murray
    Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray are the first duo to each drop a triple-double in an NBA Finals game 🔥

  • Eddy Cheung
    Eddy Cheung 3 months ago +22

    Bruan is the type of player that’s perfect for Jokic. Instead of waiting at the 3 point line, he is constantly cutting to the basket.

    • Mark
      Mark 3 months ago +1

      Agree MPJ always waiting for a passes He can't even move. He supposed to be like Klay Thompson 2015-2016 era Great cutter plus one of his edge is he has height advantage on anyone else who are guardibg him. He's being lazy on their last 3 Games.

    • ziga
      ziga 3 months ago +1

      +they need to stop double jokic

      PG 13PACERNATION 3 months ago +3

      Christian Braun was huge too. He needs more minutes and MPJ needs less. Braun gives the nuggets so much more energy and versatility on both ends 🔥

    • Jez bentedoz
      Jez bentedoz 3 months ago

      Not like mpj..smh..mpj no show

    • Eddy Cheung
      Eddy Cheung 3 months ago +1

      @PG 13PACERNATION well we’ll see if he can do more with more minutes. I haven’t watched enough of him but MPJ is suppose to give the team size and 3 ball. His shooting been horrible and he doesn’t cut to the rim as much. Braun have seem to taken over some of his minutes last game down the stretch.

  • BercodingLive
    BercodingLive 3 months ago +15

    Respect from Turkey. I didn’t sleep for Jokić.

    • Djoga100
      Djoga100 3 months ago

      why are Turkish soldiers coming to Kosovo? :S

    • BercodingLive
      BercodingLive 3 months ago

      @Djoga100 HUH ?

  • King Kane
    King Kane 3 months ago +11

    Denver is another dimension this season

  • AndyS303
    AndyS303 3 months ago +5

    This series should be 3-1. Good game Nuggets! 2 more to go!

  • Rob D
    Rob D 3 months ago

    jokic is the most offensively skilled big man I've ever seen been watching since the late 90's. Then when you put murray on top of him and how well they play with each other it's just incredible. I don't think I've ever seen two players play so well with each other in the NBA. Shaq and kobe were individually great and they worked well with each other; however, there games didn't mesh like these two guys game mesh. Same with dwade and lebron individually great and they work well with each other but, offensively they don't feed off each other like this.

  • Ivica Marinkovic
    Ivica Marinkovic 3 months ago +1

    I'm from Serbia, like Nikola Jokic. And I support the Denver Nuggets with all my heart. May the team that closes their way to the NBA finals take the ring. The rest will only be history, because they are the ones making it. Go forward and only bravely until victory. Greetings from Serbian basketball country

  • PirmaisČalisPagalmā
    PirmaisČalisPagalmā 3 months ago

    Hey, Dawkins! I think I liked the more detailed box score more than this simplified one. It gave me a better insight on how the game went (OREB, FT, TO etc). Anyways, great video as always! Keep it up!

  • Zach DiSchiano
    Zach DiSchiano 3 months ago +3

    watching these playoff highlights every day after work from Korea has been incredible, thanks for your effort

  • Marshall_playz15
    Marshall_playz15 3 months ago +4

    Jokic Making NBA history and again making more with Murray 🏆

  • Riccardo Esclapon
    Riccardo Esclapon 3 months ago +168

    Heat fans clearly didn't learn their lesson about leaving finals games before they are over... Was looking pretty empty in the arena with more than 3 minutes left and still a chance to win the game

    • tog fanatic
      tog fanatic 3 months ago +75

      worst fans ever

    • irwan ari wibowo
      irwan ari wibowo 3 months ago +33

      Agree.. I'm stunned they leaving the team so early. Being Heat player, I feel the heartbroken

    • Fahmi Aulia Rachman
      Fahmi Aulia Rachman 3 months ago +13

      i dont blame em lol, gotta catch traffic

    • Hannah Francisco
      Hannah Francisco 3 months ago +14

      Never change since lebron's time 😢

    • Vaellan shan Muru
      Vaellan shan Muru 3 months ago +5

      They were talking so much after game 2 tho 😂

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago +22

    jokic deserved mvp. ı love how his assists are so high as well.

  • Kauko
    Kauko 3 months ago +33

    Jokic... Is there anything else to say? Watching bball for decades and I never saw something like this, let alone in the finals...

    • gumdeo
      gumdeo 3 months ago +1

      Jokić is something else, for sure.

    • ziga
      ziga 3 months ago

      it would be interesting to see how he would play vs some team who dont suck at defense lol

    • vuk
      vuk 3 months ago +2

      ​@ziga delete youtube

  • Paul Peace
    Paul Peace 3 months ago +72

    Usual night from Jokic n Murray.
    Great night from Braun & Gordon . 💪🏀🏆 .

    • JIN Kazama
      JIN Kazama 3 months ago

      i like this guys style , they play basketball using strong body they not a fan of fancy moves

  • Atakan Ener
    Atakan Ener 3 months ago

    im wondering what would happen if porter jr and caldwell-pope missed those open shots against lakers. they were curical factors during whole series. Also, mad respect for Jokic. Been watching basketball for 20 years and never seen a player like him. The way he process the offense is at another level

  • Milos Pavlicevic Fishing
    Milos Pavlicevic Fishing 3 months ago +5

    Jokic - the guy who brakes records every game

  • Sonny
    Sonny 3 months ago +1

    denver nuggets conditioning is insane, they got at such a high pace. that high altitude paying off

  • Jakub Křivánek
    Jakub Křivánek 3 months ago +1

    I wish for a couple of things this season. 1) Title for Denver 2) Respect in the media for Miami.

  • hulk smash
    hulk smash 3 months ago +14

    😂😂 the silence of the heats fans got so deafening when Denver started pulling away from the heats. I love it go Denver go. Jokic reminds me of dirk novitski and Tim Duncan.

  • Vincent Rabago
    Vincent Rabago 3 months ago +44

    Denver nuggets on fire. Jokic MVP! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Zeyork
    Zeyork 3 months ago +129

    Jokic and Murray are the best duo in NBA right now

    • IZ san
      IZ san 3 months ago +5

      but but the narrative says it was the nets kevin ducant and kyrip.

    • birb watcher
      birb watcher 3 months ago +6

      Jokic yes, muras is often to cocky and have 21,23,26,27% FG wile jokic is over 50%

    • destiny
      destiny 3 months ago +7

      @birb watcherduo as in teamwork not necessarily individual stats

    • dimitrije manic
      dimitrije manic 3 months ago +5

      why always that "right now" phrase for denver guys. no one was using it in previous years for curry or lebron. jokic is the same kind of generation game redefining talent as those guys.
      he is the best player in the world. period. please remove the "right now" part, like someone will catch up tomorrow morning.

    • Sandan Saiyan
      Sandan Saiyan 3 months ago +2

      As Duncan and Parker were in Spurs😎

  • jowee leen
    jowee leen 3 months ago +14

    Jokic is just simply unstoppable...

    • Myron Bledsoe
      Myron Bledsoe 3 months ago +1

      Wait till they get rid of that soft NBA commissioner and get someone in who allows defense back in the game Jokic won't be getting dem accolades my babies..

    • мирослав
      мирослав 3 months ago +1

      ​@Myron Bledsoe 😂😂😂

    • Dragica Andrejevic
      Dragica Andrejevic 3 months ago

      MPJ was not good in points, but was good in assists. Nuggets coach MM has a good assessment of MPJ, his impact on the game is important. His assists are historic and his defense is great, MPJ is a vegetarian and his diet causes gas and his farts make opponents tear up and the opponent can't see well and that's why they don't have good 2 point and 3 point percentages

    • GutsKS
      GutsKS 3 months ago +4

      @Myron Bledsoe Lol what a joke, Jokic has been playing for years now under constant beating, scratching, slapping while getting no calls. You could see his arms always red, scratched, bruised. You can use that logic of yours on LeFlop and Crybiid.

    • Myron Bledsoe
      Myron Bledsoe 3 months ago

      @GutsKS Yeah you had to mention Lebron..Shaq would have shut Jokic down..

  • JT
    JT 3 months ago +2

    Both got triple double in nba finals! this guys are amazing...

  • kris Wong
    kris Wong 3 months ago

    love variety of Nuggets to have both long range and big man game. Let’s go Nuggets and Jokic to get FMVP

  • IamMe
    IamMe 3 months ago +3

    I saw what Nuggets did there, they let heat lead the game, and made them believe and fans think that they will win the game.. then nuggets just exploded.

  • Andre Santos
    Andre Santos 3 months ago

    Good job man, these highlights are mint!

  • Freshmaker Gaming
    Freshmaker Gaming 3 months ago +3

    Love your highlight Videos, thanks for your effort 😁😁😁

  • Neomode
    Neomode 3 months ago +6

    People always talk about how good of a playmaker Jokic is, which is true but man his scoring abilities are so underrated. He's so crafty with his footwork and he finishes hard contested shots. Dude looks unguardable at times.

  • Joseph
    Joseph 3 months ago +2

    The Nuggets would be much better having a bruiser as their PF and moving AG or Bruan at the small forward and having Porter come off the bench. Makes the Nuggets better defensively and gives them incredible depth with Porter coming off the bench.

  • Enkel
    Enkel 3 months ago

    The editing on this video was insane, great stuff

  • Noekos
    Noekos 3 months ago +7

    I’m just dead rn ! Seriously 2 double triple with 30+ in a Finals ? Miami is dead too 😂

  • Fighting spirit
    Fighting spirit 3 months ago +4

    Denver destroyed them so much that their crowd left the stadium before end of the match😂

  • NordicMMA
    NordicMMA 3 months ago +1

    WOW that easy win for Denver in Mimai! i have the feeling that they will win game4 too and they absolutly deserve it!
    It looks so smooth when Denver makes the buckets, while Mimai strugles with the points it seems!

  • Dona Markovic
    Dona Markovic 3 months ago +10

    Bravo Nagetsi, Jokic, Djamal👏👏👏

  • Mamba Mentality
    Mamba Mentality 3 months ago +8

    Great Win nuggets played exceptionally well. Came out with energy on both sides. I need see more offense going for mpj he had not been consistent so far on that aspect he bring defense for sure but need see him go off offensively. Heats fight harder down stretch but nuggets was unstoppable, let see how game 4 goes hopefully more competitive and intense.🔥💪

    • Dragica Andrejevic
      Dragica Andrejevic 3 months ago

      MPJ was not good in points, but was good in assists. Nuggets coach MM has a good assessment of MPJ, his impact on the game is important. His assists are historic and his defense is great, MPJ is a vegetarian and his diet causes gas and his farts make opponents tear up and the opponent can't see well and that's why they don't have good 2 point and 3 point percentages

  • Jason Strange
    Jason Strange 3 months ago +1

    Great shooting teams. Both very good in the paint

  • روح العبير ،،،،ruh aleabir

    Denver is a team that deserves to be crowned this year. How did it manage to eliminate the Lakers?

  • Đuro Marcinić
    Đuro Marcinić 3 months ago +4

    MPJ put this team on his back with massive 2 points in 20 minutes and weak d. Definitely deserves max contract next season

  • Craig Wheeler
    Craig Wheeler 3 months ago +2

    I've been saying, and betting Nuggets in 6 games or so. Miami is resilient, but there is too big a gap in just how good the Nuggets are.

  • King1Nero
    King1Nero 3 months ago +1

    The Nuggets play beautiful, efficient old school basketball.

  • Kali
    Kali 3 months ago +3

    I’m expecting MPJ to bounce back next game. He can’t be happy with this performance and he has the talent to make up for it.

  • Kratos T
    Kratos T 3 months ago +1

    Haven't seen in recent time , a more Well oiled Machine with multiple working parts , seamlessly, on optimum output like this 2022\2023 Denver Nuggets team... Feels like Machine parts just churning away perfectly and in sync ... Maybe last I remember is Germany's World cup team in 2014... Infact the moment I saw they were filming a Championship road documentary earlier this season, I thought yeah "these Guys know something we don't this year , and are Deliberate about everything this year and have plans to shock the NBA world"... Well here we are

  • Mahlatse Matlala
    Mahlatse Matlala 3 months ago +1

    We Are Witnessing A Dynasty By Denver Nuggets 🙂

  • IZ san
    IZ san 3 months ago +52

    Jokic and Murray combine for double triple double what the shit. 😱

  • Louel
    Louel 3 months ago +18

    The Heat having nightmares about Euro players, first Dirk, now Jokic :)

    • Chris Coccagna
      Chris Coccagna 3 months ago +2

      Did you forget 2014 Parker and Diaw.

    • Louel
      Louel 3 months ago +1

      @Chris Coccagna that Spurs team still had their big 3 (Tim, Manu, Tony) plus Kahwi that's why I didn't include it :)

  • duka ivan
    duka ivan 3 months ago +12

    Serbian Obelix is the GOAT. I hope Jokic will take ring this year.