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Being Flexible 🤝 Owning A Lamborghini


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  • The Lizard King
    The Lizard King 2 months ago +36209

    She isn’t ONLY a FAN of Gymnastics

    • Arpit
      Arpit 2 months ago +499

      Irony 😊

    • KME
      KME 2 months ago +584

      That was smoothhh

    • Elijah Lymus
      Elijah Lymus 2 months ago +69


  • scotterbrain
    scotterbrain Month ago +3638

    If that’s not OF money, someone needs to investigate that school’s scholarship program

  • Илья Заболотный

    - Gymnast? Where?
    - In the bed.

    • Aradhaya Tripathi
      Aradhaya Tripathi Month ago +49

      407 likes and 0 comments let me fix that

    • Robert Chasing Buckets
      Robert Chasing Buckets Month ago +19

      456 likes and 1 comment let me fix that

    • Mud
      Mud Month ago +15

      ​​@Robert Chasing Buckets 459 likes and 2 comment let me fix that

    • Goklas
      Goklas Month ago +11

      ​​@Mud 480 likes and 3 comments let me fix that

      YAMRAJ RD GAMING Month ago +12

      ​@Goklasspammer noobs😂

  • Bro Modz
    Bro Modz 2 months ago +16613

    Translation: *ONLYFANS*

    • Majedヅ
      Majedヅ 2 months ago +110


    • REVy
      REVy 2 months ago +50

      what is name

    • Destroyer100 
      Destroyer100  2 months ago +47

      @REVy coaie ce

    • DaeCRG1
      DaeCRG1 2 months ago +75

      when you just accept the fact that some people just work for what they have

    • Bro Modz
      Bro Modz 2 months ago +160

      @DaeCRG1 Translation: *Daddy’s Money*

  • Brad Bluxey
    Brad Bluxey Month ago +2680

    Daddy is real nice to her these days

  • SuperTrooper 435
    SuperTrooper 435 3 days ago +7

    That's Olivia Dunne - she is an American artistic gymnast and social media personality. "A former USA national team member and a current member of the LSU Tigers women's gymnastics team, she is the highest-valued women's college athlete as of 2022" - dayumm okayyy okayyy 🔥

  • Cadez
    Cadez Month ago +9627

    I find it funny how every woman he’s asked is either a pornstar, of model or a wife of a rich man😂

  • ecri
    ecri Month ago +504

    Her name is Breckie Hill. In this video, she pretends she's Olivia Dunne, an LSU gymnast who's a social media influencer. Breckie Hill is now getting famous for being a look-a-like, and even started an onlyfans.

  • Jordan Reee
    Jordan Reee 2 days ago +1

    Proud parents for sure

  • Chris hughes
    Chris hughes Month ago +4737

    An internet gymnast 😂

  • Ehtasham Arfan
    Ehtasham Arfan Month ago +26

    She role plays as a gymnast on Only Fans 😂

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 29 days ago +27

    Gymnast on the meat pole 🎉

  • Bandito
    Bandito Month ago +4010

    They arent only fans, they are also clients.

  • Shawn Morris
    Shawn Morris Month ago +5

    She trolling. But damn she bad asf. Her name Breckie Hill. Thank me later.

  • Baseballboi9
    Baseballboi9 22 days ago +5

    she’s now my favorite lsu gymnast behind …. Well y’all know who

  • Kyle Harvey
    Kyle Harvey Month ago +1647

    One of those Online "Yoga" instructors

    • 𝙎𝙄𝙂𝙈𝘼
      𝙎𝙄𝙂𝙈𝘼 Month ago +5

      208 like and no replies? Let me fix that!
      Btw you’re right 😂

    • Kyle Harvey
      Kyle Harvey Month ago +2

      @𝙎𝙄𝙂𝙈𝘼 holy im internet famous lol

    • Hugh Mungas
      Hugh Mungas Month ago

      @Kyle Harvey no youre not. Cringe

    • Kyle Harvey
      Kyle Harvey Month ago +2

      @Hugh Mungas don't be jealous

    • Hugh Mungas
      Hugh Mungas Month ago +1

      @Kyle Harvey no one is jealous of virtual likes buddy. Only 10 year olds get excited over stuff like that

  • Karul Gautam
    Karul Gautam 22 days ago +1

    Dude just fallen in love with her ❤

  • B Righteous
    B Righteous 15 days ago +1

    Didn’t know being a d1 gymnast paid so well😂😂😂

  • D G
    D G 2 months ago +3458

    Breckie hill is her name. For the science.

    • TR3 Official
      TR3 Official 2 months ago +350

      Leave this man with his 69 likes for the love of god and all things holy

    • You
      You 2 months ago +197

      Ahh yes. The god messenger has come to save us once again

  • James Cartwright
    James Cartwright 7 days ago +1

    She goes to "I get run thru U".

  • Sterno Cladomastoid
    Sterno Cladomastoid 9 days ago

    She finishes every statement he starts!

  • Hayden Davidson
    Hayden Davidson Month ago +546

    Summary: she does stretches for her SugarDaddy.

    • Brandon BP
      Brandon BP Month ago +1

      Well none of us thought she actually earned it. Somebody bought that shit for her.

    • Pink Panther
      Pink Panther Month ago

      Got me 😂😂😂

    • MrVoltron23
      MrVoltron23 Month ago +1

      @Brandon BP one of the top gymnasts in the world with a massive NIL contract now that college athletes can be paid.

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      @MrVoltron23 but the thing is that’s not Livvy that’s breckiehill an of model who ppl compare to livvy cuz similar looks

  • Markollins TV
    Markollins TV Month ago +33

    She's absolutely beautiful

  • Roberts Watches
    Roberts Watches Month ago

    Damn that NIL money coming fast and hard!!

  • LindorPlays
    LindorPlays Month ago +2559

    I heard they had no AC at LSU, they got onlyfans💀
    Edit: most likes I ever got!

    • Shubhkarman Singh
      Shubhkarman Singh Month ago +22

      Made my day 😂

    • Ron D
      Ron D Month ago +13

      Except I don’t think she has only fans. Just 6 million TikTok followers and millions in endorsements.

    • Gean Dayto
      Gean Dayto Month ago +9

      Ba dum tss! 🥁

    • Ur mom
      Ur mom Month ago +1

      That was clever

    • Ant cheffin up
      Ant cheffin up Month ago +1

      Bruh lmao 😭😂 that caught me off guard, hella funny🤣

  • WCH
    WCH 4 days ago +1

    Your cars awesome! What does your man do for a living?

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar 9 days ago

    LSU - I'll see you 😂😂

  • TimeStay
    TimeStay Month ago +1297

    As an Only Fan community I confirm she goes to LSU

    • Words
      Words Month ago +15

      Nah it looks more like daddy money, having daddy money doesn't mean you do nothing, u can atleast be enrolled in a hobby, this guy should have asked better questions, does a gymnast makes enough money to buy an URUS?

    • mak'n bacon
      mak'n bacon Month ago

      ​@WordsNo doubt....and a college gymnast.😂

    • Detective053
      Detective053 Month ago +1

      Regardless, she is definitely learning things. Her talents are paying dividends.

    • Kyrie Durant
      Kyrie Durant Month ago +3

      Is that Livvy Dunne?

    • Planetarian👾
      Planetarian👾 Month ago +2

      @Kyrie Durant it is

  • alfonso santos
    alfonso santos Month ago +130

    This young girl has amazing attitude.. and very polite..

    • TheRanchyShow
      TheRanchyShow Month ago +24


    • WoweyBlocks
      WoweyBlocks Month ago +20

      Who’s gonna tell him that she not actually a gymnast

    • Lan Astaslem
      Lan Astaslem Month ago +3

      I disagree

    • Bogey
      Bogey Month ago +1

      @WoweyBlocks i am.
      I call bullshit. Gotta go with the Only Fans theory

    • Josh Adams
      Josh Adams Month ago +1

      you sound like the type of dude who actually pays for of

  • A Toxic Scorpio
    A Toxic Scorpio 28 days ago +2

    Bro still looks like a beast tho

  • Sax Machine
    Sax Machine Month ago +824

    Translation: She does the pole vault on camera for money.

    • jason deaver
      jason deaver Month ago +14

      She is one of the highest paid college athletes from NIL money learn something before posting non sense 🤦‍♂️

    • C
      C Month ago +7

      ​@jason deaver College athletes aren't on a salary.

    • jason deaver
      jason deaver Month ago +6

      @C correct they get money for endorsements and commercials

    • gigasmurf
      gigasmurf Month ago +3

      @jason deaverlike the hub?

  • Andre Sousa
    Andre Sousa 15 days ago +5

    Apparently in America beautiful young gymnasts get paid enough to buy Lamborghinis while still in college 🤡
    Social media has made everyone think buying a Lamborghini can be achieved with McDonald's wages

  • Yellow Effect
    Yellow Effect Month ago +2

    She is soo adorable🎉❤

  • Glad Person
    Glad Person 2 months ago +3269

    Its simple a cute girl in a expensive car = onlyfans...

    • Jay Zhou
      Jay Zhou Month ago +35

      There's also what's considered as "old money" by modern day standards, a song came to mind "I ain't saying she's a golddigger but she ain't messing with no..."

    • Murda Bands
      Murda Bands Month ago +34

      @Jay Zhou wym old money lmao? Onlyfans ain’t old it’s “trendy”

    • Bro Modz
      Bro Modz Month ago +6


    • CarBleach
      CarBleach Month ago +12

      @Murda Bands i cant see his comment but i’m sure he’s saying it’s old money

  • Hasib KHan
    Hasib KHan Month ago

    WoW she is perfect 😍

    SRTXI 26 days ago

    that wrap makes me cry when i saw 260k 😭

  • NoneedW
    NoneedW Month ago +272

    You can tell her favorite part is the goodbye

  • Gary Dergut
    Gary Dergut Month ago +8

    And they want their bills paid.

  • Alan Parana
    Alan Parana Day ago

    I have 2 giant points that say she’s not a gymnast…

  • Levi Langley
    Levi Langley 2 months ago +2204

    She’s imitating Livvy by saying she goes to LSU💀

    • Simon Calitri
      Simon Calitri 2 months ago +34

      She better then livie

    • Luda1369
      Luda1369 Month ago +14

      Isn’t that how she got a big following?

    • Josh Bean
      Josh Bean Month ago +17

      Bro there are 37k students there 💀 how is that imitating

    • oni
      oni Month ago +1


    • Simon Calitri
      Simon Calitri Month ago

      @oni cares

  • Sterling Spencer
    Sterling Spencer 12 days ago

    NIL is sure paying off

  • Ryan Leblanc
    Ryan Leblanc Month ago +17

    Rich parents. One of my best friends is went to LSU. He dated a lot of girls just like this. One girl broke up with him because he told me and our other boy that her dad made over $5 million per year. She didn’t even any anyone to know. Same girl was driving a new suburban, told her dad she wanted a new car, he dropped $50K in her bank account a few days later.
    Just a different caliber of people. Too rich for my blood.

  • Saarthi Shaurya
    Saarthi Shaurya 2 months ago +3226

    Editing the old comment so that you guys don't know why was it liked by everyone 🌝

    • D Deniz
      D Deniz 2 months ago +24


    • Nizar D.
      Nizar D. 2 months ago +15


    • Gavin Pohl
      Gavin Pohl Month ago +15

      Fuck man gives LSU a bad look but born and raised Geaux tigers

    • Josue Perez
      Josue Perez Month ago +5


  • Zak Price
    Zak Price 29 days ago +1

    First one I’ve seen that’s not on only fans lmao

  • ASRmann
    ASRmann 2 months ago +987

    Gymnast…. On OnlyFans?

    • Jyoti Jyoti
      Jyoti Jyoti 2 months ago +4


    • Tahir Ali
      Tahir Ali Month ago +6

      ​@oz peter 🤣

    • Klop CodeZ
      Klop CodeZ Month ago +7

      And these simps who always judge by looks and think that every good looking woman is an angel will get what’s coming for them

    • Zaros Derer
      Zaros Derer Month ago +2

      @Klop CodeZ they all end divorced and destroyed as poor dude on the street

  • Victor Dávalos
    Victor Dávalos Month ago +2

    I have a question: how much you charge an hour?

  • IndyVZ11
    IndyVZ11 23 days ago

    love that color

  • youtuber1234
    youtuber1234 Month ago +271

    She paved those streets

    • Zavage
      Zavage Month ago +1


    • Michael Breto
      Michael Breto Month ago

      Best comment

    • N N
      N N Month ago

      Top comment, up you go.

    • S Sap
      S Sap 25 days ago

      can someone translate the joke?

    • Kaleb Robinson
      Kaleb Robinson 23 days ago +1

      ​@S Sapyou know the saying " she belongs to the streets".....well instead of belonging to the streets, she made the streets

  • Aryan Hassan
    Aryan Hassan 8 days ago

    Nah bro ruined the $10,000 paint job just to support their college💀

  • Aamir Z
    Aamir Z 9 days ago

    “I love my daddy”

  • NotSam
    NotSam 2 months ago +313

    Damn she must have a lot of ‘fans’ 💀

  • sai andal
    sai andal Month ago

    she looks fresh & beautiful!! what a fine young lady?!

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith Month ago +3

    Very nice
    The cars not bad either

  • All The Things
    All The Things 2 months ago +477

    She's not a gymnast -she said that she's Jim's mess. And that's Jim's car

  • R D
    R D Month ago +4

    By gymnast she means naked gymnast… she has an onlyfans

  • Elijsha9
    Elijsha9 Month ago

    Dang daddy’s money be buying a lot these days

  • Mystical Journey Into Time & Space

    She forgot to mention her OnlyFans page.

  • AMahmud Hasan
    AMahmud Hasan Day ago

    Too flexible to have daddy issues

  • Smoothie
    Smoothie 15 days ago +2

    Hey I love your car what u do for your living?
    Her: "Oh, I have a business"
    What do you sell?
    Her: " leather "

  • Martin
    Martin 2 months ago +437

    What is it with Daniel going from asking normal people to the president to pornstars and all?

    • Uzi
      Uzi 2 months ago +41

      I’m pretty sure he’s getting paid to promote these girls only fans, you see a few comments asking for the @

    • Martin
      Martin 2 months ago +11

      @Uzi Could very well be.

    • Yasin Gunaydin
      Yasin Gunaydin 2 months ago +6

      He’s getting paid, which is smart.

    • Modern Games Suck
      Modern Games Suck Month ago +4

      That's sad. It's one one thing if he comes across these garden tools by accident, but the whole channels appeal was always him asking random people.

    • Ender proz guard
      Ender proz guard Month ago

      So who do you think he will ask to? Monkeys ? 🤣
      He just ask and they happen to be those, i guess✌

    CREEZ 29 days ago

    That color on that car is the dream man

  • Nervous Nick
    Nervous Nick 14 days ago +1

    "It's Nice" she says!

  • His Majesty
    His Majesty Month ago +22

    She: I'm a Gymanast.
    Translation: I only stretch it up for the fans.

  • Daniel Arputharaj Jayaraj

    😂😂😂when was the last time you went to Gym??😂😂😂


    Omg her look is so stunning

  • Im_just_kiwi_btw
    Im_just_kiwi_btw 2 months ago +57

    Her name is Brickie Hill now stop Scrolling it fellas

  • Raul Castro
    Raul Castro Month ago

    she's a cutie 😊

  • Justin Bautista
    Justin Bautista Month ago +2

    She's got daddy's money 🎉

  • scoobywoo
    scoobywoo Month ago +129

    Either daddy is happy or hes dissapointed .

    • Titan
      Titan Month ago +1

      I'd say happy given that she's an A1 gymnast.

    • scoobywoo
      scoobywoo Month ago +4

      @Titan wasn't the daddy I had in mind but yeah lol

    • Pablo Etchepare
      Pablo Etchepare Month ago +3

      You are a great phrase inventor !
      Excellent bro !!!!!!

    • Pablo Etchepare
      Pablo Etchepare Month ago +1

      You are awesome man !!!!!

    • Bidhan Kundu
      Bidhan Kundu Month ago

      ​@Titan suga daddy...and daddy is def happy she got Lamborghini urus

  • christopher Tiamzon
    christopher Tiamzon Month ago +4

    Actually, they're testing the new driverless cars to see if they will automatically stop when a human runs across a freeway.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown Month ago

    That NIL money too sweet

  • Lior
    Lior Month ago +19

    "who do you do for a living"

  • beneath11
    beneath11 Month ago +1

    BRUHH just drop the name so I could watch them

  • Jaime Giraldo
    Jaime Giraldo Month ago +1

    Gymnastics, but social media for the car 😅... Olivia Paige Dunne is awesome

  • mark reiter
    mark reiter Month ago +40

    "what do you do for a living?"
    "I'm a professional flirt on OnlyFans"

  • Atlanta Guns
    Atlanta Guns Month ago

    Him: here comes the mental gymnastics 🤣

  • Galen Toh
    Galen Toh 2 days ago +1

    No one notice her seat belt? It is not her car. 😂

  • J Baru
    J Baru Month ago +35

    When you see an attractive woman in an exotic car 9.999 times out of 10 she’s doing something that has something to do with her looks or someone is sponsoring her life.(daddy, sugar daddy, husband, etc)

    KYLE JR 11 days ago

    She looks organised.

  • Corey
    Corey Month ago

    So Gorgeous!

    KRE STO Month ago +24

    Ohhh I always driving with open window through every parking lot…

  • My Dad Left
    My Dad Left Month ago +1

    No way bro got breckie hill. Also I didn’t realize she made that much money that’s expensive.

  • Eté
    Eté Month ago

    She looks like a different kind of gymnastics something we’re not really familiar with 😅

  • Andrew Pierce
    Andrew Pierce Month ago +67

    She’s a gymnast the way I’m an astronaut. You don’t make Lambo money doing flips…even if your in the Olympics.

    • Todd Tynsdale
      Todd Tynsdale Month ago +1

      It's called N.I.L

    • FloridaBoyBrandon954
      FloridaBoyBrandon954 Month ago +2

      SHE MADE $3.2 million dollars last year and has made $1M this year in 3months.
      She makes $40k a post , has like 7 major sponsorship & endorsement deals , she makes 7 figures a year. That lambo is bought in less than 30days for her income

    • STNJ Demon
      STNJ Demon Month ago

      ​@FloridaBoyBrandon954 Where did you pull this from? Google says her net worth is 600k

    • STNJ Demon
      STNJ Demon Month ago

      ​@Todd Tynsdale She isn't a gymnast 💀

    • josh josh
      josh josh Month ago

      ​@STNJ Demon olivia dunne?

  • Sveeyy
    Sveeyy Month ago +1

    She's beautiful blessings young lady 🙏

  • Lion Gordel
    Lion Gordel 10 days ago

    Pretty face, beautiful car,

    YOU'RE FIRED!!! 2 months ago +357


  • Thomas Schneider
    Thomas Schneider 29 days ago +2

    Welcome to the NIL Era.

  • Bambanb Prasetyo
    Bambanb Prasetyo 24 days ago +1

    She is so beautiful n friendly❤

  • The Wizard Games
    The Wizard Games Month ago +49

    Daddy ain’t gon be happy when he sees this, and I’m not talking about her father

    • Moeez Awan
      Moeez Awan Month ago +2

      She got 6 million followers on TikTok you go cry instead of going to gym and work hard..

    • STNJ Demon
      STNJ Demon Month ago

      ​@Moeez Awan Who do you think this girl is?

  • Chase Blanchard
    Chase Blanchard Month ago +2

    she wishes she looked like livvy😭

  • RK Insanityy
    RK Insanityy Month ago +48

    That’s cappppp. Unless mommy and daddy are paying for that suv, she’s got something on the side lol

    • AsianInvasion
      AsianInvasion Month ago +2

      Only fans

    • Dan C
      Dan C Month ago +1

      They get paid for endorsement deal now

  • Noel Alim
    Noel Alim 20 days ago

    She's more than beautiful than her car!🥰

  • Jraybay
    Jraybay Month ago

    Damn. Wish I had a Lamborghini when I was in school 😆

  • Atharva Shinde
    Atharva Shinde Month ago +40

    Her gym is fantastic 😂

  • andrea Cabello
    andrea Cabello Month ago +9

    She is so polite & beautiful
    You go girl

  • Akshay Nayak
    Akshay Nayak Month ago

    Me studying like donkey for my medical exam and gymnist make money enough to buy an Lamborghini

  • BIGcoxMAN
    BIGcoxMAN Month ago +16

    She gets paid to have you see her bounce around and stretch 😅

  • Nate🤑
    Nate🤑 Month ago +8

    Yeah she is lying 💀

    KJ FOOTBALLERZ 29 days ago

    lmaoo breckie