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Brawl Stars Music Video: Good Randoms - The One

  • Published on Mar 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ⭐️ Pop Star Janet is now in the shop!
    🤜 Beat the first Challenge with UNLIMITED TRIES to get the Good Randoms Spray!
    You will find your Good Random today... 😇👍
    NOW on Spotify!
    #goodrandoms #popstarjanet
    Tilt every night, babe
    This is no life
    Stuck playing those Mortis Games
    This is a knockout, babe
    And you are gone
    But these odds, they can't be my fate (no way)
    I felt lost and astray
    But that was yesterday
    Over with and done
    Cause if you believe in me
    Like Rosa believes in Bea
    Then I finally found the one
    Yeah, you can be the one
    The one that I can trust (the one)
    The one to be the clutch (the one)
    You know I found the one and
    You can
    You can be the one
    Yeah, you protect the zone (the one)
    You never go alone and (the one)
    You open up the goal and
    You can
    You can be the one
    Had enough thumbs down, pain
    But no more, I won't be blamed
    Yeah there's got to be something better
    I'm stuck in bronze babe
    I can't win a round
    And now you know I'm starting to rage
    Cause I fell on my knees and prayed
    Cause you didn't know your lane
    That's over with and done
    I need love that never leaves
    Like Ruffs is for Eve
    Then I've finally found the one
    Yeah, you can be the one
    The one that I can trust (the one)
    The one to be the clutch (the one)
    You know I found the one and
    You can
    You can be the one
    Yeah, you protect the zone (the one)
    You never go alone and (the one)
    You open up the goal and
    You can
    You can be the one
    I have never felt like this before
    You heal me and you score
    I will never have that fear nor pain
    You know how to play with your main
    At long last I can press play again
    So babe…
    Yeah, you can be the one
    The one that I can trust (the one)
    The one to be the clutch (the one)
    You know I found the one and
    You can
    You can be the one
    Yeah, you protect the zone (the one)
    You never go alone and (the one)
    You open up the goal and
    You can
    You can be the one
    Yeah, you can be the one
    The one that I can trust (the one)
    The one to be the clutch (the one)
    You know I found the one and
    You can
    You can be the one
    Yeah, you protect the zone (the one)
    You never go alone and (the one)
    You open up the goal and
    You can
    You can be the one
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  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars  2 months ago +15908

    Trust your random 😇👍

  • lizishu
    lizishu 2 months ago +9796

    Both bad randoms and good randoms are fire🔥 To animation, lyrics, singing, it’s masterpiece✨

    • God Gaming
      God Gaming 2 months ago +77

      Bro how do you have over 1 mil subs when your most viewed vid only has 45k views

    • Li gao
      Li gao 2 months ago +10

      Hi lizishu❤

    • QuiKel Wise
      QuiKel Wise 2 months ago +10

      haha LIZI GOAT

    • CrashBeastYT
      CrashBeastYT 2 months ago +2


    • JNB
      JNB 2 months ago +1

      lizishu whats ur discord?

  • Minota
    Minota Month ago +520

    I love how Janet has the chance to sing in this song cause we never heard Janet sing, besides that, the aesthetics and the effort that had putted in this one video is dope man, the dancing was so creative, the backgrounds represents the song, its soo good ngl🔥

    • Minota
      Minota Month ago +17

      Plus this music is in my playlist, keep it up brawl devs!

    • teres_t Teres
      teres_t Teres Month ago +3

      ваша песня просто бомбическая

    • teres_t Teres
      teres_t Teres Month ago +2

      ваша песня просто бомбическая!!!!!

    • kurra
      kurra Month ago

      Смрт шиптарима

    • kurra
      kurra Month ago

      Ја сам Циган

  • Mando
    Mando 2 months ago +656

    I honestly want to see some of these as new skins for Stu, Buzz, and Poco

    • Shadow Wolf VI
      Shadow Wolf VI 2 months ago +37

      I only like Poco’s

    • YoungLeaf XIV
      YoungLeaf XIV 2 months ago +20

      ​@Shadow Wolf VI same the other 3 are mid at best

    • Shadow Wolf VI
      Shadow Wolf VI 2 months ago +25

      @YoungLeaf XIV well, Janet’s is her best in my opinion

    • Ryvex
      Ryvex Month ago +7

      Bro the only good skins are Janet and buzz ,stu and poco look mad goofy 💀

  • TSMHarry 123
    TSMHarry 123 Month ago +115

    This song is amazing!!!!🎉 Props to the dev team for making this or whoever did it!!!!🎉 Hope to see some more bangers like this one in the Near future.Maybe we Will also get those skins ❤

  • Alexander Vazquez
    Alexander Vazquez 2 months ago +492

    Una buena señal de que un videojuego va a ser recordado es porque sacaron una buena música de el.

    • Alexander de la cruz
      Alexander de la cruz Month ago +18

      esta no es la mejor. La mejor es la primera música que sacaron esa es 10 de 10 esta es 8.2 de 10

    • zizzy
      zizzy Month ago +24

      ​@Alexander de la cruz está me parece mejor que la otra xd

    • ñ
      ñ Month ago +10

      Antes de ellos eran los bad random

    • Alexander de la cruz
      Alexander de la cruz Month ago +4

      @ñ Así es mi estimado o estimada

    • Alfredo Ramon Delvalle Gonzalez
      Alfredo Ramon Delvalle Gonzalez Month ago +6

      La inversa de bad randoms:o

  • Someone Usedtobeknown
    Someone Usedtobeknown Month ago +40

    Absolute banger! You can tell that the team really has fun with these.

  • BlackM_HUN
    BlackM_HUN 2 months ago +3471

    Two things:
    1.-The song and the animation was fascinating!
    2.-We NEED those skins in-game!

    • bs emz
      bs emz 2 months ago +265

      They will definitely be added in cause Janet skin is in the game

    • BlackM_HUN
      BlackM_HUN 2 months ago +39

      @bs emz I hope so

    • Cvetka Pucelj
      Cvetka Pucelj 2 months ago +23

      They need to

    • kre (krecray)
      kre (krecray) 2 months ago +19

      That would be amazing! I'm so keen to get the Janet skin that's in the shop

    • EXG_Phönix
      EXG_Phönix 2 months ago +6

      Pls ❤

  • Yantalema Noteno Neil Adrián

    Ha Sido una pieza musical muy agradable para mis oídos, gracias Brawler Star por traer este temazo❤❤🎉

  • DragonGirl
    DragonGirl 2 months ago +94

    Three Things:
    -The Song and Animation was Fantastic
    Need These Skins in-game
    -Keep it up

  • Giovanni GP arts
    Giovanni GP arts Month ago +33

    The way SuperCell makes me love them is unique 💙💛

  • AXL DU Mashup
    AXL DU Mashup Month ago +79

    Necesitamos más canciones de los Good Randoms 😇

  • Not_zShion_T
    Not_zShion_T Month ago +4

    La skin de Janet es muy bonita, aunque no sea mi brawler favorito la quiero comprar xd

  • BamBo Animation
    BamBo Animation 2 months ago +13

    Janet quería una banda y Stu convenció a toda su banda para hacer su sueño realidad, que buen padre y que buena canción, directo al playlist ❤

    • Anel Cruz
      Anel Cruz 22 days ago

      Tops mejores padres adoptivos:

  • Mansimran Singh
    Mansimran Singh 2 months ago +128

    Just won 25 games in a row with randoms by pressing play again and after that i love this song even more🔥😭

    • DayDream
      DayDream Month ago +1

      Same bro 26 , got my first r25 too😭🤌

    • ClarenceChiu
      ClarenceChiu Month ago +3

      I always play with randoms and if im the one dragging them down i feel a bit guilty ;-;

    • Konya
      Konya Month ago

      I make non-stop Mortis with mortis.ı won 35 games in a row

    • bs emz
      bs emz 14 days ago

      I push my 397 Tara to 536 whith a fang and a Edgar they were really good

  • Monetização
    Monetização Month ago

    Isso ficou perfeito

  • Mati
    Mati Month ago +10

    Una muy buena banda son los Good Randoms y los Bad Randoms
    Necesitan sacar más canciones de estas y agregar estás skins de los Good Randoms al juego con el precio de 79 gemas y 149 gemas
    al juego
    Esta buenísima la canción ojalá sigan así esta es una señal del mejor videojuego de la historia que siempre será recordado, por favor Supercell sacad el mejor videojuego de celulares en la historia :D

    • ElPavo
      ElPavo Month ago

      Mati que haces aquí soy fan tuyo y de tus videos 😮

  • H.oficial
    H.oficial Month ago +5


  • BroSki
    BroSki 2 months ago +348


  • Mr. Mini P.e.k.k.a
    Mr. Mini P.e.k.k.a 2 months ago +11

    Genial una cancion para recordarme que aun existen buenos randoms🤝👍

  • RainbowSmile BS
    RainbowSmile BS Month ago +10

    The start of this song couldn’t be more perfect I could listen to it for 1hr straight. The tune throughout the song is catchy and rocky in an exciting way. Very well made brawl stars 🎸

  • Diego De la Macorra
    Diego De la Macorra Month ago +6

    I never expected Good Randoms to exist, nor for their debut song to sound like something that came out is 2001.

  • Miller Gondim
    Miller Gondim 2 months ago +8

    Ótima música parabéns

  • MACC544_WoW
    MACC544_WoW Month ago +2

    A mí me toca el mejor equipo que he tenido, que me apoya en partida, pero cuando acaba le dan en retirarse y yo como de que "nooo no se vayan, no me abandonen 🥺🥺" es gacho, rara vez pero muy pocas veces me pasa 😢

  • Jonny bs
    Jonny bs 2 months ago +622

    Essas skins tem que chegar no jogo supercell, lindas demais, e a música também ficou perfeita

  • Shadow Maycom
    Shadow Maycom 2 months ago +5

    Supercell traga essas skins para o jogo elas são muito lindas para apenas ser uma pegadinha de primeiro de abril

  • ª
    ª 2 months ago +8

    Já estou aguardando ansioso para mais músicas da good randoms

  • Gerrard
    Gerrard Month ago +13

    Yo dudaba cómo se veían bailando ahora que veo este vídeo no está nada mal,a como salgan estás skins voy por la de Stu xd

  • Rickelme HERÓI
    Rickelme HERÓI 2 months ago +3

    Música boa e emocionante demais

  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez Month ago +2

    Los aspectos de good randoms es tan bien padre porque no los incluyen al juego

  • kre (krecray)
    kre (krecray) 2 months ago +405

    Love both the Bad Randoms and Good Randoms!🎶 Such a vibe, amazing singing, catchy tune and great animation😊

    • Peak
      Peak 2 months ago +6

      These should be skins

    • ROXY_YTシ
      ROXY_YTシ 2 months ago +6

      Here before this blows up

    • Gaylord
      Gaylord 2 months ago +1

      Goofy ahh animation and Stu hair is more fake than my dad

    • Fr0stgamer
      Fr0stgamer 2 months ago

      Finalie will be dislikes in brawl Stars delite?

    • Gaylord
      Gaylord 2 months ago

      The song isn't even original it's just a turning red reference but lines are changed


    It is simply beautiful, I would love a video showing the singers of Good and Bad Randooms, cause they are awesome! 🔥🎤.

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago +3

    Simplesmente incrível ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nuwa
    Nuwa Month ago +2

    J'espère qu'ils feront des skins good randoms ça serait génial ;)

  • Sam James
    Sam James 2 months ago +3

    This is too good. It needs way more views and likes for the amount of effort in the animation and vocals.

  • H.oficial
    H.oficial Month ago


  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz 2 months ago +16

    Mano essa música não sai da minha cabeça kkkk incrível

    • Madan Murila games
      Madan Murila games 2 months ago +2

      vdd eu fico assim com qualquer música principalmente quando veio o bad ramdons

  • caio aquino
    caio aquino 2 months ago

    Supercell faz mais músicas assim por favor é ame a música viro meu toque de celular

  • MEhdar MOha
    MEhdar MOha Month ago +4

    My love for this game still grows more and more ... Been there since 2016

    • Clip BS
      Clip BS Month ago

      Y el juego salió el 2017 XDD

    • Marios Th
      Marios Th Month ago +2

      Bro was there before it was released

  • 王珊珊
    王珊珊 Month ago +1

    The animation is sick!
    The movements are fluid

  • YoshiGamerYT
    YoshiGamerYT 29 days ago

    Cuando van a sacar las skins de poco stu y buzz? quiero la de poco, y tengo que pensar si la de buzz o la de stu, me quedo con una de esas y con la de poco xd

  • Sotirod
    Sotirod 2 months ago +552

    Nunca vi um jogo ter tanto carinho com a própria comunidade, só a supercell pra fazer algo assim!

  • Edu Mendez STAR
    Edu Mendez STAR Month ago +1

    Muito bom ❤❤❤ the one❤

  • Willie
    Willie 2 months ago +3

    Очень красивый русский перевод))) Thank you very much! This is fantastic!😍

  • Balloon Boy 22 GoldBox Mobox87

    Tendrían que hacer las skines SERIA BUENÍSIMA PARA EL JUEGO

  • Fel1On
    Fel1On Month ago +5

    brawl stars team never disappoints us with those masterpieces

  • Don't Mind me
    Don't Mind me Month ago +24

    This music makes me feel insiped. I can't live with the feeling of despair while playing brawl stars. I simply love the feeling of hopefulness while listening to this masterpiece. I can't belive how beautiful it sounds. I really want to be the one. This music is a masterpiece of modern art. It's so good that my playlist is only on Supercell's music videos. The body movements. The art. The lyrircs. It makes me so happy, so good about myself. It helped me from my depression. This is actually underrated beacuse it looks like silly cartoon. I really want to see them in real life. I want to look at them and how they play their music at stage. They are the best. It's so good that I dance in my sleep when I hear it play. Not even BTS stands near. I simply love Janet so much. This is unbelieveable. So good, I just can't. Just imagine the collab between them and some bands. LIKE what if they collab with Imagine Dragons. I can't show how happy I am. This is so good. I love the feeling when I hear that I can be the one. Be the good. Be the one. It's so good that I belive that I really can. I am the fan of the band. I listen to them from the begining. And it is the best song yet! I don't care about your opinion. Because if you say something bad it means your opinion is false, and should be kept to yourself. I can't think about anything. Music. I want it to be my lover my soulmate. When they dance or just sing. It makes my heart beat faster. I really want them to understand what masterpiece they made. It really is says a lot about our society. The good guys I really want to be like them. I really want to go to the star park and dance with them. Smile. Laugh. My name is W White. Oh my god. IM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! HOW IT IS SO GOOD!? Just imagine going through park and this plays. You just have to dance. It really doesn't matter if you'll look like crazy. I never smiled so wide. But this music made me smile. I really can't get over it.
    (god what have i wrote)

  • accounts names
    accounts names 2 months ago +263

    Not only is this an absolute banger but we need these skins in the game.

    • َِض
      َِض 2 months ago +7

      they will probably come in the future

    • Ege Oran
      Ege Oran 2 months ago +4

      Jennet's skin is in the market now

    • Gaylord
      Gaylord 2 months ago

      Goofy ahh animation and Stu hair is more fake than my sä

    • It's a Darlyn
      It's a Darlyn 2 months ago +7

      ​@Gaylord goofy ahh name lmao

    • Kaltes Kopfkissen
      Kaltes Kopfkissen 2 months ago +9

      @Gaylord Bro he is a robot, what are you talking about💀

  • Alexandra Maria
    Alexandra Maria Month ago +2

    Arrasou demais 😍👏👏👏

  • IhateMathKinda
    IhateMathKinda Month ago +5

    after listening to this song like 20 times, i completely changed my opinion!!
    - it's so catchy!!
    - the references to relationships in the game are so cute, such as bea being rosas assistant, but I'm confused about the eve and ruffs thing? When did ruffs ever even like eve what? I thought they were enemies, because yk, dog and flea?
    - I'm kinda shocked no one is shiping buzz and janet, but it's a good thing tbh. Slight overuse of the word 'babe' and sounds a tiny bit romantic.
    - the animation is absolutely amazing! And who came up with the choreography?
    - I still think the skins look a bit silly, but it's growing on me! By the way, are the hairstyles supposed to represent griff's, gus's and edgars? They look awefully similar.
    - I think buzz smiled for the first time ever in one of the background photos?? Kind of crazy that he's never smiled up to now.
    I always wanted more bad randoms songs and this wasn't what I expected, but it's so awesome!

  • JennyKil4
    JennyKil4 Month ago +2

    Это прекрасно!🤩

  • vzAmyz
    vzAmyz Month ago +6

    Los BadRandoms y los GoodRandoms son de lo mejor que ha pasado en Brawl stars❤

  • Luis ito
    Luis ito 7 days ago

    Me encanto❤

  • Ayaan Bhardwaj
    Ayaan Bhardwaj 2 months ago +281

    This just shows how blessed we are to have such a fantastic team who can go above and beyond and even make music videos for us ♥️

  • Balloon Boy 22 GoldBox Mobox87

    Por dios Me encanta este tema no paro de verlo!!❤

    • ikep messin
      ikep messin Month ago

      Me too

    • Noemy Cutipa
      Noemy Cutipa Month ago +2

      Si metieran las otras tres skins de Poco, Stu y Buzz ofrecería a mi hermana por la de Poco xD
      ( Soy main poco :v )

  • Азамат Ильмагамбетов

    Wow, it's not just beautiful, it's gorgeous! 🤩

  • Tapper 5 6
    Tapper 5 6 12 days ago +2

    Just got the Janet brawler and skin offer and I listened to this song right after. I love the skin animation but I haven't played my first match in showdown with it but I can't wait for it! This game just keeps surprising me because I'm always so excited about new content for this game because the game is just so much fun. I love it. Keep up the amazing work Supercell!

  • Rodrigo nuñes pacheco
    Rodrigo nuñes pacheco 22 days ago +9


  • Nidal
    Nidal Month ago +2

    I can't wait to see the whole good randoms in game

  • MartinKodehoti
    MartinKodehoti 2 months ago +55

    No one expected it, but everyone needed it.

  • Steve
    Steve 2 months ago +2

    This is fire!🔥Bad Randoms and Good Randoms are the best,
    Also thanks for the Carnival pin included in the Challenge, i loved it! i got the pin and the spray! Seriously though. This is a masterpiece! the Animation, Lyrics, all the stuff that makes this better is Amazing! Popstar Janet has the best design in my opinion.

  • Cappuccino Robin
    Cappuccino Robin 2 months ago +10

    Ojalá el pin que regalan con la skin de Janet dijese algo como "You can be The One!"

  • Andre Matias
    Andre Matias Month ago +2

    Cuando escuche la canción por primera ves me inoctiso.
    Weyyy, la Janet esta hermosa la baba se me estaba saliendo me mataba perdiendo y ganar copas para conseguirla😍

  • SunSeeker
    SunSeeker 2 months ago +6

    Esta es fácil la mejor canción que ha sacado supercell 💫

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique Month ago

    Supercell desejo ver mais clipes da good randoms

  • Darius B
    Darius B 2 months ago +251

    I love the references to other brawlers (With Rosa/Bea and Ruffs/Eve), those really add something to the song in my opinion ^^
    Also Janet's voice is heavenly !!!

    • lahsen
      lahsen 2 months ago +11

      And ( now I can press play again )
      So relatable

    • OkiKnox
      OkiKnox 2 months ago +6

      Adding their name in the song really adds volumes 😅

  • El Perú con inocencia
    El Perú con inocencia 2 months ago +3

    Ojalá agreguen las skins de buzz, poco y stu como se hizo con Janet estrella del pop

      HENDROIS 29 days ago

      In game se vé genial a pesar de ser calidad rara,no puedo esperar a ver a stu y Buzz con peluca

  • Serhat D. Aslıyüksek
    Serhat D. Aslıyüksek 2 months ago

    The song is truly legendary 😀

  • Mauricio Soto
    Mauricio Soto Month ago +8

    It gave me vibes from BSB or NSYNC, this is truly a masterpiece 🤙

  • Lincoln Yeung
    Lincoln Yeung Month ago +4

    It’s been a whole month since I’ve first watched it, and I just can’t get over it, especially the animation.

  • Benny 〆
    Benny 〆 2 months ago +126

    This is what makes Brawl so special!❤ No other game has such a great dev team! Banger updates, banger storyline, banger gameplay and a unique band with great music😍🎶

    • donlim2010
      donlim2010 2 months ago

      Riot games like Valorant and League makes a lot of awesome music and animation too.

    • Benny 〆
      Benny 〆 2 months ago

      Yes, but I only play brawl

  • Levi
    Levi Month ago

    Coloque seu melhores fones relaxe e aproveite 🎧♥️

    VICTOR BRUCHADO 2 months ago +5

    Eu vi uma banda muito daora e sombria virar um banda de k-pop
    E surpreendentemente isso ficou incrivel

  • Tricks man
    Tricks man Month ago +1

    I appreciate the efforts on arabic subtitle..its so accurate and flawless ❤️✨

  • NossART
    NossART 2 months ago

    Já tenho a skin da janet kkkkkkkk agora só falta do stu pra eu ser feliz

  • Jhonatan Jesus Alva Ruiz

    Me gustó la canción a pesar que se publicó hace más de 1 semana 😎😋

  • Рука Куникиды
    Рука Куникиды 2 months ago +612

    Эта песня вызывает какую-то странную ностальгию. Давно забросила бравл, но эти песни навсегда останутся в моём сердце.

    • ФАЗИ YouTube
      ФАЗИ YouTube 2 months ago +7


    • Серый Кабан
      Серый Кабан 2 months ago +30

      ГАВС ЛЮБИТ ЕВУ!!!!!!

    • MrNikita
      MrNikita 2 months ago +5


    • 3_3Valera
      3_3Valera 2 months ago +7

      А мне кажется что это говно какой-то

    • Wesley Gamer
      Wesley Gamer 2 months ago +2

      Vouta cara tá muito bom

  • alrightou
    alrightou 2 months ago +1


  • Santiago Mereles
    Santiago Mereles 2 months ago

    I love Good randoms, I love this song, I love Brawl Stars, thanks for everything 💖

  • Alexisplay14
    Alexisplay14 Month ago +2

    Me ha encantado la canción supercell 💓💓

  • Mashyuu 13
    Mashyuu 13 2 months ago

    Pedazo de obra maestra, creo que volveré a jugar el braulio estrellas

  • Иван Мельников

    Мне очень нравится ❤

  • Divius Voldren
    Divius Voldren 2 months ago +164

    ...this is why I'll never stop loving Brawl Stars.

  • Toy Tiago
    Toy Tiago 2 months ago +14

    Now we just need Neutral Randoms to have the 3 random groups ever.

  • Teamtails2
    Teamtails2 2 months ago +3

    Amazing animation, and good song love the reference in the game

  • Zany Garcia
    Zany Garcia Month ago

    This is going in my music playlist for SURE

  • 노장구
    노장구 2 months ago +3

    The characteristics of the player in this game and I realized that a leader who will lead the team is important and what his role is.

  • Elsa Inchi Puris
    Elsa Inchi Puris Month ago

    Sigo esperando que saquen las otras skins de poco,stu y buzz pero en good randoms ya sacaron a janet pero quiero las otras tambien


      Yo xd, pero tengo que pensarme si comprar la de buzz o la de stu, la de poco se compra SI O SI pero entre la de stu y buzz creo que te lo tienes que pensar

  • Tempestous Shadow
    Tempestous Shadow 2 months ago +98

    These animations keep getting better and better.Good job y'all :)

  • CNN Чика
    CNN Чика 2 months ago

    Молодцы ребята, так держать

  • homi do baum
    homi do baum 2 months ago +3

    Melhor é que o desafio só pode ser feito com aleatorios oque combinou mais ainda,as referencias nessa musica

  • luff panda
    luff panda 2 months ago

    Ok bela musica supercell, MAS POR QUE ESSAS SKINS NÃO ESTÃO EM GAME??

  • KauaAntonioPlayer 59

    Podiam fazer versões em outros idiomas né Supercell?

  • Arctic
    Arctic 2 months ago +275

    Can we all just appreciate how much effort they put into this video. Definitely a banger and just hits different, even the pop star janet skin, an instant buy

    • Hiếu Nguyễn
      Hiếu Nguyễn 2 months ago +2

      This skin is rock but i have two choices and i have to decide since I have more than enough gems to buy this skin
      1. Buy the Brawl Pass and get R-T and his Crimson skin or
      2. Buy this Popstar skin

    • Steven Gamer
      Steven Gamer 2 months ago +2

      ​@Hiếu Nguyễn i feel like brawl pass is more value you get good rewards 2 skins 1 new brawler which is great

    • Hiếu Nguyễn
      Hiếu Nguyễn 2 months ago

      @Steven Gamer thanks for the advice

    • sammie 🥰
      sammie 🥰 2 months ago

      @Hiếu Nguyễn get both

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 months ago +1

      This sounds extremely autotuned; they tried to mask it off as Stu because he is a robot, but Poco is definitely not a Robot.

  • Nine Circles
    Nine Circles Month ago +2

    this song fits perfect for valentines day😇

  • Dilan Brawl
    Dilan Brawl 14 days ago +2

    Necesito esos aspectos de Los Good Randoms 😻✨

  • العقيدXفاكتور

    There are a lot of letters, but there is nothing to describe the magnificence of this thing✨✌️

  • Deadline
    Deadline Month ago

    It's amazing! Very good job, supercell ;)

  • Daria💞
    Daria💞 Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video and spray! The community has become less toxic!

  • Gabriel Cósmico
    Gabriel Cósmico 2 months ago +379