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Michigan Football 2023-2024 Hype Video || "Houston Or Bust" ||

  • Published on Apr 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I don't own the clips or music blah blah blah, obviously I didn't make the song or record the videos.

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  • Spartan Dawgs
    Spartan Dawgs 5 months ago +2

    hey buddy, msu fan here. I would like to say the part of blake corum looking at msu players is simply called this magical thing "physics" also... let me remind you and blake corum, msu with tuck is currently 2-1. so tuck is comin he already has 2 w's against your team dawg. Other than that have a great day and enjoy this upcoming season.

    • Luke Mleko
      Luke Mleko 5 months ago +13

      Where are your back to back big ten titles??? I will wait.

    • Spartan Dawgs
      Spartan Dawgs 5 months ago

      @Luke Mleko where is your bowl game win lol

    • Brendan Richardson
      Brendan Richardson  5 months ago +9

      I know the Mel tucker enjoyer isn’t talking about bowl games💀

    • Spartan Dawgs
      Spartan Dawgs 5 months ago

      @Brendan Richardson at least when we make one we win them lmao, I'd rather miss a bowl game than lose one

  • Tamara Simmons
    Tamara Simmons 3 months ago +1

    aMAIZing!! I’m ready for the season to start tomorrow. So excited for this upcoming season. Go Blue 💙💛💙💛

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith 4 months ago +9

    The TCU loss is going to fuel this team this year. It's also why so many veterans decided to come back. Might turn out to be our biggest blessing in disguise. Kind of like the Bulls and the Pistons. It took a few years for the Bulls to finally breakthrough. And Jordan said without the losses they would have never been the great dynasty they became.

    • DWoodyTube
      DWoodyTube 3 months ago

      Just like the Georgia loss was supposed to fuel them last year lol

    • Travis Smith
      Travis Smith 3 months ago +2

      @DWoodyTube That it did. Back to back Big 10 champs and back to back playoffs.

  • kmfiz
    kmfiz 5 months ago +30

    Dang it, summer hasn’t started yet and I’m already pumped. Thanks a lot! Great vid.

  • Andrew Yankee
    Andrew Yankee 5 months ago +8

    This is one of the best hype videos I've ever seen. It's long, but this is awesome. Only April, and I want Michigan Football NOW!

  • Connor Marx
    Connor Marx 3 months ago +1

    I love how pat Mcafee was so confident that Ohio state was gonna win lol😂😂😂

  • Googers503
    Googers503 3 months ago

    That still frame with corum against state is amazing!!

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson 4 months ago +5

    This will be my first year as a season ticket holder. I cannot wait!

    • WM Richards, Esq.
      WM Richards, Esq. 3 months ago

      Same here. First year and my tix are paid for and reserved. GOBLUE

  • Brennan Loerlein
    Brennan Loerlein 5 months ago +7

    Great Video! If I had the talent and patience to make a hype video it would've contained all these same clips you nailed it buddy! Loved the clips against Mich St. died laughing! Loved how you incorporated the music with the announcers. 10/10! lol

  • Tha Yeti
    Tha Yeti 3 months ago +1

    Can’t wait for this season to start we coming for heads!

  • Izzy Lamont
    Izzy Lamont 4 months ago +1

    Corum and Edwards back as well McCarthy with the recruiting class. Best team of harbaughs tenure

  • Jeffrey Mcdonald
    Jeffrey Mcdonald Month ago

    Corum is up there with my fav Michigan RB's ever. No, correction, one of my favorite College Football RB's ever. And JJ Mc C is a dawg. Much blessings for JJ. Stay healthy and Go GREEN. Ohhh, didn't see that comin did ya. 🤭🤫

  • Chip Saunders
    Chip Saunders 2 months ago +1

    It’s criminal how Michigan was not prepared for TCU.

  • Donny Dixem
    Donny Dixem 5 months ago +3

    “ They will Stop the Run” - Urban Meyer🤣

  • William Cannady
    William Cannady 5 months ago +1

    Love the osu clips hope it continues for years to come great video go blue

  • Samuel Luginbuhl
    Samuel Luginbuhl Month ago

    Got my season ticket I'm excited!

  • Noah Moberly
    Noah Moberly 5 months ago +12

    Great vid 👌 👍 👏
    Michigans year this time around

    • Keel
      Keel 5 months ago

      Gonna get embarrassed in the playoffs again

  • Patrick Evans
    Patrick Evans 3 months ago

    Michigan football is doing something lately, but hadn't since Mr. Schembecler retired, 30 plus years

  • Joe Miklusicak
    Joe Miklusicak 5 months ago +2

    I agree, watch out for Maryland & I'll add PSU also.

  • Terence Thompson
    Terence Thompson 5 months ago +2

    Great hype video go blue!!

  • Graham Eskola
    Graham Eskola 2 months ago

    “They will stop the run” 😂

  • Kevin Chandler
    Kevin Chandler 3 months ago

    Aw, this little cute video!!!! Lol
    Reality is last year is frickin over, and my Nittany Lions 🦁 are going to show everyone that last year doesn't mean shit!!!! Happy Valley in November, I am counting the days, don't say I didn't warn you!!!!! WE ARE 🏈 Unrivaled

  • Hills have eyes
    Hills have eyes 5 months ago +1

    Go wolverines 💪💪

  • Alison Kleyn
    Alison Kleyn 4 months ago

    Dam We got Blake Corum on Are back🏈🏈🏈🏈🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Michigan Hypelights
    Michigan Hypelights 5 months ago +1

    Great video, Go Blue!

  • kryer981
    kryer981 5 months ago +13

    Word of caution: don't be sleeping on Maryland this year.

    • C. Owens
      C. Owens 5 months ago +1

      We will see about it in the fall!!

    • Q New
      Q New 5 months ago +2

      I say that every year… they are gonna be good soon

    • Jay
      Jay 5 months ago

      They have Gattis now, he only lasted a year in Miami Lol!

    • Terence Thompson
      Terence Thompson 5 months ago +1

      We might run up the score because he got gattis

    • Steve Salisbury
      Steve Salisbury 5 months ago +2


  • sean mcginnis
    sean mcginnis 5 months ago +3

    Lol now I can’t wait until football season. RIP summer.

  • TP_Justice
    TP_Justice 5 months ago +3

    Love the vid, we’ll be back! Go blue!

    • Keel
      Keel 4 months ago

      Back losing in the first round maybe

  • kali_eq
    kali_eq 2 months ago

    Too bad all this doesn’t start tomorrow, I have to fricken start school before all this glory😅〽️

  • Colin Fletcher
    Colin Fletcher 5 months ago +1

    Hail yes. We're underestimated again this year. Let's smack the big ten around again and let's hang 50 on ohio this year

    • Keel
      Keel 4 months ago

      And then get embarrassed in the playoffs again

  • Jakabok Botch
    Jakabok Botch 5 months ago +1

    Day is inept. Let's hope they keep the faith.

  • Kyle Matthews
    Kyle Matthews 5 months ago +8

    Fucking Beautiful...

  • Nicholas Tylenol
    Nicholas Tylenol 5 months ago +2

    I still refuse to believe that was actually OSU,,, those guys stunk

    • alifeleti9
      alifeleti9 5 months ago +3

      Maybe give Michigan some credit?

    • Dat Wolverine
      Dat Wolverine 5 months ago +4

      You mean the same team that almost beat Georgia in the playoffs? Yea def has nothing to do with Michigan playing a better game.

    • sean mcginnis
      sean mcginnis 5 months ago

      Because we in their heads.

  • The Gemologist
    The Gemologist 4 months ago

    Michigan rules!

  • Alex Likes Nascar
    Alex Likes Nascar 5 months ago +1

    "Houston Or Bust" GO BLUE 💙〽

  • Thomas Rocco
    Thomas Rocco 4 months ago

    Take away 2 wins against Ohio away and what do we have as a program? Says more about them than us. The TCU game was actually a blessing in disguise. We weren’t ready for Georgia. Too busy putting up the Ohio score.

  • Brandon Shrewsberry
    Brandon Shrewsberry 5 months ago +2

    Tuck still runnin

  • Dean Hunt
    Dean Hunt 5 months ago +51

    Dam we have the best running backs in the country

    • William Cannady
      William Cannady 5 months ago +3

      Hall looked pretty good in the spring game kind of reminded me of Haskins

    • Demarcus Carter
      Demarcus Carter 4 months ago

      For once TTUN has #1 in something

    • Jaheim Taylor
      Jaheim Taylor 3 months ago

      Idk man FSU has some great backs

    • Rick Ritter
      Rick Ritter 3 months ago +1

      Right behind PSU

    • Kevin Chandler
      Kevin Chandler 3 months ago

      Apparently, you haven't heard of Nick Singleton and Kaytron Allen from Happy Valley??? I guess my boys will have to show you in Happy Valley in November!!!! WE ARE

  • StinkyArmpit Bass
    StinkyArmpit Bass 5 months ago +1

    I hate to break the news to you but all they will do is see Georgia in the Natty and get ran through just like last time.

    • Keel
      Keel 5 months ago +1

      They won’t make the natty they’ll lose round 1 no matter what

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha 5 months ago

      Georgia 4 the 3peat LET THE CONFETTI FLY

  • C__Hawk
    C__Hawk 3 months ago

    GO BLUE!! B1G CHAMPS IN '23!!

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods 3 months ago

    Michigan going 11-1 losing to Ohio state in an epic down to the last seconds game

  • Wesley Sparks
    Wesley Sparks 5 months ago +2

    Last time I saw Michigan their quarterback had a lil temper tantrum and abandoned his team to the media after their second consecutive playoff loss 🤷‍♂️

  • Coyote
    Coyote 4 months ago +1

    GO BLUE!

  • Chip Saunders
    Chip Saunders 2 months ago

    Urban is the master of the 2 finger butt gun.

  • Fl man
    Fl man 5 months ago

    The Don.....!!!

  • Nathanial Block
    Nathanial Block 4 months ago

    The don still runnin in Columbus

  • Michael
    Michael 5 months ago +3

    Go Blue!!!

  • Gerald S
    Gerald S 5 months ago +3

    The road to Houston goes through Athens Georgia.

    • Fl man
      Fl man 5 months ago

      it does.

    • Vic Ferrari
      Vic Ferrari 5 months ago +1

      Tru dat!

    • Bum
      Bum 4 months ago

      We dont deny that

  • It’s brandon
    It’s brandon 3 months ago

    Bring itttttt homeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nace Tucker
    Nace Tucker 4 months ago

    That dang qb gone run right into Williams if they play Georgia and he ain’t gonna want to finish the game after that please try to scramble left

  • Go_Blue!
    Go_Blue! 5 months ago


  • WolverineManiac
    WolverineManiac 5 months ago +2

    Go Blue!

  • Gabe
    Gabe 5 months ago +1

    We boutta go 0-3:(

  • Roo Golden
    Roo Golden 2 months ago

    Go Blue

  • Joseph Taschner
    Joseph Taschner 4 months ago

    Michigan by 90

  • Quality Awards
    Quality Awards 4 months ago

    Can you beat UGA, I like the hype

  • Mike Workman
    Mike Workman 5 months ago +2

    BOSA baby!

  • AC
    AC Month ago +1

    MICHIGAN 〽️😜

  • Max Vossen
    Max Vossen 5 months ago

    Where’s the highlights from the TCU game?

  • 〽️ichigan 〽️ade
    〽️ichigan 〽️ade 5 months ago +2

    Wer pissed off and more hungry then ever 💪🏽🤙🏽time to work baby〽️

    • Keel
      Keel 5 months ago

      And lose in the 1st round

    • 〽️ichigan 〽️ade
      〽️ichigan 〽️ade 5 months ago +1

      @Keel lmao with a bunch of 3 stars and sophmores who are ALL returning except 2. And 1st round? It's called the semi finals and only the tip 4 teams in the country make it. We just made it back to back years. After we win it all this year and next year yall will be coming up with ALL the excuses! Dont forget who has the #2 most national titles in the country and #1 most wins in the country and #7 academic campus in the WORLD. Been to the finals in every major sport the past 10 years. The 2 GOATS of their sports are alumni...d9nt know if you heard of them Michael Phelps and Tom Brady🤔I'd be talkin shit and hating us too if I wasn't an alumni. All we do is win in sports and life and that's 100% FACTS

  • Jay
    Jay 5 months ago +1

    Corum=Heisman 2023.

  • Richard Bolley
    Richard Bolley 5 months ago

    Go blue

  • Muhd Nawfal
    Muhd Nawfal 5 months ago +1

    We’re going to Houston baby

    • Keel
      Keel 5 months ago

      Another 1st round loss

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha 5 months ago

      And what's gonna happen?
      Michigan gonna get spanked

  • Cool Clipz
    Cool Clipz 3 months ago

    Donavan Edwards is my fav player

  • Michigan man j
    Michigan man j 5 months ago

    We're going to Houston

    • Keel
      Keel 4 months ago

      No chance . Losing first round again in embarrassing fashion

  • K L
    K L 4 months ago

    Hype what ? LOSING 😂😂

  • Certified Clapaholic
    Certified Clapaholic 5 months ago +8

    Finally, a good Michigan hype video that doesn't use that stupid song by The Killers 😎

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis 5 months ago +2

      Fake fan

    • Certified Clapaholic
      Certified Clapaholic 5 months ago +3

      Ethan St. Pierre literally attended classes at U of M with my parents when they couldn't find a babysitter so try a different insult that actually makes sense lmaooo

  • Professor Numnutz
    Professor Numnutz 5 months ago

    Michigan is getting scary

    • Keel
      Keel 5 months ago

      Michigans scared of the 1st round lmao

    • Andrew Blakeslee
      Andrew Blakeslee 2 months ago

      @Keel Two losses? Have you seen Oklahoma?

  • Rick Ritter
    Rick Ritter 3 months ago

    Can wait to see another play off choke

  • Paul Seibert
    Paul Seibert 3 months ago


  • Jay Vanderbilt
    Jay Vanderbilt 29 days ago

    Great song choice

  • Yooperlite
    Yooperlite 4 months ago +1

    1:46 bro.

  • James Gasaway
    James Gasaway 5 months ago +1

    Bust lol

  • Jon Widmer
    Jon Widmer 5 months ago


  • Challenge Gamer
    Challenge Gamer 5 months ago +1

    It wasn’t stupid

  • Jam City
    Jam City Month ago

    Highlights great but the choice of music was EXTREMELY distracting and threw off the video. Couldn't watch whole thing

  • Reed Wilkinson
    Reed Wilkinson 5 months ago +1

    Georgia fan here to say "bust"

    • Tucker Cronk
      Tucker Cronk 5 months ago

      Tcu fan here to agree cuz michigan the only team we can still shit talk

    • Adam
      Adam 5 months ago

      @Tucker Cronk TCU couldn’t even win their own conference title game. They backed into the playoff like osu did.
      Either way it took 3 turnovers and Michigan to play their worst game of the season and TCU only beat them by 1 score. That was your NC game because they didn’t show up to play UGA.

    • Tucker Cronk
      Tucker Cronk 5 months ago

      @Adam ight buddy we beat michigan so we can shit talk them specifically. A win is a win pal

    • Adam
      Adam 5 months ago

      @Tucker Cronk you’re right a win is a win. At least when Michigan played UGA they put up a fight though. They didn’t even show up for the NC because Michigan was their NC.

    • Tucker Cronk
      Tucker Cronk 5 months ago

      @Adam bro ur making no sense. Your comparing games from 2 different years and comparing both teams to georgia. Im not saying anything about georgia ik we didnt show up in the national championship but we beat michigan the game before that so stop making excuses for them. They lost

  • Roman Bellitto
    Roman Bellitto 5 months ago

    Y'all not beating Bama for the natty

  • Username commenter
    Username commenter 5 months ago

    “Houston or bust” man you havent won a bowl game in 7 years. Maybe take that smaller step first.

    • Brendan Richardson
      Brendan Richardson  5 months ago

      Bowl games mean nothing lil bro. See you in the playoffs for 3rd year straight! Winning this time!

    • Username commenter
      Username commenter 5 months ago +1

      @Brendan Richardson “Bowl games mean nothing” - michigan man 2023

    • Brendan Richardson
      Brendan Richardson  5 months ago

      @Username commenteryou right bro! Hope Michigan drops some regular season games so we can go win the Cheez-It Bowl!!

    • Username commenter
      Username commenter 5 months ago

      @Brendan Richardson my man. Theres about 20 bowls better than the cheez it bowl. (Including the cfp)

    • Brendan Richardson
      Brendan Richardson  5 months ago

      @Username commenterso some bowl games don’t matter?!

  • Austin Sailor
    Austin Sailor 5 months ago

    Go bucks

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 5 months ago

    Wouldn't that be considered a terrorist act. Not to mention to possibly eliminate black Americans that would be a educated threat to some folk.

  • Anthony Robak
    Anthony Robak 5 months ago

    Horrible soundtrack

  • Aaron Harris
    Aaron Harris 5 months ago +3

    Georgia fans, God, just shut up! Y'all have no business being on a Michigan video. Let's just wait and see what happens. No predictions here. Let's let the chips fall where they may. 〽️💛💙

    • Adam
      Adam 5 months ago +1

      They’re obsessed. Two straight titles and still can’t stop stalking Michigan vids.

  • Keel
    Keel 5 months ago

    It’s gonna be a bust y’all can’t win a playoff game lmao

  • KG Rainz
    KG Rainz 5 months ago

    Michigan is out for blood next szn preseason top 3 not doubt

    • Keel
      Keel 5 months ago

      Just to lose in the 1st round

    • KG Rainz
      KG Rainz 5 months ago

      @Keel nah they shouldn’t let that happen again

    MR ANDERSON 5 months ago

    Unfortunately MI will choke