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Watch This Before Buying A New Power Supply!

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • If you have an old no name power supply that you've been hanging onto for years and are considering upgrading then you need to watch this video full of advice and tips from Gordon.
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    #psu #powersupply #advice
    00:00 - Is My Old Power Supply Going To Cut It?
    01:18 - How Many Watts Do You Need?
    02:28 - What Is Efficiency?
    03:50 - Sort By 80Plus Gold And Be Done?
    04:40 - 80Plus vs Cybenetics
    07:02 - What Is The 12VHPWR Connector?
    09:27 - 12VHPWR or PCIe 5 Connector?
    10:35 - Which PSU Brand Is Best?
    14:24 - Where To Find Power Supply Reviews
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Comments • 147

  • stormlord121
    stormlord121 4 months ago +15

    I really like this format of one person roleplaying as the curious potential buyer and Gordon giving a very detailed answer. Thank you very much for this video! Gonna build a Zen 4/RDNA 3 build soon so this is excellent info!

    • nunyobiznez
      nunyobiznez 3 months ago

      Yeah, but I like it much better when Gordon is the one asking silly questions, because he usually ends up making me laugh.

  • Rededd01
    Rededd01 2 months ago +1

    I've been purchasing EVGA products since my X58 Nehalem build. Thank you guys for the "No BS" content.

  • Earth Taurus
    Earth Taurus 4 months ago

    I'm currently using a Fractal 860p ION. Was forced to buy a fractal 860p ion during the Covid-19 lockdowns in early 2020 when my previous PSU's fan started making a racket as the ball bearing started making a noise and it was actually alot cheaper than a 650 watt semi-modular in the UK due to supply and demand / component shortages. The reason the PSU fan was constantly running was that I was it as an additional exhaust to keep temps down as - fan facing down into the bottom of the chasis as the corner of the case where the PSU is installed gets alarmingly warm even with fan constantly on)... silly me I had the the H500M 200mm fans running with the included y splitter and that had the fans running at verrrry low RPM (later became evident as there was hardly any dust in the case). I later bought a commander pro and now I have them running at 370 RPM (lowest) - within a month (the fractal ion psu has been running in eco mode since first install as the air literally forced out the PSU keeping it cool) or so there was some dust build up over the mesh indicating that the fans were running at super low RPM.

    • Earth Taurus
      Earth Taurus 4 months ago +1

      @Mike Elek Thanks for commenting - There is no dust in the PSU. It's the bearing as I still have the PSU as a spare and plugged it into test some components a few months down the line and there was no rattling. I've seen the behaviour before in other fans be it PC fans or Upright fans - rattling starts again after prolonged use after not being used for awhile. Closest analogy is the fans used in summer, as they get store away in the winter. Clean up and used in the summer - a month or more in - they start rattling.

    • Mike Elek
      Mike Elek 4 months ago +3

      That grinding sound is caused by dust in the spindle area. I've disassembled these fans and cleaned them thoroughly. This eliminates the noise.

  • John Doh
    John Doh 4 months ago +18

    Hey Gordan, NO AMD GPU is going to use that new 12V connector that's rated for very high wattage, according to AMD. I don't know if that means AMD branded but to me it sounds like, at all, and on top of that it's ONLY the top end of AMD's stack that even needs 3 PCIe connections from the PSU because they use less power.
    AMD responded to the question of them using that connector and they said no.
    The problem with that connector is 600W over such a small connector. You end up with very thick wires going into a small jack and NO soldering job is good enough to deal with that connector being bent. You HAVE to mount the plug on the GPU at an angle like Nvidia does or you're asking for trouble. The problem right now is AIBs are mounting them like the regular 12V PCIe connectors, and then that connector/cables are pushing up into side panels for the PC case because these are getting put onto very big GPUs, and it starts to damage the connection, break strands or break a solder jobs, etc.....
    A PCIe - PSU connector is rated for 150W. With 2 of those being used and 75W coming from the PCIe slot you get 375W.
    I'll give different advice to people. Which is if you don't ever plan on buying a GPU that uses over 350W don't bother with a PSU that has that connection. You can always go buy an adapter if needed, and frankly most the GPUs that have that connector come with the adapter.
    Also, the Nvidia adapter is 600W, not 450W. Once again each connection to the GPU for one of the PCIe connections is 150W. Nvidia's dongle, or adapter has 4 connections for the PSU, not 3. FOUR, not three. There are FOUR sense lines and 4 connections to the PSU, so a 450W connection is not good enough for the top end 4090s and anything greater than that, so the 4090 Ti. THOSE GPUs need the 600W adapter. Now, the 4090 can get by with a 450W adapter I think, as long as it has the sense lines, so it won't OC, which means some of the OC models might not work up to their full specs.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago +6

      AMD said upcoming designs from AMD will not use 12VHPWR. That does not mean never.
      I frankly don't have an official answer to what is up with the Nvidia dongle. Bad production run, the worst possible subcontractor. We will probably soon see as this is a 'developing situation.' The best scenario is discovering a small portion of the adapters are bad and at the root of this. Worse is they don't know how many are bad meaning a reissue to all. Even worse is full GPU recall and redesign but all indicators are bad adapters right now.
      Keep in mind that the 12VHPWR as specified ATX 3.0 does not say you can do dongles to be compliant. It also doesn't forbid it so it is in a gray zone right now.

  • Alderon Sabbet
    Alderon Sabbet Month ago

    Ok so I have a question, I am going to build myself a PC with an RXT 4080 or 4090 and a Asus ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming WiFi motherboard. Do I need to worry about any kind of compatibility issues? Or will anything be ok just as long as it has all he proper connections and needed power? I was wondering this because when I was looking at the ROG site for this motherboard it also has a list of compatible parts ( ram, power supply and ect ) so I just wanted to be safe then sorry and check with people more knowledgeable then myself.

  • DMan 9971
    DMan 9971 4 months ago +1

    Building a new rig, and will have the last parts soon.
    I want to use a new ATX 3.0 PSU with the new 12VHPWR connector, but companies are being painfully slow at releasing them.
    My preference is Seasonic, but I will potentially end up going with one from another company due to their slowness to launch.
    Regardless, it looks like I have to temporarily use my old PSU, which will look horrible due to the ancient cables and red connectors.

    • Aceberg Tunc
      Aceberg Tunc 3 months ago +1

      @DMan 9971 thanks info i agree on some parts. .. for future it is better buy new gen .psu since psu lasts 5 -10 years so in time u will not be buying new psu if you invest on pci epress 5,0 new gen psu.. not only that connector also atx3 brings all kind of new requlation which is nice to haves ... if you plan better gpu near future better to buy new gen. psu if u need to buy one ...

    • DMan 9971
      DMan 9971 3 months ago

      @Aceberg Tunc lol, that's insane. Most people don't need the new ATX 3.0 PSUs yet, and many have jumped on the blame the hardware bandwagon for the burning connectors even though it was user error.
      The idea that no one would buy the older models is completely untrue. What is true is that anyone purchasing an RTX 4000 series card should also purchase a new ATX 3.0 PSU with the PCIe gen 5 cable instead of buying a power supply that requires the use of the adapter or special adapter cable.

    • Aceberg Tunc
      Aceberg Tunc 3 months ago

      slow to release because they want to sell previous models first

    • Zia Live
      Zia Live 4 months ago

      Get Thermaltake Toughpower GF3

    • DMan 9971
      DMan 9971 4 months ago

      @Amiramduby I've got a Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W from 2012 that's never let me down. Of course, none of the components have ever let me down - apart from some performance issues in VR.
      I've waited 10 years to build a new rig, and the new 13900K and faster DDR 5 speeds are what I was waiting for, so that's why I'm building it now.

  • Beorn
    Beorn 4 months ago +1

    I just recently found your channel and I really enjoy the dialogue style (as contrast to the rambling on other channels). Thank you :)

  • A Generic Account
    A Generic Account 4 months ago +3

    When I built a few years ago, I bought an AX1600i mostly for the lulz. I didn't actually expect to need it. Thanks industry 😄

  • John Paul Bacon
    John Paul Bacon 3 months ago +2

    Thanks for this well done video.

  • werty werrtyson
    werty werrtyson 4 months ago +3

    It is difficult to find good reviews of power supplies and many of them don’t get reviewed. I just buy Corsair and Seasonic because that is what I know to be good. But you get what you pay for is the general rule. If someone is selling a 1000W power supply for 50 bucks I would be extremely sceptical. Only time I ever had any issues was when I bought a 600W PSU back in the day around 2004 when 300W was more the norm and most cases came with a 300W no name PSU already installed. It was cheap and had blue LED and UV reactive cables and was an unknown brand. The ATX motherboard cable burned. Since then I’ve stuck with Antec back when they were considered the best and then in the last decade Corsair and Seasonic.

    • Zia Live
      Zia Live 4 months ago

      Good and reputable brands in PSU market-
      1 seasonic
      2 cooler master
      3 thermaltake
      4 Evga
      5 Be quiet
      6 Antec
      7 corsair
      8 silverstone
      9 Msi....

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago

      @werty werrtyson hardware busters is also a good source but again--just note same person also is behind cybenetics. I think your intuition that a more expensive PSU from a known brand leans towards better--until someone makes a bad PSU and also charges a lot for it.

    • werty werrtyson
      werty werrtyson 4 months ago

      @AttemptIt Yourself It would be great to have some channel that focuses on cases and PSUs. GN has good reviews but understandingly they can’t focus on that with GPUs and CPUs being more popular.

    • AttemptIt Yourself
      AttemptIt Yourself 4 months ago

      GN was tooling up to be able to do in depth testing on PS a ways back. Idk what came of that but now would be a great time to ramp up the program with how much attention PSs are getting with these new components hoging down the juice.
      Edit: I think LTT might also be doing this in their new "lab". But I think that's a ways out.

  • Tech⚡RIP
    Tech⚡RIP 4 months ago +2

    I find it hard to go with anything but Seasonic and Super Flower. The PSU is too vital. I'll spend the little extra. EVGA psu's got a good rep from Seasonic supplying them. But, then they switched. You just don't know who's making what for whom or when they stop.

    • Mike Kent
      Mike Kent 3 months ago

      @John Paul Bacon They have a good reputation, but I have not bought any.

    • John Paul Bacon
      John Paul Bacon 3 months ago

      @Mike Kent Back in 2011 when I had built what was my Nearly "Maxed" out AM3+ FX-9590x system - I had bought the "OCZ ZX" series Power Supply. At that time I also had OXZ's ram - Ssd's in my PC. If OCZ made it - I had it in my system. The PSU I wound up buying was the OCZ ZX 1250w FM model. I had planned on buying Little brother the 850w version - but when I went to buy the power supply - I found the 1250w version on sale for the same price as the 850w not on sale - so 400 extra watts for no more in cost ; that was instant buy. I had used that PSU from 2011 to 2018 - when I had bout my first SeaSonic the Prime 650w 80+ Titanium. Then in 2021 I bought the SeaSonic PRIME 1300 Gold SSR-1300GD 80+ Gold ATX12V & EPS12V Full Modular - which is still my current psu and will be for a good while unless power needs changes in a major way.

    • John Paul Bacon
      John Paul Bacon 3 months ago

      @Mike Kent How do you feel about - SeaSonic Power Supplies?

    • Tconl
      Tconl 4 months ago

      The only part I'm brandloyal with pcwise is Seasonic.

    • Tech⚡RIP
      Tech⚡RIP 4 months ago +1

      @Mike Kent Once they stopped having Seasonic build theirs is when I stopped recommending them. Companies should have to tell people when they completely switch vendors because it becomes a completely different product.

  • Comment Highlighted
    Comment Highlighted 4 months ago +3

    Warranties are very much worth it 🙂

  • The Outlier
    The Outlier 4 months ago +3

    I heard this past week that AMD is skipping that new pcie connector and will not include it on any of their new 7xxxx cards.

  • packetcreeper
    packetcreeper 4 months ago +1

    Very informative!

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 4 months ago +2

    Great information, thank you!

  • Felix JN
    Felix JN 4 months ago +1

    You need the new 12VHPWR because it will be used a lot until next year when they release the new new 12V Super High Power connector.

    • Felix JN
      Felix JN 4 months ago

      @The Game Bench No need to apologize! I do hope it will remain as the new standard and will not "melt away" ;)

    • The Game Bench
      The Game Bench 4 months ago +1

      @Felix JN My apologies, I didn't realize you were joking.

    • The Game Bench
      The Game Bench 4 months ago

      @Nitro Not trying to sway anyone away from the connector, the connector is fine. All the issues right now can be traced back to poorly, and cheaply, designed adapters. I know it's not going anywhere, and it will be the new standard going forward. Just saying it wasn't necessary.

    • Felix JN
      Felix JN 4 months ago

      @The Game Bench I was joking, but I guess you're right. I would rather buy an adapter to 8 pins than possibly getting stuck with a 12 pins connector on my PSU. It may or may not be useful in few years.

    • Nitro
      Nitro 4 months ago +2

      @The Game Bench It is necessary as the default option yes corsairs solution is better but until the default solution is changed the 12VHPWR connector wont go anywhere and you cant blame consumers for thinking it should work. OP was legit just making a joke as well lol

  • toddincabo
    toddincabo 4 months ago +1

    👍 Nice job fellas.

  • Al R
    Al R 4 months ago

    bought the new Blacklabel CX550m, i think it's gonna cut it for up to something like 6600 XT.

  • Tony
    Tony 4 months ago +1

    What I been using since 2018 is a EVGA SuperNOVA 850W P2, 80+ PLATINUM. I have no reason at all to upgrade, not for another few years. Currently using a 5950x/3070 and soon changing over to AMD cause Nvidia to me now is just shit. The 4090 is ridiculous and oversized, draws to much power, and has a connector that can possibly catch fire and pose a serious fire hazard. Also AMD's Scott Herkelman confirms that Radeon will not be using the 12VHPWR connector with its RDNA 3 graphics cards.

  • Adi
    Adi 4 months ago

    thx guys, very informative 👍

  • Logan
    Logan 4 months ago +1

    @PCWorld do you all think my old Corsair 1050HX (W) would be safe to use on a brand new 4090 or even the (unknown) RDNA3 cards?

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago

      @Logan yeah, the big fear was transients but that looks pretty well handled this gen.

    • Logan
      Logan 4 months ago

      @Gordon Ung Thank you. I was thinking so too.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago +2


  • Charles Nix
    Charles Nix 4 months ago

    I love these videos!

  • Dave's Not Here Man
    Dave's Not Here Man 4 months ago +2

    Useful topic, good video guys

  • Silvan Barrow
    Silvan Barrow 4 months ago

    Is the old maxim of having a power supply at 1.5x your system's max power draw still a good rule to go by?
    Also, while it seems the transients on the 40 series aren't as bad as we were expecting, I guess we'll have to see how RDNA 3 behaves, especially if they aren't using the new power connector.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago

      Well, the 12VHPWR doesn't affect transients itself. It's only if the 12VHPWR connector is wired to an ATX 3.0 with stated 'power excursion' specs. But you are right, will RDNA3 tame power transients over previous generations? I dunno.
      Your 1.5x idea isn't bad but that does mean you may end up paying for more PSU than you will ever need too. It's also hard to say where future high power components will go too. Have we reached the limit or will GPU makers really push 600 watts to beat the other company?

    • Zach Hardy
      Zach Hardy 4 months ago

      No, most efficiency curves flatten out after 50% load. So the efficiency difference between 50% and 100% is like 90 vs 89 efficiency

  • evocatiproductions
    evocatiproductions 4 months ago +2

    Without Looking at the Comments, I bet you, there are at least 10 of the 55 Comments here so far, that say:
    "Ummm, Gordon, Actually..., AMD Officially Said that they will NOT be using the 12VHPWR on their new Graphics card."
    Lets see how right I am...
    Oh and good job as always Gordon and Adam! Even though I haven't been there live as much recently, I am still a friend of the show, and still watch every episode! Hope all is well! And if you are here in Vegas in a few days for the AMD Event, hit me up, I can give you guys a tour of the local Arena and show you all the cool tech their!

  • ThorW XR657
    ThorW XR657 4 months ago

    Looks like my CoolerMaster 650 seems happy 12 years later today.

  • Zombie
    Zombie 2 days ago

    atx 3.0? is 750w too low in todays standards or is 850 / 1000 the right place to start

  • Martin Badoy
    Martin Badoy 4 months ago +5

    Hardware Busters is also a great Clip-Share channel for power supply reviews

  • Pillokun
    Pillokun 4 months ago +2

    Right now I am actually running an gainward Phantom(same as palit) 4090+13900k on an 600w corsair sfx psu with not issues what so ever. the gainward is using an ref pcb design and has therefore much bigger ripples than the more advanced designed from asus, gigabyte and msi but the 600w sfx psu still can handle it with no issues.

    • John Paul Bacon
      John Paul Bacon 3 months ago

      @TheMusketeer Are you Over-Clocking your Ram -Cpu-Gpu?

    • John Paul Bacon
      John Paul Bacon 3 months ago

      @TheMusketeer Are you Over-Clocking your Ram -Cpu-Gpu?

    • TheMusketeer
      TheMusketeer 4 months ago

      I have the corsair rm 850 and getting lim power warnings 🙃

  • Fahad AL-Asmari
    Fahad AL-Asmari 4 months ago +22

    The fact that no Seasonic PSU laying around ;(

    • Fahad AL-Asmari
      Fahad AL-Asmari 4 months ago

      @Zia Live YES YAAAAS !

    • Zia Live
      Zia Live 4 months ago +2

      Coz seasonic dont need peoples recognition anymore. They are the Boss in PSU industry.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago +9

      We actually had a Seasonic PSU lying around. Just didn't think people needed to see every brand represented as I assumed people could understand this was a small sample of companies.
      Now I understand why when Microsoft, Intel and AMD does a presentation at a show why they need to go down the list alphabetical order. Every. Single. Partner. Because if you don't, it kicks off the "where was ?" question.

    • PCWorld
      PCWorld  4 months ago +10

      We just quickly grabbed what we had laying around, no disrespect to Seasonic.

  • 1BigBen
    1BigBen 4 months ago

    80 Plus was a good standard in the past, as they had to have the best parts of the time to make it,
    now those parts are today, are the cheap options. Gordon most Brand don't make or design PSU anymore, whatever the PR people say however, Corsair doses design their own and also modify OEM PSU (not a cosmetic like ASUS), OEM seasonic, super flower, fsp, gragt walls etc. make good ones but,
    they make cheap ones that have in the past has been pushover spece by some brands and go bang,
    sometime box says, 750w, but the 12v rail is just 500w.
    efficiency and 80plus is a guideline, but don't get sucker in thinking, by not going big, you same money.
    I got the corsair ax1200 OEM (Flextronics/Flex today) at launch at end of 2009 or was start of 2010,
    it still works,
    IF Brands go out of their way to make it hard to find who is the OEM safe thing is to walk away.

  • Mike Elek
    Mike Elek 4 months ago +3

    We're nearly to the point where our computers are drawing too much power. Older homes might not have circuits that can provide enough sufficient power to the circuit or outlet in your room.
    Think of it this way. A 750-watt power supply is equivalent to the power usage of a small microwave oven, while a 1,000-watt PSU draws slightly less than a large microwave oven.
    Ever notice how the lights might dim when you turn on the microwave? Now think about that being on 12 to 18 hours a day.
    This leads to another discussions about our power grids and the challenge of so-called green energy, but let's not walk down that rabbit hole.
    By the way, I've had very good experiences with EVGA (four PSUs) and Silverstone. I've only had one power supply die on my PC.
    A friend had an eMachine, and the power supply in-line fuse blew. So we (I) bypassed the fuse. When we turned it on, one of the capacitors exploded! That was memorable.

    • Treble Sketch
      Treble Sketch 4 months ago

      Definitely a challenge that I don't feel like many people are going to go after. More efficient components alongside more performance, like 4090 found to be ~90% of gaming performance at 60-70% of the power, same with 170W R9 7950X having same multithread performance to a 300W i9 13900K.
      Also the energy issue with not every household/apartment (or building/complex) will be able to have a battery for energy storage alongside solar. It would be ideal, especially as the grid transitions to something renewable/energy storage and more.
      High electricity prices ain't ideal too, all the uncertainty with gas too

  • オルソンフィリップ

    I just got the cablemod 4 8pin to 16pin. works great

  • GoblinPhreak
    GoblinPhreak 4 months ago +2

    Seasonic and Superflower are the best brands on the market. BOTH BRANDS whole business is JUST power supplies. That's all they make. That hyperfocus makes them king. So much so, that other brands like EVGA, Asus, Corsair, even Antec, use SEASONIC internals in their own powersupplies. AKA "clones". My antec 1300w is literally the seasonic prime 1300w.... exact same internals and cables, the difference is how the external design is.
    If you have a PSU that is relatively new and NOT "no name brand" then you dont need to upgrade. I would go to your maker (like corsair) and buy their two 8pin to 12vhpwr connection, that plugs DIRECTLY into the PSU instead of being an adaptor after the fact.... honestly, this new cable being sold by suppliers prove we never needed a 12vhpwr connection.... two classic 8pin is more than capable of supplying current to a gpu to supply 600+ watts. In fact, using common electrical engineering 101, the 8pin connection is capable of 360w and that's being extremely "fair".... in reality 18 gauge wire (common psu wire gauge size) is capable of 10 amps per wire. 10 amps times 12 volts equals 120 watts, per wire. The 6pin pci-e connection has THREE positive wires, that means 360 watts! ON THE 6pin!!!!! With the 8pin, you gain 2 extra grounding wires. This REDUCES impedance of the positive wires allowing MORE power to flow through them. YES the PCI-SIG official information rates said connections at 6.75 amps and 13.5 amps respectively (6pin/8pin). That correlates to 61 watts 6pin and 182 watts 8pin. Which is HEAVILY under-rated.... In reality I would say 6pin 360 watts based on common sense and 8pin rated 450-500 watts thanks to 2 extra ground pins. BUT EVEN THEN, two 8pin is more than enough to supply current to your gpu.... the 12vhpwr connection shouldn't even exist.
    IF PCI-SIG really wanted to update for the future, they should have kept the 8pin as is, and simply require ATX 3.0 compliant PSU's to adopt 12gauge wire for the new standard. This would relate to about 35 amps per wire, times three positive wires would be 105 total amps, which correlates to 1260 watts, with ONE 8pin connection MINIMUM. And the best part? BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY!!!! Oh you have an older GPU, no problem, the connection is the same! No issues with new cables, no issues with adaptors burning down your house.... its so simple to future proof computing. BUT NOOOOOO, we have NVIDIA paying PCI-SIG to adopt their 12vhpwr and of COURSE PCI-SIG is gonna take that "Sweet donation money" and adopt nvidia's useless 12pin connection.... yes, Nvidia owns the 12vhpwr patent. It does not belong to pci-sig. ALSO, INTEL isn't using the new connection. AMD isn't using the new connection. The only brand using it and FORCING it to be used, is Nvidia. The only reason to do that is they get money every time its used. Nvidia made all the adaptor cables found in ALL 4090 boxes (both AIB and founders edition) and then more than likely the brands themselves had to buy the GPU side termination points from Nvidia, more money, and then patent wise have to pay Nvidia to even MAKE the graphics card. More money. And people are CONFUSED why EVGA stopped making Nvidia graphics cards.....
    Sapphire, aka AIB for TEAM RED (aka AMD) should buy EVGA now that they are worthless, put all those genius engineers to work making AMD cards.... make Sapphire and even better/bigger brand for team read (I mean they are already the king AIB of team red.... but they could be even better).

    • GoblinPhreak
      GoblinPhreak 4 months ago

      ALSO, PCI-SIG is NOT INTEL. PCI-SIG WORKS with Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and all these other brands including IBM, but they are not outright "owned by intel" so lets get that straight. Its privately run and works WITH these brands. Now owned by them.... essentially its like a "consortium" of companies working together. But not owned by any of them.... Its like being a mediator in an argument, the middle guy. Because lets be honest, if PCI-SIG was owned outright by Intel, then Intel's new gpu's would have used the 12vhpwr connection, and they don't!

  • Karan Patil
    Karan Patil 3 months ago

    anyone having any experience using XPG core reactor 750w gold psu? it seems to be on tier A list of psu list but seen few youtube clips with some issue with it. i know those would be very rare instances but just need to be sure.

  • D Jaquith
    D Jaquith 4 months ago +3

    The fun never ends! For the enthusiast the last two years have been a non-stop cluster frack and this year is no different. I guess all the PSU manufacturers didn't get the Nvidia *12VHPWR MEMO* because there are NO ATX 3.0 PSUs to be found at the launch of the RTX 40 series!
    _(Yeah no kidding. I know it's nearly impossible again to get it Nvidia GPU.)_ However, I like many got one at lunch.
    I just ended up purchasing the ASUS Thor 1200W Platinum and ordered a 4x8-pin 12VHPWR sleeved connector from CableMod.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago +1

      @D Jaquith TGP on the 4090 FE is 450 and PSU is 850 I think. Transients are less of an issue but the question is if you load up max power on card and max power on the CPU with unlimited power limits. That is highly unlikely for normal use but would be a fun experiment.
      The TT is 1,200 I think.

    • D Jaquith
      D Jaquith 4 months ago

      @Gordon Ung .. 850W .. worthless with Raptor Lake and RTX 4090. Even then 1 and from a brand I would never buy.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago +1

      Actually, Silverstone has had one out as well as Thermaltake. Both were available on Amazon when we shot this video some time ago.

    • D Jaquith
      D Jaquith 4 months ago

      .. BTW yeah I know it's an OEM Seasonic.

  • The Game Bench
    The Game Bench 4 months ago

    The 12VHPWR connection is NOT in any way necessary. Corsair is not implementing it on their PSU's as of yet. They are offering a $20 dual 8-pin cable to the 12VHPWR connector, using 16ga wire. And that will work on any Corsair PSU that uses type 4 cables. That cable is capable of 720 watts because a single mini-fit 8-pin connection can handle 10 amps per wire with 16ga cable. With three 12v leads, that's 360 watts per 8-pin. That's in the spec sheet directly from Molex. Even with 18ga you're at 8.5 amps for a total of 306 watts per 8-pin. For the record, with 16ga cable, the 12VHPWR connection is rated at 9.5 amps for a total of 684 watts. It's a step back, so it's not in ANY way necessary.
    I'm not trying to bash on the connection, I just think it's shortsighted, and bad advice, to tell people to not buy a PSU because it doesn't have the 12VHPWR connection on the PSU side. Just get a Corsair PSU and get their cable, or buy any other decent PSU and get the cable from Cable Mod for that specific PSU, and you're MORE than covered. Or buy a PSU with the 12VHPWR connection on it... doesn't really matter. Just don't limit yourself on that factor alone. It shouldn't really factor into your buying decision from a functionality standpoint.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago +1

      It's not about the connector, it's about the PSU too. One of the weird zones we're in with the dongles is they technically aren't condoned. 12VHPWR is part of the ATX 3.0 spec. The ATX 3.0 spec gives you power excursion targets and better idle efficiency. So, dongle's aren't condoned--are direct modular cables you buy after the fact? I dunno.
      Also, one other thing: the Molex specs for the connectors and wires is not what the specs for power are rated at for PCIe power. It's typically higher than what the actual PCI-SIG / ATX specs allow.
      Long story short, my advice on buying a PSU with 12VHPWR is based on the fact it will get you a newer production PSU and hopefully coupled to ATX 3.0. Yeah, we're in this weird gray zone right now, but for normal people looking to buy a new PSU to use for the next 10 years, I'd advise them to buy a newer design rather than retro-fit an older one. While it is being done right by some, I don't think it's going to be done right by all.

  • War Gaming Refugee
    War Gaming Refugee 4 months ago +6

    For power supply reviews on Clip-Share, Hardware Busters International is my first stop. They have write ups on their website too.

    • purplegill10
      purplegill10 4 months ago +2

      This! You may also see some of their reviews on TechPowerUp and Tom's Hardware because the same person (Aris Mpitziopoulos) publishes to both sites.

  • Вадим Антощук

    Thanks a lot for very understundable and prooer explenation.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 4 months ago +1

    In fact you can watch at hardware busters international channel which is the creator of cybenetics badge. He does detailed PSU reviews

  • Starscreamious
    Starscreamious 4 months ago +2

    14:25 You should have said "Hardware Busters International". That's Aris Mpitziopoulos' english youtube channel.
    Steve Burke is putting out solid PSU reviews as well...but the speed of his output is glacial in nature.

    • Starscreamious
      Starscreamious 4 months ago

      @Gordon Ung I can definitely see that. It's been quite some time since JonnyGuru left for Corsair. I'm not sure what happened to the Oklahoma Wolf guy who ran the site with him but the site has been completely down for 1-2 years now IIRC.
      Most people have been forced to just buy off brand name and 80plus certification level.
      I think Aris has someone else on his team do the Cybenetics certifications these days.

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, it gets a little weird since, I'm recommending that people consider Cybenetic as good standard--but Aris also reviews PSU's and he is Cybenetics. You know, kinda like saying 80 Plus is good, please watch youtube reviews they also do. Some people might get uncomfortable with that business relationship.

  • tbrayden3
    tbrayden3 4 months ago +2

    Corsair, Seasonic, and EVGA sell decent PSUs.

    • boastyy
      boastyy Day ago +1

      I think Seasonic make power supplies for Corsair and EVGA as well as COOLERMASTER , NZXT and more.

  • Brian
    Brian  3 months ago

    the problem with a 10 year warranty is you cant find the sales info .I had a Enermax 850 gold I thought had a life time warranty but it killed a motherboard one day but I didnt know it was the PSU thinking it was the board I got a new one plugged it in got to windows ........ Black screen.. oh dam lucky the Asus Tuf board got change by Asus :) I got an EVGA PSU and away I went but Enermax was no help they asked for the serial number and just said it was 10 years old . just because it was made 10 years ago dont mean I have had it 10 years it may have been in the shop for 3 years ! so I will not get another Enermax and as my other pc has the same PSU in it when I upgrade that to R9 7000x3d and a RX7900xtx ill be changing the psu too 1300w should be ok I think

  • magottyk
    magottyk 4 months ago

    The new ATX 3.0 standard is a bit of bullshit in my opinion. You get one 12VHPWR connection and it's limited to whatever rating the PSU allows for, it could be a 300W, 450W or 600W limit depending on the PSU rating. That Silverstone Hela 850R is rated to 70.8A on the 12V line for 850W, yet the 12VHPWR is only 450W, despite the fact that the PSU can deliver 600W @12V with 250W spare for CPU and any other 12V requirement (hdd motors, fans etc).
    The really dumb thing is, that it has 5 8 pin combined EPS or PCIe ports, so given that you generally only need one 8 pin EPS for most uses you still have 4 ports left over, the other really dumb thing is that you get two 6+2 pin cables, one of which has two 6+2 pin connectors and one has one, so even if you use all the given cables, you only have enough for 4 of the ports using two EPS cables. You don't have enough to populate a 12+4 HPWR adaptor cable and you can't run a 600W card or overclock a 450W card like you could with an old ATX 2 PSU like their ST85F-PT which comes with 4 6+2 pin cables and 4 ports and is rated at 70.9A on the 12V rail for 850W.
    So be very careful what you're getting with your ATX 3.0 PSU, because while an old 850W ATX 2.x PSU can feed 600W to a GPU, the fancy new ATX 3.0 PSU has been nerfed to fit the 200% @ 10ms overprovisioning of the ATX 3.0 standard.
    Oh and beware, the Hela 850R proudly reports 80mv ripple P-P max on the 12V line, which is obscenely high. My old EVGA 750W G2 gold PSU is reviewed at 15mv p-p and my current 1000W Leadex Titanium is under 20mv p-p. Perhaps we should wait for a proper review though, just to be fair.

  • _Dark Age_
    _Dark Age_ 4 months ago +5

    always used Seasonic PSU, never failed me

    • Oletta Liano
      Oletta Liano 4 months ago

      Me too. Seasonic is always my first choice.

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 4 months ago +1

    Thanks Gordon!

  • Ambient Naturally
    Ambient Naturally 2 months ago

    I would imagine fanless PSU's might work better if a dead hamster is in them. Such animals might keep the fan from spinning and cause overheating.

  • D4RQ
    D4RQ Day ago

    What about GAMEMAX Power Supplies? Are they any good?

  • Eskimonster
    Eskimonster 4 months ago +9

    when i buy i new PSU, my first demand is Platinum, next is 10-12 year warranty, thirdly i prolly end with a Seasonic.

  • Mr Tuk
    Mr Tuk 4 months ago +2

    AMD RX7000 series will not be using teh NVidia GPU power connector, they will use multiple 8 pin PCIe power connectors.

  • Bad Weatherfreak
    Bad Weatherfreak Month ago

    Can I power a 3070 with a Seasonic gx550?

  • EC 501
    EC 501 3 months ago +1

    never cheap out on your power supply

  • scalamaster electros
    scalamaster electros 4 months ago

    I think 10 years is a good time to retier your psu

  • Gordon Ung
    Gordon Ung 4 months ago

    Erp, I just noticed I said 80 watts on an 80 percent efficiency of 1000 watts. I should have said 800 watts of 1000 watt PSU or 80 watts of a 100 watt PSU.

  • RdyPlyOne
    RdyPlyOne 4 months ago +1

    3:24 1000w AC ≠ 80w DC @ 80%

  • Orlando Paço
    Orlando Paço Month ago

    My man!! you didnt go to the push/pull of electricity!

  • JuSt SoMe GaMeR
    JuSt SoMe GaMeR 4 months ago

    I bought Be quiet 1200w straight power 11 platinum.

  • CE User
    CE User 2 months ago

    Atx 3 psu are hard to find.

  • CE User
    CE User 2 months ago

    Why are there a lot of PSUs that are below 1000?

  • some brains
    some brains 4 months ago

    I was hoping they were going to set something on fire.

  • Adam Her
    Adam Her Month ago

    Seasonic vertex out of stock and on back ordered VS Silverstone hela 1200r i can get right now?

  • D Jaquith
    D Jaquith 4 months ago +1

    👍🥴 I want to use the Nvidia's melting 12VHPWR adapter. No!

  • Koji Kun
    Koji Kun 4 months ago

    1200w+ or bust.

  • Darren Hankner
    Darren Hankner 2 months ago

    I just bought a season GX-1300.

  • Ψ
    Ψ 4 months ago +2

    @3:23 to 3:33 there's so much wrong information here.
    1.) 80% of 1000W isn't 80W, it's 800W.
    2.) The power supply should be able to use the the total amount of watts that it specifies. For example, a 1000W power supply from a reputable brand will be able to output 1000W for all of your needs for an extended amount of time. Cheaper units rated for a 1000W can also output a 1000W, but might only be able to do so for a short period of time before something breaks.
    3.) The efficiency relates to: how much of the AC power you're getting from your wall outlet to how much your PC is actually using.
    For example, if your 1000W power supply is rated at 80+ titanium (90% efficiency at 100% load) and is under full load, then it's actually drawing 1,111.11W from your wall.
    1000W/0.90 ~ 1,111.11W

  • Ven
    Ven 3 months ago

    when a gpu says 750w minimum can i get away with a good 650w

    • Nishant Kumar
      Nishant Kumar 22 days ago

      ohhh that means i can run a 3090 🙂

    • Bad Weatherfreak
      Bad Weatherfreak Month ago

      Same with a 3070. Recommend 650 watts I currently have a Seasonic gx550. Should it be ok?

  • unknown President
    unknown President 4 months ago +1

    As long as the psu is black , it's the best 👌

  • William Shinall
    William Shinall 4 months ago

    Still trying to figure out why there's a picture of an Intel CPU laying on top of some rat or deer turds in the background....

    • Nishant Kumar
      Nishant Kumar 22 days ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 seriously

  • Cha Noname
    Cha Noname 4 months ago +3

    Where's gigabyte :3 ;)

  • Zefram0911
    Zefram0911 4 months ago +2

    i once bought a power supply and there were dead hamsters in it.

  • Lasse Berg
    Lasse Berg 4 months ago +1

    1000w in 80w out... hmm

    • Lasse Berg
      Lasse Berg 4 months ago

      @Gordon Ung I know that too well 😁👍

    • Gordon Ung
      Gordon Ung 4 months ago

      Yeah brain fart

  • R A Smith
    R A Smith 4 months ago +1

    This video was as useful as pissing in the wind. A lot of tech speak, but nothing of value.

  • danmar007
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    Adam is ... weird. Why is the lead video director partnering with Guru Gordon?

    • Tech⚡RIP
      Tech⚡RIP 4 months ago

      @PCWorld But, what if I order now? What will I get Adam? I think you can do better. Audience, can Adam do better? ***Audience roars*** lol
      Okay, enough nonsense. Get back to work. I need to get beck to all the comments on every video with people begging AMD to raise their prices by $200+ because for some reason they all think that the 4080 is really going to be $1200. lol

    • PCWorld
      PCWorld  4 months ago

      @Tech⚡RIP All it takes is 16 easy payments of $49.99 and it's yours!!

    • Tech⚡RIP
      Tech⚡RIP 4 months ago

      @PCWorld I thought so. Tell me more...

    • PCWorld
      PCWorld  4 months ago

      @Tech⚡RIP It's true, that's exactly how it is :P

    • Tech⚡RIP
      Tech⚡RIP 4 months ago

      Adam seems like the "interviewer" on an infomercial.
      Adam: Gordon, what does a PSU do?
      Gordon: It provides power.
      Adam: What do you mean Gordon? In this little thing, it has enough power to run my whole PC?
      Gordon: That's exactly right Adam.
      Adam: Are you sure??? Show me.

  • Jod duck
    Jod duck 4 months ago +1

    Just avoid asus like the plague. Anything they build fails within a few years, experts at planned obsolescence.

  • shaytal100
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    Turn down the acting a bit Adam! It is irritating!

  • Sean S
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    I like the content, but i had to stop watching and only listen because of all the flailing.....

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    Look, PCWorld, I'm unfollowing. Will Smith computer? Having WCCFTech guy on your show? PLEASE. If I was GN Steve I'd cut ties.

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      @PCWorld Yup, I'd say good Riddance! I want MORE Will Smith! Anyone disagree's then they can go elsewhere!

    • PCWorld
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      WCCFTech I can understand, but I haven't heard of anyone no liking Will. As a long time Maximum PC reader it's fun to see those two together again!

    LUMMOXICIDE 4 months ago

    I've been using cybenetics to help shop for a PSU


    ARIS HARDWAREBUSTERS for psu reviews! the BEST in the world! (I'm surprised you didn't know that!)