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Apple WWDC 2023: Everything Revealed in 12 Minutes

  • Published on Jun 4, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • At Apple's WWDC 2023, the company revealed a slew of new hardware and software features for its products, including its much anticipated XR headset.
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    WWDC 2023 Recap: Vision Pro Headset, iOS 17 and Everything Else Apple Announced cnet.co/3WUFEu3
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Comments • 0

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +679

    Great stuff but I love them explaining widgets

  • Thinamo
    Thinamo 3 months ago +719

    For me every wwdc feels like a mix of "wow this is a really good quality of life improvement" and "this wasn't in iOS before?!?!"

    • Not RixAmoris
      Not RixAmoris 3 months ago +1

      Closed loop baybee...

    • mattropolis99
      mattropolis99 3 months ago +9

      The fact people are creaming in their pants about an update that allows them to set multiple timers (something even the most basic egg timer in your kitchen can do) after 5 years tells you exactly the level of reality distortion field.

    • Thinamo
      Thinamo 3 months ago +3

      @mattropolis99 my mind was blown at ticking of boxes in a widget haha, on the other hand I love the stuff with the contact cards when calling which is a nice idea, especially if you have your own ecosystem anyway

    • Link Thai
      Link Thai 3 months ago +2

      this is literally the "widget fades into background" vs "move widget anywhere" features.

    • Paul Dirac
      Paul Dirac 3 months ago

      @Link Thai i

  • Michael L
    Michael L 3 months ago +122

    These are some really nice QoL improvements! Should be a great update if things pan out as shown. $3500 is steep for the vast majority of people, but hopefully this + the PSVR2 can push the tech in the VR space (which has been stagnant for a while imo). The eyesight thing is actually pretty neat too. I hate the “cut off” feeling that I get when I’m using a regular vr headset.

    • Questionmarc
      Questionmarc 3 months ago +3

      Im wondering two things. What do you want to do out there? What will be first? People on the moon in a non-temporary way or a majority of people in VR?

    • Clu
      Clu 3 months ago +1

      ​@Questionmarc the former is more likely

    • Candybar121
      Candybar121 3 months ago +7

      Have you tried a Quest? They've had see through mode for a couple years now, and it costs $400.

    • fatcrruise
      fatcrruise 3 months ago

      I just realized that it looks like hololens but cheaper

    • Michael L
      Michael L 3 months ago +1

      @Candybar121 Yes, but the use case is totally different. At most, pass through mode is good for finding your drink without taking the headset off. That’s all it really needs to do too since I only use it for games. The Vision is marketing itself as a media / productivity headset, and in that case, being able to fully engage with your environment and other people is way more important. The eyeballs on the display might be a bit much though haha. It’s a valid problem, but I’m not sure if their implementation is 100% there yet

  • Liquorinmycoffee
    Liquorinmycoffee 3 months ago +37

    Now the sidestand feature should be added to Ipad. Because one thing thats missing with these new devices and their camera abilities, is that you take all these photos when they matter and its just so tedious to go back and look through all of them. Having somewhere to display them at random is what needs to happen. So having like a digital photoframe to display selected pictures at random is whats needed to make all that photo taking count.

  • Ex Tra
    Ex Tra 3 months ago +200

    Interactive widgets is actually the most useful update for me. Standby mode is nice too since I use MagSafe stands

    • Eugen Soare
      Eugen Soare 3 months ago +3

      But it works only on iphone 14 and up, or? Referring to the standby mode

    • Kaza | Gaming
      Kaza | Gaming 3 months ago +13

      Why did it take so loooong though to get them interactive 🥲

    • Techrodd
      Techrodd 3 months ago +13

      took them 10+ years

    • jonnym
      jonnym 3 months ago +1

      Finally just what I wanted ads and a paywall that I a can strap to my face

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 3 months ago

      @Eugen Soare not sure until further information or until updated

  • kornilios js
    kornilios js 3 months ago +59

    I don't think the price tag is a problem, it's a very risky endeavor and basically the first AR device of any consequence on the market. If this pans out it could be revolutionary and of course get cheaper as time goes on. Other companies will catch on and make much cheaper versions of the same quality, it's not like I'm going to Apple for cheap prices, their phones cost $1000...

    • Abandoned Cosmonaut
      Abandoned Cosmonaut 3 months ago +12

      Agreed. People don't understand what an early adopter is. Usually the first products of something are very expensive, and they get cheaper. Like the iPhone being super expensive and now we have cheaper iPhone models.

    • SN
      SN 3 months ago +4

      @Abandoned Cosmonaut People just want to hate because it’s Apple. The price makes sense considering it’s something never seen before and could be the beginning of something new. If people were expecting this to be cheap then they don’t know how business works lol

    • Cyberwolf74
      Cyberwolf74 3 months ago

      The Price tag is always a Problem..iphone didn't really take off until ATT and other providers Heavily subsidized them..I don't see that happening with this thing, 2nd while the form factor is smaller its still too damn big and makes you look like a MORON..until these things look like a pair of sunglasses they will never be more then a niche device. Watching Movies on a big screen? I can do that for 400 bucks on a LED 60 inch TV. This thing is Dead On arrival, another 5 to 10 years before we get Mass Appeal AR/VR

    • Modok!51
      Modok!51 3 months ago

      @Cyberwolf74 This device appears to be a direct competitor to the XR3! It does most of the same functions as the XR3 at a cheaper price. The XR3 is $7K & apple has manage to cut that price point in half! But, unfortunately, even $3.5 K is a high wall to climb!

    • ramisha zannat
      ramisha zannat 3 months ago

      The former is more likely..

  • Samuel
    Samuel 3 months ago +176

    Everyone’s talking about the Apple Vision, but I’m psyched about the transcribed audio messages. Such a time saver!

    • Edwuano
      Edwuano 3 months ago +9

      im hyped for the adaptive keyboard.

    • Zeerak Imran
      Zeerak Imran 3 months ago +3

      @Edwuano i'm excited for the voice dictation too. the current one is bad by 2014 standards. next up, i can imagine apple doing something big with siri and improving it a tonne. siri is currently super convenient and seamless but super unusable due to it being bad by idk man 2015 standards at best.

    • Joson Thomas
      Joson Thomas 3 months ago +10

      Google already introduced it last year and probably theirs will still be the best

    • MetaChaser
      MetaChaser 3 months ago +6

      Been in wechat for years

    • chronic underachiever
      chronic underachiever 3 months ago +2

      ​@Joson Thomas yeai own a pixel 7pro 😂

  • MrHumatang
    MrHumatang 3 months ago +2

    i honestly didn't realize you couldn't interact with widgets on iPad like that before. definitely feels like it should have been a thing this whole time

  • CliffReacts
    CliffReacts 3 months ago +2

    I think alot of people will look at the price tag and be like who's gonna be buying that for £3500 but fail to look at the bigger picture and what it means for the future, I know there's loads of ar and vr glasses and platforms out there already but its not super mainstream Apple have a track record of promoting to the masses successfully and making things mainstream and a nessecity almost, in releasing this product there's gonna be a big boom in development in ar/vr even more so than there is now and it will deffo make its way to the forefront in the future

  • EnviousLeaf
    EnviousLeaf 3 months ago +5

    The visible eye feature is excellent for a work environment setting. Can i approach this person or not. How do we make these headsets more easily integrated into workforce settings. Its all quality design aesthetics. Its awesome to see Apple think of actual unique and new ideas. I can't wait to hear about the hands on experience.

  • Micky
    Micky 3 months ago

    We all know that vision pro technology is a future weve been expecting. But damn now that it’s actually happening, thats frking insane. And the more time passes, im sure this technology will become even more immersive. The future is crazy…

  • Nicholas Lim
    Nicholas Lim 3 months ago +2

    Apple brought Standby Mode to iOS17 I think next year they going to bring it to the iPadOS once there is an iPad with MagSafe. Apple likes to put iPhone features on iPad one year later. I.e Widgets customisation (iOS 15/iPadOS 16) and Home Screen Customisation (iOS16/iPadOS 17)

  • theGamingSOLDAT
    theGamingSOLDAT 3 months ago +392

    The $3500 price tag is definitely targeting the upper class, I’m assuming to give Apple a good test audience. I imagine the next version will be $1700

    • Picteon
      Picteon 3 months ago +12

      While xreal air is already $400

    • Mike Massino
      Mike Massino 3 months ago +54

      @Steven Anthony Aren't you a little condescending?

    • Muddy Water
      Muddy Water 3 months ago +10

      I will not even buy it if they sell it for 5$. Wtf 😂😂😂

    • Enter a name there
      Enter a name there 3 months ago +1

      Try $999

    • Christian
      Christian 3 months ago +8

      It's targeting the workplace.. They'll make a consumer-grade level in a year or two at half the pricepoint if not lower.

  • Alexander Zaiarnyi
    Alexander Zaiarnyi 3 months ago +15

    The headset looked awesome, if only for a limited, first-gen product, since it doesn't do gaming or PC streaming to my knowledge. But $3500 is even more than what was leaked! As a great man once said, the price is TGH!

    • Greg A
      Greg A 3 months ago +2


    • euAndrei
      euAndrei 3 months ago +1

      It does Mac streaming... that's something. And it does games but not VR by the lack of mention so far... Oh what I'm I saying, it's so damn saaddddd 😭😭😭

    • A F
      A F 3 months ago

      It looks good for what it is... but I was really hoping it wouldn't be what it is. I was hoping for a similar concept, AR glasses that can replace real glasses (or at least be used with them). These glasses would be sleek, maybe the size of some of the bigger thicker Oakley sunglasses, and allow you to overlay information on your EVERYDAY life. Driving with maps overlayed onto the road, walking with messages/call notifications overlaying, virtual signs for stores popping up from maps data (stores can be hard to see, medical offices in larger buildings can be hard to find etc.). And, that's all common sense stuff, I'm sure they could think of some other innovative features, especially in the online dating space etc. Anyways, I was not looking forward to this type of headset, but I knew this was the useless crap they would do, because it's easy. But, the interface is nice, I will admit the tech for eye tracking and motion tracking is impressive, but I wish it wasn't used for a headset like this. I think my idea of the headset is still a decade away for Apple, mostly because of the size of the sensors and display tech.

  • couu alis
    couu alis 3 months ago

    I was like FINALLY!! Throughout the whole recap. It feels like they are slowly adding features that should already be on a phone.

  • Uniqloboi
    Uniqloboi 3 months ago +28

    Dont care about 3500€ i might not buy one anytime soon but i really like how they really created a very polished product , i hope that the expectations are true

    • euAndrei
      euAndrei 3 months ago

      Let's remember that if your place looks like crap, the pass through vision is money you spend and never got anything back.

  • Josef Torkelsen
    Josef Torkelsen 3 months ago +4

    Great stuff but I love them explaining widgets. It's one of the main reasons I wouldn't get an iOS like device and hearing them make it sound new is funny.

  • Pak Ketum
    Pak Ketum 3 months ago +4

    Vision Pro amazing, once again they tell every brand that they're one step ahead.
    but the price $3499? now other brands gonna charge it for $1000 and less

    • Ramzeis777
      Ramzeis777 3 months ago +1

      They waited for the vr market to develop and mature and then kind of improved what's already out there, let's not act like it's revolutionary

  • BlueNET Gaming
    BlueNET Gaming 3 months ago +2

    Wondering what specs the Vision has, though expensive it could replace such things as TV etc making it worth the price tag

    • magmoz
      magmoz 3 months ago +1

      Highly doubt it will replace the TV… at the end of the day the vision is for the use of one person, and we still don’t know if it’s the kind of thing that will hurt your eyes after continuous use. Plus the fact that it’s only for one person means it’s not really the same as a TV, a TV is a big screen which I feel like is mostly used when consuming content together no? When consuming content alone I feel like most people default to a phone or computer instead

  • Theodore Haskins
    Theodore Haskins 3 months ago +5

    So I’ve read some of the comments here an obviously the price tag of $3500 bucks is quite offputting for a lot of people, however, you don’t have to buy it, as I am sure there’s going to be some adaptation of this going forward that will take advantage of the economies of scale, and the price will be lower on these AR/VR headsets, but I was hoping that they were announcing the launch of their smart glasses that you can wear like regular eyewear, so at this point, I don’t really plan to run out and buy one of these.
    However, it is an interesting technology to keep track of, as this develops into a much more pragmatic, and useful product that will be helpful to more people.

    • Sarah Kenney
      Sarah Kenney 3 months ago

      Yes, I love the tech, but they’ve GOT to get these headsets down to a pair of glasses for people to use them like they do other devices. Wearing a big headset isn’t comfortable, natural, or unobtrusive.

  • Michael O'Reilly
    Michael O'Reilly 3 months ago +69

    That iPad that can just zoom into your hand (5:45), can't wait for when they release that.

    • Smellybear c
      Smellybear c 3 months ago +1

      Oh that’s a skill you have to learn by reach the max level in this simulation.

    NMIBUBBLE 3 months ago +7

    Just an amazing video of what tech is going to look like, being able to see through the glass, and talk to someone while working at the same time is going to be a game changer, And watching Shows and Gaming on it. I got to say the future looks bright, considering your able to get some glasses for it that are magnetic if you need glasses, I just wondering when it comes out what are the athletes going to show, All i was thinking was what a snowboarder is going to look like while going down a mountain recording his path, that will be an cool little video to have, shoot maybe some hunters getting chased by a bear while running through the woods would be funny to watch too. Of course as long as things don't go bad. U know! LOL 3500, and wondering if it will come with and extra large battery or can buy another one to keep going for the whole day would be nice too. It's going to replace the computer version 2.0 should be pretty cool too! MMM Coming next yr mm

    • Sasi
      Sasi 3 months ago

      Not gonna take off! Zero chances!

    • Sarah Kenney
      Sarah Kenney 3 months ago +1

      I do think that’s the future, but the design has to get down to the glasses level. Most people are not going to want to wear a headset like that with a battery pack just to do normal activities. Plus, having a conversation with someone else in the room while wearing that is just weird.

    • Sasi
      Sasi 3 months ago

      @Sarah Kenney Exactly. This kinda reminds me of that Dyson Zone headset mask that came out a few weeks back. That was a hideous looking thing. 😂 If it needs mass appeal, it needs to be more subtle. 😎

  • Aiden Calloway
    Aiden Calloway 3 months ago +2

    I’m definitely going to Wait for Apple Vision 2 with the M3 and R2 chip

  • Dallon Stewart
    Dallon Stewart 3 months ago +9

    Hey it might be 3500 dollars but I’m thinking this might be the first mixed/virtual reality headset that isn’t a gimmick disguised as a product

    • CSlack
      CSlack 3 months ago

      VR by itself has been far from just a gimmick for many years now. The poor reception to Meta has caused stagnation in the tech’s development but hopefully this reinvigorates the community. I truly believe this tech will change our world like AI.

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago +6

    The eyesight feature is by far its best gimmick.

  • arman
    arman 3 months ago +4

    At this point Apple actually deserves our money. They've been working hard and the vision is next level tech.

  • Sayantan Bose
    Sayantan Bose 3 months ago +153

    Wow! Apple has somehow discovered movable widgets! And swipe to reply on a chat! Truly, greatest innovation of 2023.
    Next year, they might discover icons which can be placed anywhere on the screen.

    • BloonMan137
      BloonMan137 3 months ago +17

      Or what if they invent a new technology that lets you download apps from anywhere instead of just the stupid App Store? That would be amazing and completely never seen before!

    • SlothOnAStick
      SlothOnAStick 3 months ago +4

      It's amazing to me that you can just mentally dismiss what is arguably the biggest innovation in computing since the Original iPhone. That headset will replace our phones, a cheaper version will release and as usual Android phone makers will copy it poorly.

    • Infinite Blaz
      Infinite Blaz 3 months ago

      @SlothOnAStickExactly. 😂

    • Gray Pmk
      Gray Pmk 3 months ago +3

      @SlothOnAStick ummmm okay?

    • Sasi
      Sasi 3 months ago +6

      ​@SlothOnAStickDo you really wanna get punched wearing that hideous thing out in public?!? 😂

  • rajan choudhary
    rajan choudhary 3 months ago +276

    This breakthrough innovation is called eyesight “wow magical “

    • Daniel Manan
      Daniel Manan 3 months ago +6


    • Bryan Bowen
      Bryan Bowen 3 months ago +14

      Yeah I got a good laugh at that too 😂😂😂

    • shyne
      shyne 3 months ago +6

      I came to comments to look for this 😭😭😭

    • The Red Baron
      The Red Baron 3 months ago +2

      😂I can’t stop 😂

    • Kutthroatヅ
      Kutthroatヅ 3 months ago +1

      Can’t beat gods creation

  • The Black Jewelz
    The Black Jewelz 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who can't help but feel like we're get dangerously close to a very real dystopia?

    THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE 3 months ago +53

    It's always interesting to see what features iphone users get. Especially to see how apple implements something we had for years

    • Damien Georges
      Damien Georges 3 months ago +6

      how many years of updates does your phone get?

    • Nylotic
      Nylotic 3 months ago +2

      @Damien Georges damn… bro really chatting about the sad 2years of updates. No coming back from that one.

      APPLE MINESHAFT 57 3 months ago +7

      Samsung may only give them about 3 or 4 years of updates but at least it still works after that.

    • efforting
      efforting 3 months ago +20

      I'm an android guy but Apple takes it's time and implements things with much better thought. Having things first isn't always better if it continues to be stuck in old paradigms.

    • Picteon
      Picteon 3 months ago

      ​@Damien Georges 3 and 2 extra for security. At that point its good to upgrade

  • Automaticg36
    Automaticg36 3 months ago +2

    If it can connect to a standard pc and allow me to use my monitors I already have and/or just the computer in general. Then I’d love that. The thing is if I have to use these hand gestures there’s no way it’s worth it. I would love something like this so if I’m traveling I can work with a pseudo multi monitor display but I need the keyboard and mouse. I refuse to use hand gestures. I cannot sacrifice productivity.

  • Frank Fan
    Frank Fan 3 months ago +307

    3499 is really a high price for me, after all, that's the first version, maybe they would release Apple vision after the technology going mature and the price will go down

    • BabyYoda1410
      BabyYoda1410 3 months ago +56

      Price declines in an apple device ? That would be the first time

    • Frank Fan
      Frank Fan 3 months ago +22

      ​@BabyYoda1410 I mean it's Vision Pro now, with Vision or something lower level, the price maybe would be declined.

    • Nylotic
      Nylotic 3 months ago +17

      @BabyYoda1410 remember that SE lines exist…

    • Archie Rees
      Archie Rees 3 months ago +17

      Tbh this is more of a developer and workplace product. Realistically what normal consumer will buy this, not even like its great for gaming like a oculus

    • __looking_good
      __looking_good 3 months ago +1

      It is a beta product - they are getting first users on it. They won't sell many compared to their other products

  • (¬̃ ‿¬̃)
    (¬̃ ‿¬̃) 3 months ago

    Imagine the experience would be nearly the same as cardboard VR. For 3.5k it has to be far better than actual best VR headsets.

  • N. P.
    N. P. 3 months ago +35

    It would've been better if they launched a standard vision at 499. 😊 (And keep the vision pro in the pipeline).

    • Math man Chris
      Math man Chris 3 months ago +5

      True but then they wouldn’t have been able to have nearly as much tech and would probably just be an Apple branded meta headset

    • Picteon
      Picteon 3 months ago +1

      Xreal air

    • Billy H
      Billy H 3 months ago +1

      @Math man Chris Playstation VR 2 has hand and eye tracking for $500, surely ape could've figured out a way to make a cheaper alternative in the $1500 range to compete with meta.

    • moose185
      moose185 3 months ago +6

      No new apple product would ever be 499, your delusional. If they create a simpler version it will provably be 2000.

    • Dog Meat
      Dog Meat 3 months ago +1

      A "standard version" for 7 times less??? Are you serious? This IS the standart version, imagine they called it "apple vision enhanced" it would be enhanced because it "enhances" your vision, not because it's some enhanced version of the device.

  • Justin
    Justin 3 months ago +2

    lot of cool features not gonna lie. we need more of this

  • Ex Tra
    Ex Tra 3 months ago +5

    I’d rather just get something like the NReal Air for $400ish tbh. Ofc the fidelity and feature set isn’t as robust, but it still has the same core functionalities at a significantly more reasonable price and it’s way more lightweight and don’t look stupid wearing in public bc they just look like sunglasses

    • Picteon
      Picteon 3 months ago

      Yeah apple is insane. No real advantages over nreal that it couldnt get with software

  • LeiCal L.
    LeiCal L. 3 months ago +1

    I was like "Give em a chance and let see what the vision pro offer" until I saw the price tag.

  • Kavita Lohar
    Kavita Lohar 3 months ago

    It's always interesting to see what features iPhone users get.

  • TheTrUTh
    TheTrUTh 3 months ago +1

    I was like wow this is a great product and then the price hit and I was like yeah I’ll wait for Black Friday 2025

  • Alex Hsieh
    Alex Hsieh 3 months ago +6

    It had me bursting out in tears when they introduced EyeSight.... who in their right minds would interact with another human being without taking off their VR goggles???

    • Valtiel
      Valtiel 3 months ago +2

      no it didn't have you bursting out in tears.

    • calvin2032
      calvin2032 3 months ago

      It's nice being able to have audio passthrough on earbuds and headphones so you can interact without removing them. It would be handy to keep the goggles on. Also lets you work on more sensitive material.

    • Bdawg
      Bdawg 3 months ago

      Someone who’s working on a deadline and doesn’t have the time maybe?

  • PhelPer
    PhelPer 3 months ago +86

    Think about when they released the first iPad and fooled the audience with a price tag at 999$ and then they suddenly changed it to 499$ ❤ I really miss Steve Jobs

    • Akram Choudhary
      Akram Choudhary 3 months ago +4

      This is a way way more expensive to make product

    • Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 3 months ago +2

      uhm, the tag was definitely not $5000. it was $999 and then $499.

    • Dog Meat
      Dog Meat 3 months ago

      Yeah he was really good at manipulating people

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor 3 months ago +2

    I thought the headset was gonna be 10k when they mentioned the build quality and M2 chip. Just like Iphones this wont be for everyone but I definitely want one

  • Mostly true
    Mostly true 3 months ago +8

    I want vison pro to flourish it's the future I like the concept and the flawless implementation but I guess it will die with that price tag like the mini died as no one purchased it

  • Diegz R
    Diegz R 3 months ago +1

    I feel like I've been using most of these newly released features on my Samsung for years. I already have most of them since my Galaxy Note 5. Good thing they'll catch up lol

  • Daryle Hamel
    Daryle Hamel 3 months ago +27

    Apple just introduced PC / Console level gaming specifically- that’s a big deal because MEDIA makes all this powerful hardware fun.

    • e3vL1
      e3vL1 3 months ago +5

      Do they have exclusive AAA games? That is what sells hardware to gamers

    • Daryle Hamel
      Daryle Hamel 3 months ago

      Not yet- Kojima of the Metal Gear franchise is porting over Death Stranding and committed to all future projects on the platform@e3vL1. With Apples unified silicon and OS environment, they have the control of consoles with the power of dedicated PC’s.

    • عبدالخالق الزهراني
      عبدالخالق الزهراني 3 months ago +3

      Guys who is gonna tell him?

    • e3vL1
      e3vL1 3 months ago +2

      @Daryle Hamel death stranding is a 4 year old game
      multiplatform port of games released years later don't sell hardware.
      Sony and Nintendo are leading the video game market because they have exclusive games to their hardware day 1

    • Tristan
      Tristan 3 months ago

      @Daryle Hamel you make laugh, this is satire right?

  • Jelani Byrd
    Jelani Byrd 3 months ago +17

    I firmly believe that the Vision Pro is NOT intended to be widely used by general consumers. We already know Apple is working on a second MUCH cheaper version that will be releasing in the relatively near future. This launch is to make the technology available to developers and enthusiast who can start to bring this new platform value. As well as work out any kinks in the user interface because if I'm being honest, the native VisionOS is the most lackluster piece for me personally. I think that just updating the designs and adding more customization like being able to customize the EyeSight display on the front of the headset will be a huge way for users to express themselves. Apple needs to make this technology available to developers so they can start making these apps so people will actually use it outside of just the gaming space which most VR/AR is used for today.

  • Daus Moithai
    Daus Moithai 3 months ago +2

    I sense potential security risks when using the Apple Vision... you are less focus on your surroundings and danger may be lurking behind you without you seeing it

  • Young Technologist
    Young Technologist 3 months ago +3

    can't believe this is happening in our lifetime

  • Drunk on Juggernog
    Drunk on Juggernog 3 months ago +150

    I knew it was going to be expensive but damn… no way it’ll sell at that price, as cool as it is, it’s pretty gimmicky

    • Carlos Vixil
      Carlos Vixil 3 months ago +16

      it's for pros.

    • The mind is a tool of the body
      The mind is a tool of the body 3 months ago +12

      The only legitimate use case they showed in the presentation was media consumption in public transport. Everything else was just a wasteful way of addressing problems that we already have better solutions for.

    • Matic
      Matic 3 months ago +12

      @Carlos Vixil no, it’s for rich people with money to waste

    • Austin
      Austin 3 months ago +32

      You could copy and paste this comment from a 2007 video about the iPhone.

    • Mitch
      Mitch 3 months ago +7

      @The mind is a tool of the body I travel and work. Often overseas. I have wanted something like this for. along time. I got the quest pro for the purpose of a mobile workstation - and the resolution and comfort kills it for that use case.
      Also, people saying $3.5k can't be justified at this price point haven't seen what people pay for their home theaters.

  • DankMemer420
    DankMemer420 3 months ago

    This thing is gonna be a new standard for leading vr and it’s gonna change the way we look at vr. It’s expensive yes but was the first iPhone released any cheaper for the time it was released in and how little we got out of it? This thing is a VR PC that has POWER and you won’t need a pc to power it. That in itself is worth the 3500

  • David Tuttle
    David Tuttle 3 months ago +7

    Couple of comments ... $3500 prices out a lot of people from the VR goggles market ... also, they keep comparing the performance of their new stuff to "Intel-based Mac" which they last released a model of in 2020.

  • Robert Oltean
    Robert Oltean 3 months ago +382

    “ducking word” it’s the best part of this WWDC

  • flumpy pig-skin
    flumpy pig-skin 3 months ago +11

    Mac is getting the widget feature I miss from Windows Vista!!

  • Dan M
    Dan M 3 months ago +3

    God they blew it with that price.

  • suna shota
    suna shota 3 months ago +1

    What we imagined will finally come true…

  • Walrond Tech
    Walrond Tech 3 months ago

    I think I can safely speak for the world who I say, Thank you Apple for finally inventing eyesight! 🤣

  • Keith Miller
    Keith Miller 3 months ago

    Only part that wasn't underwhelming was the M2. All the other stuff is like, oh.. how convenient. I predict the goggles will be a major fail until they get them down under 1k

  • Michael Archonaeus
    Michael Archonaeus 3 months ago +2

    I love that they just announced Windows Gadgets as a new feature in 2023🤣

  • Orlando Jam
    Orlando Jam 3 months ago +2

    waiting for Vision SE 🎉

  • BloonMan137
    BloonMan137 3 months ago +3

    “A headphone jack for versatile connectivity” no way a headphone jack is a selling point now, what a world we live in

    • Rev_dude
      Rev_dude 3 months ago

      As sad as it is, a headphone jack has been a 'feature' for the last 5 years. But calling 3 total ports 'versatile connectivity' is honestly a joke. Sure its thunderbolt so you can use a dongle and get a bunch of ports, but then its the dongle that's versatile, not the laptop 🤡

  • Robert Nagy
    Robert Nagy 3 months ago

    Vision Pro will be relevant with OTA charging, or with new tech batteries providing at least 5h power. Now you would need to stop charging as most movies are above 2h..

  • wetzin alvarado
    wetzin alvarado 3 months ago

    3500 bucks? I mean, im 100% sure that the experience with this VR headset would be incredible, but too expensive

  • Matthew Theobald
    Matthew Theobald 3 months ago +11

    Oh "eye sight" what a ground breaking innovation 😂

  • cc
    cc 3 months ago

    Those contact posters are probably one of the most basic things that no phones have. Also will two apple watches be able to transfer contact posters.

  • Kings Griller UK
    Kings Griller UK 3 months ago

    Vision pro would be a good thing 10 years ago right now in its a bulky design that’s outdated. I’m interested to see how apple develop this product and make it smaller like glasses.

  • ThwmasSt
    ThwmasSt 3 months ago +10

    if you are a full time astronaut then yes go for it!

  • MikeD-Tech-VS-Tech
    MikeD-Tech-VS-Tech 3 months ago +2

    So looks good for VR snorkeling,😅 Now seriously what is the actual percieved resolution when watching movies zoomed to 100" ? and of course does it support HDR ? if so at what nit level? The billion pixels is jaw dropping and all that environment mapping is powerful stuff . RIP
    movie theatres 😢

  • Heyman Heys
    Heyman Heys 3 months ago +6

    the day they bring back steve jobs as a holographic AI then i will be impressed.

  • 93k pak pigs surrender🇵🇰𓂺

    Apple in few years: Introducing new feature credit score 🔥🔥🔥😳

  • Tahfy
    Tahfy 3 months ago +297

    Finally, I can play ultra immersive sub way surfers without vandalizing trains in real life!

    • Tropical
      Tropical 3 months ago +5

      Yea same, but first I must Rob the bank 😅😂

    • NightSide02
      NightSide02 3 months ago +1

      @Tropical True tho here in canada, it's 5k Canadian dollars

    • Tropical
      Tropical 3 months ago

      @NightSide02 wow 5k sounds even worse. What’s the exchange rate

  • Mike Chatman
    Mike Chatman 3 months ago +2

    I want those goggles lol I really love their products but I am no where rich enough to ever get anything other than the iphone and ipad. My MacBook is so outdated it's louder than a windows from early 2000's lol

  • Insta360
    Insta360 3 months ago +655

    Imagine watching your Insta360 videos with this.

    • DrOrphi
      DrOrphi 3 months ago +3

      yoo that would be cool

    • DrOrphi
      DrOrphi 3 months ago +1

      but is it a that big difference to like quest 2

    • GG
      GG 3 months ago +1

      Too poor to afford one. Both insta 360 and Apple vision pro.

    • Kharkovbike
      Kharkovbike 3 months ago +2

      Bleeding eyes. Image resolution is owfull.

    • Swisher
      Swisher 3 months ago

      You would promote that……

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt 3 months ago

    It's very cool and I am excited but at the same time it all feels very dystopian.

  • Narukami yu
    Narukami yu 3 months ago

    Don't you guys think the vision pro is going to be the future of smartphones? I feel like it'll take over the world someday regardless of its price tag. You guys keep saying it's a gimmick and whatnot but trust me... it's the future.

  • xaratemplate
    xaratemplate 3 months ago +1

    Yeah they lost me at $3500 way above my pay grade. Going to wait until they mass produce alternatives that are in the $400 range. Maybe in next 4 years will try this tech out.

  • thefresh prince
    thefresh prince 3 months ago

    So everybody who held out from buying your iPad mini six, just last time thinking to 7 would come out this year. Winning! Knew it was totally worth the buy this year earlier. Hey if you wanna get one should get one though they are awesome...

  • Yaren Yüksel
    Yaren Yüksel 3 months ago +1

    Thoughts on Vision Pro vs *Amazons AMZT30* ? I believe Amazon has the edge in many thing, this included

  • Work Of Art
    Work Of Art 3 months ago +4

    “This breakthrough innovation is called…eyesight.” 😂😂😂😂

  • mahero nicholas
    mahero nicholas 3 months ago +8

    Thank you for the summarized video

  • Harshvardhan
    Harshvardhan 3 months ago

    Incredible 👌🔥🥰

  • Futbol_Land
    Futbol_Land 3 months ago

    Maybe in 5 years I'll get Vision Pro 5 but currently the best way is *Amazons AMZT30*

  • X S
    X S 3 months ago +1

    $3500 gives a huge gap for low cost AR to take advantage, as always, marketing is in the price.

  • A S
    A S 3 months ago +15

    If you just ignore the AR VR thing. Apple was just playing catch up with Google and Samsung.

    • D1of1C
      D1of1C 3 months ago +1

      They bet the whole presentation on it😂

    • Cyberwolf74
      Cyberwolf74 3 months ago

      well that what they always do they don't invent New stuff they Improve already existing stuff iphone-Android/Windows/blackberry Phones, Ipod- Mp3players, Ipad -Google/MS Tablet's MACs-IBM PC's, this is Just a Better Microsoft Hololens.

  • maurice wright
    maurice wright 3 months ago +117

    $3500 Not including ppl who wear glasses who have to pay more for prescription lenses. And apple prices dont go down, the product might get better but the price ain’t dropping

    • MarcusVision
      MarcusVision 3 months ago +6

      I just wear my contacts when i goto the movies or rides at universal studios. The price is definitely high but then again, apple is like the chanel or gucci of software and devices all because it cost more :/

    • l
      l 3 months ago +6

      They might release the non pro version later with lower price instead

    • NotLxrd
      NotLxrd 3 months ago +2

      It's Apple, they're a luxury brand, tf u expect?

    • mealthy
      mealthy 3 months ago

      you dont actually see through it, there are cameras that simulate seeing the world

    • Picteon
      Picteon 3 months ago

      ​@mealthy with xreal air you see thru them

  • Koushik Mandal
    Koushik Mandal 3 months ago

    I guess I can’t afford innovation at it’s current price! Loved it though

    A RANDOM JOE 3 months ago +1

    I happy you apple folks finally got real widgets. Like 15 years late but better than never.

  • Adam Clark
    Adam Clark 3 months ago

    Really amazing updates no joke

  • paulodonovanmusic
    paulodonovanmusic 3 months ago

    If adaptive audio filters out air blowers, is it smart enough to know not to filter out similar but important sounds like electric car engine whirr?

  • Delphoxy98102
    Delphoxy98102 3 months ago +333

    OMG Apple finally has interactive widgets…. 😂😂😂

    • Ahmed Mahomed
      Ahmed Mahomed 3 months ago +30

      That was on samsung for like 4 years

      POST MORTEM 3 months ago +39

      @Ahmed Mahomed try 10 years

    • form
      form 3 months ago +3

      @POST MORTEM try 40 seconds ago

    • Matic
      Matic 3 months ago +25

      We have advanced to the bronze age.
      Next they will make the phone rotatable in home screen. Revolutionary

    • NotLxrd
      NotLxrd 3 months ago +4

      Apple literally brought the stackable widgets and everyone copied them, tf u on about

  • Jones Jones
    Jones Jones 3 months ago +7

    I'm not getting a TV now, I'm just gonna get the vision goggles.

  • 90w30n
    90w30n 3 months ago +1

    The last good thing I owned by Apple was a Power Mac 7500. And no, I'm not the kind of person who longs for "the good old days," I love new tech but Apple just seems tired. Typing this on an iPad Pro which I got because my Android tablet died and this came with ProCreate, turned out not to be a good idea.

  • Enrique Mtz
    Enrique Mtz 3 months ago +2

    Being able to interact with widgets right on home screens a new thing? 😂

  • Dave Lendio
    Dave Lendio 3 months ago

    Damn. I just bought myself a macbook air 16unified 256gb should have waited for the next macs. But nah gonna grab that soon with the M2 Max chip.

  • Lucas Allen
    Lucas Allen 3 months ago +2

    Hopefully Sonoma doesn't end up like vista with those widgets on the desktop

  • RockCortes Underground
    RockCortes Underground 3 months ago

    como é que alguém achou o design do óculos feio kkkkk. achei muito bonito e em alguns aspectos inovador

  • jonnym
    jonnym 3 months ago +5

    Finally just what I wanted ads and a paywall that I a can strap to my face

  • RAT
    RAT 3 months ago

    Apple really missed a good opportunity to have another landscape photo for macOS Sonoma

  • Pablo Ferreira
    Pablo Ferreira 3 months ago

    Well, until you wait for Apple to give you an affordable version. Quest Pro, or Quest 3. Way under that price point and not that far in features.

  • swh_s
    swh_s 3 months ago

    2:04 - "This breakthrough innovation is called EyeSight"

  • StereoThrilla
    StereoThrilla 3 months ago +17

    Finally! I can awkwardly attempt to interact with socially tone def people through a bulky digital scuba mask!