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Food Theory: The Pink Sauce Mystery SOLVED (TikTok)

  • Published on Aug 20, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    By now you have probably heard about TikTok's infamous Pink Sauce. It wasn't MADE by TikTok, to be clear, but that was where the actual creator decided to market and sell their product. Except, then people actually TRIED it and the results were... not good. Today, I want to figure out what went wrong with the Pink Sauce - from the recipe to the regulations. Let's get cooking!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
    Researchers: Eddie “NostalGamer” Robinson and Brittany Leigh Turnbull
    Editors: Koen Verhagen and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
    #PinkSauce #TikTok #TikTokFood #ChefPii #Recipe #FoodTheory #MatPat #GameTheory #FilmTheory
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Comments • 15 483

  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard 7 months ago +49376

    honestly your pink sauce looks good.... can i buy a bottle?

  • E.Aster Bunnymund
    E.Aster Bunnymund 5 months ago +2278

    I am severely allergic to a certain food colourant, even the smallest amount triggers anaphylaxis so this is my biggest nightmare. There’s a reason why there’s a label on all foods with the ingredients listed.
    Also egg allergies are becoming extremely common so if she’s using mayo and not declaring it, she can seriously hurt a lot of people who try it

  • Annie’s Drawings
    Annie’s Drawings 6 months ago +1484

    At the end it’s easy to see why they are married to each other they make each other laugh so much that it’s honestly adorable to see matpat losing it laughing at Steph’s “pour it on someone at the castle gates” comment

    • kiwi🥝
      kiwi🥝 20 days ago


    • Cynthia Gordon
      Cynthia Gordon Month ago +1

      701 like

    • ReZisT Lust
      ReZisT Lust 5 months ago +8

      Watching her leave the Security Breach series made me depressed tho ngl felt bad for her so much

    • Red Metroid
      Red Metroid 5 months ago +28

      they are relationship goals incarnate lol

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant 5 months ago +3

      0:24: If Systemic Issues and Real-Life-Lore interest all Theorists, which i assume, then try the Channel literally named Real-Life-Lore as well as Some-More-News.
      Made for those with a Theorist's Spirit.

  • Brutpenta
    Brutpenta 3 months ago +1278

    If any of you are wondering what happened with pink sauce, well it looks like she sold it to some company that actually got it FDA approved and is now being sold for half the price

    • Uso no Hoshi
      Uso no Hoshi 4 days ago

      ​@Schemes the Fox Probably because it's edible. Although it's not Pink anymore.

    • Schemes the Fox
      Schemes the Fox 15 days ago +7

      @ming lou She did all that crap and STILL blamed the customers. At least she’s not selling it like before, but I’m also kind of surprised it even sells at all now.

    • Bill cipher
      Bill cipher Month ago

      Well we are going to die

    • The True Shockwave
      The True Shockwave Month ago +2

      @StuffedCaverns it’s totally pink

  • Lizzye Graunstadt
    Lizzye Graunstadt 2 months ago +261

    Two Things:
    1) Anyone else liked Steph’s “what the heck Mat” face when he was putting on the label on her forehead while she was minding her own business? It gets me every time 😂 4:10

    • Aaron Price
      Aaron Price 9 days ago

      I thought I was gonna be the only one who noticed.

    • Robin Saxton
      Robin Saxton 19 days ago +2

      His toe nails were currently a bit too long to feel comfortable in socks/one nail is raggedy and he's concerned about terring the fabric/hates the feeling of fabric brushing against a raggedy toe nail and wasn't able to trim before filming (all of these are the exact reason I sometimes sport one sock at home 😅 otherwise two socks all the way)

    • Vlad Baciu
      Vlad Baciu 26 days ago +1

      Saving on detergent?

  • Absentia
    Absentia 3 months ago +167

    personally, i like Steph's idea at the end. first, you pour the oil on your enemies as they try and siege your castle's gate...
    and then you launch a flaming arrow.

  • Matthew's Corner
    Matthew's Corner 7 months ago +7683

    "You are judging a prototype"
    You are SELLING a prototype. You don't sell prototypes to the public, you sell the final product.

    • Schemes the Fox
      Schemes the Fox 15 days ago +2

      @Atomic Unicorn Gaming You can just use “they/them” for people who’s pronouns you don’t know-

    • L. Maudy
      L. Maudy Month ago

      This is some lore straight out of Fallout

    • Ian Luk
      Ian Luk Month ago +1

      @Assassin 71 it's fine to release demos or prototypes of video games. They won't cause you bodily harm. There's no harm in having people test it, unlike food

    • Ian Luk
      Ian Luk Month ago +1

      @Alex Gade yeah, but video game prototypes aren't gonna give you food poisoning

    • Ian Luk
      Ian Luk Month ago +1

      @blastem aston yeah, but in the case of Nintendo, a free update is both free and not gonna bring you bodily harm if it doesn't work right

  • Zeli
    Zeli 6 months ago +631

    Okay, the biggest issue with the sauce was shipping in the summer heat. To combat it what she could have done was simply use dry ice to keep it cold, but instead she shipped a perishable sauce in extreme heat

    • Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas
      Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas 9 days ago

      @Rellik Oh, pfcourse not, she ruined her own character percetion and, again, I've got no hirse in this race, so I'm nit trying to defend her, but the implication that she reused mayo bottles does imply a lot of negative things about the product and it's quality and the way tye video presents them, like most of matpat theories, is under the guise of a well-reasearched argument. That's why I think it could potentially be taken as defamatory. Nkt that i think Mat Pat deserves to get in trouble for a fun video speculatiomg on a product.
      I'm not a fan of capitalism, personally. So bringing scruteny to any brand or company is a thubs up in my book.

    • Rellik
      Rellik 9 days ago +1

      @Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas not even close to bordering on defamation. reusing bottles isn't a negative remark, and he didn't state it as a fact. that speculation didn't ruin her character.

    • Raeisyah Zafira
      Raeisyah Zafira Month ago +1

      @Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas Oh I know it's from speculation, I just mean that like- if she was reusing the mayo bottles then it would make sense why they wouldnt be sealed properly yk? Also I didnt know it's been debunked, good to know.

    • Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas
      Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas Month ago +1

      @Raeisyah Zafira I get you. And I have no reason to defend her. The way she's reacted to every single controversy has been very unprofessional. But things like the mayo in her sauce have been debunked allready and people have found the specific bottles she ordered. The "reused" mayo bottles is speculation from Mat Pat, bordering on defamation. Glad he hasn't gotten in trouble for it 😅

    • Raeisyah Zafira
      Raeisyah Zafira Month ago +2

      @Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas That makes sense but like you said, there are three things thatit need. So technically keeping it in a cool place can help. Though by this logic, chef P isnt sealing her sauces which kinda makes sense if you go by the "shes reusing mayo bottles" thing

  • Cami Codina
    Cami Codina 5 months ago +344

    Here in Argentina we have a pink sauce that's made out of beetroot! It's actually very good and safe to eat since it's just beet puree with lemon and seasonings 😋

    • vaidkun
      vaidkun Month ago

      also there is pink soup made of beetroot and sour cream called salti barsciai.

    • Mateo Remedi
      Mateo Remedi Month ago +1

      Tenemos de eso?

    • Super STV
      Super STV 2 months ago +2

      See, I was thinking that beets could be used as a natural dye

    • Gregory Benway
      Gregory Benway 2 months ago +5

      Well that sounds good. I love trying actual condiments from other countries. I remember eating a purple/blue ketchup while I was in the Philippines

  • redwoodprime
    redwoodprime 3 months ago +207

    I hope that Mat and Steph take a look at the How To Cook That vid that covers this topic. Maybe they could do a collaboration on a more technical food vid one day.

    • ccaagg
      ccaagg 7 days ago

      @Alter Ego: Bruh No, I'm just not interested in getting into a futile time-consuming argument. I don't have the time to unpack drawn-out walls of text with no clear structure (in terms of what's being talked about, not the formatting of the text). Your TL;DR is the same length as the average post I've made here.

    • Alter Ego: Bruh
      Alter Ego: Bruh 7 days ago +1

      @ccaagg Oh, and.
      If you are unwilling to read my whole argument, then we aren’t continuing this until you do. It shows immaturity. Do big passages scare you?

    • ccaagg
      ccaagg 8 days ago

      @Alter Ego: Bruh Yeah I'm not reading that. Maybe examine why you're so infuriated by this woman who did nothing more than make some mistakes and be unaware of what the FDA is or the requirement for approval. The sauce is safe, nobody got hurt and nobody was really at risk of getting hurt. Let it go. She doesn't deserve this.

    • Alter Ego: Bruh
      Alter Ego: Bruh 8 days ago +1

      @ccaagg Here’s an example of her lying: She posted a TikTok saying there was no garlic in the recipe. Another video of hers shows garlic floating in oil in the blender she’s using to make the sauce. And she may not need certifications but she DOES need to be FDA approved to ship her thing nationwide, which she WAS doing, and she was NOT approved. Cottage Law is only for a certain area around you; she was shipping everywhere. You also aren’t addressing that she literally spelt vinegar wrong on her nutrition label. That shows so much inadequacy in that you care so little about said label that you misspell a word on it, print it, put it on the bottle, and ship it out before you notice.
      I trust her as a food scientist, but I also know that this lady was still not FDA approved. Certification needed or not, she was not approved to be shipping nationwide, and it DOES need approval. Whether or not it would spoil during transit, she was not allowed to do that. So her doing it anyway is means enough to say “Do not order this. She is not allowed to sell this to you if you are too far away.”
      Mat is, above anything, an entertainer. That is his number one priority with these channels. Not to be factual or have “good” theories. Biggest thing is that people watch the video and engage with it.
      Sure, he does want to make good and informative stuff. But to say those are number one are to say that those are the biggest aspect of it. They aren’t. And he’s being hammered about this specific subject when many, many other creators who also cover this situation and say basically exactly what he says get no hate. Because, at the end of the day, they say, “Don’t buy this. It could potentially be very bad for you.”
      That is not a bad thing to say. Is it because everyone is coming for the chef girl? She shouldn’t have tried to nationally sell what she claimed was a prototype.
      “That was a prototype.”
      No. It was a $20 bottle of pink ranch that she is not allowed to sell to most, MOST, of her costumers.
      It’s approved NOW. Because other people are making it. They can regulate it. The FDA approved it. It is in WalMarts. But it wasn’t, not in the early stages. Those are when warnings mattered. Buy it now. It’s safe now.
      It was not safe then. It was not regulated, it was not FDA approved. It was not legal to ship across country. And people still did (allegedly) get sick from it during those times.
      And I again feel the need to reiterate, she did not know what the FDA stands for as a (assumedly) certified chef. And she didn’t get it approved before shipping nationwide. It’s safe now, but we can’t be sure it was then. Spelling words wrong on your label means you lose all trust until you fix up your act.
      Another thing is that she went on a talk show to bash some girl who gave a poor public review and said “You should’ve just came to me about it.”
      Yeah, because then her fans wouldn’t know about you selling food to people you aren’t supposed to sell to.
      TLDR, she was not allowed to sell as she did. Ann says her food is/was safe. It is now, it might’ve been then. Because who truly knows how she made it. It changed colors multiple times, so it presumably changed recipes. Whether or not it is safe, she was not allowed to do what she did. She doesn’t need to be certified but she does need to have the FDA know she’s not poisoning people with her product. It was not an honest mistake because she didn’t fix it until she let someone else fix it. Pink Sauce is ran by someone else now (I’ve heard that she sold it; I’ve heard that she partnered with them. Either way, it was all them that made it FDA approved.).

    • ccaagg
      ccaagg 8 days ago

      @Alter Ego: Bruh There are no requisite certifications, and I don't recall any actual lying. It'd be great if you could point it out to me. She has simply made mistakes and isn't deserving of this deluge of derision.
      Also, "Even if her video is correct"? Interesting that you doubt a food scientist over someone with absolutely zero qualifications in the field. MatPat has time and time again demonstrated himself to be a grifter.

  • Maria P. Cherry
    Maria P. Cherry 6 months ago +241

    Side note I freakin love how goofy these two are at the end of the episode
    If Genie were to grant me one wish, I wish for everyone to be as happy, healthy, and long lasting as MatSteph

    • Aight Imma Head Out
      Aight Imma Head Out 4 months ago

      @Somedorkydude nooo :(
      Do it again

    • Somedorkydude
      Somedorkydude 4 months ago +2

      @Aight Imma Head Out it took a bit but I was in jail for saying meph and so I had to call saul

    • treckyvoice omg
      treckyvoice omg 5 months ago +1

      Aww now this is wholesome

    • Kremlin Kreek
      Kremlin Kreek 5 months ago +1

      No. Masteph (Take out the t) that way it sounds like the dog breed!
      Or Stephew. No explanations needed

    • Maria P. Cherry
      Maria P. Cherry 5 months ago +2

      @Anthony Preach, speak louder for the ones at the back

  • Xenronnify
    Xenronnify 18 days ago +4

    Steph is an absolute treasure, I love seeing her in more videos!

  • Nikki
    Nikki 7 months ago +4972

    I remember MatPat talking about only wearing 1 sock at a time but seeing it in action feels unnatural somehow lol

    • Nikki
      Nikki 4 months ago

      I have a confession... I sometimes wear 1 sock when my other sock gets wet, it's not bad

    • Micah Birdlover
      Micah Birdlover 5 months ago

      Steph hair so 🥰 cute

    • ExquisiteMuffin
      ExquisiteMuffin 7 months ago

      @DuckyLikesToDraw don't diss it till you try it

    • ThatDumbArtist
      ThatDumbArtist 7 months ago

      I do that all the time for no particular reason, my family likes to make fun of me for it

    • Pastel
      Pastel 7 months ago

      I was looking for this comment, lol.

  • Cosmic Puppet
    Cosmic Puppet 3 months ago +116

    One thing that the pink sauce reviews were missing was a proper knowledge on how sauces are made. Although pink sauce doesn’t have correct labeling(mostly relating to calories and serving sizes) and the creator didn’t handle herself well in an interview you can still make the sauce without mayo. You can make it completely with what she lists ingredient wise. Dragon fruit (and apparently mustard can even do this) can be used as like an Emulsifier stabler. I will say in her “official sauce” that will be coming to stores it doesn’t look as pink it looks more like the original prototype so I can only assume that they don’t use dragon fruit as an emulsifier then. That is presumably what is used to stabilize her sauce in the stuff she sold online. I don’t think anyone should necessarily eat her online self sold sauce. Mostly for the reasoning it’s sold out of her house and I just don’t recommend trusting anyone cleanliness in that matter but that may just be me. As for the sauce that will be sold in stores, it has to go through the fda so it’ll be fine. It’ll probably just taste like ranch. Matt patt did a wonderful video but I think if he had a better understanding of how sauces were made he would have came up with a possibly more accurate conclusion. I would totally check out how to cook that episode on pink sauce. Maybe mattpatt and her could make a video together one day maybe on pink sauce lol. Either way though I love mattpatts videos. They’re always a fun way to learn and a nice perspective

    • Mitchell Croushorn
      Mitchell Croushorn Month ago

      I just appreciate the text effort

    • flaco1800
      flaco1800 3 months ago +15

      Ann Reardon's 'How to Cook That channel just released a video debunking some of the claims circulating on the internet. I hope MatPat does a revisit of this topic and takes an unbiased take on it.

  • Happyfacelily
    Happyfacelily 3 months ago +614

    Ann Reardon, a food scientist just put out a video of actually recreating the pink sauce with just the ingredients on the list and it turned out well. She also goes and debunks some of the claims that the sauce is deadly and more. I would really recommend checking it out. Its so fascinating watching a professional explain the whole pink sauce situation and how tiktok and youtube blew it out of proportion.

    • Too Many Opinions
      Too Many Opinions 9 days ago

      I mean, you can say she debunked but it was genuinely arriving gone bad so......

    • Lauren
      Lauren 28 days ago

      I also just watched a video from Illuminaughtii (she gave a little shout out to Matt Pat and Ann's videos). She does a really good job unpacking the situation. After doing her own research she found that yeah, all the errors and missing information on the bottles were a problem. Yes the way she defended herself seemed less informative and more combative, and she had plenty of missteps along the way. However, as far as making people sick, this doesn't appear to be true. There's a legit social media group dedicated to trolling her and her sauce at every opportunity. The one guy who supposedly died from eating pink sauce came out said he made the whole thing up, and so far there are zero confirmed cases of anybody actually getting sick. The channel also points out that while she definitely SHOULD know what the FDA is, they don't actually treat food and drug products the same. Drugs need to be pre-approved before going to market. But food products don't need any special pre-approval, and are only subject to inspection when enough complaints or compelling enough concerns pop up (IE a bunch of internet trolls supposedly trying to make her business fail for a meme). And while wild conspiracy theories are not something I'm typically compelled to believe, with the information I have it seems like it may actually be the case in this scenario.

    • erin edmondson
      erin edmondson Month ago +1

      @HoundReactions well considering people were hospitalized for it…. also who cares? he’s a theorist. you know what a theorist is, right?

    • MeganTheeJew
      MeganTheeJew Month ago

      @Shanggosteen Sorry but your ignorance is very much showing here. Incase you didn’t watch the How To Cook That video by Ann the Botulism was also part of the misinformation which is an even worse thing to say about someone’s business. Like there’s no defending this

    • Shanggosteen
      Shanggosteen Month ago +4

      @MeganTheeJew and who cares if it's slander, she was serving people poison for god's sake. And if police were to stop her operation I'm sure that would make the world better place. And why are you defending her?

  • arj.
    arj. Month ago +5

    Pink sauce lady would still have a social media career, if she just made videos of her eating the foods with pink sauce, like mukbang type videos and then finally at the end she shows everyone how to make it at home and there's a bunch of viral videos of ppl trying to make the sauce/testing it out.
    I can imagine tiktok collabs where they bring her in to help them make it etc.
    And then she can work on a different type of content or a new food type item before the viral-ity dies down

  • Grezy
    Grezy 3 months ago +139

    I'm sure most have seen the comments about How to Cook That's new video and I agree with all of them saying that FT dropped the ball on this one in some ways. I'm sure that FT thought they looked through enough information to be credible, but I do think one thing is clear: FT needs a Food Scientist. Someone who like Ann who knows exactly how food works would really benefit them and help keep them from theorizing about whether or not a recipe is possible, especially when it involves someone's small business and character. I love seeing Mat and Steph attempt things but, as people who support science and knowledge I would hope they would see the benefit in getting information from Food Scientists .
    Perhaps FT should see if Ann would like to assist them on topics like these. It breaks my heart to think there is any way these two channels I love could end up being resentful of each other.
    We all love food and we all love theories, but some times some things aren't fair just leaving up theory.
    Please FT, get a food scientist to assist in your research

    • Hello!
      Hello! 2 months ago +1


    • iSeeYah
      iSeeYah 3 months ago +3


    • OJ
      OJ 3 months ago +4

      YESSSSSS why can't we all be friends

    • Zeroghostdog
      Zeroghostdog 3 months ago +8


    • Lorena Sierra
      Lorena Sierra 3 months ago +22

      I completely agree!! I love both channels. For reasons like this and the other video a professional would help not spread misinformation.

  • Johm Lemon
    Johm Lemon 3 months ago +2

    Honestly, if you are a fan of ranch or mayonnaise, and would like to have a pink sauce because it just seems cool, then do these 3 simple steps:
    1: Buy ranch/mayo and dragonfruit powder
    2: Mix those two ingredients
    3: use it as “pink sauce” on whatever you please
    And boom, you are now enjoying some good-tasting non-dangerous sauce, but it’s pink, so it’s fun :)

  • Aj Wilkie
    Aj Wilkie 7 months ago +3406

    As a culinary kid, this lady's product upset me so much, especially learning that she didn't know about the FDA, any personal chef should have their ServSafe, and she would know about the freaking FDA just from getting that certification, let alone the other multitude of certificates she would need. It hurts my little culinary heart to see people try to sell this off as a healthy natural product

    • Fearless 307
      Fearless 307 18 days ago

      ​@Aj Wilkie Sounds strangely similar to the government 🤔 lmfao

    • Olivia Meyers
      Olivia Meyers Month ago +1

      Im not a culinary kid, but an art kid. I feel so bad for people who are trying to make healthy, or at least safe food products.

    • Tom McD
      Tom McD 3 months ago

      @se se why?

    • se se
      se se 3 months ago

      Watch Ann reason how to cook that video discrediting food theorist

    • Tom McD
      Tom McD 3 months ago

      @Lev it is literally on their website. I've told you were to look.

  • Martin Rose
    Martin Rose 3 months ago +77

    Seems like this needs a follow-up video. Ann Reardon has addressed some issues with the sauce just recently.

    • iSeeYah
      iSeeYah 3 months ago +1

      (In Britney Spears voice)
      I think I did it again~

  • E
    E 3 months ago +160

    Ann Reardon on How To Cook That just made a great video about the pink sauce, and as a food scientist and dietitian she can give a bit more insight on the product.
    Check it out :)

    • LeanneVlogzFilmz
      LeanneVlogzFilmz Month ago

      Thank you for this wonderful comment 😊

    • Imani Silver
      Imani Silver Month ago +3

      Very true. I wish her video came out first so the Therorist team could have used her as a reference as well.

    • Colleen Holtgreive
      Colleen Holtgreive 3 months ago +13

      I love the respectful nature of you comment❤🥺

  • humairah kazi
    humairah kazi Month ago

    Somehow, I imagine that slapping a random label on stephs face like that isn't an uncommon occurrence for you matpat. You guys are so adorable and I am so glad the universe brought you two together. Lots of love!❤❤❤

  • Giovanni Olano
    Giovanni Olano 5 months ago +35

    I enjoy theory videos with matt but wow is it such a unique vibe with Ms.theorist and Mr.theorist, this chemistry deserves more videos :)

  • Anmol Patel
    Anmol Patel 2 months ago +3

    3:55 Recently with Dave Gourmet she updated the ingredients and nutrition facts, and it’s FDA approved. They use coconut cream which was definitely not on the label months ago. Definitely not safe to sell a “prototype”, but at least it’s safer now.

  • Flynt Coal
    Flynt Coal 7 months ago +6006

    I love how she is taking such steps to keep her recipe secret while also not realizing she is setting herself up to lose any and all lawsuits

    • Kayley Hoberer
      Kayley Hoberer Month ago +1

      Bruh did she forget about the law where secret ingredients or methods can cease to be named on the packaging? This whole thing is stupid.

    • Freedomcustom
      Freedomcustom Month ago

      @Ian Luk Probably thinks its a special suit worn by law practitioners (aka lawyers)

    • Ian Luk
      Ian Luk Month ago

      She might not even know what a lawsuit is. I wouldn't be surprised

    • Freedomcustom
      Freedomcustom Month ago +1

      She thought her product was protected by the same rules that a lemonade stand or a baked good sale falls under...

    • Jonathan Barnett
      Jonathan Barnett 3 months ago +1

      @Rosy tears of joy

  • Wren Darling
    Wren Darling 6 months ago +59

    If you want to make it at home and not spend $5 on one dragon fruit or buy the powder, you could also probably get the same color with beets instead

    • treehugger0241
      treehugger0241 5 months ago +5

      Yeah but beets would probably alter the flavor much more than dragonfruit.

  • Adept Girl
    Adept Girl 5 months ago +36

    If the dragonfruit's only function is color, then you could probably substitute beets for a fraction of the cost and some of that fiber listed on the "nutrition label". There are existing recipes combining beets and dairy for an eye-searing pink hue.
    (use canned beets or cook them first, as raw beets will destroy your blender)

    • Lizard by heart
      Lizard by heart 3 months ago +1

      @Lieutenant BaconWaffles also watching the quality food theory channel, how to cook that, nice.

    • Lieutenant BaconWaffles
      Lieutenant BaconWaffles 3 months ago +6

      Turns out dragonfruit works as an emulsifier.

    • Jennifer Shay
      Jennifer Shay 5 months ago +3

      Yeah beets in sauces have long been a thing. A popular dressing in Britain in WW2 was "royal dressing" which had a purplish pink colour from beets.

  • Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas

    Hey MatPat! Would love to see a new video on the topic. Ann Readen from How to Cook That did an awesome video about the subject and pretty much found the recipe. Would be great to see you guys atempt it!

  • Mismatch
    Mismatch 5 months ago +24

    But if you take the oil, garlic and vinegar and blend them with a bit of milk for a long time, you've just made a sort of aioli (which looks a lot like mayo) and I believe the honey works as a binding agent to make it stay consistent... Add in the dragon fruit, it becomes pink. Add in the other spices and ingredients, and voilá, pink sauce. It's just a homemade proto-mayo/aioli hybrid with a bunch of extra stuff.

  • cookiecrumbs
    cookiecrumbs 2 months ago +4

    I have my own pink sauce my family loves with fries! Its just mayo and ketch-up! And if you want it really pink just use food coloring. However my family calls it "fry sauce" and used it way before pink sauce but I'd still suggest trying it

    • cookiecrumbs
      cookiecrumbs 16 days ago

      @The Sun So glad!! I'd suggest trying it a few times intill you get the amount of ketch-up and mayo you want as some people may like more mayo in it or more ketch-up! Hope you enjoy it :DD

    • The Sun
      The Sun 16 days ago +1

      That siunds amazing! I sure am going to try this!

  • Aayush Gokhale
    Aayush Gokhale 7 months ago +7624

    Food theory idea: does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

    • Smash
      Smash 2 days ago

      And now its here😊g

    • LeahPop
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    Austin Quinn 3 months ago +64

    You should look at "How to Cook That", the food scientist that runs the channel was able to replicate Pinky Sause with the ingredients on the label. Turns out the Dragon Fruit is an emulsifier.

  • Iule Lívila Morais
    Iule Lívila Morais 3 months ago +2

    How to Cook That Chanel actually has a great video debunking the sauce and explaining the difference of color

  • zitronentee
    zitronentee 5 months ago +7

    Fun fact about the red dragonfruit as food coloring : the color can stand against heat and stay vibrant pink/red. So, if you need natural red food coloring, this can be good alternative.

  • Johnny W
    Johnny W 2 months ago

    I did a little DIY experiment by mixing ranch and very finely chopped up and blended strawberries, and got a similar result to how the dragon fruit is, it’s an extremely interesting flavor

  • dragonbretheren
    dragonbretheren 7 months ago +8830

    I'm honestly astounded that she's even allowed to sell this. I remember when we set up a small pop-up concessions booth at a school festival, we had to have a licensed food health and safety officer come inspect our ingredients, food storage, food processing methods, prep surfaces, etc. to get the equivalent of a day pass to sell food to the public. Food safety is serious.

    • Maygan Phynix
      Maygan Phynix 7 days ago

      I’m not surprised at all.

    • Freedomcustom
      Freedomcustom Month ago

      She wasn't, she was trying to circumvent by saying it was like a product u can buy at some home baked goods stall, FDA slammed her hard and she was FORCED to find a backer and licensed food outlet to create a FDA approved version meaning all that money she made was spent on legal and contracting leaving her with very little of her small ill made gains

    • KD
      KD 2 months ago +1

      She isn't the government just ignores crime if you're doing it on social media and under 30 or something

    • A Really Bored Guy
      A Really Bored Guy 2 months ago +1

      @PandaMonium 9 Watch Ann reardon “howtocookthat” channel on this. She’s a food scientist and disproved just about all the BS alarmist people were saying. She’s goes into every detail and even recreates the sauce. Hint, dragon fruit has been used as an emulsifier in food before

    • PandaMonium 9
      PandaMonium 9 2 months ago

      “Food safety is serious”
      😒 apparently not…

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    I Hate_ChristmasTM 3 months ago

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    The lady who did pink sauce made a lot of mistakes but you can make the sauce with just the Ingredients listed

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔFNAFpandaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I'm honestly quite confused why she hasn't been taken to court yet. She has a nutrition facts that make NO SENSE
    Holy- MOM I'M FAMOUS

    • Slyder
      Slyder Month ago

      FDA be having fun to scramble her adress

    • Freedomcustom
      Freedomcustom Month ago

      She came close to being hit with a massive legal battle with the FDA if she continued as yes her 'product' fell foul of several rulings and was NOT protected by the rules she thought did

    • Margaret Bush
      Margaret Bush 2 months ago

      Not nutrition “facts” nutrition opinions

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    You should probably revisit this one now that Ann from HowToCookThat has put in some fresh light on the subject

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    Angel's Dagger 14 days ago

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    Bergkatse2 3 months ago +526

    Turns out dragon fruit is an emulsifier itself so no mayo required. Also it has plenty of acidifiers to prevent botulism. Might want to check out How To Cook That’s methodical review.

    • Yami 🖤
      Yami 🖤 2 months ago

      @mujnick But the thing is that legally speaking, the ingredients list on the labels must be from most to less. So what Mat wanted to show is the extent of wrong of the label. Good that other person showed it is possible to make, both videos are proof of what a joke "Chef" Pii is. Sorry if I made a mistake, this is not my first language.

    • Aa B
      Aa B 3 months ago +2

      @Stricken Even Ann the food scientist, someone who likely has more culinary experience and credentials than MatPat and Pii, said she never heard of dragonfruit as an emulsifier; do you expect an untrained, unschooled chef to figure out what an expert didn't know 1. Agreed. 2. That still is something that needs to be identified and addressed by the chef, if some food product changed color and I didn't know why I'd probably throw it out. 3. The fact that she did it initially shows a lack of responsibility, though good on her for fixing the problem. 4. That is the point, who would you trust, a licensed food scientist or somebody who claims to be a chef with no credentials to back it up? Nobody calls themselves a chef based on that; by that logic, anybody who's made some semblance of food could be called a chef. Big difference between chef and cook. 5. The point is that there is an emulsifier in all of the other products. Dragonfruit is a relatively unknown emulsifier such that a food scientist couldn't have known, you're expecting that someone magically cracked that code?
      Occam's Razor; given that a professional (or at least a semi-professional higher than Chef Pii) didn't know about dragonfruit being an emulsifier until experimenting, the chances that Pii did is slim. Add that to the lack of proper labelling, and it's just as possible (if not more) that Pii used a pre-existing mayo.
      Don't be pretentious on the internet because you think you know more, respectfully disagree with people without telling them "they're babbling."

    • Stricken
      Stricken 3 months ago +4

      @dragonbretheren what "specific technique"???? All homemade mayo or aioli are made by blending liquids then very slowly streaming oil into it. You put emulsifiers to keep them blended and prevent them from separating. I learned this while watching masterchef and the Tasty channel as a teen. Do you even know what you're saying or you're just babbling? Eggless/vegan sauces often use soy lecithin. Yes, the dragonfruit being an emulsifier was a surprise but that doesn't change the fact that what Matt said was incorrect regarding the viability of the sauce's ingredients to create a creamy sauce.
      I'm not suding with Pii, just answering your points
      1. Yes she doesn't. She should have hired someone to do this properly.
      2. The dragon fruit, which acts as bot the colorant and emulsifier, changes color overtime based on Ann's experiment.
      3. That was on the first part of the trend. She fixed her packaging. I personally haven't seen anyone who recently received exploded packages, etc. Even Alli received an undisturbed package.
      4. She said she is a private chef, no culinary experience (hotel or resto) and didn't go to culinary school. Although, you don't have to get a license to be a chef. I'm not saying she should but she can definitely call herself a chef.
      5. Same as point 1. And, hundreds of eggless mayo recipe can be found on the web. Her ingredients list is basically a copy of these recipe: oil, milk/water, acid, emulsifier, spices and flavor (salt and sugar).
      Please, don't add points that you yourself can easily say is not wholly true if you just tried to do a little search about it.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 months ago +5

      @dragonbretheren what’re you talking about “specific technique” she blended it together and the only reason Anne didn’t know how dragonfruit worked is because she’d never used it before which she herself mentioned

  • Hayden Moeller
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    can we talk how matt has one sock? Love the videos keep up the work!

  • Cocoii
    Cocoii 7 months ago +1830

    I’ve never understood why she refuses to tell us what it tastes like 😭 if you’re shipping out a new branded product of yours at least tell us what it tastes like..

    • Cocoii
      Cocoii 6 months ago

      @Cat lord after seeing how it’s packaged I would never eat it but that’s just me. Ig that’s pretty smart though.

    • Sorrowdusk
      Sorrowdusk 7 months ago +1

      @I'm SUBBING to EVERYONE who SUBS to ME ສະນັ້ນ ເຈົ້າມາຈາກປະເທດລາວ. ຂ້ອຍບໍ່ຮູ້ວ່າເຈົ້າເປັນຄົນຈີນຫຼືຍີ່ປຸ່ນ. ຂ້ອຍຂໍໂທດ, ຂ້ອຍຫາຍໃຈຟືນ propane ຫຼາຍເກີນໄປ

    • Cat lord
      Cat lord 7 months ago

      Actually . . . Thats the point. If you don't know what it tastes like then most likely you'll buy it out of curiosity.

    • Lè Shàwn Dè Wàlrùs
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    Ashes, Ashes 3 months ago +34

    Wasn't there an I Love Lucy episode kinda sorta like this? Lucy and Ethel started selling a salad dressing, and it became too popular. They got out from under it by slapping their label on an already established dressing.
    It's been waaay too long since I saw it last and of course I can't find it anywhere. The point might be that slapstick comedy comes to mind...

    • Ashes, Ashes
      Ashes, Ashes Month ago +2

      @Brandi Mullins Much better stated than I ever could!

    • Brandi Mullins
      Brandi Mullins Month ago +2

      i know EXACTLY the episode you're talking about. basically the same thing happened to them as "chef" Pi. they didn't anticipate the popularity and demand of their product and didn't have the infrastructure to meet that demand so they cut corners which ultimately became their downfall

  • 14 Reasons
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    Gotta say, I just stumbled upon your channel and I subscribed because of Steph making her "pour in on them at rhe castle gates" comments. I'm still laughing. Thank you guys, your both great!

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    Me as a whole 3 months ago +11

    My school canteen has a version of pink sauce they serve with the keropok lekor. They just mixed chili sauce and mayo.
    My friends said it was spicy.
    Yep I’m from Malaysia.

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    • BTP⭐️
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    Geoff F. 5 months ago +2

    As someone who enjoyed dragon fruit for the first time recently. I call it a backup fruit. It's not strong enough to stand on its own, but like papaya it can really play well with just about any other standalone fruit.

  • musikSkool
    musikSkool 6 months ago +2

    My only problem is you CAN get that kind of consistency. Egg whites, for one example, can be beaten until they thicken. Use only some of those ingredients and beat until they thicken, then fold in the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Take butter for example, you can make it from just milk, though it takes a really long time to thicken into butter, but it IS possible.

  • Alistair
    Alistair 3 months ago +1

    Dried dragon fruit powder. That's what she uses to colour the sauce and that's the reason why the colour of the sauce pales after a while.

  • Vons
    Vons 6 months ago +5

    That was an Awesome presentation; I loved the breakdown; it makes sense. While working from home remotely, I saw the Karamo show with Chef Pii about the PINK sauce and the bad comments she received. Looks like a brand is picking her up. I will definitely look at the label. Great Job 👍👍🌈🌈

  • Giovanni Merced
    Giovanni Merced 2 months ago

    Please do an update that shows how her recipe works. Now that everybody knows.

  • EliteZero
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    To be honest, I have no idea how pii has the guts to call herself a chef when she just mixed mayo and chili powder and shipped it out without thinking that it would spoil over time.

    • E
      E 7 months ago


    • Magolor
      Magolor 7 months ago

      @The guy from internet and vinegar which causes milk to curdle when mixed in, so in truth the stuff shouldn't even be lasting a few days even in ideal conditions

    • The guy from internet
      The guy from internet 7 months ago

      Don't forget about milk!

    • George Wang
      George Wang 7 months ago

      Considering how many I encountered in the last 20 years of working in restaurants….the chef piis of the world are taking over. They have no shame nor competence. Just a whole lot of attitude and a whole lot fake nails and hair.

  • DragonBearUzi
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    I watched to the end, and Steph is a genuinely funny person. You got yourself a catch bro.

  • Zonbii Music ~ ぞんびい

    But you can make an emulsion with the ingredients listed. You can emulsify oil with just garlic: aioli. Maybe that's why there was supposed to be so much garlic in it. I still doubt that the listed amount is correct, but in the right direction. My guess is that the pink sauce is aioli, with some spices, a little honey and dragonfruit for coloring

  • Shoowadoo
    Shoowadoo Month ago

    She also said that she included mayonnaise into her mix, so I would recommend making a sequel add mayonnaise leave it out in the heat for around a day and see how it taste

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    Fire Feet Hok_Tui 5 months ago

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    • Atomic
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      Not really.

    • Lilly83467
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    • Tony Bajaj
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    17:56 is the best part of the video. That it took a second to percolate through MatPat's head was the Bonus!
    Edit to Add: BTW, I'd never heard of this at all. I refused to click on it for ages because I thought it was the same as the pink meat sludge that got kinda old. I'm glad I finally watched. This situation was truly bizarro!

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    product was priceless

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    The Guardian Soul Month ago

    I tip my hat to the both of y'all on telling me about this, because honestly like you mentioned in the video; 1, I prefer Clip-Share over Tik-Tok; 2, I actually didn't know about the 'pink sauce' until before I saw this video; & lastly 3, your ingredient recipe sounds way better explainable & understandable, compared to the 'prototype' 'pink sauce' bottle that you created the video about. So as I said before, I tip my hat with respect to you both.

  • Kallie Mcroy
    Kallie Mcroy 6 months ago +4

    I honestly wouldn't be suprised if she took ranch and added a few things to it and labeled it as her own sauce

  • LiamB137
    LiamB137 2 months ago

    You should sell your creation as "Matt Patt's Mixture" since it's an original recipe based on the nutritional label.

  • chelsea Hillier
    chelsea Hillier 7 months ago +5080

    I’m a food product developer and this product just…hurts my soul. If I did what she did I would lose my job. It takes months to finalise a product and for her to just send it out half assed is frustrating to see . Love seeing your detective product developer work!

    • chelsea Hillier
      chelsea Hillier 5 months ago

      @lordDope I studied food technology at high school ( sometimes known as home economics). I also did it at A level and then went to university and did B(Sc) Food technology and new product development. There are many jobs in the food industry that aren’t really talked about but are really cool.

    • lordDope
      lordDope 5 months ago +1

      @chelsea Hillier that sounds really cool and interesting, can you share what you studied in college to get that sort of job or what job title I should be looking for?

    • 💣 Nagito Komaeda 💣
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      @just some mad birb without a mustache Sorry, my bad

    • just some mad birb without a mustache
      just some mad birb without a mustache 5 months ago

      @💣 Nagito Komaeda 💣 nah bro y'all wrong he coding them and giving ideas on how they should taste like and where they can be found for example
      Location:apple tree/'s
      Taste:juicy taste like apple(sourness:1.2,sweetness6.3, refreshingness1.5)

    • leanna !
      leanna ! 5 months ago

      @Flowmaster925 I think that just means they developed brands and food product means ketchup, Maynards candy and stuff. It’s just items of consumption

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    • It'sShy
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      But.. it’s likely

    • Jonathan Barnett
      Jonathan Barnett 3 months ago

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    • Jonathan Barnett
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      your right it dose seem stupid so stupid you wonder why he would put it in his video, when clearly and with common since that's not what happened.

    • Whydoyoureadnames?6940
      Whydoyoureadnames?6940 3 months ago

      Which team are you on?

    • Bergkatse2
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      Plastic condiment bottles with yellow lids are just the most widely available unbranded ones available if you don’t have the funds to have one custom designed.

  • Remixer56
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    In 15:28 if you look closely it says may contain eggs. I know that normally means that the factory that it produced it in has some kind of egg product, but in this case it might be a legal loophole.

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    I can’t get over the fact that Matt was only wearing a single sock this whole video 😂

  • JohnNotAMurderer
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  • Orange Llama
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    About the servings per container...
    A normal sized container of grated parmesan cheese had 91 servings per container. Also, Sriracha has more than a hundred servings.

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  • Virus5600
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    I remember the time my dad created a pink gravy for us back when I was still in elementary (forgot the exact year). I'm 22 now and I only tasted that one once... Wish me and my brother knew how he did it back then .-.

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    Looked it up before, it is basically an unearthly concoction of every single food allergy and intolerance I have.

    • Smt64 Productions
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    • NichtcrawlerX
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    • Samuel Lopez
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    • Shala
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      @So this is how usernames work. lamo, well, the show isn't perfect, but I love it! I hope you enjoy it too!

    • So this is how usernames work.
      So this is how usernames work. 7 months ago

      @Shala I got into steven universe this year, like almost 5 years after it was finished

    • Shala
      Shala 7 months ago

      @So this is how usernames work. awww that's awesome! I was super into SU when it was running. I'm thinking about binging the show sometime.

    • So this is how usernames work.
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  • Marcos Rios-Laurenzana
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    Loved your video about this crazy pink sauce drama! props to entrepreneurs everywhere around the world. Though we always learn and improve from experience there you be a min. required standard to start a business and this girl most definitely skipped Business 101....

  • SaintSanityAsmr
    SaintSanityAsmr 3 months ago +67

    Check out Anne from How to Cool That. She’s a professional chef who goes over these things and confirms and debunks all of these issues. Debunks include the emulsification, the risk of botulism, and the colorants, as well as expiry dates etc. worth reading and I think that this food theory video may need to be revised.

    • SaintSanityAsmr
      SaintSanityAsmr 3 months ago

      @Atomic sorry yeah forgot to mention

    • Lauren Courtice
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      Yes. All hail Ann reardon

    • Atomic
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      Not just a chef, also a food scientist.

  • Deanna Jackson
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    UPDATE: A more reputable company took over the production of the pink sauce and the safer version is being sold at Walmart stores now. Also, if you're going to make a food product for the masses, being secretive with the recipe is a sure way to get sued for not listing potential food allergens. IJS.