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How Rousso DESTROYED Tony G's Full House

  • Published on Sep 27, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Ratrazor
    Ratrazor Year ago +2604

    This guy's so calm about losing, he's like all that just shut me out.

    • Shane Hendrix
      Shane Hendrix Month ago

      It is shock lol

    • National Socialism
      National Socialism  2 months ago

      @Ρгοηαtoг тεηdoη even that was shit talk... cause it was obvious that he got a cooler of a hand. Its a backhanded compliment at best... she didn't outplay him, he just got a wonky hand that ran out poorly for him

    • National Socialism
      National Socialism  2 months ago

      @Sand Hanitizer the nuts doubling up from the 4th nuts is expected... only pocket AAs, JJs, & 66s beats him. Losing that hand is meaningless cause there's no other way to play coolers... you just suck it up that you got a cooler & move on

    • LaValle420
      LaValle420 8 months ago

      He is until he isn't, I'm pretty sure he blows up in this tourney...

    • JrSwo
      JrSwo 8 months ago

      He wants the 🐱

  • Dustin Is Driving
    Dustin Is Driving Year ago +4718

    “That shut me up” now that’s showing respect ✊

    • PolarBearProblems
      PolarBearProblems 2 months ago

      @Binary Ruffian I don’t think calling the re raise is a bad move. She has an over pair, and probably think that he has jacks trying to push her off of the nut flush draw. Playing her range against his, I think that’s a pretty easy call in that situation.

    • Patrick Lee
      Patrick Lee 2 months ago

      "That shut me up" *continues talking* I love and hate this man XD

    • cosmolupo
      cosmolupo 2 months ago

      @Binary Ruffian if you fold aces in that spot when someone reraise, i want to play heads up with you

    • Patrick dippel
      Patrick dippel 8 months ago +1

      @Binary Ruffian how do you fold aces to a reraise?

    • Tyler Childers
      Tyler Childers 8 months ago +2

      @Binary Ruffian bro what? She has pocket aces, she doesn’t know what he has. She sees the flop, assesses what she has versus what tony could have, decides she thinks her hand is still better as Tony G is known to muck and slightly lie ab what he had, or get beat and throw a fit if he doesn’t like how you play, even if he is bluffing. She did get lucky w the ace, just as he got lucky with the last 5 that was drawn. Unfortunately for him, the 5 also gave her the full house draw but with aces. She made a good call and made that money…not tryna hate on u bro that’s just my opinion.

  • OmnipotentOkami
    OmnipotentOkami Year ago +738

    The way she glared at him made it so much better 👏🏼😂

  • ninglumKS
    ninglumKS Year ago +1495

    When Tony G says, "That shuts me up", he means it, as he is the hardest to get shut up by anyone.

    • Futt Het
      Futt Het Year ago

      He’s really not, he’s a talker sure, but he’s got some respect.

    • Khariii
      Khariii Year ago +1

      @Binary Ruffian it's literally the top comment, you just got called out 😂

    • Miguel Cruz Jr
      Miguel Cruz Jr Year ago +7

      @Binary Ruffian denial

    • Binary Ruffian
      Binary Ruffian Year ago

      @BooDoop you need glasses if “it seems like it” to you

    • EarlyPineapple
      EarlyPineapple Year ago +7

      @Binary Ruffian damn, get called out lol

  • Carson Autry
    Carson Autry Year ago +1

    This is honestly one of the most legendary poker hands ever. There is so much to learn from every street. It shows the massive swing of fortunes in poker and the sickest of coolers. The word play. Checking in the dark for deception. The sheer luckbox that is Tony G. This hand has it all.

  • Zap
    Zap Year ago +46

    I actually love Tony G lmao he’s just an entertainer. Doesn’t care about losing as long as it’s a good time

    • DividedShark
      DividedShark 2 months ago

      Why I love Negreanu

    • Kane
      Kane 11 months ago

      @rayan angola what didu do

    • When Grapes Pop
      When Grapes Pop 11 months ago

      Seemed more like he talked to her like a kid

    • rayan angola
      rayan angola 11 months ago

      Lmao i was at his place 2 days ago

  • Vic Esp
    Vic Esp Year ago +108

    i wish more players new/young players were like tony g. he makes the game so interesting & isnt scared to play hands even if they may not be the best preflop

  • Chelsea P
    Chelsea P Year ago +975

    You missed the best part, tony “you can shut me right up” then Vanessa goes, “how.” 😭😂

    • Jeffrey
      Jeffrey Month ago

      @Binary Ruffian If you re-raise on a flop thats relatively weak it looks like you have a pocket pair, and no pocket pair beats aces. After that flop, the only losing matchup pocket pair that you could put someone on is pocket jacks, and those odds are so low that it’s worth playing with pocket aces. Maybe you put them on a flush draw but then it is still worth calling there to at least see the turn.
      Explain how this is ever a weak call by someone with pocket aces

    • GenericAnalyst
      GenericAnalyst 2 months ago

      @Binary Ruffian Ok Phil Hellmuth🙄

    • kenny fleck
      kenny fleck 2 months ago

      @Long Vu she had A,A,A,5,5,

    • kenny fleck
      kenny fleck 2 months ago

      @Binary Ruffian you do realize that vanessa had the best hand preflop, right. And a jack on the turn would also have given her a better two pair, right? Tony g probably wouldn't have ever seen the river if that jack came...

    • Ryan
      Ryan 7 months ago

      @Long Vu they both had a full house, when both players have a full house it depends who has the higher set, she had aces full while he had 6s full

  • kim chi
    kim chi Year ago +83

    The big game was and still is the best poker show & format ever in the history of poker.

    • datstud killacam
      datstud killacam Year ago

      Facts! The episodes with Tony going in on Phil had me DFL 😂😂😂

    • Notpureftw
      Notpureftw Year ago +1

      Poker after dark

    • Ronnie Creager
      Ronnie Creager Year ago +1

      High stakes easy

    • zacharias
      zacharias Year ago +1

      It’s up there. I’d take High Stakes Poker. Or Poker After Dark.

  • Invictus BP1Prop
    Invictus BP1Prop Year ago

    Love Tony G. He talks the craziest smack and Jack's with people but when it blows up in his face he doesn't get all butthurt like most people would. He just gives props and raises his hand to show who got burned n moves on. Good stuff.

  • NaDaChi
    NaDaChi Year ago +34

    A man that truely understands: Its not about winning or losing, its about how you play the game.

    • NaDaChi
      NaDaChi Year ago

      @duckyuphere Its means it doesnt matter if you win or lose right there because theres always going to be another game after to focus on. Its like you won the battle but not the war. But dont get the wrong idea winning is a lot better than losing of course. Thays why we compete.

    • Beard Man
      Beard Man Year ago

      @duckyuphere I don't know the complete situation because it's only a short video. I'd guess it would be targeting or something. She clearly had disdain for him and wanted to settle it

    • Beard Man
      Beard Man Year ago

      @duckyuphere There are unspoken gentleman's rules in every sport. People who step out of line get dealt with usually.

  • Meaux Green
    Meaux Green Year ago

    Fun fact, Vanessa was the valedictorian of my high school in the same class. I rode the same bus a few times but never spoke. After she made it as a poker pro she got into DJing. She had a couple of my songs that I produced on her mix that she made. I sent her a message and she said she was a fan and we chatted a few times and we both live in Vegas. She still doesn’t know that we went to the same high school in Florida.

  • Jamal Sowell
    Jamal Sowell Year ago +2

    Tony is a character. Always been one of the most entertaining people to watch. Aside from Hellmuth when he blows up. And when Tony is the reason why, it's gold.

  • RJ
    RJ 11 months ago +57

    It's better to narrate your own demise before someone else does. Hurts a lot less and it's done in the moment. Smart man.

  • Maximilian
    Maximilian Year ago +90

    Tony G's the man, most entertaining player especially when he's playing with Phil

  • N E D
    N E D Year ago +1008

    I wish poker was still this hype, watching the same hands for the past decade is gettin a bit stale

    • Sifeus
      Sifeus 8 months ago +1

      Yeah they really should add some DLC cards.

    • Mr susan
      Mr susan 8 months ago

      Watch Hustler Casino Live

    • N E D
      N E D 10 months ago +1

      @zac9469 same I still quote “can ya feel the power Phil?”

    • zac9469
      zac9469 10 months ago

      Tony G has been back in the Poker scene of late hope he continues to play more

    • BoBo The Great
      BoBo The Great Year ago +1

      I started watching in 2002. Loved it till about 2009. In that time ive seen some awesome hands and some awesome players. Fav is still the unibomber and Matt the mouth lol and Phil of course

  • slowmoe1964
    slowmoe1964 Year ago

    I like how she flamed the deuces then checked but still had the presence of mind not to bend the two high even though the driver would have slid if she wanted it to. Nice.

  • Cameron Phenix
    Cameron Phenix 8 months ago

    He was really uncomfortably aggressive to her during the flop, was worried he wouldn't accept the loss gracefully, but glad he did.

  • BraYsUnc
    BraYsUnc Year ago +1

    He doesn't shutup very easily at all. Respect to him for losing like you should. Congratulate the person for beating you, as if you know it's not easy for them to do so!!!

  • Papa Dwarf
    Papa Dwarf Year ago +110

    Checks river on turn lol 😂 flops boat and looks like “damn i should’ve bet” … then try’s to talk her into betting not knowing he was destroyed

    • David Hatch
      David Hatch Year ago

      You can only flop a boat on the "flop" tho.

    • syismadas
      syismadas Year ago +2

      Underrated comment u need 1k likes lol

    • Patrick Millett
      Patrick Millett Year ago +10

      They both rivered the boat.
      And saying that out loud in a literal sense made me giggle. ,😂

  • Matthew Luh
    Matthew Luh Year ago +22

    *Tony “I think it’s better betting in the dark”
    *Also Tony: gets river’d set over set

    • checkraiser1000
      checkraiser1000 11 months ago +1

      Please don't play poker

    • Andrew
      Andrew Year ago +1

      @Matt Brody or a boat lol

    • Matt Brody
      Matt Brody Year ago +1

      Yeah people still can’t tell the difference between trips and sets lol

    • Don Hall
      Don Hall Year ago +2

      Except he didn’t have a set at all

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy Month ago

    My favorite part is how the comments are talking about the fact that he said “that shut me up” and all but no one is talking about how he played hand blind (never looked at his cards) and still almost won the pot

  • Smokinaces 813
    Smokinaces 813 8 months ago

    Can someone explain how tony lost? He had three 5’s and 6 giving him a full house while she just had 3 A’s. Doesn’t he have the better hand considering he has more pairs?

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best Year ago +1

    Am i missing something? 3 aces beat a full house? He has 3 5’s and a pair of sixes she has 3 aces right?
    Edit: nevermind didn’t even think she has that pair of fives too so it’s aces high full house for her. Just kidding.

  • Vinnie Mascaro
    Vinnie Mascaro Year ago +1

    That's a damning hand...the 2 Aces will bet because of what they are ...he sees the pairs..hopes for the full..gets it. .but that Ace on the turn instantly changed that hands fate

  • Rafael
    Rafael 8 months ago

    The look on his face when that 5 hit the board after he checked in the blind 🤣. Then he tries to talk her into betting 🤣

  • Paul McClain III
    Paul McClain III Year ago

    She should have slow rolled him after the all in call 😂

  • J
    J Year ago

    As SOON as that 5 dropped his face lit up. He broke whatever bluff he was trying to show.

  • Bigbriansc
    Bigbriansc 2 months ago +1

    One of the most satisfying hands ever to be witnessed against the person who couldn't deserve it more. Glad we have a replacement douche by the name of Eric Persson to take over where Tony left off.

  • Kassidy Schwab
    Kassidy Schwab Year ago +21

    This is just the most Tony G hand I can imagine 🤣

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart Year ago

    I love the constant fiddling with the chips to alleviate stress

  • Beard Man
    Beard Man Year ago +1

    How could you not though? He had a full house, he almost couldn't back down. A perfect storm.

  • Curin
    Curin 8 months ago

    Can someone explain to me how he lost? Didn’t he have a full house?

  • U.S. Militia
    U.S. Militia Year ago

    I don’t know why but my best hand is literally always A, 2. I’ve never lost with that hand. Not once, not ever.

  • Anthony X
    Anthony X Year ago +2

    If he wasn't so full of himself he would have noticed her tell when she got the third Ace

  • mike larry
    mike larry Year ago

    Funny how respect only comes with winning. Kinda how the whole world works. Life. Love. Fighting. All of it. Poker

  • Mike Bronc
    Mike Bronc Year ago +1

    Love the snap call haha he thought his check in the dark trapped her lol

  • Hance Lotakhoon
    Hance Lotakhoon Year ago

    That pull back 10,000 bet 😂😂

  • Han Soh
    Han Soh Year ago +4

    So much going on in this hand. I can watch this a hundred times and still extract some pleasure from it.

  • MonoMan
    MonoMan 2 months ago +1

    Even when someone shut's Tony up he still refuses
    to stop talking

  • William Brown
    William Brown 2 months ago

    Legend has it it didn't shut him up 😂

  • Nick Vos
    Nick Vos Year ago +1

    He does show respect where it's due - she is a beast.

  • reflirt
    reflirt 8 months ago

    Tony really wanted it to be a 5, but if only he knew it would also give her a full house 🥸

  • LucRicePresents
    LucRicePresents Year ago

    I just think of Big Brother when I see her she’s such a legend

  • Josh’s Digital Interactions

    She totally gave that good hand away with her body language. I been playing cards for a long long time and feel that an experienced player would have picked up on that

    • Sway McThunder
      Sway McThunder Year ago +1

      Let's be real Josh. You wouldn't have folded the boat in that situation. Alot easier when you can see the cards, everyone thinks they are an expert.

    • Mk.Ultra
      Mk.Ultra Year ago +4

      @BikePackingPleb lol stop it

    • BikePackingPleb
      BikePackingPleb Year ago

      I haven't played poker a long long time and I noticed them little fingers started hitting them tips hard when the money hit the table her shoulders move forward she was just waiting for that hand to be over

  • NotSoSeriousRankings

    I can never get a win with rockets🚀🚀🚀 she played that hand perfect. 7.7/10!

  • HACK !
    HACK ! Year ago +1

    Immediately "aces full" love it!!

  • KingJoJustJoking
    KingJoJustJoking Year ago +43

    It took me a hot sec to realize she had a full house as well.

    • David Kidd
      David Kidd Month ago

      @Chris Bradley right?? 🤣 Nothing says “I don’t know poker” like these comments 😂

    • Chris Bradley
      Chris Bradley Month ago

      this is a comment you should keep to yourself lol

    • Ricky
      Ricky 2 months ago

      @Payaso Kushen we’re new ok geez

    • Payaso Kushen
      Payaso Kushen 2 months ago

      Bro she just had a higher Full house a Ace's Full she literally said it

    • Chantry Gillespie
      Chantry Gillespie Year ago +8

      holy shit i’m dense 😭 why was i looking through the comments looking for someone to say something

  • Sand Hanitizer
    Sand Hanitizer Year ago

    Classic hand. I've seen almost every single "famous hand" from the last two decades...I rarely see crazy hands from the last year or two

  • The Peaceful Savage Show

    This dude has class. I like it.

  • Dillon Hart
    Dillon Hart Year ago

    😂he got both pairs he was so sure of himself....and then he calls himself out, it was like he wanted to bet in the dark....

  • Kold trigger
    Kold trigger Year ago +3

    He snap called, thinking he had her beat 😂😂

    I AM MCLOVIN Year ago +1

    Pompous tony got a piece of humble pie 😂😂

  • Yah Nation
    Yah Nation Year ago +1

    He had the nuts on the flip but the river was unkind that second 5 should have been a thought before he sna called that all in.

  • Braybray
    Braybray 8 months ago

    Could watch this all day

  • Jay Fructose
    Jay Fructose 8 months ago

    God she played that perfectly

  • Dave's channel
    Dave's channel Year ago

    Karma! He tried to clown her on National TV and got clowned big time

  • boricua arecibo
    boricua arecibo Year ago +1

    He won't ever forget that hand

  • Septic Womb
    Septic Womb 2 months ago

    Why’d you cut after Tony says, “You can shut me right up”? Her response is the funniest part of the hand.

  • mac dam
    mac dam Year ago

    Hate when that happens 😪

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams Year ago

    "That shit me up!" Lol I love it

  • Manuel Castro
    Manuel Castro Year ago

    Alguien que me explique xke ganó ella con tercia de A y el perdió con un full

  • Merlin Sturley
    Merlin Sturley Year ago

    Bruh there needs to be like a rule with chip fiddling it's infuriating.

  • Blu3Dud3
    Blu3Dud3 10 months ago

    The way she was messing with her chips was so satisfying

  • Aditya Salim
    Aditya Salim Year ago

    he took the lose pretty well

  • Kevin Ahern
    Kevin Ahern 11 months ago +1

    How does 3 of a kind beat a full house? That's literally 3 of a kind plus a pair. I'm not a huge poker guy only played 45s so someone please educate me on this

    • 10th letter
      10th letter 11 months ago

      The pair of 5s that were on the table gave the Aces its full house. That's why it was a sick card, it made Tony G think he was the full house

  • Foster Bogard
    Foster Bogard Year ago

    Tony g is great bc he’ll talk but if you got him he acknowledges it

  • Pebble
    Pebble Year ago +2

    Oh yeah, forgot Vanessa was a poker player, guess my hobby intersected with seeing a lot of poker games on shorts (for some reason)

  • Charles Sands
    Charles Sands Year ago

    If you know Tony, you know NOTHING shuts him up

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee Year ago +8

    My favorite hand of all time, lol.

  • IidannyiI
    IidannyiI 2 months ago

    Can someone explain why a three of a kind even though it’s aces beat a full house ?! Honestly confused

  • Elivan Moreira
    Elivan Moreira 10 months ago

    Impocivel escapar dessa!!

  • Jordon P
    Jordon P 11 months ago

    Wait I’m confused how did he lose that hand, she had 3 Ace’s but he had 3 5’s and a pair of 6’s

    • Donwan
      Donwan 11 months ago

      She had a full house, AAA55. He had a full house, 55566. Bigger full house wins.


    Tony G don't let poker get through his head like Phil Hellmuth

    SUKISUKIxSF Year ago

    Yet he’s still talking 😂 he acted like he was teaching her when she wasn’t even phased

  • Dimion Lee
    Dimion Lee Year ago

    Damn straight dude. You are 💣💥

  • Jackson Buck
    Jackson Buck 11 months ago

    Can somebody explain what im missing here? How did a 3 of a kind beat a full house?

    • Donwan
      Donwan 11 months ago

      Its full house vs smaller full house. The woman had the bigger full house.

  • Alex Celtic
    Alex Celtic Year ago

    That's one way to do it 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Nigro
    Thomas Nigro Year ago

    She should’ve won big brother

  • CAE Espo
    CAE Espo Year ago

    At least he took his loss like a man!

  • JessTheMess
    JessTheMess Year ago

    He was a very good loser
    Also she has a good poker face

  • LegacyFTW
    LegacyFTW 10 months ago +2

    "That shut me up"
    Finally, Tony.
    And yet, we know you didn't shut up for long 🤣

  • Alex Colima
    Alex Colima Year ago

    The way she is reacting says it all. Homie just had to look at her

  • KokosÖl Bube
    KokosÖl Bube Year ago +6

    I love Tony G. He is makes tables interesting and tilts players

  • wKn
    wKn 10 months ago

    He has a full and she has 3 aces How did she win ?

  • Tyler Nelson
    Tyler Nelson Year ago +1

    The fact that she’s from big brother lol I love her


    This is my all time favorite hand for sure!!

  • sigurd varmdal
    sigurd varmdal 11 months ago +4

    Vanessa is the type of player that beloves she knows everything but just wins on luck every time

  • Cash from Clutter

    Anybody else catch the crack in his voice when he seen the flop....even the top tier players have tells

  • Og_Unicorn
    Og_Unicorn 8 months ago

    I honestly don't understand what just happened, I don't know much but isn't a full house supposed to beat trips? Can someone explain

    JUJUBUCKETS333 10 months ago

    I've only ever seen Rousso win when she gets massive set up cooler hands similar to this spot...

  • Jonathan Young
    Jonathan Young Year ago +3

    She has my respect just for sporting that sweet beastie boys hat!!

  • Joe Garrison
    Joe Garrison Year ago +3

    A Full house doesn't beat 3 aces? Am I missing something here?

    • Tors 10x
      Tors 10x Year ago

      @Lucas ty

    • Lucas
      Lucas Year ago

      @Tors 10x she wasn't chasing anything

    • Joe Garrison
      Joe Garrison Year ago

      @Tors 10x yeah I realized that on second glance. Thanks for the insight

    • varmahlid
      varmahlid Year ago +1

      Yeah, that's 55566 vs AAA55

    • Tors 10x
      Tors 10x Year ago

      He boats up on the last card, but so does she. He should've bet her out early instead of letting her chase.

  • Mark Chen
    Mark Chen Year ago

    It’s just tournament so he doesn’t care the chips. If it’s a cash game Tony G will be tilted 😂

  • Lee Coley
    Lee Coley Month ago

    One of the classic pandering and disrespectful ways to play your opponent and get in their head. Play straight up blind and bet like a fool. Of course he lost. Opponent will never forget his behavior. My opinion peeps. 😂

  • windshield washer
    windshield washer Year ago +3

    Wait wait wait.. is this a Tony appreciation video? Just a few years ago he was the most despised player, that's kinda why I loved watching him, but now everyone respects him??

  • DirtyDan XL
    DirtyDan XL 11 months ago +1

    Can someone explain to me how 3 of a kind beats a full house

    • Joel Toups
      Joel Toups 11 months ago +1

      She had aces full of fives, while he had 5’s full of 6’s. Very unfortunate situation for the guy but an incredible hand by both of them nonetheless

  • Cam
    Cam Year ago

    I’m confused the man had a full house and the girl theee of a kind how did the guy lose?

  • Peter Kerr
    Peter Kerr Year ago +40

    you edited out the best bits!

    • GoonyGaming
      GoonyGaming Year ago +1

      I know you need that part!

    • Tyler Smith
      Tyler Smith Year ago +10

      Tony: "You can shut me right up."
      (Missing) Vanessa: "How?"
      This was always such a great hand.

  • Enok P
    Enok P Year ago +1

    Can someone help me and explain why three of a kind wins to a full house? He checked didn’t he?

    • laker life
      laker life Year ago +2

      She had a full house also. Three aces and two fives. She had the higher full house.