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Retro Tech: Game Boy


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  • Pocketnow
    Pocketnow 3 years ago +1087

    Loved this series dude!
    I've got a good one: The Pocket PC. What enabled the first smartphone. Technically the COMPAQ IPAQ h3630 with a GSM expansion sleeve was the first smartphone back in the day. - Jaime

    • jasonrubik
      jasonrubik Month ago +1

      My speedcubing buddy was a mechanical engineer at Compaq ( later HP) that designed and oversaw the manufacturing of the cases and hinges for the iPAQ handhelds, back in 2002.

    • Janak Kumar
      Janak Kumar 3 months ago


    • Elmer Seminario
      Elmer Seminario 4 months ago


    • Katekakishi esteban Coronel
      Katekakishi esteban Coronel 4 months ago

      @Randy Rides q1nn

    • Rahul yadav vlogs
      Rahul yadav vlogs 4 months ago

      99% of the comments here ne like; he never fails to make us laugh his content never disappointed us... ,.,

  • アイルー先輩
    アイルー先輩 3 days ago +3

    As a Japanese, I didn't think that the Game Boy I was so passionate about as a child was loved all over the world🤣🤣
    Thank you for this wonderful documentary!Arigatou Gozaimasu!

  • Lazy Eye
    Lazy Eye 2 days ago +1


  • Greggles
    Greggles 8 months ago +84

    It wasn't painful to be a kid back then, it was so much fun. Those childhood adventures will be with me forever.

  • Josh Marshall
    Josh Marshall Year ago +753

    The second you cut the seal on that box, millions of retro gaming collectors lost their minds! LOL

      VIVEK GAMER YT 65 4 months ago

      Jo koi aapni family👪👪👪👪 bahut jada love karat kar oh mujse ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 1 subscribe jarura karega 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • 白炽
      白炽 4 months ago

      That's true.

    • Staringcorgi6
      Staringcorgi6 5 months ago

      It’s not like the system sold millons

    • Y Bird
      Y Bird 5 months ago

      great job

    • Meemo
      Meemo 7 months ago +2

      @Aaa Aaa $20,000 before, $400 after

  • Michael
    Michael 3 years ago +779

    This should be a benchmark for top tier quality videos damn it was crisp asf well done MKBHD.

    • ishamoni13 -
      ishamoni13 - 5 months ago

      @ParasPlay9 ভব্ব্রও

    • Alexander Maxwell
      Alexander Maxwell 3 years ago +5

      @Poon 1312 PhD Yeah we're gonna listen to anything "Poon Slayer1312" has to say lol😂

    • Vielt Barrios
      Vielt Barrios 3 years ago +8

      That's the youtube money brah

  • Razor of Wolvendom
    Razor of Wolvendom Year ago +321

    My mom bought me a gameboy back then and it was the best christmas present I have, I feel like a rockstar playing it together with my classmates and it was awesome!.

  • Maxwell Domnic
    Maxwell Domnic Year ago +401

    I just love the fact that they had a surprise tech underneath their chair and still they came prepared to talk about gameboy.

  • MrScratchproof
    MrScratchproof Year ago +170

    Amazing vid. I just don't like how they say that being a kid in the 80s was painful because we didn't have tablets and phones and stuff. That's not true. We were happy with whatever we had. It's not like we had a feeling of missing out, we didn't even know that stuff would ever exist. I'm an 80s kid and I had a very happy childhood. I actually probably get more bored now than when I was little! I'm also happy that I got to witness the birth of all that technology we now take for granted. And I'm sure the new generations will have a similar feeling 20 years from now. When the PS9 comes out in 20 years, you'll look back at your PS5 with fond memories in mind. It's just the circle of life!

    • MrScratchproof
      MrScratchproof 3 months ago

      @bradley brown You're absolutely right. I miss those things too. Especially those big cardboard boxes that PC games used to come in. They were massive and only contained a CD-ROM and an instruction manual but they were the best. We had it good. We really did.

    • TXF
      TXF 3 months ago

      @bradley brown Yeah, I remember anticipating a CD release, heading down to Walmart when it finally came out, and grabbing it. Listening to it on the way home. Now I just load up Spotify, or find some mp3 download site. It's definitely not the same.
      Then again, the same can be said for games. I have an all-digital Xbox Series S, so my library of 500+ games is all digital. No going to a store to pick out a game that looks cool based entirely on the boxart anymore, of seeing a neat looking game in a magazine and rushing to the store to grab it, I just load up the online store, buy a game, and download it. I also have an Emulation Handheld, so the same even goes for retro games, minus the buying part.
      I've actually downloaded every issue of Nintendo Power years ago, and load 'em up on occasion. They're still fun to read through.

    • bradley brown
      bradley brown 3 months ago +1

      I was born in the 90s and am completely blind, sure I couldn't see the games but you bet I gave them a go.
      I played a lot of fighting games back then, this was when accessibility wasn't even a thing.
      You wanna know what I miss hugely? tapes, (cassette tapes,) and even cds. I feel like as amazing as games/netflix and all that is, the magic of actually waiting and getting something delivered to you is missing. Oh sure, amazon exists and I love it, (where else can you get 5 leatres of vinigger?) But it's not the same.

    • TXF
      TXF 3 months ago +1

      True. We were every bit as social back then too, since there was no real online to play games with people, you'd have to be in the same room as your friends to play together. Hell, a huge chunk of my childhood was spent trading Pokemon with kids in school, or down the street. Not to mention Arcades still existed. I spent a lot of time in my local mall arcade back in the day.
      Hell, we have Pokemon Go now. But back then, I remember actually taking my Game Boy with a copy of Pokemon Red around with me, and seeing other kids out and around playing it too. I fondly remember one time seeing someone playing, and I always had a link cable in my little case, so we traded a couple Pokemon right there on the sidewalk. I didn't even know the kid. The original Pokemon Go.

    • Nap Time
      Nap Time 4 months ago

      personally i think being an 80s kid was better (obviously i am biased) but for us, everything was new and exciting, we didnt have anything to compare it to or claim it was 'trash' because this other thing was better. at the time, it was the best that ever was.

  • Nazir Katabaro
    Nazir Katabaro Year ago +61

    I have a game boy advance, and I am struggling a lot to get the cartridges... I would stress one thing though, playing Mario on game boy will never be beaten by any other console I've come across so far... There is that taste that never fades ever... that's my view and how I enjoy the tech...

    • TXF
      TXF 3 months ago

      Might I suggest looking into buying a flash cart? I have an Everdrive GB X5 for my Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. There's also the EZ Flash Omega for Game Boy Advance games. They're pretty much just game cartridges, but they have a Micro SD card slot that lets you load roms onto them and play them on the real console. You could bring an entire collection of games with you in one or two cartridges if you want.
      Might be a good option to buy so you could at least play the games while you build your collection up.
      If you look them up, you'll probably find out that you can run GB/GBC games on the GBA flash cart. But I wouldn't recommend it. It's not running them natively. It's actually running them through an emulator, and while normal GB games are fine for the most part (though there is a bit of lag), GBC games are broken a good chunk of the time. I'd definitely recommend getting one flash cart for GBA, and another for GB/GBC.

    • Nap Time
      Nap Time 4 months ago

      you can get cartridges for the advance with like 150+ games on them off amazon for about $15.

  • Hamza
    Hamza 3 years ago +921

    Marques: "It's not bad"
    Casey: "It's impressive"
    Marques: "It's not bad"
    Casey: "It's impressive"

    • Tudor G
      Tudor G Year ago

      Casey: *I S A I D I T ‘ S I M P R E S S I V E*

    • Atlas Cygnus
      Atlas Cygnus Year ago +2

      None of console of this generation can survive 12 flares, and this men say "It's Not bad".

    • ONE&ONLY
      ONE&ONLY 3 years ago +1

      It's not apple so it's not bad

    • Johnny Kat
      Johnny Kat 3 years ago

      Marques: iPhone could done it!

    • Sriram Iyer
      Sriram Iyer 3 years ago +2

      That's soooo funny

  • Lee Hamlet
    Lee Hamlet Year ago +16

    That struggle to open the game case was the most nostalgic part for me 😂

    • Tracinya Slinger
      Tracinya Slinger Year ago +1

      I remember pressing the push-part against a table to get it open :P It was easier with a hard surface than trying to use my soft squishy child hands :D

  • ekatss
    ekatss 7 months ago +2

    Ah man, this was so nostalgic to watch. I remember playing on the Gameboy until dark, sitting on the steps outside with friends, struggling to see the game as the sun set.

  • Tio Lú
    Tio Lú 7 months ago +1

    Bringing back memories of my Game Boy, loved the soundtrack!

  • KT Tah
    KT Tah 6 months ago +3

    Great video, a reintro of the retro! One thing to add, we had a guy in the neighborhood who had a gameboy, WE all shared and played. Thanks Gameboy

  • spark9
    spark9 3 years ago +590

    The next Retro Tech episode just HAS to be for the Walkman. Nothing comes even close.

  • Nebojša
    Nebojša 11 months ago +7

    Brings back so many memories. Thanks for making this masterpiece!

  • yu
    yu 4 months ago

    Amazing. This video brings back a lot of my good memories playing game boy as a kid.

  • Marek B
    Marek B Year ago +11

    The moment he opened the carton I almost cried :D So freaking expensive nowadays if it's still sealed.

  • Teisharocz
    Teisharocz 5 months ago

    OMG, I'd have picked the flame thrower! How fun!!!!! Great content and back to memory lane! Just saw your walkman one. You are very thorough in what you do! Thanks, Marques!!!!

  • Habo
    Habo 3 years ago +603

    God DAMN! the production quality in this is top notch.
    well done.

    • torres3800
      torres3800 3 years ago +3

      He uses $20,000+ RED cameras to get this quality plus a iMac pro with tons of power. Plus Clip-Share money.

    • magno
      magno 3 years ago +4

      @Isotope No, it's an MKBHD original.

    • Isotope
      Isotope 3 years ago +3

      It’s a Youtubr Original.

    • dytra
      dytra 3 years ago

      except the notch on the pixel 3

  • VroodenTheGreat
    VroodenTheGreat 6 months ago +1

    I just found my gameboy color from about 1991 in a box last week. Still looks and works like new.

  • Bear Wooden
    Bear Wooden Year ago +6

    That was my gaming system when I was 14-15! Couldn't afford anything better. $50 for GB against $99-129 for SNES

  • Bọt Soda🌈
    Bọt Soda🌈 5 months ago +1

    It's a pity that I didn't get a chance to experience the gameboy in my childhood, it's definitely a fun, amazing and brings back a lot of memories if you ever own it ✨

  • 画家RG
    画家RG Year ago +36

    Whenever I hear that chime, it always bring me back to my childhood days where I was addicted in playing gameboy

  • Rab Davis
    Rab Davis 3 years ago +738

    I've watched this kid's videos since the beginning, and it's so rad that he's now making these beautifully edited documentaries like this. It's like this dude's career is an example of Moore's Law. Insane. He's advancing at the same lightning rate as the tech he reviews.
    And by the way, perfect video length for this kind of thing. Really like a video-podcast.
    Nailed it, man.

    • Mode 7 Scaling
      Mode 7 Scaling 7 months ago

      he has a team doing the editing shooting directing producing. you do realize that right?

    • Mithila Wanigathunge
      Mithila Wanigathunge 2 years ago +1

      Well he is hosting this...
      However for Clip-Share to choose HIM instead of nobody or someone from Clip-Share means something.
      This is because what he has done so far in this field. What we as audience follow him looking for. I think in the end we are all here because of that 🤓
      And also I think we all agree that it couldn't be better with any other host for this kind of a program. Even if he is just hosting.
      Love this series...! 🤩

    • St T.
      St T. 3 years ago +1

      @Xisixty it's in the credits video, he is the host, nothing more nothing less.

    • Xisixty
      Xisixty 3 years ago +3

      @St T. Can you provide some concrete proof, because all you're doing is speculating in a way which is negative towards a person we can all agree is a brilliant content creator. I seriously doubt he''s there entirely as an actor because that's not his profession.

    • blue_lancer_es
      blue_lancer_es 3 years ago +4

      @St T. Is the T in your name for tech? You sound salty man. Just congratulate the guy enjoy the video and then keep living man.

  • Joe England
    Joe England 11 months ago +2

    I remember getting a Game Boy for my birthday, all those decades ago. I had a lot of good time with a lot of good games, but it wasn't too long before my mom started playing, and eventually it became hers more than mine. She still plays Dr. Mario now and then.

  • Flavio Gomes Rodrigues "Bidi"

    Sempre foi minha paixão desde 1996, quando ganhei o meu primeiro do meu pai, e sempre amei o jeito, os jogos, e mesmo tendo consoles de mesa, meu amor por games foi pelos portáteis, e hoje tenho um acervo com diversos consoles, dentre eles os Game Boy Pocket, Color e Advance

    LITTLE 8 months ago +1

    Nintendo's first major handheld in the 16-bit era that helped popularized Tetris, but also dawned Kirby and Pokémon. Nice. Wish I have an original model.

  • Relaxation Dream
    Relaxation Dream 11 months ago +9

    The problems you're facing won't last forever, no matter how bad they might seem. If you ever feel lost or hopeless, just remember: the night is always darkest before the sunrise.You're going to get through this. I know you will. Now, get some rest. You've earned it, and you deserve it. Peace be with you, my friend. ❤

  • Eman M
    Eman M 3 years ago +2588

    The production on this is 11/10

  • Retro Rocketz
    Retro Rocketz 11 months ago +5

    Honestly these things could make a comeback if they sold them on store shelves, kinda like record players are currently. I know if I saw one at Target, I would buy it immediately.

  • Kevin Do
    Kevin Do 10 months ago +7

    Whole childhood in a palm of hand. Helped me through so many things in life as a kid

  • Wafer Man
    Wafer Man 11 months ago +1

    you know you’re old when they call your favorite childhood toy retro

  • the mean gremlin
    the mean gremlin Year ago +3

    i grew up with one of these almost constantly in my hands. i still have my old clear skinned gameboy. one of my favorite memories of this: as a kid, we traveled a lot... i was always having to turn my gameboy on for TSA. nobody knew what this thing was. haha. i loved this episode. well done MKBHD!

  • Apti Newim
    Apti Newim 3 years ago +611

    I didn't think i was gonna watch the whole thing.. but 20 minutes just flew by. Amazing work, Marques!

    • Giusy Savanelli
      Giusy Savanelli 6 months ago

      @ParasPlay Gaming p0vccxxxxxc.
      sfgggggvvvhhbvvvvv c vpv cc v 5 cgfchhchcmmkkrekjufuguguguguugugugihhuy8uuuuuiiiuuuuj 4eeww9

    • Giusy Savanelli
      Giusy Savanelli 6 months ago

      @ParasPlay Gaming ggghhyghfgvggggvv9 bbbb

    • as.panting10
      as.panting10 7 months ago

      @ParasPlay Gaming hai

  • Hunter Anderson
    Hunter Anderson Year ago

    Christopher Nolan clearly inspired the beautiful creation of this video. The editing and cinematography of this Gameboy highlight video is truly outstanding. Well done!!

  • The Dipermont Show
    The Dipermont Show 9 months ago

    I love the gameboy, I still own mine, it's so cool.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 11 months ago

    Only just found you on Clip-Share Marques, and glad I did as you put out seriously dope content!!

  • The_Sp0iler
    The_Sp0iler Year ago

    I'm sure you don't check comments on a video this old, but I got so excited when you put Josh from Play Value on the screen. I remember watching their series on older tech and loving it. Thank you for the throwback! This was a joy to watch.

  • Timothy Kim
    Timothy Kim 3 years ago +84

    The issue with the printer is the paper not the printer itself. The thermal paper that came in the box is decades old. Buy a fresh thermal paper and it should print fine.

  • Carl A. N.
    Carl A. N. 6 months ago

    The Gameboy, "the gray brick" I fondly named mine.
    My first game was the Pokémon Red... it was my jump into gaming.

  • TechOutAdam
    TechOutAdam Year ago

    So happy the Game Boy is your most popular video. This tech was absolutely my childhood and glad I wasn't alone.

  • Özgün Demir
    Özgün Demir Year ago +45

    I miss my childhood so much, gameboy was my best present ever, along with some big lego technic kits.

  • Joseph Merm
    Joseph Merm Year ago

    I lost my game boy purchased around 1993 about 5 years ago. Before I lost it, it was still working perfectly.

  • Ammar
    Ammar 3 years ago +2735

    finally a Clip-Share Originals series that is worth watching

  • Amira Bellah2
    Amira Bellah2 10 months ago

    Gotta love childhood games!! LOVE THE GAMEBOY. I thank Nintendo

  • Rick Fonseca
    Rick Fonseca 8 months ago

    Man you guys just don’t know. I almost started crying as soon as you busted out the box. This was mind blowing at the time. The the game boy color was even better. Nice job!

  • Wales U.K.
    Wales U.K. Year ago

    I could not put gameboy down as I child, where ever I went it was with me❤️

  • GameBoyAndres
    GameBoyAndres 7 months ago

    In the 3 year life span of being a retro gamer I love seeing the gameboy from the eyes of a non retro gamer

  • Marina K.
    Marina K. 3 years ago +422

    I was skeptical when I saw "Clip-Share Original," but this show is "Dope".

    • Dhanush S Babu
      Dhanush S Babu 3 years ago

      Am I the only one thinking the British accent lady with short hair has the most Amazing Voice I've ever heard!! Who is that??!!

    • Mr.E
      Mr.E 3 years ago

      @jaevnstroem true that. Just Good Mythical Morning and The Slow Mo Guys alone make youtube originals great for me

    • jaevnstroem
      jaevnstroem 3 years ago

      You follow the wrong creators if you're skeptical just by seeing "Clip-Share Original"

    • David Hernández
      David Hernández 3 years ago +2

      Yamen S. When I saw the fire part I thought the show was ending and thought it needed more, but then you have 10 minutes of dope and I felt really happy

  • Andrews rocha marques
    Andrews rocha marques 7 months ago

    please do more old consoles!so good!

  • IDCL
    IDCL 11 months ago +2

    Wow! Brings back so many memories !!
    Great show and exploration of how we got to where we are now. 10/10 to Marques.

  • SACHS VDE ⚠️
    SACHS VDE ⚠️ 11 months ago

    The "Donkey Kong" color version on Game Boy was Amazing..!! With 24 stages/per cassette if I'm not wrong👍, just few issues with batteries life ...🔋

  • Bell Drop
    Bell Drop Year ago +29

    "30th anniversary."
    One of those things that make you feel old.

  • AngryRice
    AngryRice 3 years ago +96

    This is great!! Production value = 10/10 Interviews = 10/10, Comedy = 10/10, Insightful = 10/10, Fun = 10/10, Token Neistat = 10/10

  • Benjamin Harrison
    Benjamin Harrison Year ago +1

    This is one of those vids where “make content u would want to watch” speaks for itself. This is my top mkbhd video so far. This is great 😊 💯😍😎 I’ve watched this at least 2-3 times. And that’s one of ur vids I’d do that over and over again, cuz it’s that good 👍

  • Goatcha
    Goatcha 8 months ago

    My gameboy clear's weakpoint was the on-off switch.
    It became detached from the electronics making the device non-functional. Lasted a few years before that though.

  • David Ryan
    David Ryan 8 months ago

    Great reminiscing. In another decade that flamethrower scene will be seen as insane 🥲 The rest was lovely though.

  • Starman
    Starman Year ago

    Nintendo Game & Watch was AWESOME, it was a huge hit in the playgrounds of the 1980s in the UK. Plus the G&W systems invented the D-Pad and the DS clamshell format.

  • Timothy_the_terrible_ on IG
    Timothy_the_terrible_ on IG 3 years ago +121

    This was unexpected and very impressive, Marques! Great job. Excellent production.

  • eboatwright
    eboatwright Year ago

    I loved the Game Boy as a kid. :D All I had was Super Mario Land, but it was fun. :)

  • Bob Gray
    Bob Gray Year ago

    I still had fun as a 90s kid. I just played outside with my friends instead of being the phone or w/e all day

  • demys08 _
    demys08 _ Year ago

    I bought a used Gameboy color a year ago and I love it! I already changed the shell and I'm gonna install an IPS screen soon

  • Starshine Moonbeam
    Starshine Moonbeam Year ago +17

    Mastered Tetris, Mastered Zelda, Mastered Mario plus others, helping my kids of course. I’m old but Still a gamer. 😉

  • Derek Kronenberger
    Derek Kronenberger 3 years ago +424

    How long did this video take to make?? This is amazing quality! I forgot I was watching a Clip-Share video!

    • iDunno
      iDunno 3 years ago +2

      Its a Clip-Share Original, it had a huge budget (I think)

    • TheHarryPeter_XD
      TheHarryPeter_XD 3 years ago +2

      Hey its 16:9 aspect ratio!

    • majdi abror
      majdi abror 3 years ago +3

      Very very true derek

    • dragosdydy
      dragosdydy 3 years ago +19

      @robinmayfair It's an Clip-Share Original, so I guess this is what they're trying to do :) Top notch quality.

    • robinmayfair
      robinmayfair 3 years ago +20

      Derek Kronenberger that’s very true. That could easily have been a Netflix piece. Well done everybody involved.

  • Notable
    Notable 3 months ago

    I can imagine them as seniors and cherishing this and the good old days while we have virtual reality gaming.

  • Josep Crespo Santacreu
    Josep Crespo Santacreu 7 months ago

    Lovely video ❤ lots of memories… 🥰


    Vim por um amigo que indicou, realmente muito bom o canal

  • Bloody Envy
    Bloody Envy 7 months ago

    it is hard to explain the love for the gameboy.. as a kid growing up to the gameboy i poured hours in to the thing and it is hard to explain the experience with the device growing up.. hearing the start up sound again just felt so nostalgic.. i remeber the days of waking up playing the gameboy and just messing out with what i can.. it is just a wild run..

  • b2n
    b2n 3 years ago +193

    This is an extremely high quality video, it felt like an actual documentary and not a MKBHD video. Really great video.

  • Ofcourse 88
    Ofcourse 88 Year ago +1

    Thank you for your all series of Retro Tech, i have really enjoyed them all. Keep it up!

  • Jayme Lawman
    Jayme Lawman Year ago

    Let’s just appreciate all the effort that went into making this video

  • Blendstufe
    Blendstufe 7 months ago

    almost shat my pants seeing you REALLY POP THIS SEAL man :D i grew up with that thing and still own it with some of the best games ever made for it. Thanks for that episode

  • L J
    L J 11 months ago

    Hmm. I loved the Gameboy and watching this brought back some fond memories but I think attributing the presence of all of todays handheld gaming to the Gameboy is a bit of a stretch. Handheld gaming was destined to happen one way or another, it's just that Nintendo were the first to do it successfully. So yeah, not sure if I really believe the final sentiment.

  • Akshaat Singh
    Akshaat Singh 3 years ago +280

    Now THIS is the kind of content I subscribed for. This video was awesome!

    • bbbbb
      bbbbb 3 years ago

      This is the kind of content I'm NOT subscribed for. This content very similar to buzzfeed's content.

    • Chrassi
      Chrassi 3 years ago +3

      All cool and stuff... now make V8 noises, please.

  • Runner Go
    Runner Go 4 months ago +1

    I still have my 1st Gameboy and it still works. The only game I have is Tetris, though.

  • ayo akinsiku
    ayo akinsiku 10 months ago +1

    Ah, memories... I remember loving the Gameboy so much despite its limited screen tech. Always carried 4 extra AAA batteries in my lunch box just in case I ran out of juice. My favorite games were; super Mario land, judge dredd and gargoyles quest.

  • CHITUS💖⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    This video was so fun! I was literally smiling the entire time and LAUGHED OUT LOUD! I wasn’t around in the 80s but the Game Boy Color was my jam in the early 00s 💕

  • Bob Jerryin
    Bob Jerryin 11 months ago

    I love these I bought two one original grey and a yellow for playing somewhere else so if I break or damage the other the original is still good.

  • Rayden Vaughan Montes
    Rayden Vaughan Montes 3 years ago +418

    I would love to see some more of these videos. Your delivery is amazing. Thank you for the great content, Marques

    • Abhiram
      Abhiram 3 years ago

      @Sakar Aryal Fuck you.
      And your Fake Ass comments.

    • Quenty12r
      Quenty12r 3 years ago


    • Sakar Aryal
      Sakar Aryal 3 years ago +13

      He uploaded 3 minute ago and you commented 1 minute ago. Did you just watch the whole damn video in 2 minute? 😂

  • Maj Magister
    Maj Magister 7 months ago +3

    Love how this video covers a bunch of major categories of the Gameboy's influence. It meant it was a little light on the actual _gaming_ content of the platform, but I think as a general overview it's fantastic. Also I died a little inside when the Gameboy was flamethrower'ed, even though it survived.

  • The Ambient Holistic
    The Ambient Holistic 3 months ago

    This was cool to watch. My grandfather owned a record store from 1976-1995. He had Centipede and Pac-Man arcade game that he would rig for me to play for free in his shop. I was in heaven 🌺❤️

  • Topher.
    Topher. 6 months ago

    I used to own a gameboy colour. The memories of Pokemon and Tetris are just too legendary. Next came along the PSP for me

  • Francesco Babini
    Francesco Babini 7 months ago

    Used to play with my brothers game it’s as a kid. Gotta say loved it so much. I remember playing legend of Zelda on my brothers old saves, mega man, Kirby and the amazing mirror. Probably the most fun I ever had a kid. I really wish some games got a rework like link’s awakening did for the switch. I would love to see four swords, Kirby and the amazing mirror, bomber friends ( I know this exists but it’s not the same ) and so much more on the switch. Nothing can get me that feeling of launching it and playing with my little sister. Hearing that “DING”

  • marianoscadi
    marianoscadi 3 years ago +124

    Retro Tech, DOPE or NOPE?
    Definitely DOPE!!!!!!!
    A+ for this! Can't wait for the rest!

  • CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    I miss my childhood so much, gameboy was my best present ever, along with some big lego technic kits.

  • eklektikTechno
    eklektikTechno Year ago

    Lol! this is definitely millennial retro, a Mattel Classic Football handheld would be my retro ☺️

  • Vaso Gian
    Vaso Gian Year ago

    love this video! love game boy! never owned one, only dreamed of having....eventually I had to turn 37 to own one!!

  • Neville James
    Neville James 11 months ago

    Man this takes me back. Thanks for the video

  • George White
    George White 3 years ago +69

    Wow, this series is going to be LEGENDARY. Marques please keep going!!

  • Iran Explained
    Iran Explained Year ago

    I had one as a kid but since I had a psp already when my parents got me the Gameboy, I felt like it was a joke. This gives that experience some context

  • gio87vr
    gio87vr Year ago

    Great video, gave me nostalgia.

  • Nathan Heath
    Nathan Heath 6 months ago

    This production style is OP!

  • 純ジュン
    純ジュン 9 months ago

    My father owned the original Gameboy, and we still have it to this day. It's a family treasure.
    I grew up with Nintendo consoles such as the gameboy color, then the Gameboy advanced followed by the NDS, 3DS and finally the Switch. I never got the Wii or WiiU.

  • Satyartha Saxena
    Satyartha Saxena 3 years ago +412

    Jerry rig everything: i do the most intense testing on every piece of tech
    Mkbhd: hold my flamethrower

    • Satyartha Saxena
      Satyartha Saxena 3 years ago +1

      @wadeshabu its time he upgraded

    • wadeshabu
      wadeshabu 3 years ago

      Well, he has a lighter for the screen burn test :/

    • Harjot Singh
      Harjot Singh 3 years ago +9

      Jerry rig everyrhing: first, hold my 50 caliber sniper.

    • Adrian Daliva
      Adrian Daliva 3 years ago +14

      should've used the boring flamethrower 🔥🔥

  • Mi MonkeyD
    Mi MonkeyD 7 months ago

    I’m happy to have kept my brothers’s game boys, the DS, the PSPs, I grew up so much in that that I can’t part with it.

  • JAY
    JAY Year ago

    Thanks for your honest reviews

  • Fossil-bit
    Fossil-bit Year ago +1

    I don’t collect sealed stuff, but watching you cut that seal was hard because I know I could trade that for a fat stack of awesome games that I would actually play. It was very hard watching you torch one too...

  • Gangul
    Gangul 3 months ago +1

    Also I never had a Gameboy but so cool.
    I like java games so much.
    Gameboy advance is insane.