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Lee Harvey Oswald's Final Phone Call

  • Published on Dec 20, 2015 veröffentlicht
  • Just hours before his death, Lee Harvey Oswald tried to call Raleigh, North Carolina from the Dallas jail on the evening of Nov. 23, 1963. For years, this significant information was ignored by assassination investigators and concealed from the public. Surprise guest speaker and JFK Assassination expert the late Jim Marrs joins Dr. Proctor on stage at 58:00.
    In the early 1980s, independent researcher Dr. Grover Proctor broke new ground on Oswald’s attempted call. Because of Dr. Proctor’s work, Oswald's attempt to reach former U.S. Intelligence officer John Hurt has become known as “The Raleigh Call.”
    For more on LHO's Raleigh Call www.groverproctor.us/jfk/jfk80...
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  • Everanon
    Everanon 8 months ago +1124

    I know this is 7 years old but I found it fascinating and the dedication and hard work of the people who have and still are putting in to get the truth out is awesome and all to be applauded.

    • Gen G
      Gen G 8 months ago +89

      It’s 2023 and I, too, found it extremely fascinating and agree with your statement!

    • Ato Zer
      Ato Zer 8 months ago +65

      And the media still looks the other way.🤔

      1GINAMARIE 8 months ago +38

      What I find interesting is that these youthful, inquisitive minds don't incorporate the most important "ingredient" which explains it all! They speak of the body, the mind, and other things but not the Spirit or the Soul.... Where Good and Evil operate. The evil one is also known as the great deceiver. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. And those forces of evil camouflage themselves as good guys! They lie, steal and destroy after they tempt and trip us up. They can't read our minds. Only the Lord can do that. But watch what you say! Because the power of life and death lie in the tongue! They can and do hear you and devise their plans to keep you from The Truth. Don't be duped. Seek the Truth and be incredibly protected and blessed.

    • Joe Camel
      Joe Camel 8 months ago +10

      BAM !

    • Howard Gutterman
      Howard Gutterman 8 months ago +2


  • Debra Beeson
    Debra Beeson 7 months ago +1245

    My father was working in a gravel pit across the highway from Dealy Plaza on the day of the Kennedy assassination. He witnessed 2 men park a station wagon by the gate, take 2 rifle cases and go across to the grassy knoll about 30 minutes before the motorcade was due. After shots were fired, these 2 men ran back to their car and speed away. When the call went out for witnesses, Dad didn't respond. I asked him why, and he said that 2 of the ancillary witnesses died under suspicious circumstances and he didn't want to be the third.

    • Tygames
      Tygames 6 months ago +98

      Serious question because I’m curious about your fathers story, was the two deaths announced on the news or something? I would imagine the government would want to keep it under wraps if that was the case so how did your father find out about that?

    • dave c
      dave c 6 months ago +89

      smart dad.

    • Tygames
      Tygames 6 months ago +51

      @dave c yeah if this story is true his dads really intelligent

    • jess gunn
      jess gunn 6 months ago +85

      @Tygames the guy in the switch tower was run off the road into a concrete pillar and killed, i don`t know about the second death in relation to the grassy knoll shooters witnesses

    • Tygames
      Tygames 6 months ago +29

      @jess gunn that’s fascinating, imma have to read up on that. Obviously I’m gonna google it, but may I ask where you got the source just so I can steer my reading a bit easier

  • Janice Falkner
    Janice Falkner 7 months ago +709

    This just makes me sad!!! My Dad always said Johnson was behind it!!! I keep remembering how he kept trying to make Jackie change clothes & her saying No I want them to see what they’ve done. I think that meant that she knew it was an inside job. She showed SO MUCH CLASS AND SHE WAS JUST A KID HERSELF!!!

    • Kallista Chayil BA MA
      Kallista Chayil BA MA 5 months ago +55

      I suspect she was also in shock.

    • 1955annemarie
      1955annemarie 5 months ago +89

      Janice Falkner, I completely agree with you, and the cold-hearted way that Johnson ordered Jackie to pack her things and vacate the White House was just unconscionable. Yes, the lady was absolute "Class."

    • Linda Curtis
      Linda Curtis 5 months ago +46

      I agree with your Dad.

    • 1955annemarie
      1955annemarie 5 months ago +72

      @Kallista Chayil BA MA, I think Jackie was well past the immediate "shock" stage and smack dab in the cold face of brutal reality, solidly determined to boldly stand up to the tyranny of betrayal, determined not to break in public.

  • David Brown
    David Brown 2 months ago +57

    I have been studying this for many years, and Dr. Grover gives a compelling dissertation. The attempted phone call is one of the most inexplicable and inconvenient facts in the entire series of events. It is also so credible, that it creates a stumbling block for anyone committed to their belief in a lone gunman.

    • Plain Talk
      Plain Talk 2 months ago +2

      Highly possible that the attempted call was part of the master plan plot to deflect the focus in a contrived different direction, removed from the conspiring responsible perpetrators. It succeeded!

    • David Brown
      David Brown Month ago

      @Plain Talk Yes I agree. I think it was either as you stated, or a deception played as part of deceiving LHO into believing he was not a patsy, but rather part of a larger plot, or perhaps it was both!

    • Jim Perdue
      Jim Perdue Month ago +4

      I recently watched an interview of Dr. McClelland, who helped with Kennedy at Parkland hospital, and he describes a massive head wound at the lower back of the President's head. An obvious "exit" wound, meaning the fatal shot came from in front of the motorcade. What other explanation is there?

    • Joan Timmons
      Joan Timmons 17 days ago

      🙏 4 the typing mistake!!😢

  • M H
    M H 3 months ago +115

    This man is a fantastic storyteller. Not in that I don't believe what he is saying, but the sense that he has a wonderful ability to talk about a subject an instantly make it interesting. His tone, rhythm, candor, and knowledge all add up wonderfully.
    Could listen to him talk on many other things. 🙂

    • Brian Freel
      Brian Freel 3 months ago


    • Brian Freel
      Brian Freel 3 months ago +2

      He has facts he can’t back up

    • alan30189
      alan30189 3 months ago +4

      He needs to cut to the chase faster. I’m getting tired of listening to the guy go off on tangents everywhere.

    • Terr
      Terr 3 months ago +4

      I 💯 believe this. Witnesses even said Oswald did not match the person they saw kill that police officer. Shady Jack Ruby killing him was also part of the cover up. Patsy he was.

    • Equal Justice
      Equal Justice 3 months ago +4

      @Terr In reflection of the event unfolding in the Dallas basement, the photo of Oswald between two police officers looks like they are purposely exposing his chest so Ruby could kill him with one bullet. It appears they are positioning themselves so they don't accidentally get the bullet.

  • Richard Sebour
    Richard Sebour 4 months ago +64

    The level of research that went into this lecture is second to none. Brilliant.

  • CatmasterTrash
    CatmasterTrash 8 months ago +572

    Jim Marrs was a true gift to the world, lifting blinders and opening minds. Rest in Peace good Sir

    • Siegrid Thomas
      Siegrid Thomas 8 months ago +14

      What a great talker...

    • vincent maldonado
      vincent maldonado 8 months ago +12

      he had good books

    • @jackpalance9509
      @jackpalance9509 8 months ago +33

      Sorry to hear of his passing. I read Roger Stones book implicating LBJ. At the very least I can say that Johnson was an animal to put it mildly...I think the crux of it is that is that a coup took place almost 60 years ago.

  • Bruce Backlund
    Bruce Backlund 5 months ago +264

    Probably, one of the best JFK assassinations lectures I have heard. Thank you, DR. Proctor!

    • Scroopy Nooperz
      Scroopy Nooperz 4 months ago +7

      There have only been 2 American presidents with enough balls to warn people about the industrial defense complex... and only 1 president with enough balls to try and do something to correct it.
      Eisenhower on the day they turned JFK's head into a canoe: "Man, I can't believe Allen and George actually did it. I better put bulletproof windows in my Lincoln." 😂

    • The Red Hot Chili Peppers Sex Offender Playlist!!
      The Red Hot Chili Peppers Sex Offender Playlist!! 4 months ago

      -Come over an see Johny Depp pursuing Amber
      Heard with a blade as she begs him to stop, a recording played at trial, transcribed and loudened

    • Linda Armstrong
      Linda Armstrong 3 months ago +1

      ​@Scroopy Nooperz ui/////t//////////////tt///////t///////////tu

  • Penny Giammalvo
    Penny Giammalvo 5 months ago +254

    Absolutely fascinating! Even being 13 years old at the time, I always thought Oswald was framed and that the government was involved somehow.

    • AN
      AN 4 months ago +7

      wow so cool. you might be the only person ever to think this. kudos to you, penny.

    • BeFore Real
      BeFore Real 3 months ago +5


  • Barbara Lockwood
    Barbara Lockwood 3 months ago +64

    I was 20 at the time and my mother ( escaped from East Germany ) said on the news of JFK shooting “OMG this is war.” Very chilling as I’d just had my first child. Great story thank you Dr Proctor .

  • Vesseli
    Vesseli Month ago +23

    I am so happy and proud that we have individuals in humanity who manage to work so hard for the truth even though the truth is dirty and dangerous. Thank you!

  • CCRB Online
    CCRB Online 3 months ago +42

    Excellent from beginning to end. It's coming to the days that only these recordings will be what remains of the Oswald story. Young people, if they are taught anything, hear a sanitized, unquestioned version of events. There is more than enough information to question what truly happened.

  • Joe Rea
    Joe Rea 11 months ago +623

    The book, "JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass," is a must for the serious JFK assassination researcher. It, in depth, covers several facts, not theories, about the assassination. What's excellent in the book and the film's approach, is that it not only provides compelling information, but also shows the source talking about the information. In the book the reader will also find hundreds of additional notes provided by author Jim DiEugenio, that go even deeper, with references to more information to back up what's said in the documentary and in the the book. For example, the book notes how former CIA Director Allen Dulles was placed on the Warren Commission. "JFK Revisited" notes another source of documentation, that being David Talbot's, "The Devils Chessboard." This is just one of many examples of how good the documentation is. It's source upon source upon source covering many of the troubling aspects of the JFK assassination that clearly show a cover-up. In my opinion, if before reading this book and watching this documentary, if you weren't a believer in a conspiracy to kill JFK, you will be after finishing them.

    • Michelle Williams
      Michelle Williams 11 months ago +13

      Ok, Q-nut. 👍

    • Valerie Ann
      Valerie Ann 10 months ago +20

      Notes from the video at: 2:10:00 : quote: "In the Book: "Rush to Judgement" by Mark Lane: read the section where he interviews: Mrs Aquilla Clemons who was an eyewitness to the shooting and to the aftermath of the shooting, and if you want to see the hair on the back of your head stand up, read that section!"
      Update to this. I just watched a video & statement by ~1 of the JFK researchers, Steven Hager, on his Steven Hager Clip-Share channel, who says Mark Lane was military intelligence and probably served more of a function to mislead people, & did not go as deep and challenge as much as he should have as a lawyer? You could find it by searching the Clip-Share search bar for: when did Dorothy Kilgallen die. It was titled, "The mysterious death of Dorothy Kilgallen" - Steven Hager.

  • Don C.
    Don C. 7 months ago +68

    Proof that Oswald was some kind of operative. However, when he was no longer needed after the assassination, he was summarily eliminated. Fascinating and very informative presentation by Proctor and Marrs. I highly recommend "Crossfire" which was originally written by Jim Marrs in 1989 but revised and updated in 2013. Please read the revised edition.
    Also, as mentioned by Jim Marrs, there is the updated book, "Oswald and the CIA" by John New Man (Skyhorse Publishing, 2008).
    Added to edit: Oswald HAD to be some kind of operative. When he was in the Marines, Oswald was stationed at Naval Atsugi Air Station in 1957 where he worked as a radar operator and had a security clearance and full knowledge of the U2 spy plane program. In 1959, he decides to give up his US citizenship and defect to Soviet Russia. He then marries Marina. He works and lives in Minsk with his wife, who is also the niece of a high-ranking KGB agent. Oswald was trained and is fluent in the Russian language. He is content living in Russia for a while but later decides to return to the US with Marina. Amazingly, he is allowed back into the US as a citizen. How was that even possible during the Cold War? Why did both the FBI and CIA have files on Oswald many years before the JFK assassination? Who was his handler? Was the Fair Play Committee for Cuba a setup? Why did he at a young age, fall in with David Ferrie and train for the Civil Air Patrol? Ruth Paine and her husband, Michael who took in Marina and the children, were both CIA ops and THEY got Oswald his job at the TSBD. George De Morenshildt, who befriended Oswald also worked for the CIA. So sketchy, any way you read it. Lastly, the majority of Americans surveyed still believe that the assassination was a conspiracy and discount the LHO lone nut theory. Furthermore, most Americans do not trust the U.S. government sixty years later.
    Anyone who strays from the Warren Commission findings and the lone nut theory is automatically called a "conspiracy theorist." The CIA will NEVER release the rest of the documents because it reveals the truth. Former CIA Director Allen Dulles served on the Warren Commission and the former Deputy Director of the CIA, Air Force General, Charles P. Cabell, was the brother of the Mayor of Dallas, Earle Cabell. It has been said that Mayor Cabell set up the motorcade route from Houston Street in front of the TSBD to turn slowly onto Elm Street and proceed through Dealey Plaza. This would make JFK a duck in a shooting gallery in an open limo. Finally, the CIA counterintelligence CIA czar, James Jesus Angleton, was the one person who knew everything about everything. So one can see how the CIA might have been involved in the assassination.

    • Cecelia Dagostino
      Cecelia Dagostino 11 days ago +1

      And at that time, who was the head of the CIA? George Bush? The elder, of course.

  • Jamie
    Jamie 5 months ago +128

    There's one part of this story that has always been a very troubling fact in this tragedy, why would the Dallas police be bringing Oswald into the area where Jack ruby had access and opportunity to shoot Oswald, he Oswald was already in custody there was no where they would have needed to transport him to and how did the press know when to be there when they were moving Oswald and Jack ruby they,them did not want Oswald to be ever able to speak again, he was also assassinated

    • that one guy
      that one guy 5 months ago +4

      Wonder who the sheriff was

    • Jamie
      Jamie 5 months ago +12

      @that one guy think about it the guy just been charged with killing the president of the United States and a Dallas police officer was Oswald holding a press conference probably not,and seconds after jfk had been shot there were a lot of people trying to get out of the area how in the heck did they zero in on Oswald I would think most assassin's would get in their car and drive away not walk to the movie theater and watch a movie oh and shoot a police officer just to bring attention to yourself ,for these advents to happen the way that they did someone or someones in the Dallas police department were complicit in having Oswald killed

    • that one guy
      that one guy 5 months ago

      @Jamie who was the sheriff of Dallas at the time of the assassination?

    • 🌞 sunloved.
      🌞 sunloved. 4 months ago +2

      Yes he was.

    • Steven Serna
      Steven Serna 4 months ago +5

      Folks, I don't know how many of y'all have ever been locked up before, or paniced, or desperate.
      A jail (ie. old Dallas City Jail) is not designed to hold people for long periods of time. SOP still to this day, and before is; after an arrest occurs, an a suspect is arranged by a local judge/magistrate, and you're read your charges, and asked how you plea. Your bond/bail is set. If you have money enough, you could bond out. If not, you stay, you are now a ward of the County. After that, possibly a day or two might pass. You would then be transported to the Dallas County Jail. You're taken from you're holding tank (cell) and transported to the County Jail where the jail facilities are large enough and the facilities are equipped (kitchen, medical, showers, clothing) to hold inmates for up to a year or more if need be. City Jails are usually used for drunks, or folks that need to be arraigned, then they go to County.
      During that time period, the City Jail was located on Harwood. "The Red Brick County Jail" was still off Commerce next to Main. Across the street, the new larger County Jail, known later as "The White House" was under construction, across Commerce St.
      The Lew Sterrett County Jail (the current county facility) had not yet even been constructed.
      If you were to visit these sites today, you would see how close together these facilities are in relation to each other, vs. The old Dallas Police Building/City Jail.
      At that time, they said they wanted to transport Oswald to County Jail, and had backed up an armored truck to the Sallyport of the City Jail. It was too big to fit into the Sallyport door.
      So now, you have the circus that was filmed, Oswald comes out, flanked by Detective James Levell, and another detective. Crowd of reporters, and Jack Ruby. Oswald gets led out, boom boom, he goes down. Ruby gets, "captured". And the crowd goes wild.
      Thus begins the intense hatred that the rest if the nation feels towards the City of Dallas, that couldn't even protect a President while driving down the street, nor a county inmate from going to another jail. And...couldn't even train its police proprtly, remember, Oswald is also charged with the murder of Officer JD Tibbits, earlier that day. Tibbits had called over Oswald to his squad car, "Hey com'mere boy!" Oswald panics, shoot Tibbits, and away we go to the Texas Theater.

  • jody fresnack
    jody fresnack 2 months ago +38

    Dorothy, Kilgallen, she was the female Walter Cronkite of her day. She was the most respected newswoman ever up to that time. She was in practically every newspaper in the country back when newspapers were the mainstream big news. she was also on radio nationwide .. she was also on a very popular nationwide television show called what’s my line? .. she happened to be personal friends with the Kennedys. She was invited to the whitehouse often..
    Dorothy Kilgallen interviewed, Jack, Ruby.. I believe the interview lasted more than one day ..she was the only one allowed to interview him after he shot Oswald. After she interviewed Jack ruby.. she was found dead in her luxury Manhattan apartment. She had several new drugs that were not available on the streets in her system. . She was found fully dressed in the clothes she wore the evening before in a bedroom she did not use ever. Her hairdresser, who usually was the first person to arrive at her apartment in the morning, found her in that unused guest bedroom, fully dressed from the night before..
    every notepad every piece of paper every notebook in her apartment was gone..

    • Obe Doobie
      Obe Doobie Month ago

      Jack Rubenstein was low level mobster, not even a "made man" Carlos Marcello just tied up some loose ends.

    • waypay1
      waypay1 12 days ago +1

      Trace Evidence channel has a great 2 part episode about Dorothy.

  • Dr khalid Muqueem
    Dr khalid Muqueem 6 months ago +72

    I am impressed how Jim speaks, fluently, flawlessly and effortlessly, so clear, coherent and continuous as if reading from written notes...!!

    • Sarah Cline
      Sarah Cline 5 months ago +4

      He is a great speaker I am sure he wrote this speech and memorized it.

    • Jimmy Sapien
      Jimmy Sapien 5 months ago +5

      With Authority

    • Aaron Z
      Aaron Z 5 months ago +1

      Pity he was packed full of demonstrable lies.

    • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
      Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 4 months ago +4

      He died a year and a half after this video was published. His health began declining big time when he had to be put on dialysis. He was still active on his website up until mid 2016, and I visited it tonight to see what he was posting near the end of it, and it was truly remarkable how on point the articles were!
      He posted things years before things became clear to the world (to those of us who don’t have our heads in the sand, that is). Whether it was just amazing research and connections with fantastic researchers, or he was fulfilling a govt role to help prepare us for what was to come, I don’t know, but it’s still mind boggling to read in hindsight.
      Smart folks will easily be able to find it at this time. Those who can’t find it are the ones that still watch cable tv and shit lol. RIP Jim!

  • M Flow
    M Flow 2 months ago +4

    Wonderful presentation/information. It is tragic enough that he was shot by a lone gunman, a nut; to believe that this President was killed by an agency in our own government is horrific and just deeply sad. I saw the documentary interviewing LBJ's mistress and absolutely believe he knew about it beforehand.

  • Custom Cleaners
    Custom Cleaners Year ago +340

    This is the best report I have heard on JFK. I believe every word of what was said. I was 17 years old when this happened and I have always wanted to know the truth. I believe I heard it tonight. Thank you.

    • Le Mouton Noir
      Le Mouton Noir Year ago +17

      Just search and look "Israel & The Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers: A Documentary By Laurent Guyénot"

    • Al ways lernin
      Al ways lernin Year ago +6

      The truth is in a video on yt. Search for 8 paid assassins. It gives the names.

    • D Marino2
      D Marino2 11 months ago +10

      If this is the best report you have heard than you haven't heard much.

  • S 8
    S 8 6 months ago +43

    Can you imagine knowing you are completely innocent then everyone is out to get you and you don't know why and then you are murdered for doing nothing wrong. This can only happen in America where the truth is rarely spoken.
    RIP. LHO.

    • Frank Romani
      Frank Romani 2 months ago +4

      Oswald finally realized why they were after him right before he died he put all the pieces together how he was played he knew he was the PATSY

    • Aaron Z
      Aaron Z 2 months ago

      @Frank Romani That's idiotic.

  • JSevens  Even Steven
    JSevens Even Steven 5 months ago +118

    Recent events involving the FBI and the CIA have made me and Im sure others seriously question what these agencies are doing and capable of. Imagine how much they got away with in the sixties, its very concerning to think about the possibilities.

    • Christopher Johnson
      Christopher Johnson 5 months ago +12

      I fully agree...those agencies are as dirty as the day is long and have been known to carry out foreign assassinations. So it is not a stretch to believe that they also carry out domestic operations

    • BRIAN Johnson
      BRIAN Johnson 4 months ago +9

      Like RFK and Martin Luther just to name a few.

    • Native Virginian
      Native Virginian 4 months ago +8

      I have just recently read a couple of articles about things that have happened in the US that the FBI got involved in, and you had to ask why?

    • Dilcia M Gilman
      Dilcia M Gilman 4 months ago +12

      They are still getting away with it.

  • mjsoup29
    mjsoup29 5 months ago +59

    You guys are fantastic, wonderful detailed and thorough discussion. Thank you so much!

  • Bruce Frendahl
    Bruce Frendahl 22 days ago +3

    I was 10yo in Miami when news came out that JFK had been shot. We were immediately sent home from school. Imagine that happening today, 60 years later, for ANYTHING.
    I have followed the Kennedy assassination in all aspects over the years. It amazes me that after all this time, we, the people, still do not know for certain who killed our president.
    That tells me several things:
    1. Considering the Zapruder film, it is quite obvious that there were at least 2 shooters, which means there was a conspiracy.
    2. Oswald, as he quickly asserted following his arrest, was probably a "patsy", a distraction, and likely not even a shooter, much less the assassin.
    3. In 3 years' time, the president, his lone assassin, per the Warren Commission, and his assassin's killer were all dead. This tells me that not only was there a conspiracy, possibly involving numerous people, organizations and countries, but also a well-planned and long-lasting cover-up.
    4. The only way for the American people to know for certain who did, and did NOT, murder their president, is to re-open the investigation, start from scratch, leave no stone unturned, and once and for all, get to the bottom of this, regardless of whose toes are stepped on, and where the investigation leads.
    I would advise President Biden and a bi-partisan Congress to initiate this, before everyone from that time period passes away.

  • Heavenly Cause
    Heavenly Cause 3 months ago +33

    Coup d’état is correct! And we are seeing the exact same characters now 7 years later having done horrific acts against humanity. Loved these two men. Wow great work!

  • Joe Crozier
    Joe Crozier Year ago +775

    When JFK died I was eight, sitting on the couch in the living room with my parents, watching it on our big black and white TV. I'd never seen anything like it. The jittery footage. The camera swinging in all directions. My parents sat stone faced and dead quiet. I had never seen them so silent. This was in Scotland. I'd no idea what America was. But I felt something shocking had happened. It's my first clear memory of the wider world, and as vivid and sharp focused today as it was back then.

    • Plants Over Pills
      Plants Over Pills Year ago +45

      Yes I was half your age and remember having bad dreams of bad men in trench coats and fedoras chasing me with guns in a black 1940’s gangster cars. I didn’t understand those dreams until years later when I understood exactly what had happened.

    • Ozzy Moto
      Ozzy Moto Year ago +51

      I was in kindergarten. I had just got off the bus and was in the classroom. Suddenly, teachers were screaming and crying. They rolled televisions in the classrooms and called the buses back to bring us home. For the rest of the week there were no cartoons on tv, only news on the four channels on tv at the time. I always remember the date because it was my dad’s 32nd birthday.

    • Margret Blair
      Margret Blair Year ago +26

      50 year's all information is to be realeased

    • Its Me
      Its Me Year ago +23

      I just turned five seven or eight days before this happened I remember my brother coming home from school one and he was very panicked and wanting to know where Mom was and I told him she was in the outhouse why and he kept screaming they shot the president they shot the president and he ran outside

    • Allen Freeman
      Allen Freeman Year ago +18

      I was 7 and mostly remember watching the funeral March on a little black and white TV at my grandparents house with my family. Seamed to take forever.

  • Bill  Coffey
    Bill Coffey 2 months ago +30

    Jim Marrs was an excellent researcher and was an encyclopedia of knowledge about his JFK assassination. We owe him for helping to bring out the truth.

    • Mrs. K
      Mrs. K 23 hours ago

      Did he pass?

    • Bill  Coffey
      Bill Coffey 20 hours ago +1

      @Mrs. K Yes. He died in August of 2017.

    • Mrs. K
      Mrs. K 20 hours ago

      @Bill Coffey right after this??? How did he pass?

    • Bill  Coffey
      Bill Coffey 20 hours ago +1

      @Mrs. K heart attack. 2017.

    • Mrs. K
      Mrs. K 20 hours ago

      @Bill Coffey too young.

  • Fred K
    Fred K 5 months ago +18

    What is puzzling is that two men in suits somehow got past security and were escorted to a room. Someone “cleared” them.

    • larry
      larry 3 months ago

      Likely because they were wearing suits; people are so easily swayed by appearances.

  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright 5 months ago +10

    On Friday, November 22nd 1963, as a route salesman for a Dallas/Ft. Worth vending company, I was filling the Coke machine in the Parkland Hospital cafeteria about a half hour before the presidential motorcade rolled in. I was planning to stay and have lunch but the Friday special was liver and onions, and I NEVER order organ meat in a hospital cafeteria. If roast chicken had been the special, I would have been there when Kennedy arrived. By the way, I had filled the Coke machine in the lunchroom of the Texas School Book Depository that morning. That means that if Oliver Stone and other conspiracy theorists are correct and Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed in the cafeteria drinking a Coke moments after the assassination, it was placed in the machine by Yours Truly. This gets better. The company I worked for was closed on Saturday , in observance of the national tragedy, so on Sunday, while getting paid double overtime, I had to make up the stops I didn't get to on Saturday - including the Dallas Police Headquarters. I had just pulled my truck into the parking garage when I spotted one of my regular customers, Jack Ruby -owner of the Carousel Nightclub where we had a couple of machines. He waved to me as I drove past. He was on his way on foot to somewhere in the garage.

  • Will Grice
    Will Grice 4 days ago +1

    Noticed that you had security (thankfully). Just out of curiosity, where did the guy come from? Did he work for the government? Does he work for a private firm? Truly glad you were looking out for your safety.

  • William Morris
    William Morris 4 months ago +3

    “Grover would say that if you can’t prove it, you shouldn’t say it”, goes right ahead and says it and much more. At that moment you see standing side by side a conspiracy professional and a man who insisted on empirical evidence.

  • Royal Flush
    Royal Flush 9 months ago +300

    This guy breaking such a complicated event right down to its smallest common denominator in such an excellent way. His research is the best I've seen on the subject.

  • Billie Hicks
    Billie Hicks 5 months ago +32

    Thank you for your thoroughness Dr. Proctor.

  • Mack Nickleson
    Mack Nickleson 5 months ago +32

    The book hit list is amazing, It's about how 800 material witnesses involved with the warren commission mysteriously died. Most where murdered in robberies and other surreptitious ways.

  • Susan Kano
    Susan Kano 2 months ago +7

    Love this thorough and dedicated research we need investigative journalists now more than ever. It's up to each of us to become more responsible and do our own research
    Thank you

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 4 months ago +24

    I have watched what seems like nearly 100 videos/documentaries about the entire ordeal. I'm still not sure about what exactly transpired. But I am darn sure a heck of alot more happened than will ever be disclosed to the public.

    • faithisme speaks
      faithisme speaks 4 months ago +6

      @ Gabrial, Same with 9-11, most of the sheeple bought that hook, line, and sinker also. How soon the sheep forget, remember 24 hours after 9-11 and how united everyone was, fast forward to today, now half of New York can't even figure out what sex they are.

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 3 months ago +2

      @faithisme speaks Exactly. Most of us are worried about the state of our country but they stiiillll don't know which bathroom to use. It's painful to watch ain't it? I study as much history as I can...while they scream and yell on tiktok. I'm about to buy a horse and move to the mountains, lol.

    • faithisme speaks
      faithisme speaks 3 months ago +2

      @Gabriel , Sounds like a good idea at this point, the government is so out of control they could screw up a wet dream.

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel 3 months ago +1

      @faithisme speaks You are 100% correct. Piles of misdeeds half covered by piles of lies.

  • marie chianca
    marie chianca Year ago +220

    I really enjoyed watching this video and would like to thank both men for contributing. It’s so sad still to this day how the people we are suppose to trust in protecting us have no conscience, but they will face their maker and the lies will not matter. Hell will be their home.

    • LodiTX
      LodiTX Year ago +12

      I would have given Maria’s comment a thumbs up, except that I believe in neither heaven nor hell; nor the “maker” to whom she refers.

    • simon rae
      simon rae Year ago +5

      Agreed . Maria ruins it at the end. Maria, whilst you're on Clip-Share check out some astrophysics podcasts. Using your obvious intelligence you will conclude that, unfortunately , there is no divine being. Dr Brian Greene is a good start. All the best

    • Sharon Ferdock
      Sharon Ferdock Year ago +7

      @simon rae Simon I respect your opinion but when you really experience a truth yourself an not just believing what’s been pushed as it is or isn’t that makes the difference an it’s settled. When you really do research like some who felt like you an researched just to prove God didn’t exist an being a professional investigator using professional system of the worse cases an it proves he is alive an real years later it’s hard to dispute it. But we are still free to believe as we want. For now anyway. Thanks for the classy way you approached it.

    • Randy Harris
      Randy Harris Year ago

      What lies?

  • Allan Hanscom
    Allan Hanscom 7 months ago +15

    I wonder, if these two thought this way about our government seventy years ago...what would they say about it today? I was 7 years old in 1963..., I, as a young kid not too long after the assassination knew that something was a wry with America....my opinion about that has gotten nothing but stronger with every new piece of information that I learn about it. It all hits home with what we are learning about the FBI, CIA and DOJ of the past few years that we truly are a banana republic.

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago +2

    In the question and answer segment, he recommends the documentary series, “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” I agree, that’s a phenomenal series. I also highly recommend the book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ” by Rodger Stone. Personally, I’m no fan of Stone’s, but I will say he wrote a great book. And one of the sources Stone references often is that video documentary series.

  • Carol Peterson
    Carol Peterson 5 months ago +12

    Thank you Linda, these are scary times . Bless you for comforting us in these perilous times

  • Jack
    Jack 5 months ago +30

    Odd fact: John Hurt was the actor who played the character ‘Winston Smith’ from the film of George Orwell’s book ‘1984’.

    • Lawrence Klein
      Lawrence Klein 5 months ago +1

      I'd already made that observation, but yes; pretty odd indeed.

    • John Gardner
      John Gardner 5 months ago +3

      Why is this odd? Did I miss something? Thx.

    • James Smith
      James Smith 4 months ago


    • Michael Kabler
      Michael Kabler 3 months ago +2

      ​@John Gardnerbecause that's the name of the person Oswald tried to call from jail.

  • John Santo Rawluszki
    John Santo Rawluszki 5 months ago +13

    We know and have known who did this. What is terrible about it is that they have not answered for the murder. Our justice system is murder for hire Inc.

    • LeClJoNe
      LeClJoNe Month ago

      Yes we know that lee harvey oswald did it.

  • Jack Remington
    Jack Remington 8 months ago +125

    I agree with you 100%! This case has bothered me since I was a boy and clearly remember where I was at when this tragedy happened. I grew up knowing that if "they" can get to a sitting US President, "they" can get to anybody. My mother thought I was crazy, but her thought processes were not like mine....

    • autoad
      autoad 8 months ago +3

      Specifically...SPECIFICALLY..who are "they"? I don't want a reply that delves into generalities, I'd like specifics; names of people, names of groups along with the evidence that clearly and distinctly connects them to the assassination of JFK.

  • Jean Crawford
    Jean Crawford 5 months ago +4

    I was 7 at the time, knew in my heart of hearts we lost a big piece of America that day and that it would never be the same. It is now much worse for the wear.

    • Am Cone
      Am Cone 5 months ago

      I was 2 years old 😢

  • Clint Denman
    Clint Denman 5 months ago +11

    I really think that this in particular is something that all Americans have looked at and thought about since they were old enough to have any understanding of how significant this period in time was and for many still is.

  • VxVxVxVxVxVxoxVxVxVxVxVxV
    VxVxVxVxVxVxoxVxVxVxVxVxV 5 months ago +31

    REST IN PEACE Jim Marrs

  • david arbuckle
    david arbuckle Month ago +2

    What an incredible video. So well articulated. Everything fits perfectly.

  • jf rodgers
    jf rodgers 13 days ago +1

    Right on the money Jim. As long as they can control the whole narrative, chain of custody for evidence, etc.
    Too bad they didn't account for the secret service in the chase car accidently doing the kill shot. Sure messed up their plans. Yeah they were already planning a cover up, but immense cover up when "one of their own" actually did the killing.

  • Peggy Micsky
    Peggy Micsky 9 months ago +112

    That was a very shocking, scary and heart breaking time. I was 21 years old and of course saw and believed what I saw in TV. I went to DC for the funeral and remember standing on the corner watching the casket go by. My husband was a Air Force Honor Guard at St. Matthews Catheral. My son was six months old. Always was a lot of confusion, speculation and conspiracies and to this day, we still don't know the truth. Oswald made no sense, Jack Ruby made no sense.

  • S Brose
    S Brose 5 months ago +6

    When you start off inferring that using a criminal's or suspected criminal's middle name is somehow devious, you lose me. I was once fascinated when I searched my first and last name to see how many people in the United States shared my same name but I found no one who shared my name including my middle name. Using the middle name differentiates the suspect from other persons. Everything is not a conspiracy.

  • Marla Christensen
    Marla Christensen 7 months ago +11

    Also, to make people aware, I was reporting directly to General Craig for the Consulting firm I was working for while on the short-term contract for the FBI. I found out about five years ago, there are TWO General Craigs. The one I reported to was/is a Black American General Craig. There is another General Craig of whom is a Caucasian General.

  • Kiandra H
    Kiandra H 4 months ago +7

    Nobody has ever been able to make the shots Oswald is alleged to have made with that rifle on that day. Even expert shooters cant make those shots with that weapon. Oswald was never a remarkably good shot so unless the CIA gave him secret training and a magic wand he could not have possibly hit JFK as described in the Warren Report. (I have read 100+ JFK books and that fact is undisputed. I really love JFK)

    • Anonymous Apocalypse
      Anonymous Apocalypse 2 months ago

      Makes me think he was MK/manchurian candidate controlled to be able to pull it off, if he actually done it

    • elkski Utah
      elkski Utah Month ago

      I think it was an easy shot

    • Sn Mr
      Sn Mr 5 days ago

      He was a midrange competent shooter according to USMC scores. The junk rifle was the limiting factor in any accuracy.

  • Carrie Hodges
    Carrie Hodges 4 months ago +14

    There is a book, if you haven't yet read it, called "Broken Silence" written by Ray "Tex" Brown. He says he was hired by Ruby to work with Oswald to try to teach him to shoot better and even after the military and then himselves, Oswald couldn't shoot the broad side of a barn.

  • Deborah Leone
    Deborah Leone 13 days ago +1

    This speaker is my favorite of those speaking on the Kennedy Assassination/Oswald/Ruby, and I’ve watched it several times, it’s amazingly excellent. But one thing I never understand comes in the beginning of the “telephone operators” section of the story.
    We are told that Mrs. Trion (sp?) “came in early, because the Senior operator (Mrs. Swinney (sp?) wanted to leave early”. But then, we are told that BOTH operators were there for 45 minutes, i.e., until 11 PM. Why didn’t Mrs. Swinney leave early? Was it because she became so upset over what happened with Oswald’s phone call? I don’t think she called Mrs. Trion in early to be with her during Oswald’s call/the “gentlemen” who were coming up to the telephone office, because Dr. Proctor tells us she only found out she had to do such a thing while Mrs. Trion was already there?!
    Does anyone know the reason? If so, please reply. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s one of those little oddities that just bugs the daylights out of you!😇 God bless all here, and TYSM in advance!
    (Only 2 months and 2 weeks today until President Kennedy Assassination will be 60 years old. I was in third grade at the time, just turned 8 years old on November 03 of 1963; and I’m sure anyone who lived through it too will understand when I say I remember the details of that day (and the two days afterwards) like it was yesterday!
    BTW! It was soooo great to see the now-famous “Beverly” in the audience! I believe this was recorded several years ago, but if you are still enjoying Life here, Beverly.....I consider YOU a huge Heroine in the sad Kennedy Assassination Story. Love you!🙏👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🌹💜✝️🙋‍♀️🕊

  • Pixel Pusher
    Pixel Pusher Year ago +253

    I said to myself “I’ll just skim through this” I couldn’t stop listening. Been following 11/23/63 for twenty years now and these two guys are some of the best I’ve listened to.

  • Miss Q
    Miss Q 2 months ago +4

    I have listened to this many times, simply amazing.

  • Samantha Keene
    Samantha Keene 5 months ago +15

    Wow. I’m very impressed. I don’t know anything really about the killing of JFK. I’m very glad I rolled up on this video (even though it’s 7 years old). I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice back to back lol.

  • William Foster
    William Foster 5 months ago +24

    Never thought I'd listen to a 2hr talk about a missed call..great stuff

  • Sweetpotato Pie
    Sweetpotato Pie 6 months ago +29

    I was ten years old and had an abscessed tooth. Three days I sat in the back of Dr Walker’s office while they tried to stick a needle into this abscess. My dentist Grandparents lived next door to LBJ and he was tied to the mob. He said he knew LBJ was in on the whole thing from the start. My parents didn’t believe this so she , my mother, made a dentist appointment and Dr Walker apologized because he thought I was asleep and would not understand what he was saying. This dentist flew every Friday his own plane to teach at UCLA!

    • Anonymous Apocalypse
      Anonymous Apocalypse 2 months ago +1

      Another possibility. Thank you

    • Kerry Millwood
      Kerry Millwood 2 months ago +2

      I always knew he had it done

    • Katherine keon
      Katherine keon Month ago +3

      I saw Johnson's smile. At four years old. I knew he was evil and happy for and about the JFK murder.

  • Peter194 Collins
    Peter194 Collins 3 months ago +7

    What always amazed me was Oswald being at the right place at the right time.
    How long did he work at the depository prior to the assassination?
    Who got him his job there?
    Who planned the route for Kennedy?
    Just too much coincidence.
    Oswald had to have had help from some one or some “agency”.

  • Jack Saint Jack
    Jack Saint Jack 9 months ago +1032

    The fact that Oswald was denied legal counsel while in custody is rarely if ever brought up. This should be a big time red flag in itself and a vital piece in this puzzle.

    • scark00
      scark00 8 months ago +58

      Sort of reminds you of a congressional committee......

    • fred freddy
      fred freddy 8 months ago +27

      No he was not. He refused the counsel offered to him.

    • Bob K
      Bob K 8 months ago +20

      It wasn’t unusual back then, even in the U.K. you could go 3 days without a solicitor or phone call so nothing to be inferred by Oswald’s treatment in the police station.

      END TIME EVENTS 8 months ago +9

      @fred freddy ok

    • Easy ABC
      Easy ABC 8 months ago +15

      First it was the 60's. And second they were convinced Oswald was the President and Tippit killer. So they weren't going to do him ANY favor. If i am convinced i caught my mom's killer, he won't have ANY favor from me either...

  • Tammy T
    Tammy T 4 months ago +7

    And what a shame this man died with everyone thinking he actually committed this crime, when it wasn't even at all after all these years . Never made sense 1 man could have come from all those directions.

  • Pheck Eht
    Pheck Eht 2 months ago +3

    I miss Jim Marrs.

  • Solution Recruiter
    Solution Recruiter 5 months ago +12

    what is done in the dark will be brought to the light

  • Tv S
    Tv S 3 months ago +7

    Too bad the switchboard operator Mrs. Treon didn't call the number herself after everyone left. Might have been a whole new ballgame. But on second thought, she might not have lived to see her next birthday. A lot of witnesses didn't I heard. Sometimes it's hard for me to accept that there are such bad people walking around doing bad things to other people and they never seem to be held accountable. But I suppose they are even if it's after they leave this world.

  • Tina Arko
    Tina Arko 4 months ago +8

    There's a video of 2 secret service agents about to station themselves behind the President's car. They suddenly look, like someone is yelling instructions to them, because they look rather curiously at each other, and walk away from the motorcade. We know Kennedy was shot very shortly after. I seen this video many years ago, but never forgot it.

    • Sterling Master
      Sterling Master 2 months ago +2

      That’s because the Secret Service/FBI/Dallas police gave specific instructions for the security detail the motorcycle officers to stay behind the presidents vehicle and make it the lead vehicle which the number one rule in security details is that the presidents vehicle is midway between the front and back surrounded by police and other cars and Secret Service just so there’s no opportunity For a triangulation assassination
      The video you show is the two Secret Service men being waved off following the vehicle, and one of them turns around and raises his hand like “what’s that all about”

    • Rebekah Schubert
      Rebekah Schubert 2 months ago +1

      They were told to stand back. And yes, they genuinely were confused about being instructed to do so since they were security for the president.

  • apollomemories73
    apollomemories73 Year ago +350

    This is splendid with detail after detail and easily the very best most concise all-in-one account of the known facts I've ever had the pleasure of learning. Both Dr. Proctor and Jim Marrs make for a formidable b/s bustin' team. All trainee journalists should study this analysis.

    • Philip Croft
      Philip Croft Year ago +14

      I fully agree with all you have written. And highly disturbing this information is, even though I have read much of this in the past. It was good to hear the names behind this most heinous of crimes. And all for --MONEY.

    • Nestor Villa
      Nestor Villa Year ago +7

      In a few words, can you tell me what he said, who he called and what Oswald said? please

    • apollomemories73
      apollomemories73 Year ago +7

      @Nestor Villa Who's the he that you refer to?
      I'll give you a few words.... go forth and multiply.

    • Ray Ditzenberger
      Ray Ditzenberger Year ago +14

      This is much better than the 20 volume Warren Commission which is a total and sad joke

  • LG4 LG
    LG4 LG 5 months ago +5

    Oswald told the press “ I was questioned by a judge . I protested at the time that I was NOT allowed legal representation during that short and sweet hearing.” Lee Harvey Oswald .

  • jjaniero
    jjaniero 5 months ago +2

    Jim Marrs was truly a gift to the world, but it really bugged me every time he called him Mr. Proctor instead of Dr. Proctor. I hope it was just ignorance and not a sign of disrespect - he did seem to hold him in great esteem.

  • Peter Warden
    Peter Warden 2 months ago +1

    The biggest question stays untouched. The 2nd phone number was a not involved 24 year young mechanic? WHY had Oswald knew his number and wanted to talk with him?

  • Mark Wentland
    Mark Wentland Month ago +7

    I find it amazing that they could assinate the President of the United States on TV in front of the whole world and all these years later no one still really knows what happened, there is only one intenity that could pull something like this off and keep it covered up all these years

  • Arielle
    Arielle Day ago

    It’s about time everything to be released to the public on what happened to JFK!!

  • QT Hush
    QT Hush 5 months ago +17

    Oliver Stone, in his fantastic film, "JFK," is finally vindicated by this news. That film was much more reality than fiction or conjecture. Oswald was every bit the "Patsy," that he said he was. Be sure and watch this film if you haven't already.

  • hj179
    hj179 9 months ago +104

    This man has common sense and is spot on. I suspect Oswald had aspirations of being a secret agent (like James Bond) and they played along with him sending him to Russia, pretending to be a defector, etc, and doing other "secret missions". He was probably told to keep his mouth shut if he was caught and they would take care of him and not worry. He was set up in the end but he was too late in realizing the danger he was enmeshed into, to his peril. Like a fool he trusted them.

    • Moises Perez
      Moises Perez 5 months ago +10

      I agree with you, he was set up, and he was too late to do anything about it towards the end.

    • Edward
      Edward 5 months ago

      What's the puzzle? Obviously, the USSR was behind the assassination. Why do you need to know the gritty details of who they used to get it done?

    • jim canadian
      jim canadian 4 months ago +7

      ​@Edward wasn't LBJohnson involved? That seemed to be common knowledge

  • Debbie Steranka
    Debbie Steranka 5 months ago +12

    A shame this was hidden all these years.

    • Intbel
      Intbel 5 months ago +1

      "The assassination of John F. Kennedy remains one of the most controversial events in world history. Now, for the first time ever, two of the planet's most experienced remote viewers, Dick Allgire and Daz Smith, combine talents in one of the most important projects ever conducted at The Farsight Institute. The Farsight Institute is the leading venue for large public projects involving remote viewing as it is done using methodologies that are derived from those used by the U.S. military for espionage purposes. Now we focus those methodologies on targets that reveal what has been hidden from so many for so long.
      "Part 1 of this remote-viewing documentary deals with the shooters who did the actual killing. Part 2 describes those who organized that assassination.
      "Forget what you learned in school or from official sources about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, at least as far as these remote-viewing data are concerned. Explicit descriptions with riveting details of that tragic day are now available for you to see, all recorded live on video under strict, totally blind conditions. These are remote-viewing eye-witness accounts that are as chilling as they are revealing.
      Now is the time when the historical record can be corrected. Now is the time when the most closely held secrets can see the light of day. Now is the time when you can see the data with your own eyes and make up your own mind. Watch this remote-viewing documentary with an open mind. Watch it closely."

    • Karolyn Spinney
      Karolyn Spinney 3 days ago

      I think many thought that back then! I did!

  • Patty Hopping
    Patty Hopping 6 months ago +7

    I was in the fourth grade and on vacation visiting my aunt and uncle in Dallas. My mom and aunt decided to take all us kids to see the motorcade. We were on Main St. close to downtòwn. We all heard the shots. My aunt and my mom grabbed us kids and ran for the car.

  • Diana Tithof
    Diana Tithof 5 months ago +13

    I was nine yrs old and JFK was killed on my birthday I cried it was the worst birthday ever 😢

  • sonicgauge1
    sonicgauge1 5 months ago +12

    When I was a kid my grandpa found VHS tape at the dump While rummaging around, He threw the tape in the truck and thought another tape to record his shows on, When he put the tape in the VCR to see what was on it He about fell over , It was a old black n white documentary about Kennedy's assassination With what is now known as the Mcgruder film on it, Mcgruder recorded the parade with an 8mm camera from a different angle showing the driver of the limousine pulling out a hand gun and shooting Kenedy, this documentary showed it frame by frame in slow motion circling the gun in each frame and its recoil and the driver putting the gun back in his jacket and then speeding off .. it was quit somthing covering what they did with Kenedys body how many shooters etc etc, his body was moved to different locations 4 times they altered his wounds a few times, there were 4 shooters from different angles etc etc.. When I was in high School history class learning about Kennedy I told My class about it and the teacher said I was full of s*** So I brought the tape to school and blew a lot of people away, it pretty much stopped the day as about 100 people came into the class to watch it in astonishment,, it was pretty wild to say the least. My mom sent a copy of it to the o'reilly factor TV show and they sent it back with a letter saying they wanted nothing to do with it lol
    Guy in the hat says the driver did not shoot him, nah if you've seen the tape that we have It's pretty damn clear There is recoil motion and everything , frame by frame...

    • Edward Fernandes
      Edward Fernandes 4 months ago

      Interesting ......Wish I could see this tape/documentary. Saw a blog ....the man was blaming Jacqueline as the shooter...

    • Yankee Carolyn
      Yankee Carolyn 4 months ago +3

      This would explain why Jackie was trying so hard to escape the vehicle, and out towards the back away from the driver

    • T RM
      T RM Month ago

      ​@Yankee CarolynShe wasn't trying to escape the vehicle. She retrieved the top of his head and climbed back into the car!

    • Ladislav Jonas
      Ladislav Jonas Month ago

      I tried to find this Mcgruder film on the net, nothing at all. Do you know the name of the documentary?

  • German Chris
    German Chris 5 months ago +21

    Don't expect the truth ever to be told to you! They don't tell you why they did it.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall Year ago +137

    I'm in the UK and I've always liked and respected jack Kennedy and also I've always thought there was a conspiracy surrounding his terrible demise. One of the ironic things about Jack Kennedy is that he knew the danger one day that he might be shot. He knew full well the power of guns. What a shame he was killed so wickedly. He was a good president. The way he confronted the Russians will never be forgotten. Exceptional and just exactly what was needed - backbone !
    Everyone in the UK was so upset and sad at his passing, it was awful.

    • Lou Downey
      Lou Downey 11 months ago +6

      M. Hall: his name was
      John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    • young waif
      young waif 9 months ago +13

      JFK, RFK, and MLK all knew they'd likely live short lives. MLK referred to his impending death in one of his speeches.

    • Mike Bronicki
      Mike Bronicki 9 months ago +20

      If you don't know that JFK was known to his friends as Jack you probably shouldn't be posting.

    • Edward Ramirez
      Edward Ramirez 9 months ago

      Who is Jack Kenndy????

  • AdM BandLeader
    AdM BandLeader 5 months ago +7

    Though quite an old video, loved listening to it. The Dark Journalist Clip-Share channel of Daniel Lizst has been revealing a lot on this case. He consistently has been working to reveal the dirty secrets of the power machinery. Worth following that channel.

  • Joseph Josephbaska6
    Joseph Josephbaska6 2 months ago +2

    From what it's worth I grew up in Central Florida and there was a lot of people down there that used to talk about WWII aircraft flying right over tree-top level and landing but they never could figure out where

  • V Cab
    V Cab 3 months ago +16

    “The American people don't recognize a Coup when they see one."
    Charles de Gaulle

  • Teresa Storch
    Teresa Storch 11 days ago

    After the JFK assassination, my mother eventually became very vocal about political issues and began reading books like None Dare Call It Treason

  • Linda Nitzschke
    Linda Nitzschke 19 days ago +1

    There was a whole episode on Ms. Baker in the series The Men Who Killed Kennedy...brilliant woman.

  • Peter Spalding
    Peter Spalding Year ago +256

    My plan was to just listen to a minute or so. However, this was so well presented by Dr Proctor (and the surprise appearance of Jim Marrs) I watched the entire presentation twice. Fascinating information, well worth one's time and attention. Thanks to all involved.

    • nico37
      nico37 Year ago +2

      did you catch what type of shoes Jim is wearing ?

    • Christian McBrearty
      Christian McBrearty Year ago +1

      @nico37 he's wearing ugg boots lol

    • nico37
      nico37 Year ago

      @Christian McBrearty haha

    • Jennifer L. Devillez
      Jennifer L. Devillez Year ago +10

      Totally agree! Was only planning to listen for a bit, but ended watching the whole thing...Scary to think how deep this went!

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett 5 months ago +6

    I cannot believe they were not allowed to search like this right after Brandon’s disappearance.

  • James Veazey
    James Veazey 5 months ago +16

    There was a book I read Jackie “ Bouvier “ Kennedy asked the French secret service to investigate and they came back and told her Johnson was responsible. Another time there was a release of Johnson’s phone call while in office. He called Jackie and telling her he wished he was her kids daddy.

  • George Malley
    George Malley 2 months ago +4

    And still today nobody has been held accountable.

  • Ronnie Maynor
    Ronnie Maynor 5 months ago +4

    I was 12 years old when I saw the picture of the man with a rifle on the block wall by the railroad tracks. It was on the front page of the Detroit Free Press. I have never believed Oswald shot Kennedy.

  • Michael Kabler
    Michael Kabler 3 months ago +5

    How bad a place do we live where murders get to walk free.
    Agencies involved should be shut down for failing the justice system. If not, it proves nobody even cares about justice. Evil shouldn't go unpunished. Otherwise it grows and expands uncontrolled.

  • dale durham
    dale durham Year ago +153

    I was a college student working in a part time job November 22, 1963 when the news came on radio about gunfire involving President Kennedy in Dallas. My knowledge about firearms was at very high level at early age due to hunting and target shooting activities with friends and relatives. The first reports concerning what happened in Dallas identified the weapon was Enfield rifle, later changed to Italian Carcano, two weapons much different in appearance as I knew from shooting each one. My suspicions about falsehoods in Kennedy's death reports began 11-22-1963.

    • Subana Katz
      Subana Katz 9 months ago +20

      It was a very shocking thing. I began to be suspicious when Ruby killed Oswald! Killing Oswald was the best way to keep him from talking. If Oswald had been able to go through a trial, people may have been sympathetic & they may even have believed him more as time went by.

    • Bomber
      Bomber 8 months ago +4

      Smart kid, Dale.

    • onlythewise1
      onlythewise1 8 months ago +3

      @Subana Katz dude who shot Oswald was mafia man i think he owned a bar .

    • David Dorsey
      David Dorsey 8 months ago +2

      ....so what is your point, ....that you went to college?

  • WorldOrtho Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine

    I have stood in the corner where Oswald stood, it looks like an easy shot BUT the fatal head shot shows JFKs head going backwards. A famous pathologist has stated this shot came from the front. Also I believe the opinions of the treating doctors about the direction of shots.

    • Aaron Z
      Aaron Z 5 months ago

      The Parkland doctors were speculating wildly about the wounds at their first press conference, unable to conjecture about numbers, trajectories, etc.
      They looked at the autopsy photos (which demonstrate the shots came from behind) for NOVA in 1988 and had no particular problem with them.
      No bullets or fragments were ever found that did not match to Oswald's rifle.
      Connally's said the shots came from behind.
      Witnesses under the sixth floor window said the shots all came from behind.
      Nobody would ever assume they would frame this on a lone shooter while firing from multiple directions.
      If the pathologist is Cyril Wecht, he firmly testified the shots came from behind before he started cashing in as a conspiracy kook.

    • WorldOrtho Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine
      WorldOrtho Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine 5 months ago +1

      @Aaron Z How do you account for the violent back movement of JFKs head?

    • Aaron Z
      Aaron Z 5 months ago

      @WorldOrtho Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine Direction a person's head goes on being shot is meaningless regarding what direction the bullet came from, never mind that Kennedy's head actually goes slightly forward at the instant of impact anyway. The limo also abruptly sped up at the same moment.

    • Xxxxx Xxxxx
      Xxxxx Xxxxx 5 months ago +2

      Basic rifle wound profiles consistently show a smaller entry and a much larger exit wound. Now remind me, which side of JFK's head presented a profound wound cavity with significant gray matter MIA?

    • Deanna Carpenter
      Deanna Carpenter 2 months ago +1

      Conley went to his grave with the "magic bullet" still 2:07:01

  • CaptainRon1913
    CaptainRon1913 5 months ago +6

    Can you imagine if this happened today, they'd have it solved in a day... There would have been a thousand cell phone cameras all going at the same time. They'd have still photos and videos of the entire area

  • Spender_CGB
    Spender_CGB 3 months ago +4

    Winston Smith, a character in 1984 (George Orwell) played on screen by John Hurt. A curious coincidence

  • Dimitris Tsagdis
    Dimitris Tsagdis 5 months ago +4

    they knew in advance who Lee was going to call, and they wouldn't let the call go through cause Lee would have realized he was setup for the fall; and they didn't know how Lee and John would react.

  • Anonymous Apocalypse
    Anonymous Apocalypse 2 months ago +1

    I heard a theory that Oswald thought he was "preventing" the assassination and thats why he was confused when he was arrested. He realized he was a patsy but it was too late

  • william bayh
    william bayh 8 months ago +14

    In 1963 was an eight-year-old watching mother and her best friend putting CARE packages together for our guys in Viet Nam. The news came over the radio 'the president has been shot in Dallas'. They embraced in tears and the memory remains quite vivid. I can't believe what we're seeing/ realizing in politics, economically, and morally. Curiosity has led me to the Act of 1871, 1933, the compromised DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. There's the MSM, too who parrot one another as if by script - our Great Country is broken, though justice will prevail when America awakens. A Murder Most Foul!

    • Michael Chevreaux
      Michael Chevreaux 5 months ago +4

      Not Very Many US Troops In Vietnam In 1963, Till LBJ Slipped In As POTUS.

  • Martin Katz
    Martin Katz 5 months ago +6

    For what it might be worth, the name, "Winston Smith," is also the name of the protagonist in George Orwell's novel, "1984."

  • Martha Urquilla
    Martha Urquilla 5 months ago +4

    I was in a small town in 1City in El Salv. When we heard the news, i was very young then, but i remember people Running everywhere, crying & tell him people the bad news, & people were gather in the streets crying, & the bells of the Church were ringing with a funeral ringing, sad & solemn tune! Very sad day for the Whole World! May His Soul R.I.P. ☝️🖤✋

  • Ani Imastounian
    Ani Imastounian 5 months ago +12

    Isn't it amazing how evil wins every time.

    • Weechie
      Weechie 5 months ago

      Look what's happening now in Canada #nstionalcitizensinquiry please Share/ support

    • James Smith
      James Smith 4 months ago +3

      The day is coming. THE DAY OF THE LORD 🙏🏾

    • Yankee Carolyn
      Yankee Carolyn 4 months ago +2

      Evil LOST because of Christ

    • larry
      larry 3 months ago +3

      ​@James Smith yes, the devil wins some battles but Jesus wins the war.