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KSI x Logan Paul - IMPAULSIVE | Behind The Scenes

  • Published on Jul 19, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Behind The Scenes of KSI on Logan Paul's Podcast, hosted at True Geordie's London studio.
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    🎨 Logan Painting By: rossbainesart

Comments • 1 687

  • archiewall16
    archiewall16 Year ago +6

    JJ is just non stop positivity and good energy, he’s the guy everyone wants to be friends with.

  • Cesar Tavarez
    Cesar Tavarez Year ago +878

    Since no one's talking about George, let me go ahead and say he makes the podcast 1,000 times better. Such a funny guy and genuine. Hats off to him. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • soimboredandtesting
    soimboredandtesting Year ago +29

    The way true geordie and the team edit their footage just hits different. The way it’s edited tells a story. It’s such artwork.

  • Olly
    Olly Year ago +8

    This trio have such good chemistry. Such a good podcast and so good to see KSI and Logan get on

  • NO
    NO Year ago +78

    george killed it. his humor his listening skills man everything about this was perfect for real

  • Erin B
    Erin B Year ago +46

    I love geordie and Logan’s friendship, you can really tell that they both have had a personal affect on each other. Also, Milton trying to describe the podcast when we all saw him sleeping is the best! But when will Geordie be on impaulsive??

  • yrhsx
    yrhsx Year ago +4

    so wholesome seeing geordie give that gift to logan the smile on his face was so genuine. Love to True Geordie for this

  • SilentMemer
    SilentMemer Year ago +1

    This has to be one of the greatest thing ever

  • SoCloseToToast
    SoCloseToToast Year ago +765

    Whoever puts the intros together, know how to hype mE UP!

  • Gary Wato
    Gary Wato Year ago +426

    If JJ fights Austin next I really want to see Logan in his corner 😂

  • Ob1-Benobi
    Ob1-Benobi Year ago

    And then it all comes full circle. Honestly between the podcast and this behind the scenes vid it's got me feeling a bit emotional to see TG get these two together and everyone's giving together on such a mad level of respect. Truely beautiful, the internet needed this wholesome content ❤️

  • vlad
    vlad Year ago +74

    This is an end of an era, history was made and being one of the people that were there since the beginning of this journey I truly feel honoured and happy to witness the end of it. Life is fucking great man I love you guys.

  • Bihaag Nepaul
    Bihaag Nepaul Year ago +4

    Seeing Logan and JJ being friends brings a smile to my face.

  • luv
    luv Year ago +51

    The rivalry started with these three guys and it ended with them. So proud of ksi Logan and geordie.

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S Year ago

    Thank you for allowing this to happen in your studio man, this has to be the most incredible Pod Cast I’ve ever gotten the chance to see. I can’t even begin to explain how happy everyone has to be that these two giants are now cool and what looks like to be friends!

  • SunbathingSquirel
    SunbathingSquirel Year ago +52

    When Brian handed Logan the painting, man, Logan looked so close to tears. I almost teared up at that since it was so heartwarming, it was a prepared gift that took effort.

  • Palmer Perspective Podcast

    Seeing JJ and Logan respect and having laughs toward one another never fails to bring a smile on my face

  • Jack Scanlon
    Jack Scanlon Year ago +13

    Couldn't stop smiling and laughing with all of them throughout - very wholesome video. Thankful for Geordies part in this and uploading this content alongside the longer podcast. Great to see

  • SupremeMadLad
    SupremeMadLad Year ago +4

    It’s crazy Geordie went from annihilating him because of the suicide forest to denying a hand shake and only accepting a hug now. So proud of how all these guys put their past aside

  • Timbsy
    Timbsy Year ago +25

    Such sick BTS man. Genuinely good to see everyone get along too.