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Last City in Europe with No Laws

  • Published on Apr 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 7 790

  • Jonna Jinton
    Jonna Jinton Year ago +1123

    Thank you so much for this and for all the videos you guys create! The quality is just insane!!
    And every single video open up my eyes a little bit more and teach me about so many interesting things in the world.
    Thanks for being awsome

    • sruthi
      sruthi Year ago +15

      yayy🥰 You and Yestheory are the 2 creators i admire the most on Clip-Share, with genuine and heart warming videos, thanks for what you all do!!❤️🤩

    • Elena Cooper
      Elena Cooper Year ago +10

      Just finished watching leaving the north, love your channel and love that you love yes theory! ❤️

    • Yes Theory
      Yes Theory  Year ago +98

      The love straight back at ya!! Been so inspired and amazed seeing your stories coming from Sweden and sharing parts of Swedish heritage not many ever hear or know about. Hope we get to meet some day!! 🙏

    • sruthi
      sruthi Year ago +12

      @Yes Theory I'd be the happiest if u guys collab, it's even amazing that Thomas is Swedish too, it'll be a great experience for him too, to go back to his roots of his place of birth❤️

    • Marime
      Marime Year ago +4


  • LMoneL
    LMoneL 5 months ago +579

    I grew up in Copenhagen, and as a child I was always scared of Christiania - because it looked so different, and lots of "strange" people walked around in there. But I went to the high school which is literally right next to the entrance of Christiania, and me and my friends started to sometimes go for walks in there during our lunch breaks looking at all the cool homebuild homes, going to their awesome christmas market, and visiting the delicious cafés and cool stores. I'm not scared of Christiania anymore. I've never met any unfriendly people or felt unwelcome (except maybe a bit at pusher street, which I usually avoid because Christiania is more than that) . The drug dealing is problematic, and leads to collisions with the danish police. However, I think the world needs places like this, where "strange" people, homeless people and people who just don't fit into standard society can feel like they belong. Christiania certainly does have it's problems, but it's also a place containing lot's of creativity and a strong community where people care for each other - something that is becoming more and more rare in Europe's big cities.

    • LMoneL
      LMoneL 4 months ago +2

      @ron "strange" or "useless" does not equal criminal.

    • Björn Andersson
      Björn Andersson 4 months ago +7

      I get what you mean. I first visited Christiania summer 1975. Great place. Loved it. Full of nice people and buildings. Went back in the 80s. Lots of junkies and misery. In the 2000s it had become a tourist place. Like a hash Disney land. Didn't like it. Understand the residents are pissed off by people coming there staring like they are in a zoo. As well, police everywhere. I won't go there again.

    • da9elb
      da9elb 4 months ago +8

      You mean the police are problematic and leads to collisions.

    • Carlo defalco
      Carlo defalco 4 months ago

      @Björn Andersson “ staring like in a zoo “ , that’s what tourists , and locals do in cities .. if these people are paranoid about people coming in acting like people then the residents need to get over it …

  • Monty
    Monty 6 months ago +230

    In '97 I met the most beautiful Swedish girl while living in Maui. I followed her to Sweden where we got married and had a beautiful daughter. My wife introduced me to Christiania and we made frequent trips taking the "Flying boat" from Malmö to Copenhagen/Christiania just to stock up on weed and hash. My last trip was in 2013, shortly before my daughter and I moved back to Oregon. RIP ❤ love always and forever to our beautiful and beloved wife/mother Carola (Lola) Thank you Christiania community!

    • Daniel M Connolly
      Daniel M Connolly 6 months ago +5


    • Dany King
      Dany King 6 months ago +17

      Sounds like a beautiful story. All the tears and pain you went through after losing her just show how much value your wife gave to you, your daughter and all the other people. So there is beauty in the pain. RIP Lola!

    • Ukraniated states ov israel
      Ukraniated states ov israel 6 months ago +7

      Random 😳 but ok

    • kathaai
      kathaai 6 months ago +20

      @Ukraniated states ov israel random how . they're telling a story with memories of the place in the video... keep up

  • myoriginalname
    myoriginalname 10 months ago +728

    Christiania: “Anyone can do whatever they want here”
    Also Christiania: “No filming allowed”

    • Modarin
      Modarin 9 months ago +27

      well I guess theres Laws and then theres Boundaries

    • Dan Vaught
      Dan Vaught 9 months ago +36

      Confused hippies

    • Jo Lil
      Jo Lil 8 months ago +16

      Scandinavians in a nutshell

    • Reggie Photo
      Reggie Photo 7 months ago


  • Sue
    Sue 6 months ago +70

    What I love about this is that everybody they interviewed said they want to stay there for the rest of their lives. That really shows that it really is just a very nice place to live at

    • TS31
      TS31 6 months ago +4

      I went visiting Christiana on a class trip once. Practically everyone there was pretty much stoned/drunk/high as fuck (during daytime), and most places just stunk. I really can't say that I would ever want to live there.

    • Fuqu Pal
      Fuqu Pal 4 months ago +1

      You do know that murders take place there from time to time?
      Gang warfare, baby! Gang warfare!
      I've been there a zillion times 'cause the tourists always wants to go there.
      I don't like it there.

    • CM
      CM 3 months ago +1

      @TS31 im from denmark and was there on a class trip too and what i experienced is so different from what you Said

  • Dot Dots
    Dot Dots 6 months ago +921

    So in a nutshell, Christina isn’t a lawless state, it is still completely governed by the city with multiple police patrols everyday, the energy and resources are provided by the city, basically it’s just the hippy area of town 😅

    • Heather Tiller
      Heather Tiller 6 months ago +82

      Exactly. Nothing lawless about this town.

    • Robert Chiarizia
      Robert Chiarizia 6 months ago +20

      I wonder if they are forced to pay property taxes on the houses?
      Nobody asked the police to be there, they are imposing their Will. It’s on them to foot the bill.

    • Chris Air Cav
      Chris Air Cav 5 months ago +5

      That is kinda how I see it Similar to a part of Portland Oregon

    • TiFu
      TiFu 5 months ago +30

      Yes, its true. I've been there a few times. They are a community, and and request no filming, hard drugs and ask for respect. Phones will be smashed at the least if you are caught filming. Please be respectful if you go there and follow the rules. Its a great vibe, sometimes free summer concerts, people shouldn't spoil it, its a great place.

    • hr Nielsen
      hr Nielsen 5 months ago +3


  • Surfer FN
    Surfer FN Year ago +11491

    We can all agree that Yes Theory is the perfect channel to watch while eating

    • GingerCatzzz
      GingerCatzzz Year ago +181

      I made 2 burgers and paused the Video until I was finished, so I could watch it while eating 😂

    • FL Studio Tips
      FL Studio Tips Year ago +56

      I just made my food and se new video from Yes Theory. And I actually have been there haha

    • Hannes
      Hannes Year ago +21

      Just finished my Pork fillet pasta

    • GemzMyLens
      GemzMyLens Year ago +40

      i can testify... legit just grabbed my lunch before sitting down to watch this😂

    • Kayla Weeks
      Kayla Weeks Year ago +27

      literally eating dinner rn hahaha

  • Rev Rider
    Rev Rider Year ago +932

    It's interesting to hear that over the years it became more and more organized and bureaucratic. To me it shows if civilization starts fresh we always come back to a similar structure in society. The more individuals you put together, the more rules/structure is needed to keep things going well.

    • oskar
      oskar 11 months ago +64

      have you ever thought about that just maybe that happened because of aggression and influence from the danish state?

    • Rev Rider
      Rev Rider 11 months ago +122

      I think organization and hiearchy is inevitable when poeple try to cohabitate. Wether the state influences this community or not, that's just how humans interact in a group.

    • Zsolt Rácz
      Zsolt Rácz 11 months ago +11

      Reminds me the movie The Beach

    • plasmasun
      plasmasun 10 months ago +9

      To me it seems to form naturally.
      Or makes sense.

    • Mammon
      Mammon 10 months ago +35

      Aye I have to agree with law and order organizing with the community and not by the presence of another state.
      A very good example in this video was the question of hard drugs. People came together and agreed that hard drugs aren't good, so now they de facto enforce a law banning hard drugs.

  • Tuukka Ervasti
    Tuukka Ervasti 9 months ago +104

    "Some of the first documentation inside"
    If one forgets the hundreds of thousands of IG tags, the many documentaries already made in the decades past, the hundreds of articles in travel and lifestyle magazines and the widespread knowledge of this place in basically all of, at least Europe, then yes, this statement is very true.

  • Tereza Žovincová
    Tereza Žovincová 5 months ago +91

    I’ve been to Christiania last year as a tourist and honestly I was a bit scared, this video explained many things we saw and just couldn’t understand as the locals we not really happy to see us there, even though we were fully respectful. Thank you for this inside.

    • SweetMissMikka
      SweetMissMikka 5 months ago

      Where did you stay?

    • Tereza Žovincová
      Tereza Žovincová 5 months ago +6

      @SweetMissMikka in an apartment in Copenhagen 😅 like 40 minutes by bike from Christiania, don't think it's possible to stay in Christiania as a tourist

    • SweetMissMikka
      SweetMissMikka 5 months ago

      @Tereza Žovincová sounds like an awesome experience!

    • LMoneL
      LMoneL 5 months ago +9

      I grew up in Copenhagen, and as a child I was always scared of Christiania - because it looked so different, and lots of "strange" people walked around in there. But I went to the high school which is literally right next to the entrance of Christiania, and me and my friends started to sometimes go for walks in there during our lunch breaks looking at all the cool homebuild homes, going to their awesome christmas market, and visiting the delicious cafés and cool stores. I'm not scared of Christiania anymore at all. I've never met any unfriendly people or felt unwelcome (except maybe a bit at pusher street, which I usually avoid because Christiania is so much more than that) . The drug dealing is problematic, and leads to collisions with the danish police. However, I think the world needs places like this, where "strange" people (how I perceived the Christianits as a child), homeless people and people who just don't fit into standard society can feel like they belong. Christiania certainly does have it's problems, but it's also a place containing lot's of creativity and a strong community where people care for each other - something that is becoming more and more rare in Europe's big cities.

    • Jerre Mii
      Jerre Mii 4 months ago +6

      This shouldn't be a tourist area, this is just a huge commune, problem with places like this is that it is always filled with very open people full ol love and friendship, idealism, revolutionism, but also with evil people the dealers, rapists etc just like a normal society

  • serialcarpens290
    serialcarpens290 7 months ago +106

    I grew up close to New Harmony, Indiana in the US. Something like this was attempted long ago in New Harmony, but the problem was it attracted freeloaders that didn’t want to do their part. You can tell Ole has some frustrations with the same thing. I think at minimum some type of bureaucracy is innate in humans. Super interesting to see the dynamics of a community that is so unique.

    • Glenda Hunt
      Glenda Hunt 6 months ago +4

      Broken people aren't easily repaired.

    • James Morrison-Knight
      James Morrison-Knight 6 months ago +5

      How do we define bureaucracy?
      I agree that it’s necessary to some extent. I think what’s more important is a democratic (participatory) approach to organising communities where people have a direct say in and collectively agree upon how things run, what is produced and what the rules are etc

    • Dottie J
      Dottie J 6 months ago +11

      The reason that little community is still thriving is the no hard drugs and no gun rules hands-down.
      And yeah they for sure have a respect your elders and those who came before you vibe for sure. Otherwise the guides house would have been ransacked and squatted in.

    • Ukraniated states ov israel
      Ukraniated states ov israel 6 months ago +1

      It must be a rural area bcuz you cant do anything in America

    • Gg Wp
      Gg Wp Month ago

      Yeah you can see Ole’s frustrations, but Christiania is lucky that it was actually very intelligent and resourceful people who created and grew it. Like Ole. He’s a true Christianite.

  • Sosa Blaze
    Sosa Blaze 4 months ago +27

    Let me express myself on how these videos make me feel so comfortable and not feel alone whenever I do at times. I’m thankful for your passion.

  • Eminado
    Eminado Year ago +4969

    As a Dane, a Copenhagener and someone who used to frequent Christiania quite often until covid, I am always annoyed at these oversimplifications and untruths. There is definitely law there. And it's not a city, it's a community inside a city. Also, there is lots of footage from Christiania, so many people have gone there and done documentaries.

    • Jell0zz
      Jell0zz Year ago +263

      It's clearly being made to look bigger than it truly is, but Christiania has a tremendous history.

    • Cowhead
      Cowhead Year ago +61

      @PIandem¡c XlX the place didn't allow outsiders during covid.

    • Lubb
      Lubb Year ago +50

      If your definition of a city is a government approved geographical area with a state-approved government, yes.

    • Bud Wiser
      Bud Wiser Year ago +55

      " There is Definitely Law There" So its not free and not True Anarchy!!

  • D3ST72
    D3ST72 6 months ago +66

    As a Dane who frequently visits Christiania, this was a very pleasant and down to earth documentary, Thanks to the team.

  • pobunjenika
    pobunjenika Year ago +32

    I was fortunate enough to live in Copenhagen from 96-2002. For some of that time I was working in Freetown Christiana. I've got especially fond memories of the warm sunny summer months, finishing work in the late afternoon & cooling off with a naked swim in the salt water canal, before hopping on my bicycle to meet friends to chill & smoke a joint or two.

    • Day Braeburn
      Day Braeburn 7 months ago +1

      What happened bro... Why did your fortunate disappear?

  • jakvapk
    jakvapk 3 months ago +5

    Actually in Ljubljana, there was the same community it was called ROG, but the government destroyed it. The reason was to build new cultural spaces but its disgusting how they took homes and community places of many people that way. But we still have Metelkova, it has the same vibe as Cristiana, just that you can film there.

  • keniken
    keniken 10 months ago +9

    I.live in the UK and have always passionately believed in anarchy. I was in the peace convoy. And the treatment we received was brutal. It makes my blood boil thinking about it. It has left me with a real hate and total disrespect for the authorities and society. I hate the fact that it is so difficult to live my life the way I want to. As long as I am not harmful to anyone. I can't see the problem. You have only the one shot at life. So I do as I please. I believe there are natural laws. Not even laws. It's just what is right as a human. So I'm sorry if you don't like it. Ignore me, get on with your own life.

  • Emily Anne
    Emily Anne 6 months ago +18

    Its actually so cool you have subscribers from all around the world that give you opportunities to do things like this and show you around communities not many people are allowed in or aware of.

  • Alexander Wille
    Alexander Wille Year ago +6171

    What if Yes Theory played Hide and Seek around the world…? There’s a team hiding, who can only rely on strangers to travel, sleep, or hide. And a team of seekers, who have some way to keep tabs on those hiding and a certain amount of time to find the hiders. I feel like that would be a lot of fun, and really bring together a lot of the important aspects of Yes Theory.

  • eaudedogue
    eaudedogue 5 months ago +26

    There is/was a community near Athens similar to this when I travelled there in 2016. Those who lived inside had fortified all the entrance points and were successfully denying the entrance of the Greek police force at that time, despite their best efforts.

    • Χαρά Βασιλείου
      Χαρά Βασιλείου 4 months ago +10

      Yes! Exarcheia is the name! It translates to "outside of law" and it's in Athens not near. Although nowadays exracheia is not safe, it's been invaded by cops so many times... my sister was chilling at a falafel shop in the area three years ago and she got tear gassed by police. It's not a free anarchist area anymore. Landlords have turned all the houses into airbnbs and the city is building a metro station there, as a way to make it more accessible and fend off immigrants and anarchists.

  • Daniel Weltlinger
    Daniel Weltlinger 5 months ago +42

    I’ve been to Christiana years ago. It’s a really nice place actually, very chilled, people are quite nice in general and it’s basically just a large squat where people live freely and do what they want without harming one another. Really it’s quite harmless. There have been drug issues with people who come from OUTSIDE of Christiana, but the actual inhabitants are cool.

    • Jana
      Jana 3 months ago

      I mean it's no wonder they have this problem, people want to use drugs and as long as it's not allowed where they live they're gonna look for a place where they don't have legal repercussions for their free choice as adults.

    • Fresh Green Moss
      Fresh Green Moss 3 months ago +4

      @Jana It's actually harder to take hard drugs in Christiana than outside because the community doesn't allow it and they police themselves .
      The only druggies who are attracted there are stoners.

    • Jana
      Jana 3 months ago

      @Fresh Green Moss yeah I mean it's also the drug most people want to consume that is still illegal in many parts of world.
      They probably also allow psychedelic substances.

    • Linda Penner
      Linda Penner 3 months ago

      And we see how well legalizing marijuana is working out in California; San Francisco is completely Christiania, and it's dirty, unhygienic, and crime ridden. Broken windows, filth, chaos. It's not a really ideal way to live. How to force people to be honest, kind, decent, responsible? There's gotta be consequences for actions.

    • Jana
      Jana 3 months ago

      @Linda Penner wtf are you talking about?

  • Mac n'Ches
    Mac n'Ches Month ago +3

    I used to live in Christiania, and when not in christianhavn, it's in an interesting place, there is more organization in the recent past than, in the way back past, though not as much as now. There is a weekly free paper with no editor, and was a place to read the most crazy things before the Internet came around and people can be voted in to live first by a local area than by the people who come to the weekly whole area meeting. And if anyone is causing problems, everyone is made to gang up on them (but it takes a whole lot to get to that point). I think most Danish people who watched your video, may have done so to see if they could spot their stolen bikes, most of them end up there, and very few bikes there have been paid for, and probably none from a store.

  • Beyond Basic
    Beyond Basic Year ago +34

    I stumped across Christiania whilst I was visiting Denmark, I couldn't believe I didn't know it existed. Loved the entire vibe and community there and chilled with some new people too. I will have fond memories of sitting in the sun, having a beer and a smoke whilst listening the bands playing. I would love to go back and visit ago✌

    • In His Service
      In His Service 7 months ago

      We are regrettably on the verge of a burgeoning unavoidable conflict, new to us but old to history and we have but only those who've gone before us in these battles to learn from and take from both their victories and defeats, the lessons learned so as to repeat their successes and avoid their failures. To never retreat from that resolve borne in truth and a righteous cause, not zeal alone, for its the integrity and character by which we fight that propels us to victory and not the innate violence of our barbaric nature alone. We should and must fight a more nobler battle with no less vigor without reducing ourselves to our baser selves. Retaining our honor and faith, humanity and compassion so that, when the bloodletting, guns, bombs and death stops, we may each return to our homes, to our families and society as the humane beings we were before rather than the beast we became to fight the fight. May God alone help us and have mercy on our wretched souls by His Grace and Favor alone.
      Steven F Gooden-Cohen

  • Joanne Edwards
    Joanne Edwards Month ago +1

    I think it's important to know what is happening to the world. So I'm glad u r doing these videos. Keep up the great work your doing.

  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  Year ago +2984

    Ahhhh Clip-Share put limited ads on the video so ad sense will likely be non-existent… 😑 if you feel compelled and want to support us in telling stories like these that most advertisers won’t support. The best, most direct way is through Seek Discomfort 🙏 we’re super stoked about our new drop, check it out in the bio. Have a good day everyone!! 👋 - Thomas
    (then some insider info for those of you reading this.. I’m currently on the very start of a really big, risky and hopefully eye-opening trip.. Story to come out in June or July, so excited, wish me luck and hope you enjoyed this story!! 🙏

    • Tequila Sunrise
      Tequila Sunrise Year ago +19

      Good luck and stay safe!!

    • Wangari Karori
      Wangari Karori Year ago +1

      Good luck sml !!!!!!!!!

    • Cyrus
      Cyrus Year ago +34

      Why would Clip-Share limit ads on completely safe content?

    • Noviosity
      Noviosity Year ago +3

      Good luck! Stay safe!

    • D.
      D. Year ago +3

      Good luck Thomas! Regards from the Balkan and we hope to see you guys there too! ⚡🌈

  • Dono1harm
    Dono1harm 8 months ago +42

    what a wild bond this community has. Absolutely love it

    • eve-LL blyat
      eve-LL blyat 6 months ago +5

      This community only survives becasue its atourist spot. The people ther do art and sell it to tourist. and of course although drugs make money. But in reality such a community decides who will be part. People who dont fit the picture are not welcome ther. Like violent, dirty, or trouble makers in general.
      But still they take all the comfort of the outer world. They just refuced pay for property and taxes which come with it. Thats the only differnce to other recidential areas. And i dont think its good that people refuse to do their part for the generell public but take the benefits of infrasturcture, safety, etc. . Its the most egotistical a humen can get.

    • 0 1
      0 1 6 months ago +1

      love these anarchists, if you want to plant a tree, you gotta go through our christiania bureaucratic/democratic system first! 😂😂😂

  • Azari Amin
    Azari Amin 9 months ago +30

    I was here in 2019 with a local friend who brought me around. Drug dealers were plenty openly selling their products but nobody bothers us. We mingled around freely and left before dark. Obviously there are certain "rules and laws" imposed within the perimeters of Cristiana. We played safe and did took some footages and photos discreetly.

  • mr 2010
    mr 2010 5 months ago +2

    It's amazing what you learn on Clip-Share. I've never even heard of this place before.
    Pity it didn't quite work out after a being a good concept.
    I would love to live in a place where you can just be yourself , as long as you behave and respect your neighbour.

  • Zenaida Ablan
    Zenaida Ablan 10 months ago +44

    Your video help my daughter survived her depression and encourage her to fight her depression. Say yes more in life

  • Barbara Lara-Watson
    Barbara Lara-Watson 3 months ago

    Beautiful memories, I visited Christiania in 1991. I loved the vibe, the people and the art that held this place together. We had to go back twice the week we were there, we took photos, enjoyed food and the free spirit this place represented.

  • Cryptoversity
    Cryptoversity Year ago +3303

    Yes Theory: "Its anarchy, no laws"
    Yes Theory: "There is a big police presence, lots of rules and arrests every day"

    • Erik Storm
      Erik Storm Year ago +425

      "It's the last free city in Europe"
      "You can't film in some places!"
      Yeah real freedom right there..

    • Bacon Wizard
      Bacon Wizard Year ago +298

      @Erik Storm its freedom for those *inside* Christiania, the no-filming rule is there to protect the people from police raids outside of their control - if they had it their way there’d be no reason for that rule to be there

    • Bud Wiser
      Bud Wiser 11 months ago +61

      @Bacon Wizard No filming "Rule" once enforced as in the video is another word for No filming "Law" hence there are laws and not so Free.

    • Bacon Wizard
      Bacon Wizard 11 months ago +119

      @Bud Wiser but a law suggests a centralised power enforces it, yet in this semi-anarchic community everyone has equal power to enforce the little rules there are. For examples, if i were to set up a game with my friends and put in some house rules, these are not laws - no one person enforces them and there’s no coded punishment or legal proceedings if someone doesn’t listen.

    • Bud Wiser
      Bud Wiser 11 months ago +12

      @Bacon Wizard So your calling this community nothing but a Game!?!?

  • CelsGalacticGarden
    CelsGalacticGarden 9 months ago +11

    I feel like I’ve been looking for this place my whole life. Thank you so much for this video- I will definitely be visiting

  • Eliz Donovan
    Eliz Donovan 9 months ago +3

    So, where are the hospital and school etc. who provides water and waste disposal? This appears to be only a fraction of the story. Is there a part 2? Thank you for an interesting if incomplete video.

  • jevinday
    jevinday 3 months ago +1

    That is so great. My favorite filmmaker is named Lars von Trier, he lives in Copenhagen. He is an independent filmmaker who owns a film studio where he lives. He has Parkinsons now. It makes me sad. I don't want to get all sentimental but he really has changed my life. It's crazy how someone who I will never meet has the ability to do that to someone. Your videos make me think and they make me feel, they make me cry, they make me happy. Thank you for that. Love from Arizona.

  • TJ #9
    TJ #9 6 months ago +6

    I've always dreamed of this and believed in this since a young Man, I believe that the idea of Authority/laws and obedience, subliminally turn people to oppose and break them. That what we need is trust, love and compassion and each one teach one, looking out for, uplifting and protecting their neighbor/brethren

  • Rob Davies
    Rob Davies 4 months ago +4

    You can take pics and film inside, it’s owner around 1 street that they really don’t allow (Pusher Street). The rest of the area you’ll usually find tourists taking photos all over as there are some scenic and quirky places there and a nice walk along the riverside.

  • Dominik Severino
    Dominik Severino Year ago +1479

    I have an eye disease that causes me to slowly lose my vision, and I'm planning on backpacking through Europe next year. Partly because I wanna see the world in case I fully lose my sight, but the main reason is because I found your channel and your videos have inspired me to seek discomfort! It's funny because I was planning out my route last week, and Christiania is on my list of places to visit. As I was researching the community, I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm surprised that yes theory hasn't gone here yet just to check it out". Guess I can predict the future ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
    But in all sincerity, this was really cool to see! Thank you Yes Theory for all the amazing videos, and for being an inspiration to myself and others

    • PoshOut
      PoshOut Year ago +58

      Damn man I hope you never lose your sight. Just curious, how much can you see?

    • Kunicus
      Kunicus Year ago +14

      What's the disease called?

    • Azam Ahammed
      Azam Ahammed Year ago +31

      @Kunicus mangekyou sharingan

    • Dominik Severino
      Dominik Severino Year ago +19

      @Azam Ahammed yea my last name is actually Uchiha

    • Dominik Severino
      Dominik Severino Year ago +20

      @Kunicus it’s called retinitis pigmentosa

  • Day By Day
    Day By Day 10 months ago +14

    This is so amazing and should be preserved. Thank you so much, and thank the community for kind of allowing us to see how amazing their home is.

  • Leo K.
    Leo K. Year ago +3

    Was there 2 years back. A truly fascinating place I will definitely want to come back to visit some more.
    I was most awed by all the art on the walls and in the streets there. Really really beautiful!

    2POLARTV 11 months ago +7

    so glad to see that a movement like this actually exists somewhere, this is an environment i would thrive in.

  • Wrrqq
    Wrrqq 6 months ago +2

    Love the place!! Hope there could be more towns like this!

  • joepie91
    joepie91 Year ago +446

    It's unfortunate that the title of the video is so misleading - the point of anarchism isn't that there are "no laws", it's that the rules within a community are _set by_ that community in a fully egalitarian, consensus-based manner rather than through hierarchy and top-down decrees like happens with national governments (with or without some 'democratic' window dressing). And that participation in that community is voluntary.

    • Junk Bond Trader
      Junk Bond Trader Year ago +16

      Yeah people misunderstand the word almost always. A private sector can do everything better than the government. It makes sense on paper. It's not that it's a bad idea, it's that we're not ready for it.

    • Bidart Bauer
      Bidart Bauer Year ago +8

      @Junk Bond Trader depends on the culture of the people, u clearly cant do this on some african countries, or many other places in the world

    • andrew craig
      andrew craig 10 months ago +7

      So a democracy?

    • Dan Riddick
      Dan Riddick 10 months ago +13

      @andrew craig Not really. Highly recommend reading some of Kropotkin's work if you want a deeper dive into the idea of the type of "anarchism" that this community practices.

    • anima
      anima 9 months ago +12

      @Bidart Bauer why do you say that? Many African societies are/were essentially anarchist 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • tripgreat
    tripgreat 7 months ago +6

    The questions you pose at the end are appropriate. How free are they if Danish police beat them with state support over marijuana? I love the beauty of this place, and the people you spoke with. My grandfather's(maternal) name is Anderson. I feel joy seeing someone named Anderson be such a good guy. I loved my grandfather. He was Canadian with Scotch and Welsh roots. He was a radio operator on a ship at 16 years old in WWI.

    • Pär Svanström
      Pär Svanström 6 months ago

      Not that it really matters, but Ole's surname is Andersen, not Anderson.

  • Courtney Schmidt
    Courtney Schmidt 9 months ago +4

    I heard about this place when I was in Italy. Honestly, the community vibe is what we need more of in this World. I'm so glad that this place exists! 1💚

  • SweetSonya39
    SweetSonya39 6 months ago +1

    What a cool dude !! Everyone seemed so relax, free, loved. Thank you for sharing.

  • tinathene
    tinathene 9 months ago +1

    What a rich story that deserves to be told, 80% community consciousness. The greater story is that it is still a part of Denmark and most of the people there, I imagine, have a common heritage which gives them a built in social structure, cultural background to build upon. a conscious declaration of freedom and being aware of what that means to them? Greater society can always learn from this. I envy the fantastical homes and village vibe, daily cop drama seems to bring boundaries with a realistic edge to it.

  • haileywhite910
    haileywhite910 Year ago +506

    i swear every time i watch a yes theory video i feel like i’m watching a mini documentary and i just don’t know how this stuff is free

    • Jussi U
      Jussi U Year ago +4

      Same here.. I feel obligated to start buying merch once I have a stable income again.
      They truly are the top tier of this platform

    • Andrew
      Andrew Year ago +7

      You must be new to Clip-Share. Thousands of creators who make as good of content, and on a more regular basis. Other creators even shove less merch down your throat.

    • LD23
      LD23 Year ago +7

      Bc they make a shit ton of money off Clip-Share

    • Heart Bass
      Heart Bass Year ago

      @Andrew give me please any tips for great creators

    • :
      : Year ago +1

      @Heart Bass
      Historia Civilis
      But Why?
      CGP Grey
      Internet Historian
      Pop Culture Detective

  • Jakki Manzitti
    Jakki Manzitti 7 months ago +12

    This story showed walls, streets, people. Words about freedom. Words about anarchy.

  • taemz
    taemz 11 months ago +16

    i’ve been there twice since i’m studying an hour away from copenhagen and i’ve had some really nice afternoons at Christiania with their little street shops, one festival-ish with some artists on stage, people all over the world, dancing with couple beers. You see people with children and strollers around haha it’s really not that bad. :) you guys’ video is pretty much accurate!

  • Zoltan Matei
    Zoltan Matei 6 months ago

    Seems like an interesting town. Arguably some artistic expressions can be created for homes and the environment but those maybe limited to some extent, so then there are common forms and shapes.

  • KathleenAndJuliaTv
    KathleenAndJuliaTv 10 months ago +6

    If it hadn’t been for this truly amazing place, I would have lost my mind as an expat, far away from home, friends and family. In christiania I found a place that felt like home ❤️ I will forever be grateful to all these beautiful people who founded this gem 🙏

  • ab
    ab 6 months ago +2

    i love this i wish the whole world lived this way, i feel like the planet would be more abundant and people would be more content and connected

  • sunflower lover
    sunflower lover Year ago +841

    You can tell his tour guide has some sort of status in Christina, as the guy who approached you two about the camera immediately backed down as soon as he saw you guys engaging with him. It was definitely interesting to see as a social norm is no recording and you guy were welcomed with a VIP status, it shows how much he appreciated and trusts Yes theory to present them in the best way possible.

    • ART BY - DAHL
      ART BY - DAHL 10 months ago +29

      In Christiania All peopel are eaquel..
      And they wote on stuf to deside.
      Its just because they see they are with some one from Christiania, and are not randomly filming, that they back off..

    • joesr31
      joesr31 10 months ago +15

      @ART BY - DAHL judging by the video doesn't seem that way....almost have a N.Korea vibe to it, can't film unless your guide tells you so. Of course other aspects are different but just on the filming part, seems a little sketchy

    •  <3dex
      <3dex 10 months ago +37

      @joesr31 denmark police are notoriously aggressive for noreason, at the level of french/us. no filming means less prosecution and more people can enter and be free without being recorded and potentially fired or arrested for smoking weed or whatever. its not like they stop anybody from visiting.

    • TheOzumat
      TheOzumat 8 months ago +20

      @joesr31 The no-filming rule is specifically so you don't get people in trouble for buying/selling/smoking weed, which is still illegal in Denmark.

  • Wairimu Murigi
    Wairimu Murigi 7 months ago

    It's so wild that I just heard about this community from a colleague less than 2 weeks ago while taking a boat tour int he canals in Copenhagen and here is a video telling me even more about it.

  • Gabriel A
    Gabriel A 10 months ago +12

    This place is one in the world where I rolled my joint, light up my spliff and could interact with all kind of people, regardless of their class and could be seen as a normal human being, not as a junkie or whatever

  • JS V.
    JS V. 6 months ago

    15 or some years ago me and my girlfriend made a trip with bicycles. We started from Finland and ended in Germany, but we spent more than a week in Copenhagen and mostly in Christiania. One night we met a nice guy in a bar there and had a fun long night and chatted in english with him and eventually he asked where we are from and we said "from Finland" and he replied "oottekste vittu Suomesta?" or something. Turned out he was also from Finland. It was fun. We headed to pusher street to buy some hash and everything was fine.

  • Angie Z
    Angie Z Year ago +2

    So crazy how different things can be in other places. In Canada weed is totally legal now and In Vancouver there is now store fronts where you can buy magic mushrooms ( for medical reasons :) )

    • Paul one
      Paul one 10 months ago

      That's my kinda place.. Canada i mean.. Denmark no. Im in the uk.. Would love some mushrooms for meditional purposes..

    • Paul one
      Paul one 10 months ago

      Weed doesn't work for my pain im sad too say as there's plenty here in the uk

  • Rick te Kronnie
    Rick te Kronnie 6 months ago

    Having never heard of this place before it was pretty scary/uncomfortable when I accidentally cycled through it on holiday last year.

  • Amiya D.
    Amiya D. Year ago +798

    Was in Christiana in summer 2019.
    This was a truly fascinating place,
    I can only highly recommend everyone go visit and see this for themselves. So much beautiful artwork and all the people were really friendly (at least when I was there)
    They also have a museum about Christiana in Christiana, super fascinating history!
    Can‘t believe you guys got this all on camera

    • Sean D
      Sean D Year ago +23

      I went for the first time in 1997, few more times before 2000. It is certainly different now, but as an American, my mind was blown the first time walking down pusher and seeing kiosks with like 20 kilos each of different kinds of hashish, and giant baskets filled with Marijuana buds. Back then, the police rarely ever came into Christiania, but it was still highly frowned upon and dangerous to take pictures.
      I remember over the years reading news reports about the City and country trying to close it down. I'm glad to see it still survived and is still thriving.

    • Panayiotis Christodoulou
      Panayiotis Christodoulou Year ago

      So you have been there I have a question. I haven't watched the video yet but is it legal to kill someone there? There are no laws so if I just kill someone then I can continue my life normally?

    • Panayiotis Christodoulou
      Panayiotis Christodoulou Year ago +6

      Nevermind my question was answered

    • MrBalrogos
      MrBalrogos Year ago +3

      Yes and if u film and somebody comes to you u can beat him without any law problems :) so we can all sort problems in an old style perfect place


      bro no joke i think i also wa sthere in summer 2019 i dont no exatly if its true but, it looked very familiar.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 9 months ago +8

    My bike route from my home to the inner city goes through Christiana. During the pandemic it was such a calm place. Nowadays it filled with tourists.

  • Lisa N
    Lisa N 10 months ago

    Really great work! I admire this journalism and videography.

  • Jaime Osullivan
    Jaime Osullivan 4 months ago

    Hi there just discovered your channel you guys are awesome!!!! I just moved from Boston to Hawaii it’s my first big move ever and your channel had a lot to do with me taking the leap to adventure. If your ever in Hawaii again hit me up!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Puja Johri
    Puja Johri 10 months ago

    I really enjoyed the respect you gave to the thought this place stands for. ♥🌷

  • Julie Tasker
    Julie Tasker 6 months ago +1

    Many thanks 🙏💕Let’s hope we may develop other strong and supportive communities elsewhere including in the United Kingdom 🙏💕

  • Rob Kas
    Rob Kas Year ago +2357

    Yes Theory: "There is no law here"
    also Yes Theory: "Filming is highly forbidden here"
    Actually, there are a lot of rules here, which may also apply the rest of Denmark, Europe and even the world.

    • Jason Aponte
      Jason Aponte Year ago +73

      laws and rules are not the same.

    • Rob Kas
      Rob Kas Year ago +68

      @Jason Aponte That's correct. Laws are rules but not all rules are laws. In case if christiania, at least international law applies (apart from Danish and EU law, which in fact are not invalid only because the community says so). Additionaly, considering the self-governed character of the community, there are signs everywhere stating the rules to be followed and if someone - inhabitant or visitor - violates them, they will be punished. law!

    • KNT
      KNT Year ago +9

      Also police makes arrests daily

    • Andrei Lucaci
      Andrei Lucaci Year ago +25

      10:40 they actually admit that... but for clickbait purposes, went with the idea of anarchy / no rules

    • Worland
      Worland Year ago +5

      @Jason Aponte It's laws, if i do "illegal" stuff there according to the danish law i would get sentenced for it

  • K Keyz
    K Keyz 10 months ago +4

    Wow this place is amazing thank you for letting him do this and please protect the man who took us on the tour .... I love this place these ppl are wonderful minded

  • beatsthattalk
    beatsthattalk 10 months ago +1

    This is cool af
    Just subscribed couple videos ago. This channel seems like a great role model, keep it up

    LIFE TRIP BEATS 6 months ago

    I’ve been there and I love the whole idea and story behind it!

  • Daniel Hartwig
    Daniel Hartwig 7 months ago

    I agree with this set up and ideas as everyone help each other! No leader No follow ❤️🙏🏽

  • Victory Tarot Divini
    Victory Tarot Divini 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for your short documentary! 😃 Let's hope that the hard drugs stay away from this community, they want to live in freedom and peace ☮️☯️

    • Claus Patzer
      Claus Patzer 3 months ago

      Sadly they have. The community may have decided to abandon hard drugs but the gangs that control the drug trade has opted not to respect that

    • Victory Tarot Divini
      Victory Tarot Divini 3 months ago

      @Claus Patzer my god. Terrible 😔 that's not going to work!
      We can just hope for a miracle...

  • Defferleffer
    Defferleffer Year ago +220

    Just wanna make two thing completely clear. The town is in no way lawless, it has to obey the same laws as the rest of the country. Cameras are forbidden because drug dealers frequently operate inside, they will beat you up if they see you with a camera.

    • waleeeedc
      waleeeedc Year ago +75

      "drug dealers frequently operate inside, they will beat you up if they see you with a camera." and people think this place is so cool and safe and free...

    • Burns Tile Installation
      Burns Tile Installation Year ago +50

      @waleeeedc I'm confused about that mentality too. Just a glorified skid row

    • WishAAAProductions
      WishAAAProductions Year ago +15

      They will not beat you up. They will just ask you not to film lol

    • BU7TER
      BU7TER Year ago +17

      ​@waleeeedc They would not beat you up unless you gave them a good ass reason to.
      They will ask you not to film because they have to remain anonymous.
      Plus, Pusher Street is the main place you can't film. Most other parts of the town (where there's just people living) dont care about filming.

    • Juan Davis
      Juan Davis Year ago +8

      no they won't beat you up, no way. they are peaceful people and they will just warn you, sometimes might be aggresively (speaking from personal experience). but apart from the weed trade part of the town you can take pictures and people might not care that much or bother to tell you not to. but they will not beat you up unless you ask for it.

  • Jack B
    Jack B 8 months ago +1

    As a Dane in the “city” there are 12 rules but not official they entered the city illegally in the 70s so it’s not a official place but with time they started to get excepted but not really it’s a Beautiful and very amazing place

  • Xavier Perez
    Xavier Perez 9 months ago

    Reminds me of a place, except it's worse. La Perla in Puerto Rico, my island. The only difference is if you did try anything you for sure would've been killed. They killed an American last year and beat the other one nearly to death. But it was their mistake: they were told very explicitly to not take photos and they did anyway. Fantastic video about a lawless area, these are always appreciated!

  • Kestral Bossard-Kruger
    Kestral Bossard-Kruger 6 months ago +3

    as an anarchist it makes me happy to see how happy most residents here are and how well a lot of their community works

  • Leif A
    Leif A Year ago

    Been there and it's an awesome place. People are so friendly and it is an experience.

  • JT_Norway91
    JT_Norway91 6 months ago

    My town was called Christiania until 1925 (Oslo).
    The name originates from the Danish King Christian Quart (Christian the fourth, quart stands for quarter, one quarter).
    Anyways, interesting video :) thanks 😃

  • Per-Ola Mjömark
    Per-Ola Mjömark Year ago +426

    I've been to Christiania on several occasions and enjoy drinking beer in the area when visiting. With that said, I recently saw a documentary called "Christianias børn: Skyggesiden af eventyret" which showcases how the area became a boundless playground for the adults but perhaps not for the children who were left to themselves while their parents engaged in free sex and drugs. Well worth a look.

    • Pedro Ferreira
      Pedro Ferreira Year ago +24

      I wouldn´t be suprised with that! That´s taking absolute freedom to the absolute limit!

    • Surfing Rockstar
      Surfing Rockstar Year ago +64

      Those poor kids. I will never understand how someone so selfish can bring a kid into this cruel world and not care for them

    • aslak petersen
      aslak petersen Year ago +2

      "Beer he said"

    • Beatrix Altenberg
      Beatrix Altenberg Year ago +22

      Sounds like the new type of zoo, with free entrance. Not my thing. Nothing I want to see. I pity the children.

  • A. R.A.
    A. R.A. 9 months ago

    you are all so great; thank you for sharing how the world IS DIFFERENT and to me... much more human.

  • John B
    John B 10 months ago +3

    no videos make me put my headphones on and lean in like yours. keep up the good work guys

  • Clemente Biasin
    Clemente Biasin 3 months ago

    Miss this Town so much, I spent so much time of there. During the summer is the place to be :)

  • Robert Lawson
    Robert Lawson 6 months ago

    Uh, no…there has been A LOT of documentation! Many documentaries, including my own feature documentary, which has played all over the world and is available on Amazon and Vimeo. But the more the merrier! And I’m very envious of your drone footage. That wasn’t a possibility when we filmed in 2006-2011.

  • The Cast
    The Cast Year ago +398

    So excited with all the progress you guys have made through these years. I’ve been following for a while and you guys have never ceased to make me laugh while also spreading love and kindness. One Love ✌🏻.

    • Yes Theory
      Yes Theory  Year ago +36

      Thank you for saying that!! 🙏 really appreciate it. We’ve been working super hard to continue trying to evolve our style and let our stories grow up alongside us. It can get scary to take risks even in the concept of this video but we’re constantly creatively seeking discomfort and hoping to continue bringing the best stories we possibly can out here on Clip-Share. Your support keeps our dreams alive. Thank you. 🙏

    • <day> ♪
       Year ago +1


    • The Cast
      The Cast Year ago +2

      @Yes Theory No, thank you. You guys never cease to inspire me to seek discomfort! Y’all are changing the world! Keep doing everything, thank you so much. #SeekDiscomfort

  • Jason Gibbon
    Jason Gibbon 9 months ago +2

    this place is not anarchy, it's sensible and real, slab city in america is another place similar but not as diverse, this is the way the humans of this world need to be, self sustaining small communities of respectful, peaceful understanding people, one love and freedom 🙂❤✌

    • Mayhem Amigos
      Mayhem Amigos 5 months ago +1

      Anarchism does not mean no laws, it means that the population has a monopoly over the use of force, ie the military and police are controlled by Democratic vote and decentralized. Businesses are owned by the workers, run democratically, with profits being democratically distributed.

  • Russell Baldwin
    Russell Baldwin 10 months ago

    I went here when i was 15, on a soccer trip on a under 17 travel team. The place is wild, you could get very high quality gear. Acid, shrooms, flower, hash, mdma all very top notch product. I remember everything stated exactly where it came from, many vendors to choose from

    • HoodieMelo92
      HoodieMelo92 9 months ago

      hel nahh you cant buy either acid, shrooms or Mdma. only weed

  • Usman Salim
    Usman Salim 5 months ago +2

    Been there. A chilled small community next to a big lake in the center of Copenhagen with musical, food, drinks and drugs. Nothing too wild or crazy...most people are just enjoying the view and the vibes and smoking up.

  • Gabriel Drumm
    Gabriel Drumm 9 months ago

    great info guys, thanks for sharing this well-done documentary you put together.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 6 months ago

    Ok I'm watching your vids I can't put the phone down,your stories are awesome about things that MATTER,and are of substance of a higher caliber, . Again job well done boys

  • Markus Knecht
    Markus Knecht Year ago +228

    I was slightly confused by the representation of Anarchy in this video. They assosiated Anarchy with no Laws, which to my understanding is wrong. From my understanding Anarchy means no Authority with increased power to enforce the rules. An Anarchy can and will have rules but the people itself ensure that everyone behaves and their is no central goverment, police and so on that has more power than others in order to enforce the rules.

    • soso
      soso 10 months ago +8

      I think the main point was more on the "no laws" aspect, I'm sure they have rules in place based on their own morals, which follows the decentralized principles of anarchy. Rules and laws are different because laws stem from authority, where rules are guidelines to live by.
      Edit: spelling error.

    • Equinox
      Equinox 10 months ago +12

      Yeah, I think that sounds about right, however, I think the average viewer might not understand precisely what anarchy means so saying no laws or lawless is better for the video title. They have rules but no state to enforce them, a great example in the video is the no hard drugs thing: if you do hard drugs then you get exiled not by a central authority but by the community.

    • Sarah
      Sarah 9 months ago

      @Equinox I mean it is an interesting concept, but how would exile from the community look like? Like would they ask every person whether someone should be exiled or not every time someone goes against the rules? Would exile as a Form of punishment be used for both people who throw away trash on the ground and those that murder someone?

    • Mark T
      Mark T 9 months ago +2

      @Equinox well, they said they call the police if you sell/ use harddrugs; so it's not entirely an anarchist society.

  • Emil Morelli
    Emil Morelli 10 months ago +3

    Im from Denmark and I’m regularly in Christiania and this is by far the best video about Christiania. No negativity, just good and right information. Perfect .

  • Michele Lima
    Michele Lima Year ago

    I would definitely live in a community like that if one was available around me. I’m from Boston by the way. I do believe in freedom and in the good in man’s heart and that love, respect and creativity can make a society thrive.

    • JimBob
      JimBob 7 months ago

      Yet you can't film so it's not really freedom

    • Fred
      Fred 16 days ago

      All those things can be achieved in most modern places already. Just gotta keep out the lazy freeloaders.

  • cucaracha151
    cucaracha151 Month ago

    What a great place to live love everything about it.

  • John McNulty
    John McNulty 7 months ago +5

    I'll never forget my trip there in 1987. I hadn't gotten high in several months and left feeling like I was floating..

    • John McNulty
      John McNulty 7 months ago +1

      Never saw any cops or arrests though..

  • Ren Ruiz
    Ren Ruiz 3 months ago

    Estuve ahí hace 10 años, te mereces q millón de likes o mas

  • Francis Wallerston
    Francis Wallerston 8 days ago +1

    Imagine living in a city with no rules while no allowing people to record it

  • Der Waschbär
    Der Waschbär Year ago +688

    Anarchy by definition does not mean "no rules" - it only means "no ruler" - big difference! ☝️

    • Armando Araujo
      Armando Araujo Year ago +60

      As a political philosophy, anarchism is the opposition to unjust hierarchies.

    • Rovhalt
      Rovhalt Year ago +38

      There is always a ruler.

    • IAMO The Makhnovist
      IAMO The Makhnovist Year ago +31

      @Rovhalt read Kropotkin lol

    • Rovhalt
      Rovhalt Year ago +20

      @IAMO The Makhnovist Read human psychology.

    • PIandem¡c XlX
      PIandem¡c XlX Year ago +9

      No, it means ANTI rulers. Not "no" rulers. Educate yourself before trying to educate others

  • Liam
    Liam Year ago

    Visited a few months ago. There's definitely law there and you can film/take pictures if you want to, just don't take pictures of people selling weed - lol. It takes a few minutes to walk through, and not many people live there. I'm sure other cities have enclaves like this. I'm from Toronto and it's pretty similar to Kensington Market here.

  • Lorenzo Rasmussen
    Lorenzo Rasmussen 7 months ago

    what a great video, you guys captured the spirit of christiania! i recall you guys staying at my hotel, guldsmeden bryggen, wish i'd seen your channel beforehand. keep up the informative videos!

  • Vicky Garnett
    Vicky Garnett Month ago

    I was in Copenhagen a few years ago for work, and went to Christiania on one afternoon on my own. My experience was mixed. One one hand I went to an art gallery and got talking to a lovely woman running the gallery about her experience living there. But on the stairs on the way up to the gallery there was some very misogynist graffiti in the stairwell, and young men were catcalling and whistling as women walked by. So as a woman, it did not feel entirely safe. I got the impression a lot of young kids from outside Freetown go into the town to score drugs and hang out. As a woman I would avoid this place entirely at night. I suspect a man’s experience in this place would be very different.

  • inmydarkesthour 22
    inmydarkesthour 22 11 months ago +1

    My high school teacher took us to Scandinavia for our senior trip and when stopping in Denmark he took us here....big slabs of hashish all over the place and we could only look 🤣🤣🤣 I bet he went back at night after we were all sleep hahhaha....awesome memories and teacher ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shahjhan Haider
    Shahjhan Haider 4 months ago

    This city is incredible.people had sent e of community,they get together and carry on thier life although there would have lawlessness,but people has been drawing on thier own sources to survive,since every country have had its social values,so Christina might have its own culture.
    From the ww2 up till now it had been abandoned ,that was the beginning of lawlessness,now I think that it's Europe s last city which need drawing attention of authorities to reform