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Space-Time Crystals Are Real

  • Published on Aug 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    I show you what a space-time crystal is
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  • Kono Veldora Da!
    Kono Veldora Da! 3 months ago +11260

    Action Lab: *So this is a time cry-*
    Nilered: *So I hammered it to find time.*

  • Crypto Kids
    Crypto Kids 3 months ago +992

    Killed me with the “It’s just me wiggling a magnet under the table.”

    VIKANUCK 2 months ago +769

    Definitely one of the coolest things that I had no idea what you were saying yet lol.

    • Liam Ramaekers
      Liam Ramaekers 4 days ago

      Real is not what this is, in fact, if you look you won’t probably see real

    • Mr. Google
      Mr. Google 5 days ago +1

      Your comment doesn't real, not even exist in another dimension

    • Ciya Pandey
      Ciya Pandey 7 days ago +2

      Life is not real.

    • Dreadblock
      Dreadblock 21 day ago +5

      These replays are not real

    • Noi
      Noi 26 days ago +10

      @LanMichael Mix the user above is not not real

  • Nugo
    Nugo 2 months ago +126

    "Dont get excited" i dont think anyone understood enough to get ecxited lol

  • thinkingsimon
    thinkingsimon 2 days ago

    "So this is a space crystal"
    "This is a time crystal"
    me: "Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe, But this, Heheh, Does put a smile on my face"

  • Elephants Painting Elephants
    Elephants Painting Elephants 2 months ago +139

    I love that you slide in a “no perpetual energy” haha those videos are the equivalent of ghost hunters hahaha

    • Dreadblock
      Dreadblock 4 days ago

      @FlipMode Nope, I think?

    • FlipMode
      FlipMode 4 days ago

      @Dreadblock No, do you? Do you see dead people lmao.

    • Dreadblock
      Dreadblock 4 days ago

      @FlipMode do u think ghosts are real

    • FlipMode
      FlipMode 7 days ago

      @irids she thinks ghosts are real.

    • irids
      irids 19 days ago

      ​@MisstressMourtisha what

  • Pittau
    Pittau 2 months ago +9

    Man the reality devs worked really hard to prevent infinite energy

    • Xiaolin Draconis
      Xiaolin Draconis 9 days ago

      Right. If only our game devs put that much energy into preventing exploits, maybe I wouldn't get under mapped every 5s on a triple A title.

  • Rictus Erectus
    Rictus Erectus 2 months ago

    I really love how you always use effects or tricks to visually demonstrate what the theorized or impossible to naturally observe events look like for viewers. It really helps to understand exactly how some harder to understand sciences actually affect the world around them. Love your videos!

  • Mister Cloak
    Mister Cloak 2 months ago +57

    "Don't get too excited because it's not a source of perpetual energy."
    *puts down inifinity flags*

  • Sharon Sabu
    Sharon Sabu 3 months ago +7310

    I literally have no clue how this works. Everything else you have posted made some sense at least but this my brain just decided not to understand.

    • Niqsy
      Niqsy 8 days ago

      I think its the mass/ions of the crystal constantly moving or shifting(space crystal) while the time crystal is the ions in the crystal change places at a pattern, but a space-time crystal do both and it results in the whole object to actually moves, the crystal in this video is not a real one, but he's showing what COULD have happened

    • jonz23m
      jonz23m 15 days ago

      Because it's BS

    • walking dead man
      walking dead man Month ago

      Its clickbait

    • Rickey Tuka
      Rickey Tuka Month ago

      You’re not the only one my friend

    • FIGHT CLUB e-sports
      FIGHT CLUB e-sports Month ago

      that's because your brain knows when someone is bullshitting.

  • Keith Decker
    Keith Decker 2 months ago +4

    *Action Lab:* I think you should do a longer video explaining everything about the energetic physics involved.

  • PoketDallas
    PoketDallas Month ago +17

    With these, reality could be whatever I want

    • Panurgic
      Panurgic Day ago +1

      no really


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    • MisstressMourtisha
      MisstressMourtisha 19 days ago +2


  • Crux161
    Crux161 3 months ago

    They did this in a quantum computer via simulation- and in simulating it - they apparently made it? I know I know very strange… I’m still struggling to understand the interview myself but it’s pretty incredible that we can do this stuff. Components from raw materials in a solid state form? I mean… we rely on atomic clocks and other things to ensure accuracy, so this really has the potential to lead to something really big one day.

  • Aaron Matthews
    Aaron Matthews 2 months ago

    I imagine with some creative modifications and research these crystals can possibly be used for storage of data/info. Also applications in computers and electronics. Even used in the construction of nano machines and other nano technology.

  • Zeeshan Ali
    Zeeshan Ali 3 months ago +573

    This short is a perfect example of what I hear during class lectures lol

    • Ciya Pandey
      Ciya Pandey 7 days ago


    • YRO
      YRO 2 months ago +7


    • Dunks~
      Dunks~ 3 months ago +38

      A stream of words unintelligible

  • Steam Pup
    Steam Pup 2 months ago

    I love physics, but i majored in Advance Electronics. For some reason its really difficult for me to wrap my mind around a time crystal. What kind of practical applications can time crystals be used for?

  • ToastGhost
    ToastGhost 6 days ago

    this is so fascinating. I never would have thought that this was something I would have seen in my lifetime. I'm so excited to see what we can do with this and what we're going to learn from studying these crystals


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  • 3xeplod!ng_3agle_studios

    That last part made me wonder if there might someday be a way to (technically) skirt thermodynamics by quantum methods. Exploit the superposition of a material like space-time crystals using observation, or something like that. 🤷‍♂️

  • AnantaSesaDas
    AnantaSesaDas 3 days ago

    This is the best explanation I've heard so far about the so called time crystals. This description makes them much less exotic sounding and more like something I can believe actually exists and not clickbait.


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  • Kissalude
    Kissalude 3 months ago +450

    I'm glad you are honest enough to say you used magnets. Many would try to sell those to help chakras so their zodiac meridian align with Pluto or some other nonsense.

    • Sky Cat777 (u.k)
      Sky Cat777 (u.k) Month ago +1

      Exactly new age mumbo jumbo!

    • Uranium 235 221
      Uranium 235 221 2 months ago

      @Troy Davis well if you don't wanna ever walk on the right path atleast don't insult your 'scientific community' by showcasing your infinite iq mind comparing those monster stars with these negligible weight midwives. And gravity is an illusion. Again, if you don't understand astrology don't comment on it. Everytime you will make yourself a bigger fool. I respect people who understand actual science because they will eventually understand these 'pseudo sciences' once technology advances to that level.

    • Troy Davis
      Troy Davis 2 months ago

      @Uranium 235 221 Astrology is based on the stars and constellations present in the sky at birth and their gravity on you at birth, yes? Well, math has proven the midwife has more gravitational pull on a baby than the stars millions of miles away in space. What’s the astrology sign for the midwife?

    • Riddly Diddly
      Riddly Diddly 2 months ago

      ​@Uranium 235 221 out of curiosity - what do you mean, "modern science will prove it"?

    • Kissalude
      Kissalude 2 months ago

      @Uranium 235 221
      Believe whatever you want. Astrology is bullshit.

  • Green MarineFive-O
    Green MarineFive-O 27 days ago

    Crystal lattice structures still retain a fixed pattern though, even if it is an alternating one. I'd like to see an explanation for some of the weirder shapes seen in space like those where stars are said to be created. Interesting stuff to be sure. Now that scientists at DARPA or labs running on DARPA grants are creating totally new lifeforms to test it seems that technology is growing geometrically.

  • Dodge Gaming
    Dodge Gaming 3 months ago

    And my teacher called me crazy when i said you require a spacetime crystal a crystal that basically changes its molecular structure as time passes to make a time machine as well as some dark matter particles that are shot into the crystal and obviously what you'd call a hyper drive engine to be capable of travelling to the point of space the earth was in during the time you're going to and all of that in a space ship twice the size of the international space station. Granted there are other essential materials i left out as they are to be discovered like time liquid a liquid that changes from density as time passes so it would be water density between 1AM and 2AM then the density of mercury and my favourite material is a gas of a neon blue shade that glows profusely nicknamed the mystic light by those who saw it before the public discovery commonly thought to be a soul of a dead person

  • boniie214
    boniie214 3 months ago

    I watched a video about time crystals. Very interesting on how they were made and what can be used with them

  • Hoof Hearted Ice Melted

    Sounds very similar to a X3 crystal, i.e. Barium Ferrite. It exhibits 4th dimensional properties which ignores normal electron behaviour. Electrons within the crystal that form 3D space display "interrupted" electron behaviour.

    D1GITΛL CVTS 3 months ago +2012

    Yeah, I smoked some space-time crystals once. It was pretty wild, maan.

    • pieTone
      pieTone Month ago

      @Rainey Steelwing no like I know what come over means but this can really be taken out of context :)

      DINOBOY Month ago

      Mine Crystals are blue

    • Rainey Steelwing
      Rainey Steelwing Month ago

      @pieTone huh? didn't get you haha

    • pieTone
      pieTone Month ago

      @Rainey Steelwing come over what 🤨😏

      D1GITΛL CVTS Month ago

      @Semblance Of Disorder nah bro I only snort creatine 💪💪💪

  • ninthRing
    ninthRing 2 months ago

    Makes me wonder what applications these kinds of crystals might have, like liquid crystals for screens, or quartz vibrations for watches..?

  • PC Simo
    PC Simo 3 months ago +1

    But the real question is: ”Do space-time-crystals enable time travel?”.

  • meat lemonade
    meat lemonade 3 months ago +10

    this sounds like something that powers a futuristic spaceship

  • Vantrez
    Vantrez 2 months ago

    Can't we make a crystal that specifically rearranges itself just from the energy already contained within our atmosphere?

  • Israel Nathan
    Israel Nathan 3 months ago +2718

    Who else understood nothing but watched till the end anyway?

    • Matthew Dieter
      Matthew Dieter Month ago +1

      @arcguardian most people can operate a smart phone. 0.001 percent know how it actually works. Most people just regurgitate what they heard without Actually understanding the material. Teachers are terrible with this as well. So yes it's important to have a good understanding of things. I understand enough to know what's going on and not enough to teach . So I don't spread half knowledge.

    • arcguardian
      arcguardian Month ago

      @Matthew Dieter or maybe a simpler explanation/demonstration. i don't think a "high understanding" is needed. Basic understanding should be enough. It doesn't help he covered 3 crystals in a matter of seconds, I still don't know what a "space crystal" is compared to whatever I thought regular crystals were.

    • Weeping Demon
      Weeping Demon 2 months ago

      Yeah, who tf has ever heard of a “crystal”

    • Naman deep
      Naman deep 2 months ago

      everythingh just got above my mind

    • Mustang
      Mustang 2 months ago

      @BonsaY that's subjective. Not everyone knows how spacetime even remotely works so you're wrong

  • Adam Pettus
    Adam Pettus 7 days ago +1

    I can usually follow along with stuff like this very well, but after re-watching this video four times I am still at a complete loss as to what you are describing.


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  • berryford
    berryford 2 months ago

    Can you use the two states of space time crystals in the same way we use binary for computers?

  • Elicane
    Elicane 2 months ago

    If these space crystals can orient themselves at a specific time interval, which caused it to fall to another side of the crystal. Can we use it to create an watch with infinite energy and precise time? Kinda pointless but still…

  • Sankar H
    Sankar H 2 months ago

    Is the occurrence of time crystal limited to atomic/sub atomic level or can it be defined for a higher order such as a nano particle or a colloidal phase, in which case it is due to browniam motion?

  • DipolarIsland
    DipolarIsland 3 months ago +2166

    "I like your funny words, magic man." -JFK

    • gardensofthegods
      gardensofthegods 14 days ago

      @Danny Donnelly read the comment above

    • Aaron Ocello
      Aaron Ocello Month ago

      You shouldn't joke or use the word magic so lightly. Magic is real, demonic and a mortal sin requiring absolution from a Catholic or Orthodox priest i.e. one with valid orders not to suffer the loss of the life of grace in the soul/hell eternally if deliberate and with full knowledge. Also God's existence is proven. They've taken the proofs for the existence of God out of modern DEeducation but the proofs for the existence of God are a staple in any undergraduate philosophy tract. They're called St Thomas's 5 proofs. You can't get to Catholicism the one true faith via logic alone but the sheer existence of God and that He must, for example, be One, IS proven. Here's one. You see that things have a cause. If you don't assent to this you're simply a liar. IF you don't have a First Cause of all Himself Uncaused you have an infinite regress of causes of effects and never getting to the First Cause you never get in reverse logic to what you see today by neccessary result of this infinite regress. The infinity (i.e. NEVER ending of causes) creates an insurmountable gap because if its inherent infinity insurmountable to suffice for the existence of anything you see that exists and has a cause of its existence. There MUST therefore by neccesity exist a FIRST Cause that is Himself Uncaused Who is God. You're welcome

    • Danny Donnelly
      Danny Donnelly 2 months ago +1


    • dirtybanana3
      dirtybanana3 2 months ago +7

      @C-Note Mac its a refrence to a documentary series about a cloning project that was undertaken in the early 2000s using genetic materials of a few historic figures including John F Kenedy

    • C-Note Mac
      C-Note Mac 2 months ago +1

      Can someone explain...

  • Crystal Dragon
    Crystal Dragon 2 months ago

    Beryl crystals contain water in fourth phase (quantum tunneling). Beryl being aquamarine, emerald, heliodor, goeshenite, maxixe, morganite, and a few others. Closest thing to a space-time crystal occurring in nature found by science.

  • Beecat
    Beecat 4 days ago

    Yooo this is so sick!! i know i’m like two months late, but i remember hearing about the space-time crystal you mentioned a few years ago!! it’s always lingered in the back of my mind, so it’s super cool to see someone mention it!!!


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  • Satrick Ptar
    Satrick Ptar 2 months ago

    I know about the space crystal and the time crystal, but I never had the chance to read about the space-time crystal. It's a very interesting material indeed.

  • Aero
    Aero 3 months ago

    Wow, this reminds me of acid visuals of how they consistently grow out of the same space in a pattern.

  • Shinobi X
    Shinobi X 2 months ago

    For those who didn't understand, Space Crystal are made up of particles forming a repeating pattern in space, and Time Crystals are particles forming a repeating pattern in time (by constantly changing their structure back and forth for whatever reason). These two concepts combined gives us a Space-Time Crystal. For reasons I didn't fully get related to symmetry or something, Space Crystals and Time Crystals break conservation of momentum and energy laws respectively but the universe makes up for it through the momentum and energy outside the Crystal

  • David Barts
    David Barts 2 months ago

    That crystal is Iceland spar calcite and has a variable speed of light depending on its polarization. That gives it two refractive indices and makes it split light beams into two.

  • Beagle 32
    Beagle 32 Month ago

    I kinda figured these existed in deep void areas in space as high energy quantum particles would break down into regular matter frequently enough for the solids to fuse together and being solids with high amounts of energy flowing through them they would form a crystalline structure unless there was something restricting the flow too badly which would probably just cause it to shatter.

  • Chris Brunskill
    Chris Brunskill 3 months ago

    Phew! Glad you confirmed the momentum of energy is conserved outside of the crystals!!!! I was getting a little worried there ... : |

  • Tater Avila
    Tater Avila 3 months ago +194

    I'm going to need you to explain that in a much more dumbed down version so I can understand it 😆

    • Nekuro
      Nekuro 3 days ago

      @Tater Avila maybe you should check anton petrov's video about this he explained it pretty well

    • Nekuro
      Nekuro 3 days ago

      @Tater Avila i do not know myself since i havent seen it before i only read some information about this

    • Tater Avila
      Tater Avila 3 days ago

      ​@Nekuro Thanks for breaking it down. I feel like I kind of have a foot in the door getting to understand it. I do have another question, since it's constantly changing itself, can you actually see movement with the naked eye? Could you feel something happening if you held it in your hand? Is there some outside force that's triggering this? Does certain environments make it speed up or slow down? Will it ever succumb to stopping because of entropy? He says if you apply momentum inside the crystal it doesn't work, does that mean G forces don't generate?

    • Strange Daze
      Strange Daze 2 months ago

      Crystals breath.

    • Nekuro
      Nekuro 2 months ago +1

      @Christopher Thompson my first thought was when i first heard it was its like the Quartz for a clock
      its okay no problem

  • Jo Zitro
    Jo Zitro 2 months ago

    I wonder if this conulicitive time frame displacement would have reflective properties on things that do not give off a reflection.🤔

  • vkgaming platform
    vkgaming platform 2 months ago +1

    Since the first discovery was made i have been waiting to see a real life time crystal it will be something magical like relics in Hollywood movies.

  • Triberium
    Triberium 2 months ago +1

    Ah yes time crystals, incredible things

  • aspiringwayfarer
    aspiringwayfarer 2 months ago

    Now we just need some Reality crystals, Mind crystals, Power crystals, and Soul crystals, and we’ll be all set!
    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  • GoldTheAngel
    GoldTheAngel 3 months ago +158

    Nile Red: So today we're gonna make the Big Bang. To do this, we're gonna need a Spacetime Crystal.

    • There is a price to everything
      There is a price to everything 2 months ago +5


  • Roko
    Roko Month ago +14

    Me thinking of a perpetual energy machine and my dreams being destroyed 3 seconds later

  • Leucurus
    Leucurus 2 months ago

    wait so that means you could theoretically make a perpetual motion machine using these space-time crystals

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 22 days ago

    Thank you for posting this, I almost bought a regular space crystal but they had advertised it as a space time crystal


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  • Green dog it
    Green dog it 3 months ago

    Great now we just need to be on the look out for a Reality, Power, Soul, Mind, since we now have Space and Time Crystals which are pretty much the same as gems/stones

  • Satyam Tamrakar
    Satyam Tamrakar 3 months ago +799

    "time crystal, space crystal"
    Thanos: you're a man of culture as well

    • Le Sauces Collector!
      Le Sauces Collector! 2 months ago

      Gademit I've been waiting about infinity stones reference and found one & love it 🤣

    • Strange Daze
      Strange Daze 2 months ago

      Thanos knows the truth... Not this BS

    • That one fox
      That one fox 2 months ago


    • The_real_mcgarvyer9
      The_real_mcgarvyer9 2 months ago


    • Pluto :
      Pluto : 2 months ago +1

      So basically gypsies were quantum physicists all along. All hail the crystals and energies they contain.

  • Rayen Fernando
    Rayen Fernando 2 months ago +1

    Hats off to the people who thought time travel is possible with this 🤠

  • ScreamLikeABird
    ScreamLikeABird Month ago +1

    I’m sorry if this question is way off, but does this mean that light ”bounces” inside of it - slowing down the speed of light - giving it these pulsating wave motions?
    Would be interesting to see a comparison of violet light vs. dark red light, or sky blue vs. red on this


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  • Nathan Kiefer
    Nathan Kiefer 2 months ago

    They could be used for energy generation if they can be used to create or take advantage in energy level in or around it

  • tooter fireball
    tooter fireball 3 months ago

    This is crazy would it be like existing in essentially a higher dimension and do you have a video on crystals interacting with magnets and electricity, I’m planning on doing a project where I look into crystals.

  • Дмитро Величко

    It will be great to see extended video about this 🔥

  • Sean Reeves
    Sean Reeves 3 months ago

    Wasn't the space-time crystal created only in a simulation? Meaning it can be created in the physical world, but we don't have the technology yet?

  • Chiefarino
    Chiefarino 2 months ago

    So essentially, it shows how structures are built within space-time, by having self-replicating patterns, form over pre-existing, symmetrical patterns, until the structure is formed? Even after, it's atomic structure still fluctuates?

  • RollyPolly Guy
    RollyPolly Guy 2 months ago

    Napoleon Dynamite first introduced me to space time crystals. Phenomenal demonstration of raw power

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 3 months ago +769

    “This is not meth-“

  • coosee :v
    coosee :v 2 months ago

    The higher you go in Chemistry, you become increasingly aware that chemical bonds are not what you previously thought they were at all

  • solorcutgems
    solorcutgems 2 months ago

    So the crystals that you are holding are double refractive calcite crystals. Where did you put the magnet on the crystals? Did you glue it to the bottom? I usually am able to understand all of your videos but this one I am at a loss. Speaking as a geologist gemologist

  • Nick Aragon
    Nick Aragon 2 months ago

    "but you can't use these for perpetual motion"
    We were this close to greatness

  • Luke Downes Luke Downes
    Luke Downes Luke Downes 23 days ago +1

    Actually the parties slide to position perfectly back and force so it looks like it magically goes from position to the next, when in time relative reality the particles in the atoms have a perfect fit to slide past each other…..


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  • Anđelija Mladenović
    Anđelija Mladenović 3 months ago +73

    Him: You can't use it for perpetual energy
    Me who's too stupid to think about something like that: Oh, bummer

    • B
      B 2 months ago +2

      @nowonmetube oh ok

    • nowonmetube
      nowonmetube 2 months ago +2

      @B I guess it was too offensive so it's hidden

    • B
      B 2 months ago +2

      why is there 1 reply when there is none

    • nowonmetube
      nowonmetube 2 months ago

      Are you some kind of a bimbo girl?

  • Openly Racist 🇷🇺
    Openly Racist 🇷🇺 2 months ago

    So this is a lab experiment that scientists did to have a crystalline structure repeat it's patern both in the 3rd and 4th dimension. It's observable, yet only on such a level and with such specialized equipment it's useless outside the specific environment and probably won't have a commercial use anytime soon. If the crystal is so active I'd assume it to be radioactive or in some form of decay.

  • AsimovOfTrantor
    AsimovOfTrantor Month ago

    Could time crystals be used in a new generation of atomic clocks? Can the length of the intervals be changed or do they remain constant?

  • 908animates
    908animates 2 months ago

    OK now imagine if this was armour it would basically be impossible to break because if a bullet tries to pass through it would just change the state of the crystal and get stuck

  • Ambius Cyben
    Ambius Cyben 2 months ago

    Could you use them for efficient batteries or no?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 months ago

    All I need to know is... Can it be used for time travel?

  • Saw me
    Saw me Month ago

    This is pretty cool !! I have approximately 40 crystals of ALL different kinds. Do space & time crystals come naturally in nature ? How can a person check if they own any ?

  • Napoleon Cornelius Scipio

    What we really want to know now is can you use these crystals to teleport to Jupiter or anyplace else?

  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M 2 days ago

    We can use this to record an accurate movement across the 4th dimension no way

  • yes I AM
    yes I AM 3 months ago +74

    Okay he is gonna make a time machine 100%

  • Jojo490
    Jojo490 3 months ago

    Would this be perpetual motion if it was possible? Or would that mean the crystal is sentient?

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen 2 months ago

    Can't this be used to produce energy?

  • Morgan Heald
    Morgan Heald Month ago

    I have found machines built by an ancient stone cutting culture that used quartz crystals under extreme pressure to alter space time.and create a portal

  • Danny THE Dog
    Danny THE Dog 2 months ago

    If you can't wrap your head around time-crystals, Anton Petrov have an in-depth explanation on his channel. Just to get a detailed take on this to still not get your head wrapped around it.
    Note: the pattern you see is on a nano-scale, in super slo-mo.

  • Keshwar Ramalingam
    Keshwar Ramalingam 3 months ago +427

    I actually got excited when i see it wiggle itself

  • Was Taken
    Was Taken 2 months ago

    What if they scale it up and the energy that is made up for on the outside is taken from a planner or univers thus having it be perpetual as it's more than we would ever need

  • Spray Cheese
    Spray Cheese 2 months ago +1

    I didn’t even know crystals are magnetic, or this one at least it doesn’t look like it would be

  • treesareshady
    treesareshady 2 months ago

    What happens if something physically impedes it's movement?

  • A User
    A User 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for explaining this, I keep finding stuff about time crystals online, but I never understand their explanation, but this explains it really clearly.

  • Stoikusu
    Stoikusu 2 months ago

    I love crystals, they're so mysterious


    In more simpler way-
    The normal crystal that he showed is called space crystal and there is a crystal which is called as time crystal because the practical present inside the crystal changes there position in a repeating manner means there are 2 specific patterns of particle of crystal let's consider one as arrangement 1 and other as 2 , and the particle of crystal changes there arrangement/position from 1 to 2 and then again from 2 to 1 and repeat that and when both space and time crystal are combined it makes space-time crystal, as he showed the crystal which is changing its position on its own because as the position on particle change the structure of crystal changes. And then he showed the footage in which scientists discovered the first space-time crystal.
    I think I got it right

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 2 months ago

    Oh boy.
    We're getting really close to timetravel and portal technology

  • Where do I go?
    Where do I go? 2 months ago

    Hold on.. are these crystals magnetic?? And can they be grown like regular crystals?

  • vynat draco
    vynat draco 3 months ago +15

    This is one step closer to Dilithium crystals for Warp Drive! Federation of Planets, here we come!

  • Rayen Fernando
    Rayen Fernando 2 months ago

    Hats off to the people who thought time travel is possible with this 🤠

  • Xendor Dawnburst
    Xendor Dawnburst 5 days ago

    I was so confused when I saw the title, because any reference I've heard growing up about Space Crystals or Time Crystals is always some sci-fi artifact that is either used for FTL travel or time travel! XD


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  • Nathan Barron
    Nathan Barron 2 months ago

    If you look in any book or even at heiroglyphs from particular angles you will observe some examples of the same phenomenon. I don't just observe the forms or know where the sky stops and the earth begins but it's provide ways within which we may communicate to each other and it, comprehend, and copy nature, life, and realize how much it.. is us.

    WHITEWOLF660 2 months ago

    Could be powerful. Reminds me of dilithium for warp drive

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino 2 months ago

    Lol, funny he was moving the thing with a magnet. I was like "wait... it's just free energy?"

  • t3h_51d3w1nd3r
    t3h_51d3w1nd3r 2 months ago

    I wonder would they make good armour against projectiles

  • Ham Burger
    Ham Burger 22 days ago

    Is there a specific structure or pattern that a crystal changes in/to space and from/to? For example, illustrated as the first pattern to the second pattern and back again to the first pattern and repeating in their pattern in space? Please advise!


      Look up the handle on my name above👆,she got crystal varieties,crystalgridkit,givesspells,wands,gems,jars,potions,candles,poppets, tarrot decks,spell rings,oils and herbs,santo sticks,floral sage etc..she got alot and ships swiftly.

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox 2 months ago

    Well shouldn't we use the 4 momentum or 4vector momentum conservation instead of the space and time (Energy/m) conjugate momentums?

  • Nexus of ice
    Nexus of ice 2 months ago

    Man spoke about no crystal energy used for perpetual energy. Yet he used a magnet that contains constant force. I love the 2 things that I call "The Black Magic of Science". That is Magnetism and Gravity. We know that we can observe the force but can't explain why they are there or where the force comes from. Or how the force is constant. We just know the force is "magically there"