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How to Set Your Sag on your Dirt Bike | Dirt Bike Set Up Tip

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Having the proper amount of suspension sag (commonly refereed to a simply “sag”) is a critical part of setting your dirt bike up to give you the best overall experience when on the track or trail. If not set properly, your bike will not be balanced and the suspension will not work to it’s optimum level. In this video we will talk about a few different tools you can use to set your sag. We will also be talking about the difference between “static” sag, which is the amount the bike sags under it’s own weight (without the rider), and the “rider” sag, or “race” sag, which is the amount the bike sags with the rider on it.
    It is very important to check your sag with all of your gear on. Helmet, boots, backpack fully loaded…. etc. I also fill my bikes full of fuel, or at least most of the way. This gives me a more accurate picture of what I’ll weigh when on most of my rides. You will want to check your manual to see how much sag you should be running on your particular dirt bike. Many guys will run anywhere between 100mm of sag up to about 115mm of sag.
    Less sag on the rear puts more weight on the front wheel making turning more sharp, but this reduces the high speed stability. When you increase the amount of rear sag, it make the bike feel more stable, but decreases the cornering ability. You’d want to increase your sag when running in sandy conditions. Too much sag will cause your front end to be too light and deflect off bumps and too little sag will cause your shock to be too stiff on bumps.
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  • Mike B
    Mike B 4 years ago +19

    It would be interesting to see how different the static sag is when you measure from straight up versus sweeping the arc up from the swingarm pivot point.

  • Nicolas Smith
    Nicolas Smith 4 years ago +4

    Love the videos, super helpful. Been trying to set sag for 2 years sadly and I received the Motool for my bday! Followed the ‘how to set your sag’ vid for my 16 Husky FE350 and with a little help from wd40 I went from an 86 mm in attack to 103, 100 sitting. Thank you for making it so easy!!! Can’t wait to hit Ramparts tomorrow

    • Nicolas Smith
      Nicolas Smith 4 years ago

      Check that - 100 attack, 103 sitting. Thanks again!

  • JBventures66
    JBventures66 4 years ago +2

    Good video on setting up your rider sag and remember to when setting up your suspension remember to set your front shock height for steering for push you could move the forks up and down in the triple tree from an 8th inch to a half inch and that will help your push if you have it. Just an FYI in fine-tuning your suspension.

  • LGS
    LGS 3 years ago +1

    Hello Kyle. Congrats for your excellent videos. Question: I own a 2018 350 XCF and would like to soften the suspension to do a Baja trip. How soft can I go without having to buy parts compared with an XCW ??' thanks

  • Geoff Boyd
    Geoff Boyd 3 years ago +2

    What if the compression has already been altered from stock? Wouldn’t that effect the sag too? Do you need to set the renounce and compression to factory prior to starting the sag setting process?

  • Thumper Torque
    Thumper Torque 4 years ago

    I'm learning this for street riding on my DRZ400SM. I'm planning on riding with a passenger and to compensate for the extra weight, should I set my sag with a passenger? Setting the sag on a DRZ is a hefty process so I was wondering if I can just be okay with just stiffening up the high and low speed compression? Also should I just stiffen the rear or the front too? Thanks.

  • Jason Charles
    Jason Charles 4 years ago +8

    That sag tool is fancy. Would like to see the measurement with the sag tool clipped straight up also for comparison.

  • Josh E.
    Josh E. 2 years ago

    Does it matter where your rebound and compression are set at when setting sag? Sag set first or reb/compression set first?

  • Мото Мучитель

    Kyle, thanks for the video, it's very useful! But I wanted to deduce the determination for the word sag. is it possible to call a sag a range? Sag as a manufacturer's recommended suspension compression range? A static sag is from 30mm to 40 but its a range, it is a recommended range and for a rider sag also is a recommended range. So is the sag a range first of all?

  • werdnA odraP
    werdnA odraP 3 years ago +2

    What do you do with spring forks? Is there a way to set/find the fork SAG? How do you determine the proper springs for both front and back?

  • poseur777
    poseur777 4 years ago +6

    It takes two measurements to get proper sag because there is a stiction zone. You lift the bike up, (with the help of another) and let it settle slowly and measure that. Thats the lower measurement. Then you push the suspension down and let it come up slow. That's the upper number. Then you measure the difference. It shouldn't be more than 5mm or you have linkage bearing problems, replacement time. Take the middle and that's your true sag.
    It's difficult to do this alone. And no you don't bounce on it till its comfy and measure that because you will probably be off by at least 2.5mm and that makes a difference.

  • Kevin Cameron
    Kevin Cameron 4 years ago +21

    Good sag video again! Can you tell us about your full suspension setup. Clickers/Rebound etc.!

  • Thomas Green
    Thomas Green 4 years ago +1

    How often do you check the sag and do you change it depending on the kind of terrain you are going to be riding on. What about sag on the forks. I would think that getting the right sag up front would be important too since you want your bike to be well balanced.

    • yz250brett
      yz250brett 4 years ago +2

      Unless your weight fluctuates a lot either naturally or because your wearing a pack on a ride, you don't have to do it that often. Some off road guys like a little more sag as it aids in helping a bike drive out of the corner especially in sand. I'd start with the recommended setting for your bike and ride it. Make sure your tires are properly inflated(13 psi or so) and pay attention to the front end. If it washes out in a corner as if there is no weight making it bite the ground then either you're too far rearward or you have too much sag. If it bites then " knifes" inward on a turn you likely have too little sag. Adjusting the fork height should come next. The bike should look fairly level with no one on it. Raising the fork up in the clamp lowers the front end transferring weight forward for better tire bite when cornering. Too much may cause knifing. This also shortens the wheelbase so the bike will become more responsive and carve through the woods easily, however the bike will loose high speed stability. Sorry I'm not Kyle, but I hope this helps.

  • Lost Dragon
    Lost Dragon 4 years ago +2

    Please do a video on static sag and also the difference found in where you hook up at.
    as the digital tool states to use the same distance from the pivot, vs. other areas that we may have used, if there is a discrepancy or not, it would be nice to have the truth
    great vids, thank you.

  • joe0813
    joe0813 3 years ago

    Do you set sag immediately after buying a brand new bike or do you ride it first to break in the suspension? I just bought a 2020 yz250fx for my first dirt bike and don't know whether to set the sag now or wait until after I ride it for about 10 hours

  • Thorgeirn Stormcaller
    Thorgeirn Stormcaller 3 years ago +2

    With that sag setup compared to mine, your chain looks so damn tight. When you have the setup the manual calls for, I always feel like my chain is gonna snap lol

  • Kilroy Is Here
    Kilroy Is Here 4 years ago

    I made an adjustable ruler with a wooden yardstick and an aluminum ruler..Slot the wooden one ..drill two holes in the aluminum unit ,connect with two bolts ,make a slot a both ends that fits the upper bolt (I use the rack bolt ,its longer) and a bolt with tape wrapped around it to fit in the hollow axle of my CRF...Shelf adjusting...cost...less than $5.

  • Jordan Fisher
    Jordan Fisher 4 years ago

    Thanks for the video. I’ve watched a lot of videos on Clip-Share regarding setting the sag and yours seemed most helpful. The other videos were too long with info that wasn’t needed which made the video confusing.
    I do have a question though.
    If I weigh 130lbs and say the bike is set up for 140+, do I need a different spring? I know you touched on that a little but is the 140+ lbs based on your total weight with all gear on? I’m 130lbs no gear but probably 140 with gear on. So I didn’t know if since I’m not 140 without gear but am 140 with gear on if I still need a different spring. Thanks

  • michael dougherty
    michael dougherty 3 years ago

    Great video! I'd like to increase sag on my '06 KTM 525 EXC, but cannot locate the locking (4mm Allen) collar that this one has. I can spin the spring by hand, but it doesn't affect the sag. The aluminum nut on top of the spring won't budge (with a hammer and punch), and I don't want to damage it. Can anyone point me toward the best way to free up this lock nut? My suspension is set up for a #210 rider, and I'm #40 lighter, so there's more than an inch of thread above the locking collar. Plus, I'd like to drop the seat as much as possible. Thanks.

  • Brian B.
    Brian B. 4 years ago +2

    Enjoyed the video. Please keep the how to videos coming.

  • Steve F
    Steve F 3 months ago +1

    Kyle, if I set the static sag at 40mm then when I’m setting the race sag I find I need to adjust the shock nut to reach 105mm wont that change the static sag? Or is the static sag a range or window to be in?

  • MHZookario
    MHZookario Year ago

    How do you match the triple clamps on the bike? Would you want to lower them?

  • R33GTST Oz
    R33GTST Oz 4 years ago

    Hi Kyle what’s the best way to tighten the spokes and how tight to go ?

  • JMast1981
    JMast1981 Year ago +1

    If you are a heavier rider how do you adjust it so it doesn’t go down that much(not losing weight😂)

  • FlyMeToTheMoon
    FlyMeToTheMoon 4 years ago +3

    Can you do an update on the DonJoy knee braces!? Super curious to see how they are working out for you. I'm probably going to get a pair. Thanks!

  • Jai Moloney
    Jai Moloney 4 years ago +6

    Your chain appears tight . A tight chain will also affect sag as it starts to bind. Good vid

    • BlueOval 70
      BlueOval 70 3 years ago

      Chain is definitely too tight!

  • Jayden
    Jayden Year ago +1

    It would appear that most dirt bike manuals state to measure sag fairly much vertical. By not following vertical and going inline with the swing arm movement arc, the sag measurement will most likely be lower than that compared to recommendations in the manual. However, saying this, sag isn't always a set number to shoot for like so many people do. Its best to shoot for a close number and then fine tune from there, try less and more race sag (more or less spring preload) to see what performs best. By doing this and always measuring in the same position then it wouldn't matter where a measurement is taken (within reason) as long as its consistent for you (and can be returned to if needed after testing) but it cant really be used to advise someone else of a rough sag to shoot for. Sometimes the difference between measuring the sag vertical against in line with the arc of the swing arm can be like 15mm difference, and when comparing sag, that can be quite a difference in how bike balances and performs. I also like to check sag with about 1/2 to 3/4 full of fuel to account for the ride and using fuel, but like above keeping it consistent when testing and recording measurements is key. I don't wish to sound like a know it all, just chucking in some pointers I've figured out that might help others.

  • Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer 4 years ago +1

    Kyle ramping up for No Shave November! Dig it.
    Good video explaining sag. I must admit I was never really certain where to start.

    • Dirt Bike Channel
      Dirt Bike Channel  4 years ago

      I shaved on November 1st. I guess that means I'm already out!

    • Jack Bauer
      Jack Bauer 4 years ago

      @Dirt Bike Channel
      Bummer man.

  • Jasun Carter
    Jasun Carter 4 years ago +2

    I got the Slacker tool and ride a 2019 500 exc.I have now tried setting sag in the swing arm pivot arc method as shown here.
    Using this method, there is roughly a 10mm difference between checking straight up at the KTM advised mark on the fender. This makes me a little concerned...
    For example for static sag at swing arm arc method I am at 36mm, conversely at the straight up method hitting the stock mark on the fender I am at 41mm... This difference translates similarly over to the race sag measurement as well.. This is a huge discrepancy!
    I am wondering which method is correct for my bike? Is it different for a PDS rear end??
    I would tend to think that the KTM advised mark would be the right way to do it.. But not sure?
    Anyone else..Kyle.. got any ideas..???

  • A Amagorilla
    A Amagorilla 4 years ago +3

    I'm a bit confused, when i measure from the axle bolt going vertically up to the rear fender (like its usually done on other videos) i get 105mm sag, but when i measure it at an arc like you did, then i only get 98mm of sag

    • Zac Morris
      Zac Morris 4 years ago +1

      A Amagorilla he explains The arc because that is the pivot movement in which the swingarm will actually move at. It doesn't go straight up and down it moves in a arc motion.

    • By Skate
      By Skate 3 years ago

      physics g

  • Mike Tan
    Mike Tan 3 years ago

    Awesome video, nice and clear thanks for sharing.

  • Heath Wylie
    Heath Wylie 3 years ago +9

    My 2020 KTM has a SAG mark on the rear fender. Read about it in my manual and there it was printed into the plastic

  • itskenneth capacio
    itskenneth capacio 2 years ago

    Do we have to adjust also the forks if we will adjust the sag a little bit lower at the back?

  • Hunter Evans
    Hunter Evans 4 years ago

    I just subscribed you have great videos! Would love to see a video on the high compression head you have on your 2019 250 xc!!!:) picking up that exact soon and love the videos you have on it!

  • Joseph Prucha
    Joseph Prucha 3 years ago

    I have a 2020 ktm 500 and in my manual it says I should set my static sag at 37mm. Does it have to be exactly 37 or can I be less or more than that. I set my bike at exactly 37 but then my riding sag is 89 so could I adjust my static sag until my rider sag is correct? And if I need a lighter spring do I have to change the springs in my front forks?

    U UNKNOWN 4 years ago +1

    I love these vids keep up great work

  • Rab Hamilton
    Rab Hamilton 4 years ago

    Just bought a 19 model 450excf.
    Can you do a setup and run down on what's the do's and don'ts and tips on these bikes (coming off a Yamaha )

  • Chris Rawlings
    Chris Rawlings 4 years ago

    great info thanks. Looking to reduce height of seat by 1.0-1,5 inches on Husky 250i. How much can i play with on the sag setting to achieve this without compromising handling ? im 5'7 and 178 pounds

    • Lane Michaels
      Lane Michaels 2 years ago

      Buy a new seat, sag isn't meant to be a ride height adjustment tool. Linkage or seat height to achieve desired ride height. 1yr later someone finally answered your question lol. What route did you end up doing ?

  • Joel Leblanc
    Joel Leblanc 4 years ago

    So does less sag make the bike sit higher or lower

  • john brown
    john brown 2 years ago

    slacker is saying in their guide that you should use factory mark on 16 and newer ktm and husky not the string mark

  • paul petarson
    paul petarson 11 months ago

    i have a ktm 450 . the front suspension is like rock no matter how i adjust them. Alignment is good they do move but landing is like riding a brick. I
    the bike does not bounce but feedback is wicked even on smooth ground. almost solid hard
    Any ideas how to smoothen out the front suspension ?

  • Jacob Freese
    Jacob Freese 3 years ago

    So if I remember correctly you weigh a little over 160lbs. With your gear including your 20lb pack that puts you over well over 180. Do you find that this set up puts you over the edge for optimal performance with the stock spring?

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA 3 years ago

      With his race sag at about 105mm and pretty good, his seemingly excessive static sag of 40mm may be a indicator that his spring is actually too stiff. But this is a goofy KTM, so the basic rules may not apply well. :) KTM and the newer Motool instructions say to not put the line on the arc of the axle, but straight up to the fender. I would like to see the difference in the number with that.

  • Dbikekid
    Dbikekid 4 years ago +1

    off topic question Kyle but do you get much spooge / oil from the silencer? Just asking as I know you run your bikes on the lean side and ive just gotten a new 250 exc that seems jetted on the lean side according to specs but does get a fair amount of spooge. Awesome vid too mate.

    • Dbikekid
      Dbikekid 4 years ago

      Yea I understand how it works and what not but with Kyle saying his on the lean side of things I was curious to see if he gets any spooge as according to my manual I'm also on the leaner side and still get spooge. Haven't got any on any of my older bikes but this is my first new bike and I've always had 5 - 8 year old bikes so wondering if it's just the norm on these new things haha.

  • Kick it with Alven
    Kick it with Alven 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Michael Schettl
    Michael Schettl 4 years ago +1

    Are you checking the sag with a empty tank of fuel? Full? 2/3full?

  • qikqbn77
    qikqbn77 4 years ago

    nice vid and content. I always find it funny when I watch a "dirt bike" video, but not a spec of dirt of dust anywhere on the bike or on your riding gear. The OCD runs strong in this video. ;^) keep up the great work.

  • Crypticman
    Crypticman 7 months ago

    I know I'm commenting on a 4year old video! But hey, I figure maybe sometime somewhere you might read this. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Great Videos, To the point which i love.

  • Scott Walston
    Scott Walston 2 years ago +1

    So iv found a good amount of videos showing setting rear shock sag this one being one of which very imformative now how about the forks do you set your sag on them as well? I know mtb forks you do.

  • Crizurdo
    Crizurdo 10 months ago

    Awesome I just got me a 2019 so Im learning everything about the bike

  • Maro Vok
    Maro Vok Year ago

    For tall riders 6’6’’ ,320lbs ,want to have the seat as high as possible is it necessary to change some parts for more durable?

  • Ed
    Ed 2 months ago

    Today I tried to set sag on both of my bikes, 2019 KTM 450 sxf and 2023 250 sxf and for some reason no matter what I do I only get 75 mm of sag, I did loose the spring to the point that it was completely loose and still getting the same sag, what can I be doing wrong?

  • Caleb Holloway
    Caleb Holloway 3 years ago

    On the stand I'm at 543 static I'm at 536.5 rider I'm at 482.6 what do I need to do to make it around 100 instead of 54 please help I'm bottoming out every jump

  • Blu3sm4n
    Blu3sm4n 2 years ago

    Hi! Thanks for great video! A question ; l'm 135lb and use kx250f, my sag is 65. I can't make sag higher because the spring level is on almost max. If l lose the screw of the spring more, the spring starts to moving and wiggling. What should l do to make sag higher? Thanks.

    • Chris Eason
      Chris Eason Year ago

      You need a lighter spring IE a les resistive spring.

  • Travis Burnett
    Travis Burnett Year ago

    What kind of decal kit did you put on this bike?

  • dmccork
    dmccork 4 years ago +1

    thanks Kyle, that was some good info.

  • Tony Milekic
    Tony Milekic Month ago

    It would be good to see the differences without the gear once correct .easurments made with full gear

  • Dave Griffin
    Dave Griffin Year ago +2

    I paid good money for that "11.8 inches of rear wheel travel" and plan to use all of it! I set my sag at zero!

  • liveTwoFish
    liveTwoFish 3 years ago

    Did I miss something? If your looking at attack and sitting measurement, whats the purpose of the measurement when bike is on the stand? Just subscribed!

    • Scott Walston
      Scott Walston 2 years ago

      From what i understand from another video i watched thats going to be your free sag no weight on spring at all that will be your starting measurement and all other measurements you take there after will be subtracted from that number to get your sag set correctly.

  • Homero De La Torre
    Homero De La Torre 3 years ago

    great video! thanks!

  • Rob Chesley
    Rob Chesley Year ago

    Damn those ktms are good lookin..always loved the Orange/Black

  • Jürgen Rohtmets
    Jürgen Rohtmets 4 years ago

    I just bought a 2017 FE350. It was used in motocross and hard enduro before. Now when I measured the sag.. static sag is 4cm lower that it should be. Is it possible that this rear stock spring has worn out and loosen over hard abuse? Or I need to crank the preload bigtime? :/

    • Toni B
      Toni B 4 years ago

      Check the numbers on spring .your weight.manual spec..

  • Taylor Beams
    Taylor Beams 4 years ago +34

    My wife loves helping me set my sag 😂

    • Clayton S
      Clayton S 4 years ago +12

      I bet lol u think she could help me w my sag?

    • albatini888
      albatini888 3 years ago +3

      And mine

    • Tobbe P
      Tobbe P Month ago

      Mine too 😊

  • MusicBox
    MusicBox 4 years ago +2

    That tool is cool. I hope they’re paying you!

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris 7 months ago

    Great video but someone please tell KTM to looks at Hondas bikes. Very good looking bike but I would love to see it with the aluminum frame.

  • Art Walls
    Art Walls 4 years ago

    19 more days Kyle......I know you’re counting them down. 😉

  • By Skate
    By Skate 3 years ago

    I can’t seem to get more than 55mm sag and i’ve maxed out my spring. I weigh about 148 pounds without my gear. Anyone know why it might be? I’ve got a 2019 Fc250 and my chains not to tight so it’s not that binding up 🤔

  • ty nelson
    ty nelson 2 years ago

    How do I know what sag I want?

  • Jonathan Björklund
    Jonathan Björklund 4 years ago

    can i even adjust these forks on my kawasaki kx 85 2007 ? 36mm inverted telescopic cartridge fork with 18-way compression damping / 10.8 in. it has no skrews at the bottom but 2 golde (buttons) on the top when i press them after a ride a little bit of air out but can i add ait to get them harder?

  • Clayton S
    Clayton S 4 years ago +2

    Great video like to more of these types.

    • Patti Stilwell
      Patti Stilwell 2 years ago

      Hello Clayton, I hope you are doing well. I'm Patti from Long Beach California, just looking for new friend and i saw your pic.
      Merry Christmas to you.

  • Jacob Wazer
    Jacob Wazer Year ago

    How come when he pushed the suspension down the number went up. Shouldn’t it be going down because the points are getting closer

  • The Falkor
    The Falkor 4 years ago

    what about setting preload on the forks? btw, love the hoodie. super comfortable

    • Bimmere
      Bimmere 4 years ago +1

      The Falkor well, if you get your rear sag correctly for your weight for example you set it to 110mm of sag, now when you re-measure the static sag, and if your out of recommended static sag, then you will need to go up a spring rate up or down depending on what the static sag... the spring rate will be for both front and rear...

    • Bimmere
      Bimmere 4 years ago +2

      The Falkor let me try and make a more simpler example... say you weight 190lbs with regular cloths on... now when you get all geared up you will probably weight 205... the stock springs are designed for a 160-175lb rider... so when you look at your race sag your gonna have too much sag. (The spring rate is too soft for your weight) now when you adjust the preload to compensate to excessive sag your gonna end up having too much pre-load... so if you were to change the spring rate up on your front and rear suspension to your correct weight that’ll correct the pre-load on the front

    • Bimmere
      Bimmere 4 years ago

      The Falkor hope that makes sense... I’m not great at explaining things, but I tried my best to explain in the most simple terms without getting nerdy

    • Bimmere
      Bimmere 4 years ago +1

      fredman1085 awesome thanks for giving the additional explanation on what issue will arise when having too much pre-load from trying to compensate to get the correct sag if your spring rates are too soft for your weight.. right on the Money, this is why setting sag is super important... it creates an even distribution of weight between front and rear suspension... too much sag will have a weight balance more towards the rear and too little sag will have weight bearing more on the front... a lot depends on type of riding too... but for the most part it’s ideal for even distribution of weight

  • Dan tolo
    Dan tolo 2 years ago

    Thx 4 the tips

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris 7 months ago

    The wheel bolt is a fixed location so that won’t change during the measurement so why can’t you just measure from the ground as long as it’s a hard ground?

  • Bimmere
    Bimmere 4 years ago +48

    I need to get that, trying to get people to help is like pulling teeth...

    • Kilroy Is Here
      Kilroy Is Here 4 years ago +3

      I made an adjustable ruler with a wooden yardstick and an aluminum ruler..Slot the wooden one ..drill two holes in the aluminum unit ,connect with two bolts ,make a slot a both ends that fits the up bolt (I use the rack bolt ,its longer) and a bolt with tape wrapped around it to fit in the hollow axle of my CRF...Shel adjusting...cost...less than $5.

  • Hunter C
    Hunter C 4 years ago +5

    Just don't eat a Cafe Rio burrito before setting sag LOL.


    I just got
    The new tpi ktm 300 but I’m to heavy for the stock rear spring. Do u have a video on how to change the rear spring and how to chose the right spring ?

    • poseur777
      poseur777 4 years ago

      You know you are to heavy for the stock spring once you set the sag. Then you check the free sag, which is the sag you get when taking the bike off a stand and it settles on it's own. If there isn't adequate free sag the spring is to soft. Conversely when the spring is to stiff and you set the sag, it has way to much free sag. Seems counter intuitive but this is correct. Remember springs are position sensitive and valving is speed sensitive. If the compression valving is to soft you can bottom the stiffest spring on little bumps. Springs set the ride height.

  • Dixon Cider
    Dixon Cider 4 years ago

    Great video.

  • Nick Nicky
    Nick Nicky 4 years ago +1

    I have a question so I'm about 5'5 and weigh about 115, would I have to tighten the spring load more since I weigh less?
    Okay so I finished the vid and where can i get that spring meant for my weight??

    • Dirt Bike Channel
      Dirt Bike Channel  4 years ago

      It would be the exact opposite. You'd be loosening the tension on the spring if you weigh less. You'd want to do that to increase the amount of Sag you have. You can get them from Rocky Mountain ATV. I have links in the video description to those guys.

    • Viralclips365
      Viralclips365 4 years ago

      Dirt Bike Channel will you please do a video on how to jet the ktm 300 Xc-w cause I got a bills pipe on the way for mine and idk how to jet it

  • OhPhilly
    OhPhilly 2 months ago

    There's so much room on KTM.. On my Husky I can't even see the spring, will be tough adjusting this.

  • samuel yeet
    samuel yeet 3 years ago +9

    Do you just have an extra bike for videos? Your bikes always look brand new, with brand new tires, and not a single scratch

    • Dilly Bar
      Dilly Bar 3 years ago +3

      He gets like 4 bikes a year

  • ngrey_215
    ngrey_215 4 years ago

    What bag do you use?

  • Chris Blanchard
    Chris Blanchard 3 years ago +13

    Damn i need a stiffer spring. lol Maybe i could loose a few pounds, probably be a little cheaper. lol

  • FastPips
    FastPips 4 years ago

    Good video thanks

  • Stevemehiv
    Stevemehiv 3 years ago

    Maybe when you do videos like this. Mess upp the settings befor you start the video so you can show us how to do. Other than that really good video!

  • CO
    CO 3 years ago

    Sooooo at 185 lbs, plus gear.....i guess i should lose a few lbs to save a buying a stiffer spring. Thats Motivation!!! Haha

  • Tontsa41
    Tontsa41 4 years ago +1

    There is a sag mark on KTM rear fender. I do my Yamaha same way like u...just wondering how much different results u would get if u use that mark on the fender..?

    • Tommy Kennedy
      Tommy Kennedy 4 years ago

      Tontsa41 as long as your measuring to the same point during the process it doesn’t really matter where you measure to. If that makes sense

    • Janne P
      Janne P 2 years ago

      It’s best to use that factory sag mark and measure from there as the manufacturer gives their sag values measured from that point.

  • tichyplaylist
    tichyplaylist 4 years ago +5

    acually on KTM and Husky from 2016 you have sag mark point on rear fender. Look out close to your rear fender and you will see it..

    • Papparratzi
      Papparratzi 3 years ago

      And slacker specifically says to use that point.

    • Chris Blanchard
      Chris Blanchard 3 years ago +1

      @Papparratzi I need to go check to see if I have a sag mark on my 2020 500 exc-f

    • Papparratzi
      Papparratzi 3 years ago

      Chris Blanchard like tichyplaylist said, it’s pretty tiny.
      It’s raised plastic and if you run your fingers over it, you can feel it.

    • Chris Blanchard
      Chris Blanchard 3 years ago

      Papparratzi Thanks I will check it out!

  • swishersweets 215
    swishersweets 215 2 years ago

    More sag less sag is more sad lower or higher??

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa 2 months ago

    All good news! 😎

  • raineri bolstrom
    raineri bolstrom 2 years ago +1

    can u do ktm 85sx 07 there is like metal thingy and i cant loose it or tighten it

  • MattInTheHat
    MattInTheHat 2 years ago +1

    Change springs... or hit that treadmill like a fiend? 🙄. Great!

  • Dennis Sawyer
    Dennis Sawyer 3 years ago +2

    What is the purpose of the static sag? Why is it necessary?

  • S C
    S C 3 years ago


  • Sean Bryant
    Sean Bryant Month ago

    Thanks Kyle

  • Captain Sam Wilson
    Captain Sam Wilson 4 years ago

    I understand that I CANNOT set the sag on my 2017 Honda Rally 250..lol have to go out and buy an Olins for over $1150.00 etc. lol.. thx Honda..

  • Mike P
    Mike P 4 years ago


  • Thomas Hennessey iii
    Thomas Hennessey iii 3 years ago

    Hey there I need some help I weight in 280 ish with my whole kit and I don’t have any help and I was wondering if I just move the red thing on the shock up how many clicks would I have to go I am thinking like ten or so thanks

    • Jonathon Catterson
      Jonathon Catterson 3 years ago

      You need to move the shock collar down to squeeze the shock more for your weight. I'm a big guy too so I would recommend a different spring entirely

    • Thomas Hennessey iii
      Thomas Hennessey iii 3 years ago

      So I need it move it down not up also maybe get a different spring

    • Thomas Hennessey iii
      Thomas Hennessey iii 3 years ago

      So I need it move it down not up also maybe get a different spring

    • Jonathon Catterson
      Jonathon Catterson 3 years ago

      @Thomas Hennessey iii compress the spring by turning it whichever way makes it go tighter. See what your static sag is after. More then likely you might need a stiffer spring. But I would just work with what you have first and see how it rides first before spending money.

    • Thomas Hennessey iii
      Thomas Hennessey iii 3 years ago

      Ok thank you

  • Fpv Orc
    Fpv Orc 3 years ago

    Or the russian way. A wall, a string and a marker. And some vodka to ensure correct measurements

    RICHOWASP 4 years ago +2

    no petrol in the tank do it again