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Samsung phones are Blowing Up - Here’s Why.


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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  4 months ago +8492

    We need to know - have YOU had any similar problems?
    To check out my Voice Assistant Battle: clip-share.net/video/rgTGKcoq2Os/video.html

    • Jonathan Mikkelsen
      Jonathan Mikkelsen Month ago

      Yes my Ipad had an exploded battery this morning when i woke up and saw it. It had not been charched for a week, so that can't be the problem right?

    • Lance Schouw
      Lance Schouw Month ago

      Yes my S4 exploded and S6 poped like yours

    • VoidKalii
      VoidKalii Month ago

      I think that this battery issue is only present on flagships for some reason because I still have a lot of old Samsung phones and none of them are flagships and they all have perfect batteries

    • BO FENG
      BO FENG 2 months ago


    • Investing In Your Life
      Investing In Your Life 3 months ago

      With older phones that had removable batteries these were common.
      With the Smartphones Only Samsung, my J7 Pro just swelled up. Not with any other smartphones.

  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything 4 months ago +62663

    I thought my own expanded batteries were because I disassembled and manhandled them 'inappropriately'... but it turns out its a much larger issue. Hope we get some answers!

    • GhostLocalHost
      GhostLocalHost 18 days ago

      I still have a Samsung s7 at my home. 0.0

    • Cobra Boi辩论家
      Cobra Boi辩论家 Month ago

      They turning Into IPhone💀

    • Unnamed
      Unnamed Month ago

      issue? this is is scam at a grand scale! they did that on purpose so u would buy more phones.. adding an expiration date on your phones!

    • Volume Dealer
      Volume Dealer 2 months ago

      It's probably because of your RAGING TDS.

    • fake beast
      fake beast 3 months ago

      ​@Nash 😂🤣🤣 what problem are you facing

  • bhgtree
    bhgtree Month ago +92

    Thank you for making this public. I am shocked that Samsung would know that there was, being as fair as possible to them, a statistically higher possibility of their phones having this dangerous problem. If it was just the battery dying, I could in some way justify their silence, but blowing up/catching fire.....

  • Sébastien Morin
    Sébastien Morin Month ago +76

    Since I only buy used/refurbished phones, and my huawei finally gave up on life, I was going to buy a S20 as a replacement but seeing this, I went for a Pixel 5 instead. I hope Samsung ends up addressing what's happening with these phones.
    It may be a good idea to make and update video about the models that just released, next year, so that we know if that problem is going to happen again.

    • cubanDaddy
      cubanDaddy 13 days ago +2

      bruh i just got my s20FE 4 days ago and just arrived today! now i'm scared lmao

    • Sébastien Morin
      Sébastien Morin 27 days ago +2

      @sharvan dhananjayan So far, I'd say yes. I always found a phone at least 150€ under the normal price of entry and always chose the option "as brand new". The only place I was a bit worried about was battery life, but my P20 lite typically had two days of battery for pretty much three years. Then again, I don't use my phone for gaming, only for Internet and YT basically, so that might change from people to people.

    • sharvan dhananjayan
      sharvan dhananjayan 28 days ago

      Are the refurbished phones value for money ? Just curious.

    • Sébastien Morin
      Sébastien Morin Month ago +1

      @Z Therapist It was a P20 Lite :)

    • Z Therapist
      Z Therapist Month ago

      May I know which models of huawei?

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago +92

    A bit late on this but one my old phones, a Samsung 7 (not the note 7 that was recalled), caught fire in my sweatshirt pocket for seemingly no reason. I was never able to actually determine why it happened, but thinking back this might have something to do with it. Hopefully there’s some sort of explanation soon.

    • Vicinity
      Vicinity 23 days ago

      Lithium ions have a limited lifetime of around 3-5 years
      If the phone was within this range, well then... there must have been signs that the battery was failing (e.g. short battery life, excessive heat when charging or not charging very quickly, CPU slowdown)

    • Mike V
      Mike V Month ago

      @ً Could this battery already blow up if you leave your samsung phone uncharged for a month or only alot longer?

    • ً
      ً Month ago +3

      @Mike V I’m assuming it was his main phone since it was in his pocket, I’d say even tho it’s a thing that’s happening if you leave them uncharged for a while I’d still stay away from them.

    • Zero-One
      Zero-One Month ago


    • Mike V
      Mike V Month ago +1

      Do you mean the S7? Had you left it uncharged for quite a while before it caught fire?

  • casualsuede
    casualsuede 2 months ago +114

    I had two older Samsung tablets. Both of them did the same thing. They split the tablet after the battery expanded like a balloon.

    • Satoshi Umei
      Satoshi Umei 14 days ago

      @casualsuede what is the model of your tablet?

    • Madatu
      Madatu Month ago

      Mine is an SM-T830

    • The freestyle rider
      The freestyle rider Month ago +2

      @Vidd. ok, thanks for the info

    • Vidd.
      Vidd. Month ago +5

      @The freestyle rider It’s less of a problem if you’re actively using them.
      The battery staying at 100% or 0% constantly is what’s the most dangerous for a battery

    • Haste
      Haste Month ago +1

      @Girls world It's only Samsung that you need to worry about and Samsung's should be stayed away from regardless, due to all of the bloatware installed from the factory

  • Canis_Machina
    Canis_Machina 4 months ago +7726

    As a former Samsung Repair technician for about a decade, I know that from the S4 Series to the S20 Series, Samsung used Lithium Polymer batteries.
    These are labeled as just "Li-Ion" However they also use a nickel and magnesium substrate between the Lithium layers. This is uncommon with most other companies, but Samsung uses this substrate as a "Shield" of sorts to discharge the battery in case of a puncture.
    However what Samsung will not tell you is that this was a mistake since Magnesium has a Half-Life of around 1,000 hours and produces carbon Dioxide as a by product of decomposition. This causes the batteries to swell and eventually rupture.
    The S21 series and beyond no longer have a metallic substrate, with a discharge circuit built into the motherboard of the phone. This is a well known issue within Samsung and its subsidiaries, but has not been released to the public as far as I know.

    • Ovidiu David Micle
      Ovidiu David Micle 38 minutes ago

      @leon i have an A50 and i dont have problem so idk

    • Techster3577
      Techster3577 Day ago +1

      why do the Li-Pol batteries in my FitBit Blaze, iPad 6, and iPad 9 never have this issue?

    • ONYX
      ONYX 2 days ago

      @KeitaroChan shush anime pfp

    • crazy towerz
      crazy towerz 5 days ago

      @Adhvay Jayanty Probably not, just keep a eye on it. Chances are slim though

    • Adhvay Jayanty
      Adhvay Jayanty 6 days ago

      Does this mean that my s20 ultra could expand?

  • Li Ha
    Li Ha Month ago +82

    There is another problem unique to Samsung, usually found with their flagships. It's to do with their screens. They develop vertical and or horizontal green/blue lines after regular use for about 1-2 years; usually after a software update. This has been there for years in discussion on Samsung forums but constantly ignored and pushed under the hood. It's as if the consumers are forced to go for an expensive screen replacement or rather buy the newer phone.

    • Eon
      Eon 22 days ago +1

      That's likely exceedingly rare. I've used exclusively Samsung phones for almost 10 years and have never had that problem, nor have I ever heard of it.

    • TheTechnoGuy18
      TheTechnoGuy18 22 days ago

      Thats a very common issue on the Note 9, I think it happens due to the phone experiencing high temperatures (which explains why it usually happens after an update).

    • Arturas Salkauskas
      Arturas Salkauskas 28 days ago

      @Shazen_de that's the same as saying "I know that Samsung S7 Edge was blowing up, but mine is fine". Its all to do with the individual phones. No phones are safe from manufacturing problems, that's why they come with warranties ad they should be built to last a certain amount of time, but you never know when some impurities in the material, could cause havoc internally shortly after being built

    • bat_Wayne21
      bat_Wayne21 Month ago

      Happened to my dad’s note 9

    • Julia J
      Julia J Month ago +1

      @L M N O P i used oneplus, samsung, huawei ,apple myself and never had issues

  • yes pineapple pizza
    yes pineapple pizza Month ago +5

    This is common with aging batteries. My ipod touch did it, my kobo ereader did it, and my dell laptop did it. Apple refused to collect the battery because i had tried to remove it from my ipod touch in order to save it. Apparently they dont take back extracted batteries. Not surprised because apple support in New Zealand is pathetic. Dell in switzerland replaced the battery in a few days because it was still under warranty. I had a very good experience with Dell. They also disposed of the battery for me.

  • Arata Mitsuhide
    Arata Mitsuhide 2 months ago +23

    have had a note9 since it has been released, still using it today as no new phones quite pique my interest. however i have had no issue with this or any of my samsung phones in the past. I would also like to mention that i do only charge my phone to 80% using a third party app, and restrict the cpu to 70% usage, to prevent thermal overhead. but i could just be one of the lucky ones with a good battery. as my S7 also had no issues and didn't turn that in upon recall.

    • Giovana Samara
      Giovana Samara Month ago

      It seems like it's a "phone in storage" issue, more than a daily driver phone issue. Do you store your phones for extended periods of time?

    • Wolffy
      Wolffy Month ago +4

      @ItzThomas yet the note 9 is absolutely the best and I'm having trouble finding a replacement now that it's showing its age... It would feel wrong to destroy... a relative? I feel it's better punishment to let the J5 alone while it's "better brother" gets all the attention

    • ItzThomas
      ItzThomas Month ago +1

      @Wolffy should honestly destroy it on Clip-Share because its awful just like most A series Samsung phones

    • Wolffy
      Wolffy Month ago +2

      Same. Before the note 9 I had an awful J5, which I call awful because it broke down by deleting all the data on it and on the SD card inside of it, but thankfully important stuff was backed up.
      I haven't touched that phone in years and it's still sitting flat on the shelf of shame.

    • Shazen_de
      Shazen_de Month ago +1

      Your "special care" has nothing to do with this. Turns out, the batteries start swelling when the phone isn't used for a long time. So, as long as you're using it every day, you will be fine. But as soon as you get a new phone, remember to get a fireproof bag for your samsung, if you plan on storing it.

  • AJ Doyle
    AJ Doyle Month ago +23

    Would love a follow up to this with more information on whats happening. Just spend 220 euro on a second hand s10e and I would like to know if the risks are low if the phone is charged every two days or so. Kind of wish I had just gone with a oneplus Nord 2 now but I wanted a small phone.

    • dokesz
      dokesz 12 days ago

      @Shazen_de so its a firebomb even u use it or not.Nice,well im happy to have a few very old nokia.

    • CensoredMercy
      CensoredMercy Month ago +1

      @Shazen_de should

    • Shazen_de
      Shazen_de Month ago +8

      Apparently, this issue with the battery only occurs if the phone has been sitting for a long time without being used. So, as long as you're actually using your phone you should be fine.

    • CensoredMercy
      CensoredMercy Month ago +1

      Should return or sell it imo. I would hate to carry around my phone having that sort of thought in mind.

  • A Z
    A Z 4 months ago +2938

    This is why batteries should be easy to access and dispose. Right to repair is a serious topic which more youtubers and public figures should advocate

    • Shane Patrick
      Shane Patrick Month ago

      @Nostalgic90s and you think throwing the whole phone away is any better??? Dumb comment. 🙄

    • Shane Patrick
      Shane Patrick Month ago

      @GlumandaHD I've never water damaged my phone, I'd much prefer a removable battery than water proofing. Did you know the Samsung galaxy S5 had an ip rating, and a removable battery?
      But the tech reviewers had to moan about the back of the phone didn't they?? 🙄

    • Shane Patrick
      Shane Patrick Month ago +1

      @kontroversus I'd much prefer a removable battery than water proofing. Anyway the S5 had an ip rating. But oh no the tech reviewers had to moan about the plastic back! 🙄

    • IStillPlayRoblox
      IStillPlayRoblox Month ago

      @Vitor Thats also killing part of the planet... But no one stops it...

    • Netts
      Netts 2 months ago +1

      @Rodrigo J. Da Silva I did some research and indeed it does appear every model at least from 7 to 14 have pull tabs. I stand corrected. I wonder where I got that original tidbit from. I think it may have been a Jerryrigeverything video. Thanks for correcting me!

  • Denn Corby
    Denn Corby Month ago +2

    Just bought my first Samsung phone, a Note 20 Ultra 5G. Am curious if the always on feature might exacerbate this issue........or whether a period of little or no use with the phone turned off might be worse. Thoughts?

    • Gisele Milanezi
      Gisele Milanezi Month ago +2

      Well, my almost 2 years old Samsung Note 20 Ultra was starting to overheat. This has happened to every Samsung that I’ve owned, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to buy an iPhone. After watching this video today, I went to check my Note 20 (that was charging) and after I remove the case… SURPRISE SURPRISE.. it is working, it was charging but the battery has expanded slightly, separating the back cover from the phone. Now I know what happened to all my Samsungs, and be aware that I’m a Samsung fan and still not loving this iPhone. 😣

    • Rajan Goyal
      Rajan Goyal Month ago

      You should be fine. My family have S9, S21 and S22 none of them have these issues. S9 gets used very little and there's no issue with batteries.

  • Eno Beano
    Eno Beano Month ago +4

    My daughter has just got a new phone this week because her 2 year old lg phone was melting and losing battery life real fast. It was the last phone lg put out. A friend of mine got a 10e the same time as me when they came out and his phone battery was not holding charge and overheating from the get go. Not mine though.

  • Mew
    Mew Month ago +6

    My first phone had an expanded battery. It wasn't a Samsung though, it was an LG Fortune 2.
    I have a habit of keeping my phone connected to the charger when I'm at my desk or in bed. Keeping it charged while I'm using it, is that a cause for concern? I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy A03S and don't want to risk blowing up the battery early somehow lol

    • Hi9
      Hi9 26 days ago

      I know when all devices is charging and you use it at same time and its not good for the batteries and sorry you had that issue.

  • SnowFire Beast
    SnowFire Beast Month ago

    When ever this happens to me I simply pierce JUST the outer layer of the battery. Push the air out and reseal the battery. I've never had an issue with any of the phones I have done this too. They should just ad a one way air valve to the barriers that would allow the co2 to escape

  • Lifehacker Ash
    Lifehacker Ash 4 months ago +3504

    Tech community coming together to hold companies responsible. Love this ! Keep it up.

    • Aurora Blaize
      Aurora Blaize 2 months ago

      @Kay I remember a shit ton of people made videos about Bendgate. Also remember a ton of people talking about Antennagate back with the iPhone 4.

    • shahid mirza
      shahid mirza 4 months ago

      @Kay I know you are not making up these stories because I remember all of that. iPhone 6 and 6 plus was one of the best selling device at that time. I think it was unbox theory Chanel who told people that the device could bend if you put force on it. There were a lot of people testing how the phone could be bent in different different scenarios. I believe this Chanel did some testing as wel.

    • Kay
      Kay 4 months ago

      @shahid mirza not sitting ON the device, just having it in the front pocket and sitting, I assume with tight pants, the reports are there, I'm not making up the story.

    • shahid mirza
      shahid mirza 4 months ago

      @Kay Why would you sit on a expensive toy 😂? Antenna gate is on issue I can’t say if it was iPhones fault or my shitty network.

    • JuriK
      JuriK 4 months ago

      @AnimeIsGreat this dude is anti samsung. i wouldn't wonder if samsung files a lawsuit

  • Xweetara
    Xweetara 2 months ago +12

    Thank you for telling me not to panic. My S20 FE looks okay for now, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not nervous.

    • Julia J
      Julia J Month ago

      @Kai it's always a good idea to get rid of an old phone which you will never use again. For recycling or for someone else to use it

    • Kai
      Kai Month ago

      @Julia J I have an old non used phone (Galaxy A30) should I transfer everything over to my new phone and get rid of it?

    • Julia J
      Julia J Month ago +3

      don't panic as this only happens when you do not use a phone

    • Karuppu Samy
      Karuppu Samy 2 months ago +1

      @xenai me too

    • Åbý§§
      Åbý§§ 2 months ago

      i have a A10s and im panicking

  • Sayori
    Sayori 2 months ago +20

    you made me go and check my galaxy s7 in the drawer... I haven't used it in a long time but did charge it few months back before storing it. It turned right back on with 30% battery and its totally fine. My advice is: charge your stored phones once in a while :)

  • Green Sleeves
    Green Sleeves 2 months ago +3

    This happened to my note 4. I was in a motel and was about to call the fire department. Thankfully it never caught on fire. It just blew out the screen and back cover.

  • Renoir
    Renoir 2 months ago +6

    In our house, We've been Samsung users since early/mid 2010s, never experienced something like that.

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke 4 months ago +11

    Wow! Samsung isn't going to be happy about this one. "Dear Arun, we take these things *very* serious. Please remove this video and let us investigate further." 😜

  • Nichole Kertesz
    Nichole Kertesz 2 months ago +5

    Interesting. Not sure if this is related, but I noticed my Samsung S10 +(purchased in approx April/May 2019) has recently started heating up excessively, in a short period of use, and the battery seems to be draining a lot quicker.
    I've ran Total AV virus and malware scans on it - nothing unusual but curious as to whether this is the start of the battery decline.
    Seems Samsung's communication and approach to dealing with this is quite unprofessional and lends itself (IMHO) to suspicious activity.

    • dokesz
      dokesz 12 days ago

      u need to replace it after 2-3 yrs but thats a risky part even for a repair shop.all brands using lot of glues to make it waterproof but they glue also the battery and thats the biggest problem when u try to remove it.these batteries are unprotected u can easy damaged it and it can start to burn or catch fire.i did damaged mine i just put in the sand till all that stink gasses are gone or if the battery try to catch fire.never use water!

    • Sayful
      Sayful 13 days ago

      My s10 has really poor battery too. And it occasionally got hot during last summer. I've had it since near release

    • Bearishcat
      Bearishcat Month ago

      damn same here. My s10+ needs be charged twice a day lately!

    • HeyJQ Fitness
      HeyJQ Fitness 2 months ago +1

      Same here, mine got boiling hot and battery fading much faster

    FENGSHUI Month ago +2

    Personally i would just get rid of the battery and keep the phones. I know that you won't be able to use them but it's still better than nothing.

  • 2048Megabytes
    2048Megabytes Month ago +2

    I have a Galaxy S6 cracked the screen (and amoled panel) and back from an expanding battery. I loved the S6 and I hate battery expansions

  • Pringel Man
    Pringel Man Month ago

    I feel like it's alright, samsung tries so many things on their phones the cant get everything right

  • Techisode TV
    Techisode TV 4 months ago +200

    Can confirm. I have most Samsung phones all the way back to the Galaxy S3. But only one of them, an S6 with a cracked back, has any swelling. That said, the S6 was pretty well damaged so it could be a result of that. 12+ years ago, I learned in college for electrical engineering that storing batteries like this at 0% charge for an extended period of time is a no-no specifically because of the swelling issue. If my phones are going to be put in storage, I first charge them to at least 80% because of this.
    I'm also wondering if Samsung's batteries drain to 0% faster while off, accelerating the issue. I'd be curious to see how much percentage you have left on the other brand phones compared to Samsung phones that have been in storage for a similar amount of time. If Samsung's phones are bone dry, but a few iPhones will at least show that you have low battery, this could point to a battery drain issue.
    Draining batteries completely to 0 can kill any battery. I had one of my Airpod Pros die when I was doing a battery life test because I ran it completely to 0% 3 times in a row. The same thing happened with my original Galaxy Buds. After that, I had to stop doing that specific test haha.
    That said, I really don't think this is a concern for anyone who doesn't store their phones for years at a time without use because actively charging and discharging the battery and not letting it go completely to 0% will likely keep this from ever happening. That's why only tech Clip-Sharers are seeing this issue and you never hear about it with people who are actively using old phones.
    Samsung should still address it because other manufacturers have found a way to avoid this, but I wouldn't be concerned about your phone blowing up in your pocket.

    • Techisode TV
      Techisode TV 4 months ago

      @b I also have two S3's with no issue. Those have been stored with dead batteries for I don't even know how long haha.

    • Serox M.
      Serox M. 4 months ago +2

      I only had this happen on my 7" inch Galaxy Tab A6 from 2016 while using it actively, like 14+ hours a day. So it happened to a device I charged and used all the time. It started gradually and slowly, but by the end it was swollen so bad and I still used it like that for 2+ years lol with the screen coming off and all, but it still worked fine, so I used it every day and charged it every day.
      I always thought it was bc it was a cheap $120 tablet. I did throw it in the trash last year, cause I had it in the closet and heard that it could start a fire...

    • Triforce
      Triforce 4 months ago +3

      Should check the old phones I have laying around then

    • Yordan Yordanov
      Yordan Yordanov 4 months ago +2


    • Shaurab Das
      Shaurab Das 4 months ago +3

      These are perfect words on behalf od samsung. I never use samsung but i love the brand. They need to address this like the way you did. Only caveat, you're not from samsung.

  • Andrew Hooper
    Andrew Hooper Month ago +3

    Yikes, I have an s5 that I dropped off a 2nd floor apartment building, still worked but got a new phone that day, and put that one away to recover data when I needed it, forgot about it and its almost certainly in a cardboard box somewhere. Gonna dig it out and pray its not messed up but if it is will dispose of it properly. Thanks for the heads up

  • Ross Cat
    Ross Cat Month ago

    s7 edge bought 2016 - still working no battery swelling but only 50% capacity. note 9 bought dec 2018 - still great but battery capacity reduced to 66%.

  • Tend Erizer
    Tend Erizer 2 months ago +3

    Does this stop only at phones? What about smart watches? 😨

  • Coroshia
    Coroshia 2 months ago +2

    Made me go paranoid and check and for now all is good but I'm someone that try to take good care of my battery, also none of my family or friends who have a Samsung phones had them swell even after 3+ years of usage

  • SnowFire Beast
    SnowFire Beast Month ago +3

    Why would you dispose of the phones and not just have the batteries removed. You could easily remove the battery regulator and connector and kept the phones until a better solution was available.

    • Aditya Kumar
      Aditya Kumar 13 hours ago

      He quoted that warning in iFixit's blog; swollen batteries are very dangerous to handle and he didn't want to take the risk ig. Also, most of the samsung teardown videos of JerryRigEverything show that they use a hell lot of adhesive to fix the batteries, so its anyway difficult to remove the batteries safely.

  • Eriq Jordan
    Eriq Jordan 2 months ago +2

    Wow, grabbed my 2 only Samsung phones I’ve had in my drawer for years during this video out of curiosity. Both were expanded?

  • demonocus metalocus
    demonocus metalocus 2 months ago +5

    Watching this on my Samsung s21 fe and now I'm terrified.

  • Andrew Holland
    Andrew Holland 2 months ago

    its just a normal thing to happen to any phone battery over time due to battery physics, no battery is forever...

  • Fernando Scheps Serra
    Fernando Scheps Serra 4 months ago +3655

    Pretty wild from Samsung to manage the communication with you so badly, if it was like this with you, imagine for the rest of us common consumers.

    • Kasumi Rina
      Kasumi Rina Month ago +1

      Why badly? They acted like mafia enforcers, basically bullied him into giving them phones and silently disposed of the evidence without talking back. That's perfect communication to silence anyone who sees your wrongdoing.

    • Charles Mouse
      Charles Mouse 2 months ago

      Hmm, regrettably it's the case that if Samsung takes your phone then refuses to communicate there's:
      a) A good chance you won't chase it up.
      b) They have plausible deniability going forward and you have no evidence having given them your phone.
      If they have any kind of conversation with you after the fact it's proof there was reason to have a conversation.

    • Final Failure
      Final Failure 2 months ago +1

      @World Tour Apple is just as bad ISheep 😅

    • TheBobBrom
      TheBobBrom 2 months ago

      Jesus does every fucking conversation have to devolve into Us Vs Them.
      Samsung phones seem to be dangerous and they're customer service is bad.
      This has nothing to do with Apple.
      There are more phones in the world than Apple and Samsung

    • K H
      K H 2 months ago

      I would have told them to F off. don't come at me with that attitude, there's absolutely no reason why they should be able to dictate a damn thing.

  • K G
    K G Month ago

    That's crazy cause I have all my iPhone and galaxys going back to 2010 with hard use...and I throw them in the drawer and they're still intact.

  • Crixzeus De la Rothschild

    Hey Arun, any update on this from Samsung?

  • skull_emoji6969
    skull_emoji6969 2 months ago +1

    Surprised the Note 7 didn't explode even though that was the phone that would explode

  • Mr audio
    Mr audio Month ago

    I’m so glad that I am using Apple products never had any issue at all

  • Luxo ET
    Luxo ET 4 months ago +4215

    The fact that Arun can speak about phones for 10 minutes straight without making things boring is pretty amazing

  • Kareza Alonso
    Kareza Alonso 2 months ago

    Had the swelling happen with a Moto phone that was sitting for several months

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy Month ago

    I also had 2 samsung's battery get big
    My first phone and my seconds we Had to dispose of them both fortunately they have not blown up at least in our house

  • Anime Visual Xrossing
    Anime Visual Xrossing 2 months ago +7

    ever since non removable battery's, Samsung has taken a nose dive

  • aekp
    aekp Month ago

    I think it's a thermal runaway as well! but then when was the phone over 140º F? that's when thermal runaway first happens, but ~220º F for it to possibly catch on fire. it just doesn't make sense...

  • Domagoj Filipović
    Domagoj Filipović 4 months ago +3620

    Respect for Arun for using his fame to spread useful information, even when it's criticism of the companies he reviews. Gotta have balls for that, props to you

    • Basil
      Basil 4 months ago

      @Winter™ stop hating for likes lol

    • Rodrigo J. Da Silva
      Rodrigo J. Da Silva 4 months ago

      @Nando SDMNhones have 2 years warranty. you can return it.

    • DavorBa
      DavorBa 4 months ago

      @Severinsen Apparently not true for vast majority of batteries, except for the ones Samsung uses... Everyone has older devices, its just not an issue with lithium ion batteries, but the way Samsung makes them.

    • Venator
      Venator 4 months ago +1

      @Severinsen I haven't used my PSP in 9 years. Just recently bought it a new charger and also did a teardown on it to inspect the battery and it's physically fine. No swelling. It even still works and holds a charge for atleast 2 hours.

    • Venator
      Venator 4 months ago

      @C4Oc Aa soon as you notice the swelling you can get your battery replaced. You don't have to get rid of the phone.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 months ago +6

    Just a thought: it might be worth considering much of the datapoints you have on this phenomena may be from Samsungs that are stored for extended periods of time. Your point about storing phones at 50% is important to battery longevity.
    When I got a Samsung I was blown away by the charge speeds and when I looked into it I believe I found they had been marketing somesort of exclusive proprietary tech for their batteries to improve charge speeds. It's my assumption that Samsung may have invested in battery tech that prioritizes charging/discharge efficiency over all else. For a typical consumer this would be a great benefit. However, if the batteries actually fall short of industry standard when outside a high charge/discharge use-case, perhaps this is what we would see. Batteries meant to be in a constant state of charge or discharge, instead being stored for 3+ years at what could be a suboptimal charge state (90-100%).
    This is just food for thought. I'm just a consumer.

  • sizzlin321
    sizzlin321 2 months ago

    Because Samsung has had a sterling reputation for making batteries, right?

  • Horseponyhybrid
    Horseponyhybrid 2 months ago

    We should go back to just being able to swap or take out your battery without having to disassemble the whole thing...
    but it's just a hope that wont happen, because... money

  • Spencer M Schulman
    Spencer M Schulman Month ago

    Thank you! Buy decision based on this video. Again, thank you.
    Keep up the very good work.

  • The Composer Himself
    The Composer Himself 4 months ago +1639

    The fact that Arun can speak about phones for 10 minutes straight without making things boring is pretty amazing. His reviewing and commentary skills are just incredible.

    • Stanwine
      Stanwine 4 months ago +2

      He is litteraly a youtubeur

    • Professor Brown
      Professor Brown 4 months ago +1

      @YZ, or?

    • Monorion
      Monorion 4 months ago +2

      Bruh... I skipped half of the video

    • Sayan Santra
      Sayan Santra 4 months ago

      @Bzake he has 2-3 people bozo. That's not whhat you call a team

    • floppa🇺🇦
      floppa🇺🇦 4 months ago

      @YZ I agree but atleast they aren’t as annoying as bots.

  • Zachary Lepley
    Zachary Lepley 2 months ago +2

    Looks like I’m sticking with iphone😂i was thinking about getting the s22 ultra

    • Rbasi
      Rbasi 2 days ago

      I just came across this video and cancelled my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra order. This is very concerning. I need a new phone, so I ordered the 14 pro max now instead. The fear is real lol.

  • michael s
    michael s 2 months ago

    First of all,if my phone does that i am sending it in with no contract about what's going to happen with it..Period...I bought my Note 20 Ultra so I OWN it.That being said,i would want a total documented reason and a full replacemnet,etc..

  • Ahmed Yousif
    Ahmed Yousif Month ago

    same thing happened i stopped using note 9 for 2 weeks and found it swollen

  • Petr Laškevič
    Petr Laškevič Month ago +3

    I think a big thing to consider is that you didn't charge the phones. That they all discharged to zero. That can make batteries expand.

  • Kelli Sees
    Kelli Sees 4 months ago +1738

    I think one of the most alarming things about this is how Samsung communicated with you. It’s interesting how phone companies essentially rely on the advertising given to them by tech influencers but don’t see how it would be a problem to not be transparent with those same people

    • Aaradhya Singh
      Aaradhya Singh 4 months ago +3

      @Jeff NME based on how pushy they were, I bet they are somewhat aware of this issue and want to sweep it under the rug

    • Aaradhya Singh
      Aaradhya Singh 4 months ago

      Considering how they can make a video or post more about this and spread news of the mishaps tarnishing not just the phone's image but of the company as a whole

    • IL
      IL 4 months ago

      It could also be the lack of competency of Samsung England! I find British companies often use that type of rhetoric to communicate with their clients lol 😆

    • IL
      IL 4 months ago

      This is the way all the Corps communicate lol 😆

    • Hotdogger808
      Hotdogger808 4 months ago

      They are all about the $£€ nothing else matters especially the end user....

  • Larry
    Larry 2 months ago

    Nowhere in this did you point to the very likely relevant fact that literally every example of this happening was with people who have hundreds of phones that are never used and stored with probably 100% capacity in a very unusual scenario.
    I'm OBVIOUSLY not saying this is okay, but you're only looking at data from people in this very weird specifict scenario. I've daily driven many of the phones talked about in this video (S4, S6, S9) and I still have all of them and none of them have had this problem.

  • Roman Rösener
    Roman Rösener Month ago

    you have to use the phones,or you charge and discharge your phones

  • Cam ZDC
    Cam ZDC 2 months ago +2

    Same with my note 20 ultra! I noticed it expanded a little so I did a search if it was an isolated case that led me to this vid 😔

    • Gisele Milanezi
      Gisele Milanezi Month ago +1

      Mine was overheating. After watching this videos, I removed that case (it was charging!!!) and realized that the back cover has separated from the phone. I’m shocked.

  • Tara Bussanich
    Tara Bussanich 2 months ago +1

    Hi @Mrwhosetheboss, do you store the phones with a fully charged battery?

    • Yogesh Sharma
      Yogesh Sharma 2 months ago

      I'm pretty sure he know enough not to charge them full at 100% since he has made videos about batteries and how they're stable around 50% as we all know it so, I don't think that's the issue here.

  • JesseisKing
    JesseisKing 2 months ago +1

    My samsung 20 fe was so swollen I left it in the mountains with a big desert area i went back a week later it had blown up

  • Jerry Doe
    Jerry Doe 2 months ago

    Next time they (Samsung) contact you again, tell them please wait for an update ...

  • Liam Patrick
    Liam Patrick Month ago

    After watching this video I figured out to stay away from Samsung’s so I don’t die.

  • Ravinder Singh
    Ravinder Singh Month ago +2

    Does this happen on Samsung tablets?

    • Rbasi
      Rbasi 2 days ago

      This is concerning. I bought a tab s8 a few months ago, and I am ready to sell the damn thing and jump to an iPad.

  • Bhaor
    Bhaor 4 months ago +1998

    Thank you so much for risking your entire career and not signing Samsung contracts to limit what you can and cannot share about technology. And thank you for showing us the reality of things going on. We would have never known from any other mainstream tech reviewer. 👏

    • HarryVlogs
      HarryVlogs 2 months ago

      @THOM Gizziz what are you talking about? Apple isn't perfect. Every time there's a new update. There's even bad battery, drain issues or overheating. Plus Apple phones do overheat when gaming

    • THOM Gizziz
      THOM Gizziz 2 months ago

      @Man Well I see a lot of phones in a week and it isn't only samsung. I see many of his precious apple devices with bulging batteries, more than any other brand in fact. Which doesn't matter because apple has a big market share but I should see more samsung devices because their market share is even bigger, but somehow I don't.

    • THOM Gizziz
      THOM Gizziz 2 months ago

      @HarryVlogs No it is only samsung. The batteries in my apple products that expanded aren't a big deal and it was my fault that it happened, because apple is flawless and nothing wrong ever happens with apple... I still cant maximize a window on OSX but Im a bad person and shouldn't even be trying to do that because that is what stupid plebs would do on a windows device and I wouldn't want to be a trash person so ill keep using whatever is cool and pretend it never has problems.

    • THOM Gizziz
      THOM Gizziz 2 months ago

      Yeah he just signs the apple ones...

    • br Gamer
      br Gamer 4 months ago

      @WitheringStryfe i feel that too ,i think people are overating some youtubers, i mean they think that they are some piece of genius shit and no one could have done that if he/she was in their place

  • Alec Spyrou
    Alec Spyrou Month ago +1

    I would be very interested to hear more. I just bought my first Samsung phone an S22. Whilst I realise this is not a big issue with phones that are regularly used I think it's important enough to escalate as much as possible as people are bringing potentially dangerous / faulty items into their homes and opening themselves and their loved ones to risk they are unaware of.
    If other phones don't have this issue then the onus is clearly on that manufacturer to get to the bottom of this as a matter of urgency.
    Waiting 50 days and hearing nothing is clearly a dodge. I can't believe Samsung has not heard of this before. If I was the head of Samsung and cared about my investors stocks then I would want to avoid what could be the world's largest smartphone class action shot in history.
    This needs to hit mainstream media and suggest getting this as a trending topic. I would hate to wake up one morning and hear of a death or severe injury because we didn't treat this as a priority above any cost concerns for Samsung or myself.

  • Higher Yibes
    Higher Yibes Month ago

    Avoid leaving phone turned off long period of time means? Months or years?

  • mannyva01
    mannyva01 2 months ago

    its interesting that you say that...... i have been using my samsung galaxy s10+ since the day it was released and i have yet to upgrade my phone yet...... i literally bought the galaxy within 1-2 weeks after its release.... and thats the phone that i have had since its released ..... and thats about 4 yrs ago..... the battery is still functioning properly since i bought it ...... and i live in harsher conditions then you are plus i own a dry cleaner (that too in south florida and if you been here..... we are surrounded by water like you and we have lots and lots of humidity) where its on average 120 degree fahrenheit (or more) and mind you daily in my shop due to the heat and steam that comes out of the pressing machines...... i am in this condition literally for 12 hrs a day (since i am the owner of this place)...... and my phone is still works and functions perfectly fine and used every single day since the day i got it my hands with no issues nor battery expansion....... perhaps the problem is not using the item...... maybe storing them where they are not being used everyday is the issue

  • Ean Jacob
    Ean Jacob Month ago +2

    All our phones keep blowing up

  • ShA
    ShA 2 months ago +1

    Slightly worried now about my A71 there

  • djmeechymeech
    djmeechymeech 2 months ago +2

    My S20 Ultra has expanded and won't turn on anymore. It did get very hot 2 days ago and then the next day it was split open down the sides.

    • VCross
      VCross 2 months ago

      Damn! I wonder how have they not fixed it yet

  • ImCloud
    ImCloud Month ago

    Is there still gonna be an update to this?

  • Ahmet Murati
    Ahmet Murati 2 months ago

    I have had Samsung phones since 2005, I have never had a swollen battery. My current Samsung Galaxy S10 still works, a year ago it refused to charge the battery saying water in the connector but now it chargers fine, I need to replace it's battery.

  • Robbie Vercammen
    Robbie Vercammen 4 months ago +1449

    I love how you guys are all working together. You, Zack and Marques are my pillars of trust in the current youtube-tech scene

    • rdspam
      rdspam 4 months ago

      Greetings from fuhpuhtuh land - Jon covered this and directed folks here.

    • Prettymeac
      Prettymeac 4 months ago

      It happened to my galaxy note 2. I now understand why. I need to get that crap out my house lol.

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      @Bruce Lee if I reply your comments. get in touch with the above number. You have been chosen among the winners of this week giveaway..

    • carlos no last name
      carlos no last name 4 months ago

      @The Reaper thinking Linus is a sellout but marques isn’t is wild lol

    • WhizzMan
      WhizzMan 4 months ago

      Apple probably paid him just to make this video.. nothing new 🤷

  • Vplaytg
    Vplaytg Month ago

    happened to me on a google pixel one

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill 2 months ago +4

    I have been a HUGE fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note line since the first one was released. And I can say I have never had any issues with the batteries expanding, blowing up, or catching fire. This is even true for the Note 7. However, I will also add that I have not had a Note phone for more than 2-3 years as I usually upgrade to the next release. I currently have the Note 20 (not the ultra as I hate the edge screen) and have had it for almost two years so its approaching the "trade in" time frame. With no new Note releases I had considered just keeping it - or maybe trading it in for a Pixel 7; was still debating that. Now I will say I have had a few of the S model phones but they always seemed to be wanting in comparison to the Notes. One key thing I noticed is when using the S phones in the Samsung VR headset, the S phone would overheat and shut down after 15-20 minutes. This did not happen when using the Notes. Not relevant to the exploding/expanding battery issue I'll grant you but this aberrant behavior turned me off from ever having another S model. Now that I have seen this video and considering the age of my Note 20, I think I will go ahead and trade it in for a pixel 7. Right now its basically a one-for-one trade with the Black Friday deals out there. (BTW: I am a fan of your channel. Cheers!)

  • Daniel Roose
    Daniel Roose Month ago

    This happened to my old S3 Mini a few years ago when I was travelling abroad with it. The back of the phone popped off randomly during a meal where I discovered the swollen battery. Interesting to see that it is a widespread issue among Samsung phones.

  • Jura
    Jura 2 months ago

    Hey, is there a part 2?

  • Jad Georges Salamis
    Jad Georges Salamis 4 months ago +1802

    Hello Arun, from my aviation background I have been dealing with Lithium batteries since 1999 way before they became mainstream in electronics. Indeed Zack has a point about the electrolyte. But going back to the physics: any LiPo battery left long enough without use will eventually swell. I have seen this with huge Lipo units of 100AH installed on Airbus A340 or B737 that have been on hangar storage for 2+ years. To avoid this situation, the voltage of a Lipo cell must ALWAYS be kept at 3.8V for storage. Otherwise depending on the electrolyte layer, leaks will gradually occur and the battery will swell. In high density batteries like those in our cells phones, the problem is way more exacerbated than a 18650 standalone battery that has a more conservative density factor. For industrial LiPo batteries that have a T connector terminal, there are specialized chargers that can keep the voltage at 3.8V for extended storage. Yes, Lipo are not meant to be parked but to be regularly used between 4.2V per cell for a full charge and 3.7 when nearly empty. 3.5-3.6V means overdrain and can irreversibly damage the battery.

    • bltzcstrnx
      bltzcstrnx 4 months ago

      @rคhi๓ other brands definitely swell. I've seen it on iPhone, Oppo, and Xiaomi. It just that Samsung have majority of the market so they have a lot more case and exposure.

    • Zeka
      Zeka 4 months ago +2

      Don’t mind me, just leaving this here in case I feel like reading it again.
      Thanks for the explanation tho.

    • HeatSeeker
      HeatSeeker 4 months ago

      @John Coops alright, the guy who's selling it says there's a 7 day return window, I'll be vigilant about anything happening, thanks

    • Evacody124
      Evacody124 4 months ago

      @HeatSeeker the longer it sits in the box no it is not OK that goes for any phone.

    • John Coops
      John Coops 4 months ago

      @HeatSeeker - no, the battery in a boxed and brand new phone that has sat un-charged for 2 years might not be fine. However, you will find out when you open it.

  • Smith Lee
    Smith Lee 2 months ago

    Imagine the cars using Samsung batteries (soon Hyundai, that are already bad).

  • MoneyGist
    MoneyGist 2 months ago +4

    I've experienced with other phones (Blackberry and Huawei) after leaving them unused and uncharged for a while. I've only used Samsung phones as my daily driver for the past 10 years though. Recently swapped my Note 4 for an S20 FE and left the Note unused for like a month... the battery also ballooned up.
    Left my backup Nokia 6.1 unused for a longer period without this issue though. Worked fine when I rebooted it to give it away.

  • Creepypasta Fan
    Creepypasta Fan 2 months ago +1

    Not a galaxy, but I have a older Windows phone that I think is Samsung, plugged it in the other day to see if it was still working, and it got verry hot, although I don't see any expansion on the battery, but its user replaceable. Does this apply to old Windows Samsungs? Want to know if I should toss that device.

    • Ace Apache
      Ace Apache Month ago

      Windows Samsung Phones don't exist?

  • fen4ri
    fen4ri Month ago +3

    I feel like they wanted those phones so badly from you because they are destroying/hiding the evidence! I haven't noticed this on any of my Samsung stuff, but now I guess I'll keep an eye out? Also I wonder if this battery defect is mostly occurring with lightly used phones for some reason, so therefore reviewers/people who collect each of samsung's phones are more likely encounter this. It seems like it could be quite a danger to the general public though, if even daily-use phones are blowing up at this approx. 25% rate!

  • HUH?
    HUH? 4 months ago +1347

    The weird thing is that I haven't heard of this problem with phones that are actually used, because I've seen and used 5+ years old Samsung so I think the problem is having them unused for a long period of time

    • Ace
      Ace 4 months ago

      Yes it's incorrect storage have to keep 50% charge and recharge every 3-6 months. This is why you don't see swollen batteries on a 4 year old phone that's used regularly. Cars are the same if you store them over 6 months. Battery goes, fuel goes engine can even seize eventually among other things, if you don't start and drive them.

    • MazDanRX795
      MazDanRX795 4 months ago

      If does seem phones being actively used are safe from this. But still, why predominantly stored Samsungs and not equally all brands?

    • Elux Music
      Elux Music 4 months ago

      @Pub Runner I guess my main issue with the video is, that he got a huge audience, but doesn't really try to tell people what the issue could be and what possible solutions are. It's just spreading panic without a solution.
      He could find someone with knowledge about the whole battery topic and inform people.

    • Pub Runner
      Pub Runner 4 months ago

      @Elux Music I had an iPhone 3GS that did it but it was an aftermarket battery.

    • Elux Music
      Elux Music 4 months ago +1

      @Pub Runner I had the experience myself with other brands. Depends on so many factors. But I guess, that Samsung batteries might be discharging a little bit faster when the phone is off.
      Since they seem to hit the magic barrier of around 2.5V a little bit faster.
      For context, I study electrical engineering in a master degree and work at an institute for battery technologie. We test blown up batteries and try to figure out what happend. Up to date every brand got the issue, but their are devices like ultra slim gaming laptops for example Razer Blades that have this issue more often, since the battery gets hotter than it should.

  • Brian Dibbell
    Brian Dibbell 2 months ago

    My S8 Active just expanded. I needed to get a new phone :/

  • Larisse
    Larisse 2 months ago +3

    Yeah, several years ago I had a Galaxy S7 Active swell like that. The phone was a little under two years old and had been very gently used. No battery intensive things like gaming, never in extreme temperatures for longer than just walking to the car or to the house/building, and only ever dropped once and that from the height of a chair down onto carpet. It was used daily too.
    I was so sad because before that it'd been my favorite phone! I still haven't had another that I liked as well as it.
    I hope Samsung gets back to you and actually figures out what they're doing different to other manufacturers so they can change.

  • theunknown
    theunknown Month ago

    This is why I changed my Samsung Galaxy S20FE battery after buying it.

  • SirBilliam
    SirBilliam 2 months ago +3

    Just to weigh in here, I have a Galaxy S10+ that I got during launch, and after keeping it as close to 50% in storage for the past 2 years as I can, it has still NOT swollen. My brother also had a Galaxy S7 that he kept for a long time that did not swell.

  • X12_
    X12_ 4 months ago +2971

    The biggest problem in my eyes was how Samsung communicated to you on the issue. It looked to me as if they were planning to take legal action if you didn't give them your phones.

    • Ruvoa
      Ruvoa 4 months ago

      @BQuillaGuy :D If the sues them Samsung won't send him review units early to review.

    • Ruvoa
      Ruvoa 4 months ago

      @FBI They also give you lackluster specs for the price, the $800 iPhone 14 "flagship" phone has a 60Hz display IN 2022!

    • Ruvoa
      Ruvoa 4 months ago

      @Bill Sinn What if they send out hitmen to take him out 😬?
      I doubt they would do that now because everyone would suspect them (Samsung)

    • Ruvoa
      Ruvoa 4 months ago +1

      @Rip_JuiceWrldYT Samsung sent him the phones for free to review, he didn't pay for them, so technically they can force him to give back the phones.

    • Ruvoa
      Ruvoa 4 months ago

      @AleX Lynx They don't care about their customers.

    WONK NUTS Month ago

    Ok, the s8 expanded can that happen to its family member the s8+?

  • Jono SSD
    Jono SSD 2 months ago

    Samsung is the Apple of Android and I do mean that as a insult.

  • 5blocksMC
    5blocksMC 2 months ago +3

    I used to have a samsung phone but switched to an iphone but not because of the samsung phone blowing up, just because i wanted to. And there have been red flag warnings while it was the summer in my area

  • RoundBallDefender
    RoundBallDefender Month ago

    It’s more then just Samsung: Dell laptop batteries are doing the exact same thing. I just replaced two, from two different models of dell laptops. The company I worked for, have replaced numerous batteries as well. All Dell.

  • Eric Hill
    Eric Hill 4 months ago +1661

    This was very level-headed and fact driven. I wonder if you can partner with a university nearby to do some chemical analysis of similar batteries from two different manufacturers around the same timeframe to see if there's any obvious differences that may contribute to the dielectric breakdown. All around though, great way to frame this up and keep us all posted on where it goes.

    • Kenya Tanzania
      Kenya Tanzania 4 months ago

      @Robert Jan Bout Make Celtic and rangers play in English premier League to prevent Scotland independent🎉🎉🎉

    • Yungtechboy1
      Yungtechboy1 4 months ago

      This is extremely bias lmao... ask anyone who works in a repair industry... they know Iphone users come in way more for battery issues than Samsung users. IPhone batteries are always expanding inside the device.

    • Max Jacoby
      Max Jacoby 4 months ago

      @Xilnes I can confirm. My iPhone 4 also got swollen.

    • Robert Jan Bout
      Robert Jan Bout 4 months ago +2

      Other brands also use samsung cells and they have no issues. I think its the fact that they allow for a deep discharge before the undervoltage protection kicks in, wich leaves the battery at an unreasonable low voltage wich generates gasses as the electrolyte decomposes as jerryrig stated. A chemical analysis is not worth it before we know the voltage of the cell, how long its been since the last charge, how much energy was left since shutdown and maybe the impedance.

    • African Sunrise 🇲🇼
      African Sunrise 🇲🇼 4 months ago +3

      This is an exceptional comment. A simple yet detailed idea that, now that you've said it, seems like it should've been obvious to me. I hope it's actioned because I'm here for it. Thank you.

  • john lacey
    john lacey 2 months ago

    Why are you disposing of the phones and not just replacing the battery? or store those ones without a battery.

  • Mr.Shpee
    Mr.Shpee 3 days ago +2

    While watching this, i removed the case from my Galaxy s10e which i got when it launched, just to find that the swelling started and the back glass is starting to separate. Thank you for the video Arun!

  • TRDjulian
    TRDjulian 2 months ago

    My Samsung galaxy s7 active battery is really swollen, old memories on it

  • Irys
    Irys 2 months ago

    This feels so weird, because I had Galaxy S5 for YEARS and nothing like that ever happened, I still have it somewhere. I guess I was one of the lucky ones?

    • S.
      S. 2 months ago

      Seems to be an issue with phones that havent been used for a while. My 2017 S7 also works just fine, but battery got worse past 1.5 years as to be expected with batteries

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way 4 months ago +894

    You’ve done absolutely the right thing by informing the public about this, respect

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto 4 months ago

      @Czy B Apple fanboys have Samsung living rent free in their head

    • pugorilla
      pugorilla 4 months ago +6

      @Czy B you will get old technology unless you pay $1000, the iphone 14 and iphone 14 plus are no improvement over 13, the iphone 14 pro has a good camera like samsung but it cost $1000, try another android brand unless you got 1k

    • Taco Monster
      Taco Monster 4 months ago +2

      He has definitely done the right thing. Not all journalists have the balls to tell the truth when potential “sponsorship” is on the line.
      Thanks to this man something may be done in the future to solve the issues.

    • Czy B
      Czy B 4 months ago +6

      Yes had I not known about this I would've died in the hands of samscumg I'm gonna switch to apple

    • Text me on Telegram👉goosiest_01
  • Yogesh Sharma
    Yogesh Sharma 2 months ago

    At this point Samsung should just work with necular weaponries