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Ukraine War: How significant are Russian nukes in Belarus?

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Retired Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell explains the significance of Russia's decision to station nuclear weapons in Belarus.
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    #ukraine #russia #belarus
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Comments • 2 106

  • T€RB
    T€RB 2 months ago +58

    I don't think people realise this war has been going on since 2014 pretty much... It just took a break

    • Restie Quijote
      Restie Quijote 2 months ago +4

      Whatever happened,we are nearing to the nuclear holocost inch by inch.

    • noelht1
      noelht1 2 months ago +2

      Not just this war we have pretty much been in world War three already since 2014

  • Pipboy1989
    Pipboy1989 2 months ago +20

    It's worth noting that, while it's true the Soviets forward-deployed nuclear weapons in the Cold War, the Soviets weren't currently involved in an invasion. Ukraine and Belarus were already part of the Soviet Union. We have never been in this situation before, where Russia has been entrenched in an active peer vs. peer war and deployed tactical nuclear weapons to their enemy's neighbors.
    No they probably won't use them, yes it's Sabre rattling, but this situation adds a layer of issues we haven't faced before

  • Bolanle Orebiyi
    Bolanle Orebiyi 2 months ago +35

    We have heard this over and over again but nothing has changed in the war but rather it's been escalated. The leaders should negotiate and stop this war before it totally get out of hand!

    • Frida Kahlo
      Frida Kahlo 2 months ago +1

      Talkig to Putin is a waste of time. Dictators never stop, they have a break. Power is the only language Putin cares about.

    HELENKILLER1337 2 months ago +82

    Whenever russia does something it is militarily without any significance according to Sean Bell.

    • Joel Miller
      Joel Miller 2 months ago +29

      Neither Russia is not doing well in the battlefield according to him.
      And whenever Russia captured small villages or towns are insignificant according to him too.

    • Rob Shepherd
      Rob Shepherd 2 months ago +11

      Shaun Bellend

    • Mc Frosty
      Mc Frosty 2 months ago +1

      Cope harder

    • Mintberry Crunch
      Mintberry Crunch 2 months ago

      Don't be Frosty Mister Snowman ❄❄❄

    • bobby ray of the family smith
      bobby ray of the family smith 2 months ago +4

      @Joel Miller If capturing a small town or village dosn't provide some larger strategic advantage then it is an insignificant gain. If it cost 10,000 men then its a pyrrhic victory at best and a strategic defeat at worst. There's a difference between tactical and strategic level. It's not rocket science and it isn't a video game.

  • Fool on the Hill
    Fool on the Hill 2 months ago +67

    "The 1994 Budapest Memorandum was a political agreement signed by the US, the UK, and Russia to provide security assurances to Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan in exchange for their accession to the NPT as non-nuclear-weapons states and their elimination of all nuclear weapons from their territories123. The agreement pledged to respect their territorial integrity and borders, and to refrain from the use or threat of military force or economic coercion123. China and France gave somewhat weaker individual assurances in separate documents1. The agreement was seen as a result of the changes in the world-wide security situation after the end of the Cold War3. However, some leaders warned Ukraine that it would be tricked by the signatories4, and Russia violated the agreement by invading Ukraine in 2014"
    Invasion of Ukraine violated this agreement. Nuclear weapons placed in Belarus will as well. Agreements made with Russia mean nothing to Russia.

    • No1sonuk
      No1sonuk 2 months ago +6

      Russia has already violated all but 1 of the 6 provisions of the Budapest Memorandum - They haven't use nuclear weapons against Ukraine yet.

    • Suzy Rottencrotch
      Suzy Rottencrotch 2 months ago +7

      There was no agreement. Neither was “not an inch west” cope

    • ItalMiser117
      ItalMiser117 2 months ago +9

      ​@Suzy Rottencrotchnot an inch west ? 🤡

  • Inga8
    Inga8 2 months ago +56

    "We will use nuclear weapons if pushed"...also "we never threatened anyone with nukes!"

    • Alpheus Nong
      Alpheus Nong 2 months ago +15

      It's a response based on UK ,since they wanna send uranium missiles to Ukraine...just watch multiple channels just to have balanced information.

    • Illia Lysenko
      Illia Lysenko 2 months ago +11

      ​@Alpheus Nong Uranium missile is used in tank. There is nothing similar with nuclear weapon. Uranium just ruins tank's armor

    • Phill M156
      Phill M156 2 months ago +4

      And this is not a war. It’s a 3 day special military operation. It’s only a military exercise. We are not invading Ukraine……

    • eio clementi
      eio clementi 2 months ago +2

      @Illia Lysenko arrow are missiles the word missile just means flying object....But DU shells or salvo more modern.

      SPEEDTRAIN / DJSPEEDTRAIN 2 months ago +3

      usa we used nukes against planes

  • Peter Azlac
    Peter Azlac 2 months ago +28

    These are tactical nuclear weapons not strategic ones like IBMs. They have likely been moved forward to counter the US nuclear-capable missiles in Poland and as a deterrent to Poland against interfering in Ukraine as it has threatened to do but also to threaten the bases from which Nata is sending weapons to Ukraine in the event there is any large scale deployment of the Abrams tanks the US has in Poland or F16 aircraft. Poland and the EU would be well advised to take the threat seriously as the US would be unlikely to retaliate with nuclear weapons if it involved any threat of retaliation against the US mainland.

    • Kwan Chan
      Kwan Chan 2 months ago +6

      the problem is the NATO treaty mandates that any attack on poland is an attack on them all
      But I get your point, try getting the US to stick up for poland if putin nukes warsaw and there are russian nuclear missile subs waiting for orders in international waters just off the coast of the US mainland

    • No1sonuk
      No1sonuk 2 months ago +3

      The UK and France have nuclear weapons too...
      Supplying ANY weapons to Ukraine would not cause Poland to be considered an "attacker" in terms of the NATO treaty, so if Russia attacked Poland, NATO would retalliate.

    • k isher
      k isher 2 months ago +2

      Nice one Ivan, April fools day is on Saturday, your early.

    • Suzy Rottencrotch
      Suzy Rottencrotch 2 months ago +4

      @Kwan Chanyes but nuking Ukraine has nothing to do with Poland 😊 that’s the problem with a comedian going to war with no allys

  • Cadhik
    Cadhik 2 months ago +128

    I always enjoy watching how almost everyone in the comments talk like they know exactly whats going on and exactly what to do and how to handle it.. LOL

      KREAM DELAREALIST 2 months ago +4

      And like we’re not on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse 😃

    • weeguy
      weeguy 2 months ago +5

      We are all experts, especially me😤😂

    • Passer By
      Passer By 2 months ago +7

      I always enjoy talking heads on TV pretending they know exactly what's going on and what to do and how to handle it.

    • Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio
      Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio 2 months ago +6

      i enjoy watching not only people in the comments but those so called "especialists" too!!! Nobody knows what is or what is going to happen!!!

    • Anonymous One
      Anonymous One 2 months ago +3

      Ukraine begging for more no doubt

    TE'KANNON  2 months ago +17

    I think all of us would like a peek into just 6 months into the future and hear a SKY NEWS report with retired Air Vice-Admiral Sean Bell. Septermber 26th is not far away, but there will have been the spring offensive come and gone and that is what is a little worrying, because the Ukrainians have turned into a world class fighting man's army and they might score a huge win. So; no matter what is being said, Putin's tactical nukes in Belarus may be symbolic, but there is a desperate man with the nuclear codes in his briefcase and his finger on the button sitting in the Kremlin at this writing. This is where the west had better be ready to hit the ground running if, God forbid, Putin goes off his rocker and launches one of his nuclear weapons to do more than just rattle his sword at us.

  • Oliver YT
    Oliver YT 2 months ago +4

    It doesn't really matter if those rockets are stationed in Russian mainland or in Belarus... those fly so fast that 500km+/- doesn't really matter.

    • Frida Kahlo
      Frida Kahlo 2 months ago +1

      The whole of Poland is about 500 km.

  • Nospam Allowed
    Nospam Allowed 2 months ago +52

    Russian nuclear missiles in Belarus would obviously result in NATO nuclear missiles in Poland, and soon after in Finland and Ukraine. But maybe it is a negotiating tactic as they realize that they will get expelled from Ukrain, so the threat might be setting the groundwork to negotiate a "no nuclear missiles" on the bordering countries between NATO and Russia other than those owned by those countries.

    • Dan Just
      Dan Just 2 months ago +17

      There are nuclear missiles in Poland and in Romania, that's why there are USA manned military bases near the 'anti missile shields' silos

    • Reuben Sandwich
      Reuben Sandwich 2 months ago +15

      ​@Dan Just If there were, why would the Polish President ask to have them based in his country last year?
      These are western nations, they store their nuclear warheads in $1 billion dollar facilities, not empty vodka boxes like Russia.

  • Peter Babicki
    Peter Babicki 2 months ago +4

    If they actually wanted to use them, they wouldn't tell everyone what they were doing, and where they were putting them.

    • Calum Bishop
      Calum Bishop 2 months ago +2

      I mean logically that would make sense.
      It would also logically make sense to think that arming Russian soldiers with shovels and telling them to charge at Ukrainian machine guns would be a dumb idea.
      The point is logic has kinda gone out the window with this war, especially on the Russian end.

  • Mohammed uddin
    Mohammed uddin 2 months ago +3

    I like the military analyst take, this is just scaremongering, there icbm can virtually hit anywhere on the planet, so moving them to Belarus is just that scaremongering for those that don't know

  • Maximus UK4
    Maximus UK4 2 months ago +337

    Imagine - If only all the money spent on killing people was spent on saving and feeding people.

    • QueenBrightwingthe3
      QueenBrightwingthe3 2 months ago +40

      Imagine if no countries had nukes at all.

    • Reuben Sandwich
      Reuben Sandwich 2 months ago +7

      Indoor plumbing is overrated

    • Ridethebomb777
      Ridethebomb777 2 months ago +10

      @Reuben Sandwich Said Reuben who doesn't live in Kyiv, where they can't get fresh water or flush their toilets.

    • Nathan smash
      Nathan smash 2 months ago +32

      Tell the USA with over 800 billion dollars military budget that can feed the whole African

  • Sepxviii
    Sepxviii 2 months ago +61

    "It's worth remembering that the war is not going well for Russia". Good to know, if it were going well there would be Russians in the Bundestag on their way to Alexander bridge in Paris.

    • Yahya Elmi
      Yahya Elmi 2 months ago +9

      Don’t under estimate your enemy . Russian war isn’t going well but they still have time on their side . Also bringing nuclear weapons right next Poland a nato country isn’t a good look

    • Caz Realist
      Caz Realist 2 months ago +1


    • Andrew S.
      Andrew S. 2 months ago +15

      The power of vodka powered shovels

  • Wudruff Wildcard
    Wudruff Wildcard 2 months ago +1

    Didn't Russia already have nukes in Kaliningrad? I remember some years ago news that Russia has moved Iskander to Kaliningrad.

  • Hank Ogle
    Hank Ogle 2 months ago

    The weapons have probably already been there for a while. They have a great relationship with Belarus. Also China wants Ukraine more than Russia for a modern Silk Road.

  • Owl29
    Owl29 2 months ago +9

    I think that they are publicly admitting to having weapons like this in Belarus, I think they were there already, (and we already knew about it.)

    • Human Beings R Thinking Beings
      Human Beings R Thinking Beings 2 months ago +2

      Mind Begs the Question:
      If deploying Nukes,WMDs
      At Russia doorstep(Turkey) - Allowed
      At USA doorstep(Cuba) - Not Allowed

    • Frida Kahlo
      Frida Kahlo 2 months ago

      @Human Beings R Thinking Beings Did USA annex Cuba? No.Putin is annexing Ukraine and Nato is only an excuse for him.

  • Robert Findley
    Robert Findley 2 months ago +3

    Nice job on the questions. This situation scare the @*^^&@(#!! out of me. The Belarussian people must be terrified, especially since they have no say.

    • justaguy69
      justaguy69 2 months ago

      he wont use them, he would have nothing to "annex"

    • A Agap
      A Agap 2 months ago +1

      Belorussian for your understanding its literally meaning white Russians and Ukraya literally meaning at the edge of the land , what we have here its a massive genocide of Slavic people , and its very sad that people are still sleeping

    • justaguy69
      justaguy69 2 months ago

      @A Agap if putin has his way it will just be simply "west russia"

  • bowser515
    bowser515 2 months ago +4

    The Russians might be getting T-34's, as the Ukrainians get Challenger 2's. That's like a Tiger fighting a goldfish. Imagine being a Russian soldier right now.... Just call it a day maybe?

    • potato man
      potato man 2 months ago +1

      All tanks blow up the same

  • Eivor The Wolf Kissed
    Eivor The Wolf Kissed 2 months ago +2

    The T-34 was legendary

  • slayerr4365
    slayerr4365 2 months ago

    The difference from russia taking 10 minutes to fly into belarus because they allow russia to use it's airspace versus the nukes just already being there. In reality absolutely no difference at all lol

  • Northern Star
    Northern Star 2 months ago +30

    "How significant are Russian nukes in Belarus?"
    Its significant if one falls one your head.

    • Turrican60
      Turrican60 2 months ago +1

      ...yet insignificant if one doesn't, which is the far more likely proposition.

      USAIN BOLT 2 months ago +1

      My G

    • Dr Gunsmith
      Dr Gunsmith 2 months ago +2


    • Anon Anon
      Anon Anon 2 months ago +1

      It prevents NATO from conducting a sneak attack from Poland.

  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies 2 months ago

    This war might need to happen

  • Monumental masonry
    Monumental masonry 2 months ago +8

    Do the ultrasonic missiles carry nukes & if so how will we shoot them down. Isn't this a massive advantage for Russia in a nuclear war? Not only will they be faster, but nearly impossible to stop.

    • Lorenz Cassidy
      Lorenz Cassidy 2 months ago +1


    • Ken Havens
      Ken Havens 2 months ago

      Eventually laser tech will be powerful enough to make hypersonic missles moot. Particle guns would be nice too.

    • Monumental masonry
      Monumental masonry 2 months ago

      @Lorenz Cassidy The ones that go ultra fast that the west Dosen't have

    • Michael den Dulk
      Michael den Dulk 2 months ago +3

      1) Yes they can carry nukes.
      2) The USA have already been trialing modified SAM's to shoot down hypersonic missiles (I think they explode in the flight path of the missile, release shrapnell, that tears it to bits, due to its speed). Less reliable, due to the speeds involved and I believe the glide vehicle versions of the hypersonic missiles can only be intercepted in the actual glide phase of their flight. Saying they are 100% unable to be intercepted is wrong, though. Longer term, the USA is looking for the answer in laser tech, but they won't have a system able to take down missiles with lasers till the 2030's, at the earliest.
      3) Not really, as the USA and China also have viable hypersonic missiles already and are in a much better place than Russia to mass produce them. Several other NATO countries are also developing them, though most don't plan to start using them till around 2030. The UK, for instance, is developing them, but doesn't plan to start using them till they build their next generation of destroyers for the navy, though intention is that the RAF typhoons will also be able to carry them.
      Must also not forget that Russia, at most, has around 70 of these missiles and some have already been used in Ukraine. Best estimates are that they only have the means to produce 1-2 new hypersonic missiles a month right now, at best, as their access to the required electronic components has been hampered.

    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson 2 months ago +1

      @Lorenz CassidyI have an ultrasonic toothbrush 🤷‍♂️

  • RPKVids
    RPKVids 2 months ago +29

    It'd be funny seeing a T-34 come against a Leopard 2, Challenger 2, or Abrams.

    • alisdair mclean
      alisdair mclean 2 months ago +11

      It wouldn't be funny for the T34 crew.

    • Ever Ready
      Ever Ready 2 months ago +4

      A kornet and it's over.

    • VPPAF
      VPPAF 2 months ago +2

      how much does a challenger or leopard tank hold of ammo not much if the russians have tens of thousands of these old t-34 they might as well use them until the challengers and leopards run out of ammo that seems to the russian way of fighting

  • Jan K
    Jan K 2 months ago +1

    Can’t resist the comparison: Putin’s sabre rattling in the face of possible defeat is comparable to Trump’s helpless sabre rattling in the face of near imminent criminal charges.

  • - Kallz -
    - Kallz - 2 months ago +7

    We’re literally seeing this happen before our very eyes just waiting for disaster.

  • Joseph Digiorgio
    Joseph Digiorgio 2 months ago +14

    Seems like this is an excuse for some warheads to go "missing"

  • Arklight
    Arklight 2 months ago +8

    When or if Ukraine go on the offensive, I think they will encounter the same problems Russia is encountering on going on the offensive against Ukraine.
    Again if or when Ukraine go on the offensive then and only then will we see or know how good western tanks are.

    • Tommy White
      Tommy White 2 months ago +1

      I’m got Ukraine 🇺🇦 no doubt . But Abram tank and German tank Britain tank isn’t immune to communist Russian artillery . I see little gains in an offensive .Another stalemate

  • Birch37
    Birch37 2 months ago +31

    Was the count of 6000 nuclear weapons done by the same guy that counted 1,200,000 Russian military personnel, 3000 tanks and 500 fighter aircraft?

    • Alexander L
      Alexander L 2 months ago +7

      Glory to Ukraine!

    • Ben Rush
      Ben Rush 2 months ago +2

      Should be top comment

    • Monumental Travel
      Monumental Travel 2 months ago +15

      6000 rusty nukes hid underground under water with rats running through them.

    • louger11 11
      louger11 11 2 months ago +5

      if NATO made a mistake in estimating the ammunition and missiles that Russia has, how much more when it comes to nukes because that is more classified, maybe the Soviet's 35,000 nukes are still intact.

    • Edward Bernthal
      Edward Bernthal 2 months ago +1

      @Monumental Travel water rats??

  • eymeera osaka
    eymeera osaka 2 months ago +70

    US has nuclear weapons in Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Italy and Turkey besides Britain and France. How is it not alarming for Russia too? If I can remember correctly the Cuban Crisis was the result of the US stationing nuclear missiles in Turkey...But today, US has nuclear missiles in 4 more countries in Europe...How then is Russia's security not under threat?

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck 2 months ago +12

      It's a NATO nation.
      And it was cold war.
      Nothing similar.

    • Tomas Ringström
      Tomas Ringström 2 months ago +9

      Because there is absolutely no capabiliy to reason and to make insight from the other parts perspective in western mainstream media.. Your question is the most relevant one right now but it is an untouchable one.

  • affinis0
    affinis0 2 months ago +10

    I wonder what sort of batteries Putin's nuclear suitcase uses? Maybe it uses Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloops, since most other types of Russian batteries loose their charge over time. Otherwise, they probably would have to test the battery status regularly and have a spare, fresh battery pack, just in case..

    • Pandora Alberts
      Pandora Alberts 2 months ago +4

      It's the raccoon on a hamster wheel...

    • Class One
      Class One 2 months ago +2

      He will use Zircon no one can stop

    • Buxella1
      Buxella1 2 months ago

      @Class One .. zircon has maximum range of only 1000 km

    • Buxella1
      Buxella1 2 months ago


    • Class One
      Class One 2 months ago

      @Buxella1 Hit Poland, Lithuania, Latvia from Belarus

  • J. C.
    J. C. 2 months ago

    Is there anyway the world bans nuclear weapons and if so what is the framework for regulating and enforcing a ban between nations?

  • Robert Neild
    Robert Neild 2 months ago +1

    By accepting Putins nukes, Belarus just made itself a target.

    • Turrican60
      Turrican60 2 months ago

      Well, yes, but it is obvious.

  • Nightfall Gaming
    Nightfall Gaming 2 months ago +2

    thanks for this update.

  • Friesia4
    Friesia4 2 months ago +38

    Mr. beast: i will give Russia the entire country of Ukraine if they can go three seconds without talking about nuk-
    Russia: we have nukes..

    • Alexander L
      Alexander L 2 months ago +5


    • Pavol Filek
      Pavol Filek 2 months ago +1

      Russia can survive nuclear war, but USA, EU and UK are not prepared for that alternative.

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck 2 months ago +15

      @Pavol Filek
      How will Ruzzia survive a nuclear war? Did Russians become immortal while I wasn't looking?

    • Piccadelly
      Piccadelly 2 months ago +10

      @Pavol Filek Have they developed a vaccine against atomic radiation? 🤣

  • Phoenix Hub
    Phoenix Hub 2 months ago +57

    😂😂😂 i like the way they explain things like they know everything and when it goes side ways they put another actor to explain to us how ukraine is winning by loosing more territory.

    • Imtiaze Shamim
      Imtiaze Shamim 2 months ago +8

      I miss the Prof. He always hides under the table when Russia gains ground.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 months ago

      russian wumao

    • bucă
      bucă 2 months ago +3

      Who said Ukraine is losing territory? More like the Mordor orcs are unable to capture more Ukrainian territory.

    • Fra Diavolo
      Fra Diavolo 2 months ago +12

      @bucăthe west themselves, a map and reality says so!🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Scar626
    Scar626 2 months ago +4

    " How significant are Russian nukes in Belarus?" Only if NATO had plans to invade there, but NATO guaranteed us that they had no such plans so because NATO is a "defensive" organization and has no plans to launch any regime change wars.
    So this shouldn't be a problem for them. Like we've heard time and time again Belarus is a sovereign state with "internationally recognized borders" and they can do what ever they want within their own borders.

    • Suzy Rottencrotch
      Suzy Rottencrotch 2 months ago +4

      Defensive ? Wonder why Putin doesn’t want them on his border … Kosovo War (1999) - NATO launched a military campaign against Yugoslavia to stop the violence and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.
      War in Afghanistan (2001-2021) - NATO forces, led by the United States, invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks to oust the Taliban regime and combat terrorism.
      Operation Unified Protector (2011) - NATO intervened in Libya to enforce a no-fly zone and protect civilians during the civil war against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
      International Security Assistance Force (2001-2014) - NATO led a multinational coalition to stabilize Afghanistan and combat the Taliban insurgency.
      Operation Allied Force (1999) - NATO launched a bombing campaign against Serbian forces in Kosovo.

    • Suzy Rottencrotch
      Suzy Rottencrotch 2 months ago +6

      How many civilians has nato defensively killed ? LOL

    • Peter Pooe
      Peter Pooe 2 months ago +1

      @Suzy Rottencrotch Too many lets count : Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afganistan ...... the list is endless, sure they are a defensive organization, like hell they are...

  • Freesurfer688
    Freesurfer688 2 months ago +3

    Something else to scare us to death with. Nothing but constant fear and doom in the news for the last few years.

  • Steve
    Steve 2 months ago +1

    At the 2:38 mark, apparently it has been reported that Russia is going to have 1600 main battle tanks in Russian hands by the end of the year. Well, they'd better get busy and I hope that is a challenge to the NATO and the West to get busy. If Russia says 1600, the West should say 2000.

  • Maximus Augustus
    Maximus Augustus 2 months ago +14

    Wonder what Belarussians think about this

    • Colin Harbinson
      Colin Harbinson 2 months ago +11

      I doubt they have any say in the matter.

    • Oliver YT
      Oliver YT 2 months ago +3

      ​@Colin Harbinson Like we in our oh so great democracies.. greetings from Germany

    • Colin Harbinson
      Colin Harbinson 2 months ago

      @Oliver YT Greetings from England ,😘

  • Gambit Odsey
    Gambit Odsey 2 months ago +10

    its not just saber rattling and it is significant. strategic war games that were classified at one time said America would nuke Belarus as a retaliation measure. this now means it couldn't be done.

  • Dammit Dan
    Dammit Dan 2 months ago +1

    Russia placed IRBMs in Belarus months ago. When Five Eyes ISR assets detect mating of a physics package with the missile, it will be Russia taking a calculated step up the escalation ladder. US/UK/France will respond upwards. Welcome to nuclear brinksmanship.

    • Suzy Rottencrotch
      Suzy Rottencrotch 2 months ago +1

      Russia has borei subs with bulava sbmm …. Each sub can nuke 500 locations within 5 minutes. Relax

    • asdf
      asdf 2 months ago

      "detect mating of physics package with missile" Detect using what? string theory portals?

    • Reuben Sandwich
      Reuben Sandwich 2 months ago

      @asdf He needs to get his comment quota in or he'll get served with mobilization papers. Quantity > Quality

  • Mike Chandler
    Mike Chandler 2 months ago +24

    I find it comical that he says that Russia was reliant on it's few friends for imports, but the US is heavily reliant on China for tons of metal products that go towards it's military industry.

    • Michael den Dulk
      Michael den Dulk 2 months ago +3

      @The Truth doesn't matter much if the 20% that have sanctions in place represent the majority of the world's economy (minus China, but they're also being careful on what they do and don't trade with Russia).

    • kocik
      kocik 2 months ago +9

      @Michael den Dulk Actually no, the west doesn't represent majority of world's economy based on GDP values.

  • Russell Lundberg
    Russell Lundberg 2 months ago

    Did retired Air Vice Marshall Bell say "I'm old enough and ugly enough..." (0:35)? I get the sentiment. But I thought it a surprising idiomatic slip from the otherwise ever-professional Sean Bell. Carry on.

  • Теоретик
    Теоретик 2 months ago +13

    I love this guy. I want more news with him. He is amazing stand-up comedian.😂😂😂😂

  • J R
    J R 2 months ago +6

    RIP Belarus 🇧🇾

    • Boss
      Boss 2 months ago

      The toxic fallout would harm most of Europe as wind and water will transport the fallout.

  • bhgtree
    bhgtree 2 months ago +46

    "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

    • Frank Srba
      Frank Srba 2 months ago +1


    • Human Beings R Thinking Beings
      Human Beings R Thinking Beings 2 months ago +1

      Mind Begs the Question:
      If deploying Nukes,WMDs
      At Russia doorstep(Turkey) - Allowed
      At USA doorstep(Cuba) - Not Allowed

  • Davaro Smith
    Davaro Smith 2 months ago

    It's funny how that drone looks like a small version of the Vulkon bomber!

  • John Gonsalves
    John Gonsalves 2 months ago +5

    When those discarding sabot rounds hit the battle field it is over.

  • Michael Kavanagh
    Michael Kavanagh 2 months ago

    We need position our nukes closer now. Two can play this game!

  • Get a forehead reduction
    Get a forehead reduction 2 months ago +11

    Russia can hit the US with nukes from it's mainland so this move is mostly symbolic in nature but it's still scary though I feel as if we are in pre ww1 territory

    • Chatter1
      Chatter1 2 months ago


    • Kvak23
      Kvak23 2 months ago +2

      Precisely. Russian nukes in Belarus are same as USA nukes in 80 different countries around the globe

    • Chris Viking
      Chris Viking 2 months ago +1

      I think it is about securing Belarus so that it can never be wrestled free of Russian control.

    • No1sonuk
      No1sonuk 2 months ago +2

      @Bogo Suvadil Tactical nukes are pointless as they'd get a strategic response if used against a NATO country.
      They'd be of little military use against Ukrainian forces because they're well deployed.
      NATO won't deploy troops to Ukraine unless NATO is attacked first, or if Russia uses nukes in Ukraine.
      Using tactical nukes against Ukraine would result in NATO launching massive conventional strikes against Russian forces in Ukraine that would do far more damage than a tactical nuke response would.

  • stratfordbaby
    stratfordbaby 2 months ago +68

    "Russia is not doing well in the war" - March 2022
    "Russia is not doing well in the war" - March 2023

    • zain ali
      zain ali 2 months ago +18

      Ukraine is winning the war 2022
      Ukraine is losing the war 2023

    • youngboy better
      youngboy better 2 months ago +18

      “The world is not doing well in the nuclear winter” - March 2024

    • Abibu Modou
      Abibu Modou 2 months ago +19

      Remember that it's western medias 😅

    • Dennis Bradley
      Dennis Bradley 2 months ago +5

      "Russia didn't do well in the war" - March 2024

  • Facts
    Facts 2 months ago +14

    WHAT! Russia has nukes? News to me.

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck 2 months ago +2

      It's not like they cry about it everyday.

    • Saa 'ngalia
      Saa 'ngalia 2 months ago

      This guy's kidding....ryt?

  • Silas
    Silas 2 months ago +2

    The old tanks can be used because all tanks are easy targets in 2023

  • eenie1234
    eenie1234 2 months ago +5

    It’s Belarus that needs to worry. It’s becoming a Russian state again in all but name thanks to its weak leader.

  • H G
    H G 2 months ago +7

    He basically admitted that NATO is fighting Russia when he compared the nb of tanks that the US, and europe hs vs Russia.

    • McAmbient Scrafty
      McAmbient Scrafty 2 months ago +2

      Ukraine have tanks from those nations ...

    • bobby ray of the family smith
      bobby ray of the family smith 2 months ago +3

      NATOs doing great. 0 losses after one year.

    • Adam Witches
      Adam Witches 2 months ago +2

      This is the issue, soon there will be NATO special military advisors in a "non combat roles" or aid conveys etc. This conflict is one miscalculation away from escalating. Make no mistake, this is as much NATO'S fault as it is Russia, Ukraine are just the pawn in the middle who are suffering the most. NATO promised Russia after the break down of the Soviet Union, it wouldn't expand closer to it borders. It has. Russia in turn has finally reacted. Its reaction has been a invasion of a sovereign state, which is unacceptable. However, this has been 30 odd years in the making. It won't finish soon and like all geopolitical struggles between predominantly the US and Russia, it will cause so much needless death and destruction.

    • H G
      H G 2 months ago +1

      @Adam Witches I couldn’t agree more!!

  • Matt O'D
    Matt O'D 2 months ago +5

    1.40 ‘it’s worth remembering Russia is not doing well in the war..’
    It’s also worth remembering that there appear to be credible experts out there that very convincingly argue the opposite.
    I’d like to see this military expert defend that claim in the presence of one of those guys, or perhaps a real journalist

    • U A
      U A 2 months ago +1

      Credible experts from Fox News 🤓

    • Jasraj Sandhu
      Jasraj Sandhu 2 months ago

      Using nuclear weapons isn't merit based, it takes just one push on the button and everything goes boom boom

  • William McCusker
    William McCusker 2 months ago +22

    Truth is the first casualty of war.

    • Dennis Bradley
      Dennis Bradley 2 months ago +1

      It was. Literally. The first thing said in this war by Russia was "We have no plans to invade Ukraine"

  • David Warnes
    David Warnes 2 months ago +16

    I suppose they are the same as the ones in the UK

  • Joop
    Joop 2 months ago +11

    Mr. Bell sleeps in the studio, laughing all the way to the bank.

  • s0ycapitan
    s0ycapitan 2 months ago +9

    Sean does have a tendency to misinform the public.
    A case in point is the "USA has an economy (GDP) 10 times that of Russia etc." which is a fair statement as far as it goes.
    However this does not mean they can outpace or even match Russian arms production because the West has been deindustrialised over the last 20-30 years and hasn't got the capability to manufacture arms in those kinds of quantities irrespective of any amount of money.
    The west has offshored most of manufacturing, losing all the skills involved, so ramping up to the levels of weapons production required for an industrial war is completely impossible for years.
    Also the Western military industrial complex seems to be more of a kleptocratic money laundering scheme than fit for purpose at protecting western interests.

    • Dennis Bradley
      Dennis Bradley 2 months ago

      Russias great arms production looks like it happened in 1940. They are still trying to use all the equipment they made then.

    • s0ycapitan
      s0ycapitan 2 months ago

      @Dennis Bradley The Ukrainians are using a hundred year old Gatling gun in Bakhmut.
      Perhaps that's where the script writers got their idea for the T-34s fir the Russians story.

    • Dennis Bradley
      Dennis Bradley 2 months ago +1

      @s0ycapitan yeh but a machine gun is still a machine gun. Still good vs troops. An 80 year old tank isnt a tank and wouldnt last 10 seconds on a modern battlefield. And no script writers didnt come up with the T34s idea. A train carrying a bunch of them on camera is where the idea came from. Did Russia decide to move a crapload of them suddenly, to a museum somewhere? Maybe. Will be the funniest thing ever if they show up on a battlefield. Whats next after that, spears?

    • snow snow
      snow snow 2 months ago

      @Dennis Bradley 9th of May Victory Parade, that’s what T-34s are for. The oldest tank being used by Russia so far is T-62. And with thermals, a good radio, a drone and a HE round, this tank could toss 30 kg of explosives over the hill, right into your house window.
      And btw, 30 kg of TNT launched by T-62 explode exactly the same way as 30 kg of TNT launched by Abrams.

  • Tim Mac Kee
    Tim Mac Kee 2 months ago +1

    Sean Bell must be friends with arms manufacturers.

    • Anon Anon
      Anon Anon 2 months ago

      Contractor would be a better term.

  • Max Mazourov
    Max Mazourov 2 months ago +19

    I once knew a used car sales person that was more convincing than Sean… Russian GDP minuscule? How comes then that they are the country under sanctions, at war and yet with the lowest inflation rate compared to the G7 and the strongest currency of 2022? However I find it interesting that Sean mentions the “forward deployed Ukrainian nukes” that were back to Russia. It suggests that Ukraine never owned the nukes they “gave up” as part of Budapest memorandum - which is what I have contested for a while.

    • snow snow
      snow snow 2 months ago +3

      They count GDP in dollars, it’s basically a rating that says - who has more American currency on their hands. Logically, it’s either America, their puppet states or trade partners like China.
      According to GDP Russia is a village in Algeria. Yet it has a fleet of nuclear submarines. Does it make sense? Not really.

  • james ian
    james ian 2 months ago

    If Belarus launches will the nuclear battlefield experiment be refined to Belarus and Ukraine?

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy 2 months ago +7

    Smart move to make those fighting a proxy war against Russia think.

    • Craig
      Craig 2 months ago

      When the Ukraine invade Russia they will have to get their mates to lauch on their own homeland.

  • Joker
    Joker 2 months ago +1

    If the cabal in the Kremlin had any sense they'd pursue a realistic peaceful solution ASAP

  • Thomas T. Love Jensen
    Thomas T. Love Jensen 2 months ago

    The nuclear bombs goes to Belarus. The lovers to Switzerland

  • -Doggy-
    -Doggy- 2 months ago +23

    I bet the people of Belarus are happy about this

    • Alessandro Vittorini
      Alessandro Vittorini 2 months ago +9

      Like people in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands who have American nukes.

    • Linke Loetje
      Linke Loetje 2 months ago +6

      @Alessandro Vittorini I am Dutch and I love those nukes but the population of Belarus is not as happy as I am since they don´t like Pootin as much as Russians would like to.

    • Alessandro Vittorini
      Alessandro Vittorini 2 months ago +1

      @Linke Loetje I am italian and I don't like those nukes at all. So for people in Belarus is probably the same, some are happy and some are not.

    • Joshua Adams
      Joshua Adams 2 months ago

      @Alessandro Vittorini I bet Ukraine would like nukes.

    • Alessandro Vittorini
      Alessandro Vittorini 2 months ago +1

      @Joshua Adams Not the Eastern part of Ukraine, they have been fighting for 8 years to be independent from the pro nato government.

  • Sam El Mourad
    Sam El Mourad 2 months ago +2

    Apparently it’s not relevant if they are deployed closer to there targets 😂

  • Dushyant Chahal
    Dushyant Chahal 2 months ago +74

    Headline should be : Russian shovels deployed in belarus

    • Kiki Devine
      Kiki Devine 2 months ago +3

      Khulyo, khulyo it's off to Belarus we go; with a bucket and spade, half a hand grenade, Khulyo, Khulyo, Khulyo

    • Joel Miller
      Joel Miller 2 months ago +17

      But those shovels works wonders against fully armed Ukrainians isn't?. 😐😆

    • Dushyant Chahal
      Dushyant Chahal 2 months ago +6

      @Joel Miller they will work wonder against Nato

    • CommercialVehicle
      CommercialVehicle 2 months ago +3

      @Dushyant Chahal Digging their own grave ??

  • Owen
    Owen 2 months ago

    Episode 238 in Russia's "don't forget we have nukes" show. Keep moving them around Vlad, they need exercise

  • Jake R
    Jake R 2 months ago +3

    Only Russia is constantly bringing up the subject of nukes because it has increasingly less and less cards to play. It's a sign of weakness.

    • G Goog
      G Goog 2 months ago +3

      idk man, the whole west is fighting Russia and there is 1 undeniable fact that trumps all other statements on the war

  • usun_current
    usun_current 2 months ago +1

    Those are short range tactical nukes with Islander 600km range it's extremely relevant to attack Western Ukraine. Russia cannot launch from Kaliningrad towards Ukraine through NATO Poland.

  • blutoe654
    blutoe654 2 months ago +18

    One thing sky is good at is laughs, news however oh dear.

  • Scarlett UwU
    Scarlett UwU 2 months ago +1

    The other thing that putin could be looking to do is to just annex Belarus as a type of consolation prize since they won’t be able to win in Ukraine (and will in fact lose what they stole in 2014)

  • FlyWithMe666
    FlyWithMe666 2 months ago +14

    2:39 So, are these 1.600 the T-55 we’ve already seen and soon T-34? 😮

    • Ron Smith
      Ron Smith 2 months ago +1

      Russia only has a handful of T-34s that they got from Laos for victory day celebrations, they arent going to be used.

    • Ryan Dunevant
      Ryan Dunevant 2 months ago +1

      They are T90 production numbers. They are a little low. Russian were producing 20 t90’s a month in one factory prewar. They have a total of 3 factories now producing 200 T90’s a month. It does not including the retrofitting of t80’s or T72’s. His information contradicts ORYX and other pro Ukrainian sources.

    • Ryan Dunevant
      Ryan Dunevant 2 months ago

      @Karl there are very limited engagements of tank on tank battles. Most are used as field guns and 98% of either sides kills are from precision artillery hits. Every tank has weak armor on the tops hence the effectiveness of the NLAW and javelin.

    • 77vladus
      77vladus 2 months ago

      ​@Ryan Dunevant In present, Russia got a factory production 1000 per month. Factory base in Siberia. If someone thinks can win the war? Hmmm ???

    • Ryan Dunevant
      Ryan Dunevant 2 months ago

      @Karl just like the Abrams, challenger, and the leopard they have to be deployed En mass to compliment eachother. The media even brings this up. Even the Ukrainians are doing this with the few western tanks they received. The only difference is they need 1,000’s of western tanks but we only make(retrofit) 24 Abrams tanks a year. The Russians created the 2nd army corp which they are equipping with all new modern equipment. The old equipment is sitting in storage rusting away so they are using them to get by until the 2nd army corp can be deployed around May or June in the dry season. All of this information is open sourced and can be found with in minutes from reputable sources on Google.

    MERSIFULL WOLF 2 months ago +6

    When Lukashenko is deposed, then Belarus would be wise to keep those nukes 😊😊

  • Gary Printy
    Gary Printy 2 months ago +3

    Based on Russian performance in Ukraine it is highly unlikely Russian Missles could hit any targets

    • Jasraj Sandhu
      Jasraj Sandhu 2 months ago

      Yeah, they will hit

    • kye
      kye 2 months ago +1

      @Jasraj Sandhu most of them have rotted away

  • lih7info
    lih7info 2 months ago

    Moving into place is a sign to use

  • jack lancaster
    jack lancaster 2 months ago +6

    the fact the american say there is no risk makes me think there probably is 😂

  • Norman Graham
    Norman Graham 2 months ago +1

    I though they were already there !!!!

  • Gerri Staples
    Gerri Staples 2 months ago +18

    I thought Lukachenko let the cat out of the bag and said they had already got nukes a few months ago! 🤷🏻‍♀🤷🏻‍♀

    • popeyepanther
      popeyepanther 2 months ago +5

      They've had nuclear weapons for the last 20 years......

  • Raul Calvo
    Raul Calvo 2 months ago

    Oddly enough Putler announced that they are installing nukes in Belarus because Lukashenko wanted it very hard but is Putler alone who makes the announcement.

  • Suraimu
    Suraimu 2 months ago +1

    About as significant as the damp box of fireworks I have in my shed.

  • Robert Olweny
    Robert Olweny 2 months ago +7

    Bogus Sean, again!!! I guess as long as he gets his pay checks, that all that should matter, no? 😊

  • antonio703
    antonio703 2 months ago

    The US, which is not a European country, has nuclear weapons in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy (aside from Turkey, which borders Russia). While Russia does not have nuclear weapons in any European country, much less in America.

  • Next Gen GTA
    Next Gen GTA  2 months ago

    They could blow the world up 3 times over he said… lovely

  • Hordeum7
    Hordeum7 2 months ago +8

    Russia: trying not to mention nukes for 60 seconds
    Also Russia: fails to do so

  • Jimbo Jimbo
    Jimbo Jimbo 2 months ago

    If I had a woman that loved me the way Belarus loves Russia I’d be smitten

  • SagittariusA*
    SagittariusA* 2 months ago +2

    Sleepwalking into WW3 😂😂😂

  • Rust Shoo
    Rust Shoo 2 months ago +37

    That photo of Luk and Put together, they’re like Laurel and Hardy.

    • Brian
      Brian 2 months ago +2

      I always see an Orc and an Orca.

    • Ryan Gledhill
      Ryan Gledhill 2 months ago +1

      I just see Hitler and Mussolini and we all know what happened to them.

    • Rust Shoo
      Rust Shoo 2 months ago

      Be warned. Chaos is coming.

    • Brian
      Brian 2 months ago

      @Ryan Gledhill I can see that!

  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee 2 months ago +2

    Putin to Lukashenka: "Hold my poop bag"

  • Alan Gordon
    Alan Gordon 2 months ago +9

    They’ve always been there .

  • D V
    D V 2 months ago

    2:40 1600 brand new MBT in 2023? even if the russians are using T62Ms as a mesure to free up modern MBTs to the front the russians can only produce 130 per year and repair maybe twice but no more unless they are installing outdated equipment or rebuying it from previous sales.

  • An Namhaid
    An Namhaid 2 months ago +9

    Thanks again Sean Bell. I really enjoy your regular BS analysis of the war.

  • Lawrence Mitchell
    Lawrence Mitchell 2 months ago

    I thought those weapons were already in Belarus 🤷.

  • ZEN Bell
    ZEN Bell 2 months ago

    the similar significance as US nukes in Holland or Belgium

  • Jocksaphrenia
    Jocksaphrenia 2 months ago +4

    Don’t worry, this is only Russian shovel-rattling. 😀