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The Big Game S2 ♠️ E26 ♠️ Tony G Time! Hellmuth berated ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Jan 21, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • In the last week of the Big game the Loose Cannon takes on (among others) poker legends Phil Hellmuth and Tony G... However, they might be a bit too busy needling eachother...
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Comments • 907

  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  2 years ago +147

    Team Hellmuth or team Tony G?

  • Binary Ruffian
    Binary Ruffian Year ago +300

    It never fails, whenever Phil is getting ragged on, Daniel is somewhere nearby either giggling or egging it on

    • Ggoddkkiller
      Ggoddkkiller 5 months ago

      @Anticla If Phil was playing as aggressive as Tony he would loose all his money really. Tony reads cards way better than him and very rarely gets emotional, overall i would call Tony a much better player than Phil but his style is just terrible for tournaments. I think this is the reason behind their beef, Tony is a better poker player while Phil is a better tournament player. And that couch was really annoying i completely agreed to Tony about couch comments but overall definitely attacked him too much lol

    • Lynn Dragoman
      Lynn Dragoman 6 months ago

      @DC World i think the host is now divorced and of course phil is still married and winning tournaments.

    • DC World
      DC World 6 months ago

      @Lynn Dragoman No doubt he's one of the better tourney players he's got the bracelets to prove it. But it's sad how I grew up watching him talk smack to amature players who would have gotten kicked out, or gotten a penalty if they had talked like that to him.
      And Daniel ended up marrying the host so I think in life he won. I've seen Daniel on shows like high stakes poker get frustrated over running insanely unlucky. More unlucky than Phil has on this show. But he didn't go after the player who won, or like Phil did last time, start going after the dealer.

    • Alexander Kings
      Alexander Kings 6 months ago

      @Anticla Hellmuth just lost to the nuts with two pair TWICE and once in the very first hand, how in earth isn't that the ugliest luck ever.

    • Lynn Dragoman
      Lynn Dragoman 6 months ago

      @Bella yep Brian Russels mother

  • VegasLoungeAct
    VegasLoungeAct 2 years ago +432

    I would watch any reality show that paired up Hellmuth & Tony G. Make them a team on Amazing Race or something.

    • smallGentles
      smallGentles 9 months ago

      SAME! lol

    • k grant
      k grant 10 months ago

      Big brother

    • Matty Bhoy
      Matty Bhoy 11 months ago

      Survivor lol

    • Cheyne Hill
      Cheyne Hill Year ago

      100% . I usually hate this kinda stuff - reality tv, drama along friends, etc. But the way Phil and Tony bicker is really interesting. I also think this sort of thing happening all the time to Phil circa 2010 has made him a better player today, especially in cash games

    • Tyeler Uelk
      Tyeler Uelk Year ago


  • Peter Lopez
    Peter Lopez 3 years ago +445

    Tony really knows how to push Phil's buttons 😂

    • Colby Walker
      Colby Walker 11 months ago

      It’s basically a super power at this point

    • Ringo Fasho
      Ringo Fasho Year ago

      I'm pretty sure Phil's buttons are permanently pressed

    • Josh Springmeyer
      Josh Springmeyer Year ago

      I don’t care what anybody says Phil has ran terrible in tv cash games and yes I know he can play fishy at times.

    • Raymond Coolidge
      Raymond Coolidge Year ago +1

      @Matthew Kulp Phil was getting dumped on by Tony G this whole show lol. Tony G definitely is getting to him, it’s clear as day, even Dnegs and his coach said it. Tony G also has the higher net worth and plays so much better than Phil. Phil is washed.

    • Matthew Kulp
      Matthew Kulp 2 years ago +1

      @Words I can tell you're very new to poker, you're stating obvious factors all player face. Also, Phil is still winning, and at a high lever, most notably won his 15th bracelet in 2018 and 12 WSOP cashes in 2019.

  • D J
    D J Year ago +137

    The hands Tony G gets against Phill is insane. Cant stop laughing flopping the nuts againts Phil

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 2 years ago +147

    85% of the viewers love to see Tony make Phil go full tilt...

  • Doppe1ganger
    Doppe1ganger 3 years ago +227

    Tony is so good, who else can get that much value out of Hellmuth having second pair.

    • Andre Santos
      Andre Santos Year ago +2

      @Gutzz Gutzz not luck, actually Phils unwillingness to lay down hands, bad low bet decisions, and Tony's agressiveness (getting to see about 80% of the flops), obviously the more flops you are allowed to see, the more chances you have of being "lucky"..

    • Kupferdrahtful lol
      Kupferdrahtful lol Year ago +2

      S Tra was a terrible call by hellmuth, thought a great reader like him could tell how strong Tony was

    • Dudley
      Dudley 2 years ago +15

      No one. Only Tony G can do this.

    • Robert Larsson
      Robert Larsson 2 years ago +10

      @Gutzz Gutzz Not much luck at all.

    • Gutzz Gutzz
      Gutzz Gutzz 2 years ago +8

      Yeah but I swear he gets lucky on TV constantly especially against Phil. I know hes a great player and very aggressive but damn he gets lucky alot.

  • Fromage
    Fromage 2 years ago +53

    Tony G vs. Phil Hellmuth is one of the greatest rivalries of all time.

  • Spencer Bradley
    Spencer Bradley 2 years ago +680

    If Tony were abusing a quiet, nice person, he’d be despicable.
    But given the fact that he usually berates people like Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow, it’s actually pretty entertaining.

    • Puss Dest toyer
      Puss Dest toyer Year ago

      He was pretty mean to Robl

    • Joe Geisel
      Joe Geisel Year ago +2

      Tong G has no class that's for sure and I don't respect him for it at all but it's entertainment

    • Elyas Toohey
      Elyas Toohey 2 years ago

      S Tra lol, I’m a young player

    • Elyas Toohey
      Elyas Toohey 2 years ago

      S Tra yeah that’s the point.
      It seems to be some old school card room casino thing.
      You blame the guy who dealt the cards for how they came out.
      I’m sure they don’t actually blame the dealer. But the dealer is the scapegoat and the embodiment of the luck of the draw.
      Young players just know it’s the cards.
      It’s not the guy who is often only making a bit above minimum wage, who deals cards in the procedure the casino/card room has dictated.
      I mean in my country it is illegal to tip a dealer,
      They make about $30 an hour, minimum wage is $20 here.
      They are also barred from gambling where they work.
      The older guys here blame the dealer. Young people just look disappointed and move on.

    • Elyas Toohey
      Elyas Toohey 2 years ago +2

      @333Tonberry so has hellmuth.
      It’s more or less, like cracking at luck. The dealer just gets scapegoated.
      I think it’s low, but it’s something old school players tend to do.
      Some trope from like 30 years ago and beyond.
      Young players don’t do that.
      No one under 50 does.

  • Homeless Partridge
    Homeless Partridge Year ago +59

    Cop: “I’ve been dealing with liars and thieves for 30 years.”
    Interviewer: “how is that gonna help you?”
    Cop: “like I said, I’ve been dealing with liars and thieves for 30 years.”

  • Mike Calhoun
    Mike Calhoun Year ago +12

    Tony G is a TV LEGEND! Get this man his own poker stream in the modern day.

  • TheKopakah
    TheKopakah 2 years ago +48

    6:53 the fact that Daniel was following all that makes me so happy

  • Kiet Lai
    Kiet Lai Year ago +7

    This is the best episode hand down. I cant stop watching and laughing.

  • Lester Green
    Lester Green Year ago +3

    Those two together are hilarious and entertaining. I understand why Phil gets so much hate but I love watching him play

  • Wilhelm Dietz
    Wilhelm Dietz Year ago +3

    This is such a great show, please bring this back Pokerstars. I wanna get a shot at this, too 😜

  • Ricard AB
    Ricard AB 2 years ago +11

    That first hand is LEGENDARY 😂 WELCOME to the GAME !!!

  • Lang Chauvin
    Lang Chauvin 2 years ago +8

    Tony G is the antidote for PH's sarcasm. Awesome guy, he makes up the show. 👍

  • Symbol :-)
    Symbol :-) Year ago +3

    Tony is hilarious, one of my favorite poker players, He has good mind games.

  • shees khalid
    shees khalid 2 years ago +154

    Phil: do you ever stop?
    Tony: yea, once you are out

  • EdyK69
    EdyK69 2 years ago +14

    Tony G and Phill is pure comedy

  • Ironman Baller
    Ironman Baller Year ago +17

    Can we just get tony g and Phil playing on tv for 6hrs lol

  • berginc4
    berginc4 2 years ago +16

    This is the most entertaining session so far...

  • Stan the Man
    Stan the Man Year ago +1

    TonyG just kills me. I wouldn't want to be on the end of his stick while losing, but as an observer he is hilarious.

  • Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!!

    I love that the round starts and Tony immediately goes after him...hahahaha immediately

  • Bari Izlam
    Bari Izlam 2 years ago +7

    Hachem is a classy guy! Tony G and Phil Hellmuth goin' at each other is absolute entertainment! Thanks guys @Pokerstars

  • Din Djarin
    Din Djarin 2 years ago +8

    This gotta be the most entertaining couple ever

  • Aztec Warrior
    Aztec Warrior Year ago +2

    I think I watched this episode about 5 times and I cannot get tired of it. 😅

    • ZGT
      ZGT Year ago

      @Hanma Yujiro same

    • Hanma Yujiro
      Hanma Yujiro Year ago

      I watched this episode about 50 times it`s an epic. better then movie

  • J W
    J W Year ago +3

    Absolutely love Tony G he is the best poker personality everrrrrrr

  • FN LN
    FN LN Year ago +6

    10 years later Phil, and its still over 10% that like to watch tonyG needle you.
    At the same time we love to see tonyG get put on his own bike.

  • Ocean Grove
    Ocean Grove 2 years ago +102

    The whole reason why tony g was going at phil so hard at the time was because phil was doing a slew of interviews saying how he is not only easily the best but the rest of the professional poker players aren't as smart nor as good as he is. Tony, being a natural instigator and already having past issues with phil really started going hard on him after that. I don't see tony as the instigator here, I see him as someone who is standing up to a notorious bully and clowning him. He even says it in previous games, "as a family man and a person I have the most respect for you, this is just a game." And you have to admit, someone who talks nonstop about being the greatest poker player showing up with a coach? Theres something ironic about that

    • Peter Bee
      Peter Bee 7 months ago

      Tony is a much of a bully as Phil. So that's pretty ironic.

    • Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!!
      Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! 10 months ago +1

      @Jared Ott I still read it bro, thanks for the heads up!

    • Jared Ott
      Jared Ott 10 months ago +1

      @Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!! Ik this is comment is a year old but Tony G is playing again. PGT Italy this weekend if you’re interested.

    • william owens
      william owens Year ago

      Perfect assessment

    • william owens
      william owens Year ago

      You nailed it

  • Buckeye Pilot
    Buckeye Pilot Year ago +30

    LOVE how Jennifer Tilley always brings "the girls" to play.

    • Ragnar6000
      Ragnar6000 4 months ago +1

      its a great game play... how could they concentrate!

  • Denzel KINGSTAR
    Denzel KINGSTAR 2 years ago +8

    Tony G knows what he’s doing . Poker legend

    • Michelle R
      Michelle R 2 years ago

      Denzel KINGSTAR legend?? Not by a long shot.

  • Yeoman Adventures
    Yeoman Adventures 10 months ago +3

    When Tony G. said, "Imagine if every NBA player had a coach that told them how to play." I fully lost it lol... hey Tony every single NBA player has a coach telling them how to play... too funny

    • Look
      Look 2 months ago

      😂😂😂 I was dying at this too!

  • Smood47
    Smood47 2 years ago +2

    The luck Tony had against Hellmuth is fucking insane.

  • Jake Moosbally
    Jake Moosbally Year ago +3

    I love watching Tony G get Phil Hellmuth on tilt it’s one of the main reasons I watch the big game

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin 3 months ago

    i haven't gotten to it yet but I'm looking forward to seeing the "no look" for a third time 😂 that was f'ed but it's absolutely hilarious. if it was anyone but ph he'd be the biggest villain in poker lol.

  • Zedek
    Zedek 6 months ago

    Ken doing well. He played that last hand carefully and while it didn't work out this time, it I think it's a good play in the long run.

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 2 years ago +5

    Damn that A9 vs Ak hand with Tilley made me laugh so much

  • Cruce Entertainment

    The first hand. All the way to the river, and Phil is confident in his pair of JACKS!!

  • Marc J.
    Marc J. 4 months ago

    Tony G is so entertaining

  • Subvertgenoc
    Subvertgenoc Year ago +1

    Hellmuth had it right. The Tony G show is fun to watch

  • jack mack
    jack mack 2 years ago +6

    'Do you ever stop, Tony?' 'I do.' 'Really?' 'Once you are out' .... I love these two on the same table.

  • Christopher Coupland
    Christopher Coupland 2 years ago +8

    I wanna see Tony G and Will Kassouf at a table together

  • D F
    D F 2 years ago +683

    Tony G looks like a grown-up Jake from 'Two & a half men'

    SCRATCHING FOR CASH 10 months ago +1

    Nothing more I like watching than Phil getting needled. Absolutely love the eruptions!!!

  • Robert Weeks
    Robert Weeks 2 years ago +14

    Tony G is hilarious. Helluth has no answer for him lol

  • dhghg
    dhghg Year ago

    Tony immediately puts his foot on Phil's neck and applies pressure.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 10 months ago +1

    Tony G vs Phil makes for great TV. Tony G is hilarious!!!

  • -Chris-
    -Chris- 2 months ago

    “Drifting away into retirement” 😂 12:49

  • Matthew
    Matthew Year ago +3

    Lol best opening hand ever. Phil in complete silence! XD

  • DannyECDUB
    DannyECDUB 3 years ago +44

    All the poker shows bringing out highlights containing tony G. FEEL MY POWAH!

  • To Pe
    To Pe 2 years ago +3

    Yes Hellmuth is a subpar Cashgame player at this level but there is no denying that Tony has been ridiculously lucky too especially in this session.

    • Colby Walker
      Colby Walker 11 months ago

      Tony g is a great cash player and Phil is just awful. And Tony’s style is not good for tourneys which is why he doesn’t do good in them, Phil is the best tournament player there is. That’s why Ivey has helmuth beat though. He’s just a little below helmuth for tourneys but way ahead of him in cash games.

  • Bit2Brain
    Bit2Brain Year ago +2

    6:25-6:55 Tony G smashing Phil yet again. Damn entertaining.

  • maliant16
    maliant16 2 years ago +10

    If you start to feel bad for Phil just look up Phil Hellmuth berating players and you will find a truckload of evidence of him trash talking novice players. Phil doesn’t like to take on a bully his own size and Tony knows it.

  • UniCowBoy Slots and More
    UniCowBoy Slots and More  7 months ago +2

    If you guys didn’t know, Hellmuth’s coach, Layne Flack died 7/19/21. He had 6 WSOP bracelets

  • Avi craft
    Avi craft 2 years ago +17

    Tony G: Play good honest poker
    Tony G: I did not look at my cards

  • smallGentles
    smallGentles 9 months ago

    How can you not love Tony G for poking at Phil so hard. Honestly.

  • Vov Markov
    Vov Markov Year ago +4

    Phils coach lol what a legend

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +1

    tony g gauged the cannons temperament in one hand, then lied when he said he shouldnt have called. he was thinking "i should have raised cuz this guy doesnt have the heart or commitment"
    mans a legend

  • AKQJIO1978
    AKQJIO1978 Year ago +1

    Hellmuth play cards and Tony G play POKER and i LOVE it!

  • Silent Knight 47
    Silent Knight 47 Year ago +6

    Tony G is savage lol 😂

  • Quang Le
    Quang Le Year ago +4

    What a wonderful life Phil Laak has.
    Run extremely good in cash games and even better in the bedroom.

  • Stephen SIrrôk Sandarado

    I’m one of the 10% that likes to see tony g kick Phil while he’s down LOL gives me a great chuckle :)

  • Björn
    Björn Year ago +1

    The commentary is gold 🤣

  • Muddy Poppins’                TRACKMASTER UNiVERSE

    Yes Phil…WE ♥️ Tony G!!!
    ♥️ ♣️ ♦️ ♠️

  • David Lilja
    David Lilja Year ago +15

    -Do you ever stop Tony?
    -I do
    -Once you’re out

  • DJQuan718
    DJQuan718 2 years ago +19

    "There you go hes gonna make a move out of position again" 😂

  • Joel Lundqvist
    Joel Lundqvist 3 years ago +4

    Never thought I'd say this but I actually feel bad for Phil, so unlucky lmao

  • T W
    T W 2 years ago +4

    Amazing pokers by Jennifer Tilly. She really drew a top pair. What an incredible full house. Feel like i'm right there in the game and i've drawn a deuce jack-offset.

    • Tabs
      Tabs 2 years ago +1

      Conker Donkey there were 3 loose cannons this episode

  • Gabriel Orso
    Gabriel Orso 9 months ago

    Phil has that classic Golden age cinema voice

  • Mantas Girdvainis
    Mantas Girdvainis 8 months ago

    "His coach be jumping up and down" 💀

  • Luka Milas
    Luka Milas Year ago +8

    Tony G should’ve just tipped the dealer and left the table after Phil Hellmuth busted out 😂

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 2 years ago +1

    I never thought I'd like a poker player less than Phil Hellmuth. Tony G just convinced me.

  • Milo Batanjski
    Milo Batanjski 2 years ago +6

    Tony G is my hero, smack talk should happen more in poker.

  • Marco B
    Marco B 2 years ago +2

    Tony G is just so entertaining. Today's poker is so freaken boring.

  • Diana Eggen
    Diana Eggen 3 years ago +6

    Tony G you rock,. Taking on Phil. Makes my day,. Carry on

  • Brutimus Khan
    Brutimus Khan Year ago +25

    Tilly always has such a nice set of.... pairs...

  • Buffalo Cars
    Buffalo Cars Year ago

    28:35 when he flopped the nuts i literally lold😂😂😂

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith Year ago

    Like he said tho... He keeps it on the table not off the table... I respect that.

  • David Dubinsky
    David Dubinsky 2 years ago +3

    this was the best show!

  • Mac
    Mac 2 years ago

    31:23 Dude is so lucky should have just played the whole pot

  • 88mphDrBrown
    88mphDrBrown Year ago +3

    "I think you're embarrassing yourself by not reloading, your fans are disgusted."🤣🤣

  • dddd
    dddd 3 years ago +31

    Welcome to the Tony G Show!

  • Conor Kruse
    Conor Kruse Year ago

    That hand with tilly and Tony g was straight up baller by Tony g. Straight up just stole 20 gs

  • JWReichert
    JWReichert 2 years ago +1

    Tony is right..hiring a coach is a disgrace like Phil did.

  • djamo1969
    djamo1969 2 years ago +109

    Came here for the inevitable “But Jennifer Tilley always has top pair” comment and didn’t find one. Up your game, people! This is all I have during COVID! LOL

  • OA
    OA 2 years ago +1

    That first hand. Hellmuth the goat lol

  • Brian Burnside
    Brian Burnside Year ago

    Phil: "Do you ever stop Tony?"
    Tony: "I do....once you're out."

  • Jman
    Jman Year ago +21

    Tilly the queen of inappropriate questions
    1. Asks if he's killed anyone
    2. Would he shoot someone at a poker table
    2. If he hosts poker games
    3. Which player he likes the best at the table
    Cmon Jen

    • Joe Yost
      Joe Yost Year ago +3

      @Brother Dalton she’s not that smart lmfao

    • Brother Dalton
      Brother Dalton Year ago +1

      She was trying to throw him off

  • Bangs8
    Bangs8 2 years ago +2

    Has Phil Hellmuth ever won a game of poker?

  • padam19
    padam19 3 years ago +162

    6:25 Welcome to the game!

    • Sam I am
      Sam I am 2 years ago +2

      he called 15,000.00 and then 50,000.00 with a pair of jacks????? he deserved that........................

    • Marlon Carrillo
      Marlon Carrillo 2 years ago +1

      is the best of tony g

  • skullz3505
    skullz3505 2 years ago +3

    That moment when hellmouth says other players get out of line and he insults everyone when he loses

  • svenproud
    svenproud 7 months ago +1

    07:00 "he had KQ"... "I bet he didnt even had that." hahahahahaha DNegs on point RIP the coach

  • AceKing
    AceKing 2 years ago

    The infamous hand. This is such a wet board that I don’t believe Phil didn’t know to run this once?!

  • Wenjie
    Wenjie 4 months ago +1

    28:22 is my favorite hand lmao

  • AnIdiotPlaysPoker

    Holy smokes, Tony G is gunning for Phil. It is uncomfortable to watch, but at the same time, I can't turn away. Normally, Phil is the ass at the table, but Tony is showing his.

  • c0deyy cooks
    c0deyy cooks 2 years ago +1

    How does Phil not punch tony 😂

  • Roy Henson
    Roy Henson 2 years ago +4

    This is such a herd table for the loose cannon with Tony G & Hellmuth arguing..

  • Heimo Kraxner
    Heimo Kraxner Year ago

    Phil should never ever talk about how someones behavior on the poker table! He is more than anyone out off line!

  • Fred Kahl
    Fred Kahl 10 months ago

    Fantastic game.