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The End of Logan Paul... | The Night Shift

  • Published on Aug 3, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we continue our journey towards insanity in madrid, ibiza, barcelona, and dubai, plus logan coughs up a lung, i pull off one of the most dangerous stunts in night shift history, some stuff happens that we unfortunately can't show you, and david puts his german to good use, finally.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Norris
    Norris 9 months ago +1144

    Mike out here doing his thing, respect. Congrats on both yours and logans success

    • Harrison
      Harrison 3 months ago +1

      Jesus loves you

    • Kcc K
      Kcc K 7 months ago

      @BRYCVA are you really that sad in life you only want to see another man eat a burger? how do you not enjoy seeing other countries, women, cars, etc??

    • Popcorn
      Popcorn 9 months ago +1


    • Norris
      Norris 9 months ago +7

      @BRYCVA didnt know mikes only content hes ever allowed to post is burger reviews lmao. man is out here living life, let him do what he wants to do.

    • BRYCVA
      BRYCVA 9 months ago +12

      Doing his thing ??? We haven’t seen a god damn burger review with real passion in god knows when.

  • Phil Hardcore
    Phil Hardcore 9 months ago +267

    Thanks for having Marc with you. He is the nicest guy on earth and deserves everything he gets for his massive hustle :) Thumps up

  • Davide
    Davide 9 months ago +142

    Marc you're the guy who knows how to get you the impossible. The Watch Guy

  • Mike Rollins
    Mike Rollins 9 months ago +12

    You're the man Mike. Nice to see someone come up from the grind and make it. You deserve it, respect!

  • Marc Gebauer
    Marc Gebauer 9 months ago +7652

    Thx for having me 😃💙 it was a pleasure meeting you guys

    • Bro
      Bro Month ago


    • Harrison
      Harrison 3 months ago

      @Markus Brose Jesus loves you

    • Harrison
      Harrison 3 months ago

      @no name Jesus loves you

    • Harrison
      Harrison 3 months ago

      Jesus loves you

    • Bejo Ben
      Bejo Ben 9 months ago

      Mac der Boss

  • Solomon Zive
    Solomon Zive 9 months ago +443

    Mike is the only Clip-Sharer that makes interesting sponsor adds.

  • nic cole
    nic cole 9 months ago +261

    LOL Mike doing a "flip" off the boat looked more like the mob throwing a dead body into the river.

    • Nhlanhla Smallz
      Nhlanhla Smallz Month ago +2

      LMAO BROO, I keep coming back to that very same clip

    • PvP
      PvP 9 months ago +5


    • J.A.W L.I.G
      J.A.W L.I.G 9 months ago +6


  • Spiitze
    Spiitze 9 months ago +486

    They seemed really detached from reality when they were complaining about a paid for private flight to Ibiza. low key mocking the guy for trying to make them feel more comfortable about flying.

    • BLAIZE
      BLAIZE 9 months ago +5

      one of y’all should look up the Aaliyah story and understand why the private jet situation albeit dramatic and the seeming epitome of “first world problems” is lowkey a totally valid concern

    • Bronson Allen
      Bronson Allen 9 months ago +2

      ok sure dude

    • bEARDET
      bEARDET 9 months ago +13

      I know the pilot, his a really nice guy. And i know he thinks this is funny ;)

    • Kishlay Ancharaz
      Kishlay Ancharaz 9 months ago +23

      It’s called humour ever heard of it

    • Sneakyneek
      Sneakyneek 9 months ago +19

      Dude I was thinking the exact same.

  • Grant DeWitt
    Grant DeWitt 9 months ago +201

    Them complaining abt the plane is prime example of shit you take for granted when your rich 🤣👌🏻

    • J T
      J T 9 months ago +2

      I swear to god hahaha still was comedy tho

  • Tim Roscher
    Tim Roscher 9 months ago

    Ur vlogs are the best mike 💪🏻keep it up 🤘🏻

  • Dylan and Jackson
    Dylan and Jackson 9 months ago

    Love ur vids mike u all keep ur heads up. U gonna keep doing big things

  • jennifer tanian
    jennifer tanian 9 months ago +2

    Mike your content is becoming better everyday, keep up the good work bro👍👍👍

  • That’s Life
    That’s Life 9 months ago +1

    Amazing content mike keep living it up

  • Ramzy
    Ramzy 9 months ago +8

    As someone suffering from treatment resistant Major depression & PTSD, I really like Mike and his personality/content. Cheers brotha

  • Vedant Sawant
    Vedant Sawant 9 months ago

    Honestly, I wanted this vlog to continue for the rest of my life

  • omgurheadsgone
    omgurheadsgone 9 months ago +31

    9:26 - does anyone know what’s going on here? What are they in trouble for?

    • Pappa Bear
      Pappa Bear Month ago

      Likley left over drugs from a night out detected by customs...
      vape??? 🤣🤣🤦 why would they never be able to talk about that?

    • Chophouse On da track
      Chophouse On da track 5 months ago +1

      I’m guessing they brought vapes into the country I know it’s illegal to vape in Dubai that’s just a guess though

    • Jacob F
      Jacob F 9 months ago +1

      @omgurheadsgone he says we're at customs in the beginning lol

    • omgurheadsgone
      omgurheadsgone 9 months ago

      @Jacob F how do you know this is about customs?

    • Jacob F
      Jacob F 9 months ago +1

      Customs is essentially monitoring what flows in and out of a country and checking what people possess; idk what happened but the middle east is very strict on bringing illegal things in the country

  • Ahmed ALameen
    Ahmed ALameen 9 months ago

    Keep going mike i love your content

  • Dario Kesegi
    Dario Kesegi 9 months ago +354

    Ok Can some1 tell Logan that he has Clip-Share channel?

  • Nathan Hood
    Nathan Hood 9 months ago +341

    *Flying in a mediocre PRIVATE JET *
    Everybody: How can we survive

    • HydrateYourPup
      HydrateYourPup 9 months ago

      @Ersdart Studios no cap that's just 1 of many many private jet plane crashes

    • Ersdart Studios
      Ersdart Studios 9 months ago +1

      Those things can get really dangers, just look at what happened to Travis baker.

  • Parker Turner
    Parker Turner 9 months ago +81

    After hearing Impaulsive I expected the plane y'all kept going on and on about to be a dumpster with wings.......... lol, maybe I'm just a poor peasant whose never experienced a private jet before....... but that plane would have been really nice to me hahaha

  • Kevin_Sweet
    Kevin_Sweet 9 months ago

    Great vid Mike, stay clocked in an looking out for the boys

  • Alisha Pearce
    Alisha Pearce 9 months ago

    Love the good content keep it up mate

  • DozaIsHere
    DozaIsHere 9 months ago +240

    Yo Mike keep this going man your in beast mode.

    • LeBrian
      LeBrian 9 months ago +1

      Why the guys seem so down and depressed? Logan clearly tired and doesnt want to be there. Mike keeps alluding to some drama all around. Its as if they are being forced to go to europe and fly on private jets, and chill on yachts against their will.

    • DozaIsHere
      DozaIsHere 9 months ago

      @CHEF CURRY I heard rumors about that spot. Dam Mikes a sicko lol

      CHEF CURRY 9 months ago +2

      FR FR And that hotel is amazing...., Omg😳🔥🔥and then flying on a G5🔥🔥come on man...., and I'm on Suboxone, I've been down that road Soo for Mike to overcome all that and be where he is now it's nothing but PROPS and RESPECT Mike🙌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💯💯💯‼

  • Max Mulm
    Max Mulm 9 months ago +149

    Ja woll der Marc Gebauer hat's geschafft Grüße gehen raus 👌🏻Einfach nur Schön

  • Brucester
    Brucester 9 months ago +3

    Wow. That’s incredible. It must be amazing being able to travel all over like that.

      CHIKOMAN 8 months ago

      Its a reality check, gets you thinking what the f*ck you're doing with your life!

  • Lil Chaos
    Lil Chaos 9 months ago +3

    Bro this episode brought me SUCH good vibes man being a small town stay at home dad. Keep living keep dreaming! 💯

  • Kingofswing Diaz
    Kingofswing Diaz 9 months ago

    Love your videos Mike , just wish they were longer

  • Henry OO
    Henry OO 9 months ago +10

    MARC!!!!! We love you! Happy about this collab.

  • Tara Dawn
    Tara Dawn 9 months ago +119

    Logan just falls more and more apart with each clip😂

  • Kier Lake
    Kier Lake 9 months ago

    Fair play to Mike for sending the flip I didn’t expect him to do it 😂

  • Tarif Al-Hakim
    Tarif Al-Hakim 9 months ago +1

    Mike passion for the vlogs different, you could tell he’s a real ass guy, mad respect for that ❤️💪

  • Lukas
    Lukas 9 months ago +2510

    einfach Mark, der internationale Boss

    • Exdienen Gudino
      Exdienen Gudino 9 months ago

      Der mit lazo einfach chillt

    • Exdienen Gudino
      Exdienen Gudino 9 months ago

      Komm garned drauf klar das Mark einfach vorkommt lol hahaha

    • Exdienen Gudino
      Exdienen Gudino 9 months ago

      Isso einfach Mark dabei der immer bei inscope21 dabei ist haha

    • Lukas
      Lukas 9 months ago

      @Jacob Beck Der Micheal Jordan des Uhrenverkaufes

    • Jacob Beck
      Jacob Beck 9 months ago +1

      nur Mark, der internationale Chef

  • Francisco Mandujano
    Francisco Mandujano 9 months ago

    I’m glad you made this vlog so I could see how those parts of the world look like and to kinda relate to the podcast.

  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas 9 months ago +11

    I hope you’ve expressed your gratitude and never ending thanks to Logan for making you who you are and getting you clout and money.

  • Raja Samra
    Raja Samra 9 months ago

    Please don’t ever change your intro Mike, its perfectly legendary.

  • Light Edits
    Light Edits 9 months ago +1

    so much crazy shit in one video you gotta make these longer 🔥

  • Diego Reyes
    Diego Reyes 9 months ago +309

    mike you can have the most shit week of your life and before you know it you’ll be having the best three weeks of your life! keep your head up g

    • assbalonkerful
      assbalonkerful 9 months ago

      you look like each half of the person who sang "suga suga"

    • Fayza xoxo
      Fayza xoxo 9 months ago +2

      I like this 👏

  • Thomas Mckunge
    Thomas Mckunge 9 months ago +2

    Mike is deadass funnier than people give him credit for . Man cracks me up

  • Austin so cool
    Austin so cool 9 months ago +42

    To the one person reading this: you’re a legend and adorable, stay safe!

  • Nic
    Nic 9 months ago

    Mike been on his shit, respect. Keep goin bossman 🦈

  • Britiny Rasnick
    Britiny Rasnick 4 months ago

    i cant stop laughing at mikes face when his jet ski got hit! lmao

  • Manuel Kortright
    Manuel Kortright 9 months ago

    Thanks Mike. You have built my confidence to do flips off boats haha

  • Florian M
    Florian M 9 months ago +2

    Its crazy how they spend so much money and seem so detached from reality and so unhappy while doing it.

  • Julie D
    Julie D 8 months ago

    This was a really good video! I liked seeing how much fun Mike and Logan were having. Loved the jokes and at the end Mike's laugh was so contagious. I have a feeling this was a trip they will never forget

  • Sasuke uchiha
    Sasuke uchiha 9 months ago

    Logan you just have to push on n keep push on for us we like seeing ur videos there the best videos ever on youtube

  • Bradley Clancy
    Bradley Clancy 9 months ago +1

    Mike you were great in this vlog dude didn't feel forced at all

  • Ilija Dimovski
    Ilija Dimovski 9 months ago

    Damn living life I wish I could do this traveling around the world. Someday hopefully

  • iupdate
    iupdate 9 months ago +481

    Ending was pretty epic ngl

    • Manimus
      Manimus 9 months ago +2

      bro i never would of figured sam watched the night shift

  • EpiCz
    EpiCz 9 months ago

    Keep it up love the vids.

  • Rickstar💯
    Rickstar💯 6 months ago

    You the man bruv 🍻

  • Matthew Schikkerling
    Matthew Schikkerling 9 months ago

    Mikes looking good😎 keep up the good work man❤️

  • Austin Palm
    Austin Palm 7 days ago

    Love the vlogs when you stop and start the next vlog at the same place

  • piyush joshi
    piyush joshi 9 months ago

    love the vlog 🙌
    i miss logan so much on youtube 😭

  • Andrew Fox
    Andrew Fox 9 months ago +12

    keep up the great content mike. always spreading an inspirational message.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 9 months ago +7

    Some people see this video as bragging
    But When I see this video
    It just inspires me to do this my self

  • Chad Covington
    Chad Covington 9 months ago +8

    Love how Tav was like “what if have two? because he owes me” 😂💀

  • Samriddh Sinha
    Samriddh Sinha 9 months ago +1

    Dude I've been a Logan Paul fan, a Maverick a Logangster whatever you want to call it for the last 4 years. The first half of 2021 belonged to Logan Paul, my man was everywhere WWE, songs, podcasts, and The Mayweather fight.
    After this I can see that he's clueless, and seeing him like this worries me a lot, I don't want him to go down. So I guess just lie 2018 he needs to get in the ring again.

  • imdaniellight
    imdaniellight 9 months ago

    Logan! Please take care of yourself ♥️

  • Asa Widdup
    Asa Widdup 9 months ago +7

    When you were describing the plane on the pod I expected a shed with actual propellors

  • WillyWonky
    WillyWonky 9 months ago

    Great to see Marc in your Vlog!!! Marc echt viel zu sympathisch. You need to shoot some more content with him!!!

  • Davo Flatts
    Davo Flatts 9 months ago

    Fuck man. I’d love to just visit one of those places. Work my fuckin ass of every day and can barely afford my mortgage. I love mike and his message but as someone who lives in Ct and went through all the same things he did it seems unattainable for me.

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 9 months ago +1

    Bro, someone has gotta check on Logan man and be there for him, he seems to be down a lot lately I mean idk if someone IS watching him but… seeing someone like that seemingly going through a rough time

  • Darien Turner
    Darien Turner 9 months ago +40

    ngl ur vids have been so on point lately and they’ve been helping me get through covid recovery so much easier thx bro

    • IShowSpeed
      IShowSpeed 9 months ago

      @Darien Turner I requested it

    • IShowSpeed
      IShowSpeed 9 months ago

      Can you give me your workout schedule

    • crypto JOR
      crypto JOR 9 months ago +1

      covid recxovery hahaha

  • Benfactor Brn
    Benfactor Brn 9 months ago +1

    Wish i had money and go on trips like this. Looks so insane

  • AFStudio
    AFStudio 9 months ago +26

    Logan looks like he partied since the Floyd fight and his body is just giving in

  • David Smeaton D.s
    David Smeaton D.s 9 months ago

    What a life these people live it’s inspiring

  • Reko Sanchez
    Reko Sanchez 9 months ago +2

    Mike living the best life 👍🏾

  • Max
    Max 9 months ago +1170

    Zu wild Marc einfach hier im Vlog zu sehen

  • Arnav Agarwal
    Arnav Agarwal 9 months ago

    You should turn this channel into a podcast Mike cause all you do in your vlogs is talk without doing anything fun

  • Ellis Callaghan
    Ellis Callaghan 9 months ago +3

    The fact I acc went back to watch the ad coz I knew Mike has that secret sauce that feeds into impaulsive into glory 🙌🏽

  • Alex Zartarian
    Alex Zartarian 9 months ago +3

    Best video ever!! The Night Shift should be a tv show.

  • Jessica Curtis
    Jessica Curtis 9 months ago

    So I just watched your video on inpaulsive, where you are the prey instead of predator and I mean that in the most since of that is just the first word that came to my head, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to your darkest times and days and express and explain things that haunt you SIMPLY hoping it can help people. And I cannot say how much of like you said that ONE person saying they had an Epiphany just literally warms your soul. And THE ENTIRE episode I feel I connect to you and like when you choked up I choked up when you got adrenaline I got adrenaline. I’m very empathetic for such a insane person lmao I don’t even know why I’m commenting I doubt you will ever see this but TWO YEARS I’ve not been on Clip-Share I have literally ONE video with one like and one dislike lmao that’s kinda my life yah take it or leave it lmao but almost as seeing your video made me literally sign back in and KNOW I’ve always known I’m special just fucking insane lmao it’s given me a motivation to comment on this and hope you see it. That video I connected to it almost like lucidly. Your very special mikeyyyyyy. Don’t know why I just wanna be like “ayyoooooo Mikey” like off the Goonies. Lol maybe you see it in me, I guess we’ll see.
    Peace.love.empathy 🤍🦋☯️

  • Edy Us
    Edy Us 9 months ago +181

    We need 2 nights shifts a week not once a month

    • Phoenix-King 77
      Phoenix-King 77 9 months ago +4

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs don’t respond ti every one. We just making jokes

    • Edy Us
      Edy Us 9 months ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs worth the wait tho 💪🏾

    • Lucas Palacio
      Lucas Palacio 9 months ago +3

      He posts once a week what you talking about.

    • Mike Majlak Vlogs
      Mike Majlak Vlogs  9 months ago +40

      i just posted!

  • Mithun Nair
    Mithun Nair 9 months ago +2

    The best part of the vlog was Mike's flip🔥😂❤️

  • Evan Boardman
    Evan Boardman 9 months ago +17

    When Logan said “You wanna battle for land?”
    I lost it😂

  • Nick Martinelli
    Nick Martinelli 9 months ago

    All jokes aside, I met Logan in Vegas last year and he was the coolest dude, love how he treats fans

  • Brice Rocha
    Brice Rocha 9 months ago

    Drinking and hanging with the boys is always the best, and then gettin some after is cherry on top

  • yoboiKFC_eater ?
    yoboiKFC_eater ? 9 months ago +3

    yo thanks for being one of the best youtubers i look forward to your videos every week

  • Dank Lord
    Dank Lord 9 months ago +1

    Hey MIKE your a legend for that front flip!!

  • Parth Rajpal
    Parth Rajpal 9 months ago

    Such a great vlog mike 😊😀

  • Young Laflame
    Young Laflame 9 months ago

    I hope I'll make it out one day like you Mike

  • Gray
    Gray 9 months ago +55

    “here is stuff we can’t usually talk about”… shows us literally nothing

    • Peezy Reid
      Peezy Reid 9 months ago

      @TheBuzzPlug my guess is that maybe they got caught with something illegal at the airport

    • TheBuzzPlug
      TheBuzzPlug 9 months ago +1

      So if anyone has an idea I’d love to hear it

    • TheBuzzPlug
      TheBuzzPlug 9 months ago +2

      I’m so confused on what was going on

    • andy morff
      andy morff 9 months ago

      He said a hint

    • Erin Lozada
      Erin Lozada 9 months ago


  • Jesse Lane
    Jesse Lane 9 months ago +2

    Keep vlogging!!!

  • zooz
    zooz 9 months ago

    keep your head up high, you'll be able to see the light coming from the end of the tunnel

  • fromberlinwithbeats
    fromberlinwithbeats 7 months ago

    The cinematic transition killed me... so good haha :D

  • stealth797
    stealth797 9 months ago +1

    LMAO love Taav's laugh in the background @7:42 😂

  • Ismail Gafieldien
    Ismail Gafieldien 9 months ago +3

    Hey Mike bro your vids are amazing I look forward to it every time it comes out🔥

  • Jay Friedrichs
    Jay Friedrichs 9 months ago +4

    “I can’t take it one second longer” killed me 😂

  • Sunbathing
    Sunbathing 9 months ago +1

    Mike you’re awesome

  • BPbusterYoAss
    BPbusterYoAss 9 months ago +2

    Idk if anyone else feels this way but boy I sure do miss seeing Lana being apart of the Nightshift😭

    • Byron Hollington
      Byron Hollington 9 months ago +1

      I like both types where she is in them and when she isn't in them. all in all the nightshift is great regardless of who's in the video

  • The Pharaoh316
    The Pharaoh316 9 months ago

    Loving the longer episodes

  • FanatcZ
    FanatcZ 9 months ago +18

    This mans literally the only thing keeping me pushing for sobriety

  • KugelKegel69
    KugelKegel69 9 months ago

    Ok, Mike is the kind of guy that claps when the plane lands... good to know!

  • cultavix
    cultavix 9 months ago

    Hope you enjoyed my country buddy :) Great videos.

  • Ella’s asmr uwu
    Ella’s asmr uwu 8 months ago

    Mike you have inspired me so much man. I used to be addicted to Heroin, I started at a very young age and quickly fell off the rails. I overdosed when i was 17 years old...I dont like talking about it but i used to have literally no hope... you inspired me so much watching you on impaulsive talking about your heroic transformation... I have been sober now for 2 years thanks to your incredible story and influence... you inspire me to live every day like its my last. I am absoulty positive that one day I am going to make it big... not on youtube or anything like that but just life itself.. I am manifesting my future and so far the results have been incredible. I love you Mike! If I could meet anybody on planet earth it would no doubt be you! I hope one day I can thank you personally and share my own inspiring story to you as well... cheers

  • OhNoSoto
    OhNoSoto 9 months ago

    i love these guys but imagine being upset over a private jet that might not be as luxurious as you wanted it to be.

  • J Antonio
    J Antonio 9 months ago +2

    Logan needs to be back in LA to feel good again.

  • I S
    I S 9 months ago +1

    “Rough night last night?”
    Mike: “...well rough year” 😂😂😂

  • sean Fletcher
    sean Fletcher 9 months ago

    Did you ever imagine your life would be this good when you was an addict? Im 7 years clean and have since met the love of my life and am the happiest ive ever been. Keep it up love the content

  • JD Duddy
    JD Duddy 9 months ago

    Hey Mike. Fellow addict here. I’m clean now. But I know it blows your fucking mind to think back to your rock bottom times, and look at where you’re at now. Just to go from full blown shooting heroin on a dirty couch in a trap house, to just having a normal job and life is freaking amazing. I can only imagine what it’s like for you. Keep up the good work. I’m proud for you.