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Playing Roblox Arsenal until we lose (never ends)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Playing Roblox Arsenal until I lose
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  • Dexter
    Dexter Year ago +17

    Quick tip:you can press q or use the scroll wheel to change to the melee in order to move quicker

  • linkie
    linkie Year ago +193

    Love how we can tell blaza already played this before, he's a profesional

    • Jedi.S.A
      Jedi.S.A 11 months ago

      @Jetstream Sam I mean not everyone pulls out their knife to run

    • JustKingAlex
      JustKingAlex Year ago

      so true

    • Jetstream Sam
      Jetstream Sam Year ago

      @Jedi.S.A blaza doesn’t even pull out his knife to run

    • Charles Sowell
      Charles Sowell Year ago

      @Jedi.S.A no

    • Jedi.S.A
      Jedi.S.A Year ago

      @eiscueeeeeee yeeeeeees

  • Caden
    Caden 6 months ago +27

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate all the time socks puts in his videos on all channels

  • Asura
    Asura 3 months ago +1

    Socks:imagine hacking

  • Chad-ington the third Junior

    Blaza playing like this is a doom speedrun

  • thefinder
    thefinder 2 months ago +1

    I like how blaza did the grill emote at a perfect timing

  • Iwane TheOne
    Iwane TheOne Year ago +74

    You know what else never ends?
    *Playing Roblox Aresnal until I wiin (never ends)*

    • Haroula Smirou
      Haroula Smirou 7 months ago


    • AtharYtGaming
      AtharYtGaming Year ago

      @Leonardo Fuentes the belt

    • Flemon
      Flemon Year ago

      @Owen Maitim :) why do i hear clapping

    • Owen Maitim
      Owen Maitim Year ago

      @Flemon sus

  • The Jotter Studios
    The Jotter Studios Year ago +142

    Can we just appreciate that Socks is so cool he still has the ray ban logo on his glasses and doesn’t even care? Great video 😂

  • Porter Calcek
    Porter Calcek Year ago +104

    Socks is finally playing OG roblox. Next we need him to play phantom forces

  • Walshar
    Walshar 10 months ago

    imagine video ends after the first game

  • ApproximateS144
    ApproximateS144 Year ago +3

    Blaza's actually helping 9 year olds rage so they can go back to school lol

  • DapperTeletubby69
    DapperTeletubby69 14 days ago

    moral of the story: never celebrate to early at the end.

  • Doomfox
    Doomfox Year ago +79

    “Playing Roblox Arsenal until we lose. (Never ends)”
    This video is only 9 minutes long Socks.

  • forgotten ink sans
    forgotten ink sans 7 months ago +2

    imagine blaza still carry the team the video will be endless

  • de_oefman
    de_oefman Year ago +4

    Blaza just has a good gaming chair

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 9 months ago

    Blaza is like the next tankr in arsenal

  • Top-Games
    Top-Games Year ago +9

    he is not only making good videos, he is making people’s day!

    • Demon05s
      Demon05s 2 days ago

      Dhar Mann

    • Stella Lizoe
      Stella Lizoe 10 months ago +1

      I will join the Sock's gang with
      Blaza the Monkey
      TBH the Crab
      Meme AKA Medicine Degree
      Laff the Villager

  • Guardian
    Guardian 9 months ago +15

    Legend says if socks was 69 level he would finish the match in seconds

  • Brady Romero
    Brady Romero Year ago +3

    5:11 best part 😂🤣

  • Raphael Velasquez
    Raphael Velasquez Year ago +1

    Damn Blaza has been playing too much fps games

    NAQIB HASAN Year ago

    tbh's advice "just look up" is hilarious

  • Mike Lane
    Mike Lane Year ago

    Blaza knew this was coming so he played for all of hos life

  • Idk
    Idk Year ago +2

    Gotta love blazes kill effect

  • Ace Taveras
    Ace Taveras 7 months ago +3

    I’m surprised that blaze actually spends 5 hours a day on roblox just to play arsenal

    • Manuel Garcia
      Manuel Garcia Month ago

      Its blaza and it's okay to make mistakes

  • TurtleKing
    TurtleKing Year ago +5

    Lol I want to see socks to do arsenal in the afternoon that’s when the sweaty players come

  • Never
    Never Year ago +1

    imagine tanqr returns to arsenal and joined their server

  • Keevim
    Keevim 10 months ago

    Socks and the crew: Talking about Muscle man
    Socks: *I buy used underwear*

  • Bryan E
    Bryan E Year ago +1

    The reason blaza is good at arsenal is because he is playing it on his samsung smart fridge

  • And Droid
    And Droid 10 months ago +1

    just loop this and it never ends 🤣

  • Internal Security Department Coffee Halloween

    Blaza: *vomits while cooking grill*
    That man that made him vomit: Vomit is a good meal.

  • GR33D
    GR33D Year ago

    Its my first time i saw blaza play so good :")

    • QEE BOH
      QEE BOH Year ago

      Outside of Arsenal:
      Inside of Arsenal:
      Blaza: Sending kids back to school, easy clap B)

  • endless
    endless Year ago +1

    Alternate title: blaza just destroys lobby

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 11 months ago

    The fact he thought the game name was "Aresnal" instead of Arsenal

  • Ethan Lopez
    Ethan Lopez 10 months ago

    is it me or Blaza good at every shooting games

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed 8 months ago

    Fact: Muscle man was ripped, but he kept winning so much he quit and became lazy

  • Chaos
    Chaos Year ago +329

    How is blaza so cracked at this i love playing this game and i Get like 13 kills and blaza is just winnimg every round

  • Captian Stabem
    Captian Stabem Year ago +1

    I kinda want to battle blaza in a public lobby on arsenal after seeing this video

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 6 months ago

    Just watch somebody who plays this competitive and see how fast they can finish a match

  • The banana man
    The banana man 6 months ago

    This video goes from blaza wining by a lot to socks almost wining

  • Menace
    Menace 10 months ago

    Why is this the one game blaza is actually good at?


    1:42 This is why you're my favorite youtuber lol

  • Anthass ulla commenter

    8:37 socks invented a meme🤣

  • Simly
    Simly Year ago +1

    Socks needs to play a horror game on roblox for the experience of screams and "torture"


  • ItsFrosty
    ItsFrosty Year ago

    Blaze is so good at Arsenal

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 11 months ago

    blaza trying to flex his level lol

  • Toto the lazy man

    People are getting better and better in this game

  • Kjijjjkjjkjkjkjkkj jkjkkjkjjjjjjkkjjjjjjjjjkjkjjjj

    999999 years later the video ends

  • Eth_Wheel
    Eth_Wheel Year ago +6

    Blaza: What am i gonna do, im gonna f-
    Enemy team burns blaza
    Blaza: eaweddwiwgabalx

    • coinbag
      coinbag 5 months ago

      With SpongeBob disappointment sound in the background playing

  • Footballworldupdates
    Footballworldupdates 2 months ago

    Muscle man ain't fat he just got the real strongman build

  • Michael Keith
    Michael Keith Year ago +1

    Muscle man was called muscle man for a reason the reason is that he lifted a full weight trying to help his dad and he lifted it and he grew muscle all of the sudden

  • NotAmethyst
    NotAmethyst Year ago

    1:24 maded me laugh so hard

  • Fresher
    Fresher 11 months ago

    the title shoulda been the vid ends when blaza doesn’t get 1st place

  • the rock ٠ 13y ago
    the rock ٠ 13y ago Year ago +3

    Arsenal devs ruined the game, even Tanqr left arsenal from boredom

  • Vou Leaula
    Vou Leaula Year ago

    loved this keep it up bro

  • Aljerome
    Aljerome Year ago

    I didn't know blaza is good at games like this

  • YoutubeWatcher
    YoutubeWatcher Year ago

    Me seeing nobody telling socks you can fly with a rocket launcher

  • Rujan Boom
    Rujan Boom Year ago +1

    this video could be titled: if we beat blaza, the video ends

  • Divyam Gulwani
    Divyam Gulwani Year ago

    1:05 It took him so long to realise this

  • Seek
    Seek Year ago +27

    Hey socks, if you keep making content on the game and be in their roblox group and discord server, you get orange team which has a menu, also you gotta be well known in the community

  • Skettt
    Skettt Year ago

    They should add a voice pack for socks

  • CrossBlade
    CrossBlade Year ago +2

    Socks if you get a rocket launcher aim it directly below you and fire it will send you flying so you can get to places you normally wouldn’t be able to

  • jelly dude
    jelly dude Year ago

    blaza is going god mode

  • Ethan Munro
    Ethan Munro 3 months ago +12

    How could socks betray us, he used the British announcer

    • amongus
      amongus Month ago +1

      I am british

    • WispyMCPE
      WispyMCPE Month ago +1

      It IS the best one

    • Koenigsegg Hyper
      Koenigsegg Hyper 3 months ago +2

      Blaza is the winner, when he Speedrun through the people on Arsenal

  • NecrossXKing 👑
    NecrossXKing 👑 Year ago +1

    Soldiers:Real world War
    Blaza:Cyber Wars

  • Flemon
    Flemon Year ago +5

    4:37 prob the reason he was flying because he was shooting the ground and the recoil of the gun was so powerful that it shot him up to the sky it depends on the gun he had if he had a pistol or a automatic gun he would be hacking

  • Henry Stith
    Henry Stith Year ago

    In the show muscle man used to be ripped out of his mind.

  • Ben Barbosa
    Ben Barbosa 7 months ago

    bro blaza is a literal god in arsenal

  • Gerard Milne
    Gerard Milne Year ago

    Imagine if tanqR joined the video would be like 1 second long

  • Gordon Ramdrip
    Gordon Ramdrip Year ago

    Damn TBH
    is good at roasting

  • badpuffer
    badpuffer Year ago

    I love how they just spelled arsenal to aresnal

  • Dennis the pickle
    Dennis the pickle Year ago +3

    Blaza:That means you didn't defeat me

    QEE BOH 12 days ago

    Blaza is like a one man army

  • UltraCreeper
    UltraCreeper Year ago

    If TanqR saw this he would be like amateurs

  • The Bastion
    The Bastion 11 months ago

    1:26 he is god mode

  • TheMeanPanda
    TheMeanPanda Year ago

    I like how they're using valorant kill sounds

  • FlyinhBOi
    FlyinhBOi 11 months ago

    The one guy who socks said was flying was probably concussion mania

  • I like turtles
    I like turtles Year ago +5

    "A winner doesn't always win"
    -Wise Guy

  • Rtxyz
    Rtxyz 9 months ago

    can we just appreciate that blaza learned how to cook a bananananananananananananananananananananananana

  • Melon Dog
    Melon Dog 11 months ago

    socks you are like the only youtuber thats decent keep up the good work!

  • ishowspeed fan
    ishowspeed fan Year ago

    The fact that socks spelled arsenal wrong😂😂😂😂

  • :D
    :D Year ago +16

    Tip on beating hackula: always stay with someone so that they can be your meatshield

    • ECONS Consultancy
      ECONS Consultancy 10 months ago

      @AoiBlues true i someone used me as a meatshield

    • AoiBlues
      AoiBlues Year ago

      But wouldnt it make you a meatshield to the other guy with u?

    • Jimmy Wu
      Jimmy Wu Year ago

      Big brain

  • kirby lmao
    kirby lmao 2 months ago

    Blaza be playin tft 24/7

    QEE BOH Year ago +4

    I wonder what part of blaza is good at(aiming, reaction time, game sense, movements and experience)

    • 1TACH1
      1TACH1 10 months ago

      all of the above

  • shahab khan
    shahab khan Year ago +1

    Socks says "there are a ton of guns in this game " .
    he plays phantom forces . *boom*

  • Vegeta Evolved
    Vegeta Evolved Year ago

    Blaza is just teleporting behind every single enemy and he kills them before they even spawn in the game

  • دییەم
    دییەم 8 months ago

    Imagine plaza goes in a 1v1 with tanqr lol

  • Layla223
    Layla223 Year ago

    This video is the definition of chaos LMAO

  • Jessilyn Henon
    Jessilyn Henon Year ago

    Socks be like I got 10 kills blaza be like I have 100 kills

  • Googoogagainator
    Googoogagainator Year ago +6

    blaza prob plays arsenal all day when they’re not recording

    • QEE BOH
      QEE BOH Year ago

      Addiction, maybe he plays CS:GO too

  • DarkPrinceGPM
    DarkPrinceGPM 7 months ago

    The first game that blaze beats socks

  • Fomd ndjdj
    Fomd ndjdj 5 months ago

    Blaza+Tanqr=game complaints=game taken down

  • Bluze Gamer
    Bluze Gamer Year ago +1

    from this video we know if socke win he actually lose

  • lucky man
    lucky man 4 months ago

    Blaza is insanely cracked never knew that

  • Window
    Window Year ago


  • Iwane TheOne
    Iwane TheOne Year ago +6

    5:25 u got *420* XP 😳

  • Freshfish752
    Freshfish752 Year ago

    Alternative title: blaze hasn’t touched grass in like 4 years

  • Tray
    Tray Year ago

    Fun fact:the guy socks say about a guy that fly and kill everyone is TanqR

  • pannukakkubossgaming

    Socksfor1:this video will never end video:9 minutes

  • PaularBear
    PaularBear Year ago

    plot twist: blaza is actually TanqR

  • Ender
    Ender 7 months ago

    Fun Fact: the video always ends.