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You're Dumb If You Buy This

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest bad purchase of All Time
    Merch moistglobal.com/
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  • definitely vincible
    definitely vincible 4 months ago +25685

    charlie doing commentary over insanely ridiculous products again is like drinking ice cold water in a tiny clear plastic cup

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 4 months ago +56


    • SomethingSarcastic
      SomethingSarcastic 4 months ago +393


    • P
      P 4 months ago +816

      My farts are better than Charlie’s farts.

    • Lanny Penn
      Lanny Penn 4 months ago +1024

      My videos are a little less quality than Charlies! I’m a very humble guy.

    • Hollowdog5899
      Hollowdog5899 4 months ago +21


  • Rubbish_Kat
    Rubbish_Kat 4 months ago +1639

    Mad respect to that guy for somehow manageing to get through trying to make this look like something he doesn't mind having on his face.

    • Skoomanchu
      Skoomanchu 4 months ago +41

      Lol yeah that guy is the real hero here

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star 4 months ago +26

      It looks like a small vr headset

    • Hoplasa
      Hoplasa 4 months ago +48

      he either gets paid alot for his performance OR he's invested heavily in the product xD

    • Double o' Donut
      Double o' Donut 4 months ago +7

      @Hoplasa probably the former

    • Kylin Amelia
      Kylin Amelia 4 months ago +20

      Just look at 6:29, he just stares into oblivion as if wondering if this will be his legacy. I both feel bad and respect the commitment, but I expect it was purely for money.

  • Straw Cold
    Straw Cold 4 months ago +499

    Honestly, my biggest problem with this is it doesn't look like it'll be comfy for when I'm singing loudly or shouting. It looks like it hugs a person's face to the point that moving your mouth a bunch would be very bothersome.

      LEMONMEAT 3 months ago +3

      as someone with asthma to were i almost have to constantly open my mouth really wide to breathe, it would be worse lmfao

    • Moosification
      Moosification 2 months ago +3

      That's because it was actually just made to keep your mouth shut as you're punished by your dominatri- I mean- AHEM!

    • Chris B
      Chris B 2 months ago

      well there was all that backlash over wearing masks during covid... This is a product for all those people who actually liked wearing masks i guess.

  • Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    They should just make a helmet, bike helmet style. Equipped with mic, VR screen, speakers, etc.. All sound proof, breathable, and easily cleanable.
    Also meant to mention, hope this doesn't start the robot/cyborg/mind control uprising.

    • Bojogaming
      Bojogaming 3 months ago +20

      From the moment i realized the feebleness of my flesh it disgusted me. I sought the strength and certainty of the blessed machine.

    • Jordan Riederer
      Jordan Riederer Month ago

      youre dropping this in moist critikals youtube comments when you should be pitching this to a tech company or the patent office

  • Universal
    Universal 4 months ago +631

    as someone who had parents that complained every single time i would even pick up a phone call, this may be genuinely useful.

    • Plebeian
      Plebeian 4 months ago +101

      Yeah other than the appearance this actually has a few super valuable uses, I personally have a lot of trouble speaking to my doctors/lawyers/anything important, on the phone at home because my parents will deliberately eavesdrop on everything.

    • Stefan Rabenstein
      Stefan Rabenstein 4 months ago +64

      ​@Plebeian The question remains if it actually works for its intended purpose. Honestly, Charlie did not really make many interesting points this video. Anybody is able to see it looks ridiculous, and I can't imagine most people would use it outside of their own room. He has no idea if the sound quality is good or bad, and how much it does or does not dampen your voice. For anybody in a living situation where this would actually be useful to them, these are the important questions.

    • Universal
      Universal 4 months ago +22

      @Plebeian right, i will say the cost and the size of this thing is outrageous, but i could see someone using this with a VR headset, 100%. Living in an apartment too, some people just need these for the sake of every other tenant lol.

    • Plebeian
      Plebeian 4 months ago +25

      @Universal yeah. He doesn't mean it of course, but sometimes the "I afford a big house of my own so everyone else must too" really shows with little stuff like this

    • Consauce
      Consauce 4 months ago +13

      Could also find a use for gamers who like to chat with friends online and don’t want their voice to carry through the house

  • ZeFie
    ZeFie 4 months ago +236

    I love how they don't advertise how it actually sounds to hear them over the mic haha

  • Crouton_18
    Crouton_18 4 months ago +4302

    I love how Charlie is always like "I'm sure you've heard of this" and then goes on to cover the most obscure crap I've ever seen

    • OneThrustMan
      OneThrustMan 4 months ago +147

      Lol true about 80% is news to me lol

    • Jolly Roman
      Jolly Roman 4 months ago +98

      I think he usually covers things he’s seen or was sent to him on twitter, so if you aren’t on that its gonna be more obscure than if you were

    • Eric Onion
      Eric Onion 4 months ago +45

      Bot proof comment?

    • DSFII
      DSFII 4 months ago +12

      I was familiar with this, but only because I bought full body trackers from the same company

    • Bill Clinton Enjoyer
      Bill Clinton Enjoyer 4 months ago +20

      @Eric Onion finally found a safe haven who survived the bot onslaught

  • Christine B
    Christine B 4 months ago +52

    If they combined this and a VR headset into a sick looking motorcycle helmet type thing where you're completely immersed in a game then yeah but those two should not be two separate pieces 💀

  • Babita De Boer
    Babita De Boer 3 months ago +20

    I laughed so hard watching this, while Charlie's delivering the most hilarious jokes with a straight face

  • Luca __
    Luca __ 4 months ago +31

    I love how you still can hear them talking even with the device on their mouth. A+ Marketing.

  • KittyPie
    KittyPie 3 months ago +6

    As someone who games at night and tried not to disturb my sleeping family this doesn’t seem like the worst idea. But the design makes me rather just buy a couple foam pads and sound proof my room

  • actes b
    actes b 4 months ago +74

    I'm so here for this when I'm drunk as fuck playing CS:GO with the homies on a Saturday night while my girlfriend is trying to sleep up-stairs and the reverb of my room is keeping her awake all night. Definitely not something a person would/should wear in public though lmao.

    • Oxaile
      Oxaile 4 months ago +14

      Imagine drunk puking into it

    • pettyprincess
      pettyprincess 3 months ago

      @Oxaile STOP

    • Dweebus
      Dweebus 3 months ago +1

      I actually would wear a sound proof helmet so I can scream with the boys and not disturb my fiancee. I'd want the Mjolnir master chief helmet. Perfection...

  • jake
    jake 4 months ago +2238

    this is more like a "i live in my parents house and am not allowed to scream" product than a "i own a lot of extra money and want to prove my wealth in public" product

    • originaljoke
      originaljoke 4 months ago +59

      certainly but there must be cheaper ways of going about it right? i cant imagine the bluetooth microphone is THAT essential either...

    • austin bevis
      austin bevis 4 months ago +109

      The office I work in has a sound box that you can move to during a call or meeting to be loud in there without disturbing others, but we only have one and I’m sure this is way cheaper. I want to speak loudly for the person I’m having a meeting with, but I don’t want to disturb my coworkers. I could totally see myself using this

    • Taylor Craig
      Taylor Craig 4 months ago +102

      @austin bevis There are so many use cases, and yes it looks ridiculous, but the idea is sound. (pun intended)

    • austin bevis
      austin bevis 4 months ago +110

      @Taylor Craig yeah, I think Charlie is getting to that point in his “stardom” where he’s getting out of touch with average people

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 4 months ago


  • Kpinguin11
    Kpinguin11 4 months ago +58

    I absolutely agree on a design flaw, and analogy with petri dish is a great analogy. Even the default mics on headsets need to be cleaned, no matter how loud or quietly you talk since it's a sponge that accumulates all the mucus etc on it. But the idea is really great. If it costs not so much, why spend more time and money on sound-proofing your room (if you even have one or live in a dorm), when this thing exists. I wish this product existed when I lived with my parents, I would've screamed and yelled every time we got a PHAT W instead of typing GG guys.

    • Smash-ter
      Smash-ter 4 months ago +3

      This is a good product imo. Simply because soundproofing stuff could be bad for drywall if it uses adhesives

    • AironG MC
      AironG MC 3 months ago

      @Smash-ter lmaoo

  • jessie 1500
    jessie 1500 4 months ago +74

    This is also very useful for abusive households. I know many teens that would like to be able to talk to friends without their parents hanging unto every word they say.

    • Billy Goatguy
      Billy Goatguy 4 months ago +6

      i think a better solution would be to not be in an abusive household, a parent that is that insistant on listening to you would probably be thinking that you are talking about THEM and dont want to be heard. Instantly discarded

    • Billy Goatguy
      Billy Goatguy 4 months ago +2

      Not to mention, this is just an expensive muzzle to mask the sounds of an child being abused

    • Mad Dog
      Mad Dog 4 months ago +41

      @Billy Goatguy "how is abuse real? just stop being abused. just stop living in that environment... children who are not yet of a legal age to move out? no such thing"

    • Billy Goatguy
      Billy Goatguy 4 months ago +5

      @Mad Dog I think youre missing my point. If you are in a household abusive enough to where you fear being heard by your family, the safest response is to reach out to either a teacher or a legal authority and get you literally anywhere else. I didnt say anything about this situation was simple or easy.

    • ah fuck, ah shit!
      ah fuck, ah shit! 4 months ago +48

      @Billy Goatguy no way my guy started a sentence with "a better solution would be to not be in an abusive household" like it's a fucking choice or something, oh my god.

  • ImmaGoingBackToBed
    ImmaGoingBackToBed 4 months ago +26

    I think the core idea definitely has merit. I know a streamer who had problems with playing horror games in stream because their neighbors would get mad.

    • Katze, Keith
      Katze, Keith 3 months ago +2

      there's plenty of ways to pad the walls in much cheaper ways than an oculus rift for your mouth

  • CallumsArmy
    CallumsArmy 4 months ago +47

    charlie and muta are like two sides of the same coin
    seeing their similar views expressed in different ways is so funny

  • Imaproshaman
    Imaproshaman 4 months ago +6

    I love these kinds of videos. They're always so interesting and weird. The way they're explained is hilarious too. Nice.

  • Koneko Cat
    Koneko Cat 4 months ago +2569

    The cat in the back sleeping the whole time shows just how deep Charlie's voice is.

    • Red Star 🅥
      Red Star 🅥 4 months ago +2

      Stop watching this cringe my content is better😂😂

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 4 months ago


    • P
      P 4 months ago +80

      my farts are better than Charlie’s farts

    • Homnix HD
      Homnix HD 4 months ago +69

      My cat will sleep through everything im watching once he gets comfy

    • motivated to escape child support
      motivated to escape child support 4 months ago +6


  • Steel Saint23
    Steel Saint23 4 months ago +26

    My fiance streams on Twitch from time to time and we have desks right beside each other. Sometimes she will invite me to game with her for her stream, and while I always enjoy offering my presence and commentary, I always feel that me talking detracts from her stream in the long run because, while I do try to talk quietly, I am a very loud human being by nature so the things that I say are often broadcasted over my mic as well as hers. She is a casual v-streamer, so we don't quite have a budget put aside for an expensive mic to capture both of our voices in similar quality, but this idea (while its current design looks absolutely f***en stupid) might actually be an amazing way to allow friends or couples to stream and game in the same room together while not compromising audio quality for either! I hope this is an idea that continues to be expanded upon, improved, and tweaked to be comfortable and practical and to detract from the idiotic look that this device currently has.

  • McPeePeePooPoo Burger
    McPeePeePooPoo Burger 4 months ago +26

    This would actually be really good for families when they’re at home so they don’t need to try and shush children (especially toddlers) when someone has to do a remote meeting

    • Trump Is The Messiah
      Trump Is The Messiah 4 months ago +6

      Lmao, if you show up on zoom with that on your face, prepare to be fired.

  • The Gregitto
    The Gregitto 3 months ago

    The thought of wearing this in tandem with a VR headset sounds like a dystopian reality and it's hilarious to me.

  • Frahd Chikun
    Frahd Chikun 4 months ago

    What it's aiming to do makes sense. A lot of us are most likely still living with our parents (because it's hard to afford a home right now unfortunately) who are trying to sleep at night, so for people who stay up late talking with online friends this kind of tech would definitely be handy.
    Except I'd rather soundproof my room and use a better microphone than to wear this muzzle from a dystopian future.

  • Original Character
    Original Character 4 months ago +4

    I am actually curious about one thing; would this be a decent solution to voice-acting when you don't have a booth to work with, or would the sound be all wrong?
    Some kind of sound-insulated muzzle which means your neighbours don't hear you shouting sounds like useful tool for something more specialised like that.

    • Borta Maga
      Borta Maga 4 months ago

      in theory, it sounds great. In practice, we'll just have to wait until people actually review that thing.

  • MattCantRap
    MattCantRap 4 months ago +2674

    They coulda designed it like a jet pilot oxygen mask and it woulda looked dope as hell

    • Evan McIntyre
      Evan McIntyre 4 months ago +121

      That sounds fucking awesome!

    • John Herbert
      John Herbert 4 months ago +337

      Why is it that a dude on Clip-Share can think of this badass idea in 4 hours, but a multi million dollar company can't?? No offense.

    • balls
      balls 4 months ago +6


    • Chris Atkinson
      Chris Atkinson 4 months ago +23

      @John Herbert is it practical for use? im sure the shape of it has to do with what its capable of doing

    • Thatguy
      Thatguy 4 months ago +3

      For sure.

  • DaGleese
    DaGleese 4 months ago +2

    I for one am glad this product exists. Every time someone points out one of my wild impromptu ideas for a product sucks, and thinks it will never see the light of day, I can just show them this.

  • Whermit
    Whermit 4 months ago +2

    I could definitely see how this is convenient for streamers/gamers in non soundproof walls who are playing stressful and super competitive games prone to outbursts. If they somehow designed this better. Like if they made this like a mask, sure its a bit late but why not the pandemic wasnt too long ago. That way it couldve been wearable with people around

  • DJ Anon
    DJ Anon 3 months ago +3

    I wish I had something I could record vocals for tracks with, where literally anywhere I was nobody could hear me. It's like a soundbooth. The concept isn't as silly as he makes it out to be, but the device certainly is.

  • Tilhouse
    Tilhouse 4 months ago +6

    This is something my wife would unironically buy me so I can play Hell Let Loose while she sleeps. Apparently I don’t have an inside voice when it comes to that game and the only time I get to play it is when everyone in the house has gone to bed

  • Shewhospeakesinverse
    Shewhospeakesinverse 4 months ago +6

    I was looking into this while living at home because i wanted to have teletherapy appointments but i couldnt because my dads room was next to mine. Soundproofing my room would raise concerns from my parents

  • Dragorosso95
    Dragorosso95 4 months ago +2140

    It’s not a bad idea per se, I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate a mic that lets you freely talk loudly during late hours. I’m just afraid that this is not the way to do it

    • Andrea
      Andrea 4 months ago +69

      I don't remember if I dreamt it, or if it's actually a thing, but I remember a product that you slap on a surface and it's gonna create a bubble of noise insulation... but I probably dreamt it lol

    • Cinniminni
      Cinniminni 4 months ago +89

      @Andrea They actually exist, they're just really shitty and really scammy kickstarter projects b ecause none of the technology actually works lol

    • rhyleymaster
      rhyleymaster 4 months ago +35

      @Andrea That reminds me of the "Shut up gun" that was passed around years ago. The idea was it was a directional speaker that blasted things with an inaudible noise. That noise would muffle other noises, effectively making it so you wouldn't hear what you shoot it at. Not sure if they ever finished the idea, but it was a think back in 2010-2012

    • Menno_3
      Menno_3 4 months ago +6

      Just don't talk as loud

    • Rapierre
      Rapierre 4 months ago +53

      @Menno_3 gee thanks problem solved

  • Nicholas Montgomery
    Nicholas Montgomery 4 months ago

    The worst product I've ever seen legitimately advertised was when(I believe) Lysol sold an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, which in of itself is not a bad idea if it were marketed towards people with certain disabilities or severe arthritis who might have trouble getting sanitizer out of a bottle, but they advertised it as a way to not get germs on your hands. You know, the same hands that are going to be sanitized after you rub sanitizer on them? Just a really weird marketing ploy and I've never seen them anywhere so I guess it didn't sell well.

  • carbonostin
    carbonostin 3 months ago

    with extensive modification i think this could be good for voiceover work, but i know it would need a lot of changes to decrease mouth noise and breath pop

  • Taylor Harrison
    Taylor Harrison 4 months ago

    This feels like it was invented solely to fulfill someone's fetish, especially when you bring the full VR setup into things

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson 3 months ago +4

    I'm super quite when I game by myself. Whenever I do get loud, it's usually because of my friends. I almost never yell when I'm gaming solo, I'm just too absorbed in what I'm doing to really care to say or do anything. If I get mad I just get off and scroll through Charlie's channels to watch some quality content.

  • Christian Gasior
    Christian Gasior 4 months ago +3

    I think the G-fuels behind Charlie never get used by him, or it’s gotta be rare because he mostly drinks tap water and he is a health freak. But yeah it’s constant advertising for his deal with them.

  • Richie
    Richie 4 months ago +2375

    I love seeing Charlie's Adorable Cat relaxed and sleeping while Charlie is talking about this silly product.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 4 months ago +2


    • P
      P 4 months ago +6

      my farts are better than Charlie’s farts.

    • Planet Earth
      Planet Earth 4 months ago +41

      literally every comment is a bot lmao

    • Gypsy-Tongue
      Gypsy-Tongue 4 months ago +34

      I didn’t notice the cat until the end.

    • Red Star 🅥
      Red Star 🅥 4 months ago

      Stop watching Penguinz0 and I’m better

  • karla.
    karla. 4 months ago +5

    if the microphone is configured correctly speaking directly into it doesn't necessary make it sound bad. the opposite actually. I think the idea of this tool is okay, especially for people in dorms or appartments with thin walls it's actually pretty cool. i would definitely not want to use it in public though. Edit: okay, the sanitary aspect might be kind of a problem.

  • vee
    vee 4 months ago +5

    it would be pretty cool for a bane cosplay, you could have a voice modulator connected to your phone for an extra effect too

  • savantbleu0
    savantbleu0 4 months ago +2

    That look of defeat the model gave when he was demonstrating the gamer muzzle is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • ThatBloomer
    ThatBloomer 4 months ago

    I agree that the idea is good. It is something that could be useful on specific scenarios. However, that's not really how anyone should go about it. Though again, I hoped that they didn't give up on the idea just because the current execution of the idea is bad and instead push through to improve it. Provided that this all isn't some highly elaborate, hugely dedicated meta-joke.

  • Ridge
    Ridge 4 months ago

    I have seen this in CES, and it’s apparently not all that uncomfortable. It’s useful for VRChat players who live with other people. It has a use, but it’s very niche.

  • TheLonelyGoomba
    TheLonelyGoomba 4 months ago +961

    The idea of having a private conversation like this isn't the worst thing in the world, I'm kinda hyper aware when people are listening to my calls and such, which can be off putting. But the design literally looks like a ball gag.

    • TheJadeFist
      TheJadeFist 4 months ago +93

      The ball gag design is half of the appeal.

    • SOON순
      SOON순 4 months ago +49

      With COVID, it seems kind of interesting to model a microphone with a face mask design. If this was more inconspicuous, you could definitely get away with it and it would actually be quite nifty.

    • Francesco Brozzetti
      Francesco Brozzetti 4 months ago +12

      I actually agree. I’m often travelling for work, and I find myself talking about confidential matters regarding my company, and if it’s true that w/o context risks are minimum, to have a way to have private conversations…it would be cool. And if it became practice common areas would be mor quite 😂

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi 4 months ago +15

      to be any good it needs to cover the nose too at the bare minimum. Just like face masks the air and vibration from your voice goes out from your nose too. That's why you sound funny if you pinch close your nose while talking

  • Jackdaw
    Jackdaw 4 months ago

    This could be great for parents who don't want to wake up their kids, but still want to play competitive games. Or teenagers who would otherwise disturb their parents' peace during gaming. Or in any family where someone might work night shifts and really needs their sleep. I can see a lot of uses. Sure it looks stupid, but for some that might be a price they are willing to pay for some convenience.

  • Dominic Siañez
    Dominic Siañez 4 months ago

    actually... it being used for late night gaming isnt a bad idea. my brother plays at night (we share a room) and hes LOUD and plays till 2 am, this for him (if it didnt look so stupid) is an amazing idea

    AZREDFERN 4 months ago +2

    As creepy as it looks, I kind of see some merit to this. Not just for privacy, but environmental noise. Some crew chiefs already use a passive form of this around running aircraft (if the budget gods have blessed you). They don't have too much of an issue with the near field effect. I feel like using a bluetooth microphone is the biggest offense here. I still wouldn't want to use someone else's. If it's cheap enough, I'd try one in private, or in the 14 man tent on deployments.

  • mcgibs
    mcgibs 4 months ago

    The only real knocks against it are the looks and how difficult it may be to clean regularly. Also the fact it doesn't cover the nose. Speech would still be pretty audible through thin walls and such. Then again if it did cover the nose it would make it very difficult to breathe since if air can go through, so can sound.

  • Hypergram
    Hypergram 4 months ago

    Another good idea for the sound dampening masks are for situations with lots of people talking on the phone for work, but constrained in a smaller area. Like a call center. Instead of many voices overlapping causing confusion, i guess i lot of muffled noise... Imagine a whole building full of people wearing these face suckers

  • Under Construction
    Under Construction 4 months ago +1813

    I love stuff like this because it reminds me that no matter how many bad decisions I may make, I will never be this fucking stupid.

    • Kitts Kittser
      Kitts Kittser 4 months ago +47

      it's actually been used in courtrooms across the globe since the 1940s, it's called a stenomask and it's super duper useful for quick and accurate transcriptions!

    • Androvsky
      Androvsky 4 months ago +8

      I've always wanted to look like Kabal from Mortal Kombat!

    • VelociTater Playz
      VelociTater Playz 4 months ago

      @Kitts Kittser nobody cares

    • Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse 4 months ago +67

      @VelociTater Playz about you

  • Sebastien Decuyper
    Sebastien Decuyper 4 months ago

    This makes me really worried call centers will force employees to wear this for 9 hours at a time to reduce noise in the workplace and be able to pack even more workers in a tiny room

  • Ramon Briones
    Ramon Briones 4 months ago +2

    This actually helped me a lot! I understand it's not for everybody but it's helped me so much at my place of work. Especially working in the call center industry.

  • John Grotting
    John Grotting 2 months ago

    Ok so this could be actually useful for one use case. Court-reporters, they use devices like this to keep track of what is happening in a court room but along with steno machines they are super expensive and antiquated. It would make sense to use a plover keyboard for steno and this with a laptop instead of the old ass stenography machines in a court room.

  • GDev
    GDev 3 months ago +2

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention 💀
    I live in an apartment with very thin flooring and walls. I can't even talk quietly after 10pm without my neighbor hanging on the ceiling like spiderman with next Gen spying software so he can piss himself when he hears a fly shit.
    This thing will defenitely be my last choice but it's defenitely a good concept.

  • Dee
    Dee 4 months ago

    I think a use case for this is in multiplayer gaming when there is someone asleep within hearing distance of you. And even then, the design still looks ridiculous.

  • kotzpenner
    kotzpenner 4 months ago +1038

    I think the most uncomfortable aspect for me is the nose position, I absolutely hate having my nose obstructed by anything.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 4 months ago


    • P
      P 4 months ago +4

      my farts are better than Charlie’s farts.

    • Facebook Gaming
      Facebook Gaming 4 months ago +52

      Everytime, a damn bot

    • J32 Official 公式
      J32 Official 公式 4 months ago +5

      I just can't with this bots 😭😭😭, btw I'm better than Penguinzo

  • Tororobas
    Tororobas 4 months ago +18

    idk this feels like something i would buy simply for the fact that i mainly play at night and sometimes the noise can be heard by my parents/neighboors

  • Dillon Schneider
    Dillon Schneider 4 months ago

    As a man who gets yelled at by my parents for gaming to loud at night, I might consider this if the price isn't too crazy

  • JingoCrochet
    JingoCrochet 4 months ago

    i think if it was designed more like a face mask that is flatter against the face and didnt stick out so much it would be A LOT more appealing ahaha

  • The ARJ Guy
    The ARJ Guy 4 months ago +4

    I could see it being worth it sometimes depending on the price

  • baltimore luke
    baltimore luke 3 months ago

    this is like a product some out of touch aliens would produce for humans. like, they visited Earth recently and saw everyone wearing masks and thought, "well let's give them a mask with a microphone. they'll love that!"

  • Vayth
    Vayth 4 months ago +485

    Imagine wearing this with a vr headset and some headphones while someone is breaking into your house

    • tailedgates9
      tailedgates9 4 months ago +65

      The burglar would check in to make sure they're okay. XD

    • Kitts Kittser
      Kitts Kittser 4 months ago +10

      the courtroom stenographer would be wearing one during the hearing. it's called a stenomask! they're actually older than gamers.

    • Orenji Productions
      Orenji Productions 4 months ago +25

      Yeah if I was the burglar and I saw that I'd leave immediately.

    • Mogwai
      Mogwai 4 months ago +1


    • Red Foreman
      Red Foreman 4 months ago

      @Kitts Kittser first thing I thought of but I only know of the one they hold to there mouth manually it would actually make sense to be a court room tool . I

  • Yook
    Yook 4 months ago

    It's a weird product since the living situations that can get the most use out of it (dorms and shared bedrooms) usually also means you don't have $200 just floating around to burn on something like this.
    I guess open office setups that don't want to provide enough conference space could use it, though hopefully they'd also provide a spray and/or UV light setup to keep it clean. People that do things like take conference calls in airports may legitimately use this if it filters outside noise since you can't readily find a conference room there and nobody cares about looking dumb in an airport. Half the people there are sleeping on the floor because they woke up at 5am that day while missing half their beauty products and most of them are complete strangers who'll be in a different country entirely in about 12 hours. Airports are already where dignity goes to die.
    Biggest problem I have with it is the form factor. The massive amount of headgear and elongated shape means it's likely pressing up on your lips in a really uncomfortable way the entire time you're wearing it and seems like it'd try to flop around whenever you move your head.

  • Crecross
    Crecross 4 months ago +4

    Some people actually can't talk when they play online because of their living situation. So this is actually pretty good no matter how dumb it looks. I know you have a whole as house with a whole ass room to record in. But not everyone has that charlie 💀 Maybe later they make a better design.

    • Paper cat_ morning teeth
      Paper cat_ morning teeth 2 months ago

      It’s still bad and looks extremely uncomfortable, itt doesn’t matter if they make it “better” it’s bad now which means it shouldn’t be sold now

  • Aidan
    Aidan 4 months ago +3

    Being a late night gamer who lives with my mom this actually sounds kinda nice

  • Mike
    Mike 4 months ago +8

    I unironically think this would be a great buy, I can scream at people online without waking my mommy up.

  • Flyersniper72
    Flyersniper72 4 months ago

    I mean, this would work wonders when gaming with the boys late at night. You can yell, scream and nobody but the people you are talking with would be able to hear you.

  • MultiBlackman13
    MultiBlackman13 4 months ago +1850

    Charlie you gotta buy one and record a Podcast episode with it. If the sound quality is amazing it might be great for people that don't have a recording room.

    • Brett Harris
      Brett Harris 4 months ago +155

      I didn't even consider that. I was thinking just for people if they talk to loud but for voice-overs it's perfect on the go.

    • bluelfsuma
      bluelfsuma 4 months ago +66

      Wait... you're smart.

      ELLIOTT 4 months ago +5

      It won't be

    • The Hungry Slug
      The Hungry Slug 4 months ago +65

      I could use one of these for late night gaming and team chat, without waking up the partner sleeping next to me. Silly but it'd make for a plausible use for it too.
      If only the product was a COOLER design than this feed bucket of a thing.
      Something like a gas mask design or a spray painters mask.

    • KAY!
      KAY! 4 months ago +8

      If it’s horrible we get the best video ever lmaoo

  • Tiny
    Tiny 4 months ago +5

    I’ve been thinking about trying to learn how to do metal screams and I’m super self conscious about it because I’m otherwise always quiet, so I wonder if this would help with that.
    I’m also mostly a mouth breather, so with the input being that close to my mouth, I doubt it would sound very pleasant.

  • Dan Sanger
    Dan Sanger 3 months ago

    It's legitimately useful for court reporters. I wouldn't be surprised if it was originally developed for them.

  • Blue Lion
    Blue Lion 4 months ago

    Feel like it could be a cool cosplay piece if you were a multi-millionaire and had money to throw at hobbies excessively, but only if you wanted to make a full helmet

  • Derek Asato
    Derek Asato 4 months ago

    This product is genius, now we just need a law requiring children and Karens to wear these on plane flights.

  • nini
    nini 4 months ago

    I could see this being used by kidnappers to keep their victims silent while they scream and wail in despair

  • Whiskey Wight
    Whiskey Wight 4 months ago +869

    I never thought "I have no mouth yet I must scream" would not only become real, it'd be commercialized.

    • BuryMeInJhenny
      BuryMeInJhenny 4 months ago +5

      Same here :/

    • AbdurRazzaq Mumin
      AbdurRazzaq Mumin 4 months ago +43

      Everytime i hear that phrase it awakens repressed trauma and existential dread.

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 4 months ago


    • P
      P 4 months ago +6

      my farts are better than Charlie’s farts.

    • Kieran
      Kieran 4 months ago +8

      I have no mouth yet I must scream was pretty good to read through but uh is very thought provoking

  • Navy Buffalo
    Navy Buffalo 4 months ago

    Ok hear me out: IF this thing can actually block all ambient noise, then it would be amazing for recording things like audiobooks on the go, or in a location without a good soundroom. Like, shit, I'd buy that.

  • Valen Novus
    Valen Novus 4 months ago

    lets be real charlie, this is only going to benefit the kids who are trying to game late at night when their parents think they’re asleep.

  • DEVARA86
    DEVARA86 4 months ago +1

    this is actually a good concept, back when i was a kid i got this same idea this same concept that i drew the problem that they have is that the product is so small, i tried to make one with a carboard and a strap for a while it was ok but not long after probably 5 minutes later the SMELL will catch on bc theres no air circulation to get rid of the scent

  • Branded1
    Branded1 4 months ago +2

    Charlie describes the uncleanliness and hazard of having something strapped to your face for prolonged periods of time but was for masks during COVID.

    • Favorite Mustard
      Favorite Mustard 4 months ago +1

      He said "diaper'' & I thought
      _uh oh he's gonna get cancelled!_

  • JCC
    JCC 3 months ago

    maybe it's feasible in the future where they could make the tech compact enough to make it look like a regular facemask

  • Avery Austin
    Avery Austin 4 months ago +1047

    As someone who was studying music as vocalist, this actually wouldve been so helpful when practicing at home or at school in a practice room. I was always super self-conscious of people hearing me while I was practicing so something like this actually might've taken that stress away from me

    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong 4 months ago +235

      But this looks like it would be limiting your mandible movement, messing up your vocalization.

    • GoetiaTV
      GoetiaTV 4 months ago +50

      When I was practicing saxophone at home I’d shove socks in the bell.

    • At0mic39_
      At0mic39_ 4 months ago +103

      @GoetiaTV right, Avery and I will just fill our mouths with socks to dampen the sound of our voices then :|

    • Christian Pham
      Christian Pham 4 months ago +69

      @At0mic39_ cuz thats what theyre suggesting. of course. you hit that one right on the fucking nail eh.

    • Fth
      Fth 4 months ago +5

      People going to be laughing at you for using this thing

  • N K
    N K 4 months ago

    Engineers: "People wont need this, covid is over."
    Shareholders: "Release it anyway."

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 months ago +2

    So, this is a niche product that I actually may be interested in.
    My office is directly next to my daughter's room, and when shes napping or asleep for the night, I like to play PC games. But I can never talk on discord or in-game because the moment I do, I'll wake her up.
    So a microphone that can mute my voice from being overheard would be great.

  • Cozy
    Cozy 3 months ago

    The mutalk is actually very useful for vr users who don’t want to bother the other people in the room, I want to get one for me and especially for my nephew

    • Cozy
      Cozy 3 months ago

      Btw I don’t engage in the metaverse and most vr players hate meta, but I do really like vr and it’s potential

  • Don Stone
    Don Stone 4 months ago

    I thought it was some kind of sound-cancelling mask that completely nullifies any sound you try to emit. For instance, if you wanted to scream as loud as you can out of frustration at work, here's the product for you!
    Might be a genuinely good idea, given the increase of stress-related situations on workplaces.

    • Don Stone
      Don Stone 4 months ago

      turns out it already exists and it's called Beltbox. Brilliant!

  • FireLock
    FireLock 2 months ago

    This thing looks like a miniature Oculus Quest 2, which is absolutely hilarious to me. Imagine wearing the Quest 2 and this, it would be total ception.

  • The Batman
    The Batman 4 months ago +847

    Lowkey the whole no one can hear you talk thing is actually pretty useful for those late night gaming sessions if you live with people or in a apartment with thin walls

    • Sarah Bentague
      Sarah Bentague 4 months ago +37

      But would you pay like 80 buckerooos for it instead of just talking a bit more quietly?

    • pataponnabil
      pataponnabil 4 months ago +153

      @Sarah Bentague they wont talk more quietly, and sometimes late n8ght excitement can cause you to shriek just a bit louder.
      So no, talking quieter isnt a solution for all

    • Marito Fuentes
      Marito Fuentes 4 months ago +56

      @Sarah Bentague there is also people like me that have problem controlling how loud we speak
      I personally would never buy this
      But it has a few uses

    • louie2g
      louie2g 4 months ago +43

      @Sarah Bentague sometimes when u talk quieter the microphone might not activate due to the noise gate

  • irregularten
    irregularten 4 months ago

    tbh i can imagine a full open office space with everyone using this to cut costs on rent...

  • Migs
    Migs 4 months ago

    I have a sister who shares a bedroom with my mother and another sister. She plays with friends online late into the night and has no self control on her voice talking loudly and randomly shouting. We've told her loads of times to consider other people around her are already going to sleep. This is perfect. It's not for buying for personal use. It's for gifting.

  • zfactor
    zfactor 3 months ago

    I get it’s goofy but as someone who works in a cubicle and neighbors the loudest human being on earth that takes personal phone calls all day, this would be a godsend.

  • Daniel Bovee
    Daniel Bovee 4 months ago +1

    Just imagine if this would be normal and people would just be able to communicate in exams using this, I'm all for it!

  • Callme_sy
    Callme_sy 3 months ago +2

    I be been trying to buy this so I can feed my horses! Finally a amazing product hopefully they have his size!

  • Jonathan Luna
    Jonathan Luna 4 months ago +547

    As a father who starts gaming at midnight when the wife and kids are asleep: I would absolutely buy this. I would never wear it in public, but in the middle of the night when I'm by myself, yup.

    • Ranger Shake
      Ranger Shake 4 months ago +17


    • Yume Okaeri
      Yume Okaeri 4 months ago +114

      Gotta agree with you, as someone who also typically games and chats at night when others are sleeping, this is lowkey kinda convenient for that specific application... If you're taking calls in a building with thin walls, and don't want anyone to hear your voice, this is perfect...

    • Commander Hopeful
      Commander Hopeful 4 months ago +27

      Depends on the price tbh

    • Boxoboots
      Boxoboots 4 months ago +54

      I see the use but it looks very uncomfortable. If they could make it shaped like a mask rather than a cup, then maybe this could be a decent product.

    • Colin Nguyen
      Colin Nguyen 4 months ago +64

      honestly i think critical is just completely wrong on this one, Im sure he has never looked into soundproofing a room before, it takes thousands of dollars to achieve a "good" result, where as this device achieves exactly what im trying to block any way, which is the sound i make in vr while chatting while its late. or if im gaming late at night

  • Alexander Baracskai
    Alexander Baracskai 4 months ago

    "This thing is addressing problems that don't exist. It's solutionism at its worst." - Bertram Gilfoyle

  • LivingTopHat
    LivingTopHat 4 months ago

    not gonna lie, being able to scream and shout in a game without being heard would be amazing.
    if this had some kind of removable lining between your face hole and the mic to make cleaning easier, and maybe if it wasn't so chunky, I'd consider it for actual use paired with my quest 2. though I'd have to see some examples of the mic quality before anything else.

  • Kimoka Records
    Kimoka Records 3 months ago +2

    Okay but if it was made more comfortable i lowkey might need this because im loud a lot and my whole house hears me

  • Zeebe
    Zeebe 4 months ago +1

    As a kid I always wanted something like this so I could play with the boys at 3 am without having to whisper but this looks so dumb😂

  • Anecro
    Anecro 4 months ago

    Another huge negative of this is voice control, because if you're muting your own voice it's insanely hard to control how loud you are and you're also prone to making more mistakes or randomly getting mixed up in your speech.
    This is THE worst solution to noise ever.

  • Reid
    Reid 4 months ago +132

    I don't think they realize how dystopian the muzzle-and-goggles look is

    • The rapist
      The rapist 4 months ago +13

      How it looks very goofy to me rather than dystopian

    • yossarian
      yossarian 3 months ago +10

      @The rapist can be both

  • Luke Kim
    Luke Kim 4 months ago +6

    charlies voice is so soothing the cat in the background sleeps blissfully

  • Nine Breaker
    Nine Breaker 4 months ago

    Recently watched the playlist containing your voice overs for shitty products, really underrated content that had me literally Laughing out loud. Left it running when I went out of the room, came back in and was greeted by something like 'what're you doin you fuckin idiot?'

  • David Pépin
    David Pépin 3 months ago

    As an abductor, I think this is great! I use to use sox to shut them up, but then I had to wash them before putting them on. This is gonna save me a lot of time!
    Clip-Share, this is a joke...