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Which One Would I Buy? Kemper Stage vs Helix

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • Rhett Shull
    Rhett Shull  2 years ago +20

    My first video course, The Tone Course, is available now. Check it out below!

    • Anthony Wall
      Anthony Wall Year ago

      i thhiink you meant S.O.O.L. Sool... :0

    • Avi Elkharrat
      Avi Elkharrat 2 years ago

      Any thoughts about Positive Grid products?

    • Kirk P
      Kirk P 2 years ago

      Do you have a Line on :BASS Cab: IRS for a Helix?? Im looking for a great B15 or 1970s era ampeg 810..Thank you

  • Mateus Asato
    Mateus Asato 3 years ago +850

    what a great video. thanks, man.

  • Bobby Conti
    Bobby Conti 2 years ago +16

    You surprised me when you said you'd choose the Helix. I actually made the switch from Helix to Kemper Stage. Amp tone is the most important thing for me, which I think Kemper does way better out of the box. When it comes to effects, I try to keep it simple with delay and reverb. And I have never had any luck with digital overdrives, so I would just gain it up or switch to a dirtier amp. I love the effect options and routing flexibility of the Helix, but I almost never needed it. Kemper does what I need and the amp profiles sound amazing. Great video Rhett!

    • Jean Camacho
      Jean Camacho 3 months ago +1

      I totally agree with you men. The most important thing about all this Amp modeling is trying to get the Best Natural Tube Amp sound in a Digital world and for me The Kemper has that and also the Quad Cortes. Although the Helix and Boss GT 1000 does a great job also but when you compare for a Real Tube Amp feel, Kemper and Quad Cortes Win

    • doublemetal
      doublemetal 5 months ago +4

      This is the comment i am looking for!

  • Jason Maltz
    Jason Maltz 3 years ago +31

    I’ve owned my Helix LT for almost 2 years. Absolutely love it, and has simplified my life as a musician. No more heavy amps, I show up at my gigs with a guitar and the Helix. Direct to front of house, my setup time is 10 mins at the most. Snapshots are amazing. Helix all the way!!!

  • Music in Session
    Music in Session 2 years ago +10

    Great video! I have both but I choose the kemper. For me is way closer to the real thing and I hate the tweaking. I just like to start making music as quickly as possible without having to spend ages fiddling with knobs. I am also very pedantic when it comes to wah pedals so prefer some a bit more custom than just a one size fits all. The kemper for me is the closest thing to a real amp out there!

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 3 years ago +44

    I own a Helix and wouldn't trade it for anything. The fact that I'm able to do a full wet dry wet rig for $1k is just awesome. I have sooooo much flexibility and control over my tone, so I can really get pinpoint accuracy with whatever I need.

  • Bill Daggett
    Bill Daggett 2 years ago +4

    I think you may be selling the Kemper short on "tweakability". The amp profile (essentially a model as the result of profiling) has some pretty deep editing capabilities that can seriously alter the tone from the base model. In the right hands, it's no less tweakable than a modeller. The virtually endless number of freely downloadable amp profiles gets you to a good starting point and the deep tone tweaking gets you dialed in quickly. I like the Helix tóo. My bandmate uses the Helix and the tone quality is comparable. Where I see the difference is in software/firmware. Kemper is constantly adding enhancements. The new acoustic sim and additional OD stomps and delays are really good.

  • jts3339
    jts3339 3 years ago +7

    Great video, Rhett. I agree with your opinions except that my personal preference is to have a separate expression pedal that is not mounted on the main unit. Mechanical devices have components that fail at a higher rate than electronic ones and I don’t want my profiler shipped off to a repair shop because the onboard mechanical pedal had a failure when I can simply plug in a replacement external expression pedal and be good to go.

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 3 years ago +1

    Great Comparison/Summary Rhett. I would agree with your assessment. I do think however the drive effects (and some time-based effects) in the Kemper may be lacking compared to the Helix. However the Amp models available with the Kemper can get you the drive/gain sounds that you may want so it hasn't been a real issue for me. I own both the Kemper Toaster and the Helix LT. The drawback to both of these is that it can be overwhelming when trying out profiles in the Kemper or tweaking or creating/presets in the Helix in the quest to get your desired sound. The quest for tone often leads to less time playing which in my opinion can be a detriment. However, tweaking and exploring tonal possibilities can also open up a lot of creative options. A person won't go wrong with either of these "tools". Both sound great and should give years of enjoyment. Peace....

  • mprater86
    mprater86 3 years ago +2

    Helix for sure! I think the Helix brings out more creativity in me when dialing in tones and achieving "my sound". It is also really fun to use! the Kemper would be cool if I had a badass Mesa Boogie rig with some sick pedals and that way I could profile my own sound so I would only have to take the Kemper to a live gig instead of a full blown Mesa rig or something. However, if I don't have good mics and a good room then my profile might be crap anyway, so Helix for me without question.

  • Jarick Losey
    Jarick Losey 3 years ago +22

    Having owned all the modelers, I went Axe FX 3. Love the Helix interface, love the Kemper feel, but Fractal puts everything together with bleeding edge amp modeling and in my opinion the best effects. They're all fun toys though!

    • Coppulor
      Coppulor 2 years ago +1

      does the Axe feel as good/real as the Kemper?

    • Allan Madhuram
      Allan Madhuram 2 years ago +9

      I live in the UK where the axe fx 3 is £1000 MORE than the Helix and £500 more than the Kemper. For a £1000 difference between the Helix and the Axe fx, it is a no brainer to get the Helix and the customisation it offers.

  • Tim H
    Tim H 3 years ago +6

    For me its the Kemper. I have purchased the Helix full version later tried the Lt even the stomp. For me the gain tones just don't do it for me. Maybe its me maybe I'm missing something since I have heard great things from the helix.The kemper for me is as close to a tube amp guitar tone as one can get without using a tube amp.All in all its a great time to play guitar with the options one has !

    • Jonh Trujillo
      Jonh Trujillo 7 months ago +1

      yeah, the thing is that, with these modelers it's just time-consuming to get that punchy tone we want, I went back to hear my first preset ever made in my Helix, it's just crap, compared to the ones I make know that sound sooo good (not bragging about) but In retrospective, I just had to really add more things to my chains and tweak the things to have these tones.
      Kemper amps just sound great out of the box hahah!

  • philh27
    philh27 3 years ago +34

    Quality piece again, Rhett. Impressed that you genuinely did 'pick one' too. It would be easy to sit on the fence for a comparison such as this.I'm not ready to move from amps and pedalboard, but if I did- based on your synopsis- I'd go for the Kemper!

  • Tyler Eads
    Tyler Eads 3 years ago

    I for one am really glad that Kemper did not include an integrated volume pedal. I use a fairly specific and specialized pedal for volume and expression via midi. I like that I was able to put my own volume pedal into the mix without unnecessarily having an integrated one in the way.

  • golfboy1989
    golfboy1989 3 years ago +26

    For me a HX Stomp sized version of Kemper i.e. one that can fit on and be integrated into a normal board would be amazing. In fact I'd prefer it if they did that but it only had amp modelling inside so you effectively can have your amp on your board. The Stage seems to fall short of being an all in one unit like the Helix, the Helix has better FX and so the Stage seems like the worst of both worlds in that sense.

    • Brandon Kauffman
      Brandon Kauffman 2 years ago

      This. I'd love to have a small Kemper to use for amps/cabs that is midi connected to (and controlled) by my Helix Floor and MC6. I've considered a Kemper Rack to do this, but I can't justify the cost. If it was even half the price of the rack, I'd jump on it.

    • Bryan Gonzalez
      Bryan Gonzalez 3 years ago +3

      golfboy1989 I can tell you from experience that the only FX helix has better is the overdrives. But I find that the natural amp overdrives from Kemper more than cover that gap for me.

  • Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan 3 years ago +14

    Thanks for the comparison review! The only thing I’d disagree with is that being a traditional effects/amp guy for decades, I found the Helix very easy to relate to. The user interface, signal flow I found very intuitive. And liberating - so cool to be able to essentially perform previously studio only functions live.

  • Cole Ford
    Cole Ford 3 years ago +1

    I'm really stoked on my HX Effects. It let me downsize my pedalboard, and gives me great drive tones to the front of an amp, and when I want to get more complicated it allows me to do 4 cable method so I can still use an amplifier as my main tone if I want/need. I think the helix range of Line 6 products offers a solution for every live guitar scenario. You want to add an amp modeler to your analog board? HX Stomp. Want to downsize/replace your analog board, but keep your tube amp? HX Effects. You want to do either of the previous two things and have an all-in-one floor rig? Full size Helix (or LT).

    YMESYDT 3 years ago +81

    I don’t understand why Kemper didn’t give the Stage a better user interface, that would’ve given them so much edge over Line 6 and Fractal

    • Tokai & Kemper SA
      Tokai & Kemper SA 8 months ago

      The Stage connects to your IPhone or IPad via WiFi using the new Rig Manager Editor App...what better UI would anyone need.
      A Laptop or IPad screen is bigger and better than the Helix screen and you don't have to bend down and break your back to tweak. .

    • Bill Daggett
      Bill Daggett 2 years ago +1

      @Guitars and Synths they stick with same hardware so their firmware spans from the original unit to the newest. Those of us that bought ours when released are still enjoying updates. Longevity is nice. I'm glad I don't have to re-purchase a newer model to get enhancements. How many models has Line6 released over the years? I have a pile of them.

    • Vyrtuoso
      Vyrtuoso 3 years ago

      Steve Pond Until v2.1, Headrush scenes functionality only allowed footswitch-assignment of multiple effects blocks to be switched either on/off/no change. V2.1 added block presets to scenes, which helps especially for changing to different amps within the amp block. But the implementation is still inferior to MIDI CC assignment of parameters in these following ways.
      1) When setting a switch to call a scene, it functions as a single-purpose switch for calling that scene, and you lose any secondary function for that switch.
      2) One is not necessarily interested in changing entire presets within a block, but multiple and yet particular parameters between two precise values over a range of blocks. And even where you can program the block presets, it will be a programming hassle to have to create variant presets to call with the scene as an alternative to this purpose when the efficient route is addressing the parameters directly.
      3) Scene recall doesn't afford precise expressive control of parameters. Yes there are the expression pedals, but the expression pedals don't seem to be MIDI controllable. And where one wants to automate variations to parameters however many differently or the same, say with an LFO, MIDI step sequencer, or precisely drawn automation moves over a DAW, scene recall is not what makes this possible.

    • Steve Pond
      Steve Pond 3 years ago

      Vyrtuoso Are you sure the Headrush cant do that, I’m under the impression that scene mode in V2.1.1 of the software can. Scene mode is analogous to snapshots in the Helix.

    • Guitars and Synths
      Guitars and Synths 3 years ago

      @Worlds Worst Musician yeah surprised no one else can make a color touch LCD screen?

  • Digby in the Doghouse
    Digby in the Doghouse 3 years ago +4

    It depends on whether you value the authenticity of the amp emulations/simulations, or you want to do your own thing.
    Once you hook up a Variax to a Helix, you're in a whole new world of creativity.

  • ZaienCover
    ZaienCover Year ago +1

    my experience with line6 is with HD500x, indeed line6 requires a lot of tweaking that I end up just using a single path with it, in the end I choose kemper because it is much easier to find a good sound out of it and it really does sound like an amp.

  • Jim O'Brien
    Jim O'Brien 3 years ago

    great content. thoughtful, concise, leading to a logical conclusion. both units are pro level and FOH loves them. I don't mind playing these rigs live because they sound great. I then enjoy my tube amps at home and in the studio.

  • mixmastermonte
    mixmastermonte Year ago +2

    Thanks! I had not considered the line 6 and now it seems like a better option for me. I’m really impressed by the preparation and organization of the information you provided! Really well done. Thank you!!

  • In Gratitude I Am
    In Gratitude I Am 3 years ago +6

    Whichever one you prefer and is easier to use live. Soundwise, the audience won't know the difference. Coming from the traditional amp/pedalboard, I found the Helix really easy and sounding great..

  • Greg Amann
    Greg Amann 3 years ago +3

    Great, honest comparison. Love your atmospheric tones. I've had both, I'm a Fractal guy at heart but both of these units are fantastic. The Kemper can be instant gratification when you find the right profiles for your tones. Helix can get there too!

  • Mark Volak
    Mark Volak 3 months ago

    Hey Rhett, great explanation on the similarities and differences along with features/benefits of each. I'm a former drummer who just started playing guitar this spring with an acoustic electric Ovation. Since then I have been reading and listening doing research on options to go electric. I was hot on Kemper till I came across the Helix and for all the reasons mentioned I am about to pull the trigger on the Helix to go with my new PRS CE 24. I feel like all the options available make this a no brainer to me. I don't have a room full of amps that I've collected over the years so profiling isn't that big a deal for me unless I wanted to purchase rig packages from MB, TJ etc. which is available for the Helix. This gives me the opportunity to work thru dozens of amps to go after certain sounds, some that know and others I will have to discover.
    Thanks again, I enjoy all your videos.

  • Gomez
    Gomez 3 years ago

    excellent review and analysis Rhett. i'm a Helix guy and am totally impressed with how it has made my life so much simpler. i have all my old amps and effects from a 40+ year career and still like to haul it out for the right (i.e., more stripped down) gigs, but over the last decade found it increasingly necessary to embrace digital modellers for flexibility, convenience, and sometimes demands of the venue (worship). my primary $$ gig for the last few years has been doing all the David Gilmour parts in a Pink Floyd tribute band. I usually have at minimum 3 electrics, 1 or 2 acoustics, and steel. i'm able to run it all through the Helix and send a single line to the house. you nailed it with highlighting the snapshots feature. that feature alone is a huge lifesaver for me. just incredible how they got it right on so many things with this one.

  • Kleeben Splurknurch
    Kleeben Splurknurch 3 years ago +1

    First off, thank you expanding upon this topic of discussion, it means a lot to see you review digital gear, having to tap into a niche which has been long shunned by the old-school purists of tone, not to mention providing an in-depth illustration for real life use-cases should gig-goers indulge further in their portable features and anything-under-the-sun tweak-able elements. We quite need more people like you to get the whole gear populace considering other options for shaping tone colour without having to physically break our bodies carrying dementedly weighted amplifiers, cabinets, and racks from gig to gig.
    Now, having commented properly as regards the content, lemme drop the propriety down a notch:
    I know you're already sick of this suggestion but,
    When are we going to see any Fractal content? :)
    Would be fun to see more blues/classic rock/pop-based players busting out the Axe-FX or other related tone devices. I personally would want to hear what you have to say about it -- for sure, the Helix still knocks it out of the ballpark in terms of practicality, but there's still its tweakability, its possibilities with recording, its rich reserve of amp and effects models, and among other things.

  • Christopher Clement
    Christopher Clement 3 years ago +1

    Really great review, and I'm glad you kept it to features and your experiences. I'm in the Helix camp - for 2 years - so I am already biased. But I think you were right to break them down by "what type of player are you." Both are perfectly capable of making great tones... it just depends on your approach and what you are looking for.

  • TheRosieChannel
    TheRosieChannel 3 years ago +1

    Just picked up a helix a few weeks ago. I debated picking up the kemper stage but ultimately it came down to price and the integrated expression pedal. I find the workflow incredibly easy considering all the things that you can do with your signal flow. I’ve also downloaded a few killer presets that have helped give me ideas on how to create my own presets and make them sound amazing. I’ve also downloaded a few impulse responses that have really made this thing sound killer! I’ve never owned or played a kemper, but all in all I have no regrets.

  • Steve Moss
    Steve Moss 3 years ago

    Nice video man. After spending a lot of time with each, I would go with the Helix as well, mainly because of the included effects. Not to mention, getting the Helix Native for $99.00 is a no-brainer. I love small pedalboards and the HX Stomp is probably in my future. I could see that handling most of my needs for effects.

  • Brian Dinges
    Brian Dinges 2 years ago +1

    Helix got me to start leaving my amp at home for gigs. That's saying something because I've always been dead set against any sort of digital guitar gear. There's a few effects in Helix that leave a lot to be desired but I can get some pretty amazing tone with it and I don't have to have an amp behind me making lose more of my hearing. We all know that tube amps have a sweet spot when it comes to volume for great tone. That spot is always very loud. The amp volume messes with the mix for FOH in smaller venues and completely screws everyone's monitor mix on a small to medium size stage. Having the digital rig has allowed for everyone on stage to have as little or as much of my guitar as they want and with IEM I can have my guitar blasting in my ears and not mess with the rest of the band. I still have my amps and always will but I won't gig with them anymore or at least not very often. Once or twice per year is enough. Having 2 guitar cases and one pedal case for my rig is much easier than having an amp head, cabinet, pedalboard and 2 guitars. Besides the extra equipment, the Helix is much lighter than my amp head and 4x12.
    Great video, by the way.

  • jeff g
    jeff g 3 years ago +2

    Great vid, as always. One quibble: I used to think an attached expression pedal was a plus, until I realized that - as the most moving part - it was doomed to fail long before the rest of the board. And also ridiculously hard to repair/replace (as opposed to standard footswitches). Yeah, it’s an extra cable/pedal, but much easier to swap out. Also, you can choose a “wah/short throw” controller or a linear “volume” pedal based on your needs.

  • Tyler Elliott
    Tyler Elliott 3 years ago

    Great video man! I’m a Helix user, but really enjoy Kemper...I think they make a top notch product. The one thing that really sold me on the Helix was the effects! I’ve noticed a lot of guys that run Kemper use an external pedalboard...not that that’s a bad thing, but for me, that was the main reason for getting the Helix...no amp, cab, or pedalboard to carry, no bad patch cables to worry about, and about a 1 minuet setup. I’m sure Kemper will get there with the effects eventually.

  • Doug Theriault
    Doug Theriault 2 years ago +1

    I have owned a helix twice, a Kemper once and an Axe Fx III. I still have the HX stomp which is a great unit. The amp sounds on the Kemper are best, the effects on the Helix are much more authentic to my ears and intuitive than Fractal too. For my sound I have to go back to the Kemper. Hopefully they will have a new version next year but that’s highly doubtful...

  • darklightstudios
    darklightstudios 3 years ago +1

    I'm a Kemper Guy, had the toaster for years and love it! Will be getting the Stage very soon.. But I agree with you 100%, I am a more traditional guitar player in the sense that I want my rig to resemble an actual amp and pedal board control setup, so for sure it's the one for me, but the Helix is very very good as well as well as the Fractal..

  • rob oliver
    rob oliver 3 years ago

    Both of these are amazing technology, but they are really just too much for most players. So many options tend to get in the way rather then enable. Something like the Tech21 fly rigs for < $250 is much more useable to me then a Swiss Army knife like the Kemper or Helix.

  • Brent Sumner
    Brent Sumner 3 years ago +1

    Great review that folks can actually use! I would agree fully. After 2 years living with the Helix, it's been a fantastic rig. The only issue was stage volume when playing in a traditional band which can be solved with the MIssion IO powered cab. Then I bought a used 20th Anniversary Bogner Shiva (KT88) - now everything has changed including my stage set up and wow, I get all kinds of compliments on my sound now and how balanced my tone is at just about any volume level. I actually have folks that are not guitar players come up to me and say how the sound of my guitar gave them chills. That's pretty dang cool...

  • Jonathan Cordero Band

    Great video man. Super helpful. Great job explaining the differences between the 2. Have used the lunchbox Kemper for several years and was just a little lack luster for me. Especially the onboard fx. Leaning towards a Helix all in one set up. Cheers!

    REN-SHEN Year ago +27

    2 years later, the Kemper effects are quite amazing now. And the amps were always better. I think a different conclusion would be reached now.

    • Jorge Mauricio Mercado
      Jorge Mauricio Mercado 6 months ago

      @John It was a joke, I’m just kidding and messing a little !!

    • John
      John 6 months ago +1

      @Jorge Mauricio Mercado - jees man, it doesn't have to be IOS vs. Android, or Apple vs. Windows. Fractal still doesn't have integrated volume/expression pedal either.

    • Jorge Mauricio Mercado
      Jorge Mauricio Mercado 7 months ago

      @Warren Postma Fractal is the King 👑

    • Warren Postma
      Warren Postma 8 months ago +1

      The latest helix update’s amps are crazy good.

    • Dario Crocetta
      Dario Crocetta 8 months ago +2

      HELIX has been updated a lot of times too

  • Frank Reiser
    Frank Reiser 3 years ago +10

    The Kemper sounds great. I tried it several times in the shop. But for me the usability was very confusing. I like the flexibility of my Helix. The cab simulation / IR selection can be intensive to model your favorite sound. But you are able to tweak many things.

    • Sleep/less
      Sleep/less 2 years ago +1

      This is what I thought as well, glad I'm not the only one.

  • Mike Hilbun
    Mike Hilbun 3 years ago +1

    If I were to get one, it would be to go full digital with my rig, so I’m on team Helix. A friend of mine just got one earlier this month and it holds true to what you said.

  • Eric Soriano
    Eric Soriano 3 years ago +2

    I’ve been using the Helix for more than 2 years now and was curious about the Kemper Stage when it was released. Thank you for making this awesome comparison video. Your video helped me confirm that for my tone tweaking needs, I’m good!

  • John Norland
    John Norland 2 years ago +1

    Hi Rhett,
    I love your videos-thank you. The insights you provide on all the topics you cover are probably much more helpful than you realize, so really, thanks a ton.
    I do tiny gigs in tiny spaces. I wish I could find an HX stomp type thing that could approximate the sound of a mic’d HD-28 when I’m playing my Strat or a Les Paul Special with P90s. Consider doing a video on that. The “acoustic” sounds that people have built (that I have been able to find) sound like a piezo at a Poison concert; whereas, I am looking for something that sounds like Dan Tyminski-just in that ball park.
    I’m open to more expensive options, but I’ve tried Line 6 guitars and they won’t really work for me feel-wise or dependability-wise.

  • Julius_Seizure
    Julius_Seizure Year ago

    I’ve played both. My take is I don’t have the time, proper gear or amps to profile. I just like to play, write and record. So when it comes down to it I just want to quickly be inspired and I get that with the 🧬 Helix. The effects and UI are superior.

  • Dany Avila
    Dany Avila Year ago +2

    When you pair a Helix and a Variax Guitar the couple go to the stratosphere!!!! Is unbelievable!!! The way it sounds, flexibility , and is absolutely noiseless , great for recording and live sessions.

  • Blakjack
    Blakjack 2 years ago

    Very nice tones and great playing. Very comprehensive explanation of the features.
    On a side note, I wonder if the engineers at Kemper can create a vocal modeling processor that can model the vocal tones of legendary vocalists. It would be nice for cover band vocalist to have the ability to choose voices like, say, John Lennon's voice or Mick Jagger and sound just like those singers with the stomp of a pedal! If it's even possible, I think they'd sell like hot cakes! They'll make millions ahaha!

    DJ ASTERIKK 3 years ago +17

    I own the Helix,Kemper, & Axe fx 2xlplus they are all phenomenal units I’ve used them live, in the studio, & in practice. I was talking with the guitar tech for BeastoBlanco and he put it like this which I kind of agree with he said “the Helix has the best UI hands down making it the easiest to use and program, the axe fx has the ability to go as deep as you want into changing the tubes on the amp, swapping tone stacks ect. , but the Kemper Sounds the Best!! the fx aren’t the best but the profiled amp tone is the Best out of those 3” I agree almost all the way exceptions that the Kemper is only as good as the profile and I can make the helix or Fractal sound like the Kemper with eq after the head and ir because you need good IR’s on the fractal or Helix!! Impulses that’s another rabbit hole for another video but anyways, great videos Rhett I’ve been around since you had like 7k subs and your content & videos are top notch !!!! 😎👍👍 🐇 🕳

    • Bothand Nether
      Bothand Nether 3 years ago +2

      Pretty much echoes the sentiments of everyone that tried them out at the AAAA studio I am associated with.
      Every amp that gets tracked there gets profiled at the same time.
      Makes for an effortless emergency overdub session.
      Anb the artist can take the exact time from the recording out on the road.

    • Dsmooth81
      Dsmooth81 3 years ago +2

      Fractal stock cabs are fine, no need to use 3rd party IRs. Kemper and Fractal amp tones are the best, with the slight edge going to Kemper.

    • Juan Valdez
      Juan Valdez 3 years ago +1

      @DJ ASTERIKK Thanks for the advice. Yeah, a video would be great too.

      DJ ASTERIKK 3 years ago +1

      Juan Valdez I’d start off with a simple eq like the 5band Cali eq it’s a pretty good set of frequencies for guitar I’d use it between the cab and the ir typically the differences between the Kemper fractal and helix is that the helix seems like it’s missing a little thickness to my ears so I usually will boost some lows and low mids and then throw a HPF and a LPF so the lows aren’t messing with the bassists or kick drums frequency band usually I put it between 80-100 and on the highs I’ll throw a filter between 13k and 10k the lpf and hpf is built into the Ir block for this purpose once you set those I’d then mess with the eq block and find a sound that works for me when you start using parametric eq’s you can start cutting problem frequencies like brittle or shrill highs and woofy lows or mids that are undesirable maybe I should make a video on this it might be easier to understand then my poor typing skills 😎👍👍

      DJ ASTERIKK 3 years ago +1

      G1 impulse responses it’s a frequency sweep of the cab thru a mic with a neutral power amp making an accurate representation of what ever cab your trying to capture look up celestion impulses other great companies are ownhammer or live ready sound there’s literally tons of people who make killer ir’s all you have to do is load em up in the helix or what ever unit your using and see which one fits the sound your going for!! Hope that helps if not try Pete Thorns video on impulses /ir’s

  • Craig Merriman
    Craig Merriman 3 years ago

    I have an HX Stomp, the sounds are great. I was pleasantly surprised and blown away. Based on that and other feedback, the Helix makes sense.

  • Dennis Torrent
    Dennis Torrent 2 years ago

    I’m late to this video but it’s brilliant that you gave such a detailed in-depth on these two units I’ve been looking at but not for guitar. For bass preferably. It’s hard to choose when so many out such amazing gear making harder for the consumers to make a choice.

  • Allan Jackson
    Allan Jackson 3 years ago

    Great analysis Rhett. I have just recently started using the Helix lt for bass. A great unit.... Like you mentioned per signal path.... So programmable. I use one xlr to feed front of house, the other xlr to feed our x32 for in-ears, and a jack out to feed any on stage backline (obviously without cab sim etc)
    . Works amazing for me!!! Keep up the good work 👍

  • Glasgow Guitarist
    Glasgow Guitarist 3 years ago +1

    Great comparison Rhett. I totally agree with everything you said EXCEPT the in built volume pedal. On of the reasons I didn’t buy a Helix is that it has a built in pedal. I use my wah, volume and morph with my left foot. Having a built in pedal on the right hand side is a major turn off for me. I think Kemper got it absolutely right giving users the option.

    • Jeff Pelletier
      Jeff Pelletier 3 years ago

      Glasgow Guitarist - agreed. Where’s the lefty love?

  • Matt Simon
    Matt Simon 3 years ago

    Really useful video thanks Rhett. I have used a line 6 XT a lot (time to upgrade!) but you are right about the expression pedal being so useful especially live when stage volumes can be all over the place. Looks like I'll get a Helix next

  • Curtis Harvey
    Curtis Harvey 3 years ago +3

    thanks for a useful video! Definitely a Helix for me. I am tired of my huge pedal board and complex assortment of effects, so I might sell it all for the smaller footprint, lighter weight, and flexibility of a Helix. But I'm keeping my Eventide H9 and Blackbird pre-amp! They are both just too amazing to part with.

  • Stuart Hossack
    Stuart Hossack 3 years ago

    A great and balanced overview of these excellent pieces of kit. I bought the Helix to replace a few amps and pedals, to get rid of the clutter - I only play at home these days. I don't find the Helix as accessible as an amp/pedal set up BUT it took me a while to realise why ........... there are soooooo many options, almost to the point that I spent more time learning "Helix" and tweeking than playing. I thought I was going to be able to plug in, switch on and play, which you can do, but you may be disappointed with what comes out i.e. it didn't sound like the YT vids straight out of the box. It takes a little investment of time because it ain't "amps and pedals", it's a computer. I had to be less lazy and put some work in, more than I expected to. I love it now though for all the reasons Rhett gave, I just found it hard work at the beginning. Now if Line 6 started to have a profiling facility ............. nah, the complexity would scare the s**t out of me. Enjoyed the comparison .......... oh, and I still haven't got rid of my amps and pedals so I have even more clutter now.

  • Sean Fullerton Music
    Sean Fullerton Music 10 months ago +2

    Hey Rhett! Love your vids, especially on the Helix and HX Stomp. I've been a Helix user for about 5 years now, and do about 200+ gigs a year. I mainly play Acoustic Blues, Soul, RnR, and instrumental Fingerstyle, and the Helix is amazing for all of it. Too bad there aren't many vids out there (that I've found) on Acoustic guitar sounds with the Helix. It can be done. :) Two things about the Helix I really appreciate along with everything you mentioned are A) the benefits of the scribble strips for each foot switch, and B) that each preset is like a new pedalboard. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for all you do! Later brother man.

  • Tom Dekkers
    Tom Dekkers 2 years ago

    Hi Rhett, great video! I'm wondering if you also used both units with a separate poweramp and a cabinet. What are the greatest differences using it in this setup?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Trevor Watts
    Trevor Watts 2 months ago

    I appreciate your opinion regarding the effects. To my ear the Kemper effects outstrip the Helix effects in quality and “dimension”, even though not as many options are there. I do agree that bang for the buck, the Helix is amazing and contains a lot more options. If money was meaningless, I’d go with the Kemper and the remote and an expensive expressions pedal. However, I’m not currently in that financial class!

  • rockxx
    rockxx 3 years ago +1

    Hey, Rhett! Thanks for the very good explanation. I've been a Helix user for several years now. One week ago I bought the Kemper Profiler Stage and I'm really excited. You're absolutely right. Both sound fantastic. But one thing I noticed after several years on the Helix: The difference in feel compared to a real amp is remarkable. Whenever I go from the Helix to a real amp, it takes me some time to get used to it in playing, especially when it comes to dynamics and response. I didn't notice that with the Kemper. He feels a bit closer to the amp. Did you notice that, too? Or is that just my imagination because I spent so much money for it? 😆 Greetings from Germany!

    • ezm69
      ezm69 3 years ago +2

      I've had both for a few years now and the way I explain it is that the Helix can get like 90-95% of the way to a "real" amp sound and feel, but there was always that nagging thing that it just couldn't get that last little bit (and the feel is a big part of it). The Kemper with a good profile starts where the Helix leaves off and while I won't say it's 100%, 98-99% absolutely. I will say that when I grabbed a Powercab+ for the Helix that definitely edged it closer. Still not quite to the Kemper, but much closer.

  • KJ Melgoza
    KJ Melgoza 3 years ago

    Never used a Kemper, but had an AxefxII and now have the Helix stomp integrated to my pedal board. This set up is crushing it for me home and live(still love my amps more), which brings me to the way I've made my pedal board with the easy possiblilty of putting just the Helix in the effects loop and having the pedals go into the front of the amp. Would really love to try the new Axe floor boards as I think Fractal wins the Modeler/effects game, but for now I'm plenty happy. Great stuff man cheers from Sweden!

  • Ethan Lowe
    Ethan Lowe 3 years ago

    I think Stompbox mode in the Helix also works well for the more “traditional” layout that you speak of. Stompbox mode made the transition from analog to Helix seamless for me.

  • Vernon Reid
    Vernon Reid 3 years ago

    I have the toaster & the Helix, & I concur. The other advantage the Helix has is as a standalone MIDI controller for external gear. I’ve used it to control & route NI’s Guitar Rig through selected outputs. The possibilities are🍌🍌🍌, & I’ve only scratched the surface. The Helix is a great controller... for the Kemper. That’s a lot of & tho’. ! They both sound amazing, but Helix is WAY smoother to program! Have fun!

  • Arnold Deal III
    Arnold Deal III 3 years ago +1

    Helix. To me there are more options, and after the initial cost you’re in. With Kemper like you said you need multiple amps, mics, and really you got to be a sound engineer to successfully create a profile on your own. To me if I bought a Kemper I would have no choice but to buy additional profiles which I know will sound fantastic, but at an additional up charges! So it’s my opinion you get more for your money with Helix. Also if I went this route I would want to do away with pedals. Helix has better effects. This seems like a no brainer to me.

  • J Katzan
    J Katzan 3 years ago +1

    THANK YOU for having, and actually expressing, an opinion. Very helpful Rhett. Great video.

  • deltafit
    deltafit 3 years ago +6

    I've had them all. Kemper (toaster), Helix, sold the Kemper to fund a Fractal Audio AX8. I've just (re) bought the Kemper Stage and so far it's my favourite of the bunch. I've just got to the point where I'm done going down rabbit holes and endless tweaking. With the Kemper, I've simply bought a bunch of packs of my favourite amps from Michael Britt and Tone Junkie like you said and bam.....instant great tones with little to no tweaking.

    • Mr Michael
      Mr Michael 2 years ago +1

      This approach makes a lot of sense to me as I have already fallen down too many rabbit holes at this point in my life. You prefer the stage to the toaster? Thanks.

  • Narddogg81
    Narddogg81 3 years ago +1

    I can't justify buying this Kemper floor unit, but what I might buy would be a Kemper stomp if it was the size of say a strymon timeline. Get a big pedalboard, mount a Helix on it, put a Kemper stomp in one of the loops, a big sky in another,, maybe another expression pedal and whatever weird pedal you like that Helix doesn't have, with the Helix controlling everything via midi. That would be awesome

  • Darrin Loken
    Darrin Loken Year ago

    Great review of the two units and good on you to make a recommendation. If the Kemper stage had been available when I was looking it would have been a contender as I decided to move away from a rack rig. I chose the Helix LT over the Fractal cause they discontinued the AX-8. Haven't regretted it. It suits my needs and I went from a digital FX preamp, so the Helix was not a big stretch.

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore 2 years ago +4

    I Had the helix for a few years loved it great unit but i decided to sell it to purchase the kemper (toaster version not stage) as i was blown over with its capabilities watching videos on youtube so i took the plunge...18 months with the kemper and i wouldn't be without it now. The two units are diffent in many ways as described in this video so its not a like for like comparison but for me the kemper takes the win when all is concidered. Love your videos by the way you have a real honest and unbiased approach that genuinely helps us guys out! Great respect for that

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 3 years ago +3

    Hey Rhett, great video! I have both the Helix and Kemper Stage. My Helix has been my workhorse and love it for ease of use, routing and flexibility. I don't use it for amp and cab simulation very much as I'm using Synergy preamp modules and tube power amp for my tone however, the Kemper amps sound and feel really great. I was considering running both units together and connecting the Kemper into the FX Loop of the Helix and using it for just the amp tones while keeping the Helix for effects, snapshots etc. Have you thought about trying this? I tried it one night at practice for like 5 minutes but was getting a ton of feedback when turning up the volume on my power amp. It's probably just a setting that I haven't spent the time to figure out yet but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this type of setup?

  • Scott Akam
    Scott Akam 3 years ago +1

    Nice comparison. I didn't need a full blown Helix so I never pulled the trigger. When the HX Stomp came out it was exactly what I was looking for so I jumped on it. So far I love it as a home user. That's another Helix advantage. You can get in at several price points without sacrificing sound quality. You just get fewer features which some people may not need.

  • Moskito H
    Moskito H 2 years ago +1

    Tried both and preferred the Kemper... Helix I was more stripping down overloaded settings, Kemper I was more trying several profiles and making just some small adjustments. Kemper is more future proof for me, as I will get profiles of future amps. DAW integration really lacks on the Kemper. :(

  • Bill Bassler
    Bill Bassler 2 years ago

    At their core ... two different approaches. The only usages to favor the Kemper for is if you have a necessity to use a profile of of a specific setup of an amp/cab/mic that's not available in the Helix. The Helix wins in all other usages.

  • Anthony Rosa
    Anthony Rosa 3 years ago

    I'd buy neither. I have had floor modelers and PC based modeling. I'd just as soon stick with a tube amp and whatever pedals I choose. When it's all said and done they will eventually replace both the Kemper and the Line 6 with the next gen units rendering them not so desirable. Tube amps and real FX still retain their usefulness and monetary value as they are the real deal.

  • Stephen Hepburn
    Stephen Hepburn 4 months ago

    Have owned the HELIX floor for 3 years now..love it! So much to learn, and you have helped me in the process, thank you.

  • Chris ACT
    Chris ACT 3 years ago +7

    I own a Helix Rack with the foot controller and the M-Audio expression pedals so I'm arguably somewhat biased. One thing the Helix does really well is act as a home studio interface. The mic input and preamp are great. The routing abilities are excellent.
    That said ... if I had unlimited money, I'll get an AxeFxIII now. It's way more tweakable than the Helix and the amp models sound better. It's about 30% more expensive here in Australia though so bang for buck, the Helix is still a good choice

    • Juan Valdez
      Juan Valdez 3 years ago

      I use the helix in a home studio. very versatile. The routing can do insane things

  • First Last
    First Last 3 years ago

    They're very nice units but cost is a strong factor for me so both these devices are out of my range. The thing about a unit based around technology is it gets cheaper to make, more affordable with competition, offers advanced mobile OS support, and just all around better features in a shorter time frame. It's a great investment for those who need or want something now for live or studio application.

  • Mike’s Movie Madness

    I got a question for you Rhett. I'm a strictly at home player and I was looking to get a solid clean combo amp and one of these type of boards so I can use it for high gain amp modeling and effects. Which amp would you recommend and would the Helix or the Kemper work with that or am I better off investing in distortion pedals and effect pedals?

  • MesaGuitarGuy
    MesaGuitarGuy 3 years ago

    I respect your opinions on these. I have to vote for the Fractal AX8 though. We are living in the Golden Age of Gear!

  • countstoneula
    countstoneula 3 years ago +11

    Great video! I wish Kemper would make a smaller pedal about the size of a Strymon Timeline that I could run at the end of my Pedalboard. They’ve definitely got the amp simulation down.

  • Andrew Zendejas
    Andrew Zendejas 3 years ago

    The Helix's interface is brilliant and very easy to use to get what you need as a modeler. Everything is there in one package. Everything. The effects are seem better quality and "organic" for a digital platform, which is strange to say. i would have to agree with you Rhett, that is the same reason I invested in the Helix (I use two on stage, one as a backup). The editor is superb as well. Heck last night for no reason I spent 3 hours or so just messing with tones from the Helix for no reason! Because it is fun to experiment. The "scribble strips" on the Helix is brilliant! The touch sensitive switches too? Great! In my opinion and experience with the Helix, I believe Line6 have created what we couldn't get with the Fractal AxeFX and the Kemper. They have produce the ultimate creative solution for bedroom to stage or studio. Let me say that I have tried the Kemper but the environment was not conducive for a thorough and in-depth analysis. I would even invest in the Kemper stage but what the heck were they thinking by not incorporating a built in expression pedal? What were they thinking?

  • Kyle Yordy
    Kyle Yordy 3 years ago +11

    I really love my HX Stomp for integration with my pedalboard of analog effects. the Stomp's something that's far easier to take to a quick rehearsal or integrate into an existing rig. I feel like the Helix takes a bit of learning, regarding how the parameters work in each effect; you can't just put everything at noon and it sounds great. However, once you spend a little time with it, the stuff Helix can do is just wild.

    • Of Faith And Fire
      Of Faith And Fire 11 months ago

      How do get Around the 60cycle hum ? As soon as I start adding amps its unbearable. The gates destroy any responsiveness.

    • Bagus Wibisono
      Bagus Wibisono 2 years ago

      Someone tell me cause the stomp with external pedal will be fizzy or plastic sounding, better with internal pedal. But, it just someone preference. Another people olso said like you. I plan to buy Hx stomp with BB preamp external pedal (booster for my high gain amp simulator on hx stomp). How about you dude?

    • Kyle Yordy
      Kyle Yordy 2 years ago

      @Bagus Wibisono I prefer it. Just because I like different pedals than are available in the stomp. There’s a number of youtubers who have videos on how they’ve integrated their stomp in with a full pedalboard and how all that sounds. Heck, I even have a couple videos on my channel about that.
      I love a good analog delay, and there’s an “analog” delay simulation in the stomp, but I like my real one.
      Situations like that are why I preferred to add the stomp to a pedalboard.

    • Bagus Wibisono
      Bagus Wibisono 2 years ago +1

      hi sir.. hx stomp with external real pedal is better sounding than the internal hx stomp?

    • Bobby O'Dell
      Bobby O'Dell 2 years ago +4

      I'm getting an HX Stomp...they look and sound badass. I'm tired of wrestling with tech. I don't wanna be a youtube tweaker star...I just wanna play guitar!

  • Jeff Pence
    Jeff Pence 3 years ago +5

    I bought the Helix 3 1/2 years ago and love it. I was using the Pod Pro with in-ears around 2001 and in the late 80s I was using an ADA tube pre with a midi foot switcher. With my band Blessid Union Of Souls I used Godin guitars on songs that I needed acoustic sounds and electric guitar at the same time so now I use a Variax guitar with a Helix connected with a cat 5 cable which allows you to run the modeled acoustic sound out of the Variax in the right channel of the Helix going through a preamp and eq and the magnetic pickups of the Variax going through the left channel of the Helix going through amp and guitar effects. Using snapshots to mute either one or have both at once. Line 6 all the way for me.

  • Chalk Fingerz
    Chalk Fingerz 2 years ago

    Great video. I use Helix but have struggled with the myriad options available, I ended up using some pedals in front of it and basically only use it as a cab simulator now. I was struggling to decide what amplifier I should buy and bought a Stomp instead, granted it doesn't tell me everything about the amps involved (I still prefer the real thing) but now I have a better understanding of where to look if I ever set up a valve amp again. Looks like the world is changing fast though and for many guitarists the Helix/Kemper/Fractal/NearalDSP options are growing, really exciting but overload!

  • ishwor Poudel
    ishwor Poudel 9 months ago

    Great explanation but I would definitely go for kemper,,,I would invest 200 more for the expression pedal....

  • Mark Gabriel
    Mark Gabriel 3 years ago

    Great video! Love your playing and honesty. I’ve owned Line 6 gear since they first started in the late 90’s, and it all still works. Got the Helix a few months ago and totally love it. Never used a Kemper, but I’m not a huge metal player so I don’t see a reason to even consider it. Helix effects by far are superb and don’t regret my purchase.

  • A. Raino Trifonoff
    A. Raino Trifonoff 2 years ago

    Very good video, Rhett! You nailed it! If you haven't done a comparison of the Axe Fx that would be cool. I made the switch to all digital years ago. I like the flexibility and portability of my Line 6 gear and my JTV-69 Variax. Care and feeding for one guitar instead of half a dozen is a big stress reliever, not mention that I can "switch" guitars or tunings mid song is something I couldn't even do without it. I have to believe that a Helix replacement can't be that far into the future, so I'm patiently waiting for that.

  • Rick Kniazeff
    Rick Kniazeff 3 years ago

    I'm surprised you didn't touch on the text strips, they are a huge deal to me, I absolutely adore them, and the kemper stage didn't bother having them - Fractal has stepped up to text strips, it's becoming the new standard for pro gear.

  • crazymanwithastick
    crazymanwithastick 3 months ago +1

    This is a great video. Still a tough decision to make. After 2 years, I wonder if your opinion may have changed. Would love an update!

  • Nick K
    Nick K 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video, it's made me realize the Kemper is not for me. The fact that there's no editor software is a big deal to me. So now I'm torn between the Axe FX 3 or the Helix...I bought the FM3 and had a TON of problems with it, had to return it. Fractal offered me an Axe FX 3 Mark II with a discount as a result of that, so I've got a choice to make ^_^

  • polyphemae
    polyphemae 11 months ago

    Superb video - many thanks. You present a delightfully balanced argument and then make an equally credible decision. I watched this after I’d just bought a Kemper - basically for its build quality. Must also say that I prefer external expression pedals for the same reason - tougher build. What puts me off the Line 6 is the slightly less solid construction.

  • Dave Miley
    Dave Miley 3 years ago +38

    Tried both using lots of different profiles and presets made for both. I prefer the Kemper above and beyond the Helix because the amp sounds on the Kemper just feel and sound a lot better.

    • darklightstudios
      darklightstudios 3 years ago +1

      @Matthew F I have a kemper and play a lot of Metal through it, have some profiles I made myself that I love and also some other ones I bought that are great! I just got the Messhugah ones and they are killer as well!

      DANIELE 3 years ago +2

      @Matthew F If you want high gain metal sounding amps, check out the STL Tones packs. I agree the Helix can't compare to a Kemper

    • Robert Wellington
      Robert Wellington 3 years ago

      Matthew F I do. I have to add a pedal for better feel and sound too. They’re great for gigging guitarists but for home nope. Not getting rid of the amp that took a lifetime to find.

    • Dave Miley
      Dave Miley 3 years ago +6

      @Matthew F I go from Dwight Yoakum to black Sabbath , SRV, ZZ Top, Sultans of swing. All sounded better with the Kemper . I thought The Helix had nice FX, just not real enough amp sounds

    • Matthew F
      Matthew F 3 years ago

      MrDavemiley I wasn't feeling any of the high gain amps on the helix. Do you use high gain profiles on the kemper?

  • BAM Mözzi
    BAM Mözzi 3 years ago +2

    To me, the fundamental difference is that Kemper replaces your Amps with the option of doing some effects and the Helix replaces your Pedal Board with the option to replace your Amps.
    If you want to replace your Amps, buy the Kemper but if you want to replace your Pedal board, buy the Helix. I know both can do FX and Amps but if you are using each to their strengths, then it makes more sense to buy according to what area you are looking to replace. It seems pointless to buy a Kemper if you still want the flexibility of using your favourite Amp(s) and you don't buy the Helix (Floor/LT anyway) to go with your large pedal board - even the Stomp or FX will be used on a small-ish pedal board with a few of your favourite Pedals. You could even run a Helix into a Kemper (although maybe the Toaster Kemper is better for that).
    As such, neither is a clear winner. Both are tools for a musician to use and what suits their needs and situation best. If you want to replace your Amps primarily - whether that's for home, studio or live use, the Kemper is the better option where as the Helix is more a multi-fx pedal to replace your pedal board primarily. Helix can be used to replace your amps too if you want - might be easier for gigging or home use for example but you also have the ability to use your amps too - even stereo amp set ups. I think the Kemper may be ok for a simple pedal board replacement but I think most will still run their Pedal boards into a Kemper.

  • JLR Gaming
    JLR Gaming 3 years ago +1

    This was a fantastic video - opinions aside I think you laid out the pros and cons very well and articulated them concisely. I'm not a professional musician, simply a hobbyist guitarist. I have been looking at both systems because I am primarily space constrained and need to be able to achieve a good sound at low volumes and I like to fiddle with effects and presets. I've been leaning toward the Helix for a long time because I'm familiar with Line 6 effects and agree they are top notch. This video was what tipped the balance strongly in favor of the Helix. I am planning the purchase of a Helix very soon. Thanks!

  • Jeremy Reddoor
    Jeremy Reddoor 3 years ago +2

    Great video. This is one of the best and most logical comparisons I’ve seen on these units. Very helpful. Thank you!

  • Albus. Band
    Albus. Band 3 years ago

    Both are pretty rad & I can see more n more people switching to them for live use (still tube & pedals in the studio). I’ve also seen a lot of my friends using their analog rigs here in the states, but kemper/helix overseas to avoid freight. You’ve run the Helix cabs in stereo right? How was that?

  • Edward Bartley
    Edward Bartley 3 years ago

    A few years back when I got back into playing I bought Line 6 HD 500. It worked for me for about a year. Then I just got fed up with it and started building a decent pedal board. My pedal board and a decent tube amp is all I will ever need for right now.

  • Dubl Deez
    Dubl Deez 2 years ago

    Great Video. I bought the Helix and Profiler both the full units. I really enjoyed them both. I ended up trying the Fractal Axe FXiii and it blew my mind. I had what I considered to be the best effects and the best tones on the planet. It is crazy. I believe that all three units are good enough to play live anywhere. Anyone who says that isn't true, isn't paying attention. there are many pros using these units and touring worldwide with them. Thank you Rhett for outstanding thoughtful videos.!
    The guitars used for the testing were the following.
    Gibson Les Paul Dark Knight
    Fender American Pale Moon Ebony
    Vigier GV Wood
    Vigier Excalibur Supra

  • Joel Stickney
    Joel Stickney 3 years ago

    Great video. I’m more of a traditional tube amp player but just picked up the hx stomp to add to my board. So we’ll see what it can do. based on your video I’d go helix too.

  • Culture Trash
    Culture Trash 3 years ago

    Fantastic video, as always. Would love to see Kemper come out with something comparable to the HX Stomp.

  • Blackie James
    Blackie James 3 years ago

    These modeling boards are good for the quick gig on the road when you don't want to carry much. For me I fall into the traditional amp and pedal player. I went through the tons of rack gear and midi switching controllers as well as amp channel switching in the late 80's and it was a huge pain in the butt. I spent more time tap dancing on stage than playing guitar. After giving it a long trial run I abandoned the entire rig and went back to a Fender Vibrolux and a great pedal board, just stomp and go with a guaranteed great sound every time. It isn't a light set up and it's not convenient for the quick gig or travel run but it is the real deal not a wanna be clone. There is nothing like the hassle of hauling a classic amp and pedal board but the best thing is there is absolutely nothing like the sound of the real thing plus the feel of that organic rig is priceless. I'll be staying with the real equipment as it was meant to be not simulated clone sounds.

  • Mike Allen-Pugh
    Mike Allen-Pugh 3 years ago +1

    I have both a Helix and a Kemper rack. If I swapped to the Kemper to a Stage then I'd still find it difficult to decide which is 'best'. The Kemper amp profiles have far more feel in them than anything that I've found on the Helix. However, the Helix is really easy to use and very flexible with regards to routing (and an editor - not that you need one with the Helix as the display is so good). Helix is quick to set up and very flexible with scribble strips and all sorts of other things. If I had to ditch one, and had to take into account the overall usage, I'd choose the Helix because of the integration with traditional amps, amp switching cababilities, easy editing and routing, etc, etc.