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“Asian & Bisexual” 🎤: Andrea Jin

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Neil D. Adams

    I like her she’s funny in a dry way

  • maddy
    maddy  +5

    The worst bi's nightmare is being single cause how tf am I losing on both sides🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Nenzii
    Nenzii  +2

    I’m Asian and bi aswell and I remember my friend said to me “if you like me I’m not into girls” and I said “it’s ok… I have standards” 😂

  • Mel Moultrie

    The last line tickled the shit out of me lmao

  • Keke
    Keke  +350

    "I'm like one of those... white guys you know"

  • Kayla Rotondi

    that’s so accurate haha people think just bc you like girls you like every girl..like no honey😂

  • Unlucky
    Unlucky  +16

    Being bisexual is basically one long game of telling every friend you have that theyre not your type and having to deal with them being angry that youre not attracted to them even when they didnt want you to be.

    HØLIIWUD  +42

    She’s so funny in the strangest way bc she’s rly calm

  • Stoney Cooper

    That white guy part was fucking HILARIOUS dawg I started coughing cuz I laughed so hard

  • Caoimhe Does Stuff

    As a lesbian, I’ve got such strange treatment from girls. I once had a girl in my class show me multiple photos of different girls, asking me to rate them on number scales and I was like ‘no that’s weird and pervy’ and she was like ‘well then you’re not actually a lesbian’ and I was like ???

  • ads
    ads 21 day ago +2

    OHMYGOD this actually reminds me of someone in my country who tweeted something like "one of my friends came out and always confides to me and i eventually had to distance myself because i'm scared she has a crush on me" LIKE GIRL. SHE HAS STANDARDS … 💀

  • Minxilly
    Minxilly  +13

    Omg, same. I'm picky with girls and I have a very specific type qwq I'M NOT INTO EVERYONE. It's the same with men.

  • MickeyMouse

    The way her hsnds were shaking made me just wanna hug her

  • Source
    Source  +5

    "I'm bisexsual."

  • Lady Ladybug


  • jaahas
    jaahas  +1

    as a lesbian i hear the "don't have a crush on me" and "I'm not interested in you " even if i don't show any sort of signs that could give off the impression. I AM TIRED OF IT

  • Hannah W
    Hannah W  +29

    Being bisexual is a fun game of having to make sure both your guy and girl friends know you're not into them. Especially if you have strong masculine AND feminine tendencies and thus radiate a lot of straight AND gay energy

  • jasminee

    i love serious / dry comedy

  • Bonkology
    Bonkology  +858

    Bruh she sounds like that one girl in highschool who gives really long presentations but constantly sounds like she’s gonna cry

  • Vel
    Vel  +3

    Stop wait, me too 😂 every line I was just like ‘😌 same, fr’😂😂