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Funniest Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person

  • Published on Feb 14, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Denzel Washington, Mike Tyson, Clint Eastwood, Jim Carrey, Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage, Jack Black, Kevin Hart...

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  • famous
    famous  2 months ago +263

    Funniest Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person (Part 2) - clip-share.net/video/POrhwQYbLvI/video.html

    • Damian Krebs
      Damian Krebs Month ago +15

      Link leads to a private video i can not watch :-(

    • Dean Abel
      Dean Abel Month ago +3

      Rob Schneider and Slyvester Stallone judge dredd

    • Linksoer
      Linksoer Month ago +1

      Video is private 😑

    • Dalek_Charlie
      Dalek_Charlie 16 days ago

      Video is unavailable

  • PaulyGutes
    PaulyGutes 3 months ago +22696

    Eddie Murphy the only person brave enough to imitate Mike Tyson directly to his face lol

    • Turco949
      Turco949 3 months ago +759

      And look what happened, he slapped the funny out of Eddie!

    • Dan Fiorini
      Dan Fiorini 3 months ago +861

      You’re correct. However, it didn’t last long. Tyson threw him in a quick headlock. Eddie Murphy was definitely a brave man to do it

    • da324
      da324 3 months ago +282

      @Turco949 You sure you know what a slap is?

    • Turco949
      Turco949 3 months ago +479

      @Dan Fiorini Oh yeah, Eddie definitely had balls because back in those days, Tyson was a whole lot more aggressive, unpredictable and physical. Who knows, Eddie might have peed a little? ;)

    • snakeinthegra$$ k
      snakeinthegra$$ k 3 months ago +73

      And his scary prime.

  • D Hertsens
    D Hertsens 3 months ago +3811

    Dwayne Johnson having so much fun seeing his own impression from Jack Black is hilarious to see. Man's a good sport.

    • Danger369
      Danger369 2 months ago +18

      It's the only time he's not had the look of wanting to kill the person. Should see other times ppl have made a friendly joke he gets insecure and a wall goes up. Constant PR Dwayne

    • 6800XTtufgamingoc
      6800XTtufgamingoc Month ago +27

      @Danger369I’ve seen a million and not one like what you said.

    • Carter Haack
      Carter Haack Month ago +8

      @6800XTtufgamingoc fr he’s one of the nicest people you could meet

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago +9

      @Carter Haack I love you guys say this kind of stuff based solely on how he acts in front of a camera. You or I don’t know what kind of person he actually is

    • Thomas Dickson
      Thomas Dickson Month ago +6

      Unless I'm incorrect, he's a really nice person with a good sense of humor. He's his own legend, and Jack Black is as well. I'd love to them in a movie together.

  • jmcrawford9
    jmcrawford9 3 months ago +2702

    Jack Black's impression is great not just for the sound, but the content. "my mind is like a steel trap." and "bleed blood sweat tears" I was absolutely losing it.

    • Loonatic
      Loonatic 3 months ago +62

      My favorite part is when he said "there's no time" and slapped his hand. That was so damn accurate.

    • dezmilad
      dezmilad 2 months ago +17

      Yeeeeaaah he killed the words, that's exactly the things he says, when he said life... I fell off my chair

    • Joey B
      Joey B Month ago +9


    • Matt Myers
      Matt Myers Month ago +16

      I get up at 5am, and do 27,000 rip curls

    • pooritech
      pooritech Month ago +1


  • Hades Kooz
    Hades Kooz 3 months ago +4067

    The laugh Kevin gives when rock says "she ain't hear me"

    • James Martin
      James Martin 2 months ago +133

      Because it happened. You can tell, it was too close. He's not the only one who's done that, but he is one from his reaction. 🤣

    • Shelley TZCC
      Shelley TZCC 2 months ago +14

      Yep. That was great.

    • Chris Gadbury
      Chris Gadbury Month ago +31

      I actually think the Rock did the best impression of all other clips and he isn't even a comic😅

    • Rob Grady
      Rob Grady 13 days ago

      you know it hit close to home lmfaoooo

  • marc trejo
    marc trejo 3 months ago +1206

    Jamie Foxx is so talented. He gets everyone with his impressions. The lip quivering was so spot on. Lol!!

    • Annamarie Lewis
      Annamarie Lewis 2 months ago +4

      He is just so talented

    • Kim Capri
      Kim Capri 2 months ago +1

      Yes I think even Doug Williams would approve.

    • David M
      David M Month ago +12

      Dude the lips 👄 holy shit that had me dying

    • MJ Be
      MJ Be Month ago +1

      I cried laughing so hard. Made my day!

    • Bryan Waller
      Bryan Waller Month ago +3

      This is the only one aside from Al that actually had me vocally laughing

  • Bobcat Bigpaws
    Bobcat Bigpaws Month ago +371

    Tom Hiddleston really surprised me. Guy can dance and do impressions. All these were funny and impressive. Of course I loved when Jim Carrey did Clint Eastwood. 😂

  • Kingslayer 10
    Kingslayer 10 3 months ago +15161

    The balls on Eddie Murphy to imitate prime mike Tyson is unreal 😂

    • Isiac Artison
      Isiac Artison 3 months ago +618

      A bold man for sure I know he almost shit himself when he grabbed him

    • stan lis
      stan lis 3 months ago +187

      it seems i was the only one that found Eddie Murphy's impersonation of mike in poor taste. Making fun of his voice. All that frustration from people making fun of him and his voice is what got him to be an animal in the ring and outside of it too.

    • Tadutadutadu Loco
      Tadutadutadu Loco 3 months ago +62

      @stan lis Eddie Murphy best comedian ever .

    • Due West
      Due West 3 months ago +108

      Yeah they definitely didn't plan or rehearse it at all

    • ρɾιMα•
      ρɾιMα• 3 months ago +259

      @stan liswhat are the chances that a comedian like Eddie Murphy is possibly “joking” in this situation?

  • Stream_Gene
    Stream_Gene 3 months ago +571

    The Rock acted harder in that Kevin Hart impression than he has done in any of his movies

    • Max payne
      Max payne Month ago +14

      Lol facts actually

    • KP
      KP Month ago +5

      So true😂😂

    • guyfam2
      guyfam2 Month ago +3

      Rude 😂😂😂

    • ctrain beats
      ctrain beats Month ago +3


    • xNFR
      xNFR Month ago +4

      pain and gain was a great performance by him.

  • Mark Russo
    Mark Russo Month ago +147

    For the first time I'm truly seeing how imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. How amazingly uplifting it must be for someone to demonstrate they know you well enough to be able to impersonate you so accurately. You've got to love someone to be able to recognize all their subtleties like this.

    • Movie2Documentary
      Movie2Documentary Month ago +2

      Some were close to mocking someone by imitating them...

  • David Edsall
    David Edsall 3 months ago +715

    I think that's the first time I've seen Clint Eastwood smile that big before.

    • LordWout
      LordWout Month ago +27

      You should see Don Rickles roasting him on the set of Kelly's Heroes, never seen him laugh so hard before

    • V. Santos
      V. Santos Month ago +5

      ​@LordWout thanks for the tip

    • Robert
      Robert Month ago +2

      ​@V. Santos You welcome

    • V. Santos
      V. Santos Month ago +3

      @Robert ok

    • Latest Obsession
      Latest Obsession Month ago +1

      That wasn't a smile, it's a grimace.

  • Nicholas Sloan
    Nicholas Sloan 3 months ago +849

    Andy Samberg to Nick Cage: “that’s high praise.” One of the best lines ever in human history.

    • J M
      J M 2 months ago +2


    • Rocel De Ramos
      Rocel De Ramos Month ago +3

      After being called an imitation psychopath 😂

  • BattleBeard
    BattleBeard 3 months ago +9541

    Jack Black’s impression is one of my all time favorites. I love how Dwayne just loses it immediately.

    • Spirit Lantern
      Spirit Lantern 3 months ago +239

      Without a doubt the best impression in this video..

    • Nkxseal
      Nkxseal 3 months ago +106

      @Spirit Lantern Idk Spaceys were super good

    • Spirit Lantern
      Spirit Lantern 3 months ago +10

      A fair point.. lol

    • NGT OI
      NGT OI 3 months ago +81

      He must be pulling from things the rock actually says privately

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American 3 months ago +286

    Eddie Murphy was risking his life...legend! There's something therapeutic about hearing Denzel genuinely wheeze that hard 😂 The cameraman for Shaq understood its role...make it feel like Shaq's thoughts. Chef's kiss. And "Life is a delicious drink you have to suck deep" from Jack's The Rock impression absolutely killed me. Them doing solid impressions of each other is why they're actors! But I always love how Jim Carrey made every actor he impersonates become like someone from a cartoon movie.

  • Kindred Nature
    Kindred Nature 3 months ago +185

    I've never seen anybody able to do facial expressions like Jim Carrey

    • Raptor Gaming
      Raptor Gaming Month ago +3

      He didn't do Eastwood he did Ace Ventura 😂

  • DP
    DP Month ago +53

    Kevin Spacey doing the Al Pacino impersonation had me rollin 🤣

    • Shrihari Hudli
      Shrihari Hudli Month ago +8

      And he broke down the steps too, never seen anybody do that before.

    SONRiZE MUZiK 3 months ago +141

    Lmfao love the last one, Denzel's wheezing mixed with Jamie's nervous lip quiver is too hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Stefan Tsarev
    Stefan Tsarev 7 days ago +2

    I sometimes forget how funny Nick Cage can be.

  • Fabian Sanchez
    Fabian Sanchez 3 months ago +8028

    The rock one always makes me laugh when he says “aw she aint hear me”😂😂😂

    • Taylor Mcgarry
      Taylor Mcgarry 3 months ago +208

      Yea that kills me everytime lmao. I can see Kevin being like that to.

    • Jesse Mccracken
      Jesse Mccracken 3 months ago +3

      Nobody cares

    • Fabian Sanchez
      Fabian Sanchez 3 months ago +115

      @Jesse Mccracken damn bro ur so cool

    • The joke
      The joke 3 months ago +49

      @Jesse Mccracken
      Awww. Cheer up guy.

    • Edgar Cardona
      Edgar Cardona 3 months ago +10

      The one OF the rock always gets me

  • The Saurus AKA Claude Money AKA [sick] AKA The OMC

    The Shaq impression had me in stitches. "Chuck the dumb one. I got doctorate. He probably think a doctorate is a girl doctor, but Shaq a boy doctor." 🤣🤣😭🤣

  • jon michmerhuizen
    jon michmerhuizen Month ago +12

    John Malkovich arguing with John Malkovich is something i could watch for HOURS!!

    FXG4MERR 3 months ago +54

    Jim Carrey is like the perfect combination of all the extreme parts of every famous actor

    -CASTRADOMIS- 3 months ago +119

    Jamie Foxx honestly could have been half this compilation. His impressions are incredible.

  • mo514
    mo514 Month ago +32

    Jack Black & Jamie Foxx killed it, DJ nailed the Kevin Hart impression too 😂

  • William Frazier
    William Frazier 3 months ago +6

    Malkovich was to notch, but Spacey doing Nickleson and Pachino was AWESOME.

  • Eric Weiss
    Eric Weiss 11 days ago +4

    I can watch The Rock do Kevin Hart all day.😂

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 2 months ago +43

    When Jim Carrey doesn't need to say a word, his Clint Eastwood is the most accurate facial impression of all time.

  • Fatbardha Karaqica
    Fatbardha Karaqica Month ago +6

    Al Pacino impression was on point 😂😂😂😂

  • Eats
    Eats Month ago +3

    Honestly these were all good.
    "Shaq a boy doctor " 😂

  • Luke Myers
    Luke Myers Month ago +21

    Eddie Murphy really mocked Mike Tyson to his face 😂

  • Oscarflip
    Oscarflip 3 months ago +6360

    That might have been Dwayne Johnson’s best acting to date 😂

    • Zsolt Nagy
      Zsolt Nagy 3 months ago +130

      Never seen this good performance from him

    • Psymon
      Psymon 3 months ago +51

      Because hes having fun

    • Zoya Dulzura
      Zoya Dulzura 3 months ago +183

      @Zsolt Nagy I admire the guy for how much his acting has improved over the years. It's evident that he's worked hard to get better.

    • Justin Segarra
      Justin Segarra 3 months ago +26

      @Zsolt Nagy pain and gain was a good one. Faster was a good performance too, but the movie was average

    • Lewis Joe
      Lewis Joe 3 months ago +5

      He can do a mean Schwarzenegger impression, too.

  • Chase
    Chase 3 months ago +50

    I would watch a whole movie of Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black doing these impressions.

  • rockero1313
    rockero1313 3 months ago +57

    Kevin Spacey is surprisingly amazing doing impressions. I've seen others he's done and they are spot on

  • Nischint Ramesh
    Nischint Ramesh 3 months ago +47

    Dwayne’s impressions of Kevin always cracks me up

  • M dC
    M dC 3 months ago +360

    Both of Kevin spacey’s bits were funny as hell. It’s too bad he didnt understand what underage or consensual meant. He’s a damn good actor.

    • CrimsonCorona10
      CrimsonCorona10 3 months ago +8

      And Woodrow Wilson was college educated and loved animals.
      Oh well

    • Clip Tape
      Clip Tape 3 months ago +32

      Damned shame. He's such a good actor. Too bad he's monstrous.

    • Joe Louis-Arena
      Joe Louis-Arena Month ago +7

      Such a sad waste of talent

    • A
      A 29 days ago +1

      Lots of other Hollywood guilties have been getting away with it. Look at Roman Polanski. 'me too' really screwed his whole career

  • JB
    JB 19 days ago +4

    jack blacks impression of dwayne johnson had me dying 💀💀 loved seeing DJ laughing along

  • Justin Rose
    Justin Rose 3 months ago +5452

    Jaime Fox’s lip quiver making fun of Denzel gets me every time!!! Lol😂

    • Raheem Abdul
      Raheem Abdul 3 months ago +15


    • CanadianWolverine
      CanadianWolverine 3 months ago +94

      I get the impression its more "making fun with" rather than "making fun of"

    • Phatty Bacon
      Phatty Bacon 3 months ago +117

      @CanadianWolverine I think it was Norm MacDonald that said to do a good impression of someone you have to like them. You can't do these little jabs that are both accurate and funny if you hate the person, it will just be mean.

    • snoookie456
      snoookie456 3 months ago +46

      every time Denzel gets serious in a movie you have no idea if he's about to cry or shoot you.
      In 99% of the cases he's about to shoot you. But judging by his face, you always think he might put some tears in it.

    • Frank Coley
      Frank Coley 3 months ago +4

      It does and I seen it 100 times.

  • Ryan Leblanc
    Ryan Leblanc 3 months ago +42

    Rock’s Kevin hart impression was surprisingly good and that Shaq impression was on point lol.

  • AustrianCitizen
    AustrianCitizen 3 months ago +32

    Love how Denzel giggles at Jamie's performance 😊

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez 2 months ago +2

    The Rock has good sense of humour he doesn’t get offended

  • Ghostient
    Ghostient 3 months ago +32

    Something about Dwyane and Kevin’s laugh just makes me so happy
    Jay doing Shaq will always kill me 🤣

  • Urbloodmyblade
    Urbloodmyblade Month ago +23

    Jay Pharoah's Shaq impression is so spot on. I love it

  • Space O
    Space O 3 months ago +4843

    I don't think anyone laughs harder at Kevin Hart, than Kevin Hart. Lol

    • Zoya Dulzura
      Zoya Dulzura 3 months ago +75

      I want to see a movie where Dwayne and Kevin play each other. Or where Dwayne plays Kevin, Kevin plays Jack Black, and Jack Black plays Dwayne Johnson. Like Freaking Friday, but with three. I'm trying really hard not to call it a three-way.

    • Gods Demons
      Gods Demons 3 months ago +25

      @Zoya Dulzura The three gradually get more over the top with their impressions as they try to one up each other.

    • Squirrels in Jacket
      Squirrels in Jacket 3 months ago +5

      lol that Kevin Hart bit was hilarious. They need to be in more movies together.

    • gb342002
      gb342002 3 months ago +7

      Thats his entire thing though is he just laughs and gets loud. Idk how people find it that funny

    • Tazerboy10
      Tazerboy10 3 months ago +1


  • Dr4go
    Dr4go 2 months ago +20

    Jack Black's impression had me crying man 🤣🤣🤣

  • Johnny Law
    Johnny Law 3 months ago +37

    Kevin Harts laugh is soooo contagious!

  • Brianna' SVH
    Brianna' SVH 2 months ago +47

    Kevin spacey impersonating AL Pacino was the best. 😂

  • H and M Johnson
    H and M Johnson Month ago +2

    Notice how when Eddie Murphy made fun of Mike Tyson, Mike's reaction was to playfully grab Eddie. He didn't smack him, or assault him; he kept his composure and acted the way you are supposed to act. Some people could learn something from this. Great job Mike for taking the high road.

  • matthew guzman
    matthew guzman Month ago +5

    The malkovich impersonation was so spot on and had me weak ! 😂

  • Darth Krator
    Darth Krator 3 months ago +8382

    Jim Carey always adds 80% Jim Carey into all his impressions

    • Breezy
      Breezy 3 months ago +357

      It's always mostly Jim Carrey with just enough of the person he's doing an impression of so you can clock who it is 😂

    • scootinand
      scootinand 3 months ago +529

      Actually, he subtracts 120% Jim Carey from his impressions, because he's always operating at 200% at any given time

    • Dan Means
      Dan Means 3 months ago +147

      It works because Clint Eastwood is also 80% Jim Carey lol

    • Wesley Thompson
      Wesley Thompson 3 months ago +62

      H8s impressions are mostly physical, not vocal impressions

    • Futil3Fun
      Futil3Fun 3 months ago +27

      Impersonations are only entertaining to me if they put some of themselves or their ideas into it. Perfect impersonations are like a drawing a caricature to look just like the person being drawn with no exaggerations.

  • Jean Pierre Wehry
    Jean Pierre Wehry 3 months ago +46

    Lmfao the first one was already gold 🤣 Bill sounded just like John Malkovich

  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans 3 months ago +3109

    “I never forget a face, i never forget a thing. My mind is like a steel trap” 😂😂😂

    • Illyrus Emperor
      Illyrus Emperor 3 months ago +59

      That's definitely something that Dwayne Johnson would say 😂

    • Timbir
      Timbir 3 months ago +9

      “I never forget a face or a favorite cookie” - George W. Bush (probably)

    • Mark
      Mark 3 months ago +29

      “I forgot” - Joe Biden

    • Illyrus Emperor
      Illyrus Emperor 3 months ago +13

      @Mark "i won against orange head" Joe Biden

    • Porldweace
      Porldweace 3 months ago +7

      How he embodied Dwayne’s thought process was perfect

  • gee cat
    gee cat 6 days ago

    Tom's imitation of Graham will always be golden 💛

  • Mal Murphy
    Mal Murphy 3 months ago +18

    I just love Clint Eastwood's reaction to Jim Carrey. It's so wholesome 😃

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 3 months ago +44

    “Say it with me” Jamie Foxx and Denzel are actually like long lost brothers 😂I just love how Kevin already knows Dwayne will 100% his impression and just bursts out laughing. But Tom Hiddleston cracks me up because he doesn’t just sound like the person, he physically becomes them. Robert DeNiro, Owen Wilson, Graham Norton…he actually channels them through his body. It’s amazing to watch. I wish more people did impressions of me. It reminds me of someone who dressed up as me and walked around NYC and I respect it

  • allison njamkepo
    allison njamkepo 2 months ago +4

    Kevin Hart is laughing because hé knows it's true 😂😂

  • John Floyd
    John Floyd 3 months ago +1523

    Malkovich: “I don’t sound anything like this”
    Hader: *No No, you sound exactly like this*

    • Laura Korn
      Laura Korn 2 months ago +40

      I love how the "my name is John Malkovich" was almost there but then the second part he really honed in for the impersonation kill hahaha absolutely spot on 🤌🏼😆

    • Tristan
      Tristan 2 months ago +3


    • Hal
      Hal Month ago +3

      He actually does

    • tesla
      tesla Month ago +11

      he sounded more like john than john did

  • tryarunm
    tryarunm 3 months ago +10

    Dwayne's Kevin Hart was spot on! And I love how Hart was almost falling out of his chair with laughter.

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime 2 months ago +10

    And Jim Carey is truly one of a kind. He excels in everything he does. He's even an awesome singer.

  • J. Bennett
    J. Bennett 3 months ago +27

    Kevin Spacey is amazing at his impressions and always has been

  • TheGodOfPez
    TheGodOfPez Month ago +9

    That Spacey impression of Pacino is by far the highlight of this compilation. Impeccable.

  • MadLane
    MadLane 23 days ago +4

    Spacey is the best, he just nails any impression, true talent.

  • Sebby
    Sebby 3 months ago +3431

    Tom Hiddleston killed that impression of Graham Norton

    • Pamela H
      Pamela H 3 months ago +69

      "I feel your pain, Bob."

    • Jean Lubin
      Jean Lubin 3 months ago +74

      He was on point with that. I laughed so hard.

    • thromboid
      thromboid 3 months ago +18

      That was the one I laughed at the most - so well done.

    • Paul Watson
      Paul Watson 3 months ago +15

      Would be interesting to know if Tom Hiddlestone knew beforehand that he was going to do the impressions live. That wudsa been extra special

  • Victor Dia
    Victor Dia 3 months ago +7

    Denzel’s laugh at the end was so worth it😂😂

  • 2Ghetto4Greyhound
    2Ghetto4Greyhound 3 months ago +4

    I don't think ANYONE'S ever done Graham Norton!👌🤣

  • Ann M
    Ann M 2 months ago +12

    Jack’s impression of the rock kills me everytime 😂

  • Antimated
    Antimated 3 months ago +7

    Tom Hiddleston doing the Graham Norton impression is spot on lmao

  • Wen FFBE
    Wen FFBE Month ago +3

    Always a pleasure seeing Jim Carrey do funny stunt 😄

  • Ben
    Ben 3 months ago +2387

    Jim Carrey's impression of Clint Eastwood is like an impression of Jim Carrey doing an impression of Clint Eastwood

    • Quasar Ulas
      Quasar Ulas 3 months ago +67

      It’s a physical caricature

    • Chasedtuna9
      Chasedtuna9 3 months ago +32

      i remember when he did it in Bruce Almighty.

    • JoeBo
      JoeBo 3 months ago +14

      Huh…it’s almost like he IS Jim Carrey! Mind blowing 🤯

    • Gabba Ghoul
      Gabba Ghoul 3 months ago +59

      That's his secret, Jim Carrey is always doing an impression of Jim Carrey.

    • medexamtoolsdotcom
      medexamtoolsdotcom 3 months ago +10

      TBH that's the best you can hope for from Jim Carrey. He's like, the kid who won the dance contest just by moving his body in as crazy and spastic way possible, winning over the talented contestants, just because everyone thought the performance was funny.

  • TeresaGem
    TeresaGem 3 months ago +12

    Kevin Harts laugh is GOLD

  • Memo
    Memo 3 months ago +11

    Jamie Foxx doing denzels lips is just one of my favourite things 😆

  • Cake Mix
    Cake Mix 3 months ago +5

    I would recognize Nicholas Cage's voice anywhere at any age

  • Marvin Solano
    Marvin Solano 2 months ago +2

    Denzel couldn't help but laugh 😂😂😂

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper 3 months ago +3149

    Denzels second wheeze after seeing Jamie do the mouth thing is actual life

    • Beccy Smith
      Beccy Smith 3 months ago +71

      He bloody loves it! They're both brilliant chaps!

    • Kruimeltje
      Kruimeltje 3 months ago +15

      Yes!!!!! 😂

    • Cmecu_See Me See You
      Cmecu_See Me See You 3 months ago +40

      I could hardly breath myself after watching that part too :D Denzel is cracking up so much. Too bad cant see the moments after that. I did find that entire interview, but it too cuts right at the moment it does here.

    • TotalDarkFull Eclipse
      TotalDarkFull Eclipse 3 months ago +10

      Facts 🤣

    • Jeremie DayGlider
      Jeremie DayGlider 2 months ago +16

      The mouth thing is GOLD!

  • Hester Green
    Hester Green Month ago +3

    Priceless, it’s funny to see them laugh at each other’s interpretations of themselves. Great video!!

  • Nelson Geno
    Nelson Geno Month ago +2

    I loved the Kevin Spacey impersonating Al Pacino and Jack... but Jammie Fox by far is the funniest and closest to them

  • Travis Whitworth
    Travis Whitworth 3 months ago +5

    This has totally made my day 😄. What flattery it must be to have someone love and know you so well, that they can cause you joy, simply by imitating them so fondly 🥰🥰

  • layne travis
    layne travis 17 days ago +1

    The last shortest one was the funniest with Denzel 😂

  • Trillian
    Trillian 3 months ago +4817

    When John Malkovich said ‘I don’t sound anything like that’ he sounded exactly like that

    • Carlos Chambers
      Carlos Chambers 3 months ago +207

      "...yes you do. You sound exactly like THIS." made it all the more hilarious 😂

    • Stuffylamb
      Stuffylamb 3 months ago +18

      That was the only good impression

    • Biggus Dickus
      Biggus Dickus 3 months ago +12

      I love how you can tell he's trying to make his voice sound as little like bills impression as possible because he knows it's spot on 🤣

    • Sasuke Sarutobi
      Sasuke Sarutobi 3 months ago +42

      ​@StuffylambWhat's even better was that it's Bill Hader playing a character who was doing an impression, so even the slight inaccuracies are consistent with the character's way of speaking rather than Bill's

    • Anne Evans
      Anne Evans 3 months ago +3

      Indeed he did 😂

  • Michael Montano
    Michael Montano 3 months ago +11

    When a person laughs at their own impression that's when you know they have a real big sense of humor.

    • Clip Tape
      Clip Tape 3 months ago

      Yes - they don't take themselves super seriously.

    • Michael Montano
      Michael Montano 2 months ago

      @Clip Tape It's important to have a sense of humor especially in today's world.

  • Jesse
    Jesse 29 days ago +1

    Denzel’s reaction to that last one is the best part of the vid

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago +1

    Jamie Foxx doing Denzel will always be gold 😂

  • Ztriplex
    Ztriplex 3 months ago +4

    “Shack a big strong man outside, but soft inside” 😂😂😂😂

  • Siyabonga Ngwenya
    Siyabonga Ngwenya 3 months ago +4

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  • An0ma1y
    An0ma1y 3 months ago +1831

    The fact that Eddie Murphy made fun of Mike Tyson in front of him and is still alive. The balls on that man lol 😆

    • Lo Mein Bullies
      Lo Mein Bullies 3 months ago +47

      Tyson actually has a sense of humor. Hes from an ancient time When people could distinguish the difference between humor and disrespect. Before Cancel Culture and #Metoo. When comedy still existed because comedians didn't live in fear of Losing everything. Back when all comedians didn't fall into a category of No punch line exaggerated storytellers, People whose whole act is Based off there Obesity, Is women comics Who Base their whole act off their sexual life, Homosexual comedians Whose entire act is based off their experience being gay, Or physical comedians Who just yell and Move their body around a lot or simply take off their shirt at every show, Comedians who have only made it because of their gate-keeping friendship with Joe rogan, Who also is a horrible comic himself. I know I went off the rails here but it's the truth. Off subject but I would say the best act I have seen is Shane Gillis. Which is ironic being he was literally fired The same day he was hired by Saturday night live For a joke he told on an unpopular Podcast 4 years prior. 🤣. It seems not being able to draw A line between humor and disrespect is A modern trait.

    • An0ma1y
      An0ma1y 3 months ago +97

      @Lo Mein Bullies Well someone's been a little cooped up awhile. Might as well tell me your life story 😆

    • Sentient Mustache
      Sentient Mustache 3 months ago +27

      @Lo Mein Bullies someone has pent up aggression

  • sylvain descoteaux
    sylvain descoteaux 3 months ago +5

    Hearing Denzel giggle is really funny 😆hahaha
    ...but John Malkovich is definitly the funniest !!

  • Bee Elliott
    Bee Elliott Month ago +2

    The shaq one has me actually crying

  • Yute-Hube
    Yute-Hube 3 months ago +2

    Jim Carrey's Clint Eastwood is on another level to any of the others. Doing the voice is one thing but the face as well is insane.

  • Gozud
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  • mathprodigy
    mathprodigy 3 months ago +1728

    Jack Black did a perfect Rock parody lmao what a freakin legend

    • MediocreMan
      MediocreMan 3 months ago +11

      He didn't match the voice at all. It was horrible

    • Teuku Ardo
      Teuku Ardo 3 months ago +60

      @MediocreMan doesn't have to.. the tone and gesture already perfect

    • mathprodigy
      mathprodigy 3 months ago +17

      @MediocreMan it doesn't have to be scientifically precise down to the wavelength and timbre...

    • fedegibsonlespaul
      fedegibsonlespaul 3 months ago +11

      @MediocreMan If you can see the likeness then the impersonation was good. You don't have to become a clone, that's not the point.

    • JayDay
      JayDay 3 months ago +7

      ​@MediocreMan it's all the 27 thousand curls

  • CA
    CA 3 months ago +3

    Could not stop laughing!!! Spacey's capture on Nicholson was nailed to utter perfection!

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    Daniel Month ago +1

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    Randall Bryant 25 days ago +1

    Jamie had Denzel weezing from laughing too hard. Lol

  • DerpASherpa117
    DerpASherpa117 3 months ago +4

    Jamie even got the body language right and it sent Denzel dying.

  • Dean Roberts
    Dean Roberts Month ago +8

    Dwaynes Impression of Kevin was hilarious

  • P C
    P C 3 months ago +1347

    The fact that Jamie does the bottom lip quiver is such a small but huge observation.. even Denzel has to crack up.

    • AmiWhiteWolf
      AmiWhiteWolf 2 months ago +18

      That’s my favorite part. The lip thing 😂

    • Danger369
      Danger369 2 months ago +2

      I don't think so it's pretty huge in Denzel's movies if you've seen em

  • MrKALE110
    MrKALE110 3 months ago +6

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    Astuces de maison Month ago +2

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    Sunny Day 2 months ago

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