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How fearless minions are in ANY video game.

  • Published on Apr 11, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Basically how fearless minions are in any tv show, movie, or game LOL
    King Kaiyo - Melodic
    Oddwin - 19
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Da-K
    Da-K 2 years ago +31175

    Main protagonist: I literally killed 300 people today.
    Minion: Damn, I must have dementia because I don't remember asking.

    • R17
      R17 2 days ago

      Reply 75

    • King Ace
      King Ace 4 months ago

      @Suf1an65 Navy's nobodies be like. Also, that's a spoiler.

    • King Ace
      King Ace 4 months ago

      I'm wheezing🤣

    • Doctor Who
      Doctor Who 5 months ago

      This one made me choke on my spite whole laughing

    • gera_eb 25
      gera_eb 25 Year ago


  • Kennedy Lemon
    Kennedy Lemon 3 months ago +2461

    “Your whole army is dead, give up”
    Minion: *looks around*
    “What are you doing?”
    Minion: “oh me? No I’m just looking around for someone who asked.”

    • Journey Awaits
      Journey Awaits Month ago +9

      “You stand no chance against us!”
      “Who’s us I just told you I killed all your friends?”

    • SwiftWolf
      SwiftWolf Month ago +20

      “oh me? No I’m just looking around for a reason to care.”

    • ottomanpapyrus
      ottomanpapyrus Month ago +5


    • Anime N Music
      Anime N Music 2 months ago +82

      "oh i was looking for someone who's still standing, cause you about get bodied right now. Run them thangs"

  • MapTheBiscuit
    MapTheBiscuit Year ago +3561

    I’ve always loved how accurate this is, in the miles morales spider-man game one enemy will literally say “that guy was a loser, I’m not” the confidence is astounding

    • Banana
      Banana 9 days ago

      @CallMeV to be fair, they are at least smart enough to run away from the Batmobile when they’re on foot or in a normal car

    • iwantabigpiece
      iwantabigpiece Month ago +3

      You ain't the real spiderma- *gets whooped by holograms*

    • dapperfan44
      dapperfan44 3 months ago +5

      @lolbit the arctic fox Batman the Animated Series Mystery of the Batwoman movie.

    • Pat4962🏳️‍🌈⃠ • 13 yr ago
      Pat4962🏳️‍🌈⃠ • 13 yr ago 3 months ago +10

      The clip in batman where the gangster just straight up ignores batman cuz he knows he gonna get his ass whooped

    • Gido
      Gido 4 months ago +26

      The ONLY reason I gave the Miles Morales game room for that was because Miles was new, and unproven, and, at least in a comic I read, many people think he’s a fake. It would have been better if, as the game progressed, enemies would lose that confidence.
      Also, I think it works better if the player is new to the genre, or not skilled at the gameplay. I was bad at first, and almost lost to regular thugs early on, so maybe they weren’t wrong. 😆

  • The E Pheonix
    The E Pheonix 3 months ago +1525

    Truly you have to appreciate that last guy. Everyone was dead, his own boss was defeated so he really had no reason to fight.
    He just wanted the thrill of battle.

    • LoudWaffle
      LoudWaffle 8 days ago

      He's not here to achieve anything, he's just here to run them hands up.

    • Met fofo
      Met fofo Month ago +1

      Usually they they get lucky and kill cause your health was low from the boss

    • NewAgain
      NewAgain Month ago +3

      Yeah. 🤣😂😂. Truth is that minions are gangsta. They don’t need LOGIC they need that ACTION cuz. 💀

    • martrekk gill
      martrekk gill Month ago

      @Abdi opp😊o

    • martrekk gill
      martrekk gill Month ago

      @Abdi op

  • Mister Misty
    Mister Misty Year ago +3410

    The echoed screams whenever they die is too good

    • GamerBros2000 Official
      GamerBros2000 Official 5 days ago

      "No stop no!! *E E E E E E*

    • Beyondo
      Beyondo Month ago +2

      To be honest... yes, I liked the minions' screams of pain.

    • lani !!
      lani !! 8 months ago +5


    • Ian Gomes
      Ian Gomes Year ago +8

      Don't know if it makes me crazy, but it definitely makes me lmao

    • Chris Hall
      Chris Hall Year ago +29


  • chris Froat
    chris Froat Year ago +1996

    Player: Your boss is dead! I killed him with my bare hands!
    Goon: My boss? The one who could kill me with a flick of his wrist? You killed him?
    Goon:My god....Anyways lets fight.

    • SerixSkylark
      SerixSkylark Month ago

      @Giovanni Corraliza what in God’s name are you talking about?

    • ArgonicApple
      ArgonicApple Month ago +2

      @Windperfire only god knows

    • Windperfire
      Windperfire Month ago +2

      @ArgonicApple What on gods green earth are you doing?

    • ArgonicApple
      ArgonicApple 5 months ago +6

      @Giovanni Corraliza on god fr

  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence 2 years ago +20897

    The minions are actually geniuses because they are breaking his will to fight

    • Artie the Archon
      Artie the Archon 17 days ago

      one of the greatest moments in cinema history is when Rocky gets back up the last time "and Apollo can't believe it"

    • Tom Bennett
      Tom Bennett Month ago

      @Black Hat Been there, done that!

    • Black Hat
      Black Hat Month ago

      @Tom Bennett
      Respect my brother/sister/fellow human! I am the exact same way. If I ever find a game I truly enjoy I grind for days on low-level enemies until I can one-shot the big boss.
      All because I fear failure and I do everything in my power and beyond to never fail and if I know I can't possibly succeed, I don't try.

    • Tom Bennett
      Tom Bennett Month ago

      Or, you know, the player will turn out like me: Level 124, impossible to beat through force of arms, killed all the bosses, *continues curb-stomping low-level enemies for sadistic pleasure!*

    • Raylight
      Raylight Month ago

      He said he already beat the boss,so mission success,no need to beat those annoying minion again

  • alex hodgson
    alex hodgson Year ago +3729

    “put them paws up hami” has got to be one of the greatest lines ever written 😂

  • Blaiyan
    Blaiyan Year ago +9013

    Sometimes it do be that one henchmen that gets lucky though lol

    • DEFC0N  ZER0
      DEFC0N ZER0 3 months ago +1

      Never underestimate your opponent, even the rookie can get a lucky shot.

      SCINTILLAM DEI 5 months ago

      "it do be"

    • VTX W33B
      VTX W33B 7 months ago +1

      @atift better example than Katakuri would be Bon clay Katakuri isn't friends with Luffy while Bon clay is

    • DanFire Flare
      DanFire Flare 7 months ago

      @Ami Miami82 Bandanna waddle dee

    • The Filipino Gamer [TFG]
      The Filipino Gamer [TFG] 9 months ago +1

      That moment when you kill the boss, and you survive on low health, just as a random low level enemy kills you instead. That's the worst way to go to be honest.

  • David50X
    David50X 3 months ago +447

    What makes it worst is when you literally almost one shot them, and they are still running at you like they don't have a gigantic gaping hole in their chest.

  • QuackMaster25
    QuackMaster25 11 months ago +438

    I love that the guy in orange just passes out and falls to the ground slowly, a smile still on his face. He was hit so hard that his soul left his body. Caleb is a seriously good actor.

  • Tachiro Akisu
    Tachiro Akisu Year ago +180

    This one cracks me up so hard for some reason. The last guy...."run dem hands, imma need dat....all dat" kills me everytime.

  • The. Jermz.
    The. Jermz. Year ago +14768

    The fact that the last guy said " none of them are me" ,implying he is better than his own boss is legendary 🔥

    • R17
      R17 2 days ago

      Reply 35

    • BigFire
      BigFire Month ago

      Regardless of how well he fights, he is right. None of them are him.

    • VillainPartyRus108
      VillainPartyRus108 Month ago

      Man's a bonus superboss in mook clothing.

    • nicolae-alexandru Luca
      nicolae-alexandru Luca 2 months ago

      And maybe he was since he didn't show the fight, Mc didn't want a humiliating loss

    • AndreG24
      AndreG24 2 months ago

      He was the real boss

  • Kab Loom
    Kab Loom Year ago +1486

    “DON’T JUST STAAAND THEEERE!!!!” I can’t stop laughing xD

    • TiKzAzIn
      TiKzAzIn 6 months ago +2

      @Nar-Arya Nalakanta ooha

      FIREDEATHDAN Year ago

      @LOLW0LF(YT) me when i get ganged up on in a multiplayer game and my teammates not doing anything

    • Daniel Cho
      Daniel Cho Year ago +6

      @Tyler Bates BLEHB!

    • Tyler Bates
      Tyler Bates Year ago +4

      @Xoron pshh not I’m not… YOU BOUT GET WHAT HE GOT PUT Y-

    • Xoron
      Xoron Year ago +1

      My h3ad I mean, you 'bout to get what he got.

  • TheBrokenOne *The Fallen Angel*

    Man 2 years and seeing this is still funny. Also they finally added a fear factor in Gotham Knights making them smart enough to run seeing combat happen.

    • nicolae-alexandru Luca
      nicolae-alexandru Luca 2 months ago +9

      This is why I see more realism in halo, you witness jackals and grunts flee in terror, sometimes without even losing an ally or get shot once, they just see you and they flee, I love that programming cause it shows just how badass you really are

  • A Thief In The Night
    A Thief In The Night 5 months ago +87

    The way he said "I already know... none of them are ME" Always makes me laugh. Genuinely I thought back to that moment and had to come back here to watch it again cause it was so funny. Just the absolute balls of steel and narcissistic self confidence to say that makes me laugh so hard. Bloody love this vid.

  • Salem The Succubus
    Salem The Succubus 11 months ago +304

    I was playing Shadow of Mordor and thought of this.
    The Uruks just run straight into battle knowing that even if they kill Talion, they still literally, canonically, cannot kill Talion.
    Like, they know this. They know Talion is immortal. They literally call him Grave-Walker. WTF do they gain by killing themselves on him?

    • R17
      R17 2 days ago

      Reply 9

    • Lord Balthos Ad Inferni
      Lord Balthos Ad Inferni 3 months ago

      wait, wrong IP

    • M
      M 3 months ago

      @Soncic Yeah but it’s a better option which is the point

    • Toaster Owens😬
      Toaster Owens😬 5 months ago +3

      @Richard Ball yea but if they get promoted, we know about it and are almost certainly gonna hunt them down thill theyre dead out of spite

    • Soncic
      Soncic 5 months ago +4

      @Da1337Man I mean I haven't played that game but neither is a bunch of idiots running into a guy who just killed a ton of idiots acting like they have some sort of chance

  • Demosat
    Demosat 10 months ago +98

    I love that in metal gear rising they actually gave a reason why the enemy soldiers aren’t scared of raiden and it’s that they actually are really scared but when they became cyborgs they got pain inhibitors to make sure they aren’t held back by fear when they fight raiden

  • TheSeaGuardian
    TheSeaGuardian 2 years ago +1077

    "Can't tell if you're brave or just stupid"
    in all honesty, i adore the fact Caleb used the same dying sound effect where its a moan that echos dramatically, its hilarious!

  • SandwichWitch
    SandwichWitch Month ago +9

    Two years later and this is still my favorite sketch from Caleb

  • MrSpiffy
    MrSpiffy 5 months ago +38

    I love how in Jedi: Fallen Order, when there's only one stormtrooper left, sometimes they'll show how worried they are with lines like "I can't do this by myself"

  • Jaxon Mckinnon
    Jaxon Mckinnon Year ago +127

    This gotta be one of my favorite skits ever, I still laugh through out every time I rewatch it. "FORGIIIVNESSSSSS" 😂

  • xeroabyss
    xeroabyss Year ago +407

    Last dude is like that pointless side quest after the end game save.

    • WhatEven._.
      WhatEven._. 26 days ago +7

      Right? Like "I literally killed your god and absorbed his power. I am the strongest living being in the world." Or "I'm now the ruler of this land and everyone knows my face."
      Some bandits: "Give us your loot and we might let you live!" 😐 Fr?

    • Gaming Knight
      Gaming Knight Year ago +2


  • Dyfan Bithell
    Dyfan Bithell 4 months ago +21

    You gotta give the minions credit where it's *ABSOLUTELY* due, the confidence and passion for their job is ASTOUNDING.
    Like, "Oh, you beat my comrades, my superiors and my entire squad in a single minute? Aight, run these hands."

  • Kamui
    Kamui 2 years ago +12490

    "None of them are me"
    That's a cold ass line

  • Callisto
    Callisto Year ago +112

    Fun fact: In an earlier version of half life 1, Vortigaunts were supposed to run away from the player if they saw other vortigaunt corpses in the room.

    • Woody Woodpecker
      Woody Woodpecker 8 months ago

      @Empire Youth chill bro there are more serious things in the world lol

    • Empire Youth
      Empire Youth Year ago +7

      @Callisto Then that raises the question on why they’re coming back after leaving in fair, making them leaving in fair initially being redundant “ basically I’m saying the reason why a lot of video games stick with fearless minions is because adding realism to them leads to these types of problems and redundant designs, The only game I’ve seen to make it work is halo and even then that is strictly with only one enemy type being grants”

    • Callisto
      Callisto Year ago +19

      @Empire Youth Once they left the room, they would regain their confidence and continue attacking the player.

    • Empire Youth
      Empire Youth Year ago +9

      On the one hand it would be funny but on the other hand it would make enemies redundant, if they aren’t going to try and fight the character they might as well not even be there in the first place , Saving some frames

    • Chris The Chilled
      Chris The Chilled Year ago +12

      Wow, that's wild. We need more features like that.

  • Jacob Best
    Jacob Best Year ago +64

    Nobody is talking about how the single funniest line in this whole skit is the last guy seeing someone and immediately going "Scrap."

  • John David Tibbetts
    John David Tibbetts Year ago +15

    Favorite moment in star wars the old republic was when, during the Bounty Hunter storyline, you can scare off most of the bad guys in an encounter by just pointing your gun and going "you know who I am. You know what I can do. Anyone who's still here when your buddy hits the ground joins him" and like 90% of them immediately run off
    Nice to see SOME games acknowledge "you know the minions really should be more scared of this dude"

  • Zen
    Zen Year ago +71

    You have to admire how dedicated the henchmen are.

  • Duxae
    Duxae 26 days ago +3

    As a game designer this is why I always give minions some sort of morale stat.

  • D3
    D3 2 years ago +854

    Player: *Kills 463 minions*
    That one minion: *Pathetic*

    • sdbzfan1
      sdbzfan1 2 years ago +6

      That one minion: that won't stop me I'm blind

  • GenShaw
    GenShaw Year ago +40

    I just love the fact that they actually believe him but still fights him

  • Mprove YourKD
    Mprove YourKD Year ago +42

    I still come to this video to cry laughing. Probably my favorite one. “Run your hands. Run em up” 💀💀😂😂

  • R-EightyOne
    R-EightyOne 2 months ago +30

    Its actually low key inspiring

  • Stump
    Stump Year ago +13

    It's cool how much raw emotion he puts into those screams

  • Kisara Maiden With Eyes Of Blue

    But then you have the "level with you" minions who suddenly are level 120, in fully enchanted daedric gear, and they can cast fireball which has a 5000% damage buff just becauase they are AI.
    And suddenly this rando bandit is the strongest enemy you have every faced. Heck the bosses aren't this strong, they are level capped.
    But no, the unique bandits in this cave have no level cap.

  • Hamzah
    Hamzah 2 years ago +4240

    "I already know... that none of them are me"

    • Fairy Blu
      Fairy Blu 4 months ago

      @Zenigundam deep? Bruh the og comment just said it was priceless. As in, they found it funny. What's so deep about that? 😂😂

    • siegward of catarina
      siegward of catarina 4 months ago +1

      @Zenigundam you're old we get it

    • ChouRaiyuki
      ChouRaiyuki 4 months ago

      NGL that one minion is probably cooler than the boss just for that line

    • Gdaw832
      Gdaw832 5 months ago +6

      @Zenigundam bro it’s been 2 years and this comment still stinks

    • Primal Love
      Primal Love 2 years ago

      They literally are him though. 😆

  • Trae Lewis
    Trae Lewis Year ago +29

    No matter how many times I watch this the “don’t just stand there” part will always get me

  • Acep Suracep
    Acep Suracep Year ago +92

    "Run 'em hands up. Put your paws up hami" is gonna be my new alarm tone.

  • Brandon Tran
    Brandon Tran Year ago +45

    I love how "The Heel" is just a mandatory move in fights now.

    • Brandon Tran
      Brandon Tran Year ago +10

      The "AUGH" that echoes after the minions die is so accurate too

  • Smeata
    Smeata 3 months ago +11

    The best is when you use some big AOE attack and take out like 50 enemies in an instant, then there's like one dude left who starts running at you with a stick

  • Myth Mage
    Myth Mage Year ago +24

    The sounds for the hits and the cries of pain are... actually disturbing. I love it!

  • Poopi Culio
    Poopi Culio 2 years ago +16444

    Every minion to ever exist :
    "I'm built different"

    • Redifine11
      Redifine11 Year ago

      replace minion with highschooler

    • Purple Anon
      Purple Anon Year ago +1

      Mean while in breath of the wild the yiga clan the henchmen are stronger than the boss

    • Stephen
      Stephen Year ago

      @Tomiwa101 actually his life is anime, too bad he’s a side character.

    • bloodmoon920
      bloodmoon920 Year ago +1

      Literally every villian on One Punch Man.

    • Kruglov
      Kruglov Year ago

      Ironically they’re all built the same because of that

  • Mᴏᴏɴɪ
    Mᴏᴏɴɪ Year ago +35

    I like how the minions get attacked while they are talking 😂

  • Ajante Buchanan
    Ajante Buchanan 5 months ago +5

    Calebs empathy for pawns is admirable 🤣 He needs to look to heros like Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, their approach to minions is to utilize them for stretching/warming/destressing🤣

    • Captain Landalien
      Captain Landalien 3 months ago +2

      Nah bro Zoro just straight guts them immediately, no shits given

  • ronicstyle
    ronicstyle 10 months ago +9

    2 years later this still ain't gotten old

  • Kingsley's channel
    Kingsley's channel Year ago +11

    The last guy is my favorite. Seen this video 100 times and still laugh at that part
    "Cuz I already know.. I already know the fact that none of them are ME. They ain't ME! Run them hands up! Put them paws up hamie! Run them thanks! Yeeaaahh! All that! I'mma need that! Run that!" 😂😂😂

  • N P
    N P 3 months ago +16

    Honestly Caleb is a genius ! So funny. This is every video game honestly

  • TPLT
    TPLT 2 years ago +3424

    "They ain't me!"
    I can't fault their boss for hiring the most diehard henchmen; there's like a million instances where people in anime just completely let the protagonist walk all over them once they know how strong they are. These boys got heart.

      JAXON REID Year ago +25

      As old Japanese saying goes, 不名誉の前の死。It means, "death before dishonor." These henchman are true practitioners of bushido lol

    • NightmarePolice
      NightmarePolice Year ago +2


    • Daniel Martinez Bonilla
      Daniel Martinez Bonilla 2 years ago +33

      They'll be fighting till the last breath.

    • DigiCount
      DigiCount 2 years ago +56

      Got heart, but no hands

    • GuudVybes
      GuudVybes 2 years ago +4

      1000th like

  • Probably Almond
    Probably Almond 11 months ago +11

    i hope one day there is a game where every minion is self conscious and then you meet one guy who actually has this confidence and hes the hardest boss in the game

    • Probably Almond
      Probably Almond 9 months ago +1

      A concept for this could be like such he's one of many minions in the final dungeon he's introduced early on next to a save point do you can learn not to fight them and instead sneak around them with a distinct design from everyone else and the normal self conscious enemies who hesitate and clearly show that they don't even know if putting full effort into attacks will even change anything so you have to manage avoiding the confident minion while dealing with the others

  • CaliberLv01
    CaliberLv01 11 months ago +11

    “I already know none of them are me”the lines of the secret final boss after the actual final boss lmao

  • TechnoWin
    TechnoWin Year ago +26

    I remember in a star wars game, I defeated every droid but then a droid decided to surrender and fight on my side. Later I killed him on accident and started panicking because that never happened before. So I tried to get the same thing to happen on the same save, to no avail.
    Even now I couldn't find anyone who recreated it.

  • youkofoxy
    youkofoxy 2 months ago

    The last part is that moment when you have passed so much time beating minions up and not have fun doing it and you realise you still have to beat more minions even more.

  • Clover alma amarela
    Clover alma amarela 9 months ago +3

    I like how the protagonists of your videos are really good people and they try to warn all those that try to attack them

  • ViperDAZ
    ViperDAZ 2 years ago +2256

    Caleb: *kills 200 minions including their boss*

    • Anthony Norman
      Anthony Norman 2 years ago

      @Ace Master Original Poster

    • Ace Master
      Ace Master 2 years ago +1

      @Anthony Norman OP put?

    • Kinshin Ikari
      Kinshin Ikari 2 years ago +2


    • Nassir Refai
      Nassir Refai 2 years ago

      Caleb: Aww shit, here we go again

    • Anthony Norman
      Anthony Norman 2 years ago

      @Ace Master but that's not what OP put

  • Lilg060 Streams
    Lilg060 Streams Year ago +13

    0:58 the slo-mo sleep on the way down….. never gets old

  • Yaboii yeeterson Peterson

    “Put them paws up Hummi”that took me out

  • Owen Leal
    Owen Leal 5 months ago +1

    Caleb's blood curdling death shrieks are always golden.

  • ThePeashooterPuppet YT

    I like how once he punches the minions once, they drop the theatrics and plead for their lives lol.

  • Gabe Parks
    Gabe Parks 2 months ago

    This is why I love Shadow of Mordor. You can literally spec into making the orcs get scared and run away from you

  • Kentaku
    Kentaku 2 years ago +1117

    the way he says "THEY AINT ME, RUN THEM HANDS UP" gets me every time lmao

    • foxy the pirate
      foxy the pirate 2 years ago


    • Yo Mirz
      Yo Mirz 2 years ago


    • The Ron
      The Ron 2 years ago

      Haha same! He’s hilarious

    • Holy Jesus
      Holy Jesus 2 years ago +1

      I love it

  • St4r
    St4r 8 months ago +5

    After watching this. I might be one of those minions when it comes to multiplayer vs games. "That's crazy that you thought I would give a flying _ who you fought", and "None of them are me"
    I say stuff like that all the time. Not like I'm out here getting dropped like them but still

  • Tyrell Sims
    Tyrell Sims Year ago +11

    The super deep breath before “DONT JUST STAND THERE HEEEELLLP” 💀💀💀💀

  • Someguyhere111
    Someguyhere111 5 months ago +3

    Hero: "I literally just killed the God that you were too afraid to even look at. Why would you still be coming after me?"
    Henchmen: "Well see now that I got no job, only option left to feed my family is life insurance, so... Unless you could spare a little of the money you've been hoarding-"
    Hero: "I'll try to make this painless."

  • borderline
    borderline Year ago +9

    Makes me laugh when you're walking through Freeside in New Vegas, wearing full power armour, plasma rifle in your arms, and some goon in a t-shirt with a pool cue thinks he's going to be the one to bring you down

    • Daniel Ventura
      Daniel Ventura Year ago +3

      That was oddly specific, but you ain’t wrong 😂

  • Lungstar Myeza
    Lungstar Myeza 2 months ago +2

    Its the sound engineering in these videos for me. That's some real talent right there.

  • Daniel Dover
    Daniel Dover 2 years ago +6814

    "Sir, you're under arrest for mass murder."
    "It was self defense!"
    "202 people each attacked you consecutively? Ha!"

    • Andrew Daniels
      Andrew Daniels Year ago

      203 coming up.

    • Gucci Pucci
      Gucci Pucci Year ago

      “Imma make the Kenosha incident look like a joke”

    • Reborn
      Reborn 2 years ago

      Ryan Kegglly that's pretty inaccurate but do go on

  • What's Funny?
    What's Funny? Year ago +1

    Even the minions in Earthbound knew not to mess with you after you killed the Guardian.

  • Fishball
    Fishball Year ago +40

    I love how the death sound is just " OAHHH" on reverb

  • Secret Starlight
    Secret Starlight 10 months ago +3

    Four stages of minions
    1. Fearlessness
    2. Cocky
    3. Regret
    4. Death

  • Chessy Copter
    Chessy Copter Year ago +38

    The hero is doing these guys all a favor because their boss would just kill all the minions if they failed to defeat the main character anyway.

    • samuraiofgod
      samuraiofgod 5 months ago

      Caleb-ception 🧠

    • D R
      D R Year ago +2

      What about the last one? The boss was already dead at that point.

  • Le Kanraposte
    Le Kanraposte Year ago +6

    In every single games, and in every single movies, the enemy have ZERO self-preservation instinct and will fight to the very last without never, ever getting demoralised.
    It seriously feels unnatural.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 2 years ago +3626

    Player: "I just killed your boss and like all of your allies"
    Minion: "That means.....I'M THE BOSS NOW! COME CATCH THIS FADE!"

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah Year ago +2

      @Jordan Hardy shadow of mordor is an awesome game. I hope it gets a sequel, or at least other games implement the nemesis system. I know WB patented it, but still, they should allow other companies to use it. Games that could benefit I think could be a pirate game where you make your own crew from people you defeat, a Star Wars theme gamed focusing on bounty hunters, or like a mafia style/criminal empire game

    • ErrorCringyName404
      ErrorCringyName404 Year ago +4

      @Jordan Hardy best part is they level up to counter your playstyle

    • Jordan Hardy
      Jordan Hardy 2 years ago +8

      @Darwen G'wein hey that dude is right about shadow of mordor. If an random enemy kills you, he levels up and gets promoted to captain. If captain kills you he levels and gets promoted to warlord or something. If you die over and over to a guy, you have to start the game over lol

    • Evil mc.nuggets
      Evil mc.nuggets 2 years ago +5

      No no, he's got a point

  • Twilight
    Twilight 11 months ago +3

    iv seen this so many times and i never get tired of it, one of the greatest videos ever LMFAO

  • Makaveli Shepard
    Makaveli Shepard 9 months ago +2

    Very inspirational. I'mma live the rest of my life with the "they ain't me" mentality

  • Marcus Dean
    Marcus Dean Year ago +41

    When he yelled “forgiveness” while stomping out the second guard😭😭😭

  • Desphinx
    Desphinx 3 months ago +5

    "Yes, bro.
    You are going to beat me. You, the random mugger with the iron dagger you pulled out from your underwear, are going to beat me, the level 70 dragonborn walking around in daedric armor. This will DEFINITELY not end with me wiping your blood off my sword.
    Take your shot, champ."

  • Thea Hare
    Thea Hare 2 years ago +1682

    Caleb: finally gets to the boss and defeats them
    The rest of the minions: I WiLl AvEnGe HiM!!

    • Rion
      Rion 2 years ago +1

      Thea bruh the fucking blade masters

    • Thea Hare
      Thea Hare 2 years ago

      the last thing you'll ever see
      so true ahahah

    • Thea Hare
      Thea Hare 2 years ago +1

      the last thing you'll ever see
      so true ahahah

    • KennyJ2000
      KennyJ2000 2 years ago +7

      the last thing you'll ever see Was just about to say that. Lmao

  • Tristan M
    Tristan M Year ago +6

    For real though in most games fighting the guy before the boss many times will be stronger than the actual boss. I've seen it plenty of times before. Some of these bosses be having tanks that wear you out before you fight the boss.

  • Artemis
    Artemis Year ago +3

    This man's videos have twice as many views as he does subscribers... He's too powerful to be kept alive...

    TEE BLAST 3 months ago +3

    This mans skits age like wine

  • Axxidous
    Axxidous Year ago +6

    "Yeeeeaaaah! All THAT!" is one of my few favorite catch phrases of Caleb's when going off the rails, along with "That's crazy, huh?"

  • True_Requiem
    True_Requiem Year ago +3

    the funniest part is the beginning 😭 “DONT JUST STAAAND THEREEEE”

  • Akram Safirul
    Akram Safirul 2 years ago +3532

    Player: killed a literal god
    Lv1 minion: *tHiS is mY tImE tO sHiNE*

    • JasonTvTvGaming -
      JasonTvTvGaming - 2 years ago

      So god of war 4

    • Benta Playz
      Benta Playz 2 years ago

      @Brandon Borlaza tbh those who woooosh him are actually the ones who will get wooooshed because they clearly didn't get the joke.

    • Brandon Borlaza
      Brandon Borlaza 2 years ago +1

      @Christopher Norris Life tip: put quotation marks on quotes from games so you dont get wooooshed

    • Trombone Man
      Trombone Man 2 years ago

      I’ve been on the minion side of this equation.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Year ago +2

    What if this "boss" is technically just a boss level where everyone is of the same strength and delusion and the objective is to make Caleb go insane from the absurdity of it all.

  • Soggy water
    Soggy water Year ago

    I like how all the Minions have to take a second while they're getting beaten up to actually process that they're getting beaten up

  • Bacon Hair
    Bacon Hair 8 months ago +1

    1:00 he looks so happy as he falls to the ground it just cracks me up

  • Some random Hobo
    Some random Hobo Year ago +4

    I feel he enchanted his fists with a paralysis effect. Or he has a really OP skill that stuns.

  • Josiah The Discontinued

    The Death noises the minions in this video make are WAAAAYYY more funny than I remember.

  • teetheluchador
    teetheluchador 2 years ago +5087

    “We created him to kill armies” “but this small elite team of minions with electric guns can definitely kill him”

    • Underplague
      Underplague 6 months ago

      Im mean depending on the game...

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User 6 months ago

      wtf r u talking about

    • Selassie Aspen
      Selassie Aspen 11 months ago +2

      Megaman X, Sonic, Mario, Link and ton of Video game characters reminds me of this comment.

    • VlonedKilla
      VlonedKilla 2 years ago

      @Saadd wtf vro

    • Worthy Edge
      Worthy Edge 2 years ago

      @Snarkine you are like those old Facebook posts that would have a picture of a small black child and text saying "share this if you don't hate. Ignore if you are racist and love Satan"

  • Sangui
    Sangui 5 months ago

    I’m sure that I’ve seen post-boss bonus enemies that were extra powerful before. That last guy could be for real.

  • Stranger
    Stranger 5 months ago

    The only enemies I remenber actually having fear from a op character I ever played were the Vourtigaunts in half Life and the decepticon grunts in Transformers fall of cibertron. (End of Starscream chapter)

  • ronicstyle
    ronicstyle 2 months ago

    Bro it doesn't matter how many years go by this is still relevant 🤣

  • Omesa
    Omesa 9 months ago +1

    Legend has it that he is still fighting them fearless idiots to this day

  • Prototype X
    Prototype X 7 months ago

    It's like executions in any game, they all just watch you execute him in the most violent way without even getting hit and they're just like "ok and?"

  • Michael Garduno
    Michael Garduno 2 years ago +4996

    Main character: destroys a whole town by himself*
    Minions: it seems you might be a challenge for me

    • TheTemper-King
      TheTemper-King 2 years ago

      MrMysteryy that’s crazy that you say that but now he has too comment.

    • Just a Guy Who's a Weeb for Fun
      Just a Guy Who's a Weeb for Fun 2 years ago

      @COPY Sorry I'm late but it's King Kaiyo Melodies

      FGFBADASS 2 years ago +4

      Main Character: *kills countless enemies including an ancient dragon who is literally the devourer of worlds*
      Ebony Warrior: That's cute...

    • G.Master: Lord of the G-Force
      G.Master: Lord of the G-Force 2 years ago

      @MrMysteryy When you think you are smart but you didn't check when the comments were posted.
      *comment above=3 days*
      *the OP of this thread=6 days*

  • tokageki
    tokageki 2 months ago

    Why are Caleb's vids just as funny no matter how many times you see them?

  • SomeDudeOnYoutube

    This reminds me of assassins creed black flags. Hand to hand combat was so easy you could just stay still let enemies come to you and stack bodies on bodies. They were fearless after I killed so many.

  • Supremegod Master of Omegachaosprime  hyperInfinit

    You actually start to feel sorry for the minions 😭🤣🤣

  • 12DAMDO
    12DAMDO Year ago

    you know what really sucks? if that one NPC you encounter after the boss ends up killing you and the game hadn't saved yet..