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When Asians Fight for the bill

  • Published on May 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts #skit #asian #parody #comedy #sketch #emotionaldamage
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  • sweetcommentary 👑🍯
    sweetcommentary 👑🍯 4 months ago +119146

    They fought over the bill with such enthusiasm, I half expected a referee to pop out and declare a winner 💀

    • MarkEditz
      MarkEditz 4 months ago +390

      Here before this blows up

    • Ash Everblaze
      Ash Everblaze 4 months ago +424

      That’s what being an Asian child having dinner with your friend watching your parents fight over the bill is like

    • Scarlett Granger
      Scarlett Granger 4 months ago +231

      ​@Ash Everblaze so thats why football/soccer isn't as popular in East Asian countries, you have your own national sports 😂

    • King_T3
      King_T3 4 months ago +65

      ​@Ash Everblaze would like the next ticket to next performance lol

    • Jasmine C
      Jasmine C 4 months ago +9

      566 like

  • Brukujin Brokujin
    Brukujin Brokujin Month ago +6290

    For anyone wondering. In Asia, paying for someones bill is considered as goodwill and also its a sign gesture that you are successful. So people will fight for paying the bill, especially rich people.

    • Bobcat 127
      Bobcat 127 Month ago +45


    • Thomas Love
      Thomas Love Month ago +137

      Honestly everyone does this not just Asians...lol

    • JY RAJ
      JY RAJ Month ago +27

      Especially who's not so rich

    • Cherri Tsuuu 🍒🌸
      Cherri Tsuuu 🍒🌸 Month ago +83

      Uh not really to show whos successful, but its more out of courtesy.

  • shad0w!dev
    shad0w!dev Month ago +7244

    "I am your fathe- wait no, farmer." *explodes into laughter offset*

    • Y0uRLoc4lNo0b
      Y0uRLoc4lNo0b Month ago +70


    • What_to_use
      What_to_use Month ago +28


    • Commander Rex
      Commander Rex Month ago +21

      @Y0uRLoc4lNo0b”No wait. You are my FATHER”

    • eddie naval
      eddie naval Month ago +17

      ​@Commander RexNo wait, youre the father, and IM THE BABY

  • </Angled>
    </Angled> 3 months ago +18795

    ''I am your farmer'' the best quote of the year

    • John Marston
      John Marston 2 months ago +77

      you’re everywhere

    • CNWPlayer
      CNWPlayer 2 months ago +47

      Angled. Is. Everywhere. And. I. Appreciate. That.

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 2 months ago +11

      its so funny

    • Nyaz Uchiha
      Nyaz Uchiha 2 months ago +15

      W t f how are you everywhere

  • numbers0580
    numbers0580 Month ago +246

    I recall countless occasions growing up where my mother, aunts, and grandmother would practically wrestle each other for the honor of paying the bill at a restaurant.

    • Coraline :D
      Coraline :D 16 days ago +1

      I remember witnessing two men wrestling over the bill once 😭 I was so confused

    • L D
      L D 2 days ago

      My experience too. So embarrassing that it was unbearable. I just wanted to dig a hole for myself when they were doing the show.

  • Zhinoi
    Zhinoi Month ago +185

    Looks like I need to make some asian friends 💀

  • Trey68
    Trey68 4 months ago +10646

    “I am your farmer.”
    “And I am the man who sells you your seeds.”

    • X Mehrooz
      X Mehrooz 4 months ago +476

      "I am the Corn, Kernel"

    • Ori
      Ori 4 months ago +201

      “i am the one who got the seeds in the first place”

    • ClubPankake
      ClubPankake 4 months ago +222

      *I am the seeds*

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep 4 months ago +61

      Im god, so...

    • Oliver Reinisch
      Oliver Reinisch 4 months ago +75

      He is both the CEO and employee at the same time.

  • NuttyButter69
    NuttyButter69 Month ago +77

    At this point steven should just make beijing corn a real company

    • Lee Rose
      Lee Rose Month ago +5

      Now this is a Merch idea

  • Sealswimswim
    Sealswimswim Month ago +60

    The surprise “bathroom” payment always gets me! 🤣

  • Daredevil2_0
    Daredevil2_0 4 months ago +4676

    I like how this implies they spent over half an hour eating corn

    • Kaison Ngeth
      Kaison Ngeth 4 months ago +401

      It also implies that he had a unopened can of corn in his suit at all times

    • WGS564
      WGS564 4 months ago +48

      I don’t know it takes a while to prep it so that to

    • Matteo A.
      Matteo A. 4 months ago +56

      ​@Kaison Ngeth doesn't everyone?

    • Uzraa
      Uzraa 4 months ago +11

      At BFC

    • Matteo A.
      Matteo A. 4 months ago +42

      @Uzraa I mean, it IS Beijing Fried Corn they were eating at after all

  • KingLeoGamerz
    KingLeoGamerz Month ago +14

    "The Man,The Myth,The Legend" I can't 😂

  • Khangson Ngo
    Khangson Ngo Month ago +14

    Never let them know your next move to a whole other level

  • Drase
    Drase 4 months ago +6174

    "You may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting"

    • Excalibur250
      Excalibur250 4 months ago +47

      Starting to sound like death note lol

    • Entification
      Entification 4 months ago +54

      "You may have outbilled me, but I outbilled your outbilling"

    • banderbb
      banderbb 4 months ago +25

      ⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠@Entification you may out billed my out billing but I out-billed your out billing of your out billing

    • mh araghi
      mh araghi 4 months ago +6

      IF you outsmart me I outsmart you better until we die

    • Dont_click_this_profile
      Dont_click_this_profile 4 months ago +4

      ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

    ARSON Month ago +11

    So humble, he didn’t even say that he invented corn.

  • Sukunalovr
    Sukunalovr Month ago +11

    My mom took me and my Asian friends (twins) to an A’s game last year and all three of them fought for who would pay for the food and stuff. Funny thing is, we’re Hispanic/Latinx and it was absolutely hilarious to watch them scurry to try and get ahead of each other and pay first 😂😂😂

  • PleaseLeaveMeAlone
    PleaseLeaveMeAlone 3 months ago +16981

    "I am your farmer" was the funniest thing I've heard today 💀

  • Lazar
    Lazar 29 days ago +5

    For anyone wondering, asian people will literally always fight to pay the bill over the other people. This is actually an accurate representation.

  • CrestOfArtorias
    CrestOfArtorias Month ago +4

    Stevens Dad is so enthralled by his speed he didnt even notice that my guy paid through a switch loading dock.

  • ieatsoda
    ieatsoda 4 months ago +15626

    The way they are all just pulling out an uno reverse card on each other-

    • Iosif Stalin
      Iosif Stalin 4 months ago +17

      741 likes and no comment
      Let me fix that

    • sussy Baka
      sussy Baka 4 months ago +12

      765 likes and 1 comment? Let me fix that

    • Iosif Stalin
      Iosif Stalin 4 months ago +6

      777 likes and 2 comment
      Let me fix that

    • Yvernic
      Yvernic 4 months ago +7

      The uno reverse credit card

    • Ashrut Trivedi
      Ashrut Trivedi 4 months ago +3

      900th like🎉

  • Catmaster2811
    Catmaster2811 16 days ago +2

    got me on the floor dying of laughter

  • Janice Xie
    Janice Xie Month ago +5

    This is so relatable, my family literally fights for the bill at restaurants

  • FrigidARC
    FrigidARC 4 months ago +6906

    Darth Vader: “I am your father!”
    Steven: *”I am your farmer!”*

    • UrlocalIdiot!
      UrlocalIdiot! 3 months ago +44

      In the play I’m doing it says”I am your grandfather “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Monkey D. Shinchan
      Monkey D. Shinchan 3 months ago +74

      - Luke Skyfarmer

    • Floppi
      Floppi 3 months ago +25

      @Monkey D. ShinchanSKYFARMER I CANT 💀

    • Dont_click_this_profile
      Dont_click_this_profile 3 months ago +3

      ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

    • slayhabibii
      slayhabibii 3 months ago +1


  • Iron will gamer
    Iron will gamer Month ago +2

    I just love him pulling out the can from his jacket everytime

  • ShadowBlitZ
    ShadowBlitZ 22 days ago +1

    You need an Arabian version of this, trust me this time you’ll get a referee-

  • Wisaal Kakar
    Wisaal Kakar Month ago +1

    I agree, we do fight on bills and it is considered disrespectful if someone says to split it

  • The Hippie
    The Hippie 26 days ago +1

    This so amazing
    I would 100% watch a movie of just this man playing all these characters. I mean this unironically.

  • Bunny Glitch Takover
    Bunny Glitch Takover 3 months ago +8272

    *how to humble someone in five seconds:* "I am your farmer"

    • Nyphex
      Nyphex 3 months ago +38

      You may know how to humble but I KNOW HOW TO RUMBLE

    • Dinux Play
      Dinux Play 3 months ago +4


    • scarlette fox
      scarlette fox 3 months ago +10

      Yeah it doesn't work like you think it would 🥲 we get made fun of a lot because we farm. There was someone at school who farmed and they literally called him farmer*his name*. Thankfully I only get picked on a bit about horse stuff, I'm glad it wasn't horse jokes and farming jokes

    • CP07
      CP07 3 months ago +1

      noo thats impossible...my farmer is asain that makes sense.

    • Mukesh P
      Mukesh P 2 months ago +1

      @Nyphex oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vicente
    Vicente 23 days ago +1

    "I AM YOUR FARMER" got me bro💀

  • Outdoors GUARD SCOUT
    Outdoors GUARD SCOUT Month ago +1

    I love how they battle each other with facts😂

  • kennady zade
    kennady zade 4 months ago +7800

    "I am your farmer" got me rolling on the floor 🤣

    • Difu Valentine
      Difu Valentine 4 months ago +18

      Bruh 😂

    • Wordsfor name
      Wordsfor name 4 months ago +22


    • GGBlaster
      GGBlaster 4 months ago +19

      Search your seedlings

    • Memento Mori
      Memento Mori 4 months ago +37

      "Luke, I am you farmer,"

    • Hareecio Nelson
      Hareecio Nelson 4 months ago +17

      I'm not even mad that this whole video was just a set up for 'I am your farmer'. It's a very good punchline, 10/10

    BASS BOOSTED 21 day ago +2

    We Asians fight over the bill. It shows your generosity and wealth. We believe we will be blessed more if we bless others.

    • Megan OfSherwood
      Megan OfSherwood 14 days ago +1

      I feel like the world would be a nicer place if more of the world followed that philosophy

  • Zachary Clapp
    Zachary Clapp 29 days ago +1

    and thus, business occurs

  • Y Y
    Y Y 4 months ago +3239

    I loved the moment when Steven went full anime mode and Stevens all over the place.
    Truly a splendid unique masterpiece

  • Ahmad NJ
    Ahmad NJ Month ago +2

    As an Arab I can relate 😂

  • Samanvay Ahuja
    Samanvay Ahuja 22 days ago +1

    Damn that bush assault was personal 😅

  • The Rexafyte
    The Rexafyte 4 months ago +2236

    “You may have outsmarted my outsmarting, but I outsmarted your outsmarting of my outsmarting.”

  • S V
    S V Month ago

    It's always fun to go to family outings and see the underhanded tactics of my aunts and uncles trying to pay the bill first.

  • BubbityBubs
    BubbityBubs 26 days ago

    How can you be so cute and so silly, at the same time. “I am your farmer!”

  • Dredued
    Dredued 3 months ago +5372

    “I try to be low-key about it.” Has a straight up picture of himself on the can. 😄

    • MWSin1
      MWSin1 3 months ago +48

      But in this universe, everyone looks exactly the same.
      Weird... It feels more racist to say that about Steve He's videos than Ryan George's.

    • Jason Hein
      Jason Hein 3 months ago +15

      ​@MWSin1 its a universe ?
      I thought it was just asia 😂😂
      Just a joke

    • Zulfarhan Merican
      Zulfarhan Merican 3 months ago +3

      Most Chinese product have their owner face on the product
      At least in my country

    • Commodore Jones
      Commodore Jones 3 months ago +3

      @Jason Hein💀💀😂😭

    • Coca Cola OWO
      Coca Cola OWO 3 months ago +2

      ​@Zulfarhan Merican change country

  • Bihor_mapper
    Bihor_mapper Month ago

    "HE OWNS THE RESTAURANT* got me dying 💀

  • BF_Blue
    BF_Blue Month ago

    “I try be low-key about it”bros face is literally on the can 😂😂😂

  • NSX Penguin
    NSX Penguin 4 months ago +2852

    "The man, The myth, the legend" had me crying with laughter so hard🤣

  • Bazad Trust
    Bazad Trust Month ago

    "I am your fAmEr" he took it personally 😢😂😂😂😂

  • Reina M
    Reina M 2 days ago

    that remember me Felix and Bangchan from stray kids caught 2 times fighting to pay the bill how cute😂😂😂😂😂

  • E approval machine
    E approval machine 3 months ago +2164

    “HE OWNS THE RESTAURANT?!” That was hilarious

  • Michael
    Michael  Month ago

    "i am your farmer" hits different after empire strikes back

  • Marcos Land
    Marcos Land Month ago

    When employee and employer don't know each other lmao

  • Perry Latocki
    Perry Latocki 3 months ago +4484

    I seen my dad and my grandpa do the exact thing and it went all the way up to the point where my grandpa went to the "bathroom" but really went to use the payphone to call his friend the owner to make sure it was charged to him. Dude did not play.

    • Veje Abraham
      Veje Abraham 3 months ago +87


    • Bea Minor V
      Bea Minor V 3 months ago +59

      no waaaaaaaaaaaaay hahahah that's amazing

    • Clickbait
      Clickbait 3 months ago +87

      And did the friend say, no worries buddy, that bill is on me!?

    • Gaki Domo!!
      Gaki Domo!! 3 months ago +53

      Yup, I just had BBQ party not too long ago, I invited my friends at my childhoods restuarant. I told my friend and his mother to pay through my wire or something so, my money will go through automatically. I paid like, $200 and yes, it was not cheap for me, my income is $93 per week. Deadass hurt my savings but, it was worth it. I love my Korean BBQ, can't wait to go back to my home country and rizz my friends. I tried to rizz a girl but, I got rizzed by the girl. What does that mean?

    • Just Some Guy With Half a Mustache
      Just Some Guy With Half a Mustache 3 months ago +18

      ​@Gaki Domo!! Damn get her to rizz u more, keeps the fun going

  • Jamael Graham
    Jamael Graham 19 days ago

    Now I feel like walking up to random strangers, getting in their personal space and saying "I am your farmer".

  • Kevin Venture ~ Philippines

    "Farmer? Well I own Beijing Tractor Corporation, you use my tractors!"

    UNKNOWM 4 months ago +2299

    i swear we asians are cheap in buying things for ourselves, but when its time to pay the bill, yeah there aint no holdin back. And Steven has just perfectly portrayed it in the best way possible

    • Kugelblitz
      Kugelblitz 3 months ago +25

      I'm not asian but that's exactly how I operate. My money is free for my friends to use whether they want or not, I hesitate on buying myself necessities.

    • Techno_Axe
      Techno_Axe 3 months ago +7

      my parents are asian and this is so true

    • CrewRanger Gaming
      CrewRanger Gaming 3 months ago +5

      Yup, same with Indians. I know we are Asians too, but US people call the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans Asians.

    • Lydia Mourningstar
      Lydia Mourningstar 3 months ago +1

      Me at the bar getting everyone I have a 5 minute conversation with drinks lmao

    • Fōx LéFaux
      Fōx LéFaux 3 months ago +2

      ​@Kugelblitz you sound like an amazing person to be around. Im good at receicing gifts, and youre good at giving them. Match made in heaven. A/S/L ?

  • Sejo Abuyo
    Sejo Abuyo Month ago

    "I try to be low-key about it" while his face is on the can! 😂

  • iM jIsOo, Im OkAy
    iM jIsOo, Im OkAy 23 days ago +1

    Lollll I literally fought with my frnd today to see who could pay for the meallllllll

  • Winstonian Smithsonian
    Winstonian Smithsonian 3 months ago +8123

    As a Chinese person I can say having the moms argue who will take the bill on chinese new year is the most real thing ever

    • Gaki Domo!!
      Gaki Domo!! 3 months ago +99

      As a Korean, that has Chinese friend, we always fight for who pays for the bill, we always argue who coooks and clean, we always argue who will setup anime and watch the whole thing before we sleep, we always argue who will drive, we always argue who will draw 2D anime characters lol, we asian loves to do it first and satisfy ourselves, it's funny.

    • BlackBird 19
      BlackBird 19 3 months ago +10


    • ユア
      ユア 3 months ago +21

      Imma be honest it's kinda becoming a tradition for my mom and grandma fighting over who gets the bill and my family just me sitting there like 😑

    • ユア
      ユア 3 months ago +2

      ​@BlackBird 19 gotta expose the lunch time and arguments over the bill

    • Bryan Wells
      Bryan Wells 3 months ago +4

      Ive heard similar things with arab family gatherings except they get violent when people refuse to let them pay.

  • Bomber
    Bomber 9 days ago

    “I am your farmer” got me spinning

  • Dhyanjyoti Bharadwaj
    Dhyanjyoti Bharadwaj 14 days ago +1

    "I am your farmer" 😂😂😂

  • ThatJaymsWisdom
    ThatJaymsWisdom Month ago +7861

    My gf is Asian and fighting over the bill with her father when we go out for a meal is one of my favourite interactions. It's such a silly, fun time and this really captures the energy of it.

    • Tulla
      Tulla Month ago +103

      Oh I tell you this happens always. My cousin offered to pay for all the expenses, even travel expenses. But my mom was elder so she handed some surplus cash to him later and he couldn’t refuse. 😂

    • chill chilli
      chill chilli Month ago +106

      Did her dad whip out a can of bejing corn and announce he's the CEO?

    • PersonWhoExists
      PersonWhoExists Month ago +29

      @chill chilliyes

    • Canadian Hobo
      Canadian Hobo Month ago +17

      ​@Tullai am pretty sure your cousin gave back as a surprise red pocket in their luggage and by the time she finds out, she is back home and it is too late. Mahaha....

  • Hard Tithes
    Hard Tithes 22 days ago

    What I learned from this short: I need asian friends.

  • Recur
    Recur Month ago

    I saw this once at a Chinese restaurant. I thought the two dudes were in an actual fight because they started yelling and rushing to the the cash register. They were legit arguing over who would pay the bill: man, let me enter that level of success

  • Bino Sengdara
    Bino Sengdara 3 months ago +3008

    My dude used a switch loading dock as a bill prop lmao

  • Cactus Headed Chunky Guy Eating Burrito

    "I try to be lowkey about it" while being on the can LMAO

  • That redheaded collector
    That redheaded collector 28 days ago +1

    It sounded like he said “I am your father”💀

  • Doom
    Doom 4 months ago +375

    The bill being a Switch dock is the best prop I’ve seen

    • Dean Deez
      Dean Deez 4 months ago +4

      I didn't even think about it, that is great 😂🤣

    • Logi Riley
      Logi Riley 4 months ago +4

      I was just gonna comment that!

    • RR_4T7
      RR_4T7 4 months ago

      was coming here to say this
      edit: typo

    • TJ G
      TJ G 4 months ago +1

      Payed with a cvs loyalty card

    • DA boi
      DA boi 3 months ago


  • Gilgamesh (R.A.)
    Gilgamesh (R.A.) Month ago +1

    This is so true about us 😂

  • QuitDuckingAround
    QuitDuckingAround Month ago +1

    I swear ima let you pay that bill. Hun my credit card going straight back into the pocket.

  • BlackMarket
    BlackMarket 3 months ago +2782

    In Japan …. My wife and her friend had a fight over who’s going to pay the 700USD bill. They both wanted to pay 😅… me and the other husband just watched in silence. After my wife lost , I handed the husband 400 USD while the wives was not looking . And we both did the “male” nod of approval. 😂

    • Mr Farax
      Mr Farax 3 months ago +223

      Genius move on your part well done sir

    • Scottie Currie
      Scottie Currie 3 months ago +137

      ​@TenzikTens Bro be careful giving out the secret code

    • Christian Autajay
      Christian Autajay 3 months ago +72

      ​@TenzikTens bro giving out the secret bro codex

    • Nathan Gebreselassie
      Nathan Gebreselassie 3 months ago +61

      @TenzikTensdelete this comment. You’re not allowed to let people know about this

    • KingOfMadness
      KingOfMadness 3 months ago +23

      @Mr Farax delete this before any secret client sees this

  • 4y03N
    4y03N 22 days ago

    This is what my Asian parents do they literally blocked each other in the restaurant and racing to the counter 😅

  • Anthony Macias
    Anthony Macias Month ago

    My gf is Japanese and we constantly fight over who is going to pay for dinner😂. I’ll pull out my credit card as fast as I can but by the time its out of my wallet she’s halfway to tapping hers on the screen😂. If i pay she tells me I need to be more careful with my money even though I make more. I love her so much

  • Queen Of Omegas
    Queen Of Omegas 4 months ago +2516

    *’Well, that escalated quickly’* 💀

    • Dont_click_this_profile
      Dont_click_this_profile 3 months ago

      ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

    • Magus
      Magus 3 months ago +1

      @Dont_click_this_profile Ok

    • Maria Alexander
      Maria Alexander 3 months ago

      @Dont_click_this_profile I keep on seeing u everywhere bro

  • ShadowStrength
    ShadowStrength Month ago

    im asian and this is quite a accurate representation of how our parents fight over the bill

  • Wanphrangmi Manner
    Wanphrangmi Manner Month ago

    If u have an Asian friend like this then u r a lucky friend

  • Ellanore Vannin
    Ellanore Vannin 3 months ago +1944

    "Oh i try to be low key about it."
    Dude is literally on the can!😂

    • Leonardo Eneria
      Leonardo Eneria 2 months ago +6

      It also fits to the trope of the typical xianxia and... xianhuan?(Dunno the latter name, but it's basically cultivation modern version, can't be bothered to google) MC. Be low-key, but show off always disguised as a peasant or a beggar.

    • -R-
      -R- 2 months ago +1

      And no one recognizes actors when they’re walking down the street

    • Deontae Avila
      Deontae Avila 2 months ago

      ​@Leonardo EneriaSO FUCKING TRUE!

  • Denva
    Denva Month ago

    Lmao this comment section reminded me that I actually had this interaction with my friends a few weeks ago XD
    There were 4 of us eating lunch together, when me and another pal called dibs on paying for everyone’s meal, so the other two didnt have to pay. The entire rest of the day, they kept offering us money to pay for the meal. It’s honestly hilarious now that I look back lmao.

  • BOY Scout
    BOY Scout Month ago +1

    "I am your farmer"
    "I know, Now get back to work before i whoop your black a-"

  • The Lo Show
    The Lo Show 4 months ago +469

    “I am your farmer” 💀

    • Wade
      Wade 4 months ago +8

      Nooo it's not true!

    • Yorie1234
      Yorie1234 4 months ago +7

      @Wade Search your fields, you know it to be true

    • The Lo Show
      The Lo Show 4 months ago +1

      Don’t_click_this_profile okay, I won't

  • Reddy Wants Memes
    Reddy Wants Memes Month ago

    "I'm your farmer!" *WE NEED TO PUT ON THE T-SHIRT*

  • Dovakhil
    Dovakhil 6 days ago

    Asian people speaking english always make my day 😂😂

  • thejinn
    thejinn 3 months ago +1586

    I've seen grown men get into almost a fistfight over who gets to pay the bill. And yes, by grown men I mean my dad and some relatives, lol

    • Random Person
      Random Person 2 months ago +16

      This, but my mom and her sister

    • Jakub Łuczak
      Jakub Łuczak Month ago +4

      ​@queencookiedough7232lol what

    • p a p s y
      p a p s y Month ago +5

      @queencookiedough7232 I was the waiter

    • Sergio M
      Sergio M Month ago +1

      ​@Random PersonThis, but in Italy

  • Glitch
    Glitch Month ago +2

    This man needs to make a movie

  • Billy
    Billy Month ago +1

    I think it’s such a nice thing to fight about 😂 if I was being sinical though, is it a status thing for the one who pays the bill?

  • Hyde
    Hyde 3 months ago +4038

    Took a group of friends out around Christmas. Knew they wouldn’t let me pay. Gave the waiter my card when I got there and he had a WHOLE ROUTINE for exactly this. He brought fake checks with no balances for all of the separate parties, thanked us all for coming, and then walked away as my friends reviewed their checks and tried to call him back. One of my favorite memories.

    • Vanitas Nier
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    Josef Tsubas 15 days ago

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    "I am your farmer"
    "I am you FATHER" 💀💀

  • Ho Athanatos
    Ho Athanatos 3 months ago +1534

    In Japanese culture you would surrepticiously cross your index fingers to the waiter to secretly signal that you are going to pay when no one else is looking.

    • Dingfelder Smurfalot
      Dingfelder Smurfalot 3 months ago +50

      I like this! Wish it could reliably be used in the U.S.

    • Chris L
      Chris L 3 months ago +31

      It’s not secret if everyone knows it 😂

    • Ho Athanatos
      Ho Athanatos 3 months ago +110

      @Chris L Well the key is to not let anyone but the waiter see you do it.

    • stick in the mud
      stick in the mud 3 months ago +4

      Are u a light novel reader 😊

    • Phantom Gato
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  • Raging Iceferno
    Raging Iceferno 25 days ago

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    Blurry Renditions Month ago

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  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Month ago

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    Bruh this is so accurate. When my parents were getting married, they went to Hong Kong to visit my dad’s family (she’s white and he’s Chinese). Every night, they went out to dinner and at the end of the meal, they would watch all the aunties fight over the bill. One night, my grandma literally climbed over the table to snatch the bill from the server’s hand. Honestly, the best part of a Chinese banquet, is watching everyone fight over the bill, or watching everyone’s faces drop when they realize someone already paid the bill.

    • Scandalous Scar
      Scandalous Scar 3 months ago +41

      As a nordic, blond, blue-eyed man, it would bring me immense joy to have the waiter point out that I managed to pay the bill minutes after ordering. I can imagine the shock, confusion, aner and respect in their eyes.

    • NotSoMuchFrankly
      NotSoMuchFrankly 3 months ago +5

      @Scandalous Scar So you pay at a restaurant before the meal, but you pay for your gas after you fill up.

    • Remoniq
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      @NotSoMuchFrankly It depends,

    • Alzhan Void Sansado
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      So basically, if I hang out with Chinese people I will never have to pay for a meal again. Free food, sign me up!

    • Remoniq
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