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Send 1 of them to jail 😅

  • Published on Nov 7, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Areld Cookie55™
    Areld Cookie55™ 2 months ago +14081

    She's the type of girl that can make you happy even if they're angry

    • Pajeet Singh
      Pajeet Singh Day ago

      Or annoying.

      SUMIT SINGH 2 days ago

      She can get you into jail just by simply smiling.

    • rai swarnim
      rai swarnim 3 days ago


    • Big Daddy
      Big Daddy 3 days ago +1

      She gives happy endings?

    • thiruvetti
      thiruvetti 4 days ago

      If you cut out the simping, you can realize , she is just another accountant who says she is ready to hide frauds for Money!

  • Tamanna Sayyad
    Tamanna Sayyad Month ago +1195

    "They're going to jail "
    🎵🎵You're so beautiful 🎵🎵

  • charlidog2
    charlidog2 Month ago +341

    A Doctor and lawyer were talking at a party. The Doctor said, "Wherever I go, people are always asking for advice. How do you handle it?" The lawyer said, "I charge them."

    • Ritwik Paul
      Ritwik Paul 2 days ago +2

      And the next morning the lawyer sent a bill to the doctor 😄

    • Arun Mehta
      Arun Mehta 4 days ago +2

      I wanted to charge for doing taxes for my friends, but the moment they asked me I thought it won't look good to ask for money.

    • Apurv
      Apurv 4 days ago +1

      So the doctors also charge for advice. You have to book an appointment.

    • Enrique Reyes Jr
      Enrique Reyes Jr 6 days ago +7

      When people ask me for a “favor”. I say, sorry I don’t do favors. I know of a financial planner that gave a stranger that called him, a name & phone number to a person that did a specific type of investing. Several months later, the financial planner got sued for $100,000 for “referring” the specific investor to the stranger because the stranger lost $100,000 by using the referral he was given. We live in a crazy world.

  • Riaz Kalsekar
    Riaz Kalsekar 6 days ago +32

    She is so sweet, soft spoken, angelic soul looking out to help others.

    • A. Mathis
      A. Mathis 3 days ago

      And then complaining about it later.

  • Tom Mack
    Tom Mack 26 days ago +125

    Life lessons:
    1. Never mix family and money.
    2. Never mix family and business.
    1 + 2 = 3. Never do family members taxes!

  • sensi milia
    sensi milia 2 months ago +21923

    Her face is like "was that sarcasm or was he being serious?"..🤣

    • Ace Tvn
      Ace Tvn 8 days ago

      ​@tejinder Singhits always the Mens fault though. Not woman isn't it.

    • Bhagawati Gavali
      Bhagawati Gavali 23 days ago

      Ohh so many likes

      JOY TO THE WORLD Month ago


    • Tao Liu
      Tao Liu 2 months ago +1

      @noobslayer10101 Reread my posts. She's not filing any taxes on his behalf. She's filling out his tax forms and he's signing them as if he prepped them himself.

    • noobslayer10101
      noobslayer10101 2 months ago

      @Tao Liu perhaps but if you're have a good attorney I bet you'd get her caught. Any reputable business or third party that does taxes should have their name somewhere in writing. Otherwise why would you file with them? If they make a mistake now you're facing the penalty? Doesn't really make sense

  • MrElvin1975
    MrElvin1975 Month ago +96

    I totally understand how she feels. It's so sad on how family sometimes drags us down instead of being supportive.

    • 𝕭𝖗𝖞𝖑𝖊
      𝕭𝖗𝖞𝖑𝖊 9 days ago +1

      Yep because people forgot about the words of God.
      Love one another, love God above everything else.
      To love another, you must love your self first.
      Self care is not selfish, old parents tend to demonized it as selfishness, it will change in my generation.

    • Carryyy  Minati
      Carryyy Minati 12 days ago


  • A A M I N A
    A A M I N A 2 months ago +473

    SHES ANGELICCC my sadness would leave my body if she talked to me irl

    • JovanLeon
      JovanLeon 5 days ago

      @rapid surfer since when does one's soul has anything to do with genes?

    • rapid surfer
      rapid surfer 5 days ago

      @JovanLeon special because of her genes

    • JovanLeon
      JovanLeon 8 days ago +2

      ​@Kevin Fernandez giving compliments to women who deserve it isn't simping. You don't even know the definition of the word. Simping is when you give them undeserved or over the top attention or compliments. This girl is definitely special kind of soul.

    • jacob brown
      jacob brown 8 days ago +4

      @Kevin Fernandez compare her with the insta womens and u would know the difference

    • soulsearch1234
      soulsearch1234 9 days ago +1

      Dont do that.
      Treat women well based on her character and behavior.

  • Lat Le
    Lat Le 7 days ago

    Thought she was gonna say
    "I do taxes for a living but when I come home all my friends and all my family are whom I want to spend my time with"

  • sukidakara
    sukidakara 20 days ago

    As someone who's taking an accounting degree in college, I can already feel the pain 🥲

  • Matt Denty
    Matt Denty 2 months ago +6092

    That extra enthusiasm look when her mind went from "I'm so smart" to "I can mess up his life" was so radiant lmao

    • Darryl B
      Darryl B Month ago +1

      @Emperor what’s that?

    • Emperor
      Emperor Month ago +2

      ​@Darryl B ever heard of a joke

    • M Wilson
      M Wilson Month ago +17

      No. I actually think she's smiling because she's thinking, "Steve, you're joking... right?".

    • HCN Honor
      HCN Honor Month ago +3

      Great way to endorse a malpractice suit

    • Darryl B
      Darryl B Month ago +17

      That’s the worse advice ever. Steve disappointed me on this one.

  • Yusuf Waris
    Yusuf Waris 8 days ago +3

    I was really happy just from watching her talking, she makes my day.


    Every Doctor can relate with their relative and friend patients 😁😁

  • Krystina
    Krystina Month ago

    The look of sheer excitement when he said “send them to jail” makes me thankful I’m not her family & nor do ask her to do my taxes.

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago

    I had a brother in law give me that line after doing his families taxes for free for 3 yrs!! That was the best moment for me , when i said great find someone else to do your family taxes cost him $700 a yr!!

  • The Majestic Man
    The Majestic Man 2 months ago +2505

    Her warm cute smile telling how innocent she is.. And her eyes telling how much stress she's been through ♥️

    • angvel 123
      angvel 123 7 days ago

      @Ace Tvn Nope, you wrong. even in youtube i see there will be a lot of praise for father just simply holding his babies in his arm . The man will got praised for being the best father ever by doing a minimum care to his baby, but a women will not get any praise even if she do more than that. It just show how sexist it is for men to get praised over something that is so simple task

    • Ace Tvn
      Ace Tvn 7 days ago

      @The Majestic Man Yes we can. women shouldn't be given any value either. Its hypocrisy. women only want to talk about oppression when they're privileged in many ways. Society ruins Men just because he is a Man. Infact Men are better. Not women. All they do is just show a mere showoff.

    • Ace Tvn
      Ace Tvn 7 days ago

      @angvel 123 Nope. I never see fathers getting appreciated and mothers are appreciated for nothing. Its actually sexist praising women for literally nothing for being a woman. Noone talks about.

    • angvel 123
      angvel 123 8 days ago

      @Ace Tvn No, i see if men only simply carry their daughter in hand he will get praise for a perfect father, but if women she dont get praise at all. Btw, you sound so sour. Just live girl alone and live your life

    • The Majestic Man
      The Majestic Man 8 days ago

      @Ace Tvn indeed it's unfair... And real men are working to get themselves better after knowing that it is unfair but none can deny it

  • Amanda A
    Amanda A 11 days ago +16

    She is competent and kind. They're taking advantage of her.

  • Memories4life
    Memories4life 15 days ago

    Damn I need him to give me some family/life advice.
    You rock

  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez Month ago

    Imagine being a mechanic, a doctor, a lawyer. I am a freaking Amazon driver and I get lots of questions of why some packages don't get on time. Lol

  • Osydeous
    Osydeous Month ago +45

    man you can literally feel the sadness in her eyes.

  • JustJohn
    JustJohn 2 months ago +2370

    The editor really wanted us to know his feelings for her

  • ac swain
    ac swain 11 days ago +2

    Well, she should charge them a percentage of what she adjusted for those relatives, like 3-5% if the total income or 25-30% of the taxes saved as is done by CPAs or CAs. Freeloaders will magically disappear and only the genuine ones who appreciate your efforts will still be happy paying for the job done well.

  • thenaturalist3147
    thenaturalist3147 Month ago

    The fact she can't even firmly say that she feels frustrated about being exploited by clearly ungrateful "family" and supposed friends is unfortunate. She is such a good, kind person that she won't directly even say this.
    Nobody deserves to be "suckered" like this, it's why decent people get abused by others now. It's sad.

  • vcfirefox
    vcfirefox 11 days ago +3

    Man how do I end up with someone so ungrateful as my wife when the world has such angels to offer..

    • inamul haque
      inamul haque 3 days ago

      Bro probably most women are ungrateful angels like her are a favour from God and you need to be in his good books to get a woman like that. Even kind hearted men are treated like that by friends and family. Speaking from experience being a lawyer and giving free consultation. The same people will pay thousands of dollars to pretty mediocre professionals who would land them in trouble. Kind hearted lawyers are a rarity anyways.

  • Jeremy Robbins
    Jeremy Robbins Month ago +2

    This is why I am a financial accountant. When people ask me to do their taxes I tell them I am not that type of accountant.

  • The Coobs
    The Coobs 2 months ago +3255

    Awh she's got such a pretty smile through that obvious pain

    • Tucha Lobo
      Tucha Lobo 18 days ago +2

      People, sometimes our family do that to us!!!its sad!!!!

    • The Layman
      The Layman Month ago +1

      i understand you... but do you think you can find many people who agree they are not in pain too ?

  • B C
    B C Month ago +33

    That smile. Stunning

  • Wander 2
    Wander 2 Month ago

    Girl, i feel you :( all these friends and family be asking me to do their tax returns and if they get less than the year before or owed more they come at me like it’s my fault like i can magically change the figures and lie so they get more or owed less. We don’t do that! They even compare how their other friends got more refund at some sketchy tax refund place. Ughhhh. I kept telling them, i’m already working enough hrs at the office and i come home doing several people’s taxes for free and all i get in return is them wanting more refund. :(

  • Wooblebloom
    Wooblebloom Month ago

    I love how everyone assumes she is competent 😂😂


    She literally made me forgotten that i was watching on loop. 😍

  • Daisy Mendiola
    Daisy Mendiola 2 months ago +10144

    Such an angelic face...am sure she is really sweet and helpful. People just take advantage of her kindness. Steve is fierce!

    • Don't trick, I'm tricky.
      Don't trick, I'm tricky. 2 months ago +1

      ​@Shivaranjani GR could be pretty disadvantage. jealous "ugly" family will try to bring the actual beautiful person in the family down . whether it's talking crap about their job and how they do it etc.

    • AngryGopnik
      AngryGopnik 2 months ago +1

      What if she doesnt have an angelic face? Why judge a book at its cover??

    • Anastasia
      Anastasia 2 months ago

      Heavy on taking it for advantage

    • Dionysus
      Dionysus 2 months ago

      Bait comment

    • Monty
      Monty 2 months ago

      I wonder what kind of face is that?

  • Erin Oh La
    Erin Oh La Month ago

    I love how positive she is

  • omama naeem
    omama naeem Month ago

    The brightness I see in her eyes n that big smile after the advice. Like hell yeah, that's the best advice I ever got! 😀😀

  • Civil Engineer
    Civil Engineer 6 days ago +4

    Voice, expressions and this pretty face... Enough to melt down even the iron!!

  • The Empiricist
    The Empiricist 9 days ago

    When you smile with your eyes! God bless her!!

  • jason Last
    jason Last 2 months ago +5494

    It’s always the big hearted folk that get used and abused the most, sending love to this beautiful soul ❤

    • RedLama
      RedLama 11 days ago


    • jia chen
      jia chen 14 days ago

      Me in the past not today :)

    • Adenike Iwasepeletu
      Adenike Iwasepeletu 19 days ago

      tell me about it 🙄🤷🤨.......#sad

    • A A
      A A 29 days ago +5

      ​@Alyss some ppl just find it hard to turn people down. It doesn't mean they aren't good. It's because they're too kind for their own good

    • Michael Larson
      Michael Larson Month ago +1

      Got to learn to say no

  • Al Habsyi
    Al Habsyi Month ago +4

    That smile reminds me of my late mother. Respect.

  • Mark W
    Mark W Month ago

    I had to wait sooo long for his wisdom and then it failed me once again. I give legal advice all day long for free. Everyone does and when i need carpet laid i call my brother. Do their taxes and then ask them for help when you need it. Thats how this world should work and failure to do it is a hard life. Disconnect from those that dont want to participate.

  • Oscar Lliguichuzhca
    Oscar Lliguichuzhca 10 days ago +1

    It’s important to set boundaries and be able to say no.

  • Sandy C
    Sandy C 24 days ago

    Steve’s advice is pure gold!

  • Xavier Perez
    Xavier Perez 2 months ago +1992

    Lmfao she agreed with him when he said that “I like the way you think!” 😂😂😂

    • Loocie
      Loocie 2 months ago

      Like checks

    • Loocie
      Loocie 2 months ago


    • Loocie
      Loocie 2 months ago


  • Lady
    Lady 8 days ago +2

    It feels shit when someone doesn't appreciate your help, or even just a gift. And it feels shit more when it is your family.

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +114

    It’s the first time I see a sweet accountant 😹 mine’s just so rude

    • AroTheHawk
      AroTheHawk 3 days ago

      She's probably new. Find her after she has put in 5 years and sent a few to jail...

    • air2ear
      air2ear 8 days ago

      Hahaha, amaw

      MIX GENRE TV 9 days ago

      Hahhaha 😭🤣

    • HeroFann
      HeroFann 19 days ago +5

      We’re like that when we’re not doing taxes.

  • Pawan KT
    Pawan KT 8 days ago

    Her smile really melted my all anxiety 🥰

  • Mr. Love
    Mr. Love 2 months ago

    No choice but to agree that I want her to do my taxes.. even if that means I'm going to jail (hell), for the few encounters I'd be in heaven.
    Steve, that was a remarkable statement from you, telling people how to misbehave instead of just cutting toxic people from her life.. I am surprised as often you have common sense.. are you losing it as you are becoming older?

  • jarmoni
    jarmoni 2 months ago +3071

    i was just staring at her the whole clip, the way her eyes twinkles, how her lips curved with a smile even if she's saying something that really frustrates her.... i hope she's doing well mentally and emotionally even after all those negativities from the people around her..

    • Ace Tvn
      Ace Tvn 8 days ago

      Don't try to make her some kind of a victim like feminists does. Lol woman gets a lot more appreciation for nothing these days.

    • yyy
      yyy 2 months ago


    • Javier Vargas
      Javier Vargas 2 months ago


    • ZenitsuKun
      ZenitsuKun 2 months ago


    • Mr. Mine
      Mr. Mine 2 months ago

      Damn! Yes

  • Karl Lee
    Karl Lee 2 months ago

    Honestly best advise from Steve! lol

  • Kevin Ortiz Vanegas

    As an accountant this is an everyday struggle everybody ask you questions. It doesn't even matter if you just met them. I'll be like yeah I'm an accountant then all kinds of questions can't even enjoy parties.

  • Shelby Carlson
    Shelby Carlson 26 days ago

    Her smile!!! 😂

  • Motley Assortment
    Motley Assortment 9 days ago

    Never do family and friends a favor.
    When you come home, it's your personal time and everybody you know needs to respect that.
    Don't do their taxes, it's a conflict of interest.
    Tell them it's against your company's policy to do for family and friends. Tell them it could cause you your job.
    Refer them to someone else outside the family.

  • golden sunflower
    golden sunflower 2 months ago +1131

    She’s ranting about her problem yet still remains a sweetheart at that 😢❤ Help them out but know your boundary, girly.

    • Kayo Lee
      Kayo Lee 16 days ago +2

      Modern day Cinderella

    • Bianca
      Bianca 25 days ago +3

      She is very well spoken too 🙂♥️

  • depressed weeb
    depressed weeb 9 days ago +2

    Fun fact: The background music was not edited. It just plays when she's around.

  • Da Truth
    Da Truth 4 days ago

    *Never mix* Business ( *work* ) with Pleasure ( *family/friends* )

  • Nikhil Saryam
    Nikhil Saryam 3 days ago

    My heart fell for her 💞

  • Bill t
    Bill t 5 days ago

    Look for the relatives that was saying
    " Hey you got me a lot more back on my taxes than I got last year! Let me at least take you out for a nice night's dinner for that!"

  • Ameya Kale
    Ameya Kale 2 months ago +1327

    Her smile at the end was “I had thought of it but now that you said it….”
    Edit: 1K likes wtf you all are nasty you thought the same didn’t you 😂 RIP to the uncle

  • Mr.G
    Mr.G 14 days ago +2

    I just want her to come home 🏡 forget the taxes , I need that smile every morning.

    • Mr.G
      Mr.G 7 days ago

      Does anybody know how I could get in contact with her

  • Bianca
    Bianca 25 days ago

    BRILLIANT 🥰😂🤣 advice 🏆🥇 Steve Harvey ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ , she has the upper hand here because when one gets what deserves everyone will leave her in peace ☮️✌️ , but obviously we don't want her to get into trouble 🙃🙂

  • Fails Work
    Fails Work 8 days ago +5

    She's got such a pretty smile through that obvious pain

  • Access Denied
    Access Denied 6 days ago

    Just watching her. Man, sometimes when world seems so beautiful

  • Tekla Commissiong
    Tekla Commissiong 2 months ago +1496

    Her voice and cuteness is really pleasant

    • norizanmohd
      norizanmohd Month ago +2

      the lady version of Mark Wiens.

  • Smitesh Suresh
    Smitesh Suresh Month ago

    That glow up is gonna cost somebody time for sure 💀

  • Wineetroy
    Wineetroy 5 days ago

    I don't know why, but I have watched this clip more than 10 times. :)

  • jaydeep chandela
    jaydeep chandela Month ago

    Idk about anyone else but i felt it like a scene from the movie where a girl is talking and you are just looking at her you are not able to hear what she is saying, you are just adoring her smile ab beauty and cuteness! ❤️

  • Harsh Vardhan Sharma

    I am in the same profession and having this same problem by the way great advice but it will not work in India. instead of them I will end up behind the bars 🤣

  • Roger Wayne
    Roger Wayne 2 months ago +44389

    she's so pretty

    • Clooz
      Clooz 16 hours ago

      @Leni BENI idk you would be surprised. As a female...I know a 5 can look like a 10 with an hour worth of makeup.

    • Pajeet Singh
      Pajeet Singh Day ago

      you are not with her.

    • Chaman Anumula
      Chaman Anumula Day ago

      yes ..

    • Plus ultra
      Plus ultra 3 days ago

      ​@Sakshi Bag I don't think she is
      Even her name is Patricia

    • soul
      soul 4 days ago


  • Deep Ayurved clinic Ferozepur,Punjab

    This same happen to me i am physician by profession😂 but i cant follow his advice LOL

  • 86Shurt303
    86Shurt303 Month ago

    And when the auditor comes to rip that mans life apart and finds it was the tax specialist fault her life gets fucked up. Great advice harvey

  • Joy Mukherjee
    Joy Mukherjee 2 months ago

    the glowup she got when she heard send em to Jail 🥺🥺🥺❤️

  • Vanguard Raid Command

    She really looked like she knew what she had to do at the end. No hesitation

  • Zayed
    Zayed Month ago

    Time to be an accountant now 😀

  • Abhinav Gupta
    Abhinav Gupta Day ago

    her smile can release any stress and can soo relieving..

  • Ladida386
    Ladida386 22 days ago

    It's so heartbreaking to know that she will have to "woman up" to defend herself and give these nasty a holes lectures. In this period she will lose this kindness and softness that makes her so sweet.
    These a holes are actually a sweetness killers for all of us.

  • Rusli Antong
    Rusli Antong 22 days ago +2

    My gosh! That smile at the end really killed me. She is so gorgeous!

  • Crypto Addict
    Crypto Addict 2 months ago +636

    It's always family that complains the most when you help them out in their interest

    • Squid Fury
      Squid Fury 2 months ago

      If they ain't happy, good. Taxes change every year. Maybe the people who did their taxes f*cked up. They didn't pay enough throughout the year? It's not about how much you get back, but making sure you didn't pay the government too much or too little throughout the year.

    • A L
      A L 2 months ago +1


    • The Tim Zabriskie Show
      The Tim Zabriskie Show 2 months ago +4

      Family also takes advantage of the situation

  • Realaxx
    Realaxx 2 months ago

    Her accent is perfect I could listen to her all day

  • Cynthia Valle
    Cynthia Valle Month ago

    Steve has no qualms sending anybody to jail for being petty 💀💀💀

  • Q C
    Q C Month ago

    Some of us can relate. It's the helping them out and then being ungrateful for it that irritates. Just find other ways to not help

  • Sujaya kumara
    Sujaya kumara 26 days ago

    Her smile is contagious

  • Arellia Bell
    Arellia Bell Month ago

    Steve woke up and chose violence that's morning 😭😂
    but yeah, they shouldn't be taking advantage her like that. poor woman

  • Bobby Moss
    Bobby Moss 13 days ago

    LMAO, that lady's too damn nice to do something bad her relative.

  • Biman Das
    Biman Das 11 days ago

    That line from the song "Golden Hour" came to my mind after seeing her ...
    "I don't need no light to see you

  • Rohit Rasal
    Rohit Rasal Month ago

    Her smile….❤️

  • Norma m
    Norma m 2 months ago +571

    I ❤the way way her eyes lit up when he told her to do her uncle’s taxes in a way that he’d go to jail.😂🤣🤣

    • Whattatwist
      Whattatwist 2 months ago

      Having a women tax expert is like having a women in nascar, your just playing games too be politically correct, I don’t even watch nascar but Danica Patrick should’ve never been allowed in there.
      I had 2 women do my taxes, one that my baby mama worked with and one her mother knew for taxes one said I owed 22k one said I owed 24k, I went too my bosses tax guy 4,400, that was 6 years ago, and the irs can’t even be on your case after 7 years, cuz you know what, women play by the rules, men were stupid we find loop holes in shit, we lie, we “lose” shit,exaggerate shit, some of us we become women keep our penis’s continue to sleep with women and dominate your guys sports, we are dirty, sneaky, loop hole finding motherfuckers, and when it comes too law that’s what matters.

    • Guy Lee
      Guy Lee 2 months ago +2

      To same she looks really pretty 🤩

  • anirudh sharma
    anirudh sharma 3 days ago

    She is a pure soul 💗

  • Roamming Souls
    Roamming Souls 3 days ago +2

    If somebody ask you about taxes then send them to texas........🤣

  • Sam Cartwright
    Sam Cartwright 2 months ago

    “Here’s my advice… be a accomplice in a tax fraud case”-Steve Harvey.

  • The Mad Teasipper
    The Mad Teasipper Month ago

    As a software engineer, I have to constantly tell my wife's family that I cannot fix their phone, make their 2006 HP desktop faster, hack their ex's Facebook, or give them advice on crypto.
    Tell them NO!

  • #Pyxis _
    #Pyxis _ 2 months ago +2282

    Her uncle watching this video: 👁️👄👁️

    • yyy
      yyy 2 months ago +3


    • bluedogviking4
      bluedogviking4 2 months ago +7

      the day after he sent it In

    • Rye James
      Rye James 2 months ago +18

      That's the point. They will not ask her now.

  • shhh be quiet
    shhh be quiet 2 months ago

    I love revenge advice 😭

  • Homo Sapiens
    Homo Sapiens 11 days ago +1

    She reminds me of a crush in school...
    Even when she's mad at something or someone she really doesn't seem like she's mad...
    Always wanted to give her a hug..or even talk to her!
    I was too afraid...
    She got married last year I heard...
    Whoever that guy is..he's one lucky sob!

    • Nayan Vaishnav
      Nayan Vaishnav 7 days ago

      I'm more happy than sad for you because your love for your crush is so real that you're wishing for her happiness even after she got married 💙🙏🏽

  • Suryash Malviya
    Suryash Malviya Month ago

    She loved the idea 😂

  • Jonah Kuske
    Jonah Kuske Month ago

    Steve always gives the worst advice 😂

  • Panji Kalbuadi
    Panji Kalbuadi 2 months ago +763

    Her eyes...soooo adorable. They are so calming and joyfull

    • Adam Acosta
      Adam Acosta 2 months ago +1

      @LeMemeOfficer no bro shes just kind it’s not so deep

    • LeMemeOfficer
      LeMemeOfficer 2 months ago

      No, her eyes are hiding a lot of pain. Those are the eyes of someone who mastered a fake smile. She learned to hide her own feelings to please everyone around her. Thats actually pretty sad

  • aviatorz2fretz
    aviatorz2fretz Month ago

    I get that. There are many families like that out there. They push you to accomplish your dreams but when it comes to paying it forward they don’t trust you to carry on with the task. I studied to be a pilot but no one will ever get in a plane with me.

  • Cameron McCoy
    Cameron McCoy 11 days ago +1

    Yeah, except she is legally required to disclose on their tax forms that she prepared them and that she is a professional. So she would take part of the blame at minimum.

  • Lisa Gill
    Lisa Gill 21 day ago

    Feels relatable, me trying to convince my family not to do a 100% US large mktwt cap strat with their entire savings

  • Mazda87
    Mazda87 25 days ago

    Girl charge them!! They will realise they should of appreciated you ❤

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh 3 hours ago

    I did'nt even heard what she said. My eyes were 👀😌💕. Just feeling good now. What a women ,what a smile.

  • The Waccoon Service
    The Waccoon Service 27 days ago +1

    The funny thing is those who personally know you will usually be the ones to expect you to give a free service with high quality