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😱😱 Funniest Moments in Women's Sports

  • Published on Jan 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • 😱😱 Funniest Moments in Women's Sports | Funniest and Most Embarrassing Moments in Women's Sports | Funny & COMEDY Moments in Athletics | Funny Moments in Women's Sports | Embarrassing Moments in Women's Sports | Comedy & Shocking Moments in Women's Sports.
    🤣🤣 Comedy Moments in Women's Sports | Funny Moments in Women's Sports Shorts | Funniest Moments in Women's Sports Shorts | Comedy Moments in Women's Sports Shorts.
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Comments • 3 936

  • Del Brown
    Del Brown Month ago +2552

    The camera guy is CLEARLY..........a Man of Culture.

    SPANISH TOWN JOKES TV Month ago +45

    This camera man need to be protected by every means

  • Jamain Norris
    Jamain Norris Month ago +154

    The way she planted her feet for the take-off is amazing

  • chuvi duvi
    chuvi duvi Month ago +1374

    Camera guy deserves 1 oscar 1 grammy 1 world cup 1 Nobel Prize in Anatomy 2024.

  • Ta'sha Ross
    Ta'sha Ross Month ago +18

    She really thought out her footing with the kangaroo hop. That's why she killed it.👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻💯💯

  • damikco stockard
    damikco stockard Month ago +8

    Women are just a thing of beauty

  • Mike o' Glen
    Mike o' Glen Month ago +34

    I have to say it: What a magnificent Triple-Jump!

  • Eunice Pitt
    Eunice Pitt Month ago +19

    she just did it, she's a great athlete 🏃‍♀️

  • Jhom Eduarte
    Jhom Eduarte Month ago +23

    If this girl joins in a slam dunk competition,she will get that trophy.

  • Shawn Bulger
    Shawn Bulger Month ago +323

    Cameraman did the job they paid him to do💯💯💯

  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey Month ago +12

    She knew EXACTLY where the camera was ……and posed accordingly

  • Tareca Hubbard-holt
    Tareca Hubbard-holt Month ago +174

    And all she cared about was her kicks. That's a real woman. 💯

    • Lâm Vũ
      Lâm Vũ Month ago


    • Go Chiefs !
      Go Chiefs ! Month ago +4

      She's just as proud as she can be giving us all a peek , you could call her unique. Look at that , look at that . Fastest Thang on 2 feet .Don't look Ethel. Lol

  • Leah Mwangi Mwangi
    Leah Mwangi Mwangi Month ago +692

    The camera man understood the assignment and did it perfectly 🤣

  • Hacker 100
    Hacker 100 Month ago +6

    Professional photographers know the importance of camera angle.

  • Dan Sweda
    Dan Sweda Month ago +10

    Back in the 70's the men's shorts were just as short

  • Seth Rocket1
    Seth Rocket1 Month ago +356

    She is an asset to the sport! A real peach 🍑🙌🏾

    • Светлана Дмитриева
      Светлана Дмитриева Month ago

      Воплощение здоровья и красоты. Супер!

    • Peter Olivas
      Peter Olivas Month ago +3

      ​@Benjamin Hayah Kpogoh okay okay we get it, you're not a big fan of female athletes...🙄🙄🙄

    • Peter Olivas
      Peter Olivas Month ago +4

      most definitely a peach 🍑...especially because I was definitely able to see her fuzz, heh...

  • phil yip
    phil yip Month ago

    She understood the assignment, and she did it perfectly, too.

  • Melvin Reed
    Melvin Reed Month ago +21

    You couldn't make me stop eating that sweet "muffin."

  • Z
    Z Month ago +27

    I always thought women's track and field events would draw more ratings if the athletes wore non-wind dragging clothes. Glad to see they have adapted this strategy.

  • Jamesy TheReDevil
    Jamesy TheReDevil Month ago +1

    she knew exactly what she was doing hahaha

  • Stunt 904
    Stunt 904 Month ago +51

    Salute To The Camera Man💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • Jair Stefano
    Jair Stefano Month ago +23

    O jurado ficou convencido que ela é a melhor 🏆👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

    LOVE ME Month ago +3

    Camera man's hunger desires 😂

  • Karen D. Breeden
    Karen D. Breeden Month ago +19

    The control she showed spoke to all of her hard work.

    • Janet Ruíz
      Janet Ruíz Month ago

      @Shark Attack 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Shark Attack
      Shark Attack Month ago

      And because she showed all of her work, i now have control of my hard spoke...

  • cristian monge
    cristian monge Month ago +42

    My Holy God,this is the smarter camera man I've ever knew....at the right place at the right moment with the right girl...Good job man!!!

  • 自由吗
    自由吗 Month ago +1

    Never saw so many gentle men here.

  • Pahal Magar
    Pahal Magar Month ago +2

    The creeps staring at her bu.. 💀

  • Dushaun Wood
    Dushaun Wood Month ago +53

    *She gave us "A Spectacular Moment"!*

    • Владислав Кучер
      Владислав Кучер Month ago

      Красота среди бегущих, средних нет и отстающих:"Владимир Семёнович ВЫСОТСКИЙ "...

  • Carson Wallace
    Carson Wallace Month ago +2

    Bro needed a excuse to record

  • M.Taylor
    M.Taylor Month ago +24

    My man, a camera man that did exactly what I would have hoped for him to do 😀

  • Miami
    Miami Month ago +17

    Cameraman is a dawg! 🤣😤

  • Scarletbull
    Scarletbull Month ago

    The replay & pause on her snatch Phuked-Me-UP! 😂

  • Thanos Thanos
    Thanos Thanos Month ago +22

    Please someone give a medal to the cameraman!!! 😁😁😁

  • Flat U. Lance
    Flat U. Lance Month ago +133

    Cameraman understood the assignment.

  • Eduardo Barbosa
    Eduardo Barbosa Month ago +3

    Let be honest, she knew the guy was there and did it on purpose...

  • Daz86
    Daz86 Month ago +1

    these moments were very funny. well they made me feel funny anyway, like when i climbed the rope in gym class.

  • Cold 🥶 Fusion
    Cold 🥶 Fusion Month ago +43

    It was at that moment the camera guy realized he had the greatest job in the world 😅.

  • UnknowArtist6
    UnknowArtist6 Month ago +1

    I need to know her name for my friends😂

  • ci1u720
    ci1u720 Month ago +3

    Men of class. We meet again...

  • Talk Truth
    Talk Truth  Month ago +49

    Camera man understood the assignment

    • Сергей
      Сергей Month ago

      больше красатак ..на улице станет тепле ..

  •  Month ago

    So funny... haha... I need some tissues for all these tears I have from laughing too hard.

  • Ron Lavand
    Ron Lavand Month ago +1

    Nice... she is a very talented athlete.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Month ago +123

    I hope she won a gold medal 🏅 cause she deserve it and that's even before she made the jump 💯

    • Rob Newsome
      Rob Newsome Month ago +6

      If she done that in front of the judges before the jump, I guarantee you she got high points for technique

  • Christopher Lynn Baccus

    I fell in love, then I looked up and then I really fell deeper in love . What's her name again??! No seriously

  • Joe Bungus
    Joe Bungus Month ago +2

    I love bowling, did y’all see that touchdown?😈

  • jose boutsen
    jose boutsen 2 months ago +467

    Cameraman of the month, always in the right place 🙌 and moments

  • ResidentPolarBear
    ResidentPolarBear Month ago +22

    They can not be this oblivious, right? Well, their obliviousness is our joy.

  • 달려라 수원혀니     Run! hyuni

    와우 건강미 뿜뿜🤩💕👍

  • EzUp
    EzUp Month ago +147

    There's not a more beautiful sandbox on the planet.

  • Stylish Gambino
    Stylish Gambino Month ago +1

    Well done mr camera guy.

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez Month ago +2

    I can't wait to see the new girls get in athletics games like this in there speedos ... Drama 🥳🤪

  • Infinity James Lopez
    Infinity James Lopez Month ago +176

    If anyone is interested, that is Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk

    • Donald Polson
      Donald Polson Month ago

      Surely everyone knows this. What planet they've been on or clearly they don't watch TJ/LJ 😂

    • Bestman Douarnynney
      Bestman Douarnynney Month ago +2

      Sure, we're interested in her name, C'mon Son!!

    • dezstepz 24
      dezstepz 24 Month ago

      No not interested. Just happy to watch

    • Anton Tinney
      Anton Tinney Month ago


    • Nacib Nacaff
      Nacib Nacaff Month ago +1

      Sağ ol

  • jules wins
    jules wins Month ago +2

    How do you do that and still look fantastic?!

  • yaritza vega
    yaritza vega Month ago +1

    That camel is so funny 😮 although there isn’t one,but camera man tried.😂

  • Liam99
    Liam99 Month ago +269

    Men of culture , we meet again

    • dbTomadb
      dbTomadb Month ago +1


    • T P
      T P Month ago +1

      Just stop this one already

    • Bryan
      Bryan Month ago +1


    • new rules 2022
      new rules 2022 Month ago +1


    • Keith West
      Keith West Month ago +1

      Don’t think the caption was right, it downright exciting..

  • Lamel Jamison
    Lamel Jamison Month ago +7

    Dang she can jump 💯

  • ぷち紳士
    ぷち紳士 Month ago +1


  • Индира Ганди

    Молодая, сильная, здоровая спортсменка красотка!

  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson Month ago +14

    God bless her. She's awesome

  • Antonio Morey Martin
    Antonio Morey Martin Month ago +1

    Incredible performance ☘🇵🇷

  • Buddy Guy
    Buddy Guy Month ago +126

    This is what dreams are made of.

  • Chad Dye
    Chad Dye Month ago +1

    That was hilarious.

  • M Shelton
    M Shelton Month ago +1

    This girl is mad awesome,wow!!

  • ANUBIS 009
    ANUBIS 009 Month ago +12

    She's got fine written all over her 😎👌

  • Jayden L
    Jayden L Month ago +1

    bro has the waluigi jump

  • Mark Mills
    Mark Mills Month ago

    Kitty's packed with sand after that landing!

  • stephen jackman
    stephen jackman Month ago +14

    Snatched from the jaws of victory 😂

  • R4L ZMAX
    R4L ZMAX Month ago +11


  • Will
    Will Month ago

    She's very good at cleaning her sneakers

    PEACEFUL WARRIOR Month ago +13

    Definitely not shy !

  • Derya KARA
    Derya KARA Month ago

    Show must go on!!! Look at me😂😂😂

  • New Mission
    New Mission Month ago

    Literally untied her shoe just to retie it.

  • Lesko Brandon
    Lesko Brandon Month ago +42

    Imagine a beauty pageant where every contestant had to model like that in front of the judges >

  • Kezz-I Official
    Kezz-I Official Month ago +8

    The camera man was equally up to the task

  • Tyler Butler
    Tyler Butler Month ago +10

    Damn, you see the curves on her when she propped that leg up...OMFG

  • Félix Ramos
    Félix Ramos Month ago +115

    She is a beautiful young athlete with an amazing physique. 👏👏👏

    2•HOLLYWOOD Month ago +2

    SHE IS FINE!!!!!!!….💯💯💯

  • Mosh Pupps
    Mosh Pupps Month ago +1

    what's happening??? *hit the pause button...ooo I understand now...

  • Leon M
    Leon M Month ago +11

    Damn you did good I'm proud of you you a super star

  • Mickey
    Mickey Month ago +1

    We meet again men of culture….

  • Andray Kaliver H. Garcia

    This camera dude is totally attracted to girls in sports……..😂

  • William Hopkins
    William Hopkins Month ago +27

    She is so,.. what's the word stunningly physically beautiful.
    That her normal beauty along with it gives her a pass for being so so special as an athlete.
    She the stuff dreams are made of !!!!

    • DC R
      DC R Month ago

      ​@Patrick Ancona why you say that? Is she mean?

    • Doe SkyView
      Doe SkyView Month ago

      Yeah...Wet Dreams‼️🤤🤤🤤🤤

    • William Hopkins
      William Hopkins Month ago +2

      @Patrick Ancona easy to say
      But analyzing a pic is only a pic.
      Sound like you have unresolved issue,.

    • Patrick Ancona
      Patrick Ancona Month ago +1

      And the personality of a barracuda, looks ain’t everything son

  • Kapuchino Chip
    Kapuchino Chip Month ago +1

    When Im grow up i want to be a cameraman

  • Morr of Adri
    Morr of Adri Month ago +6

    I need to need to buy that camera man a drink

  • michael swanson
    michael swanson Month ago +18

    she definitely has my vote... gold 🥇

  • David Dean
    David Dean Month ago +1

    A gathering place for men of culture

  • Guillermo Banda
    Guillermo Banda Month ago +1

    Somehow I feel so much better now. …Savvy.

  • John Winslow
    John Winslow Month ago +265

    She knew what she was doing

    • Sheffield Zamo
      Sheffield Zamo Month ago +1

      That's fine... just don't need my missus finding out what I've been doing.

    • Toss Yo
      Toss Yo Month ago +4

      Who that girl?

    • Colin Byng
      Colin Byng Month ago +4

      She sure did know what she was doing!!!!! She’s a very smart young lady and an incredible athlete!!!!!! What a stunner ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

    • Сергей
      Сергей Month ago +1

      в нужном мести ..

  • Juan Granada
    Juan Granada Month ago +1

    Only Men of culture can recognize one. Thats one there

  • Jet Aba
    Jet Aba Month ago +1

    Imagine how my nose was squeezing 🥵😂😍🙌😂

  • Marcus polo
    Marcus polo Month ago +24

    She is so athletic she is awesome

  • Gaming with Wes
    Gaming with Wes Month ago +1

    The camera man did his job great😂❤❤

  • Connor
    Connor Month ago +1

    you know you did it you know you paused it at the right point haha i know i did haha

  • Shameke Boyd
    Shameke Boyd Month ago +67

    some body please give the camera man a gold medal

    • Lesko Brandon
      Lesko Brandon Month ago +1

      He's probably not allowed to live within a certain distance from a school .😲

  • Michael machete
    Michael machete Month ago +2

    Wow she’s incredibly good

  • andrew perlstein
    andrew perlstein Month ago +1

    I watched that like 5 times.

  • Jānis Jemeļjanovs
    Jānis Jemeļjanovs Month ago +4

    So funny. Probably funniest video ever and it gets funnier on the 10th+ time you re-watch it.

  • Tebogo Mogwere
    Tebogo Mogwere Month ago +1

    Men of nature we met again

    TRUTH Be TOLD Month ago +1

    Gon’ girl!!! ❤

  • Maine Brown
    Maine Brown Month ago +18

    Cameraman of the decade