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THE NIGHT SHIFT: we're moving to mexico

  • Published on Jun 15, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we squad the f up and head south of the border for our first trip to sunny mexico, plus bank$ does his first ever twitch stream, we slam a workout with sommeray and some ig girls, and then somehow, some way, against all odds, end up back in miami.
    shop the working past death drop: www.shopthenightshift.com/
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
    follow the all new night shift gaming channel: clip-share.net/channel/UCxyH...
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Comments • 2 054

  • CraigMcG
    CraigMcG 11 months ago +6547

    Banks was definitely being serious at the start

    • Sharon Cervantes
      Sharon Cervantes 3 months ago

      No cap

    • CraigMcG
      CraigMcG 7 months ago

      shabs 24 hahaha nah bro I live a good enough live as is I think it’s you that watches them wishing for better

    • shabs 24
      shabs 24 7 months ago

      funny part is , it don’t matter! He living the life you want cause all you do is watch them 😄 so have fun

    • Arun Aaru
      Arun Aaru 10 months ago

      @Potentialnub 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Potentialnub
      Potentialnub 10 months ago

      @Arun Aaru Saw your name Arun which is a very common name in Kerala so i just said in way are you mallu.We casually calls mallu as a short form for Malayali.Btw I don't watch much Indian stuff.

    AQIFAKASHAH 11 months ago +345

    The fact that mike still not drinking while all of his friend drinking got my respect👊👊👊

    • ZurkeyTurkey
      ZurkeyTurkey 9 months ago

      @Ricke Lal There on vacation in mexico, you literally can't not drink on an occasion like this no matter what your about lmao let the guy enjoy himself a bit damn

    • Ricke Lal
      Ricke Lal 11 months ago +4

      his brands litertally based on a lie, truth alaways shines thru tho, his time will come.

    • Ricke Lal
      Ricke Lal 11 months ago

      he drinks

      AQIFAKASHAH 11 months ago +2

      God dang😒😒😒

  • Kyle Cortellini
    Kyle Cortellini 10 months ago

    Hell of a squad great to watch Mike's vlogs keep progressing can't wait to see what's next

  • Mehdi G
    Mehdi G 11 months ago +1

    Love the vlogs lately mike Keep'em coming

  • Kevin Midiri
    Kevin Midiri 11 months ago +1

    Bro it’s so crazy how far you guys are going bro keep on grinding kings 👑

  • Honkytonk
    Honkytonk 11 months ago +254

    Ignoring staff, over priced private jets, shilling shady crypto casinos... this is just the worst.
    Mike your new "crew" is awful.

    • ZurkeyTurkey
      ZurkeyTurkey 9 months ago

      tbh I don't think that jet was overpriced in an icebox video lil baby said he pays like 70k for a jet

    • Angel _-_
      Angel _-_ 10 months ago

      @Pearcey111 it’s all payed for lol y’all some haters

    • Jane Smith
      Jane Smith 10 months ago +2

      @Cory I'm just wondering if you can tell me how many proceeds from his book benefited recovering addicts? I was sexually assaulted last summer and had to go through hell to get the police to do their job. I had to hire my own attorney. In response I'm working with organizations in my state to raise funds for women to hire an attorney if they need it. I'm also working with state reps to go out and tell my story to officers in their continuing Ed classes to hopefully make permanent changes. I could write a book, say inspirational stuff, and find fame. Instead I choose to not need to find fame, but to take actual action. Do you know how many followers would donate to sending addicts to rehab? Plenty and he doesn't even try. He could run fundraisers to help send multiple addicts to rehab, and could raise tons of funds. What actual ACTION has he taken to help addicts?

  • Katie Milillo
    Katie Milillo 11 months ago

    Wow, incredible! Love seeing you guys together especially from the east coast!! Congrats!

  • Francis Pedrero
    Francis Pedrero 11 months ago +2

    Amezing vid, loving the content he has been doing lately

  • Vn
    Vn 11 months ago +347

    The flight attendant who asked if they wanted something and everyone ignored them :( smh rich people

    • AJ Roidleh
      AJ Roidleh 6 months ago

      @J C Interrupting the vlog doing her job that she gets paid to do, and doesnt harm the vlog in any way lmao, some people just wanna defend someone they like when they know theyre wrong

    • Russell Lopez
      Russell Lopez 9 months ago

      @s b ❄❄❄❄

    • Vn
      Vn 9 months ago

      @J C I'm happy you think you're funny, because I don't. :)

    • J C
      J C 9 months ago

      @Vn I can send you my address for my stupidest comment award!!🥇 thanks so much!!

    • Vn
      Vn 9 months ago

      @J C That is the stupidest thing I ever heard🤣

  • Beleza
    Beleza 11 months ago +2373

    I felt bad for the girl asking if they wanted diet coke , you ignored her 😢

    • SooperDooper
      SooperDooper 9 months ago

      @huh what

    • huh
      huh 9 months ago

      @SooperDooper that’s not even right?😂

    • SooperDooper
      SooperDooper 9 months ago

      Not related really but, Mike is the only youtuber right now who isnt trying to better himself lollll not workig out or anything not spreading postivity or anything.

    • Goldie & Koi
      Goldie & Koi 10 months ago

      @kai GAGA Mike also said he left Logan because he didn’t want to move to portico yet he moves to Mexico with his new crew definitely a clout chaser

    • huh
      huh 11 months ago

      To be fair he was clearly talking to the camera.

  • Vanessa Gonzalez
    Vanessa Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Keep them coming mike! Got a feeling this crew is more family vibes n im here for it!👏

  • Lil Windex
    Lil Windex 11 months ago +700

    I would definitely suggest for everyone to check out Mikes book, got mine delivered last night and so far its been a great read, really helps you understand more about him and how damaging the Opioid Crisis has really been, Already on Chapter 9 💯 You deserve all your success brother! ❤️

    • Sensei tubagoo13
      Sensei tubagoo13 10 months ago

      Well yeah all of LA is like a zombie movie, and so is every town in america

    • A S
      A S 10 months ago +1

      He needs girls for views and adin and Logan 🗑🗑🤡😂

    • Jane Smith
      Jane Smith 10 months ago +2

      All that book and you tube money and he doesn't even help other drug addicts get sober. 😒

    • IcyEddie
      IcyEddie 10 months ago +3


    • IcyEddie
      IcyEddie 10 months ago +1

      Ship up capper

  • Kanwar Anand
    Kanwar Anand 11 months ago +5

    Best vlog in a long time. Mike is so under-rated. Love his style.

  • Rowan Alkaysi
    Rowan Alkaysi 11 months ago +146

    How many times does Mike mention the dollar value of their activities

    • Juanito Queintin
      Juanito Queintin 6 months ago

      It better off he does I can actually believe everything. Don’t be jealous :/

    • Cory
      Cory 9 months ago +3

      @Rowan AlkaysiI apologize.. lol
      Money ajnt everything bro.
      Being rich in spirit matters more than materials

    • Rowan Alkaysi
      Rowan Alkaysi 9 months ago

      @Cory im very poor

    • Fernando
      Fernando 11 months ago +4

      50g's bro

  • Ezra Cole
    Ezra Cole 11 months ago +160

    I love how everything Banks said was genuine.

    • Laker
      Laker 15 days ago

      @Musicthenandnow about what precisely?

    • Musicthenandnow
      Musicthenandnow 11 months ago +1

      and he's a liar too allegedly he lied about his book

  • Icy Xlump
    Icy Xlump 11 months ago

    mike you the best, I swear these videos are so inspirational

  • Overland & 4x4 Australia
    Overland & 4x4 Australia 11 months ago

    Definitely looks a lot better filming like this!! Great video again bro!! Keep it up 🇦🇺

  • vlad
    vlad 11 months ago +1

    I feel like the good times on Clip-Share are finally coming back after all this time.

  • Maximillian
    Maximillian 11 months ago +21

    I'm usually a fan of the nightshift but in this video literally nothing happened. This is the first time Mike talking made me fall asleep instead of laugh

    • Utter Unit
      Utter Unit 11 months ago +1

      you might want to get that checked out.

  • Ethan McAlpin (old channel)
    Ethan McAlpin (old channel) 11 months ago +1996

    “Just cause we’re on the PJ, doesn’t mean we can’t touch the ground” 💯💯

    • Blessing Mansallay
      Blessing Mansallay 11 months ago

      @m m you good 😂

    • m m
      m m 11 months ago +1

      Mikes literally just an influencer couch surfer, always clinging onto influencers being a leech, bet he messages these people more than their girlfriends.

    • Ethan McAlpin (old channel)
      Ethan McAlpin (old channel) 11 months ago

      Go watch @The Blue Ass Water Show

    • Dennis Romario
      Dennis Romario 11 months ago +1

      @Husky23 now thats more believable lol

    • Husky23
      Husky23 11 months ago

      He should have said the socks were part of the next yeezy drop

    DENO OLIVER 11 months ago

    Mike is how i aspire to when I'm older , came from nothing to something in the grind 💗

  • WayneJordan
    WayneJordan 11 months ago

    That’s so fucking nuts y’all can give companies a package of advertisement. Through all of your channels. Gotta respect it y’all give normies something to look up too or forwards too

  • P_ DrizzyTv
    P_ DrizzyTv 11 months ago

    Love the energy mike

  • Dario Calderon
    Dario Calderon 11 months ago +343

    “Being gay really takes you far” BRO RICE FUNNY

    • Blessing Mansallay
      Blessing Mansallay 11 months ago +1


    • MIG
      MIG 11 months ago +7

      That was when they were showing Adin’s master suite.
      The subtitles read: “Being gay really makes you fart 💨” and I really thought that’s what he was saying. 😂

  • Akash
    Akash 11 months ago +123

    The mike, banks and adin trio are the best. Always making us laugh

    • John Cosentino
      John Cosentino 11 months ago +1

      @james anthony LMAO theres no way u said that

    • TheMorganaic
      TheMorganaic 11 months ago

      Rice is so dead man, the guy is finished

    • on big 4pfz
      on big 4pfz 11 months ago +5

      @james anthony 😂 you cannot be below the age of 30

    • james anthony
      james anthony 11 months ago +1

      @on big 4pfz Mike is funnier than Rice and Adin.

    • Hallo
      Hallo 11 months ago +1

      @on big 4pfz fax mike is weird

  • Rafael Erni
    Rafael Erni 11 months ago +306

    Mike's got LA written all over him

    • Generic White Male
      Generic White Male 10 months ago +1

      And he's from my hometown... Milford CT which isn't a rich area at all. Bunch of low to middle class families there. Once you move to LA and start making that kind of money and having fame it really changes you.

    • Stepbro
      Stepbro 11 months ago

      I hate that guy

    • Amean Al-abij
      Amean Al-abij 11 months ago +1

      @AL liberal ideology

    • Taylor L
      Taylor L 11 months ago +1

      @AL sleaze

  • JayDee
    JayDee 11 months ago +1

    Banging nearly 200k views in the first hour. Been watching you since day one man so happy for you. Killing it! ❤️🇬🇧

  • NoahD -713
    NoahD -713 11 months ago

    To think you went from a drug addict to a famous Social Media Star living in a Mansion sized Villa in Mexico. It’s crazy how life changes. Congrats Mike, you made it

  • SmokeBreak TV
    SmokeBreak TV 11 months ago

    You know it’s a good day when Big Mike uploads!! God bless!!

  • Hope & Tobias
    Hope & Tobias 11 months ago +187

    I feel like everyone is moving this year and moving more south!! We can't wait for all the vlogs to come! We hope you and anyone else who see this the best day today and tomorrow! Stay positive!❤️🙏

    • Yo Yert
      Yo Yert 11 months ago

      as long as these new people moving down south keep the south as it is, im ok with that :)

    • Shilo Hawkins
      Shilo Hawkins 11 months ago +3

      yes this comment ive seen so many people move or planning to move this year! btw thanks and you guys too💯

  • Liam T
    Liam T 11 months ago +4

    Everything Banks said at the start was facts 😂

  • joliwaves
    joliwaves 11 months ago

    This is actually crazy good job michael!

  • Drew T.
    Drew T. 11 months ago

    You are going to be a great dad Mike

  • ELIAS.
    ELIAS. 11 months ago +127

    I feel like the entire video he was screaming “we’re rich” at me

    • Generic White Male
      Generic White Male 10 months ago +3

      @Jason137533 I'm sure you're not rich either. Everyone is jealous of people with money!

    • Jason137533
      Jason137533 10 months ago

      Lmao this must mean u feelin jealous

  • swish
    swish 11 months ago +1039

    Mike is legit the father of everyone in that house lmaoo

    • Cory
      Cory 10 months ago

      he was a bigger bro and mentor to logan. Logan's own words.
      He was brought into the house with banks and adin to provide that same role.
      How's that a Leech
      clueless co.ments bro

    • Anthony Morales
      Anthony Morales 11 months ago +1

      Their shouldn’t be a person in that house who is the fatherly role it’s fucking weird and clingy bro. Idk how mike doesn’t realize that. He’s going to crash eventually. Look at his views recently. They’re garbage even after putting big names on. Ppl starting to not fuck with him

    • Hudson M
      Hudson M 11 months ago

      He’s legitimately the most immature 40 year old I’ve ever seen

    • m m
      m m 11 months ago

      Mikes literally just an influencer couch surfer, always clinging onto influencers being a leech, bet he messages these people more than their girlfriends.

    • I’m Trilogy
      I’m Trilogy 11 months ago

      *thinks and acts like it

  • AllSortsOfVideos
    AllSortsOfVideos 11 months ago +132

    Without Logan and Lana, Mike comes across EXTRA clout chaser-ey

  • kelesh
    kelesh 11 months ago

    Bro when you see from where he's coming from to now he really motivate me to push more man

    CAM BONE 11 months ago

    Bro. Mike even when you don’t really have content you’re lit as fuck. So this has to be one of the best videos to date bro. So lit

  • Alan
    Alan 11 months ago +1

    How beautiful is Mexico, I hope one day to visit its beautiful beaches :)

    • Alan
      Alan 8 months ago +1

      @Zaria Eliana What's that

  • Kuga
    Kuga 11 months ago

    Mike please let me be involved in this shit I just want to experience it for a month before I go back to crappy reality!

  • Corrupt Benny
    Corrupt Benny 11 months ago +3

    Dude it’s actually crazy seeing faze swag in mikes vlog, I knew that dude when he was nothing! Still living with his fam, working , grinding, and now he’s on the faze….crazy

  • Foundational Podcast
    Foundational Podcast 11 months ago

    Mike. I think you’d do pretty dang good in stand up comedy. Quick witted!🔥

  • J S
    J S 11 months ago +21

    I finally get it. RooBet is giving Steve and the streamers good looking action and we all get dicked and can't win shit.

    • MD M8
      MD M8 10 months ago

      They also bet with large amounts. Not penny change the average player uses

    • Pearcey111
      Pearcey111 11 months ago

      Facts its all a scam

    • Texa Cali Boy
      Texa Cali Boy 11 months ago

      No shit🤣 that’s called marketing

  • Ritik Chawla
    Ritik Chawla 11 months ago +4

    Night shift episode without food review even when in Mexico!! hard to digest xD

  • H & H
    H & H 11 months ago +1

    Mike is just ahead of trends. First you got the torn jeans and shirts, now it’s about the torn socks 🧦 🔥

  • NicestPersonAlive
    NicestPersonAlive 11 months ago +31

    I know that “you think you’re smarter than you actually are” hurt him 😂🤣

  • Diana Espriu
    Diana Espriu 11 months ago

    Loved this content!!

  • Melanie Royall
    Melanie Royall 11 months ago

    Wait this was a great vlog and I am so excited for Mexico

  • Kaity Weaver
    Kaity Weaver 11 months ago

    read your book and it still doesn’t make sense how all of that happened to u and ur here thriving but u deserve it!!

  • Mustafa Nasif
    Mustafa Nasif 11 months ago +2

    damn you've changed Mike, a lot, I remember the old days where you sat down on the impulsive set and did your night shift with the maverick house audience... damn the good old days

    • Mustafa Nasif
      Mustafa Nasif 10 months ago

      @LOLOL LOLOL he already left

    • Flare Fox
      Flare Fox 10 months ago +1

      how life works

      LOLOL LOLOL 11 months ago +2

      life changes -- logan wanted to leave LA

  • Jeremy Costabir
    Jeremy Costabir 11 months ago +31

    I miss the old mike when he was with Lana and logan now he's like a wish version of mike
    but he's still a legend

    • Cinzley
      Cinzley 11 months ago

      eww lana is a treesh

  • MonkeyDomes
    MonkeyDomes 11 months ago

    Respect for what you guys are doing with adin. Raise the man well

  • MEZ 96
    MEZ 96 11 months ago +1

    Mike is living his best life!! His episodes keep getting better and better.

  • Orhan Karamov
    Orhan Karamov 11 months ago +25

    Someone the other said “Mike used to be Logan’s friend…now he’s Bank’s friend” has me geeked

  • Isaac Perez
    Isaac Perez 10 months ago

    Love the content Mike.. clock the fuck in brother

  • Asher Mtusoff
    Asher Mtusoff 11 months ago +22

    I love how Banks is wearing a snap on T-shirt bet he had never turned a wrench in his life

    • Mr.Ronnie
      Mr.Ronnie 11 months ago +1

      How do you know, every succsesful person was born in pristine conditions?? Ok...

  • Jeff
    Jeff 11 months ago +13

    Mike acting like he’s hella excited to see a gym 😂

    CAM BONE 11 months ago

    It’s awesome that you can just simply live your life

  • Oliver Besim
    Oliver Besim 11 months ago

    ur legit living ur best life! i wish everything the best for u and ur feuture! wish i was at that mexican house holy!! :O

  • Brandon Sanders
    Brandon Sanders 11 months ago +506

    I would have just stayed in Cabo with Sommer Ray.

    • Everardo Nuno
      Everardo Nuno 11 months ago +3

      @Riley Welch yeah

    • Riley Welch
      Riley Welch 11 months ago +7

      Isn’t Cabo, Mexico the place joogsquad goes to for the waves

    • Abhiram
      Abhiram 11 months ago +5

      @Major trust me u wouldnt want to

    • Kreme
      Kreme 11 months ago +15

      @Major lol I wouldn’t be talking bud

  • Savage Man
    Savage Man 11 months ago +1

    We need Banks back on the stream

  • Kyle Murphy
    Kyle Murphy 11 months ago

    Clocking in for some BS. Never seen a YT with so many secrets and lies about to be exposed! #fazeBS

  • Olgan Çağan Kocagil
    Olgan Çağan Kocagil 11 months ago

    Im so f*cking jealous after this video dude.. like I came to this world to just watch how people living their lifes

  • Daimon Wallace
    Daimon Wallace 11 months ago

    Fuckin love you mike

  • Anthony Mario
    Anthony Mario 11 months ago

    I feel like Mike is another friend that Banks needs around they prolly keep each other balanced

  • Philip
    Philip 10 months ago +231

    Without Logan or Lana. This channel is just another toxic LA influencer squad

    • Keep It Simple Stupid
      Keep It Simple Stupid 6 months ago

      Toxic af, Roobet is soooooooo sketch

    • Juve
      Juve 10 months ago +10

      @Aequis aequus what do u expect from a former heroin junkie lmao

    • Aequis aequus
      Aequis aequus 10 months ago +8

      Mike is using people and than doesn’t care about them anymore. He is truly a evil person

    • Juve
      Juve 10 months ago +23

      looks fine to me, stop watching then,

  • Trendz
    Trendz 11 months ago +1

    This Channel is Going To Below Up Just From The Behind The Scene Material ✈️

  • Gustavo Padilla
    Gustavo Padilla 7 months ago

    Everytime a girl appears in the in the show always have to play love it because the lyrics represent what the girls r in this shit!!!

  • Greazy
    Greazy 11 months ago +47

    Mike is literally the father of every kid in that house lmaoo

  • Carm 22
    Carm 22 11 months ago +7

    You better pay up ⬆️ to our boy Jeff!!

  • Hawkster
    Hawkster 11 months ago

    Micheal do everything in your power to get BANKS TO START vlogging again

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez 11 months ago

    I’m from Mexico and I’ve been in that mansion and hoooooly fuck the great it is, awesomeee!

  • Justin Ward
    Justin Ward 11 months ago +23

    "And that's 100k, right?"
    Yeah, Rice. Yeah it is. Good job, buddy.

  • Bore
    Bore 11 months ago +2

    Best content creator on youtube, just wish u post more often

  • Yassira KA
    Yassira KA 11 months ago

    Banks definitely spoke from deep within at the beginning 😂

  • Arish Tyagi
    Arish Tyagi 11 months ago

    Love the night shift

  • Ted Burwick
    Ted Burwick 11 months ago

    fuck these videos are so good, please mike i need more

  • LonewolfFansAssociation[LFA]
    LonewolfFansAssociation[LFA] 11 months ago +218

    Sam L Jackson: *listens to the swearing*
    Also SLJ: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  • Michael Groß
    Michael Groß 11 months ago

    I grant you that from the bottom of my heart ....best greetings from Hamburg 🙏🙏🙏

  • Jovan Djordjevic
    Jovan Djordjevic 11 months ago

    Man these are too good to be 9 minutes long you gotta do something about it

  • Deeno
    Deeno 10 months ago +3

    Mike has been a liar ever since he's had this podcast he still owes me something and he knows what it is.

    • Deeno
      Deeno 10 months ago

      @bOuLeVaRd oF bRoKeN dReAmS why do you care?

  • The Afshar’s Adventures

    This is the most insane crew they have Banks, Swagg, Adin, Jeff Wittek, Sommer and Mike. Wtfff

  • Mason Kline
    Mason Kline 11 months ago

    mike a great blog like always

  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey111 11 months ago +9

    The whole video is just Mike trying to show off money and the rich lifestyle, pretty sad that they waste money like that, but hey each to there own, this video has zero content, its just about roobet

  • IamCharlie
    IamCharlie 11 months ago +3

    I think the real winners of this vlog are the cameramen that got to join them on all these luxuries

  • Flackobanco
    Flackobanco 4 months ago

    Let’s get this video to 100k likes!

  • swish
    swish 11 months ago +145

    Banks was serious at the start fs

    • J.A.R. Family
      J.A.R. Family 11 months ago +1

      @thepopofourculture imagine hating on someone before you click the video, then you comment on a comment to hate on someone.

    • Fernandoo
      Fernandoo 11 months ago

      @thepopofourculture can’t imagine it when it’s happening 🤣

    • n1fundz
      n1fundz 11 months ago

      @thepopofourculture r/wooooooooooooosh

  • Bvkyoungmas
    Bvkyoungmas 11 months ago

    mikes vlogs are underrated bro

  • That’s Life
    That’s Life 11 months ago

    Night shift pulling through again to make life complete

  • Niko
    Niko 11 months ago

    Rick wearing the Snap-On shirt is my favorite part of the video

  • Carter Fors
    Carter Fors 10 months ago

    Guaranteed banks has no clue what snap-on is😂

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton 10 months ago

    Why mike be sitting in the table in the plane😂😂😂

  • Vlogs with Sammy and Bob
    Vlogs with Sammy and Bob 11 months ago +1

    I love watching rich people
    Makes me feel happy Jk
    Great vid Mike lol sooooo funny 😁

  • Hercules_datruth
    Hercules_datruth 11 months ago

    Okay okay my boy mike is back !🔥

  • Kody Johnson
    Kody Johnson 11 months ago

    Glad you had to make a change from the Paul residence with Adin and banks been waiting banks to get back on social for a while and adin just brings the goofy happy vibes good job switching from Lana content to actually out having fun

  • roger1tango3
    roger1tango3 11 months ago

    Mike and the gang live such a tough life lol

  • Sanudo
    Sanudo 11 months ago

    Tell me how you really feel Banks

  • Seb
    Seb 11 months ago

    Banks was speaking facts at the beginning

  • TheKidPapi
    TheKidPapi 11 months ago +1

    Mike needs a new night shift intro on gawddd!

    • TheKidPapi
      TheKidPapi 11 months ago

      But still a banger of a video Mike 👍🏻

  • basanta thapa
    basanta thapa 11 months ago

    Ik the vlog is cool but We miss you hanging out with logan. Hope you guys will remain good friends even Tho you guys are on your separate ways. ❤️❤️