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BEST OF Campaign 1 | Critical Role

  • Published on Mar 24, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Today we're uploading something a little bit different. Thank you to all the critters of the world and thank you to those in the community who voted for the 'best' moments in campaign one. There were so many great ones, but these were the moments that people cheered for the loudest.
    And of course, a big thank you to the cast and crew. While we all practice a little social distancing, here's some memories to carry us forward even though our Thursdays are a little emptier.
    A link to the original reddit thread: www.reddit.com/r/criticalrole...
    Don't forget to love each other. We love you, son.
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  • AFLoneWolf
    AFLoneWolf 2 years ago +1334

    *Thar be spoilers in this here comment.* Though odds are you've already seen all of these.
    0:09 Lady Vex'halia
    0:59 Keyleth feebleminds Raishan 2:33 Druid down!
    3:34 Masterful Counterspell # 1 4:37 Sarenrae serenade 5:18 8th level
    6:33 Scanbo
    12:34 Scanlan's departure
    17:11 Vex's plea for Percy
    18:52 Masterful Counterspell #2 Just watch Liam and Sam
    21:39 Vax's goodbye
    31:48 Scanlan finds true love
    44:49 Grog goes shopping with Tary 52:43 Clang!
    57:37 Tary's intro
    1:07:34 Flashcards
    1:20:02 Pike teaches Grog letters
    1:23:57 Keyleth's clutch death save in hell 1:25:53 The roll
    1:26:56 Sarenrae punches Vorugal 1:28:24 "I'll do what I can."
    1:30:25 Artagan chokes Vax 1:32:47 "To the immotals."
    1:34:50 Grog kills Kevdak 1:37:41 HDYWTDT
    1:40:16 "FIX HIM!"
    1:41:52 Goldfish 1:45:09 Splat 1:49:09 Revival
    1:52:37 Hotis returns 1:55:44 Poke

    • andrew jack
      andrew jack 5 months ago


    • Stubadub
      Stubadub 9 months ago +5

      Scenes I wish had made it:
      Epic: Scanlan summons Yenk then dominates him.
      Funny: Percy meets Victor for the first time.
      Epic: Percy asks Scanlan the name of his daughter's mother.
      Epic: "Yours was the face I saw when murder entered my heart."
      Funny: The tub
      Funny: The cannonball contest
      Epic: Kaylie reveals herself to Scanlan.
      Heartwarming: Percy shows Vax the shrine to the Raven Queen.
      Funny: Keyleth nat 1s into lava.
      That's... a lot of Percy, I realize.

    • Bryan Phillips
      Bryan Phillips Year ago

      Gggggggg get though get 55g to

    • Richard Lecuyer
      Richard Lecuyer 2 years ago +3

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    • kelsie boyd
      kelsie boyd 2 years ago +2

      Thank you so much👌👌

  • Sabine Kock
    Sabine Kock Year ago +883

    Say about the goldfish incident what you like, the fact remains that through the whole campain the only person, monster, thing or deity that managed to kill Keyleth, was Keyleth.

    • YOOOOO
      YOOOOO Day ago +1

      Moon druids are OP

    • Marthor2010
      Marthor2010 13 days ago

      Elevator boss always gets someone.

    • RC
      RC Month ago +3

      Really hard to kill druids after certain level lol

    • Simple Gunner
      Simple Gunner 3 months ago +3

      IMO, the ultimate in funny moments from camp. 1

    • Kris Walton
      Kris Walton 4 months ago +11

      When you're at the pinnacle, where do you go from there? (Apparently, the answer is that you cliff dive to your demise to the horror of your battle-forged and almost-in-law sister.)

  • SariaSpeaks
    SariaSpeaks 2 years ago +2928

    Sam crying to himself like that will just never not rip my soul completely apart. Ugh.

    • teeohfancy
      teeohfancy 6 months ago +1

      @Dan Jason Bugayong I thought it was because no one in the campaign ever knew that that was why Sam was taking it so hard. He was saving that spell for him and only Matt knew about it. 🤔

    • Kasino80
      Kasino80 11 months ago +6

      What breaks me is the physical discomfort Liam feels because he can't hug Sam and comfort him.

    • Craig Churchill
      Craig Churchill 11 months ago

      I've only watched a smattering of VM and only really know the party by reputation, but to see how much that decision affected Sam did bring me to tears as well.

    • DEIZEI
      DEIZEI Year ago

      @Kzeriar of course you do. 😂😂😂😂 You can literally listen to the campaign. You don't need to watch. (of course depending on how good your attention to detail is. )

    • DEIZEI
      DEIZEI Year ago

      @Priest of Benism please. Just continue the campaign. Why are you here. Lol

  • Rob Eckz
    Rob Eckz 2 years ago +1574

    Scanlan’s “what was my mother’s name” & vax’s farewell will never not make me feel. I love the campaign 2 characters but I forgot how fucking deep c1 was

    • purplewolfranger22
      purplewolfranger22 3 days ago

      @Dayspring campaign 2 not having cringe from awkward romance? now that's just straight up wrong, that Beau and Yasha romance was and always will be the most cringe worthy.

    • Kris Walton
      Kris Walton 4 months ago

      I legitimately skipped those scenes because both would've put me out of comission.

    • Kamille
      Kamille 5 months ago

      @Dayspring I have never seen someone say Campaign 2 had the more "coherent" story lol

    • Dayspring
      Dayspring 10 months ago +3

      @Rob Eckz Campaign 1 is a fun game, people having a good time being super powerful characters, with ridiculously powerful items. Campaign 1, while great, was all over the place, with self contained story lines and (up until Vecna finally shows up for real towards the end) no real through line to the campaign. Campaign 2 is coherent story, and more centered; Campaign 2 Is realer, more grounded, and better crafted. Campaign 2 also has the benefit of not having so much cringe, whether from the awkward romance or melodrama.

    • Zachary Freeman
      Zachary Freeman 10 months ago +1

      Agreed. Campaign 1 was a lot more emotional in my opinion, campaign 2 had a lot more comedy aspect, I'm listening to Exandria unlimited now and a can't wait to see campaign 3 (but from what I've heard I'm excited)

  • UberVilla
    UberVilla 2 years ago +2726

    “Did you know that her and Vax are twin brother and sister?”
    “I could tell by the bone structure and contempt.”

    • MeinNamemit20Zeichen
      MeinNamemit20Zeichen 4 months ago +7

      These are all cute suggestions but none of them come close to "your secret is safe with my indifference."

    • Morgan Bondelid
      Morgan Bondelid 6 months ago +5

      @Ape Capone it's hard to beat “Help, it's again!”

    • Carmi Avraham
      Carmi Avraham 7 months ago +5

      @Reblwitoutacause life needs things, to live

    • Ape Capone
      Ape Capone 9 months ago +19

      @Morgan Bondelid nah best line is definitely "show me on the character sheet where the bad DM touched you" LMAO

    • Reblwitoutacause
      Reblwitoutacause Year ago +25

      Taliesin is a king of 1 liners
      But he's also had thousands of years to practice.
      Sam is ok too

  • Jac Gibson
    Jac Gibson 2 years ago +968

    Vax's goodbye is probably one of the most cinematic and perfect "deaths" in fiction. It hits even harder when you know the emotional journey that Liam went through after the passing of his own mother. Matt adding that Vax's mother was the first one to greet him just felt so much more powerful

    • Bill Bill
      Bill Bill Month ago +1

      I was going through a hard time when I watched that episode, and I was a sobbing mess the entire time.

    • Brock Dudley
      Brock Dudley 5 months ago +6

      @RU5H1N6 the only other scene was grog’s “fix him” after scan died

    • Reblwitoutacause
      Reblwitoutacause 5 months ago +3


    • RU5H1N6
      RU5H1N6 6 months ago +10

      Agreed, this is one of the VERY few scenes that has made me cry when I watched it, and the only one I can think of that I cried a second time when I went back and watched it again. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Mild Walnut
    Mild Walnut 2 years ago +993

    Vex rolling a Nat 20 to bring Percy back was fucking flawless. Travis’s responses was so funny too.

    • Kris Walton
      Kris Walton 4 months ago +3

      To be fair, Travis was like THE shipper-on-deck for Perc'Ahlia. Any time there was even a HINT of it, he would have a reaction. I think one of my FAVOURITE moments outside of the game that's ever been brought up is Laura saying that the two of them got home after a particular scene (I can't remember which) and Travis whipped around to her like "Vex likes Percy, doesn't she~?"

    • Yaratoma
      Yaratoma 9 months ago +5

      @KyroGamingVT The webs we live in would be different indeed but not all changes comes with gloom on the horizon. The morning dew would rest on the webs of tomorrow as those that evaporate today once did.

    • KyroGamingVT
      KyroGamingVT Year ago +27

      I mean thinking about it, that has to be one of the most influential rolls of exandrias timelines.
      Spoilers C2 and C1
      If that roll had failed, Mollymauk Tealeaf joins Vox Maxhina instead of the Mighty Nien. Meaning either Lucien becomes VMs problem, or the Neo-Somnovem never happens. This causes micro issues with DPS during pivotal moments, potential shifts for Vex in character, and more. Especially considering how much damage a Bad News, Sharpshooter ,Deadeye shot hits the fight with vecna on purely a damage basis could have gone wildly different. Who knows, Molly could have even had some of the abilities of his Eyes of the Somnovum during this alternate timeline which could have majory shifted the outcomes of the battle. However the real kicker is M9s changes. The party would have had a much zlower coming together and wouldn't have that ironically solidifying moment of Mollys death. Potentially leading to Caleb going dark side, beau not maturing, nott never gets fixed to veth. But the biggest issue is M9 don't have a reason other than a bit of coin and curiosity to venture into eiselcross, meaning Cognousa likely would have been fought on the material plane, and they might have lost with Caleb possibly MIA, Lucien not fighting himself, or the somnovem never getting absorbed. Ultimately, possibly leading to massive disaster on the material plane, and worst case scenario an end to Exandria.

    • Timmy
      Timmy Year ago +12

      @berk It starts at 17:11 and the roll is at 18:40

    • berk
      berk Year ago


  • Haylee Sci
    Haylee Sci 2 years ago +186

    “we traveled across planes of existence so you could fix your fucking daddy issues” literally never gets old

    • AnxietyIsMyMood
      AnxietyIsMyMood 9 months ago +12

      So good!!! Also the EMOTION behind the words...breathtaking. Sam is a great actor.

  • J Valentine
    J Valentine 2 years ago +393

    I love how during the "It's yours" scene everyone is crying and immersed in the scene but Travis is listening like "My wife is fucking killing this scene!"

    • Kris Walton
      Kris Walton 4 months ago +6

      More like "My ship is SAILING"

  • Sam
    Sam 2 years ago +1559

    Marishas famous last words 'I'll be fine, we're gods' before turning into jam has to be the dumbest moment of that campaign 🤣 the shear amount of disbelief was hilarious.

    • Krosse
      Krosse 5 months ago +1

      "It's like a magic trick, a goldfish turned into a corpse!" - Liam

    • Queen_Nat
      Queen_Nat 9 months ago

      @Sam Yeah what I usually do is keep the same rule for the first 200 feet (the 20d6) and afterwards I make it so every 20 feet is 1d8.

    • Akeche
      Akeche 9 months ago

      I just... why didn't she turn into a bird and fly down?

    • Matt
      Matt 10 months ago +1

      ​@Happy Thoughts True & this is where the situation gets a bit complicated. I guess it's a conversation on whether a person like Captain America could survive a massive fall? I'm not really sure what that answer is.

    • Corey Carnes
      Corey Carnes 10 months ago +2

      @Lawrence Cobb Makes sense, I didn't know that was a thing. Thanks for the explination.

  • Tyne Sheynkman
    Tyne Sheynkman 2 years ago +1344

    Vex: “50,000 gold.”
    Tary: “Oh, that’s nothing!”
    Vex: *drops pen*

  • Dirty Gaijin
    Dirty Gaijin 2 years ago +554

    Seeing sam cry and liam cry at the gesture that his friend wanted to save his characater is emotional

    • Secret Name
      Secret Name 9 months ago +13

      Right, honestly it still makes me weepy
      Seeing Sam get emotional got me emotional, but what made the tears flow was seeing Liam ALSO start crying
      Like both of them were feeling a lot of things and thinking "that's my best friend and I love him"

  • Aaron Best
    Aaron Best 2 years ago +1915

    During Vax's farewell, Scanlan says "I 'wish' I could have done more". Sam never ceases to amaze me

    • Phanomas
      Phanomas 9 months ago

      @Jason Williams 18:52

    • Jason Williams
      Jason Williams 9 months ago

      Can I get a time stamp?

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 9 months ago

      Fuck anyone who econd guessed me. Assholes.

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 9 months ago +6

      Sam loves Liam. He is his best friend and nobody can make it worse.

    • Skyller
      Skyller 10 months ago +15

      @K. Elly you're welcome. 😌
      To me, it was the climax of C1. Of all the things that Liam was going through that time, and Sam have to make this decision, it really was a powerful moment.

  • Justin Kuhn
    Justin Kuhn 2 years ago +422

    Sam crying gets me, but more than that is Liam crying looking at him. That look shows how sad he is for seeing his friend hurt, and how unbelievably loved he feels at that moment. Best moment in the first campaign by far for me.

    • Thanos snap
      Thanos snap 2 months ago +3

      @Tony Bradley Agreed. I get so drawn in because of them playing of eachother being great friends. The Sam and Liam moment here is a great example of that. Also Laura joining in with the "oh no.....".

    • Tony Bradley
      Tony Bradley 4 months ago +5

      What makes this show is two wonderful things.....
      1. Mercer is awesome.
      2. They are all great friends and loved ones. Thats the best type of tabletop RP any one could ever have.

    • Stubadub
      Stubadub 9 months ago +7

      And I would have missed it entirely if the comments hadn't alerted me, since I usually listen while doing something else.

  • Taizen001
    Taizen001 Year ago +186

    The look of pain on Sam's face after using his 9th level spell was so damn heartbreaking. He saved the world, but at the cost of not being able to save his friend.

  • Ricky Hoey
    Ricky Hoey Year ago +162

    Bigby’s hand, level 5, lift me up, inspire Grog. That’s it.
    Gives me chills every time. What a risk he played and he knew it. You can hear it in his voice.

    • LadyElvan
      LadyElvan 4 months ago +2

      Watching him think it through to get to that moment is AMAzing. And play it off like "Oh, well..." so the surprise worked? *chef's kiss*

    • Jonathan Archer
      Jonathan Archer 5 months ago +5

      And Marisha and the others having a go at him. Save your action etc Sam knew what he was doing.

    • Morgan Bondelid
      Morgan Bondelid 6 months ago

      timestamp please?

  • G E
    G E 2 years ago +472

    "Doty, she said realism!"
    Gets me every time

  • Seth Cragan
    Seth Cragan 2 years ago +416

    Tal's timing on his "is it so hard to believe" line is absolutely one of his epic moments.

    • Morgan Bondelid
      Morgan Bondelid 6 months ago +6

      he has a casual grace of delivery that is not predominant in improv. he sits back into what musicians might call "the pocket." it's lovely.

    • J Dreyer
      J Dreyer Year ago +28

      Talisin is really good at delivering one liners/ one good moment. It is a cool style of improv for a group, someone to cap off a scene/joke.

  • Cody Eastwood
    Cody Eastwood Year ago +222

    I'm sorry but hearing travis scream "FIX HIM" makes me just imagine grog seeing it all and becoming even more angry each time

    • Lorn Baker
      Lorn Baker 5 months ago +6

      @nuru666 I liked it. you explained how "wearing your heart on your sleeve" Works perfectly. Like how sams characters just seem to hit ya right in the hardspot and melt ya heart. Travis often hits ya right in the soft spot and makes you steel your heart.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 6 months ago +18

      This is my #1 moment in the campaign, Travis' delivery and physicality in the moment, the voice... Just a masterwork of acting. Travis really embodies the role of Grog so well, Grog is "a simple minded hulk", but Travis understands that Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence are two completely different things and that Grog, while being statistically dumb as bricks, knows exactly what he's feeling. He's never confused by his emotions (except in the animated series in one very funny scene) and he's not afraid to admit them because he doesn't have those social blocks keeping him from expressing himself because he's actually not smart enough to understand that society has certain expectations on how "The Big Guy" should behave emotionally. Travis plays on this trope by reversing it, yea he's a raging madman who will literally skewer you with a sword through the taint, but he's also a giant bag of unfiltered feelings. Grog simply expresses what he feels and how it makes him feel, and that's the beauty of the character and the genius of Travis.
      Sorry for the essay :D

  • Rhiannon M
    Rhiannon M 2 years ago +680

    Can I just say, when Sam tells everyone the very first time that he was going to save Vax (quietly) I really respect Joe looking at him in surprise going "oh shit" and then nodding in respect as he takes his action.

    • J Mass
      J Mass 9 months ago +4

      Bro do some research Joe plotted the theft of the Hand agonizingly in depth.

    • museofink
      museofink 10 months ago +19

      @Cian Thompson Joe Manganiello. He was a guest player that was playing with CR crew on that day. He's a big actor and a HUGE dungeons and Dragons fan. He was in True Blood as a werewolf, and Magic Mike as well as a few other movies. He's also married to Sophia Vergara. She was a major character on the tv sitcom Modern Family. He even has a room in his huge house built specifically for his D&D games.

    • Cian Thompson
      Cian Thompson 11 months ago +7

      @Howard Dn Who the hell is Joe? *Ligma balls*

    • Howard Dn
      Howard Dn Year ago +36

      @YOOOOO Are you familiar with Joe lmao

    • YOOOOO
      YOOOOO Year ago +26

      Seems like that's when Joe realized how seriously some people take DnD. It's not just a game for people who play as seriously as CR does

    SFUTH 2 years ago +471

    Scanlan going off on the whole party is the saddest thing to me.

    • se pho
      se pho 4 months ago +3

      @Stubadub TWO whole fucking times... whoop whoop, i seriously care for this guy. 'are you alright? are you sure?'... 'ok, we good.'... yep. Point of fact not all interactions are checks some are just conversations... CRAZY, I know. Prying isnt caring.

    • Stubadub
      Stubadub 9 months ago +20

      @Deathwrow Uh excuse me, but they *did* ask him. At least twice, and he deceived them with his massive deception checks.

    • Morgan Bondelid
      Morgan Bondelid 2 years ago +75

      Scanlan started out as a joke character
      so the other players continued to assume that his goofy/odd behaviors were setups for bigger jokes…
      … which, in a way, it was … (°cough°TARY°cough°)

    • Deathwrow
      Deathwrow 2 years ago +75

      He wasn't wrong though! I mean he did drugs in front of them, and Vex, with a passive perception of 24 didn't even ask if she noticed, cause she didn't care lol

  • dexy_gg
    dexy_gg 2 years ago +803

    "I was going to save Vax".
    Man. The feels. Every time

    • SheikMaster
      SheikMaster 2 years ago +9

      I listen to CR on the podcast rather than watching it, but I missed ALL of this that way.... This makes it all hit even harder

    • Zevo
      Zevo 2 years ago +3

      @RAbbITofD00m i didnt catch this watching it the first time, hell i didn't even catch what it meant watching this clip for the first time, i had to watch it back after reading the comments

    • TTRPGeek
      TTRPGeek 2 years ago +14

      @RAbbITofD00m I don't think it was ever cockyness either, he knew the risks the entire time and what it meant to counterspell that last 9th level. It was stressful for everyone the entire time.

    • RAbbITofD00m
      RAbbITofD00m 2 years ago +37

      Just watching Sam going from cockyness of the counterspell to the Realisation of what that consequences are going to be....... Him starting crying and then Liam just seeing Sam breaking down, and immediately starting to cry too......... Laura's reaction... Marishas..... Oh my feelings.

    • dexy_gg
      dexy_gg 2 years ago +3

      @Juhani Taylor totally

  • Sonora Palmer
    Sonora Palmer 2 years ago +547

    I love it when Liam laughs so hard that he disappears for a couple seconds XD

  • Stephanie Konen
    Stephanie Konen 2 years ago +340

    Bless you for including Love Potion immeditialy following Vax’s farewell. It’s exactly what I needed after bawling my eyes out

    • Stubadub
      Stubadub 9 months ago +3

      Scanlan probably went to bed crying after that event.
      Enjoy knowing that!

  • Lucy Ryder
    Lucy Ryder Year ago +93

    The second counterspell is doubly tragic, because Matt knew Scanlan was saving that 9th level slot to try and save Vax. You can see the shock on his face.

  • Zachara
    Zachara 2 years ago +158

    "It was a magic trick. It was like a fish turned into a corpse"
    This cracks me up every time I hear this line.
    Also Travis' laugh.

  • Dasai_toki
    Dasai_toki 2 years ago +580

    "It was like a magic trick, it was like a fish turned into a corpse" -Liam

    • Karl Wilker
      Karl Wilker 2 years ago +16

      I read that in Caleb's voice and it was hilarious.

  • edh9999
    edh9999 2 years ago +528

    Keyleth's Feeblemind saves the party from TPK. Toughest damn fight in the entire first campaign.

    • rhymeswithmoose
      rhymeswithmoose 2 years ago +34

      @aF Kayzar ...What? If anything I see her with more irrational hate than irrational liking.

    • aF Kayzar
      aF Kayzar 2 years ago +3

      @Ali Ince Even though you are correct the vast majority of vocal critters warship Marisha. No point in trying to talk sense into them.

    • Ruben Lopez
      Ruben Lopez 2 years ago +7

      edh9999 agree..👍

    • edh9999
      edh9999 2 years ago +83

      After the final battle against Raishan, as it played out in the episode, Scanlon is dead. Percy only barely avoided dying. The rest of the party was badly hurt. And that was without her full complement of spells for part of the battle. Imagine if she would have been able to cast spells the entire time. Now, for the sake of this discussion, I did not see the battle against the Kraken, which was the only major fight I missed. Against Kevdak, it was a nail-biter for sure, but there was one major difference: Vox Machina could have escaped and gone into hiding somewhere in the city if they'd had to. Against Raishan, in full control of her mental faculties, in her lair? Not a chance in hell to run away. That is why I rate that fight higher.

    • Ruben Lopez
      Ruben Lopez 2 years ago +38

      Just might be true... simply because Matt said he had so many epic spells he wanted to use... with that mans mind who knows what would’ve happened!! It wasn’t like she died quickly after this spell.. 😳👌

  • Take Walker
    Take Walker 2 years ago +877

    "I'm sorry I didn't know that."
    Literally knocked me off my feet. And this is number FIVE? I'm not gonna make it through the tearjerkers, am I? XD

    • CheesyfaceChase
      CheesyfaceChase 7 months ago +2

      I don't even know the full context and i'm ruined. why am i ruined, what's the big deal

    • Timed Revolver
      Timed Revolver 9 months ago +1

      @H3X3R You being the sperm that made it should be considered a crime against humanity.

    • MrOctavian2012
      MrOctavian2012 9 months ago

      @H3X3R disgusting bigot ^^^

    • Maya English
      Maya English 9 months ago +11

      ​@MarginalSC I agree with that. I think it just frustrates me about WHY most people seem to like that scene (Which is silly I'm fully aware lol). Because It seem like a lot of people can relate to Scanlan's pov but lack the self awareness about what he's actually doing (And by extension what they might actually be doing) and instead are rooting for him to "Teach Vox Machina a lesson" Without acknowledging that Scanlan is lashing out at his friends and only maybe 25% of his criticism is justified, the rest of it is him flinging word bombs at them because he's in pain. (Yes, Vax and Keyleth deserve a smack upside the head for Dragon related selfishness).
      He changed the rules of engagement without letting them know, Sam himself said Scanlan probably would have found the prank funny in other circumstances.
      Also most people DON'T seem to understand that he's mostly flinging cheap shots (Intermingled with some good points.)
      Like the shit he said about Percy and helping him free Whitestone to "feel good about his name" lol If I were Percy, Scanlan's face would be getting rearranged for a comment like that. His entire family was slaughtered in front of him and he was tortured you utter utter douche!
      Then some people are like "Why's Percy being such a dick?" Hmm, I have no clue... 🙄

    • MarginalSC
      MarginalSC 9 months ago +9

      @Maya English One could read it as, the thinner that emotional distance got, the deeper Scanlon had to dig for the wedge to keep it going. So an emotional cheap shot to back them off is true to character. Shows he knows on some level that that distance is increasingly unjustified however.

  • Twoswordsdrizzt
    Twoswordsdrizzt 2 years ago +395

    Damn it. I always hold it together until Sam, and I do mean Sam, not Scanlan, says "I wish I could have done more" The layers of emotion pouring out of him makes me ugly sob everytime. Tears, snot, the whole nine yards.

  • Sam
    Sam 2 years ago +437

    The emotional whiplash of going to Vax's final goodbye and the love potion incident...WOO...THAT SHIT HURTED!

    • Kiedra Gerl
      Kiedra Gerl 2 years ago +12

      @Lance Jedrick Maniquiz He was on the edge of calling in the final part of the contract to try and fight her. You can really see the struggle.

    • Lance Jedrick Maniquiz
      Lance Jedrick Maniquiz 2 years ago +12

      My god does anyone notice Taliesen's face throughout Vax's final goodbye?!

    • Paul Karl-Alarcon
      Paul Karl-Alarcon 2 years ago +4

      Still hurts

  • Jelboo
    Jelboo 2 years ago +271

    I don't want to play favourites. I love these people to death. But Sam Riegel truly is the heart and soul of Critical Role.

    • Hafidz Murshidie
      Hafidz Murshidie 7 months ago

      And Sam Riegel said he never played D&D before Critical Role, but the other cast has.. Huh… I think maybe it’s how you play it, not how long have you been playing..

    • UltimaPowers
      UltimaPowers 10 months ago +6

      He is... The Critical Soul

    • Skwarka
      Skwarka Year ago +22

      @scepta101 obviously I know this isn't actually like this, but aspects like that help me reinforce the headcannon that all of campaign one was really just scanlon recounting the tales of vox machina

    • scepta101
      scepta101 Year ago +11

      The most incredible thing about Sam is that Scanlan is the sort of selfish character to always act like he’s the “main character” or leader of the group... but he really feels like the main character sometimes

    • Delanie Owens
      Delanie Owens 2 years ago +48

      When Sam said “I have a plan and it involves us being cows” he stole my heart and i fell in love with Vox mochina

  • Zachary Freeman
    Zachary Freeman 10 months ago +69

    I love how Travis and Liam move away from Laura at the "Little elf girl" from Sam.

  • Falcy Chead
    Falcy Chead 2 years ago +575

    "Now that I'm a full-fledged member..."
    Matt losing his shit for a solid 30 seconds.

  • Rhyce Alaric S.
    Rhyce Alaric S. 9 months ago +65

    Sam realizing he’s used his 9th level, therefore can’t use the Wish he’d been saving for Vac and crying after he apologizes to Liam absolutely broke me. I sob every time.

  • Twoswordsdrizzt
    Twoswordsdrizzt 2 years ago +144

    Ashleys reaction to that banishment counterspell was exactly what went down with me and my friends when we watched it the first time. We were all talking about how epic it was for most the rest of the fight, and then, Scanlan does it again against the teleport. Everyone was amazing this campaign, but this fight really made appreciate what a badass Scanlan was.

    • Stubadub
      Stubadub 9 months ago +3

      *That* man killed Vecna. The rest were just accessories compared to him.

  • Callaran Jones
    Callaran Jones 2 years ago +48

    Me: *sobbing all over again over Vax’s final goodbye* The video: the love potion scene. Me: OH COME ON

    • yourstepdads
      yourstepdads  2 years ago +13

      Haha I'm sorry... I thought I'd lift the mood a bit by putting the funny moments after the tearjerkers. It is a bit of mood whiplash I know!

  • Fr0sty
    Fr0sty 2 months ago +10

    when liam reveals his point he put into druid will never not hit me like a brick

  • DrJuice
    DrJuice 2 years ago +255

    "Little elf girl" is always funny as hell

    • Alex Kalezis
      Alex Kalezis Year ago +7

      I love that when he shortens to LEG

  • Maya G
    Maya G 2 years ago +373

    Pike teaching Grog the alphabet better make it in the animated series

    • nuru666
      nuru666 6 months ago +1

      @Adrienne Oh please god yes give that to us.

    • Adrienne
      Adrienne 6 months ago +2

      @nuru666 I'm aware :) I meant more seasons beyond that, animation is such a long process they'd want to start on season 3 well before season 2 comes out unless they want a long break in between! My guess is if they're allowed to make as much as they want there will be 4 or 5 seasons for campaign 1.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 6 months ago +1

      @Adrienne Season 2 was instantly Green Lit by Amazon when they acquired the distribution rights

    • Adrienne
      Adrienne 6 months ago +1

      @metalgod98 I will be absolutely shocked if Amazon hasn't already renewed it for more seasons and they just haven't announced it yet. the first season did so well and the whole team wants more seasons

    • metalgod98
      metalgod98 9 months ago +1

      @Captain Servo of Zeta squad You are absolutely correct, I was thinking of the comic. However even with 2 seasons I don't think it will go far enough to hit Grog learning the alphabet lol.

  • ADHD&D
    ADHD&D 2 years ago +87

    Fun fact- the first CR thing I ever saw was the clip of Vax's farewell that randomly ended up in my reccomendations. I finished it, sobbing, and then immediately started watching from Kraghammer. Fully caught up, all the way through C2. Love this crew and community so much

    • Bill Bill
      Bill Bill Month ago

      Mine was Nott stabbing a baby manticore. 😂😂 I was like, what the fuck???? I kept seeing other random CR vids, and just had to check it out of curiosity. I've played RPG's my whole life, but I was wary of watching other people play D&D. So glad I decided to check it out, as CR is now my favourite thing ever.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 6 months ago

      @AnxietyIsMyMood Yea it sucks that they had the end of his arc spoiled, but.... Fuck it, brought another critter into the fold, good enough for me. :D

    • AnxietyIsMyMood
      AnxietyIsMyMood 9 months ago +2

      Shame you kinda got spoiled for his character arc...but I guess it lead to you finding the show...but yeah...Vax's storyline is ROUGH.

  • luc 5070
    luc 5070 2 years ago +78

    "what ? You think you care about me"
    "Yes asshole, yes."
    For me, Liam and sam are the best duo of critical role

  • Michael Pedigo Calderwood
    Michael Pedigo Calderwood 7 months ago +22

    Artagan strangling Vax'ildan: I hope this doesnt awaken anything in me
    Artagan over Vax'ildan's corpse: Oh, good

  • James Steckel
    James Steckel 2 years ago +467

    9th level counterspell is the #1 moment of the adventure, honestly

    • Bryan Betz
      Bryan Betz 6 months ago

      @nuru666 ty!!

    • nuru666
      nuru666 6 months ago +2

      @Bryan Betz Long Story Short: He made a pact with a god to save Vex when her greed and Percy's carelessness got her killed.

    • Bryan Betz
      Bryan Betz 9 months ago

      @James Steckel why/how was Liam’s character projected to die?

    • Spencer Lowe
      Spencer Lowe Year ago +3

      @James Steckel thank you for the context. I just started watching campaign 2 so I'm just watching this to get a better grasp on everyone since I have also never watched CR before and don't really have much time in the day

    • scepta101
      scepta101 Year ago +2

      There is so much going on in that moment that it’s overwhelming every time. Definitely the best moment in Critical Role thus far

  • Larry Berry
    Larry Berry 2 years ago +78

    Scanlon coming onto Percy, Laura switching from laughing as herself to being outraged as Vex.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 6 months ago +1

      Actors, man! :D

    • Morgan Bondelid
      Morgan Bondelid 6 months ago

      "I'm _in the bed,_ you motherfucker!"
      _"are you in there?!?"_
      *"We're MARRIED!"*
      about @39:20

  • DarkMelodies 26
    DarkMelodies 26 9 months ago +10

    "You are ghost white, bucket headed gnome, in a silk g-string"
    And this is why D&D is wonderful

  • Riley Brannan
    Riley Brannan Year ago +41

    can we talk about the pure genius of this man to start the funny bits IMMEDIATELY after Vax's farewell? I really appreciated that lol

  • shadowrain1000
    shadowrain1000 2 years ago +211

    The cast celebrating after killing Kevdak always reminds me of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie celebrating after not getting crushed to death in A New Hope

  • Kais o
    Kais o 2 years ago +150

    I was about to complain about a moment not on this list, but ... You could do a 100h long compilation of the best moments, without a single boring second.

    • RAbbITofD00m
      RAbbITofD00m 2 years ago +4

      Just take all episodes. Put them together in one video and it's done. Everything is perfection, because it is true. True feelings. True friendships. True people

  • darko hunter
    darko hunter 2 years ago +81

    When sam was crying you can see how badly liam wanted to hug him and I love that.

    • nuru666
      nuru666 5 months ago +2

      @abjaaksm Not a dumb question, and yea in a way it was. Matt knew better than to give Scanlan a Long Rest for story purposes, not only because he knew what Sam would try, but also because he knew Sam was going to try it anyways, they'd actually discussed it, which is why even Matt is floored when Sam uses that last 9th level slot for Counter Spell. Narratively speaking Vax *had* to die, and a God would take one look at Scanlan and read him like a book, so RQ knew what Scanlan was thinking, but also quite aware that he could actually throw a major monkey wrench into her plans, so she took Vax within a few hours of Vecna's defeat

    • abjaaksm
      abjaaksm 5 months ago +1

      @nuru666 sorry for the dumb question but couldn’t scanlan just have waited a day to get his slot back? Was it time sensitive?

    • nuru666
      nuru666 6 months ago +2

      @K. whatever Sam was saving his 9th level spell to cast Wish to try and release Vax from his bondage to The Raven Queen, thus negating the contract and possibly restoring Vax to *actual* living status (Vax was a Revenant for the last bit of the campaign.)

    • Al
      Al 10 months ago +4

      @K. whatever Sam was secretly going to use his 9th level spell on a Wish to bring Vax back. It was probably the only thing that could’ve saved him, but instead he had to use it to counterspell Vecna. He was crying because he finally realised there was no saving Vax, he was gone for good after the battle 🥲

    • K. whatever
      K. whatever Year ago +2

      why was he crying? im sorry hdjdh i couldnt read that conversation at all

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 2 years ago +43

    Scanlan taking out the house in Whitestone is one of my favorite battles. Just pure improvisation.

  • Jack Russo
    Jack Russo 2 years ago +58

    Yknow, when I see these scenes, and I see the emotion that’s put into them, it really opens my eyes to how much dnd means to people. It isn’t just: a fun role playing game you can get into. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a lifestyle that you form families with. I’ve yet to play dnd as of this comment but I think this is amazing

    • Cozycr
      Cozycr 2 years ago +1

      As someone who plays DnD regularly, you are 100% right

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 2 years ago +33

    I love the moment it hits Marisha what she's done when jumping off the cliff. Uncontrollable laughter of disbelief.

  • L I
    L I 2 months ago +10

    Sam Riegel...when he started crying because he had to use his 9th level spell slot to counter spell when he wanted so badly to save it for Wish...it still hurts my soul. This man knew pretty much nothing about D&D, and he grew (just like all of them) so attached to the relationships these characters had. It hurts to see him break down.

  • Mick TheLick
    Mick TheLick 2 years ago +80

    1:14:57 I think Mercer loses it here more than in any other episode before or since... it's golden to see a DM enjoying his players RP as much as this.

  • Malachai Verne
    Malachai Verne 2 years ago +64

    All through the first campaign i was iffy on how invested sam was. But he really brought it and made me love him. Scanlans daughter, the counterspell, his moment with ioun. He really is the heart and soul

  • Chris Manuel
    Chris Manuel 2 years ago +82


    • Astral Frames
      Astral Frames 2 years ago +11

      Oh GOD are you planning to? Man, the spoilers... not that I can talk, I’ve spoiled everything for myself 🤣

  • Stefan Jentoft
    Stefan Jentoft Year ago +19

    I'd never noticed Laura dropping her pen when Tarry calls 50,000 gold/day "nothing." So priceless.

  • Vahlok142
    Vahlok142 Year ago +25

    I would like to add; I know it was part of one of their battle royale specials, but Grog breaking out of Vex's necklace was absolutely badass.

  • theGhostKid LTU
    theGhostKid LTU 2 years ago +351

    "What's my mothers name?" That hurt like a butt cheek on a stick

    • Fidelle Rosa
      Fidelle Rosa 9 months ago +2

      Sam would probably say "Joke's on you. I'm into that shit."

  • Nicole Bragg
    Nicole Bragg 4 months ago +7

    The flashcards scene was the absolutely most unhinged sequence of events I've ever seen in my life. Sam & Ashley broke every single person at that table including the DM purely through improv. Absolutely masterful.

  • - Dead Account -
    - Dead Account - 9 months ago +5

    I can’t get over how Laura yells at Liam to stop touching her dice, then proceeds to take 4 HANDFULS from in front of him.

  • boss_jesster
    boss_jesster 2 years ago +53

    I know I am late to the party, but this is the first time I noticed Ashleys's reaction to Sam's counterspell. That was some straight up pure joy.

  • Shay The Shef
    Shay The Shef 2 years ago +157

    2:33 Tal when Marisha falls is priceless

    • Falcy Chead
      Falcy Chead 2 years ago +14

      "Druid down!"

    • V0IDHE4D
      V0IDHE4D 2 years ago +37

      I love it. He disconnects from reality for a second and when he tunes back in, Marisha's disappeared. "...holy FUCK!"

  • CastellanTM
    CastellanTM Year ago +15

    “What’s my mothers name” is my favorite full on acting moment of Crit Roll history

  • Nbeutler11
    Nbeutler11 2 years ago +26

    the best part about the counterspell is when Ashley jumps up and dances alone in her apartment lol

  • Stoned Oniichan
    Stoned Oniichan 2 years ago +26

    Sam's 8th lvl counter spell.
    That Face Was Not Matt, But Vecna Showing Sam Hate. Clutch as heck

  • Lunapaw
    Lunapaw 2 years ago +26

    i have always loved the way laura pawed around the table to find something to throw at sam, and then settled on throwing a tissue 😂

  • Reblwitoutacause
    Reblwitoutacause Year ago +51

    If you don't cry at druidcraft snowdrops, then you're broken

  • ItsAnotherDanny
    ItsAnotherDanny 2 years ago +25

    How does he walk!?
    With confidence and pride...
    that interaction always make me crack up.

  • CinnaBonBon
    CinnaBonBon 2 years ago +101

    The comedy bits showcase why Tary is Sam's actual best character.

  • xcLuSiVe_sHoT
    xcLuSiVe_sHoT 2 years ago +70

    alot of people goin in on scanlans " i WISH i could have done more" as the breaking point of vax's "scene", mine was when giant, loud AF, grog asked the simple question, "can i ask? are you afraid?" hit me like a freight truck...the scene was great and i was putting the respect on a sad scene, but when that line was said, my eyes started watering.

  • FaithTheFlameQueen
    FaithTheFlameQueen 2 years ago +14

    Talesin looking down at Marisha and you just hear "That looks painful" will always have me in stitches.

  • darthcarnage12
    darthcarnage12 2 years ago +46

    Everything else is great; but the only time I will watch Vax’s farewell again is if and when I watch through the entirety of the campaign all over again. Also, honourable mention to Grog and Scanlan vs the consequences of the actions taken by Grog and Tary in this video

  • StaticHeadspace
    StaticHeadspace 2 years ago +340

    Dude. The scene where Scanlan is saying "you don't care about me" legit got me sad.
    Starting at 13:33

    • RAbbITofD00m
      RAbbITofD00m 2 years ago +15

      Just Sam's cheer force... Feelings... Movements... Acting... The sound of his voice.... You know he's feeling it.... You know it's the truth... And just... It hits me.... It's so sad and it's so true.... And.... Ugh... I can't... I love them... It hurts....

    • Intex
      Intex 2 years ago +36

      that whole part is so heart wrenching. That whole party are some damn fine actors cuz i know if that were me, i would have started crying after about 1 minute of that irl

    • Angry WADA
      Angry WADA 2 years ago +55

      i really wasn't ready for that. Most of the time people say "aw this scene made me sad" I'm thinking "yeah I suppose so" but damn that was kinda freaking sick the way sam wasn't just the normal dramatic "you don't care about me" but freaking backed it up was like damn, damn damn damn

    • sunshine purple
      sunshine purple 2 years ago +30

      Great acting.

    • Traveler Wayfarer
      Traveler Wayfarer 2 years ago +51

      Great acting. Hits you like a truck.

  • Spencer ONeil
    Spencer ONeil 29 days ago +1

    "I'm going to see my mother again" Breaks me every time. It still hurts. That entire scene hurts knowing how close we got to Scanlan being able to save Vax. You know it's a sad moment when even Matt starts to choke up a little.

  • Zack Lieberz
    Zack Lieberz 9 months ago +4

    I didn’t scroll all the way but I can’t believe no one is talking about how amazing Matt was impersonating Gilmore at the end, they were all so confused. Excellent twist

  • SteamTheWolf
    SteamTheWolf 2 years ago +28

    God the 9th level spell always ruins me every time.. I feel so sorry for sam I just want to hug him

  • drut001
    drut001 2 years ago +51

    The 9th level counter spell destroys me every time.

  • Kristal Cornwell
    Kristal Cornwell Year ago +15

    God dam every time I watch this i am blown away by the acting, the emotion, the perfect rolls ( both good and bad) that literally propel one of the greatest stories every told. And the pure ridiculousness that it actually all is, while Im crying for the 100th time for these characters
    And then I giggle because they still think they are just "nerdy ass VAs playing DnD:

  • Jack Dog
    Jack Dog 2 years ago +46

    Matt ripping up his notes gets me every time

  • JEST3R
    JEST3R 2 years ago +279

    "I want to lick your eyebrows" is canon in The D&D multiverse. Just want everyone to know

    • G.
      G. 2 years ago +2

      @JEST3R oh haha sure, thanks

    • JEST3R
      JEST3R 2 years ago +11

      @G. The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount made the critical role universe Canon in the d&d multiverse

    • G.
      G. 2 years ago


    • Thomas Romero
      Thomas Romero 2 years ago +3

      Yes thank you EGWM!

  • Alexander Tiberius
    Alexander Tiberius 5 months ago +4

    You can see during Vax's farewell when he says, "I love You", it hurts Sam so much.

  • Mary McAllister
    Mary McAllister 2 years ago +24

    The way Liam just closes his character journal after Vax is gone...

  • museofink
    museofink 10 months ago +3

    I love how Vex tells Scanlan she will cut him if he goes for her husband and Travis looks at the audience and knowingly smiles with a look of pride on his face like "She's straight up telling the truth". It makes me wonder if this is Laura speaking in truths hahaha

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung 7 months ago +5

    1:15:00 is my favorite moment of the comedy in this one
    Sam: "Is some sort of a cultish thing, where you have to prove yourself sexually AND in battle?"
    Travis: (Nods with confidence)

  • DrLipkin
    DrLipkin 2 years ago +10

    So excited about the Feeblemind that they completely forgot the psychic damage.

  • Remnant Ryku
    Remnant Ryku 5 months ago +3

    Every time Liam breaks into a hard laugh, I imagine Vax also laughing his ass off.

  • Zhippy
    Zhippy 8 months ago +7

    The flashcards!!! I remember the first time I saw that.
    I laughed so damn hard I cried and sat on the floor for five minutes straight. God I love these guys!!

  • LanaKomHeda
    LanaKomHeda Year ago +13

    I adore that little smile from Matt when he was trying not to laugh at Tary saying he was an Adventurer! He knows lol

  • NINmann01
    NINmann01 Year ago +10

    Man, Sam’s reaction to not being able to save that wish spell for Vax is kinda devastating.

  • 25taylor91
    25taylor91 2 years ago +75

    “I’d never say no to you.” Sam: blinking white guy.

  • Spencer Noble
    Spencer Noble 2 years ago +46

    'What's my mother's name?'- THE most heartbreaking moment in the game. Not the 9th level counterspell, not finding Tiberius dead, not even Vax's goodbye. Seeing Scanlan finally broken for a single moment, the one time he was out of jokes.

  • Mithrah Nadumar
    Mithrah Nadumar Year ago +16

    "Even the nicest of fae are weird, and have their dark sides." My players could have used that tidbit from Mercer, so accurate!

  • Lily
    Lily 2 years ago +15

    This gave me emotional whiplash yall, I went from crying my eyes out to laughing in like 2 minutes

  • ThePsychonaut
    ThePsychonaut 2 years ago +51

    Why do I torture myself with re watching these emotional moments, no matter how many times I always end up crying eventually

  • alexander feoktistov
    alexander feoktistov 2 years ago +136

    the battle with Raishan would definitely be a bad ass moment for the animated version; just imagine arrogant Raishan thinking she has everything under control and is about to eat Vox Machina, just for humble Keylith to step from behind a corner to bring Raishan down to size.

    • Sean McKibbin
      Sean McKibbin 2 years ago

      @U.S.S. ChuckleFucker yeh i think my opinions of Keyleths are rather aligned with yours (tbf played well by marisha at most times cause i believe her flaws were put there on purpose) umm i go with the molli perspective of beau tbh i dont like her 'give a shit' attitude cause i can name people who i attribute to that attitude and their not very likeable people. Beau has gone far though but still has a way to go in my opinion until i could consider her to be a truly likeable person. yeh agree with the drunk point but tbf they are painted as arseholes.

    • U.S.S.  ChuckleFucker
      U.S.S. ChuckleFucker 2 years ago +1

      @Sean McKibbin sadly I never really like Keyleth. However, I fucking love Beau when Marisha doesn't get too drunk. Non-plastered-Marisha Beau is like the perfect mix between caring asshole and anti-authoritarian rebel. Plastered-Marisha Beau is just an uncaring asshole who ignores every amount of direct or indirect information given to her by the party and the DM. (The Horse Incident, The Drug-trip Truesight Incident, The Caliana Incident, literally any situation where Beau starts yelling almost incoherently) The most recent episodes really show the difference because Marisha repeatedly and frequently gets so drunk she has difficulites talking.
      I wouldn't care if Marisha just admitted that the issues with Keyleth and Beau almost directly stem from her being drunk.
      I would also be appreciative if Marisha didn't indirectly promote alcoholism so much. I know kids watch this show and look up to these people, I feel bad for the kids who see Marisha getting sloshed every time she gets on stream, and think that type of behavior is acceptable and encouraged.

    • Sean McKibbin
      Sean McKibbin 2 years ago

      U.S.S. Chucklefuqer yeh just watched it thanks, we’re u a big fan of keyleth as a character,

    • U.S.S.  ChuckleFucker
      U.S.S. ChuckleFucker 2 years ago +1

      @Sean McKibbin it was the campaign wrap-up Talks Machina

    • Kaitlyn Wickham
      Kaitlyn Wickham 2 years ago +8

      Kerrek being the one to land the final blow is the cherry on top for me. He was, what, Level 7? To smash in the head of a dragon who loved terrorizing and looking down on the "ants," to show her what those ants could really do... Plenty of guests have gotten a HDYWTDT, but this one's my favorite.

  • Jack Van Zeeland
    Jack Van Zeeland 9 months ago +4

    It still to this day makes me laugh when Marisha falls off her chair after feebleminding Raishan and Talisen doesn’t even help her up 😂😂

  • polarisnorth
    polarisnorth Year ago +10

    The fucking WHIPLASH of going from sobbing over Liam O'Brien AGAIN to the love potion scene just about killed me.

  • bri2uty
    bri2uty 2 years ago +12

    Liam’s reactions during Scanlan’s Love Spell are the best.