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Hogwarts Legacy - Review After 100%

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Talking about my experiences with the open world rpg set in the Harry Potter universe.
    00:00 Intro
    01:03 Overview
    01:37 Difficulty
    02:19 Character Creation
    02:43 Story Set Up & Thoughts
    05:47 Progression Systems
    11:01 Combat
    14:25 The World & Lore
    16:46 Technical Stuff
    18:35 Steam Deck Compatibility
    19:12 Positives/Negatives
    20:39 Conclusion
    21:30 Wrap Up
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  • Dawid Zawadzki
    Dawid Zawadzki 7 months ago +2735

    It still amazes me how fast you can 100% game

    • ハヤテ
      ハヤテ 7 months ago +718

      @not Jesus I do software engineering as my job, doesn't mean I'm good at it

    • Johnny The Dark
      Johnny The Dark 7 months ago +93

      It's a technique of strategically placed saves. Also the game is like 13h long so it's not that bad.

    • Christopher McCormick
      Christopher McCormick 7 months ago +122

      Y'all crazy if you think he actually 100% the game. He no doubt beat the main story and dabbled in all the side stuff. Its not like he finished every challenge, got every field page and claimed the platinum trophy. Its just clickbait

    • Alfarizzi Yonkai
      Alfarizzi Yonkai 7 months ago +10

      @ハヤテ they means mort can play more than most people and 100% doesn't always mean good at playing the game because at this case there are no "Finish the game at highest difficulty, with no death, etc"

  • Gabrocol
    Gabrocol 7 months ago +1282

    Implementing a law system like RDR2, with the ministry catching you and making you serve time for using unforgivable curses would have been cool

    • X-sync- X
      X-sync- X 7 months ago +63


    • Peter W
      Peter W 7 months ago +40

      Next game maybe. This game you are playting as a student.

    • Jamine
      Jamine 7 months ago +103

      any sort of morality system would have been nice. especially since one of the adds states that theres a price to pay for using dark arts or something like that.

    • Byron Mcleroth
      Byron Mcleroth 7 months ago +28

      @Jamine agreed! A sense of morality helps a lot with immersion. KCD gets it right.

    • Lucas zr113
      Lucas zr113 7 months ago +19

      @Peter W wait, in the lore you can cast those curses and be fine just for being an student?

  • RenegadeVash
    RenegadeVash 7 months ago +675

    The first 5-10 hours is genuinely magical in the immersion.

    • Cameron Durham
      Cameron Durham 7 months ago +61

      @407 Fishing Facts. At the start I was going to every thing, doing every quest available. By the end, I just rushed the story quest. Beating Ranrok wasn't even all that satisfying, considering the cutscene afterwards.

    • YaBoyChenWang
      YaBoyChenWang 7 months ago +54

      I HATED the first 5-10 hours. I just hate when open world games railroad you (linear, walking slow with the npc, etc.)
      Once you get to Hogsmeade and get your broom, that's when the game actually gets good.

    • Flappajacka
      Flappajacka 7 months ago +4

      The ending was great too

    • mielikki
      mielikki 7 months ago +10

      except for the god awful voice acting

    • mielikki
      mielikki 7 months ago +7

      @Flappajacka ??? The ending was a dumpster fire. Makes 0 sense and looks awful.

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo 7 months ago +1268

    “(They) let you kill people all over the countryside… they could have at least implemented something like detention” That’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear.

    • MrFantastik619
      MrFantastik619 7 months ago +45

      Makes the nitpicky nature of the criticism really petty IMO. Game isn't grand theft avada kedavra.

    • Just your average Human being
      Just your average Human being 7 months ago +16

      Nah, I think it's part of the lore
      Even if the MC is relatively young, how the hell are they supposed to stop a mf who uses an ancient form of magic noone knows anything about, while also knowing many curses including AVADA KEDAVRA. I think they just went "yeah, let em do whatever as long as they're not messing directly with the school"

    • phil
      phil 7 months ago +90

      @Just your average Human being nah that's messed up. You'd think some of the teachers would try and stop a murderer from attending the next class.

    • Just your average Human being
      Just your average Human being 7 months ago +8

      @phil yeah but bro, the murderer in question is known to be able to casually pop avada kedavra on anything that is even remotely aggressive towards them

    • Clinton
      Clinton 7 months ago +61

      What happens in the countryside stays in the countryside.

  • Esah Oosa
    Esah Oosa 7 months ago +188

    Would’ve liked to see more relationship building between classmates and professors similar to a school simulator, as well as a better looting/rewarding system, since almost everything is pretty much sold right away. Besides that one of my personal favorite open world games, pure nostalgia.

    • Érick
      Érick 7 months ago +19

      The Harry Potter world would be literally perfect for a game with Persona elements. I don’t understand why developers and publishers haven’t thought of this before

    • Esah Oosa
      Esah Oosa 7 months ago +6

      @Érick Couldn't agree more bro! Persona killed it when it came to relationship/confidant building and school life, hopefully they implement something like that in the next hogwarts game.

    • Érick
      Érick 7 months ago +10

      @Esah Oosa That would be awesome. The thing I think AAA publishers/devs/producers don’t understand about Harry Potter is that the appeal to the series was never shooting things with a wand. Of course, that was part of it, and the magic system is really intriguing and all, but every single person I’ve ever heard talk about Harry Potter speak of how they would imagine themselves being spirited away to the world, not battling other mages in deadly duels. Happy Potter is much more about mystery solving, colorful characters and intriguing worldbuilding, which is why I am so eager to one day play a Harry Potter game that is more a choose your own adventure book than a FPS. Of course, wand combat should still be part of it, but so should potion making classes.
      That aside, Hogwarts Legacy has its own merits

    • concinnus
      concinnus 6 months ago +3

      @Érick Or, for a Western example, Bully.

    • joe19912
      joe19912 4 months ago +2

      Agree. One example, they could have had the dining hall, where you choose who to sit with and eventually pick a best friend and/or gf/bf. You could also ask them to accompany you, even if it was just for exploration. We can see with all the dialog and characters they have the ability. Mass Effect showed how to make a good game exceptional.

  • Throrface
    Throrface 7 months ago +526

    The one thing that completely baffles me about the game is how badass you feel in a fight when you play things right. I would never have guessed that a teenager with a feeble wooden stick could feel just as cool to play as Kratos or Dante. The combat animations for the player character are impeccable, as well as the accompanying visual and sound effects.

    • Steve Sergio
      Steve Sergio 7 months ago +3

      Your character is not a typical student, they have special powers and affnity with magic that explained to be unique in the story.

    • Christian Jackson
      Christian Jackson 7 months ago +6

      Did any1 notice the thestrals appearing when the dragon killed the ministry guy in front of us

    • Sparkrdom
      Sparkrdom 7 months ago +6

      @Christian Jackson Yeah, he talked about it in the review.

    • Cookiejar Quid
      Cookiejar Quid 7 months ago +20

      @Christian Jackson when I was playing yesterday, I thought "damn did that dude just die?" And then the thestrals appeared and answered my question lmao

    • weihoozie
      weihoozie 7 months ago

      Yeah you just feel like a god later on. I do wish they just threw hordes more often at you outside main story missions/fights because it's the most exciting.

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander 7 months ago +120

    A sequel revolving around a Triwizard tournament being held in your year 6, where you could transfer over your witch/wizard SHOULD be the next step. w/ quiditch

    • Cosmic Toolbox
      Cosmic Toolbox 7 months ago +9

      yeah it would be awesome to see something a bit more normal like that. Not every story has to be saving the world.

    • Uldihaa
      Uldihaa 6 months ago +4

      Can't. It would contradict the known in-universe history of the tournament mentioned in the books. The last tournament before the one in the fourth book was stated to have been in 1792.

    • TheAmish TechSupport
      TheAmish TechSupport 3 months ago +3

      @Uldihaa Man they made McGonagall appear in Fantastic Beasts before she was canonically born. I dont think it'd be a big deal if they brought back the triwizard tournament for a fun game.

  • White Obama
    White Obama 7 months ago +329

    I love the difficulty level in this game. They managed to make hard mode without turning every enemy in to a sponge, and in my opinion its the best way to play this game.

    • Randomlosername
      Randomlosername 7 months ago +9

      Def gonna go back and do a hard play through after my first run through

    • Young Profit
      Young Profit 7 months ago +19

      I tried to do hard mode but for me, instead of actually making it harder, it just made it kind of annoying. To each his own though.

    • The Sleeper
      The Sleeper 7 months ago +9

      Yep, I started on normal and just felt that it wasn't much of a challenge, so I bumped it up to hard. I actually feels slightly challenging at times now but without making me waste resources or continually feel like I'm bashing my head into a wall.

    • The Darkwing
      The Darkwing 7 months ago +7

      Normal was challenging enough. I wonder how hard would be, it would definitely get me messed up for sure..

    • Tylor Johnsman
      Tylor Johnsman 7 months ago +12

      Yea idk it felt exactly the opposite to me. Every fight was a sponge with little real difficulty. It's like playing Batman or Spiderman, press a button when you're about to be hit and you are immortal, every combat turned into CC (levitate, paralyze), damage, rinse and repeat. Use ancient magic when it comes up to use purple avada kedavra (lol killing curse is bad but exploding people into dust with ancient magic isn't I guess), or throw pots/stones/barrels. There is 0 combat diversity. It will always be the same, every single time.

  • Richard Letanec
    Richard Letanec 7 months ago +485

    would be cool that if you used a lot of unforgivable spells, the ministry of magic would catch you at the end and there would be a quest (maybe even dependent on some previous quests) that could end either by you "dying" by the dementor's kiss or escaping and becoming a villain

    • SalokinOolacile
      SalokinOolacile 7 months ago +41

      I think they should add like a red dead bounty system, maybe when you use curses too much some ministry wizards and dementors track you down

    • YourImageIsMoreThanYouThink
      YourImageIsMoreThanYouThink 7 months ago +4

      Doing too much

    • Sapphic Mystery
      Sapphic Mystery 7 months ago +8

      Add another few months (more like years) of development just for this one thing that most wont ever see.

    • Dirtboy Games
      Dirtboy Games 7 months ago +4

      It's a 15 year old kid though hahaha I get what you're saying, but that is material that no publisher would ever touch.

    • Richard Letanec
      Richard Letanec 7 months ago +17

      @Dirtboy Games 15 year old kid runing around killing people :D

  • amdza
    amdza 7 months ago +220

    God the nostalgia is real! Playing this game made me feel 15 years younger, reading the books under the covers and daydreaming what it would be like if I were whisked away to the wizarding world.

    • Flappajacka
      Flappajacka 7 months ago +9

      I just finished 100%. The ending scene. Got me in the nostalgia feels. What a well done game. It’s world is so good the main complaint I hear is. We want more. Feed us!!! Give us London, give us consequences, give us diagon alley, Azkaban! FEED ME MOOOOOOORE!!! OM NOM NOM

    • amdza
      amdza 7 months ago +1

      The one thing I wish is that your choices had more in game consequences! Especially for those evil playthroughs 👀

    • B B
      B B 7 months ago

      I went to hogwarts it was aiite. You have to apply yourself to really get good at wizard stuff. I only learned like two spells. One is Lacium imedium which ties your shoes and the other is bootyus Maximente which is private.

    • LuvThyMind29
      LuvThyMind29 Month ago

      Wow, I wish I could have felt the same way. I hope their next installment is more of a student experience within Hogwarts without the empty countryside

  • Doctor Jack Has Your Back
    Doctor Jack Has Your Back 7 months ago +71

    This game was a real surprise to me. I am not a huge Harry Potter fan, but did enjoy the movies, but this game has blown me away. The magical world they created and attention to detail is amazing. I can’t stop playing it.

  • J B
    J B 7 months ago +782

    100% in less than a week?! You're a machine

    • SL4PSH0CK
      SL4PSH0CK 7 months ago +7

      ​@Drunk Husbandregards tho he was reviewing other titles in his recent post.

    • Walamonga1313
      Walamonga1313 7 months ago +13

      @Drunk Husband It still is hard tho. Trying to 100% before a game even comes out is insane, more so when games have so many stupid collectables nowadays

    • SL4PSH0CK
      SL4PSH0CK 7 months ago +1

      ​@Drunk Husband I see it as a complacent journalism work.

    • FengelHammerhand62
      FengelHammerhand62 7 months ago +3

      @Drunk Husband That's what she said

    • SalokinOolacile
      SalokinOolacile 7 months ago

      @Drunk Husband Ayooooo, nice name btw

  • Nizizumi
    Nizizumi 7 months ago +11

    The sounds for wand combat are so good, the screeches and whispers of different spells during combat are both beautiful and haunting.

  • ouykcuf
    ouykcuf 7 months ago +123

    Great review, they really did an amazing job making the school so detailed and in depth, been loving it so far.

  • derp herp
    derp herp 7 months ago +261

    This game has the 3rd highest peak players for a single player game of all time on steam, just behind Elden Ring. It's crazy how much it blew up.

    • Pancho RPG
      Pancho RPG 7 months ago +74

      That's because the fanbase is crazy huge. Pokémon level huge. It doesn't mean that the game is good. Imo is generic and filled with monotony.

    • Ahbib Haald
      Ahbib Haald 7 months ago +66

      It's a Ubisoft game with fanservice. People only need some fanservice to stop hating a formula and start loving it

    • HardStankTheSecond
      HardStankTheSecond 7 months ago +82

      @Ahbib Haald Ubisoft wouldnt even be able to make a game like that thats fucking insulting lol.

    • Ahbib Haald
      Ahbib Haald 7 months ago +26

      @HardStankTheSecond this is exactly what it is lmao

    • Phạm Tuấn
      Phạm Tuấn 7 months ago +21

      @HardStankTheSecond they did like, many time in the past, like how else do you think the AC, FC series become the iconic formula?

  • Syd Hamelin
    Syd Hamelin 7 months ago +36

    I'm not even a HP fan and I got this game because the open world looked fascinating. I know I'm missing some references that would probably heighten the level of enjoyment, but it's still a really fun game. The world exploration is top notch. I find myself just getting lost all the time, either in the castle, or just around the world...I just keep exploring. Every once in a while I think "wait, I have to do quests".
    Likewise I unlocked some stuff later than normal because I was just caught up in roaming around.

  • Timo Fröhlich
    Timo Fröhlich 6 months ago +6

    In My Opinion there are a few things i really missed:
    1.) A morale system that you can't break into everywhere and steal without being detected.
    2.) It would be better if you learned more in class and also learned how to brew a certain potion within a class. For example, that you first have to find the ingredients for the lesson and then actively brew the potion in the lesson (possibly with a minigame)
    3.) That there are no randomly generated items in chests you can find. Especially with more special caves, it would be cooler if there were clothes that can really only be found there.
    4.) Some minigames only make sense so that you don't get in all over the place. For example, why do I need a minigame for Aloha Mora?
    5.) That it matters more which house you're in, and that there's actual competition to win the house cup at the end. E.g. questions at the end of the lesson which, if answered correctly, give you points for your house

    • Florie Parenthoux
      Florie Parenthoux 5 months ago

      I have the feeling that some of your points will be developed in the second game (if they make one). This game reminds me of Breath of the wild, where they really developed a good base and the next games will expand on that first pilot, in context of Zelda which will be Tears of the kingdom.

  • Hitchbot
    Hitchbot 7 months ago +31

    Don't use this spell that kills them outright. That would be evil. Turn them into a bomb and kill them like that. This is one of the things I love about video games. Sometimes, morality is as simple as which weapon you kill your enemy with.

    • Samuel B
      Samuel B 7 months ago +5

      Yeah wizard morality is weird. Avada Kadavra=A quick kill that doesn't damage the surrounding area. Incendio=Wizard firebomb, then slam them into the ground or other enemies. And it's not like Batman's magic non-lethal car or Spiderman's "oh the enemy gets automatically stuck to a wall, they survived" your character regularly says things after battle that implies the enemies are dead.
      But then again in the wizarding world being proactive against threats is a great sin. They punish the students for saving people instead of dealing with threats themselves so students wouldn't even have to be junior Aurors. You can even say it to the cops face and she's like "Uh due process".

    • thejesse
      thejesse 2 months ago

      Dueling challenge: torture a burning enemy.

  • Scorpio89v2
    Scorpio89v2 7 months ago +41

    Funny how you can roleplay a "good" wizard and not learn the forgivable curses, but you immediately follow it up by explaining how you can, as an alternative, transform an enemy into an explosive barrel and make him and any surrounding enemies explode 😄

    • BenTenpenny
      BenTenpenny 7 months ago +28

      Hogwarts Legacy really doesn't want you to roleplay. It wants you to play through a giant wonderful theme park with cast members putting together a little show for you. You get lots of toys to have fun with but there is no deeper philosophical meaning behind the dark magic skill tree being the strongest offensive one just some developers wanting you to go wild with it.
      It's great but it could really serve as the basis for a discussion about the difference between an action adventure with rpg features and an actual rpg.

  • Pat Wilson
    Pat Wilson 6 months ago +11

    I finished it. It was fun. I got my money's worth. It didn't blow me away (no video game has since KCD in 2018) but I thought it was genuinely enjoyable. This is definitely a game where you don't want to overthink it. Day night transitions, everything is open all the time, NPCs standing in the same spot, there's plenty to be critical about if you want to be ... but it was still fun.

    • Jonny 1996
      Jonny 1996 13 days ago

      Kingdom come, RDR2 and Wittcher 3 were the last games to blow me away. Hogwarts could really,take things from games like Bully, Skyrim, RDR2, Kingdom and Witcher 3.

  • Nico
    Nico 7 months ago +32

    By far one of the best AAA launches from the last years. First day of playing I accumulated 13 hours of gameplay 😅. There's just something about the game. Awesome value for the money

    • johnyjoe2k
      johnyjoe2k 7 months ago +6

      Nostalgia, customizability, looks okay even on low settings.

  • Skyrim is for the Nords
    Skyrim is for the Nords 7 months ago +36

    I hope they make a blood and wine type dlc, new area and spells and roleplaying oppurtinities while youre already an established witch

    • Kolateak
      Kolateak 7 months ago +2

      Give me them new spells
      The poachers can cast reducto dangit, lemme do it too!

  • Kuba
    Kuba 7 months ago +6

    This game is like a return to the perfect childhood you never had. It's magical and charming - for lack of better words. It earned its place in my top 3 favorite games list. Terrific review, as always. Cheers.

  • Pets' Little World
    Pets' Little World 7 months ago +171

    You must be a wizard yourselves to have 100%'ted this game so fast, great review of a beautifully crafted game, kudos!! 🙂🙂🙏🙏

    • Hitchbot
      Hitchbot 7 months ago +1

      Clau Almeida or...maybe just a time turner.

    • Giblix
      Giblix 7 months ago +3

      you can 100% this game in 70ish hours. its not that difficult even.

    • Jack Piotrowski
      Jack Piotrowski 7 months ago

      @Giblix more like 100 hours

  • Kenon
    Kenon 20 days ago

    Such a great, in-depth review. I've come to appreciate such reviews over others.

  • LesserMagic
    LesserMagic 4 months ago +3

    Loved the Hogwarts part, the outside world was fun the first hour. Then it got really stale and turned into an open world game from 15 years ago.

  • KaiserGirl
    KaiserGirl 7 months ago +5

    I love this game, best harry potter universe game to date and still playing it to this day despite finishing the main story weeks ago.. that being said i do wish choices mattered more in the game. I suppose the developers wanted us to have free rein and use our imaginations for most of the character stuff. Still wish perhaps the character personality was a little different depending on your house, being able to chance outcomes to certain companion quest lines.. just stuff to make it feel like our actions mattered.

  • Ben P
    Ben P 7 months ago +54

    Great review! Fantastic work, sir. Won't be surprised when the Quidditch DLC drops!

    • jimmyohdez
      jimmyohdez 7 months ago +11

      With live stats like 2k 😂

    • Nathan
      Nathan 7 months ago +1

      @jimmyohdez you say it as a joke but they should take it seriously like that.

  • Shad
    Shad 7 months ago +14

    I just finished the main story and I really enjoy this game! I waited years for this and I’m not disappointed at all. Ofc there are a few things I wish were done different but nothing major.

  • P
    P 7 months ago +7

    The one thing i wish they focused on a bit more(SOPILERS i guess) was the night time in hogwards, there are a couple of missions where stealth is a necessity but other than that there really aren’t any consequences for night time explorations.

  • Ashton DeRojas
    Ashton DeRojas 7 months ago +9

    With the amount of pre-orders and day one sales they have made with this game I do believe this game will get a sequel.
    This game is great and feels like an excellent foundation for something more spectacular to come in the future provided if avalanche is able to improve upon the negatives, expand and refine the combat and add more elements if the Wizarding world like quidditch.

    • Definition off insanity
      Definition off insanity 7 months ago

      Probably 2 more games year 6 and 7. In year 6 there will be quidditch I hope. In year 7 we can go full even. Only some thoughts. But I'm 99.99% sure it gets dlc and sequels.

  • LiamLivesOn
    LiamLivesOn 7 months ago +12

    I am absolutely loving the game. I'm playing my first playthrough as my normal goodie two shoes hufflepuff self and not learning anything to do with the dark arts and being nice to everyone, but im so excited to do another playthrough on hard mode doing dark arts and learning the unforgivable curses

  • Garrison64
    Garrison64 6 months ago +2

    A good and fair review. I’ve personally spent a much longer time getting to 100% just because of spending so much time running around in the castle looking at things and really learning the layout of it. But then I don’t have a review I’m trying to get out so that would certainly make a difference. The castle itself is the real star of the game and it is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen such a tremendous structure in an open world game that is completely open and accessible without any loading screens. That plus the level of detail and everything that is moving, along with so many things to interact with make it unlike any gaming experience I’ve had to this point. The fact that it is also Hogwarts makes it that much better. I have really enjoyed everything about this experience.

  • Ray Gray
    Ray Gray 7 months ago +16

    An absolutely fantastic review. Thanks for your hardwork!

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 7 months ago +6

    Agree with this review completely You get achievements to complete during some of the combat I think the story is descent helped by the detailed environments and attention to detail It’s definitely worth progressing the story to get those talents and new abilities to access areas when exploring

  • Jasta85
    Jasta85 7 months ago +10

    I'm having loads of fun, and it's mostly with exploration and finding secrets. This game basically did what ubisoft has been trying to do, having a map saturated with similar quests/collectables but actually managed to make it fun.

    • JACpotatos
      JACpotatos 7 months ago +4

      How is it fun to go look for a thousand pages?

  • Patrick
    Patrick 7 months ago +12

    A fun game. I don't think it's going to blow anyone away with story or characters, which seem rather bland, but if you just want to run around and cast some spells in this setting, it's a very fun way to do so.

  • Lesley MacKay
    Lesley MacKay 7 months ago +6

    The lack of consequences thing reminds me of the Fable series. There wasn't necessarily "punishment" for going evil I guess, but the game did change, yah know? NPCs would have new dialogue about you, both when you were just passing by or when you spoke to them directly, they'd still give you things but out of fear instead of a reward, etc. I feel like something as simple as that would have worked? They didn't need to go all out and even have the whole 6 endings thing like the Fables (considering there are SO many different stories within this game already between houses and levels and stuff). But even walking around Hogsmeade and hearing "he's/she's just as bad as Rookwood was, what's the good in that?" or people whispering insults, enemies talking about you in fear while you sneak up on them, and so on, would have been an easy and mild thing to add in that would still make you feel a little guilty about killing people, you know? 😅 Edited add on: Especially because in the game you can also demand more money, keep items for yourself, etc. it's not even just the unforgivable curses that make you "bad". So there are already mechanisms within the game that could easily make you set up to establish a "bad reputation". Which would then affect the dialogue on the following quests as you progress through the game. Usually, when you end quests and beat everyone, they're all just *gone*, so there's no "proof" you killed anyone, so it would just be rumors and that would be enough to get the villagers talking and scared of you.

  • ZeFourmis
    ZeFourmis 7 months ago +2

    Mortismal, you became my go-to game reviewer.
    Your reviews are pretty thorough with all the game's aspects : gameplay, look and story... You aren't overly negative, so much so that I often am surprised when you have a strong negative stance toward a game. And last, but not least, you take the time to address some aspects and problems others talk about.

  • Kevy
    Kevy 7 months ago +2

    Im not super into harry potter but so far im enjoying the game alot. Would of liked to see more landmarks from the movies like that killer tree or the changing staircases. Combat is fun and you can get pretty creative with combos and builds. Id like to see more in depth stats like crit chance or burn damage from basic casts or something like that. Overall I give it 8/10 very fun

    • Mortismal Gaming
      Mortismal Gaming  7 months ago +3

      Whomping willow wasnt planted for another hundred years just fyi

  • Aurelian Manoli
    Aurelian Manoli 25 days ago

    The game is good. If you are a fan of wizarding world you will find a lot of interesting things and you will make connections which will immerse you more. The game is gorgeous and the combat is fun. Potions and plants alongside spells, plenty of options to deal with enemies. In my opinion the game could be a bit harder on hard as I find it easy at hard difficulty. Hope to see a sequel in the near future with the year 6, another adventure

  • Jay Dunna
    Jay Dunna 7 months ago +9

    I have never read the books or watched any of the movies, but im amazed at how much i'm enjoying the game! Western fantasy done right.

    • Duckula
      Duckula 7 months ago

      You don't have to as it is set 100 years before Harry Potter attends Hogwarts. If you are familiar with the IP, you will naturally recognise Hogwarts and Hogsmead. Likewise, spells, creatures, and ghosts 👻 will be familiar. There are also characters who are obviously ancestors of HP characters. As stated, you can only see Thestrals once see see someone killed, nice touch.

  • Will Berry
    Will Berry 7 months ago +5

    Seriously impressed by both the combat and world building in this game.

  • Bindair Dundat
    Bindair Dundat 7 months ago +20

    3:19 loved that bit when the horse thingies became visible to us after the "near-death experience" of the dragon attack.

    • Ryan Tomos
      Ryan Tomos 7 months ago +12

      They become visible as you just witnessed the death of someone, this being the 3rd person in the carriage being killed by the dragon

    • Bindair Dundat
      Bindair Dundat 7 months ago +1

      @Ryan Tomos That then. I remembered it having something to do with death.

  • Schizm1
    Schizm1 7 months ago +27

    I'm not a big fan of the movies, but I loved the books!
    For me this game is really showing a difference between a AAA game made just for profit and the one that's also made with heart. Little details, really good story, artstyle, fun little encounters and so on, make it a fantastic experience!

    • Andrew Houghton
      Andrew Houghton 7 months ago

      Yes u are right about that Hogwarts has more secrets than many will see

    • Lunnaris01
      Lunnaris01 7 months ago +2

      Let alone the fact that you don't have these microtransactions flying around that most games these days have. 60 bucks feels like a very fair price for the amount of fun you get out of the game too. And that's actually while the game in many ways would be perfect for microtransactions to maybe get some cool gear or certain clothing or whatever.

  • morten nørregaard
    morten nørregaard 7 months ago +10

    So impressed by you consistency! Absolutely my favourite source of reliable and truthful information on games. Keep it up! I'll be sure to follow along on the journey

  • Tyler Shaw
    Tyler Shaw 5 months ago

    Such a great game. Felt like I was in that world.

  • The Spruce
    The Spruce 7 months ago +18

    Looks like a very good game. I've never been interested in the franchise, but the game world looks so beautiful and charming I think I am going to give it a try.

    • AyarARJ
      AyarARJ 7 months ago

      Yeah this is my situattion as well. I know what HP lore one can pick up by being able fogging a mirror and osmosis but only saw part of 1 movie before falling asleep and never read the books.
      But if the game is good and the lore is pre-generated, I'm thinking of giving it a go. Did that with Marvel games in the same scenario with mixed results.
      The value proposition seems a bit worse than I usually shoot for though.

    • rcdeathsagent
      rcdeathsagent 7 months ago +2

      It’s very good imo. And I’m not even a HP fan really. Nothing against it either but the game is just fun!

    • O-D-X
      O-D-X 7 months ago

      @rcdeathsagent This, I am similar. Not an HP fan, but thoroughly enjoying the game.

  • ShadowCat
    ShadowCat 7 months ago +10

    I love some of the random things I've found along the way during the game. For instance, I came across a random quest marker in Hogsmead during winter. It was a house elf. They gave me a quest that turned into something like a Scarecrow sequence from an Arkham game, but with actual puzzles you had to solve, and ended with a boss fight (of a monster I haven't found elsewhere in the game yet, either), part of which had me playing upside down.
    I thought it would be a quick, ten minute quest. Turned into an hour. It was awesome.

    • Samuel B
      Samuel B 7 months ago +5

      That was the playstation timed exclusive quest.

    • Felsbrocken
      Felsbrocken 7 months ago

      I hated it. I appreciate the effort; ideas; and all that went into it.
      But I fucking hated that quest. Ufgh.

  • welcome_to_the_own_zone
    welcome_to_the_own_zone 7 months ago +4

    I really didnt expect this game to be so awesome. Great video as always.

  • Caio Teixeira
    Caio Teixeira 7 months ago +7

    Best reviewer in the game :)
    Couldn't agree more with this review. I wish they had made a better rpg system but truth be told with the games we have been served lately a properly done game feels like a miracle. 9/10 game for sure.

  • Snake Jazz
    Snake Jazz 7 months ago +1

    Coolest part of the intro: when the guy gets chomped by a dragon and suddenly you and Professor Fig can all of a sudden see thestrals pulling the destroyed carriage.

  • subaru246
    subaru246 7 months ago +14

    As a reader of the books and lover of the movies, I'm enjoying this game a lot. It's a very good game even if you are not a fan of the wizarding world. Thank you so much for this amazing review and all the effort. Hugs

  • DeoLux
    DeoLux 7 months ago +33

    Fantastic review as always, keep up the great work!

  • Dread Pirate
    Dread Pirate 7 months ago +6

    Great review. What I take away from it personally is, "wait to see the volume/quality of DLC which we all know will be coming." That gives a chance for any patches to fix/break the PC side of things. I personally really dislike it when control schemes are obviously console-optimized, so hopefully, they'll add the ability to remap things on PC at some point. Also, games like this are always cheaper when you buy the bundle including the DLC later (and I haven't even finished Wrath of the Righteous yet, so it isn't like I'm lacking for other games).

  • dennislp3
    dennislp3 7 months ago +14

    Wands were actually one of my biggest let downs...surprisingly enough. I expected it to be a core component to your offensive abilities. I would imagine that wands vary in quality (The Ollivanders mention this a lot) but in the case of Harry Potter, and in the case of the game, your character are given the "perfect" wand from the start which just seems weird...especially given that a wand is supposed to attach itself to a person but people change a lot over the years, especially the teenage years.

  • TheScarlettGirl
    TheScarlettGirl 7 months ago

    Thanks for this review! It was helpful to have an evaluation of HL as a game. On a game pylon,it's one I've been waiting for. Great worldbuilding,character customization and casting a whimsical cinematic spell. My first impressions found the same problems though. No roleplay consequence,but maybe Good\Evil. Obviously,there's some repetitive gameplay. AAA cycles. I also think the combat is dependant on dipping into the Dark Arts a bit. But overall,it's a faithful rpg with only problems that a sequel could well fix in recasting.

  • benjamin white
    benjamin white 7 months ago

    Glad the combat turned out better than you had originally expected! Looks like a good game

  • Twan van Damme
    Twan van Damme Month ago

    Great review!😁 I'm on my way to get the platinum for this game, and I'm really enjoying it so far

  • Matt Collins
    Matt Collins 7 months ago +21

    It’s so good and so much fun, exceeded all my expectations

  • Tommy Åkesson
    Tommy Åkesson 7 months ago +5

    This is the only review of the game Ive actually read/listened to.
    That is a good sign. I dont have to worry about spoilers since I know you care and also use timestamps.
    You have a good, and thourogh format so I know that all the key points will be covered.
    So. Thank you for your continous quality content!

  • Helixium08
    Helixium08 7 months ago

    This is the perfect segway game to get my wife into more traditional, RPG, third-person action games. All of its systems and gameplay are just the right balance of beginner-friendly bit still fun for all types of gamers. She can get a feel for these types of games, while also loving the immersion in the Harry Potter universe.

  • Solid wisdom
    Solid wisdom 7 months ago +1

    This game is definitely really polished, you dont need be a harry potter fan to appreciate how well done this game is.

  • wesley riley
    wesley riley 7 months ago +2

    I was so excited to watch this. I just beat the game myself and man, what a time to be 30 plus and grew up on the harry potter franchise haha. Great video!!! love your thoughts and opinions

  • seoulpower
    seoulpower 7 months ago

    I'm a few hours into the game and I haven't unlocked talents yet. I already like the combat system without talents, but I'm really looking forward to customizing some of my spells to make the combat more fleshed out!

  • Zach Nikov
    Zach Nikov 7 months ago +1

    Such an underrated reviewer! Keep up the good work Mortem!

  • Oskar Geryn
    Oskar Geryn 7 months ago +3

    The biggest flaw of this game is lack of RP elements. Vendors are at your disposal in the middle of the night, no one sleeps in beds, there is no interaction in common rooms. Also, stats and gear could be more developed. But Avalanche can always upgrade these mechanisms in a sequel. And with these sales, there definitely will be a sequel :) Overall, the game is awesome, and I sincerely can recommend it to anyone that wishes to feel some magic in their sad, muggle life :)

  • Patrick Brady
    Patrick Brady 7 months ago +2

    I haven’t come close to 100% completing it but the game is really fun and I definitely recommend it. Definitely worth the money

  • Davide
    Davide 7 months ago

    To me it lasted way longer, 54 hours I was done with the story + some side quests and 20 more hours to get all the achievements. Thoroughly loved it all.

  • Sometimes Friendly
    Sometimes Friendly 7 months ago +6

    This sounds like just the beginning of this universe. I hope future entries can maintain the quality and perhaps be even better.

  • Dustin Lowery
    Dustin Lowery 7 months ago

    You are by far the best reviewer on this platform for me. You have to respect your knowledge on these things

  • Carl Llamaface
    Carl Llamaface 7 months ago

    Thanks for the review, looking at your and others' footage I have to say that what stands out to me is there was clearly a lot of love put into crafting the world with nods, winks, embellishments and flourishes to the source material jumping out of every frame it seems, visually speaking they've done a very good job with this game. BUT I've already seen plenty of HP universe films, I'm not here to gawk, I'm here for the roleplay and the combat so unfortunately the limited state of the game on both fronts means for me this falls into the Duke Nukem Forever category of games which needed to release about 10 years earlier to catch me out with hype over function. Shame.

  • 📼
    📼 7 months ago +12

    Coming off Elden Ring and Shadow Man, this game is super chill. It’s not Bully with magic, but it’s more fun than I expected.

    • David Vila
      David Vila 7 months ago +1

      That's the word, chill! Perfect game to relax.

    • ItsameAlex
      ItsameAlex 6 months ago

      Ì've played Bully. You mean it's not as good as bully?

  • Wunn Sen
    Wunn Sen 7 months ago +1

    Great review! I've literally only just finished the game around 1hr ago and you've 100% it lol that's insane! My 1 issue i had was, why did they chose too give us the Graphorn so late in the game! I love just trotting down the roads on Highwing

  • Proxima Centauri
    Proxima Centauri 7 months ago

    Great review! Can't even imagine watching reviews by people that haven't done 100% for the game since finding your vids.

  • dinor913
    dinor913 7 months ago +49

    Great review.
    For negatives, I would add a lack of enemy types, I think there is only 5 different enemies, that's how I feel.

    • johnyjoe2k
      johnyjoe2k 7 months ago +5

      My pet peeve is how much irrelevant characters talk....

    • IWatchYoutube
      IWatchYoutube 7 months ago +8

      this and lack of consequences would really help the game

    • Giliver
      Giliver 7 months ago +2

      There's a lot of enemy types, they're just tied into small subcategories.

    • dinor913
      dinor913 7 months ago +5

      @Giliver goblin, goblin with armor, goblin with crossbow.
      small spider that die at 1 hit, normal green spider, bigger red spider.
      Maybe stroger version have one additional attack but they still are the same.
      They could go wild with enemies variety but played safe, and that's ok but fight became boring after 15 hours of gameplay.
      I would love to see a fight system, when a enemy wizard cast a spell and you need to negate that with other spell, that would be great.

    • KopaZ
      KopaZ 7 months ago +2

      lack of enemy types, lack of parallelism to the storyline, lack of npc interaction.
      basically all open world elements missing from the game.

  • snosan
    snosan 7 months ago

    Worth noting on difficulty, the bigest leap happens from normal to hard simply from stupify becoming less broken since it no longer breaks shields, I first tried on normal and it felt extremely easy then jumped to hard which was a solid challange, alltough i really wish there was a setting above it, but hopefully that comes in a later update

  • Lemnaj Cavite
    Lemnaj Cavite 7 months ago +6

    1 week in and 90% on Hard Mode and I still have not explored the whole area. 😂 Your dedication is very amazing, Sir. Kudos.
    It legit puts you on your toes in Hard Mode. I can easily win a battle if I'm attentive enough or lose to Mongrels if I don't concentrate for even at least 40%. Game Balance is amazing!

  • stynkus
    stynkus 7 months ago

    I absolutely love the game. It hits all the right buttons and is a very well put together game in all aspects: story, game world, combat, immersion, etc. Where the game starts to fail, and even that is being a bit harsh, is in the performance department. I and many others suspect that the constant stuttering we're getting is because of the DRM, Denuvo; and my experience with other Denuvo games certainly backs that up. While the stuttering isn't as bad as it was pre-launch; it's still enough to be very annoying. Another compaint I have is with the controls. They're not well optimized for PC and causes way more headache that is necessary. My final compaint is with the talents system. The fact that we can't change or reset talents is just idiotic; you're supposed to know right off the bat how you want to play your character and build accordingly or get stuck with a certain playstyle. And gods forbid if you choose wrong because you're now stuck with it.

  • Brady Henricks
    Brady Henricks 2 months ago

    My favorite part of your whole style is not doing pointless anticipation, in the form of being vague, to extend someone's play time on your video. While I get making less money always sucks, moves like that is why I trust your reviews so much.

    • Brady Henricks
      Brady Henricks 2 months ago

      But this game in 2023 is a 7/10 at best , it is on par with Dead Island 2 in feeling like it should've came out 5 years ago. The player interactions have a very "Arkham City, Dues Ex: HR" early 2010s jank.

  • Kamil Kachnic
    Kamil Kachnic 7 months ago

    Great review, detailed, dynamic, multi-threaded, 100% Quidditch will be available as DLC, maybe as suggested earlier game of the year, time will tell.

  • Bryan R Thompson
    Bryan R Thompson 7 months ago

    That's great to hear the XP tap dries up at 30... I'm sititng around 25% completion with a lv 22 character and feeling pretty indestructable right now. Most of my progress has been from just looking around and finding pages/bonus objectives in world. I think XP should have been linked to combat and missions only, that might have felt a little more natural. Instead I got to the map room at lv 18ish and immediatly started with decent chunk of trait points to spend all at once - The whole experience felt a little jarring.
    Love your content, thanks for the 100% review!

  • jianglin yu
    jianglin yu 7 months ago +2

    Harry Potter is the first book about magic I read , it still amazes me a lot, I am so happy to see that it can be played in this way.

    SL4PSH0CK 7 months ago +3

    ​Seeing the DNA of the genre, it's an amalgamation of the open-world titles and a culmination of HP franchise, seeing the DNA of its predecessors from HP titles back from PS1-2 to Deathly Hollows (2010). Oddly, offered a broom for flight open-world traversal, no quidditch.

  • cyka blyat 95
    cyka blyat 95 7 months ago

    i didnt follow the game until its release, but seeing the actual gameplay and the progression ssystems plus build variety really hyped me up

  • coconutologist
    coconutologist 7 months ago

    Thanks for the review. In an earlier comment of mine, you mentioned how the game doesn't succumb to the tyranny of ARPGs, and just devolve into a button masher. I now see your point about that. Its refreshing to see that this game doesn't equate difficulty to how many powerbars the enemy ate in their life. The ability to one-shot bosses is impressive. I wish more titles did that, because that variety really opens up the gameplay. Onward to 200k. All glory to the algorithm.

  • MrMuunster
    MrMuunster 7 months ago +1

    How the world doesn't interact with you is my main problem, Most of the side quest is just mind-numbing formulatic, the random chance encounter doesn't involved you too , It's like seeing play on a stage.

  • Apolinario III
    Apolinario III 7 months ago +1

    Everybody always ask "how can mortim" but not "how is mortim?"
    Take care of yourself, dude. 👍
    Good stuff!! ❤️👍

  • Monkey D. Lazy
    Monkey D. Lazy 7 months ago

    I'm almost at 100% with around 30 hours, just grinding the last remaining collectibles in Hogwarts, got everything else. A lot grindier than I thought, not a lot of full collectible guides online either.

  • Jaime Dover
    Jaime Dover 7 months ago +4

    Damn that was fast but good review and the game has been fun so far... planning my Dark Wizard from Hufflepuff for the final playthrough after each house but this was fun as I have been liking others opinions or experiences

  • EvolvedMonkey97
    EvolvedMonkey97 7 months ago +2

    "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite channel on the Citadel"
    Honestly though, your review is the only one I've watched. Mortym always comes in fast with all the info you want and more.

  • Zorty
    Zorty 7 months ago

    The only actual decision storywise you can make in the game is choosing your house and I get why they wanted to do it that way, but I feel like having a few important choices throughout the main story (maybe like choosing a dark magic arc etc.) would've been more interesting. Maybe as a 100% completion bonus you could've unlocked the ability to play through story events of other arcs.

  • mvendi86
    mvendi86 7 months ago +1

    So glad to see a review of just the game itself, great work!

  • Sqwallbg
    Sqwallbg 7 months ago +2

    Well if nothing else I'm happy for you that you managed to finish the game. I personally preordered deluxe and started the moment it was out - put a LOT for time into it. And then yesterday (I was at 40 hours at this point) a power outage happened while i was playing. When power came back and i started the game it was as if I just installed it for the first time - therms of agreement and all that - 40 hours of progress completely gone, just...down the drain. It is actually hard to describe how that felt...
    I liked the game a lot but I wont be playing it any time soon. What happened hurt me in a bad way, I felt really awful, honestly still do...Some day when they hopefully fix this BS I MIGHT start it again but...not any time soon.

  • Damien
    Damien 7 months ago +3

    I thought the first few hours were very boring and repetitive!! I was almost getting out of even wanting to play it. But once you FINALLY break out of Hogwarts and get the broom and can fly and go over the entire map, it became very fun!! There’s so much to do, it’s almost overwhelming. There’s soooo many Merlin trials, caves, and enemy camps…. The battling is so fun casting 4 spells at once, then switching to another set all very fast. It’s very good and fun. I haven’t beat it or 100% or anything, but it is a very fun game!! If you’re a Harry Potter fan you’ll be obsessed!!

  • wraithalcon
    wraithalcon 7 months ago

    I missed the Harry Potter train and never got into them at all, but this does look like a really really good game that fans of the series are going to love.

  • Dcox2014
    Dcox2014 7 months ago

    I'm just excited we now have a somewhat canon universe to go back to now. We could have games anywhere from the 11th century all the way up through the 20th.

  • Steve Sergio
    Steve Sergio 7 months ago +7

    This game is so fun. I'm not a huge HP fan but it's just a good fun game for anyone. They really get the little stuff right like allowiing you to easily customize the apperance of your outfit and character at any time, from anything you have previously owned, fast travel, mounts & flying, etc. The wisps that lead you to your quest destination are amazing considering what a maze Hogwarts is. If you are a HP fan the game literally has everything you could ever want... all the classes, spells, locations, herbology, mixing potions, even collecting beasts from the fantastic beasts movies. The game looks great, plays smoothly, combat is fun, even the puzzles are fun without being too easy or too frustrating.

    • JACpotatos
      JACpotatos 7 months ago

      This has gotta be a bot.... The puzzles "aren't too easy?" They literally give you the answer to every single one.
      "Classes?" They're short cutscenes.
      As for the rest, you're just greatly overexaggerating

    • Steve Sergio
      Steve Sergio 7 months ago +1

      @JACpotatos Keep in mind it's not easy to design a game that is fun for adults and also appropriate and not too difficult for kids. This game is rated "Teen" and you need to have reasonable expectations for a family friendly game mostly targetd at teens and kids.
      I like that the game gives you a little time to solve the puzzles like the keeper trials and if you are not making progress the character slowly starts to give you hints so you can get past it and move on with the story.
      The first time you attend each class you have interactions with teachers and classmates and learn some new game system like having a duel with Sebastian in Dark Arts class or learning what each of the combat plants do in Herbology. Then subsequent classes are more cutscenes, but you are still learning a new spell typically. What more do you want from a class?

    • JACpotatos
      JACpotatos 7 months ago

      @Steve Sergio I mean hundreds of people are killed throughout the game. I remember beating games with puzzles as a kid. I'm sure most people do. The puzzles here are just lazy

  • Haylen Chan
    Haylen Chan 7 months ago

    Great review! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • InfiniteCurlie
    InfiniteCurlie 7 months ago

    This is a great review! I'm roleplaying as a Hufflepuff who will do anything for their friends....Anything. ☠️ I can't wait to learn the unforgivable curses lol.