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Abandoned Alone in an African Tribe


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  • Seek Discomfort
    Seek Discomfort 2 months ago +564

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    • David Nolan
      David Nolan 4 days ago

      Hey there my names David, I desperately need to and want to change my life and mind set...I'm new to yalls channel and brand, but im sold on it already. I was especially intrigued in your trips to Jerusalem, Africa, and trips at sea. I share a few the phobias yall have mentioned and I've already faced down a few....I know I'm late but, can I come on an adventure please?
      #canicomeonanadventure #canihelp

    • Brancaalice
      Brancaalice Month ago

      @Marcia At least a well that they can have clean water to drink. It doest cost too much. I feel so sorry, IF I was there I could find way they get it. Water, Water, at least clean water.

    • DM Villegas
      DM Villegas Month ago


    • V P
      V P Month ago


    • Cherish Ireland
      Cherish Ireland Month ago

      @Marcia I would have thought this would have been the main take away. I found it out of character they didn't address it at all or do a call to action, just to their store.

  • Below Sky
    Below Sky Month ago +410

    I would love to see you take someone from a tribe such as this one on an adventure to a different part of the world.

    • StaleSnail
      StaleSnail 2 days ago +1

      They wont come back and it would be very depressing

    • IRON MAN
      IRON MAN 3 days ago +1

      @Great Father hhha crazy hilarious, from an african dude (from rwanda)

    • Captain Snakeye
      Captain Snakeye 10 days ago +2

      @Great Father LOL, i should not be laughing at that....

    • Great Father
      Great Father 11 days ago +8

      ever heard of the Transatlantis Sl... nvm

    • archie towse
      archie towse Month ago

      Colonisers have done that for hundreds of years and it never went well

  • Roos
    Roos 2 months ago +2876

    The late night conversation with them was so heartwarming. Such a vibe.

    • Tate Cahaya
      Tate Cahaya 10 days ago +1

      that was pure and innocent.♥

    • Riyad Ahmed
      Riyad Ahmed 15 days ago

      @Lyfe Hax And Trix You are right

    • Lyfe Hax And Trix
      Lyfe Hax And Trix 15 days ago +1

      @Riyad Ahmed it reminds me that these remote communities could very well house people capable of great things and learning vast amounts of such sciences; yet, they are unfortunately uneducated and malnourished- struggles I will never know of and yet I would consider myself intellectually and tenaciously weaker than the potential of some of these people.

    • Shalin Khatri
      Shalin Khatri 22 days ago

      The frame with Moon in the background was dope!

    • Transcending Eclipse
      Transcending Eclipse 28 days ago +3

      The Plane talk.. just kept me silent for a whole part there... just...just .. wow...Just its humbling..

  • Asaah Precious
    Asaah Precious Month ago +864

    As a Cameroonian who has been watching Yes Theory for years i never thought it will be possible to watch an episode an episode of you in my country. thank you for showing that the Baka people are friendly, they hardly get visitors.. thank you Yes theory i wish i met you 😭😭

    • one way
      one way 15 days ago

      Many Africans love to be exploited as long as the exploiter has lighter skin

    • sam sam
      sam sam Month ago +1

      Me too, I was so surprised

    • Maxwell Ngeh
      Maxwell Ngeh Month ago +7

      hello my cameroon sister ....love from singapore

    • Shakur
      Shakur Month ago +1


  • JustWalk
    JustWalk Month ago +217

    I am touched by the innocence and sincerity of these people. This is what you don’t find in developed societies.

    • Ghosty
      Ghosty 5 days ago

      @Carlos R always an elitist

    • Milk
      Milk 19 days ago +2

      @Carlos R look at the contrast and tell me it isn’t…

    • Carlos R
      Carlos R 21 day ago


    • Cleff cv.recordz
      Cleff cv.recordz 23 days ago +2

      Well said my friend

  • Muskky
    Muskky Month ago +157

    bro they wove you a mat and built a cot to sleep on, you were living like a king in their eyes. its insane how different cultures are

    • Rome
      Rome 21 day ago +22

      Literally lol I was kinda disappointed at how ungrateful he was

  • Corona Beeke
    Corona Beeke Month ago +193

    Dear Yes Theory team,
    im a Moroccan fan who lives in belgium, my family is from the rif mountains.
    we are called amazigh or berbers, nobody really knows alot about them except for the people who live in morocco or have moroccan roots.
    i would really appreciate it if you guys could make a video about it and visit the people who live in the atlas mountains in Morocco.
    the cuisine is delicious and the people are super welcoming.

    • Elizabeth M
      Elizabeth M Day ago

      Me too me too. I’d like to see this as well pretty please.

    • Michelle Clark
      Michelle Clark 23 days ago +2

      I too would enjoy the Yes Theory visiting with and understanding the culture/traditions of the Berbers. Three of my friends visited ten years ago and the stories of these people were so fascinating. 🤗🇨🇦

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +1947

    Absolutely loved the conversation about airplanes

  • Adam Gorelick
    Adam Gorelick Month ago +191

    This is the second video I've watched by Yes Theory and at certain points in both I found myself nearly tearing up. Perhaps the beauty and fragility of this planet, the transitoriness of existence has something to do with it. More specifically, the daily emergency that is life for indigenous people throughout the world feels like an easily avoidable tragedy unfolding. Thank you for creating these videos.

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      T_el_egram@KristenHanby_00 Month ago

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  • Max
    Max Month ago +59

    I loved that conversation about airplanes. I would love to see you take him on an adventure involving a plane.

    • Brancaalice
      Brancaalice Month ago +3

      there is more emergency things they need than adventure in plane. He should give them money to build well of water. Did cost much.

  • Yasin Mohammad
    Yasin Mohammad Month ago +62

    The night conversation part made me cry 😢 to see how privileged i am and yet so many complaints i have to life yet happiness is so easy to acquire. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience. Hope to join you guys very soon #team_mate/brother

  • TotallyRandom
    TotallyRandom Month ago +70

    The guy in the yellow shirt was amazing. We need more of those people in our busy world where we worry to much about the next thing.

  • Arti Soejitno
    Arti Soejitno Month ago +93

    It is very funny to see Thomas and the local tribe lost in translation. You guys are unpretentious, funny and seriously compassionate at the same time. Keep going! Love what you doing ❤

  • Cheryl Foreman
    Cheryl Foreman Month ago +43

    Have you been able to check on the Baka? Did they encounter problems from local authorities from your visit? Hopefully not, and hopefully connections will be made from this experience that will create benefit for them in the future.

  • Abigail Campos
    Abigail Campos Month ago +21

    This was such a heart warming video to watch ❤️that one man he was talking to most of the time seemed genuinely happy to show him their way of life, so much kindness in his eyes! loved this video

    • T_el_egram@KristenHanby_00
      T_el_egram@KristenHanby_00 Month ago

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  • John Paul Baliguat
    John Paul Baliguat Month ago +23

    Watching yes theory every time i feel down is like having a hot chocolate drink on a rainy day, and i thank You guys for being the hot chocolate on my rainy days.

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      T_el_egram@KristenHanby_00 Month ago

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  • Claudia Macias
    Claudia Macias Month ago +11

    I love how open hearted you are ! I wish more people would be open to other cultures

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      T_el_egram@KristenHanby_00 Month ago

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  • Kathy Kenyon
    Kathy Kenyon Month ago +10

    Another eye opening, epic adventure. It’s a shame you had to leave the country so quickly but glad you lived to tell the tale! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Gisele Muse Vlogs
    Gisele Muse Vlogs Month ago +593

    As a Cameroonian, I really appreciate when people travel to Cameroon and tell the stories without any biases/presumptions. I am happy for you, that you got to experience this part of Cameroon, as many of us never get this far outside of our comfort zones. But I also really empathise with what you had to go through at the end of this experience and I hope it does not discourage any other plans you guys had for travelling around this beautiful continent.
    A well is a very common source of drinking water. At my parent's house, we actually dug one and sent out to the community where people could get free drinking water. So I will be happy to contribute to a cause that can provide one for this community.
    The Yes Theory team continues to inspire me to think different and be more open and this video did just that. As I travel and make videos my self, I try to keep this in mind. Thank you for what you do - and please keep doing what you do. It reaches more people than you can imagine 😇

    • Lex_N_Tha _Trekk
      Lex_N_Tha _Trekk Month ago +2

      AGREED 🤗

    • OrienTube
      OrienTube Month ago +7

      Central Africa as I a region seems extremely interesting and is on my list now, especially Cameroon and Central African Republic. Unfortunately these two countries have been going trough some hardships, but it’s still worthy a visit.
      Greetings from Vienna

  • aiton
    aiton Month ago +77

    how on EARTH can you be mentally so stable that you're totally chill being completely on your own this far away from home. Sometimes I get anxiety at my local train station lol your brain must be so freaking healthy its insane

    • anima
      anima 10 days ago

      Get on a plane, I actually get more anxiety at home than I do travelling! When you travel you feel free and the newness of everything kinda keeps your mind too busy to get super anxious ❤️

    • Brancaalice
      Brancaalice Month ago

      It normal to any people unless they have mental problem, that is not normal.

    • Mootie
      Mootie Month ago +3

      "Seek Discomfort."

    • Alexandrea Crackel
      Alexandrea Crackel Month ago +16

      It’s because he is constantly making himself uncomfortable on purpose. If you never struggle you will never grow.

    • daisy jane
      daisy jane Month ago +1

      Hes strong asf

  • Molly Chamberlin
    Molly Chamberlin Month ago +4

    This was so beautiful to watch. I have always dreamed of being able to experience other cultures like this for so long. It would be so awesome if we could somehow get something set up to help them have clean water and build a school.

  • Drew Binsky
    Drew Binsky 2 months ago +2798

    SO HAPPY TO SEE A STORY LIKE THIS ON YOUR CHANNEL! Awesome work Thomas, this story is so epic and I can relate on so many levels. I'm looking forward to our next adventure together!

    • Gina Vongpraseuth
      Gina Vongpraseuth 5 days ago

      Can you pleaseeeee do a collab, it would make my life

    • Lynn Roberts
      Lynn Roberts Month ago

      Can we get a well drilled for the Baka Tribe? After water is secured then a school can be financed.

    • Luminous Kiwi 🥝
      Luminous Kiwi 🥝 Month ago

      @Suhail Mawari that would be great, Morocco look very solid. You guys should be able to beat Canada tomorrow, good luck

    • Suhail Mawari
      Suhail Mawari Month ago +1

      @Luminous Kiwi 🥝 Sooo happy about it. I really hope we can make the round of 16 InShaa'Allah

    • Shadrick H
      Shadrick H 2 months ago

      I wanna see a collab 🙌🏽

  • YourFwend JuLs
    YourFwend JuLs Month ago +2

    This is such an eye-opening episode of Yes Theory that I genuinely appreciate. My heart was just left hanging when I heard their conversation about the needs of the Baka community especially having a school around them. I hope that Yes Theory can make a fund-raising for them to build a classroom and a water filter station. 🛖

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  • T‘ea Valenti
    T‘ea Valenti 2 months ago +17

    Absolutely loved watching this! Thank you for doing this series! So far it’s taught me, and I’m sure many others, so much already about the African culture.
    Sorry the trip got ruined at the end, can’t imagine what that was like. Especially with so much more to do in Africa.

  • joe b
    joe b Month ago +6

    I actually also had the same experience this year and spent the night in the Cameroonian jungle. It was very overwhelming, since I had never been outside of Europe. Very exciting that you now also experience this.

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke 2 months ago +4

    It boggles my mind there are millions of peoples like this all over the globe, that live like this each and every day. We are so disconnected from that reality. These videos are a great reminder.

  • Fractal
    Fractal Month ago +3

    Love you guys. Love your motto love over fear. I lived in sub-sahara africa for 15 years in Rwanda and Tanzania and did much travel into remote areas of many countries. I am very confused about why you were so afraid from such a simple road trip in the beginning of this video, in what seemed like a normal, peaceful rural area. They have definitely seen many white people before. It's a really healthy village, no distended bellies. Clean clothes. They did not pull on your arm hairs, always a sign of not seeing a white person. I am a little surprised cause you guys are so well travelled. You need to do more Africa travel. You'll laugh at yourselves in this video later.

  • OasisPr0ductionzz
    OasisPr0ductionzz Month ago +4

    Every time I watch they’re videos like this it makes me feel so warm in the heart these people have so little yet are so happy No TV, no distractions just each others company and so greatful for what they have still

    • T_el_egram@KristenHanby_00
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  • Bottle-O
    Bottle-O 2 months ago +882

    I would love to see a story about the Australian aboriginals. So remote and different in such a modern country

    • Bush Masta
      Bush Masta Month ago

      @Gabrielle Schulz I was watching this Documentary, Australian Government deliberately wiping them out.

    • Lea
      Lea Month ago

      me too! such a good idea

    • Helena Charly
      Helena Charly Month ago

      that would amazing! to see an unbiased perspective and see someone learning about the culture

    • RealDeal Skeng
      RealDeal Skeng Month ago +1

      @Justin Woodward not true

    • Most Unique
      Most Unique Month ago +3

      @Gabrielle Schulzthis may seem a bit random but how do you go about trying to seek out elders etc? Through stories, our family history and dna we suspect my great grandmother was stolen generation but as someone who is very obviously white it’s been extremely confusing to know what to do. I submitted a university assignment to one of the university elders explaining the situation, got good marks but his feedback didn’t come through and the other elder ignored my email as she was on holidays and forgot to reply once she was back on campus.
      I feel it in me, I’ve had dreams etc but I can’t seem to find anyone to point me in the right direction and I’m hesitant to even explore that part of me as I feel like there’s a lot of stigma going around about white people claiming to be indigenous.
      Any help or general tips would be much appreciated. Even suggesting activities or workshops to look out for maybe.

  • Pinakin Parekh
    Pinakin Parekh Month ago +5

    This level of authenticity is my muse to bring a new perspective into light to those of us who are privileged and still take things for granted. Thank you Thomas for going through such discomfort and the team for portraying the whole journey so vulnerably. ❤

  • MrTibor26
    MrTibor26 2 months ago +12

    Thank you for sharing this story, amazing to see such community that far away from us. Maybe you can set up a gofundme of sorts so the Yes Theory community can donate and we can help build schools or anything they need there.

  • akàmi🫐
    akàmi🫐 Month ago +5

    just wanted to say… thank you. I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world but cause of my upbringing it’s harder for me to achieve. But your videos give me a glimpse of a far away dream I wish to accomplish. Keep being amazing🤍

  • Balancing Laura
    Balancing Laura Month ago +3

    What a beautiful experience (minus having to rush out of the country). Yes Theory videos always remind me of how lucky we all are to be human and to experience one another. Thank you for all that you do!

  • navitalai bete
    navitalai bete Month ago +9

    This reminds me of going back to my village and teaching my cousins all about the outside world

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 2 months ago +2696

    The fact that they built you a house with the little that they have shows how kind the world can be. I think it's important to always appreciate a gift no matter how small because it's important to realize the effort it took for some gifts to be made

    • Michael B
      Michael B Month ago

      I think part of it may be an understanding that white foreigners are extremely wealthy (and hence powerful) in comparison and that kindness towards a foreigner could increase the chances of reciprocal kindness in the form of financial assistance from the western world too. Its impossible to say really how much that may of played a factor.

    • K F
      K F Month ago +13

      When I was staying In Ghana, My luggage was lost and I only had my carry on for one month. Once I arrived in the village, everyone was so welcoming and they asked my if I was hot because I was wearing winter clothes (take in, when I left home it was -20 degrees in Canada) after I told them I lost my clothes, they went to the market and bought me 2 pairs of t shirts, 1 pair of shorts, 3 socks and 3 underwear. They don’t have money to move freely in their country or always have food but they dipped into their savings and got me clothes. The people in west Africa are so welcoming and kind it really blows your mind as westerner where people barely do anything just to be kind

    • IanTheScientist
      IanTheScientist Month ago +6

      African people are some of the most beautiful people out there, inside and out, most have good moral values too & are respectful. The middle east, Europe and India & North America do not have nearly as many good people as there are in Africa, besides some cities/provinces and some people.

    • hazelnut
      hazelnut Month ago +4

      Yes! I agree with this, even while their own homes seemed more weaker , they made a prettier house just for their guest ❤

    • Vert Xavier
      Vert Xavier 2 months ago +3

      There is a theory, that the lesser things a person have to lose gives more than a person who have more to lose.

  • Abigail Garcia
    Abigail Garcia Month ago +8

    This video made me think about life and to not take any little thing I have in life for granted.
    When you were having a conversation about airplanes with the little kid at night made me tear up. They deserve to see the world and experience new things too.

  • Rachel Karns
    Rachel Karns 2 months ago +5

    I'm curious what precautions and guidelines you follow before entering countries like these to avoid conflict

    • trixon21
      trixon21 Month ago +3

      He has a whole group that contacts people around the world to contact more people and explain the situation
      There can't be conflict if everything is said before but there is always some danger

  • Brieuc de le Court
    Brieuc de le Court Month ago +5

    Merci pour tes vidéos Thomas! Elles m’apportent beaucoup et nourrissent mon envie de découvrir encore plus du monde, sous un œil différent. Merci.

  • Josh grafik
    Josh grafik Month ago +3

    I really love how the cultures interacts and how simple things for us are super amazing for them!

  • We-Spark Nation
    We-Spark Nation Month ago +4

    i am from Cameroon born and grew in that beautiful country and this tripe of people in the east of my country are one of the most amazing group of people you ever meet . They have an amazing life style e and they actually stay away from the technological advancements from the world and spending time with them you get to understand more thanks so much for choosing my country and this tribe for this experience

  • Gareth
    Gareth Month ago +8

    Well done on bringing food and supplies for them. Some others channels utisilse the footage and leave, which I find tasteless and completely missing the point of sharing life with others, and others less well of than we are. Thank you.

  • Marike Meiring
    Marike Meiring Month ago +3

    I enjoyed this video allot and it touched my heart. To visit and to experience Africa and all it's different cultures and indigenous tribes, communities and people one must truly have a open mind. You are not only left with beautiful memories of the Baka people, but they are left with the beautiful memory of you.

  • Okayed.
    Okayed. Month ago +4

    I hope you also find time to discover a unique place in the Philippines that’s never been on the articles or documentaries. Looking forward!

  • soulseeker aka sandy wolf

    I wish I was younger and could go or handle (lol) a adventure with you! I've been biing watching your videos and I'm sucked in like the History Channel 😁✌️
    Merry Christmas to you and your extended family that has made this channel possible 🙆

  • Cassidy Sledd
    Cassidy Sledd Month ago

    I just wanted to say that I see the pain in your eyes, and I truly hope that you overcome that fight within yourself 🧡 you have made me smile more times than I can count, and truly have helped me through my depression. I know you have been working hard on finding inner peace and up-keeping it, especially with your big move and such and with all the hateful comments. you have a magnificent soul, my good friend. you are so much more than your videos. promise I will always be a fan no matter the content. :-)

  • Global_Citizen
    Global_Citizen Month ago +2

    Quite an experience Thomas, The African leader could not deploy basic amenities to the Baka People but could quickly deploy soldiers to hunt you isn't this funny and sad at the same time? Lovely Baka people by the way, learnt a lot from your video.

  • Majestic Earth's Corner

    I wish there is a way you could get back to help them, to fix the water at least as I can see their water is not clean ( a purified or water station maybe). Thank you for the video, its just heartwarming to see pure hearted smiles from their tribe.

  • Jake Robinson
    Jake Robinson 2 months ago +3313

    Can we just appreciate how these guys really don’t turn any opportunity down? This stuff takes some serious guts, big props

    • wrad
      wrad 2 months ago


    • Trolltocol9Oseven
      Trolltocol9Oseven 2 months ago

      It’s about as wholesome as a baboons decrepit butthole

    • Gemma Young
      Gemma Young 2 months ago

      for real

    • Jeremy DeCaro
      Jeremy DeCaro 2 months ago

      Repent and believe in Jesus. John 3:16 -KJV - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV - I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
      2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    • Typing
      Typing 2 months ago

      That's the reason they are known as yes theory

  • Michael Braum
    Michael Braum Month ago +2

    WOW! I don't know that I could handle that! What exactly would you be spying on in an extremely remote area with natives? Crazy!!! Great videos! I only stumbled upon this channel yesterday.and I'm hooked! I have heard Yes Theory before but had no idea what to expect, except that the whole idea is to say YES to any adventure. I really loved the wolf/wolfdog episode and follow up videos. Though they were hard to get through I do highly recommend watching them if any of you haven't yet.
    Let me come with you on your next adventure! Please!

  • Kublai
    Kublai Month ago +4

    Thomas. This is absolutely amazing. the joy of these people upon seeing you brings a lot of joy to my heart

  • Kiambote Bonikay
    Kiambote Bonikay Month ago +1

    A heartwarming experience. Keep it high guys 👏

  • soulseeker aka sandy wolf

    Wow that was a intense turn of events at the end! Thank goodness you got out of there😁✌️

  • Aavash Thakuri
    Aavash Thakuri Month ago +148

    Love the kids' reaction when they saw the drone flying, such genuine happiness formed on their face !

    • T_el_egram@KristenHanby_00
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  • DAKU
    DAKU Month ago

    A heartwarming experience. Keep it high guys 👏

  • Jessica Pundole
    Jessica Pundole Month ago

    Wow. Thank you for bringing the Baka peoples story to us. I hope all are well and that the authorities didn’t disrupt things for these beautiful people🙏

  • Witson Jacob
    Witson Jacob Month ago +4

    Eye opening. I can't just watch this video but also I can make a small contribution to those people who need basic drinking water. Let me know how should I do it. Maybe more can join this initiative. Love from India!

    • Rome
      Rome 21 day ago

      Honestly even just one donated life straw filter would probably save them a lot of grief and sickness

    • Brancaalice
      Brancaalice Month ago

      I would help too. I feel so sorry this people don't have dreking water.

  • OliviaGoesGrr
    OliviaGoesGrr Month ago

    As much as id enjoy going on an adventure, money is tight especially around the holidays, though i do wish the 3 people have an amazing time and can't wait see watch next year!

  • Enes Muranovic
    Enes Muranovic Month ago

    Hey there Thomas! I would love to join you in an amazing trip next year!😊

  • lavenderandwoods
    lavenderandwoods Month ago

    16 : 55 how happy they're ,its feel warm in my heart. 🤍

  • DM Villegas
    DM Villegas Month ago

    I've always watch your videos for almost 2 years. I am obsessed of discovering things in different countries. Hope my message will noticed.

    • Text👉@KristenHanby142👈
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  • Fuh
    Fuh Month ago +1

    You guys should go to Socotra. Absolutely incredible! 💗

  • Troccolo 1
    Troccolo 1 Month ago +1

    Thomas, I would absolutely love to join you on an adventure next year.

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    We all are one
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    I also understand why the secret police were after you. I mean, I don't agree with it, but with such a historically bad relationship with Europeans, you can't fault them for being dubious

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    To Thomas and the team, it's been a journey with Yes theory for 6years now, I always dreamed of this day when you'll visit one part of my country and show it to the world. The Baka or Pygmies mean a lot to Cameroon. Though I'm from the part of Cameroon colonized by England, i still feel very proud and honored by you visiting my country and telling our story to the world. This is what it means to live in a "democratic" dictatorship everyday. On behalf of all Cameroonians i feel honored. Hopefully the future will bring you hear again and we'll have a better story to tell. There's always hope in the Horizon. I love this family. Yes Theory forever ♾️.

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      How can we help the Baka? Are their organizations that help them?

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      You live in a beautiful country. I just discovered the coffee from Cameroon 🇨🇲 . The best that I have ever tasted. Could the Baka tribe maybe 🤔 sell cocoa to make an income? How can we get them water filtration systems? I am sure that some organization would like to donate materials for a well. We are all part of the human race destined to live in harmony 😅! If not in this world we will for eternity! 🙏

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      @Fon Goddy I travelled overland, through Africa, in a group of 15. We had a big Bedford truck. We got to get into Cameroon and it is a truely beautiful country. We could only spend 3 days there but we were warmly welcomed. Africa is a wonderful continent and it really got under my skin. Its said that Africa grabs our hearts, and it definitely did mine. I ended up living in Namibia and South Africa. African people are some of the warmest I've ever encountered. I had to leave because of family illness but go back whenever I can.

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      @narsaku canada hi friend. This is so inspiring to hear. I'm a Christian myself and i hope and pray everyday others join us in unity and faith to enjoy thesame Joy we have. God bless you.

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    On a more serious note though glad you got out before they caught up with you. Being labeled a spy in a foreign country is so scary.

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    No video has ever affected me like this. So much of humanity is washed away in modern society and seeing them have to communicate that they are struggling just pierced me right in the heart.

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    So what happened ? Did they go to the village to see if you were spy ? I hope they weren’t mean to the tribe for taking you in

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      Except for I doubt they can go back there and risk getting arrested again. So sad.

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    Wow that ending was shocking, genuinely could have so easily gone terribly. Just look at Dawit Isaak for example, he was a Swedish journalist that got arrested in 2001 and imprisoned without a trial for looking into abuse in Eritrea officials, and he’s either still in prison to this day, being tortured, or he’s dead, nobody knows. And the Swedish government has been completely powerless in getting his freedom. That could so easily have been Thomas in this situation.

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