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Upload - Season 1 Recap | Prime Video

  • Published on Jan 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Just in case someone mysteriously deleted your memory files, here's what happened in season 1. Season 2 of Upload premieres March 11 on Prime Video.
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    Upload - Season 1 Recap | Prime Video

    Prime Video
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Comments • 52

  • Shameer Ahamed
    Shameer Ahamed 4 months ago +122

    This is one of those series that you have to watch for yourself to know how good it is.

    • MindGem
      MindGem 2 months ago

      I think so. I went in with zero expectations, looks like a teen romance bullcrap thing but it was very interesting. try it. definitely not for all but stands out enough to be special.

    • Jordan Wright
      Jordan Wright 3 months ago +1

      I am definitely surprised that it hasn't been talked about more - it's amazing

  • JJosten
    JJosten 3 months ago +26

    Been waiting like two years for this. Our whole family still uses the whole 2 gig bit as an inside joke about our plight.

  • kueki14
    kueki14 4 months ago +76

    Finally a release date. But it's still almost two months away...

  • live and let live
    live and let live 4 months ago +15

    Man the ending was so brutal 😭

  • Berserkir Claws
    Berserkir Claws 2 months ago

    I love this show so much !!!

  • Comics Nerd
    Comics Nerd 4 months ago +22

    This means season 2 is coming very soon!😭

    • D-Roncz
      D-Roncz 4 months ago

      It literally says in the description

    • Suhail M
      Suhail M 4 months ago +3

      March 11

    • Anren
      Anren 4 months ago +1

      Read the description

  • ohbogey
    ohbogey 3 months ago +5

    Ironically, waiting for this next season gives some of us a reason to live😁

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez 4 months ago +3

    Can't wait. I keep watching season one waiting for season two to come out

  • Ethiopia Mel
    Ethiopia Mel 4 months ago +6

    Finally, honestly I was tired waiting for it, and almost lost interest caz of that. . usually end up losing interest if I had to wait longer. You redeem yourself this time. Hopefully next time won’t be this long.

  • Jackson
    Jackson 4 months ago +4

    Finally a date for season 2!

  • Giovanni Marazzi
    Giovanni Marazzi 4 months ago +27


  • Jonathan Boyd
    Jonathan Boyd 4 months ago +4

    looking forward to season 2

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 3 months ago +1

    Thank you Amazon prime I waited soooooooo long for it.....💌

  • Rich Dollars
    Rich Dollars 2 months ago

    About time know I can watch season 1 for the first time knowing theirs a second season lets go.

  • cosmetic Universe
    cosmetic Universe 4 months ago +9

    Lol it's been how many years? Three i think so since season 1 came 😂

  • SuperSaiyanT92
    SuperSaiyanT92 4 months ago +12

    March 11 can’t come fast enough

      DEANOXHILL 4 months ago +1

      Wake me up when it's March 11th please

  • sirdaveysockrocker
    sirdaveysockrocker 4 months ago +1

    finally, goddamn, Ive been wondering about Season 2

  • Igor ogI
    Igor ogI 4 months ago +3

    Prime is so unreliable when it comes to their series. I don’t even remember season 1, just that I enjoyed it. They have so many series supposedly renewed but for which there are no release dates.

  • David718
    David718 4 months ago

    I miss this show

  • Ibiza Marquina
    Ibiza Marquina 4 months ago +2


  • Maleny Luna
    Maleny Luna 3 months ago

    Thank you for bringing it back
    Edit: next Undone and the feed please.

  • Willa Cartwright
    Willa Cartwright 4 months ago

    New season ... Good!

  • Kukil Das
    Kukil Das 3 months ago +1

    I need to watch season 1 again.
    This recap sucks..and Amazon sucks more...such a late renewal..i almost forgot the series and this recap doesn't help at all

  • eirene
    eirene 4 months ago


    HELEN NOURISHAD 4 months ago

    actresses are great but the vision of the pretty thin beautiful girl that is deeply vapid because she is so perfect is damning. Maybe some wholesome self exploration and time transformation of character and personality could come to play. Maybe selecting people for their real qualities can be explored. Maybe more interesting characters.

  • basiliskoE
    basiliskoE 4 months ago +2

    Yes!!!! Finally

  • Prem Bhagat
    Prem Bhagat 4 months ago

    Please hindi dubbing all season

  • deepanshu verma
    deepanshu verma 4 months ago

    Waiting for 11 March

  • vardhan C
    vardhan C 3 months ago

    Meta verse the reality

    IRADUKUNDA John 4 months ago

    Very nice!!

  • Mike
    Mike 3 months ago +1


    • Perplex
      Perplex 3 months ago

      Season 2 announced

  • Dan Traficonte
    Dan Traficonte 4 months ago +1

    Where’s the new trailer???

    DAMANIQ PHILLIP 4 months ago


  • Vishal Arora
    Vishal Arora 4 months ago +1

    Undone 2 when?

  • Kiran Christopher
    Kiran Christopher 4 months ago

    Waiting really

  • sat han
    sat han 4 months ago

    I was stuck in last episode

  • Valholla03
    Valholla03 3 months ago


  • Eobard thawne
    Eobard thawne 4 months ago

    isekaiied into a fkin virtual reality lol

  • Alejandro Pérez
    Alejandro Pérez 2 months ago

    This looks like a very dumb TV show. But judging by the people commenting here, I must be wrong...HOW, tho?

  • Everlife
    Everlife 4 months ago +1

    This show was so so so bad