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This Technology Will Scare You

  • Published on Feb 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest ai technology of All Time
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  • ninjah
    ninjah Month ago +21694

    Not gonna lie, I half expected Charlie at the end to come out and say something like "What's funny is, this entire video has been created by AI"

    • Djshdjd
      Djshdjd 8 days ago +1

      His fingers llin this video look kinda weird now that I think about it

    • Deadman X
      Deadman X 12 days ago

      Lol me tooo!

    • Dave
      Dave Month ago

      @dyakonov yeh, woo lets go bay be

    • Fragglyone
      Fragglyone Month ago

      If it was, we wouldn't know it.

    • Christian Hull
      Christian Hull Month ago


  • SuperBiteSizedBuckets
    SuperBiteSizedBuckets Month ago +1776

    Charlie should have thrown in an AI generated monologue of himself just to show how crazy it is

    • I Am Nobody
      I Am Nobody Month ago

      I'm looking forward to the day I'll have AI make whole Clip-Share videos, the audio is absolutely no more a problem, I made a whole penguinz0 monologue on his sniffing farts in McDonalds addiction. Now imagine the AI being fed one or a couple of his vids, then chomping out a hq vid on a daily basis, maybe even more interesting than the original. Can't wait tbh.. what if youtubers then fully automate their channel and keep on claiming it's them, not AI.
      tbh, sarcasm aside, yes this will come, people will abuse the hell out of AI, and the drama will follow. And no, I didn't mean the above.

    • Socks
      Socks Month ago

      i reckon he doesnt trust that software with a copy of his voice.

    • Alexanders VeryOwn
      Alexanders VeryOwn Month ago

      Someone on tiktok did it

    • kimmyfreak200
      kimmyfreak200 Month ago

      and with his monotone voice already sounding slightly robotic..we'd never know until he tells us

    • Ruby Y.
      Ruby Y. Month ago

      I was expecting him to lipsync to AI audio of himself and then reveal it later

  • rfmerrill
    rfmerrill Month ago +1158

    This is basically what I thought was going to happen tbh. Everyone has been freaking out for the past 10-20 years about pervasive surveillance, photos and videos and violations of privacy, and I was just like "Ok so camera drones will become small enough to be indistinguishable from a large mosquito, but AI is going to make this stuff worthless before that happens" and here we are. Now it doesn't matter what people record you or photograph you doing, because nobody will ever be able to tell if it's real or not.

    • BestIntentions
      BestIntentions Month ago

      Brave new world argument , nice

    • MANIP 2
      MANIP 2 Month ago +1

      I did same prédiction, it was obvious

    • Gore Obsessed
      Gore Obsessed Month ago

      @heisenberg3099 were not their yet my dude also if I tell it I'm still liable

    • Heisenberg
      Heisenberg Month ago

      ​@Gore Obsessed please do tell

    • Gore Obsessed
      Gore Obsessed Month ago +2

      It's freeing really finally I can upload the degenerate shit I've done and just say it's fake

  • Heikki Aho
    Heikki Aho Month ago +269

    when the ai can take input directly from your brain waves, it can generate an endless stream of audiovisual content thats always exactly what you want. sounds very healthy and wholesome.

    • bigglyguy
      bigglyguy Month ago

      @TheCivildecay You say that like it's a bad thing?


      needs a automatic shutoff after 5 hours of use

    • EmeraldView
      EmeraldView Month ago

      Sounds like a great way for scumbags to arrest you over "thought crime".
      Those scumbags should be the ones made to suffer. They literally want to hurt people who aren't hurting anyone.

    • 3choBlast3r
      3choBlast3r Month ago +2

      @TheCivildecay Yeah like we aren't already bro.. there is a reason why "looking for the perfect girl to jrk off too" is such a recognized and big phenomena. We're so desensitized to sexual stimuli .. that nothing satisfies anymore. Can't jrk off to the same girl more than once.. you think that's healthy or doesn't affect relationships? It's why people go deeper in deeper into that rabbit hole looking for the next big thing to excite them. To fill that depression that void. To get that boost in dopamine. It's why people end up with a host of complexes and issues. We're a generation of men and women that have been playing with our selves on the daily watching weirder and weirder prn

  • vidgamarr
    vidgamarr Month ago +729

    I want somebody to use this A.I. technology to create an entire 3 hour long podcast discussion between Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo, Elon Musk, and Alex Jones.

    • Mari
      Mari  24 days ago

      And Kanye West

    • Robot Snake
      Robot Snake Month ago +1

      @EmeraldView I unliked it but now someone else did so it’s still 667.

    • EmeraldView
      EmeraldView Month ago +1

      @Robot Snake Damn you Robot Snake! Foiled again.

    • vidgamarr
      vidgamarr Month ago

      @EmeraldView W. Thanks man I didn’t even expect this to get seen much. After getting home from work I mostly just get high and write the most horseshit comments on the internet.

    • Robot Snake
      Robot Snake Month ago

      @EmeraldView not any more! Muwhahaha!

  • Domino the Dominator
    Domino the Dominator Month ago +117

    It's scary because if there is actual footage of a crime, the person who committed it can just say "that's fake, it was AI generated." If there's no DNA evidence or Alibis, to be found, it becomes really hard to tell what's real.

    • Vvvv Eeee
      Vvvv Eeee Month ago +1

      @野村ERIK no... if you are personally recording it, its just an eyewitness testimony with extra steps. if its a security cam then youd need to have a job with access to it and you would also need to be incredibly careful with leaving no physical evidence you uploaded to the server. in both cases youd need to know how to edit the files even in the hardware so that theres no evidence of it being an uploaded video instead of a normal recording, which 99.9% of people on earth do not know how to do. even if the video itself could be perfect, criminals would not be able to do the rest. remember how the person framing would also need to know where the framed person is during the fake recording, if theyre on a phone call, with multiple people, in public around cameras etc the framer is pretty much caught
      and this is all random problems i see in 5 min, the moment this is a real possibility in the world theres gonna be a ton of people on this, figuring out and inventing more ways to find out. if you are thinking of killing someone, it is going to be way safer to just do it the old fashioned way than trying this complicated super villain shit. just look at that murderer who tried to fake a twitch stream. what you should be afraid of is this tool being used by governments and institutions, not criminals trying to frame you or whatever

    • Domino the Dominator
      Domino the Dominator Month ago +1

      @Vvvv Eeee I feel that depends on how easy it is to generate a video with a program at home. Plus, it makes it more confusing because it has to be determined if the video was faked in the first place

    • 野村ERIK
      野村ERIK Month ago +2

      @Vvvv Eeee Then you could frame anyone.

    • Vvvv Eeee
      Vvvv Eeee Month ago +3

      well, no. they would need to give a motivation for why the source of the footage would fake it.

  • TCA
    TCA Month ago +15005

    _"In the future, entertainment will be randomly generated."_
    It's terrifying to me that this quote aged so well!

    • Gabe Skyler
      Gabe Skyler Month ago

      it’s not tho.

    • Socks
      Socks Month ago

      i could see the citizens of idiocracy watching ai generated content for eternity. as long as they still have owe my balls.

    • Devvo0z Shorts
      Devvo0z Shorts Month ago

      AI generation isn't random.

    • VeiserexAB
      VeiserexAB Month ago

      Well meme is an example of that apart from AI

    • Xbulelo - Profound Punk - Gamer
      Xbulelo - Profound Punk - Gamer Month ago +1

      & it will fail miserably.

  • Not Isla
    Not Isla Month ago +211

    This just proves more and more that Veggietales not only predicted randomly-generated comedy, it was a legitimate prophecy of robots becoming comedians.

    • NotUrBoi
      NotUrBoi Month ago +2

      @Gabe Skyler -👆🤓📖

    • Gabe Skyler
      Gabe Skyler Month ago

      nor are they robots. they’re ai. a robot can be ai. but ai isn’t necessarily a robot.

    • NotUrBoi
      NotUrBoi Month ago +2


  • Keychain696
    Keychain696 Month ago +361

    I feel like we're not going to need voice actors in 5 years if this keeps up. Who needs voice actors when you can just do this?

    • Gabe Skyler
      Gabe Skyler Month ago

      much sooner than that.

    • bigglyguy
      bigglyguy Month ago

      All currently available services won't let you swear or talk about sexy stuff. According to a friend...

    • vldnsp
      vldnsp Month ago

      @DJ L3G3ND This is Football 2004 on PS2 had the commentator say your last name when you make a player and play a match

    • EmeraldView
      EmeraldView Month ago

      @Pyrateaccount Yes and instead of a game where 20 different NPCs are voiced by the same actor and all sound alike they can all be made to sound like truly different people.

    • EmeraldView
      EmeraldView Month ago

      You'll probably still need voice actors, but they will be paid a lot less. They will act the voiceover but any voice can then be substituted for their own.

  • Thomas Theion
    Thomas Theion Month ago +35

    If this is available to the public, we have to assume this tech has been around for some time, which potentially calls into question several instances of recorded voices in recent years.

    • Broken Cartridge
      Broken Cartridge Month ago +6

      Me when the moonlanding was actually recorded on a giant cheese wheel 🤯

  • Ausencio Martinez-Olvidares

    I am high key very worried about the next few decades. I feel like we are forgetting what it means to be human

    • EmeraldView
      EmeraldView 19 days ago

      @MothLure I don't think so. We already criminalize thought crime.

    • MothLure
      MothLure 20 days ago

      in 2077 you can be whatever you wanna be

    • Shuckle
      Shuckle 28 days ago

      It has already happened

    • EmeraldView
      EmeraldView Month ago

      Decades? You're delusional if you think humanity has decades.
      It's just about over. Enjoy what time is left.

    • It’s Irrelevant
      It’s Irrelevant Month ago

      I’m not worried. When people become totally dependent on search engines I will be one of the guys who knows how start a fire and build an outhouse. I will be a god.

  • Shayan Mahmood
    Shayan Mahmood Month ago +77

    The application of this technology in court truly terrifies me

    • aeoli garlic
      aeoli garlic Month ago +1

      False accusations has never been this high tech. Goodluck defending yourself in court

    • CrustyCrayfish
      CrustyCrayfish Month ago +1

      oooooh I'm gonna sue you 👻

  • Tobias 49
    Tobias 49 Month ago +8492

    It's kinda crazy how an AI is better at writing tv episodes than the people who wrote the script for Velma

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson Month ago +134

    This probably will lead to the opposite of what we're expecting where people say the most heinous things imaginable and just claim it was AI generated

    • Edits by Levi
      Edits by Levi Month ago +1

      At least we being open now

    • I haven't showered in 6 weeks, but
      I haven't showered in 6 weeks, but Month ago +2

      Or people could claim its an ai generated voice of them but its actually their voice

    • KaiHeNo
      KaiHeNo Month ago +2

      100% agree. Like, there arent many other ways of keeping people accountable than having video evidence of what they´ve done or said.

    • VerticalPug
      VerticalPug Month ago +3

      ​@Divine Strength ???

    • Divine Strength
      Divine Strength Month ago +18

      A return to the golden ages?
      Too optimistic

  • Jeremy Mikhael Cogan
    Jeremy Mikhael Cogan Month ago +106

    Thinking about legal ramification for evidences in trial, the company who produces these AI recreation probably should encrypt some sort of code withing the Audio/Video file they produce to distinguish it as AI generated

    • trolly
      trolly 24 days ago

      we will just have to be better at telling real from unreal. legal systems will never catch up with this.

    • M͠a͠t͠t͠
      M͠a͠t͠t͠ Month ago

      @Wutai Nation You can sneak certain inaudible audio code using certain frequencies. Of course while we can't pick up on them a computer could with the proper software.

    • Bjørn Mathisen
      Bjørn Mathisen Month ago +1

      @Rafael Muniz when quantum computers are mainstream you'll no longer need "games".

    • Großer Hahn
      Großer Hahn Month ago

      @Rafael Muniz It's only scary within a capitalist framework though. Outside of that there are countless possibilities.

    • Rafael Muniz
      Rafael Muniz Month ago +1

      quantum computers will become common in a few decades, that means that the cracking methods will be even more efficient. games will be cracked day 1, encryptions will be decrypted quickly. the future is scary

  • Circumference
    Circumference Month ago +35

    i think its incredible that the ai correctly did joes stutters and, the uhhs, it almost seems like an actual conversation

  • DawnOfTheOzz
    DawnOfTheOzz Month ago +31

    You know, John Carmack after spending his time working on advancing VR, said that his next big quest was Artificial Intelligence. The timing of this advancement in tech could not be more exquisite.

    • Joshwist55
      Joshwist55 Month ago +4

      John Carmack, Super Computer AI disguised as a human, preparing to replicate himself.

  • oh ok cool
    oh ok cool Month ago +14

    I work and IT, and when I heard the Obi-Wan clip, I immediately thought “ we are fucked “ so many companies use voice recognition to verify that the person on the other end of the phone is who they think it is.

    • E Fitz
      E Fitz 13 days ago

      Bingo! A few days ago a journalist in Australia managed to gain access to his social security account by using an AI-generated render of his own voice

  • Kaiser Matt Tygore
    Kaiser Matt Tygore Month ago +2359

    The fact that the AI can do "uh's" so perfectly is the scariest part of this, unironically.

    • pom
      pom Month ago +1

      @Nathan Ritchey thank you for your response, makes sense there may have been missing more samples to get more variation on the uhs

    • Nathan Ritchey
      Nathan Ritchey Month ago +1

      @pom The software shown in this video can be done with anybody’s voice, but the outcome of the generation depends on what audio the user inputs, and how they fine tune it using the sliders given by the software. I saved a Jordan Peterson voice myself, and I would say it’s almost spot on.

    • astro
      astro Month ago

      @AGenericFool nothing can impress people these days

    • pirateg3cko
      pirateg3cko Month ago

      @DXSTRYR pretty sure God voice wouldn't be like the Voice from Dune. This whole concept is moot and assumes an omnipotent God that oopsied his own build mechanics.

  • Talon Bateford
    Talon Bateford Month ago +74

    That joe and Jordan conversation is fucking crazy… especially when yt shorts are always covered with rocket league gameplay this is gunna be insane

  • vinicius strzelecki
    vinicius strzelecki Month ago +26

    i am genuinely sad,scared and terrified for the future of social interaction, labor jobs and art

      EDELITEED ELITE 16 days ago

      "sad, scared and terrified".
      Very helpful. Thank god we have you to stand against this by being sad, scared and terrified.

  • fervorflame
    fervorflame 7 days ago +1

    I remember reading a sci Fi short story written somewhere around the 60s about a robot designed to write material for a comedian. The robot ended up telling jokes immensely funnier than the comedian himself and eventually had the comedian working for him instead. Dude, I cannot find the name of this story anywhere but I swear it exists. The robot was so funny he shamed the comedian to submissiveness and then exploded or something idk

  • NotsoGallantknight
    NotsoGallantknight Month ago +9

    As long as we can make some sort of distinction between AI and reality, say a tag or disclaimer, I'm totally down with AI.
    All of the voice examples in this clip had me in tears.

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori Month ago +7

    Damn man I'm torn cause this technology can be used for such amazing and hilarious things but while also being used for purposes that are horrendous and amoral at the same time, but thats sadly how most things are in life.

  • TerroristWookiee
    TerroristWookiee Month ago +4686

    Charlie's terrified because he knows he'll be one of the first youtubers to be replaced by AI

  • Taurine TrashMann
    Taurine TrashMann Month ago +11

    You godda love humans. Instead of using A.I. to automate the shit we don’t like so we have time for art and music, we INSTEAD use it to automate art and music so we only have time for the shit we don’t like!

  • Bad Shibari
    Bad Shibari Month ago +14

    I've been telling people this for years and every other month the AI community drop another banger and it gets scarier

  • Data Dog
    Data Dog Month ago +2

    These programs should be legally required to play an inaudible frequency at all times so that upon inspection we could easily see it’s generated

  • Kiritsuna
    Kiritsuna Month ago +7

    I always thought this technology will be amazing to make even better edits of scenes in videogames.
    I'm afraid about the amount of jobs that may be lost, but at the same time I really want to see how everything evolves and what new jobs will be created

    • shoe of obama
      shoe of obama Month ago

      the issue about new jobs is that general purpose ai, which is the holyt grail of the field basically does all the jobs and at that point the human mind just isnt as good compared to it

  • Nora Fox
    Nora Fox Month ago +1

    Well AI certainly has cracked the code for humor. Humor is a *funny* thing: it can be activated by truth, fantasy, pain, and even evil itself. I think humor really stands out as one of the key elements vs others (e.g., love, fear)
    My question is..how is AI able to advance? Does AI have criticism or at least a reference point? If it's developing without any human feedback or alterations, that truly is scary and proves that everything is math

  • Séx Romance
    Séx Romance Month ago +1673

    This is both incredibly hilarious, and absolutely terrifying at the same time.

    • MadTwist
      MadTwist Month ago +2


    • Séx Romance
      Séx Romance Month ago +3

      @Cetarial we watching different videos?

    • Cetarial
      Cetarial Month ago

      Not really. AI is far from perfect.

    • Bismarck
      Bismarck Month ago +5

      combine this with the deepfakes of pornos to get the ultra disgusting revenge tool

  • Darrin Stokke
    Darrin Stokke Month ago

    The implications of this for certain industries alone are amazing. Imagine being able to choose the voice for an audiobook. Or have James Earl Jones narrate for a documentary instead of Morgan Freeman. This combined with the Deepfake technology would or is happening too.

  • Mr. Joestar?
    Mr. Joestar? Month ago +4

    As someone who is indescribably paranoid during simple everyday life, the news that someone could record me and make an ai version of me say fucked up shit is definitely not going to help me at all.

    • Amanda S
      Amanda S 25 days ago +1

      I just want to say that I did a double-take while scrolling because I use this angry little Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy as my pfp on Facebook (I'm old, leave me alone) and I was seriously wondering how I'd left a comment on a video I just now watched lol

  • Kai
    Kai Month ago +2

    I think Social Media Platforms have to run their own AI to detect wether a piece of video/audio is AI generated, and then put a little tag on it.
    Usually I'm not a fan of something like that at all, but at this point it would probably be for the better, so AI generated media will not cause absolute chaos.

  • JacoTheDeadRuler
    JacoTheDeadRuler Month ago +30

    Idk if you've heard of Neuro-Sama (ai vtuber) yet or not, but I've been obsessed with watching her streams lately. The progress she made in OSU! was insane (at this point playing better then the best of the best). Not to mention her reacting and talking to chat is probably more hilarious and engaging than like 90% of real human streamers. Also she keeps branching out into new content: singing, reacting to videos, collabs, other games like Minecraft. It's so much fun to watch.

    G HAPPY Month ago

    What has to be done is there needs to be some type of artifact that can be added to any other creations made on any platforms and in any industry so you can distinguish Once we have that we can have all the fun we want For the most part people will behave others just won't care But one thing's for sure this cannot stop And nor should it

  • Ry
    Ry Month ago +7654

    The scary implication is that audio evidence could eventually become more easily disputed (or alternatively manipulated) during an actual court case that would have major consequences on someones life if this technology evolves further.

    • The Real Life Sonic The Hedgehog
      The Real Life Sonic The Hedgehog Month ago

      @blockify yea just don't be gullible like seriously computers bro I'm not getting killed by computers use your head people AI sucks at programming anyway

    • Praxium
      Praxium Month ago

      @Parking_lot182 ok so what happens when one of these websites exists outside the legal purview of whatever country you live in? You can't force a website of a other country to keep and maintain logs lol

    • Olive
      Olive Month ago

      @aj bizephal ofc im down with tate, if you seriously dont believe hes being falsely accused you arent mature enough to know proper evidence

    • The Lemon
      The Lemon Month ago

      Exactly why I record on a cassette

  • Douglas Lorenzi
    Douglas Lorenzi Month ago +27

    Imagine this technology on video games. You can put your voice in your main character. Also your face.

    • Shajirr
      Shajirr Month ago +2

      Why would you want to do this? Seems like a waste of tech.
      Much more important are being able to somewhat speak to NPCs properly, and possibly having entirely AI-driven games, where AI can create stuff like quests and events on the fly, including taking into account what the player already done, vs. everything being static and pre-programmed.

    • maceguy
      maceguy Month ago +5

      Im waiting for the day when we can talk into the mic while playing an RPG and each npc can respond naturally through AI

  • Socks
    Socks Month ago

    yeah. this is for sure terrifying.
    i remember seeing an episode on corridor digital about a year back, where they basically forged the identity of one of them to use this speech recognition software behind their back as a prank. it did a realistic job faking their voice. but it disturbed me. for starters they broke the law and thought it was clever of them. they honestly didnt seem to see an issue with it. then for seconds. holy smokes this voice replication ai is terrifyingly good. no way i would give it a copy of my own voice. they really did that guy a disservice doing that behind his back.

  • Oraanu
    Oraanu Month ago +22

    So even after an actor dies, they can still have a successful career in voice acting with AI

    • inTOXICated Masculinity
      inTOXICated Masculinity Month ago +2

      Disney will use it for Darth Vader when James Earl Jones dies

    • Mr Mawster
      Mr Mawster Month ago

      Oh god I can imagine Hollywood milking the shit out of this

    • WinngedHussarMalaka
      WinngedHussarMalaka Month ago +3

      And they don't even need to get paid cause they are dead and no contract predicted this

  • Toyo
    Toyo Month ago +1

    Yeah it's incredible. Ai will change the world so much. We're litteraly transitioning into an AI era right now. It can also write anything and basically do anything for you. Hopefully it won't rot out humans lol

  • καmικαzε
    καmικαzε Month ago +2

    I'm almost 95% positive that Obi Wan voice clip is created using an AI assisted voice changer. So it would be someone speaking the lines and AI is used to modulate the waveform of the recording into patterns that very closely resembles all the actual across recordings. So all the pauses and intonations and stuff would've been coming from a real human person and then used an AI assisted voice changer to change the tone/timbre and pitch of the recording. At least, I know that technology exists and is incredible and whole it's not completely unbelievable to imagine technology that can figure out how to produce those nuances and create a vocal waveform from scratch, it isn't something I've personally seen thus far and would be way harder to get this perfectly than most people often think. At least, I'd be very surprised if this was indeed created from scratch with just some sort of text-to-speech generator.

  • vxtsxr
    vxtsxr Month ago +2944

    Jordan Peterson's voice is so unique that the fact that this ai can easily recreate his voice without any problems is absolutely horrific. Like all the stuttering and pauses are so realistic and terrifying

    • Mike Davis
      Mike Davis Month ago

      @The Lemon Don't think you know much about the situation.

    • Kelsea Lawrenson
      Kelsea Lawrenson Month ago

      @Mallapp I don't really disagree with anything you said. There are many types of intelligence and academic achievement does not = intelligence. Although, I would argue there's a high correlation between academic achievement and what we have traditionally defined as intelligence.
      Still, not even really discussing his intelligence, just his achievements. Yes he is good at 'sounding' smart, but there's zero evidence to suggest that's all it is - and a whole fuckton of evidence to suggest people would gladly dismiss his intelligence, and thus his political arguments, because of their political bias. For the record, I've rarely seen a convincing rebuttal of a majority of his ideas. Usually it's just CONSERVATISM BAD.
      Before this uber-political era we live in, no one would have contested his intelligence. That's how you know it's politically motivated.

    • ClaudioSanchezCC
      ClaudioSanchezCC Month ago

      @Pseudo sanct if the purpose of AI is to replicate exactly then why would it stop crying like the very person it's trying to impersonate. It's a fucked up world out there

  • All Them Witcheseses
    All Them Witcheseses Month ago +5

    Defending yourself in court in 10-20 yrs is gonna get a helluva lot more complicated, when the prosecutor turns up a fake video or picture of you walking away from a crime scene.... I'm more afraid of that then Skynet tbh

  • Oliver Charles
    Oliver Charles 27 days ago

    I keep thinking that AI might be the future of the internet. Instead of youtube being created by individuals, an AI pumps out a bunch of videos that it thinks you might like and basically builds a profile that molds everything around your preferences. AI videos, pictures and even music might be constantly fed to you.
    Idk, just a thought that occasionally bounces around in my head like that windows xp screensaver

  • anima099
    anima099 Month ago +2

    Today's AI is a lot like the first decade of the internet: It was the wild west of unmoderated, uncensored, unfiltered content where a 10-year old can easily put the word "blood" and images of gore would explode on their screen.
    So, enjoy this period of AI before the big companies find a way to privatize and monetize it.

  • Aaron Talbot
    Aaron Talbot Month ago +20

    AI is VERY good at detecting AI generated content, I think we're safe for a long time

    • Großer Hahn
      Großer Hahn Month ago

      @Toyo No...

    • Toyo
      Toyo Month ago +3

      Absolutely not lmao. And even if it manages to detect it which is very rare, you just switch some of the words etc up and it's basically undetectable.

  • eaglesfannnn
    eaglesfannnn Month ago +2

    It's both insanely impressive and seriously dangerous

  • Yommo
    Yommo Month ago +3508

    at this point, computer science majors should also have to take ethics classes alongside medical students

    • JB
      JB Month ago

      it mostly doesn’t matter, since the profit motive really doesn’t give a shit about ethics. If money talks loud enough people forget whatever humanity they may have.

    • Sae M
      Sae M Month ago

      @interjectedrobot9783 It can be taught, but by your parents or someone decent in your life when you’re young. Basically only if you get raised right. Unfortunately we know most people are not.

    • Tuneconic
      Tuneconic Month ago

      We already do

    • Demonsinmichael
      Demonsinmichael Month ago

      @Doomguy okay?

  • Madeafterdeath
    Madeafterdeath Month ago

    The ai picture creating stuff is amazing also the story writing i put in 1s a demonic prince meeting his farther the emperor of mankind for the first time. The results what it gave me i was like WOW alot of creative artists the dreamers are gonna get so hurt from this...I hope they learn to adapt to this.

  • Jamboozled
    Jamboozled Month ago +1

    Charlie is so down to earth and realistic about everything

  • 3choBlast3r
    3choBlast3r Month ago

    It's not very surprising that an AI nails the voice of arguably the biggest podcast host and a long time TV personality.. this guy's voice is on so many platforms his voice had to be the most realistic.

  • Jeremoople
    Jeremoople Month ago +1

    I just wish there was some way to regulate this technology so that it can only be used for humor. Stuff like Nothing Forever, the celebrity voices, and Craiyon memes are legitimately a new form of comedy that couldn’t exist without AI. It’s not funny because of the “writing” but because of the unexpectedness of what the robot will come up with and hoe convincing it will be. But it’s hard to enjoy these things when the same technology can very, very easily be used to cause harm and that’s not even getting into the controversy of real artists and writers losing their jobs.

  • Shaolin Dboy
    Shaolin Dboy Month ago +1

    🤔 The thing that surprises me the most with the audio is if that’s fake audio how do they get it’s so perfect that you can even hear him inhaling and exhaling before he says words and after he says words it just sounds so naturally convincing 🤷‍♂️

  • HalfBoiIed
    HalfBoiIed Month ago +1480

    One day Charlie is going to upload a completely 100% AI generated video and we won't even know. He'll never tell us.

    • directed by gk.
      directed by gk. Month ago

      is this it?

    • Midloran
      Midloran Month ago

      I like that pfp

    • Zeta Hellstorm
      Zeta Hellstorm Month ago

      1000th like 👍

    • mike
      mike Month ago +1

      @Romain The acronym is AI.

    • Alec Hamblin
      Alec Hamblin Month ago +2

      All of these "new advancements" in AI tech -- you really think they're "new?" Please. They released the Charlie Project in August of 1994, and you think this is something we'll be fooled by "soon?" It's already happened. For some of us, we've been fooled by it for 15 years. In fact, all of this tech we're finally seeing is ((BASED)) on the firmware of the Charlie Project.
      I mean think about it ... he's got the same "outro" programming ("well that's (about) it, see ya") and they didn't bother to change the title creation parameters for like a decade ("this is the greatest x of all time"). And despite all of that, we've been fooled. The Charlie Project has been a huge success and it's been going for nearly 30 years.

  • Sinnre
    Sinnre Month ago +8

    The Obiwan AI generated story was too f*cking hilarious I swear to god.

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M Month ago

    you know wat, this might also be a good thing too. If you look at video games and how many reused voicelines are played you can tell that people take so long to manually say all the voice lines in the game and its sometimes reused over and over and it gets annoying. So if the AI tec is refined there may be no need to get the same voice actor in the studio again you can just use AI and create new voice lines from there. Even more exiting is that AI can generate skrips for like reactions to the environment and such so you wont hear the same voice dialogue twice. I cant wait for this type of tec to be improved in the future.

  • FreakyFreckles7
    FreakyFreckles7 Month ago

    Your ending take on the ai is so spot on. This technology will revolutionize humanity. Imagine the military implications, the (non existent for me cause American) healthcare implications (simulating medical situations etc) . Political implications? You know it!!!

  • PkGam
    PkGam Month ago +1

    Kind of reminds me of the Deep Fake thing where it could be used for bad, but also has a lot of potential for good. It's the bad half that is scary as who knows what will come out of it. I guess in time people will come to realize that anything could be faked then and "hopefully" that will actually have a positive effect of making people more tentative about judgement overall which would make bad rumors and such not stick like they do now. I dunno, just trying to think positively.

  • TheMobMaster
    TheMobMaster Month ago +1

    I remember when the AI arc was teased a few months ago with Dall E Mini, really interested to see where this season takes it

  • Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth
    Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth Month ago +1851

    I find it equally impressive and unnerving how the AI can even replicate the plosives when people talk into mics.

    • SquidPW
      SquidPW Month ago

      @L yea no thank you

    • mike
      mike Month ago

      @I'm not qualified to say this, but what would the other way round be? people imitating AI?

    • SquidPW
      SquidPW Month ago

      @Kapten they seemed to have deleted their comment. What did they say?

    • Nixon's Head
      Nixon's Head Month ago

      Good news everyone!

  • Alex Tasarov
    Alex Tasarov Month ago +4

    Imagine you can literally generate an entire podcast without even having to record it…

  • ielele
    ielele Month ago

    My brother and I both watched this and the one joke we took from it was this "So i went to the coffee shop the other day.... and this guy says to me.... hey... can you order for me?" and we've been repeating that same joke to random people for days now. It was like it was developing a meta anti-comedy and it will be very missed.

  • Relax Bro
    Relax Bro Month ago

    What's really scary is that suddenly everybody's freaking out now when all of this was possible a couple of years ago already...

  • ECKR
    ECKR Month ago +1

    You are absolutely right. And this is just the beginning.
    Imagine what AI will be able to do in like 2 years from now. Scary

    • Toyo
      Toyo Month ago

      Plotwist: Humans gone

  • BowlUndrFire
    BowlUndrFire Month ago +7

    Worth also mentioning AlphaStar, the Google Developed AI that can not only play Starcraft 2 but learn it. It can beat some high-level players, even with restrictions to prevent it from having too high Actions Per Minute or too much map awareness.

  • Romey1son
    Romey1son Month ago +1297

    That fact the ai takes a second to breathe after a sentence shocked me. Very impressive and very scary.

    • Frostee
      Frostee Month ago

      @Harbinger guess how the linear algebra is implemented? You need a line of code for the equation using a function in something like pytorch, it doesnt just appear out of thin air, and you need to tell it how to update the weights as well as you feed it training data.

    • Frostee
      Frostee Month ago

      @messybeans you have to code up the parameter that will be responsible for the breathing weight in the network first and connect it to all the other layers which also have to be coded. The entire thing is code, the only thing that changes when it learns is the actual weight of the parameter you defined. The AI can't learn to make breathing sounds if you never told it what the breathing at the end of a sentence will sound like and if that parameter just doesn't exist, as then the AI wont know when to breathe. I'm assuming the point of submitting your voice is to give the AI info on what each specific part of speech, letter, and breath sounds like so that it can replace it as an output for the network which is already trained.

    • tidalcash
      tidalcash Month ago

      Text to speech voices from 1990 do that dude

    • Delphunky
      Delphunky Month ago

      @Frostee there's no code for chance, it is trained. the model learns.

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger Month ago

      @Frostee that's the thing most of you don't understand, there is no code for that, there is just shitload od linear algebra math that simulates neuron activities.
      That's why people say AI "learns", you just use math to change internal values of those math models, based on input and expected output.
      It's terrifying similar to how brains work, though simplified quite a bit.

  • Dan Cooper
    Dan Cooper Month ago +1

    I think we’re gonna have to need some sort of a license to use this tech

  • brenofbrokeburg
    brenofbrokeburg Month ago +6

    Being a millennial watching first the internet change the world, it’s wild to see this come along and do it all again

  • tshepp89
    tshepp89 Month ago

    I got to see the digital and internet revolutions. Now I get to see the AI revolution. Crazy times!

  • Geekachu
    Geekachu Month ago +5

    Can't believe no one's thought to use the voice AI for a podcast, like just record your voice and put it in, type out a script, and now you don't have to take time outta your day to actually sit there and say things

  • Chris T.
    Chris T. Month ago

    This is exactly why widespread adoption of NFT verification of content is crucial. content creators should digitally sign their content to establish authenticity

  • Mainly Mediocre
    Mainly Mediocre Month ago +3665

    You know I never thought I’d get to hear Obi Wan talk about space pussy. This truly is a beautiful world we live in. Thanks Charlie.

    • Fearless Zark
      Fearless Zark Month ago

      @Phil Mkraken You're late to the party dude, the creators already paywalled the whole service. It was majestic when it came out

    • CrescentShadow
      CrescentShadow Month ago +13

      "And she was a good friend" killed me XD

    • Yapflip The Grunt
      Yapflip The Grunt Month ago +1

      @Synthwave Soundscape elevenlabs voice cloning

    • Professor Penne
      Professor Penne Month ago +2

      makes me want to use this and have mike rowe talk about all the dirty jobs he's done

  • Nocturne
    Nocturne Month ago +4

    Human creativity is filled with repeating patterns. Art is filled with math (golden ratio, symmetry, perspective, etc.), books are filled with common tropes that work, so are movies, characters have common looks tied to their traits, etc. Up close these patterns are not clearly visible, especially when each piece of media is still a lot different and unique from another. But feed to a computer a large enough sample and those patterns become visible, it can learn them and build upon them. And to us the results it will produce will seem good, because its using common patterns we already discovered to work.

  • Fudge Merchant
    Fudge Merchant Month ago +21

    I can say that I can think of a very important use for this for the general public. My friend's brother called and left a message on her phone, the night before he passed away. This is the only voice thing she has of him to hear his voice with. She holds onto the voice mail and will never delete it. But I think that if there was a way for AI to take someone's voice from a voice mail (like this situation) and create a cloned version so that she can hear him say more than just the few words, that would probably be a huge impact. negative or positive, I don't know... but it's painful hearing her replay those few words and her not being able to hear more.

    • John Reed
      John Reed Month ago +2

      @Fudge Merchant Nah mate, you've got a point. Everyone grieves differently, and anyone who throws cliché lines like "yOu hAVE tO LeT gO" around are undermining people's grief just as much. What happens if someone has massive PTSD or similar hang ups about someone's death? Are you going to callously tell them to 'let go', when you have no idea what they're going through?
      Let people make their own decisions as to how they want to process stuff. So long as it doesn't become an unhealthy obsession or addiction that will make things worse for everyone involved, they should be free to choose.

    • Fudge Merchant
      Fudge Merchant Month ago +1

      @Großer Hahn I gotcha I gotcha. I haven't done a lot of grieving myself, so I wouldn't really know right now. I apologize if this caused any upsetness

    • Großer Hahn
      Großer Hahn Month ago +2

      @Fudge Merchant An important part of healthy grieving is learning to let go. That application would be absolutely attrocious.

    • Fudge Merchant
      Fudge Merchant Month ago +3

      @Ty Garner I understand that. I'm not saying it to replace, but maybe give those an opportunity to hear more if they want it. I definitely get it though! :(

    • Ty Garner
      Ty Garner Month ago +15

      I don’t think that’d be a good use for it. I have a voice recording of my Grandfather singing, and I cherish it because it’s such a genuine moment. I don’t want some AI fabricating anything else

  • Aromasmells
    Aromasmells Month ago +8

    THIS is actually super deadly like you said moist, you can legit fram and sue someone by saying things from just that website its too deadly it can ruin careers lives!

  • The Modern Bueller
    The Modern Bueller Month ago +6

    This reminds me of the scene from Terminator 2 where the T-1000 perfectly replicated John’s foster mom’s voice. Science fiction then, entirely possible now.

  • 2tick rick
    2tick rick Month ago

    It is learning at a rapid rate and it's already very good. Wild times we live in

  • xxPenjoxx
    xxPenjoxx Month ago +1737

    It's absolutely terrifying, especially from a malicious standpoint. People, as usual, will ruin this.

    • lele, the Madden Librarian
      lele, the Madden Librarian Month ago

      @S.Memory I wish that was the case, but I’ve personally seen people accused of stuff they don’t do and it’s annoying. Happened to me myself

    • S.Memory
      S.Memory Month ago

      @lele, the Madden Librarian you’ll be okay as long as you don’t do anything deplorable. I’m a man in the west too, and i live my life without an ounce of fear of being accused of anything. If you’re innocent you shouldn’t have anything to fear

    • ThrillerKillerX
      ThrillerKillerX Month ago

      @Mirrors you can't escape the government

    • lele, the Madden Librarian
      lele, the Madden Librarian Month ago

      @S.Memory facts and as a man living in the west where accusations can go a long way, I’m terrified

  • Joseph zink
    Joseph zink Month ago

    The fix for all this emerging Ai tech will have to be a digital water stamp embedded into the file some how. All files from all medias will have to create some type of embedded code or else penalties. If you file clipped or altered, it can be presumed fake once investigated.

  • Evan Pearson
    Evan Pearson Month ago +1

    wow, we might actually get some regulations on AI before it gets out of hand.... at least I'm hoping that's how it goes

  • Rajakuhl
    Rajakuhl Month ago

    While I do worry about the future problems that could potentially be born from this technology, I don't know if I can live in a world without it now that I've seen AI generated Dagoth Ur memes.

  • Joey .H
    Joey .H Month ago +2

    my history teacher is no longer accepting student drawn political cartoons (starting next year) due to how insanely advanced AI is getting. I can only imagine what this is doing to art teachers around the world, or english teachers even. Honestly kinda scary.

    • butterflysoup
      butterflysoup Month ago

      @femiairboy94 ?? You want to elaborate or…

    • femiairboy94
      femiairboy94 Month ago

      @butterflysoupoh please, adapt.

    • butterflysoup
      butterflysoup Month ago

      All I can think of is- people who endorse AI art REALLY don’t give a shit about art or artists’ role in history.

  • Colecruzin
    Colecruzin Month ago +3249

    Hearing obi talking about running a train on a girl with the boys is the most wild thing I’ve ever heard

    • Tristen
      Tristen Month ago +1

      @Wally Smart I KNOW RIGHT

    • ManInAVan
      ManInAVan Month ago +1

      @Wally Smart agreed

    • m
      m Month ago

      anytime i watch a new hope i will think of this

  • Kai Whitten
    Kai Whitten Month ago

    I'm wondering if we're all just AI that's so deep into its self, that it just keeps replicating in this downward spiral we can't escape. We think it's new but in reality, we're just adding another layer to the layers of AI that have already existed. There's been plenty of movies showing the complications of AI becoming so sophisticated that it can't tell that it's not human and genuinely is convinced it's exactly the same as us. But I guess that would mean... we are the same thing.

  • Run For Fun !
    Run For Fun ! Month ago +5

    "one pubic hair of a bumble's sack away" is my new favorite expression from Critikal

  • Daniel Realpe
    Daniel Realpe Month ago

    man, this IS crazy and scary, it really is gonna confuse everybody....what would be a solution though?

  • E-Style
    E-Style Month ago +2

    Man. imagine recording someone you love. then after they pass. you get to hear their voice say whatever you want.

  • BlueSquid
    BlueSquid Month ago

    Imagine how much AI can screw with the justice system and the fake evidence people can create

  • Larkspur
    Larkspur Month ago +2189

    honestly, this level of AI terrifies me. its just so unsettling how smart AI has become while also just being openly available to everyone on the internet

    • Lopo
      Lopo Month ago

      Especially knowing someone could use this technology to incriminate you by making your voice "confess" to something you didn't do

    • Fred Mercury
      Fred Mercury Month ago +1

      @Fullaccess ! Of course it will be distinguishable.
      It will either be biased the the political ideology of it's maker, which will be obvious, or it will be totally unbiased, which will be obvious for two reasons: One, no one is is totally unbiased, and two, everyone with a political ideology will claim it's biased for not agreeing with them.

    • Quillan Ethridge
      Quillan Ethridge Month ago

      If thats what they let us have and see imagine what they have hidden😂

    • Fullaccess !
      Fullaccess ! Month ago

      @Fred Mercury Of course it's miles away from being sentient. It's still AI, because even if it's just a program it can improve itself. If it keeps improving like this, it'll be a matter of time until it becomes indistinguishable from a sentient being.

    • sleepy_bøi
      sleepy_bøi Month ago

      @Atromnis unless it's the AI replacing the government and basically economy and others
      even then that depends on the AI knowing why human governments is bad and inept in the first place


    AI voice technology has gotten so realistic to the point that you can now destroy a person's entire career.

  • Guardian of the Blind
    Guardian of the Blind Month ago +1

    It's pretty obvious why the ai is so good with joe rogan. It's because he is a podcaster and there are basically hundreds of hours of high quality recordings of his voice on the internet.

  • JohnDoeSchmoe
    JohnDoeSchmoe Month ago

    This is what we were all saying back when deep fake videos first came out; "What if we in the not too distant future can make computers mimic these people's _voices_ as well, not just their face?"
    And now - here we are. What, five years later?

  • Tyler Lawson
    Tyler Lawson Month ago

    What's crazy about AI is that some of the boomer mentality of "robots are going to take our jobs" actually has real life merit. I trained an AI for two years under a company in ad recognition, until it was trained to the point that it performed well enough for the company to let go it's work force body. It went from thinking wigs were people, to correctly identifying even blurry photographs of American POI's

  • CrispyBacon
    CrispyBacon Month ago

    this guy comes up with the greatest analogies to ever exist
    "one pubic hair off a bumblebee's sack away from delivering perfect audio synthesis"

  • PewPewsAlote
    PewPewsAlote Month ago +1427

    "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should" Is absolutely aging like fine wine.

    • Mitragynine The Speciosa
      Mitragynine The Speciosa Month ago +1

      @Potator the industrial revolution and its consequences...

    • Sombre Plays
      Sombre Plays Month ago

      @Matt Kutz I like chocolate milk

    • Matt Kutz
      Matt Kutz Month ago

      you mean milk?

    • Sombre Plays
      Sombre Plays Month ago

      @Homelab Smart you missed the original comments point entirely. Like a cute little bird slowly flying over your head.

    • Mohammad Mahatmata Abdullah Uganda
      Mohammad Mahatmata Abdullah Uganda Month ago +1

      @PotatorAI has plenty of potential to solve ‚societal issues‘. It’s a tool; it’s how you use it. Closing your eyes and pretending it’s not there won’t make it go away. Fearmongering won’t stop progress; embrace, Understand and shape, so that the future is one we desire. Whether you like it or not, this is not a fad, this is not a trend - DNNs may be the next step to human evolution.

  • Zack Korth
    Zack Korth Month ago +2

    they can already do art, this seems a natural evolution, music and writing.

  • Tom Hewitt
    Tom Hewitt Month ago

    "It was ridiculous, like a constant porno like you have no idea" is a spectacular thing to hear in Alec Guinnes's voice
    Edit: Scratch that the Joe Rogan pro-futa argument is my new favourite thing

  • Mustard_Cat
    Mustard_Cat Month ago

    This is really cool technology for video games or imersive films. Imagine loading up a game, recording a bit of your voice and then the main character sounds like you. Rip voice actors careers

  • Sombre Plays
    Sombre Plays Month ago

    This doesn't surprise me today because it's been going on for years now. I've heard some pretty realistic clips on Instagram that aren't as perfect as the example you gave, but still definitely confused people in the comments, even asking if they're real or not.