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Lizzy McAlpine - five seconds flat, the film

  • Published on Apr 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Listen to ‘five seconds flat’ here: lizzy.ffm.to/fivesecondsflat
    Find tickets to five seconds flat, the tour at: LizzyMcAlpine.com/tour
    Follow Lizzy McAlpine: lizzymcalpine.com/
    Video Credits:
    Written by Lizzy McAlpine
    Directed by Gus Black
    Produced by Jeremy Ivory-Chambers and Will Noyce
    Director of Photography: Nic Restrepo
    Stylist: Steph Collinge
    Production Designer: Caia Diepenbrock
    Music Credits:
    Music and Lyrics by Elizabeth McAlpine
    Performed by Elizabeth McAlpine
    Produced by Philip Etherington, Ehren Ebbage
    Mixed by Philip Etherington
    Mastered by Dave Kutch
    Managed by Harbour Artists & Music
    Erase Me co-written with Jacob Collier and Jordan Rakei, additional production from Jacob Collier
    Reckless Driving co-written with Ben Kessler and Philip Etherington
    Weird co-written with Martin Luke Brown and Laura Elliott
    Hate To Be Lame co-written and additional production from Finneas O’Connell
    (extended video credits below)
    1st Assistant Director: Becca Weston
    2nd Assistant Director: Liz Holland
    Unit Production Manager: Patricia Selznick
    Production Coordinator: Audrey Huey
    Key PA: MacKenzie Paulson
    PA: Ben Weinswig
    PA: Anthony Vasquez
    PA: Kevin Liang
    PA: Katie Massie
    Steadicam Operator: Luke Rihl
    1st AC: Jorge Olortegui
    2nd AC: David Cruz
    Photo Assist: Ariana Dixon
    Wardrobe Assist: Izzy Huynh
    HMU: Maddie North
    Makeup Assist: Misa Zuki
    Makeup Assist: Michiko
    Art Director: Ashley Barreda
    On Set Dresser: Kiara Tenae
    On Set Dresser: Danielle Kaufmani
    Art assist: Connor Beadles
    Art PA: Anthony Vasques
    Art PA: Serenity S’rae
    Gaffer: Mike Butler
    BBE: Isaac Martinez
    Electric: Andy Grishikian
    Electric: Daniel Santandrea
    Key Grip: Matthias Linder-Madsen
    BBG: Nate Cuboi
    Grip: Micah Goldfarb
    Editor: Gus Black
    Colorist: Cameron Marygold
    DIT: Redamo Rosa
    Audio Mixer: Donavyn Suffel
    Post Production Audio: Nathan Alef
    Artist Management: Harbour Artist & Music
    BTS Videography: Ashlan Grey
    BTS Photography: Caity Krone
    Production Company: Fengari
    Director rep: Kelly Sarno, Agency Arts
    Casting: Esprit Casting
    Casting Directors: Copelan Cash & Emma Weinswig
    Lizzy McAlpine
    Scott Albrecht
    Diego Chiat
    Jacob Collier
    Will Noyce
    Frederick Lawrence
    Emma Weinswig
    Jackie Radinsky
    Ben Weinswig
    Aleena Rae Evangelista
    Elle Chapman
    Ellie Bonifant
    Meg Gallagher
    Matt Gallagher
    Marlee Mesarchik
    Ivan Kudinov, Qi Gu, Kevin Garner, Tristian Goolsby, Nina Ortega, Brittany Julian, Annabelle Mayock, Angel Strittmater, Bella Doyle, Bryanna Wozniak, Philip Etherington, Rebecca Mikelstein, Christian Hudson, Courtney Heagle, Iman Gupta, Lyssa Newsman, Sosana Shelah, Justin Ward, Tina Ohaniah, Taelor Moore, Kaele Kloc, Miguel Quicho, Anton Lee, Ariana George, Will Riddle, William Duke, Travis Cilik, Thomas Chadwick, Stella Love, Teddy Nissen, Serenity S’Rae, Sebastian Guzman, Sean Bannon, Sara Taylor, Ellie Bonifant, Rosemary Williams, Zachary Ernest, Mahmoud Alfayoumi, Kennedy Dobine, Justin Voelgin, Justin Negash, Katie Massie, Jonathan Richards, Graham Reicher, Diane Duvanskaya, Charlotte Mirkovich, August Mesarchik
    Marching Band:
    Elena Wilds, Noor Romans, Zoey Kuhn, Alyssandra Lachica, Emily Salvado, Morgan Lih, Aimee Yokomizo, Lina Cho, Ian Kang, Lee Kiana, Brad Kim, Katherine Nam, Valerie Hernandez, Sofia Farmarco, Robin Kim, Elisa Argus, Finn Santana, Jason Liu, Mina Wu, McGregor Kenny, Aidan Lam, Charlie Miller, Christopher Kuizon, Abdiel Flores, Edward Zhao, Jake Lau, Sabastian Thompson, Ikenaga Ethan, Annant Konkar, Tilden Lee
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  • Cloe
    Cloe Year ago +908

    brought me to tears many different times. seriously some of these songs have moved me through intense times of falling in and out of love and this film just brought it all together. thank you for your art ❤️

    • B
      B Year ago +1

      Wow, I just happened to click on to you channel from this comment you left, and you used to make such beautiful videos, do you think you’d ever make them again?

    • Johnson Jo
      Johnson Jo Year ago

      Beautiful girl💋💋💋

  • blondie
    blondie Year ago +1318

    this is a cinematic masterpiece honestly. not only is the music beautiful, but it’s so aesthetic and amazing.

  • Taylor Potts
    Taylor Potts Year ago +1394

    but in all honesty it's still a masterpiece even with a sliver of the song

    • Lorelei Van Fossen
      Lorelei Van Fossen Year ago +31

      firearm too

    • irismeeow
      irismeeow 9 months ago +8

      totally agree, it's one of my favourite songs at the moment

    • S R
      S R 8 months ago +6

      Yeah, that was so disappointing, not gonna lie.

    • lem billings
      lem billings 7 months ago +3

      Heheheh ceilings mv out in two days

    • E3Sherl Edmian
      E3Sherl Edmian 7 months ago +2


  • Micah Cate
    Micah Cate Year ago +1140

    You are INCREDIBLE, Lizzy!
    I'm so glad I found your music !

    • amine ouadrhiri
      amine ouadrhiri 8 months ago +1

      it is! if you like these, you should try interstellar 5555 ... a movie with all famous daft punk "early" tracks. and it's anime .. cheers !

  • Roos
    Roos Year ago +430

    The way the shots from the other songs come back in 'hate to be lame' felt practically euphoric. I'm so blown away.

  • Noah Sabadish
    Noah Sabadish Year ago +723

    erase me has quickly become one of my favorite songs!! hope to see more collaborations between lizzy and jacob some day

    • Iannelli, Gina
      Iannelli, Gina Year ago +5

      same, already predict it’ll be my top track on Spotify this year!!!

    • Julia Musto
      Julia Musto Year ago

      Such a bop!

    • Eirik ^.^
      Eirik ^.^ Year ago

      u gots it

    • Julia Montano
      Julia Montano Year ago +8

      lol seeing this now after they just released never gonna be alone!!

    • Charlotte
      Charlotte Year ago +1

      Yeah their voices are incredible!

  • Jake Wolven
    Jake Wolven Year ago +843

    "but I don't love you like that"
    "because I love you like that"
    "I'm a careful driver"
    "I'm a wreck less driver"
    "And I tell you all the time to keep your eyes on the road"
    This part musically is SO beautifully coordinated. The first version is joking about a very serious issue, like ignoring a red flag passed off as humor, and then the 2nd time through you realize it's actually a huge deal and is connected to a core problem in the relationship. The way the minor to major to minor chord flows through the call/response is just breathtaking. Literally breathtaking. God I just feel so many things, and then the next song is SUCH a juxtaposition of emotions. I've already made a whole comment on that video about it but god I just wish I could say this straight to Lizzy so she knows how amazing an artist she is.

    • Katherine Price
      Katherine Price Year ago +31

      literally the major and minor "call and response" on reckless driver is SOOOOO so good!!! yes.

    • Eliud Celis
      Eliud Celis 9 months ago +16

      Reckless driving is my favorite song, is an audiovisual masterpiece, the best song of the album, the call and response of two points of view in a relationship sounds so precious but painful at the same time.

    • Noor
      Noor 8 months ago +7

      So true also I’m convinced you have a letterboxd just from that comment

  • megara
    megara 10 months ago +179

    the amount of realizations i had while watching this, i mean holy shit. it all makes sense now, the lyrics, the visuals, the emotions. wow

  • Akeeyuki
    Akeeyuki Year ago +263

    the color grading, the framing, the warm visuals, film grain, music, and narrative... everything about this is beyond amazing, Lizzy. Congrats to you and the entire production team.

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. Year ago +608

    Those might be the most beautiful camera shots I've seen in a while. They are indeed magical. The Colorgrading, Format, Lenses and actors are so good.
    And of course the music is extremly powerful too. I really was hyped for the album and didn't get disappointed.
    Got in the boat since "erase me" which really fitted my own emotions the time as it came out. I think there is a special warmth in these songs that I really like.
    Thank you for that beautiful experience!

  • Daniel Calantes
    Daniel Calantes Year ago +225

    this is the first time i've seen a singer who connected all her songs in an album with a short movie. a singer, a storyteller. that level of creativity. amazing. and lol i cannot jacob collier imagine being a cashier in a konbini. he's too busy creating new complex chord progressions and exploring new instruments.

    • Molly Pocrass
      Molly Pocrass 11 months ago +31

      Can I recommend Melanie Martinez? She also did a film for one of her albums. It’s K-12 and it’s in Clip-Share. Very different vibe, but excellent,

    • MsTheMilla
      MsTheMilla 11 months ago +1

      I can recommend "Ravage" by Mogli. She also connected all her songs to an amazing film on Clip-Share :)

    • Irfan Syahril
      Irfan Syahril 11 months ago +1

      You should check out Oh Wonder’s 22,Break film too!!

    • georgina k
      georgina k  10 months ago +13

      check out the lemonade film by Beyoncé she created a beautiful film of her songs combining them with poetry

    • sqwizard
      sqwizard 7 months ago +3

      the Lumineers did it

  • Landry
    Landry Year ago +265

    holy crap the amount of effort and time put into this is insane. this is so beautiful Lizzy! so proud of the wonderful musician you've become

  • Charlotte Hickman
    Charlotte Hickman Year ago +700

    I'm going to be in class when this comes out but I think I can watch it at lunch so Lizzy thank you for giving me something positive to associate chicken nuggets with

  • SanniRay
    SanniRay Year ago +48

    It's hardly an understatement to say that this film has completely recontextualised the album for me. I had already fallen in love with all the tracks, don't get me wrong, but this planted a deep-rooted nostalgia in me that I've never felt before, despite it being so new. I truly believe my life is better thanks to this and I can't wait to see what Lizzy has in store for us next

  • SpeckWii
    SpeckWii 9 months ago +96

    I was going through a divorce a few months ago. It wasn’t mutual and I felt really lost. I was recommended this project and this has been my catharsis/medicine since.
    Music is so powerful. This album is so powerful. It masterfully moves through grief without sinking into melodrama. It made me feel seen and helped me process so much of my emotions.
    I’m in therapy now, I’m working on myself, and I feel more free than I’ve ever felt.
    It’s so strange how that paradox works.
    Thank you for putting it into art.
    It’s so comforting.

  • axel vlogs
    axel vlogs Year ago +168

    ITS SO GOOD U GUYS!!! Our acting / theatre kid Lizzy shines thru here 🥹🥰
    Shoutout to the screening party folks who have seen this already but cant wait to repeat it non-stop!!! ✌️🙋🏽‍♀️🙌

  • RJ
    RJ Year ago +56

    I love how the film gives you deeper understanding of her songs. It’s all beautiful.

  • elle danika
    elle danika Year ago +144

    this is gorgeous gus and lizzy. every single scene, beautiful. omg i actually loved how you subtly added some of the songs from the album and had some clear from music videos. I LOVE THE STORY AND HOW YOU PRESENTED IT ITS BEAUTIFUL !!!

  • mikel465
    mikel465 Year ago +66

    Very cool how when you put the songs together in the right order they tell a story.

  • Payton Thornton
    Payton Thornton Year ago +32

    Lizzy McAlpine you are a FANTASTIC storyteller!!! I am so sorry that someone had to hurt you this badly to make such beautiful art. I will always be a superfan.

  • Juan Teppa
    Juan Teppa Year ago +65

    This was a lesson of crafted storytelling driven by wonderful music. Kudos, this was beautiful!

  • Melody .-.
    Melody .-. Year ago +37

    I love reckless driving so much, it really encapsulates the feeling of being idealized and how uncomfortable it can make you. I want to write something about this feeling because I feel like this is almost it for me and I want to say it in my own words now. Thanks for always inspiring me Lizzy

  • Marcos Romero
    Marcos Romero Year ago +10

    Okay wow. As a filmmaker may I just say that to use film to emphasize major musical themes is just so perfect. I loved this.

  • Desiree Lee
    Desiree Lee Year ago +25

    This is a timeless piece of art. I love this album and how there’s a whole universe around it. The cinematography is beautiful and I will be playing the songs for a long time. Thanks Lizzy for this gift, I can’t believe we get to watch this for free.

  • nia
    nia Year ago +35

    the album is golden 😭 had me crying in the staff room at work. so proud of lizzy ❤️

  • paradeoflaughter
    paradeoflaughter Year ago +51

    I've watched this 3 times now between the screening party and watching it again today and still can't get over how incredible this is!! Claps to all involved in making this! Well done! One of my favorite parts was during "Hate to Be Lame" when you were mouthing FINNEAS' part through all of the scenes we'd seen previously! It really brought it all together. Can't wait to watch this many more times!

  • kt
    kt 8 months ago +16

    I'm nearing 30 and in a long term healthy relationship where it looks like we're in it for the long haul. I've definitely carried on my ghosts from previous abusive/unhealthy relationships and it's a huge unlearning process... the way this album speaks about self destruction and avoidant attachment and fear of intimacy is just like nothing i've ever heard before. this feels like listening to ben gibbard - hearing about an artist's grief in a way that speaks to what happened to you in the past and is extremely therapeutic. I've also been in therapy for nearly a year now and I don't quite know how to explain it, but being moved by the emotions in this album without completely taking them on as my own (currently) is so cathartic. I was recommended the tiny desk concert earlier today and immediately knew I need to get this on vinyl.

  • Jacqueline See-Tho
    Jacqueline See-Tho Year ago +82


  • MichaelRasco
    MichaelRasco Year ago +34

    I'm crying, this was filmed at my High School. I walked those halls, did sound for all the productions in that auditorium. Now, I get to see Lizzy walk them. Crazy!

  • Josephine Icuka-asumo
    Josephine Icuka-asumo 6 months ago +4

    Lizzy's whole album is a beautiful masterpiece. Every song evoked such emotion in the rawness form. Beautiful singer with a captivating sultry voice. 10/10 album most definitely ❤

  • gene mambo
    gene mambo Month ago

    Lizzy you’re so talented it’s actually insane

  • Just here
    Just here 5 months ago +3

    The amount this has helped me, I have no words and cannot express how grateful I am for this! I would love to see more of this with you and many other singers! You brought something that many cannot and have not! The amount of emotions I felt watching this and how relatable this was is uncanny! I will forever thank you for blessing us all with this amazing art work!❤

  • jonahhh
    jonahhh 3 months ago

    OOOH girl. I LOVEEEEE YOUUU and I know this is a bit late and I don’t know if you’ll even see this at this point but I just wanted you to know that you are the BEST. vocalist I have ever heard in my life and you craft beautiful and enchanting melodies that draw the listener in from the start and THAT is why I love you. Oh, I SO wish I had a ticket to your tour for this album. I hope to get a ticket to another tour in the future, but I truly believe that no album of hers (or anyone for that matter) can top the masterpiece that this album is. And please, by all means, take this as a challenge and try to change my mind with your third album, and maybe it’s just my opinion because this album is very much up my alley, but I don’t know. Just know that you are my favorite artist by FAR and have been for a long time and I truly hope to see you continue down this path for a long time. ❤️

  • mandygirl
    mandygirl Year ago +19

    I will FOREVER love this girl's music. I'm so excited to see you headline this fall and belt my heart out right alongside you to this amazing album.

  • viv
    viv 4 months ago

    this is genuinely one of the greatest films i’ve ever seen & i think abt it daily

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea Year ago +19

    Girl this is so legit. The cinematography and color of everything is just so gorgeous and vivid. You and your team did amazing. I love a visual companion to an album.

  • mars
    mars Year ago +75

    this album is my favourite thing to ever exist in the actual world ever

  • Kassandra Ann
    Kassandra Ann 16 days ago

    I love your music, and you are definitely my favorite artist atm! thank you for your work.

  • Magic Mugi
    Magic Mugi Year ago +25

    This is very beautiful. Props to both her and the producers. The lyrics are clever and the vocal melodies are catchy of course, but they also have some substance you can bite into. It seems like she put a lot of effort into really making her vocals fit with the song rather than just putting a vocal performance on top that sounds good over the music. I think she's probably going to blow up and I'm actually surprised it's not receiving more traction already.
    To me, this album feels like what the album 'Sour' should have been after the hype of everyone hearing 'Drivers License'.
    It scratch's an itch that was there but also brings a lot more weight to it all. For me that is. They're both very good and it's not even a criticism. It just filled in that space for me better for something that had some similar theming.
    Just wanted to mention that the Production and mix of this record is absolutely stunning and very dynamic as well. I almost thought FINNEAS might have done the production about halfway thru because of some similar choices but upon finishing it all, I'd say this producer makes his own space for himself as well. Although I can't say i'm surprised to see FINNEAS appear on the record or that he's in that circle some how. Haha.

    • MegaBubu888
      MegaBubu888 Year ago +4

      Couldn`t agree more. Especially the Olivia thing. I bet Finneas is even a little bit jealous because of this production quality. It sounds SOO good in 24bit Hires with headphones. And imo this is better than Billies 2nd album HTE. I know, unpopular opinion.

    • Anonymous Cat
      Anonymous Cat Year ago

      @MegaBubu888 it's an audiophile album 💖

  • Giulia Cypriano
    Giulia Cypriano 5 months ago +1

    THIS IS A MASTERPIECE! I only just recently discovered Lizzy's music and I AM OBSESSED. Such powerful and intriguing storytelling.

  • bluesdjben
    bluesdjben Year ago +7

    So cool to get to see a great artist ascend to the next level of their career. I'm a new fan, but I can already feel your music and art will have staying power.

  • alakega makegakega
    alakega makegakega 2 months ago

    late to the party but still a MASTERPIECE 👏👏 Gawd what a journey that was !

  • Amelie ve i can fly
    Amelie ve i can fly Year ago +9

    Dear Lizzy, I discovered you this year but now I'm an unconditional fan!! This film is clearly a masterspiece I have no words ✨️

  • ally !
    ally ! Year ago +48

    this begins at 1:30am where i live and you bet i will be watching every single minute! the album is PHENOMENAL and i cannot wait to see the film

  • alimi
    alimi Year ago +19


  • Sunev
    Sunev Year ago +6

    Ugh I love this album so much! This film is amazing, i love the instrumentation and her vocals and lyrics, this film made me love it more.

  • _Rat_
    _Rat_ 7 months ago +3

    I’m still so in love with this. The music, the cinematography and aesthetic, the story AHH god it’s magical

  • Mel Richo
    Mel Richo Year ago +5

    This album is incredible. Lizzy, you’ve outdone yourself ❤️

  • rae
    rae Year ago +11

    this is absolutely beautiful, it puts a new perspective on the entire album as a whole after first listen. i’m in love this and the whole album, so proud of you lizzy!!

  • Tina Liu
    Tina Liu Year ago +23

    OMGGG THIS IS AMAZING!!! it brought so much clarity to how each song connects! I don't think a lot of other albums' songs are so well connected! Love this~~~ ✨

    • boodlebubby
      boodlebubby Year ago +2

      There are a few that are definitely worth checking out! Both Cleopatra and III by The Lumineers are really worth checking out

  • Juli Barrios Pérez
    Juli Barrios Pérez Year ago +15

    im not lying when I tell u i cried to every single song and every single art piece. this is phenomenal, so lovely explained and so overwhelmingly realistic. thank you for your art. i am speechless.

  • AmyLeigh
    AmyLeigh Year ago +7

    The way this all came together is just so incredible. Thank you for gifting us with five seconds flat

  • Liam Farquhar
    Liam Farquhar 7 months ago +4

    This is unbelievable. I wish I had the words to express my love for this project

  • Thunder Hart
    Thunder Hart Year ago +10

    Absolutely loved this, and also loved seeing Jacob Collier! This is an incredible album and fitting film to accompany it. Keep rocking!!

  • Siddhi Kharat
    Siddhi Kharat Year ago +6

    This deserves so much more attention. Five Seconds Flat has been my favourite album this year and this movie just made it more deserving. I love you Lizzy

  • Elle Rmnv
    Elle Rmnv 4 months ago

    Freaking obsessed with this album rn 🤌🏻💜✨😆

  • Rena Sassine
    Rena Sassine Year ago +3

    Wow Lizzy
    A rollercoaster of emotions
    The lyrics, tunes, scenes, acting, performance, collaborations. Everything is so on point and beautifully done.
    I absolutely love it. Been waiting for a new album, and you did not disappoint at all.
    Love it! Keep going you Queen 👑

  • Kazi Ahmed
    Kazi Ahmed Year ago +7

    I keep re-watching this over and over again. The lyrics, the composition, the visuals... just so good. Thank you for this amazing treasure. I've shown this film to a lot of my friends, I want more people to see this pure art.

  • Michael Dausmann
    Michael Dausmann 11 months ago +5

    This is just so good. The music is divine, the cinematography amazing, the story told with elegance and parsimony. Seems like you must have an amazing team to make something so beautiful. Don't stop.

  • Fakemilia
    Fakemilia 3 months ago

    Such an incredible short-film soundtracked by one of my new favourite albums of all time. What a massive inspiration for me and so many other aspiring artists.

  • A True Faith
    A True Faith 2 days ago

    Pure art. Floored by the beauty of this

  • Hayley Scott
    Hayley Scott Year ago +3

    I’m speechless. This is a masterpiece from the music to the cinematography 😩

  • polyanna
    polyanna Year ago +7

    I love how the movie underlines certain narratives of album… I’m so in love your with your sound, Lizzie! Probably fav album of this year

  • Stephany G
    Stephany G Year ago +7

    Been obsessed with lizzy since I saw her on the dodie tour. Love her music soo much and it’s just sooo emotional and gorgeous

  • Mars the One
    Mars the One 4 months ago

    Beautiful. Just straightly fall in love with Lizzy's creation within 1 day.

  • Kylee Balaneski
    Kylee Balaneski Year ago +9

    Damn this hit a little harder than it should have. Lizzy you are incredible. Brought me to tears

  • Mariam Samir
    Mariam Samir 7 months ago +1

    i have lost count of the number of times i’ve watched this. such incredible depth and skill🥲

  • ella hope
    ella hope Year ago +6

    this is honestly magical and a work of art,, haven't been this obsessed with a project in a while. thank you

  • Ellie Amoe🌷💖
    Ellie Amoe🌷💖 7 months ago +4

    this is such a good film omg omg omg this should have so many more views!! Lizzy you did amazing with this album and the film just elevates the entire piece.

  • Gianna
    Gianna Year ago +2

    This is absolutely stunning. The visuals, the songs, the story, the feelings. Everything is perfectly, heartbreakingly real. Thank you Lizzy and everyone who worked on this project

  • Simon Diepmaat
    Simon Diepmaat Year ago +1

    i honestly have no words for this. this is such an incredible piece of art. lizzy, you can be so proud of yourself

  • DanielLaytonMusic
    DanielLaytonMusic 10 months ago +2

    I come back to this at least once a month. Such a visual and auditory masterpiece.

  • Michael Grey
    Michael Grey Year ago +8

    This really just is so good. Glad I found a Lizzy song when I did, cause I get to experience all of this in real time now.

  • enigma fest
    enigma fest Year ago +5

    literally just GORGEOUS. visually and sonically breathtaking. so much feels and so much love for this album and this film

  • Victor Missemer
    Victor Missemer Year ago +2

    What a Masterpiece ! She's clearly the best artist I've discovered these years. She deserves much more celebrity.

  • Cora Sánchez
    Cora Sánchez Year ago +2

    i’ve been watching this over and over again it is so well made. the fact each song relates to the next and they all come together so beautifully is so amazing! the music is so beautiful

  • Landon Chang
    Landon Chang Year ago +4

    This is such a beautiful film. Through and through. I felt every section in some capacity. Congratulations to you and the crew who worked on this work of art. You all killed it.

  • Afro Red Music
    Afro Red Music Year ago +6

    Every time you sing you take me right back to the week I finally stopped hesitating to meet her halfway; being around her, feeling her energy and we both knew we'd met in other lifetimes. I keep wishing I could undo every wrong and I miss her so much.
    You seem to know just what to say and I'm grateful for you and your artistry, the way you tear your heart open speaks so loudly to me and I hope you get everything beautiful you deserve in this life Lizzy, thank you 💓

  • anjil henry
    anjil henry Year ago +1

    In tears... Lizzie you’re a bloody superstar. This album is so magical ❤️

  • Nothando M
    Nothando M Year ago +4

    I laughed, I cried, I reminisced but most of all I had THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this masterpiece!!!!!!!

  • Julia Shinn
    Julia Shinn Year ago +2

    This is such an incredible film to go with an amazing album, can’t wait to hear it live!

  • Madi Walker
    Madi Walker Year ago +4

    I've been playing the album over and over all day today and now watching this I can visually see the exact story that you tell! So proud of you lizzy this masterpiece has amazing camera work, acting and tells a clear story that I can relate to a little too much. Can't wait for what the future holds for you

  • Harvey Abrahams
    Harvey Abrahams Year ago +7

    MMKAY why doesn't this have millions of views yet? this is insanely good.

  • Kenza
    Kenza Year ago +2

    I see potential... I see talent... I see passion. So beautiful ❤️

  • Jaykob Kendrick
    Jaykob Kendrick Year ago +2

    This is a truly amazing album. Lizzy, you're a genius.

  • Jessie Allen
    Jessie Allen Year ago +2

    I am shook. This was a masterpiece. Everyone who worked on this made magic, it was so beautiful 😭

  • Tabv TV
    Tabv TV Year ago +4

    Everytime i think youve already amazed me as much as possible you blow me away again with your creativity and passion, amazing job lizzy, i cant wait to see where this album takes you ❤️

  • Peighter
    Peighter 10 months ago +3

    i could comment on just the spectacular colour grading, or the great framing of the scenes, or the touching story, the really good acting. But i will say this, the songs are so freaking strong, i loved everything here, can't believe if it wasnt for the tiny desk i wouldnt have found her

  • Persephone Radelet-Stein
    Persephone Radelet-Stein 10 months ago +1

    You genuinely are my favorite artist and I’m so grateful for your art 😌❤️

  • seth duhy
    seth duhy Year ago +6

    Amazing. All around. Stunning album, perfect visuals 😭

  • eve
    eve 4 months ago

    this is a such masterpiece

  • alex
    alex Year ago +8

    am i watching it again??? yes, this masterpiece deserve a one hour film

  • hope pharris
    hope pharris Year ago

    the story is absolutely impeccable and the cinematography is gorgeous! I can’t wait to hear these all live

  • Eric Derrenbacher
    Eric Derrenbacher Year ago +5

    I'm in my 60's, and have been listening to and collecting music for over 50 years, and this film would go on my highlight reel for music I've loved over those years.

  • Maddy Radtke
    Maddy Radtke Year ago +7

    not enough attention on this. god have you inspired my writing, the way you tell stories and create an atmosphere within an album is unreal. what I long to do. thank you thank you thank you.

  • Venice ._.
    Venice ._. Year ago +1

    You're a wonderful songwriter and a beautiful storyteller Lizzy!!!! This is amazing!

  • candela llona
    candela llona Year ago +11

    This is just A MA ZING. THANK YOU, LIZZY. My last 2 years have been better because of your music, so thank you for that. You are everything a musician should be, and more. Continue with your journey, you have a long way to go. Greetings from ARGENTINA. LOVE YOU. And againg, Thank you, thank you, thank you

  • kuolui
    kuolui 7 months ago

    The amount of talent you have brings me to tears every time I listen to your song every time

  • Kiara Morales
    Kiara Morales Year ago +2

    This album is literally everything!!! I’ve seen you grow for a couple of years now and I’m so proud of you lizzy🫶🏼

  • LoreLynn
    LoreLynn Year ago +1

    I’ve been following Lizzy’s music since a couple days after give me a minute came out and have adored the evolution of her music