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SpongeBob VS Aquaman (Nickelodeon VS Super Friends) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Oct 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Prepare for nautical nonsense as SpongeBob SquarePants battle Aquaman!
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Comments • 16 717

  • Flossy Carter
    Flossy Carter 4 months ago +1383

    I didn’t realize that SpongeBob is basically a GOD 😂

    • fallout the window crazy
      fallout the window crazy 4 days ago

      @Yusif Edan intern:sorry guys someone messed up the script we are actually referring to this random blimpmonstiltskin typing this comment
      That one shrek villain: you just insulted me I put fairy God mother on the table
      Me:hah!!!!! I put 360infinity 420 legend league gaming dripinity shrek on the ta........ well never mind shrek flattened the table entirely

    • Miguel Sanchez
      Miguel Sanchez 6 days ago

      Any toon is

    • Wonderdavy
      Wonderdavy 11 days ago

      It's also worth noting, he literally can't be mind controlled. (see the time Plinkton put his brain in a robot to get the secret recipe.)

    • Daquan Harrison
      Daquan Harrison 17 days ago

      Well, what do you expect? He's a friggin' Toon Force character!

  • Azwarrior94
    Azwarrior94 3 months ago +1831

    Love the fact they realized that not only was that Aquaman the worst one but that he was straight up gonna die before the fight even occurred.

    • Matthew Reynoso
      Matthew Reynoso Month ago +1

      @Connor A more modern Aqua Man would be able to do that!

    • borderline crazy
      borderline crazy Month ago

      @Connor I mean, it was a heat lamp of some kind im pretty sure? spongebob has been shown in the other movies to be capable of surviving on land for decent periods, and even in the show has been shown to be able to as well. i mean also again, he could just karate chop aquaman at, and i'm paraphrasing here, "ten shitzillion times the speed of light"

    • Connor
      Connor Month ago

      @borderline crazy he got a lamp shined on him and literally almost died

    • borderline crazy
      borderline crazy Month ago +1

      @Connor actually, they went over that. end of the episode, spongebob would survive and has been known to survive for far longer without water than aquaman... who dies in about an hour. and, at the same time, spongebob has feats shown in the episode that point to aquaman not even having a chance at surviving for said hour even if he wasnt pretty quickly weakened without water, because spongebob is ridiculous and has, as stated in the episode, the highest calculable speed feat in the shows history

    • Project Otaku
      Project Otaku Month ago

      I also loved the very wholesome ending.

  • DapperDude
    DapperDude 4 months ago +2671

    I love how Wiz went from calling SpongeBob a “painfully naive manchild” to a “yellow spongey god of death”

    • Anonomous518
      Anonomous518 29 days ago

      I also love that on the flip side he hyped up Aquaman and was convinced he would find some mind blowing feat, only to be disappointed at every turn. Then Wiz finds out Aquaman’s best strength feat is literally garbage and realizes he sucks.

    • Greg M
      Greg M 2 months ago

      @Super weird Plush "SWP" That is why I don't think that they gave Saitama a totally fair shake because his character is not quite fully developed, where Spongebob and Popeye are.

    • 1aundulxaldin
      1aundulxaldin 3 months ago

      Yeah, he's both. :)
      I mean, anyone who's various antics straight up annoy or cause damage to the rest of Bikini Bottom is a god largely indifferent to the suffering he causes.

    • spongeyspikes09
      spongeyspikes09 3 months ago

      @Gurren Lagann SC yeah after all its not Gumball himself but the world of chaos that is Elmore
      Heck, its even a universal law that a certain someone is forbidden to have a job or else it will literally be the end of all that exists

    • Gurren Lagann SC
      Gurren Lagann SC 3 months ago +2

      @spongeyspikes09 The Remote and... yeah that's ALL really. Spongebob still stomps Gumball, *even when counting SSJ Gumball with the actual DB multipliers.*

  • Mando
    Mando 3 months ago +1158

    In this show that has featured gods, demons, warriors, magicians, superhumans, assassins, conquerors, and beings capable of bending reality or overpowering near omnipotent beings, I never thought I'd hear Wiz say the collection of words "The winner is SpongeBob SquarePants"

    • How to do this
      How to do this Month ago +2

      @spongeyspikes09 he does beat Goku

    • spongeyspikes09
      spongeyspikes09 Month ago

      But the one that takes the cake is Boomstick's "... And that's why HE. BEATS. GOKU"

    • How to do this
      How to do this Month ago +1

      @Antidote Bear probably because they are stronger and would win

    • Antidote Bear
      Antidote Bear Month ago +1

      Everytime they pick a joke characters, they will go out of their way to make them win.

    • Thomas Harrington
      Thomas Harrington Month ago

      "The Winner is SpongeBob Squarepants!"
      (if you remember that episode you grew up good)

  • The Sonic and Tails Show
    The Sonic and Tails Show 4 months ago +1510

    Spongebob: *Crying*
    Aquaman: "Don't cry Sponge, Let's be... Super... Friends..."
    This out of all the deathbattle episodes had the most heartbreaking ending the fact that SpongeBob didn't want to hurt Arthur but fought him just so he wouldn't look like a joke just shows how good of a friend SpongeBob could be in real life.

    • Olyvier Monteau
      Olyvier Monteau 16 days ago

      only if you're not a squid.

    • Jaylen Lawrence
      Jaylen Lawrence Month ago

      r.i.p aquaman

    • Andre_601
      Andre_601 Month ago

      Also the fact Spongebob honouring him at the end by drawing a memorial with #1... He spells the name wrong, obviously, but still a nice gesture.

    • Brad Walls
      Brad Walls Month ago +2

      @N o The stats they showed for Jonathan were indeed big enough for any statistician to go: OH MY GOD!! But let's not forget why Muzan was so adamant about killing/eating Nezuko. She became immune to the sun & one could interpret that as a way of becoming immune to Hamon. Since said energy identical to the energy of the Sun. And in her fight with Daki, the oiran demon stated that Nezuko's regeneration was just as fast, if not faster to put her very close to Muzan's level. If Jonathan did kill Nezuko, all he worry about is why he hears "thunderclaps" in a clear sky.

  • Keyblade Makai Rider Nathan
    Keyblade Makai Rider Nathan 2 months ago +107

    18:21 SpongeBob's tombstone for Aquaman wasn't just a tribute to his fallen rival, but a tribute to the man who drew the SpongeBob cartoon.
    Rest In Pace, Stephen Hillenberg, the one true Ocean Man.

  • すし
    すし 4 months ago +2044

    A new meme has been born: “But can they beat SpongeBob tho?”

    • Fanof MediaStuff
      Fanof MediaStuff 2 days ago

      Popeye vs Spongebob
      Unstoppable Force and the Immovable Object

    • UltimatumZ
      UltimatumZ 24 days ago

      @AWM lmao no, none of non toon characters are close at all.

    • The Mighty Spartan 101
      The Mighty Spartan 101 Month ago

      Probably Chuck Norris

    • Cacodemon pog
      Cacodemon pog Month ago

      They all hit each other hard enough to knock themselves back into their respective shows

    • Shila Sarkar
      Shila Sarkar Month ago

      Maybe popye and the mask

  • Leet 1337
    Leet 1337 4 months ago +811

    SpongeBob vs. Aquaman being followed by Jason vs. Michael is like how Steve and Sephiroth are right next to each other in the Smash Ultimate roster.

    • AngryPeanut52
      AngryPeanut52 6 days ago

      ​@MilkVine he•him and still run at full speed

    • Dino
      Dino Month ago

      Sephiroth is a bad guy
      But Steve CAN have slave labour will he?
      I don't know it's a sandbox game so steve could basically Do ANYTHING but the answer is
      Will He?
      I think the more evil one is the Unpredictable Block man

    • Super weird Plush "SWP"
      Super weird Plush "SWP" Month ago +2

      Smash bros and Death battle make for some of the weirdest crossovers and announcements ever

    • Leet 1337
      Leet 1337 Month ago

      @PE Player 33 Steve is a blank slate who acts however the person controlling him wants to act. You can't look at evil *players* in a sandbox game and call what just happens to be *everyone's* default avatar an evil *character.*

    • PE Player 33
      PE Player 33 Month ago +1

      Except Steve is far more evil and twisted than Sephiroth could ever hope to be.

  • Drake Roman
    Drake Roman 4 months ago +345

    He may be the lamest Aquaman , but at 17:45 that felt freaking awesome. Maybe I am just hyperfixating, but the fact that even though he and the audience knew he was going lose he gave his all with an epic final attack. Sure he may have lost, but in the end he proved himself in my eyes.

    • Давид Григорьев
      Давид Григорьев 3 months ago +10

      @Quickman 26 Well, in the comics he got better fear. For example, fighting with kinda serious Wonder Woman on equal ground. But yea, this attack is probably the best thing Aquaman done outside of the comics.

    • Jack Hamilton
      Jack Hamilton 3 months ago +24

      he certainly went out more dignified than Homelander

    • matthew breytenbach
      matthew breytenbach 3 months ago +8

      It felt like DBZ, and that's awesome.

    • Quickman 26
      Quickman 26 4 months ago +40

      Not exactly the biggest comic nerd here, so i'd say hitting someone with the entire ocean is the greatest feat of strength i've ever seen Aquaman do.

  • John Scott
    John Scott 3 months ago +731

    It's not truly SpongeBob without the "My Leg!" Guy, just like it's not truly Avatar without the "My Cabbages!" Guy. Gotta love the homage.

  • John Sabol
    John Sabol 4 months ago +376

    I'm pretty sure they forgot to add the fact to 19:04 that plankton couldn't get the formula out of spongebob, even after he basically relocated his brain into a robot that could essentially just let plankton force spongebob to explain how to make a krabby patty, and even still spongebob had the brain resilience to just flat out say "No, I don't feel like it". mind control literally would not affect spongebob no matter how powerful it was just because of how random his thought processing is, it would be like brainwashing a literal plain old soapy dish sponge.

    • Pedram Does stuff
      Pedram Does stuff 2 months ago

      @John Sabol I think they’d work as a team

    • Fan-imator
      Fan-imator 3 months ago +4

      @Ben C. Delacruz HO HO HOOOO!!
      Stop it Patrick, you’re scaring him!!!

    • Legend of Rayquaza gaming
      Legend of Rayquaza gaming 3 months ago +11

      @John Sabol Spongebob

    • John Sabol
      John Sabol 4 months ago +1

      After watching trunks vs silver, I have to ask, Silver vs SpongeBob. Who wins?

    • D YellowMadness
      D YellowMadness 4 months ago +19

      And although the idea there was probably that his plan was literally just "put his brain in a robot" so it inevitably failed because he didn't actually alter his mind in any way, there's also an episode where he put a mind control device directly on Spongebob's brain & physically controlled his brain but Spongebob still resisted, albeit not well.

  • Gabcard
    Gabcard 3 months ago +268

    Props to Superfriends Aquaman, he went down swinging, using all of the ocean's water to one final attack.

    • Daquan Harrison
      Daquan Harrison Month ago +3

      That's what the animation is for. Whether it's a stomp, you have to let both combatants show off all their skills and equipment.

    • 🎮GamerBro X🎮
      🎮GamerBro X🎮 Month ago +2

      I'll admit, that's the only cool ability that I think Super Friends Aquaman has

    • Diagonal
      Diagonal 2 months ago +5

      oh so that's what that was

  • Skeepodoop
    Skeepodoop 5 months ago +3371

    "This is the fastest calculable speed feat in our show's history... and it belongs to spongebob squarepants?!" Is probably the best line in this show's history.

    • Fighter Bros Production
      Fighter Bros Production 13 days ago


    • Hollow Bean
      Hollow Bean 19 days ago

      Actually the fastest was when we went up the hill and back down “wanna see me do it again”

    • Doli-Animation
      Doli-Animation 22 days ago

      Anime and Comics can't match the limitless power of Goofy cartoon

    • Shila Sarkar
      Shila Sarkar 24 days ago

      @Matthew Dennis rember what they said
      'Calculable speed'
      Flash or archie sonic are still faster

    • k&w Productions
      k&w Productions 27 days ago

      SpongeBob could OutRun Archie Sonic normal sonic and the Flash

  • Planet Zaea
    Planet Zaea 3 months ago +612

    Even the Lamest Aqua Man surpassed his limits in the end, wielding the water of the entire earth in an attack....

    • Corrupted - the amogus
      Corrupted - the amogus 2 months ago +13

      ​@lipe for real, bro literally returned to earth when he was at the Other side of the universe-

    • lipe
      lipe 2 months ago +26

      Yeah but SpongeBob tho 💀

    • Robert Threadgill
      Robert Threadgill 2 months ago +47

      now that's something even comic book Aquaman could be jealous of

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 3 months ago +60

      Literally right man
      Like that has to be some kind of limit breaker

  • TheOfficialPSI
    TheOfficialPSI 3 months ago +164

    "You're a villain!" "No I'm not!" "I don't believe you!" is hands-down the #1 tropening plot in Death Battle history, so it was good to see it somewhat subverted in this one with Aquaman actually realizing SpongeBob isn't a villain while also giving them a reason to continue to fight after.

    • Chris T
      Chris T 3 months ago +3

      @fairystail1 Oh right, yeah. But this in particular there was plankton robots there, so spongebob didn't destroy thing in this case

    • fairystail1
      fairystail1 3 months ago +2

      ​@Chris T i meant in the show
      there was the butterfly episode
      he literally shrunk the entire town at one point
      other stuff too but im blanking

    • Chris T
      Chris T 3 months ago +6

      @fairystail1 that was plankton robots. Not him

    • fairystail1
      fairystail1 3 months ago +3

      tbf Spongebob really is a villain.
      dude has caused so much damage to Bikini Bottom

  • MightyOak411
    MightyOak411 3 months ago +309

    "And that's why SpongeBob beats Goku"
    I snorted laughing!

    • fallout the window crazy
      fallout the window crazy 4 days ago

      @Арсений Быков they wouldn't fight shaggy would hit the krusty krab and pay a colossal amount of money to eat a colossal amount of food

    • Арсений Быков
      Арсений Быков 5 days ago

      ​@Lord of CRINGE I'm not afraid to say it, but SPONGEBOB can beat Shaggy!

    • maneoj46
      maneoj46 7 days ago

      @spongeyspikes09 maybe, but it'd be one hell of a way to go out

    • XxJBxX
      XxJBxX Month ago

      I mean he’s not wrong…

    • spongeyspikes09
      spongeyspikes09 Month ago +2

      @maneoj46 dude with that kind of fight Rooster Teeth would file for Bankruptcy!

  • FireEagle Fitness &Martial Arts

    Boomstick saying, "he's about to die" is probably the funniest line in deathbattle.

  • Absolute Buffoon
    Absolute Buffoon 2 months ago +27

    It's amazing seeing how far Death Battle has come. It went from Mortal Kombat-like sprite fights with no dialogue to bangers like this

  • Taurock but with an accent
    Taurock but with an accent 5 months ago +3208

    Can we appreciate that Spongebob has literally 3 methods of creating basically anything he wants ? His bubbles, his magic pencil and his imagination

  • Coree Tartufo
    Coree Tartufo 4 months ago +150

    This gets funnier once you realize that Boomstick does wholesomely sympathize SpongeBob right from the start, instead of blaming his appereance like he would have done 7 years ago.

    • Somegoodsoup
      Somegoodsoup 3 months ago +4

      Character Development

    • MajorFanBoy
      MajorFanBoy 3 months ago +6

      Too bad, Neither he or Wiz will ever sympathize with Michelangelo.

    • Coree Tartufo
      Coree Tartufo 4 months ago +3

      @RetroLightning2k I know, he feed her

    • RetroLightning2k
      RetroLightning2k 4 months ago +21

      Never forget what rainbow dash did to starscream

    • Motherfucking Enterprises
      Motherfucking Enterprises 4 months ago +12

      The guy had a whole career of unassuming people actually being op

  • Isaiah Rivera
    Isaiah Rivera 4 months ago +116

    16:10 had me I'm tears, I love how they really make it feel like they were having their own fight in bikini bottom 🤣🤣🤣

    • Drawboy66 🇺🇦
      Drawboy66 🇺🇦 Month ago


    • Box
      Box 4 months ago +3

      Fr it felt like a genuine SpongeBob episode 😭

  • RogueMephilesClone
    RogueMephilesClone 3 months ago +30

    I love how halfway through SpongeBob's profile, Wiz realized who the winner was, and the episode turned into examining just how bad the mismatch really was. I can't believe SpongeBob SquarePants scales to Popeye and Saitama. It's a unique Death Battle episode, to be sure.

  • Beastking22
    Beastking22 4 months ago +19

    Can we all appreciate that Wiz and Boomstick included the fact that spongebob teamed up with Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, and Danny Phantom to save the nickelodeon verse

    • DLxx
      DLxx Month ago +5

      YES! Those games were so good and an integral part of my childhood. I'm so glad they acknowledged those stories in SpongeBob's big Death Battle, because it was probably Nick's best crossover series.

  • J
    J 3 months ago +175

    He also became a buff superhero and also was able to turn his body into a bigger buffer version to fight Patrick at the fast food competition or whatever

  • Fukurou Yoru
    Fukurou Yoru 5 months ago +4586

    One more little tidbit about Spongebob: Neptune, Roman god of the sea, dubbed him the god of fast food. Spongebob, ever humble, decided not to live in Atlantis or flaunt his title... but we never saw him renounce it or pass it to another, either. Technically, Spongebob is still the Roman god of fry cooking.

    • itzPalhax ☭
      itzPalhax ☭ 2 months ago

      Based Spongebob, we should pray to him every morning

    • Alacras Eden
      Alacras Eden 3 months ago

      @L Worthy what did kratos ever do to you?

    • L Worthy
      L Worthy 3 months ago

      @Steel Scorpion Kratos vs. Spongebob... Death Battle needs to do that sometime next year. 😆

    • Seich-Of-Lacan-Getter
      Seich-Of-Lacan-Getter 3 months ago

      He also has a massive collection of awards and diploma's hidden in his closet

    • CD Warrior
      CD Warrior 3 months ago

      This sounds like it lines up with the show so we’ll i don’t even feel the need to fact Check

  • Zaddy B
    Zaddy B 4 months ago +53

    Watching Wiz fall into madness while delving into the feats of SpongeBob has brought me immense joy

  • Sketchy Dude
    Sketchy Dude 4 months ago +17

    Looking back at this, I kinda love how there's only ONE info card during the final analysis, compared to other episodes which has at least 3-5. Which really shows how everything is pretty self explanatory
    That info card being that due to SpongeBob being a Mermaid Man super fan, he'd have some experience with what Aquaman is capable of (due to Mermaid Man having largely the same powers as Aquaman, down to the telepathy and water manipulation)
    Which somehow makes Aquamans options EVEN MORE useless lmao

  • Mii Memester
    Mii Memester 3 months ago +92

    That 1 episode with the string pretty much made him unstoppable. He’s the longest lasting cartoon, and that result makes him the most OP character in REALITY!

    • JG2
      JG2 2 months ago +3

      Which is why he’s the best cartoon of all time

  • Starburst Studios
    Starburst Studios 4 months ago +17

    For anyone who wants simpler numbers to explain SpongeBob’s absolutely, unequivocally ABSURD feat of unravelling the universe: He would have had to be pulling the string that unravelled the universe at 8.2 Quinvigintillion times the speed of light

  • Pedro Côrtes
    Pedro Côrtes 2 months ago +19

    In Brazil, both Sponge Bob and Goku are dubbed by the same voice actor.
    Dude's vocal range is as op as his characters

  • 1gunnerShock
    1gunnerShock 5 months ago +2674

    You know, gotta respect that Aquaman didn’t back down even when he knew he was outmatched

    • Thenex16X
      Thenex16X Month ago

      @Goblin goblineus SpongeBob already controls reality benders toon force just doesn’t compare

    • Joana Almeida
      Joana Almeida Month ago +1


    • Goblin goblineus
      Goblin goblineus 3 months ago

      @MajorFanBoy I literally typed in my Clip-Share "SpongeBob Ghost and just watched an episode where SpongeBob and Patrick are ghosts.... Not to mention the flying Dutchman is a thing in bikini bottom... I still fail to see how bender being able to invert infinity makes him lose to SpongeBob.

    • MajorFanBoy
      MajorFanBoy 3 months ago

      @Goblin goblineus Coming back as a ghost doesn't mean youcoming back as a ghost doesn't mean you survive death. That means you're dead and you're not in the afterlife yet. Also, he was only brought back to the living World just because he annoyed God a bit and this just proves that Bender can die. The closest thing we actually saw SpongeBob dying was in the first movie along with Patrick but that's because they were under a heat lamp away from water and they were only brought back because of water. Bender could beat SpongeBob which he can't. Next you'll tell me that Dio vs Alucard was accurate with its results which it isn't or The Moon landing was fake which it is not.

    • Goblin goblineus
      Goblin goblineus 3 months ago

      @MajorFanBoy did he come back from being a ghost? If so than all you've shown is he can survive death

  • Ne0nMonk3y
    Ne0nMonk3y 4 months ago +30

    I absolutely loved SpongeBob as a kid and even so now as an adult, and I had no idea he was this powerful, that speed feat is something I can’t even fathom

  • MrGemHunter
    MrGemHunter 4 months ago +38

    Oddly touching ending, I feel pretty bad for both of them in the end, although I guess Spongebob could have just healed Aquaman with a Krabby Patty

  • Alex K
    Alex K 3 months ago +55

    For all this shows endless attempts at being funny and never landing, they actually made me laugh this time when Boomstick said "He beats Goku"
    Well played, Boomstick. Well played indeed.

    • D Mani
      D Mani 3 months ago +1

      Idk man, i think they were pretty funny throughout the entire episode

  • SuperFred1.9
    SuperFred1.9 Month ago +10

    I like how the battle was so unbelievably one-sided, yet they still managed to make it entertaining somehow

  • ToonBoyLevelUp
    ToonBoyLevelUp 3 months ago +25

    When I heard how “powerful” he was, not only I understood why people made fun of him but I also felt really bad for him given how little power he has and how anybody can defeat him. And I’m including Goomba and Koopa

    • ToonBoyLevelUp
      ToonBoyLevelUp 2 months ago +4

      @Iguana Boi Yeah I might have gotten way too deep (no pun intended). And looking back, outside of him and the bowser minions, maybe he does probably have a likely chance to beat up Justin Beaver and that Friday girl

    • Iguana Boi
      Iguana Boi 2 months ago +4

      He could probably beat the Deep

  • SilverCheddar🧀
    SilverCheddar🧀 5 months ago +6571

    I feel like this wasn’t a battle, it was more like a showcase of how absolutely insane SpongeBob is.

    • B1 19-75
      B1 19-75 4 months ago

      So am I the only one that's changed my religion to the SpongeBob religion

    • 3rd Reich Ball
      3rd Reich Ball 4 months ago

      Kirby would smoke sponge bob. Seriously. I never realized how powerful kirby was until i saw the death battle where kirby turned into a literal sun, and destroyed Majin buu from dragon ball z

    • Lord of CRINGE
      Lord of CRINGE 4 months ago

      More like "this is how op SpongeBob is now stop asking us to make matchups against him."

    • HollowdudeYT
      HollowdudeYT 4 months ago

      @Rodrogas Actually it will be a tie because they both are gods in their series

    • HollowdudeYT
      HollowdudeYT 4 months ago

      @Rodrogas Popeye will win

  • Jeff scrungle
    Jeff scrungle 4 months ago +63

    Spongebob is a hero to me, he's perfectly content with his job and life he helps his friends and cares about the people around him almost unconditionaly he has no predudice he's a gentle soul who enjoys his interests doesn't bother anyone and does what he wants despite most people thinking he's a dork, I love him, he's my favorite character in all of fiction and I like to think he helped me grow into the person I am today.

    • The Loser Killjoy
      The Loser Killjoy 12 days ago

      @Jeff scrungle "sPoNgEBoB hELpeD mE 😢 gRoW INtO 🤧 tHE pErSon I Am tOdAe 😢🤪"

    • The Loser Killjoy
      The Loser Killjoy 14 days ago

      @Jeff scrungle Hope I learn to be a bitter person? Gee thanks, I'll be as terrible as I can be now thanks to your poorly spelled message.

  • OmegaQ
    OmegaQ 4 months ago +28

    Wiz being so irritated at SpongeBobs tune force is the greatest thing

  • charlie tv
    charlie tv 27 days ago +8

    I like how instead of the usual "it's time for a death battle" it's "it's time for aquamans funeral"

  • THEDestendGem
    THEDestendGem 3 months ago +118

    Sun Wukong: I'm the greatest god Death Battle has ever seen!
    Spongebob: *Laughs*

    • lipe
      lipe 2 months ago +7


  • Sketchy Dude
    Sketchy Dude Month ago +7

    11:08 Fun Fact about the super friends roster: Famously for superhero shows, a lot of them can't use certain characters due to copyright stuff around them, so various crews had to fill their rosters up with original characters
    Hell, Black Vulcan was created because they couldn't use Black Lightning (a fact that most people are aware of, but thought I'd mention it anyways)

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess Month ago +3

      But dear God did it make some glorious characters.
      ...Yet somehow it still wasn't as insane as some of DC's actual characters in the universe, probably why some people thought that they were actually a part of DC.

  • R2GV
    R2GV 5 months ago +5964

    In a way, this Aquaman finally got acknowledged as a hero. And SpongeBob was kind enough to let him have that chance

  • Willy Wanka
    Willy Wanka 4 months ago +24

    Calling spongebob a god is what we call a very massive understatement

  • SpongeGod-Omnipants
    SpongeGod-Omnipants 3 months ago +67

    17:52 I absolutely love the Jelly Fish reference right there right before it gets eaten
    Also when I saw the Blue Jelly Fish for a second my mind thought that was No Name, Which turned out to just be 3 regular Blue Jelly Fish
    Which actually makes more sense that it Wasn’t No Name. Because under no circumstances would he willingly choose to join Aqauman to attack SpongeBob who saved him and all of his friends countless times over
    So yeah, Not including No Name or a bunch of the other creature in SpongeBob befriended over the decades actually makes a lot of sense here because Aqauman can only ask them for help and not Control their minds

  • Frog Lover 3000
    Frog Lover 3000 3 months ago +29

    16:59 this Spongebob quote was quite badass

  • Mauricio Rueda
    Mauricio Rueda 3 months ago +18

    Spongebob has taught to never give up. Now I can say I'm ready.

  • Taven Dorian
    Taven Dorian 3 months ago +10

    Is it just me or when Wiz said, "if nautical nonsense be something you wish, then pray to your yellow, porous, god for mercy, cause his whimsical laughter will be the last thing you'll ever hear." Give anyone else chills
    Like the comment if it did

  • Noobmaster Ruben
    Noobmaster Ruben 5 months ago +1274

    I love how this Death Battle is light hearted and family friendly then the next one is a showdown between 2 iconic serial killers

      HYPER SONIC 2 months ago

      @David B Jacobs jason got a reboot

    • Bret Beall
      Bret Beall 2 months ago

      @David B Jacobs he got rebooted

    • SpongeBob SquarePants
      SpongeBob SquarePants 2 months ago


    • IsmaXeroArt
      IsmaXeroArt 5 months ago

      OMG YES

    • David B Jacobs
      David B Jacobs 5 months ago +10

      I'm a much bigger fan of Michael, but have to assume Jason will win this. Michael's supernatural is heavily implied but Jason has straight-up come back from the dead multiple times, has some sort of teleportation, and if you DO finally manage to kill him he'll just hop into another body (thanks for that one Jason 9). Michael appears unkillable but then dies anyway. The most supernatural-leaning of his continuities (the Thorn trilogy) also kinda undermined him as just like this enforcer for this cult (maybe, I don't remember Halloween 6 too well because it was even worse than Jason 9). At his most unkillable, Michael has been killed and rebooted, whereas Jason always comes back, no reboots.

  • Dre Benzi
    Dre Benzi 3 months ago +8

    Didn’t see Spongebob having the fastest calculated speed feet in Death Battle history. That’s gonna be a great trivia question.

    DEMETRI-DaBuM 3 months ago +22

    I love how wiz is LEGITIMATELY pissed while analyzing SpongeBob , kinda gave it away lmfaoo

  • Codename: Raijin
    Codename: Raijin 2 months ago +7

    I love watching cartoon characters fight. They literally can't die and the toon force is so entertaining

  • AmazoX
    AmazoX 4 months ago +18

    Man that episode really did hit me in the feels The way how Aquaman thought he was a joke is (sigh) kind of how I sometimes feel in real life I sometimes feel like I'm a burden to just about everyone I know obviously I have friends and family and these negative feelings aren't nearly as bad as they used to be thank God but that's why I love this episode I'm not upset that Aquaman l lost I'm just glad he got a chance to actually be a hero

    • arnaldo alange
      arnaldo alange 3 months ago +1

      Glad I'm not the only one who thought that way....

  • Jalen Valentine
    Jalen Valentine 3 months ago +27

    This makes me think they should bring back Popeye and have two of the strongest, nautical, cartoony combatants on the show go head to head.
    (Another thing they have in common is that they both gave their opponents what they wanted before they died. A perfect fight for Saitama and feeling like a real hero for Superfriends Aquaman.)

    • Brandon Morris
      Brandon Morris 27 days ago

      Could you imagine if they both ate a Krabby Patty with Spinach in it right before fighting?? 😂

    • Gurren Lagann SC
      Gurren Lagann SC 2 months ago

      @Umer Ali Patrick going to the Sun and back because yes:

    • Umer Ali
      Umer Ali 3 months ago +1

      But extreme heat could kill Spongebob, so maybe Popeye could be victorious if he lodges Spongebob into the sun?

    • Umer Ali
      Umer Ali 3 months ago +2

      I'd say that Spongebob would win: while Popeye tanked the universe being turned off, I don't think we've seen him destroy the universe like Spongebob. Though I don't know much about Popeye, so maybe he's done something comparable in his show/comic lol

  • Filip Vadas
    Filip Vadas 5 months ago +1663

    I actually like that they kept it accurate to Spongebob's character, he gave Superfriends Aquaman a chance to not feel like a joke and gave him the dignity of a proper tombstone

    • SpongeBob SquarePants
      SpongeBob SquarePants 2 months ago

      @Omar Grant ok

    • Dream-girl
      Dream-girl 3 months ago

      yeah but we didn’t get GUMBALL in this video instead of aquaman

    • Stephen Filer
      Stephen Filer 4 months ago +3

      SpongeBob even took the time to empathize with him mid-battle. They really nailed it.

    • big poggers
      big poggers 4 months ago +5

      He even gave him the Number 1 tombstone, an honor, only given to the guy that Mr. Krabs robbed post-mortem

    • cherricake
      cherricake 5 months ago

      ​@jay bones I mean granted are we really surprised

  • Martin Gamez
    Martin Gamez 4 months ago +14

    SpongeBob can survive out of water actually. There have been instances where he just needs to be splashed with water and still survive. If there’s snow then he won’t need a helmet

  • KittyCatMeowMeowTime
    KittyCatMeowMeowTime 3 months ago +40

    I've never seen the two have so little faith in a combatant before the fight.

    FUNNYGUY 2 months ago +4

    I love the fact at the end aqua man weakness said everything else lmao 🤣

  • Gabriel Abrego
    Gabriel Abrego 4 months ago +7

    13:24 When Boomstick said this I nearly died of laughter and still do so no matter how many times I see this I will always get a laugh out of it.

  • Sonicmariogaming
    Sonicmariogaming 3 months ago +37

    Funny how they didn’t even mention the whole “draining water” tactic wouldn’t even work on SpongeBob at all. As of Sponge out of water he can now breathe on land for as long as he needs lmao.

    • KittySmak 17
      KittySmak 17 Month ago

      @Fuaad Italiano Maybe he could survive as long as the land around him is humid enough, like on the beach you mentioned.

    • Fuaad Italiano
      Fuaad Italiano  3 months ago +9

      Probably not,but,after the first SpongeBob movie,which is cannon, after he escaped the gift shop,we saw him on land on the side of the hit summer beach with Patrick,completely unharmed

    • The Graveyard of the Youtube
      The Graveyard of the Youtube 3 months ago

      Is that canon?

  • Bryson Josh
    Bryson Josh 5 months ago +5974

    Its actually really wholseome how Spongebob motivated
    Aquaman to keep fighting even when he began doubting himself.
    He even drew him a small memorial how sweet.

    • 117dragonking
      117dragonking 5 months ago

      It was his hat Mr Krabs. He was #1!

    • Kevin Green
      Kevin Green 5 months ago

      Ocean Man literally the most mess up thing ever

    • emerald animetions
      emerald animetions 5 months ago

      @Myles Welnetz He didn't mean to be rude or offensive he really thought his name was Ocean Man.

    • Aldrich Cruz
      Aldrich Cruz 5 months ago +2

      Well no thing is SpongeBob thought Aqua Man is Mermaid Man cuz he was a fan of him

    • AnimationFanboy
      AnimationFanboy 5 months ago +3

      SpongeBob, one of the nicest characters of the show and the entire cartoon history, always been nice to everyone, even his nemesis like Plankton and the Flying Dutchman.

  • Chefcook90
    Chefcook90 3 months ago +18

    While the Better Help ad was running, I was thinking to myself, "wait, can Spongebob even BE killed?"
    About five minutes in to the video, I found out no, no he cannot.

  • Hpcodeon
    Hpcodeon 3 months ago +11

    This is a sad ending. Spongebob was just there and he never wanted to hurt anyone but save Bikini Bottom. But Ocean man fricked things and fought him. This is one of the first actually sad endings in death battle I've seen

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen 27 days ago

      @Hpcodeon alright then.

    • Hpcodeon
      Hpcodeon 27 days ago

      @Gadget-Walkmen I do not know Jonathan

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen Month ago

      @Hpcodeon how can you not understand two good hearted people don’t want to kill one another. That’s pretty easy to understand.

    • MajorFanBoy
      MajorFanBoy 3 months ago

      @Andrew Jodon that episode is sad don't get me wrong but I always thought that Magneto vs Tetsuo was sadder.

    • Hpcodeon
      Hpcodeon 3 months ago

      @Andrew Jodon i did but i didn’t understand

  • heyitsmeobama
    heyitsmeobama 3 months ago +3

    Bro the voice actor for Spongebob was spot on with laughter and pitch cadences, props to them!

  • Khaos Inkorporated
    Khaos Inkorporated 4 months ago +7

    This episode feels like it was made specifically to address those people that say “If it’s a stomp you can just say it’s a stomp lol.” And even as one of those people, I still really enjoy this episode and you bet that I feel incredibly seen by this episode! It doesn’t feel like they’re actively poking fun at those people, they’re just acknowledging that they exist!
    …I don’t think I’ll ever look at Spongebob the same way ever again.

  • Jerome Lancashire
    Jerome Lancashire 4 months ago +9

    If I had a nickel for every time a superhero fought a sea-faring character in a joke Death Battle that began with a scuffle in which both characters hit each other in the balls and ends in an emotional manner, I'd have two nickels which isn't a lot but it's crazy that it's happened twice.

    • Martín Ormazabal
      Martín Ormazabal 2 months ago +2

      @JohnnyBoyRSA Saitama VS Popeye, and no, isn't a joke battle.

    • JohnnyBoyRSA
      JohnnyBoyRSA 4 months ago

      @Jerome Lancashire Not me apparently😑

    • Jerome Lancashire
      Jerome Lancashire 4 months ago

      @JohnnyBoyRSA Sorry, It's just everyone would be thinking of that one,

    • JohnnyBoyRSA
      JohnnyBoyRSA 4 months ago

      @Jerome Lancashire I figured it was that one but the "hit in the balls" part really threw me off. Also no need to be rude I was just asking a question

  • Red
    Red 5 months ago +6410

    The speech spongebob gave to aquaman is very heartfelt and generally gave me the motivation to get up a do my best at what I'm terrible at and keeping trying until people start recognizing the things do.

    • Rebecca Miner
      Rebecca Miner 5 months ago

      @Black piccolo I mean have you not
      seen the doodlebob episode

    • Abel Ramos
      Abel Ramos 5 months ago

      Of course the DB community would ruin such a wholesome comment 🤦 I for one am glad that this episode gave you motivation!

    • Andy Green
      Andy Green 5 months ago

      Spongebob would always beat seaman

    • Hx Hxhx
      Hx Hxhx 5 months ago


    • Ptolémée Sélénion
      Ptolémée Sélénion 5 months ago


  • Hotcosby 42
    Hotcosby 42 4 months ago +9

    This is definitely up there along with the best death battles.

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez 2 months ago +5

    if there's one we all learned from this is to never underestimate the power and potential the spongebob possesses

  • SpongeGod-Omnipants
    SpongeGod-Omnipants 3 months ago +59

    16:51-17:06 Thank you. This speech means so much to and helped out me and so many other people
    He’s right. Every morning We’ve just got to get up and tell the world that we’re ready for anything. To make the most of what’s to come for the next day. To be the best us we can possibly be across the infinite multi verse. We can’t all be Heros. But we sure as hell can make a difference. SpongeBob is walking prof of that. And after all this time. He finally has become a true Super Hero that’s saved all of reality on countless occasions

  • Franky
    Franky 4 months ago +3

    That was the saddest ending ever😢SpongeBob felt so bad

  • RathLuggy123
    RathLuggy123 2 months ago +3

    I just can't believe what happened...like my mind was blown by what it saw I seriously laughed so hard at the fact that spongebob won this death battle against aquaman I also laughed because wiz instantly called spongebob the winner all in all this was an amazing fight

  • Helena San
    Helena San 5 months ago +1750

    "I'll prove it to you I'll be a real Super hero!"
    "I'll prove it to you I'll be a real Goofy goober!"
    Not gonna lie that line was ironically badass and the end is heartbreaking

    • Kermit The POG
      Kermit The POG 5 months ago +7

      I cried at that as well

    • dustin nguyen
      dustin nguyen 5 months ago +15

      Well it made me cry

    • Bob
      Bob 5 months ago +51

      I imagined that when aquaman's mouth faded away, he finished his sentence and said "friends" with his telepathy

    • Turturturtle
      Turturturtle 5 months ago +68

      and the fact that he turns into this badass goofy goober wizard and neg diffs all of plankton's chum bucket-head minions (including king neptune) by shooting laser beams from his guitar makes it even more badass.

  • FacelessJester
    FacelessJester 4 months ago +6

    The ending of the fight was beautiful.

  • CocaCola4blood
    CocaCola4blood 3 months ago +41

    I've been following this show since the days of Koopa vs. Goomba and Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black killing each other and a number of other pop stars who weren't even contenders (thank you for that) but this episode is one of my all time favs.

  • Aarkus Buddy
    Aarkus Buddy 2 months ago +2

    20:09 Wiz was really on point with this calculation

  • NintendoKid139
    NintendoKid139 4 months ago +9

    Even if Aquaman had just dehydrated SpongeBob, it actually won’t affect him that much. It’s been shown multiple times that he is able to survive outside of water. Take the ending of the SpongeBob movie for example, at the end when him and Patrick are riding on David Hasselhoff as well as the Sponge out of water movie. Also, in the show, it’s been shown that they all (Krabs, Pat, Bob, and Squid) can survive outside of the water.

  • THE #1 GAMER
    THE #1 GAMER 3 months ago +8

    I will never see the day seeing my favorite cartoon character fighting in a death battle that is insane and funny at the same time

  • Connor The Undying
    Connor The Undying 5 months ago +2060

    Props to Super Friends Aquaman. He pulled out a more visually impressive feat at the end than his counterpart did in HIS Death Battle.

    • That Sexy Nerd Reacts
      That Sexy Nerd Reacts 5 months ago +7

      ya know why cuz he was fighting at full strength lol that sponge is a monster

    • lord_mobi
      lord_mobi 5 months ago +17

      And he did it with one arm

    • Cracked Edge
      Cracked Edge 5 months ago +55

      Truly some of the best character development in Death Battle. OCEAN KAMEHAMEHA

    • Mase Daace
      Mase Daace 5 months ago +28

      Heck, it's more impressive than a lot of shots in this season.

    • ArtCade
      ArtCade 5 months ago +46

      So true. He of all things is my favorite version now.

  • S0UNDWAV3 2025
    S0UNDWAV3 2025 26 days ago +1

    “Here lies Ocean Man, #1” idk why but that bittersweet ending got me choked up

  • Woodward Ryan
    Woodward Ryan 4 months ago +8

    At this point I'm not sure lore accurate Kirby could take SpongeBob 😂😂😂

  • Fernando
    Fernando 2 months ago +1

    Definitely one of the most inventive battles. That was great

  • JG2
    JG2 2 months ago +1

    With SpongeBob SquarePants being my favorite character and show of all time, I can’t tell you how much this episode means to me. The show even came out the same year I was born. 1999. Like it was meant to be.

  • John Scott
    John Scott 3 months ago +7

    Sandy: "We don't know that for sure."
    SpongeBob: "You can't stop me."
    Sandy: "I've fought you before, SpongeBob. I even won all of those fights."
    SpongeBob: "Those were for charity, Sandy."

  • Chase Fromm
    Chase Fromm 5 months ago +1767

    Wiz's slow descent into madness as he realizes just how OP Spongebob is, is probably the best thing in this shows history. Also, just to make sure we're all on the same page here, never let a toon force fight a character without toon force, that's not even a stomp it's a god damn annihilation.

    • HappyDapper
      HappyDapper 4 months ago

      @Mirage Nights do u even get what strongest feat without 1 time buff means? This counts and is applicable

    • Tronald Dump
      Tronald Dump 4 months ago

      Exactly Like Popeye Vs Saitama Or Pinkie Pie Vs Deadpool.
      I Get That The Latter Of Both Have A Lot Of Comedic Moments But They're Not Too Cartoonish.

    • Michael Breiter
      Michael Breiter 4 months ago

      If Spongebob comes back, one of his feats should be, 'drove Wiz insane'

    • Mirage Nights
      Mirage Nights 5 months ago +1

      @Larry Childers yeah but they don't age with time. it's a cartoon that stays in stasis unless it's said a character aged, like the simpsons.

    • Larry Childers
      Larry Childers 5 months ago

      @Mirage Nights he was 13 in 1999 as seen in the 1st episode so given it is 2022 that is 36 years old

  • I Am Not
    I Am Not 3 months ago +5

    5:23 taking seriously and doing the math on moments like those is the reason I love power scaling

  • Spook
    Spook 2 months ago +1

    Love how hard aquaman tried to leave a scratch on SpongeBob, even tho he lost it was really inspiring :)

  • Gabriel Ryan-Leon
    Gabriel Ryan-Leon Month ago +1

    I just realized they took out the part where spongebob explains to aquaman that he’s immune to mind control in the fight. No wonder it felt weird watching this again

  • owab fudol
    owab fudol 4 months ago +2

    The character development of aqua man is unbelievable

  • Ty kamen
    Ty kamen 4 months ago +3

    Are we forgetting the time SpongeBob made a Fortress, a army, a tank, and a jet completely made out of sand?

  • Mr.HandleBar
    Mr.HandleBar 4 months ago +1819

    I remember when these battles were just cheap, old school Mortal Kombat fights with no dialogue until one combatant died. Now they've incorporated, not just dialogue, but also multiple styles of animation and sometimes even a story with irony and really incredible chemistry between the two opponents. It truly is astounding how far this show has come

    • Daniel Perez
      Daniel Perez 3 months ago

      It's honestly breathtaking

    • Nathan Blevins
      Nathan Blevins 3 months ago +4

      Let’s not forget sometime a fighter feel guilty for what they done.

    • shadow daber
      shadow daber 4 months ago +9

      They still do those

    • Gecko
      Gecko 4 months ago +15

      Honestly I miss the 3d battles

    • Hesperus Vorpex
      Hesperus Vorpex 4 months ago +15

      1 MINUTE MELEEEE !!!!!

  • Cid Redwood
    Cid Redwood 3 months ago +4

    Since Spongebob’s only 0’4 I really wish there would’ve been a moment in the fight where he just Rules of Natures Aquaman into space or something

  • Darren Rice
    Darren Rice 3 months ago +5

    Easily the funniest death battle of all time

  • Yoshirocks92
    Yoshirocks92 Month ago

    Out of all the joke matchups in this series, this one is my personal favorite out of all of them.

  • gthorns1
    gthorns1 4 months ago +5

    This is one of the most accurate death battles

  • Chris Ash
    Chris Ash Month ago

    This has to be my favorite episode of death battle to date.

  • Breezy
    Breezy 5 months ago +3441

    Seeing Wiz go from downplaying Spongebob, to straight up snapping and embracing him for the spongey yellow eldritch abomination that he is has to be the best thing from death battle ever.
    Edit: Ok some how a argument started in the comments I apologize on my behalf.

    • Guywhoexists
      Guywhoexists 5 months ago

      @KGK Skull also I just want to say that waddle Dees are far ahead of goombas, not really anything serious just wanted to say

    • Guywhoexists
      Guywhoexists 5 months ago

      @KGK Skull like I said I just wanted to end the argument early, but now I say we end this argument, do you agree

    • KGK Skull
      KGK Skull 5 months ago

      @Guywhoexists I’m just mad that you had these lightyear wide gaps in power difference. XJ9 vs Batman would’ve been fair accounting for how much random stuff they have. Danny phantom as well. I didn’t mean to shove words in your mouth. But seriously, a kid vs Superman, that’s just dumb

    • Guywhoexists
      Guywhoexists 5 months ago

      And I apologize for being the reason the argument started

    • Guywhoexists
      Guywhoexists 5 months ago

      @Multiverse_Media🌟 Also wait, doesn't Warner Bros own Nickelodeon

  • MKR
    MKR 4 months ago +2

    i think this is one of the best death battles, everything about this is just great

  • CzartanxD
    CzartanxD 2 months ago +2

    If I remember correctly there was a scene where SpongeBob asked
    "Wanna see me run to the mountain and back?"
    And immediately asked
    "Wanna see me do it again?"

  • Eilsel Peter's son
    Eilsel Peter's son 20 days ago +1

    I was expecting to hear "It's time for a Death Battllllllle!" I was dying when Boomstick said instead "It's Time For Aquaman's Funeraaaaaaal!"