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Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader Full Fight Scene Part 6 Finale Episode 6 Season 1 2K HD

  • Published on Jun 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is the best reaction to this fight I've ever seen - • Obi-Wan Kenobi Fi...
    The final confrontation between Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader Full Fight Scene the final dialog.
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Comments • 21 159

  • NukemDead
    NukemDead  9 months ago +2190

    Go here after watching the video for the best reaction - clip-share.net/video/sm0Rm0tO2z8/video.html

    • Matthew A
      Matthew A 7 days ago

      thank you for cutting out the side plot.

    • TheTitanz0r
      TheTitanz0r 15 days ago


    • paul brull
      paul brull 19 days ago

      sry but i absolutly dont unterstand whats so good on this teeny reaction, there are better on youtube

    • Gamingworld
      Gamingworld Month ago

      Movie name ?

    • Mike Hart
      Mike Hart Month ago

      RIP James

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday 14 days ago +1621

    Vader still considers himself a “learner” here if his Episode IV line is true: “When we last met I was but a learner”

    • KWofPerth
      KWofPerth Hour ago

      I wouldn't stress too hard about the narrative continuity in Star Wars. It was completely missing in the prequels, why worry now?

    • Pavee likk
      Pavee likk 3 hours ago

      wtf do you think they predicted in 1970 they will make a obi wan series

    • Scrotum86
      Scrotum86 4 hours ago

      Chocolate rain

    • Panay
      Panay 8 hours ago +1

      Probably didn't think of himself as a learner at the time of the scene, but looking back on it when he next sees kenobi he thinks he was. I mean he was defeated, and presumably learned loads in the time after, so it makes sense he would think that about himself later. Doesn't mea he thought it at the time

    • Silver Dollar
      Silver Dollar 9 hours ago

      Kenobi episode V. Flashbacks. Obi wan after defeating Anakin tells him: "You are a great warrior Anakin but your need to prove yourself is your undoing, until you overcome it A PADAWAN YOU WILL STILL BE."
      Thats how the series fix that episode IV line after not being mustafar the last place they met.

    FILMATIC MEDIA 9 days ago +134

    Interesting how Anakin worded that, "I am not your failure Obi wan" almost as if to say don't put my downfall on you it was all my decision your free from whatever guilt you might have, that little gesture was a merciful one which makes this scene even sadder

    • Jonathan Campbell
      Jonathan Campbell 18 minutes ago

      @Svart Varg That's the story Anakin tells himself, anyway.

    • Svart Varg
      Svart Varg 4 hours ago

      ​@Jonathan Campbell It was Vader who did that to begin with, Anankin dies in the moment hi attacked the Jedi Temple.

    • Jeff Thomas
      Jeff Thomas 13 hours ago +3

      Honestly that sentence shows that Anakin is still there because if Vader wanted to inflict maximum pain to obi-wan he would have blamed him.

    • Jonathan Campbell
      Jonathan Campbell 15 hours ago +4

      He wasn't being merciful- he views Anakin as weak, and isn't giving Obi-Wan the "credit" for killing him.
      In this moment, and as usual, he'd rather think of himself as an unstoppable killing machine who murdered his own humanity, because the alternative is that he's just a sad and pathetic young man who destroyed everything he loved for nothing.

  • Pentarax
    Pentarax Month ago +1838

    The part I love here is how Obi-Wan broke the opposite half of Vader's mask that Ahsoka did. They each tried, but only Luke was able to remove it.
    And its worth noting their approach involved violence; Luke's was an act of love.

    • Noumenus
      Noumenus 7 hours ago

      Well noted

    • nathan madden
      nathan madden 12 hours ago

      and both ahsoka and obiwan got closure with clone wars anakin and movie anakin, Matt lanter for ahsoka and hayden for obiwan

    • Alex Alvarez
      Alex Alvarez Day ago +1

      I’m glad someone noticed this, it’s really poetic

    • Dream Function
      Dream Function Day ago

      Well said .

    • Ta Hoang Nam
      Ta Hoang Nam 2 days ago

      @Andrei Lanuza At this moment, it's Anakin request ,my friend.

  • Kenny Yang
    Kenny Yang Month ago +1350

    I really love that little grip adjustment Vader does around 1:25. It's such a simple, human display of nervousness, very uncharacteristic of Vader, shows how emotional he is.

    • teddy pendergrass
      teddy pendergrass 3 days ago +1

      and that was his human arm.. while the mechanical remained firm

    • Xavier Tubio
      Xavier Tubio 3 days ago

      how tf did you notice that

    • huss1up
      huss1up 3 days ago +1

      @Psijic Assassin but emotion clouds his judgement and his powers. See how throughout his life, the people he mostly loses to are those he has emotional connections to. Obi wan, Luke, Ahsoka also pushed him pretty far.

    • sexobscura
      sexobscura 6 days ago

      or it's just that director forgot to say, 'Cut'

    • John Mathewson
      John Mathewson 9 days ago

      Oh I never noticed that. I do kind of like that.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 5 days ago +11

    "You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker, I did." The music right there is so perfect and deep beyond imagination.

  • Eldriken
    Eldriken Month ago +360

    That flicker of emotion at 7:42 that you see come across Vader's face. You can see the lip barely tremble and his bottom eyelid barely wince. It's like there was the briefest of hesitation from Anakin and then Vader took right back over. Absolutely incredible acting/directing.

    • JT Martin
      JT Martin Day ago +1

      @Cat mandu I’m saying that Palpatine, in that moment, used the force to take control of Vader’s body using a form of Essence Transfer similar to what Lord Vitiate did to Valkorion in TOR. Kinda like demonic possession, Anakin’s body was overridden by Palpatine in that moment, to FORCE Anakin/Vader to alienate Obi-Wan forever.

    • Cat mandu
      Cat mandu Day ago

      @JT Martin wait, are you implying literally Palpatine, or metaphorically? Sidious never like, possessed him if thats what you're getting at by _"Palpatine released his control"_ . I'm assuming you mean like the identity of Vader instilled by Sidious outweighed his Anakin side, and he couldn't take the leap towards redemption Obi-Wan was trying to pitch him?

    • Shawn S14
      Shawn S14 2 days ago +1

      You always hear a weakened gasp right after the wince.

    • JT Martin
      JT Martin 2 days ago +5

      My head cannon is Obi-Wan’s apology was working, Anakin was back and it was Palpatine, not Vader, that took over Anakin’s body to say “you didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker, I did”. And when Obi-Wan was walking away, Palpatine released his control. Vader’s screams at the end were Anakin pleading Obi Wan to either save him or put him out of his misery. That battle/conversation with Obi-Wan was, in Anakin’s mind, his last chance to free himself from the constant pain, one way or another. That’s why he’s so spiteful in A New Hope… he stopped fighting and let Vader take full control. Anakin was snuffed out. Until Luke happened, of course.

  • Kyuubi424
    Kyuubi424 2 months ago +7733

    Massive props to Ewan and Hayden for doing this scene.
    They really put their hearts into these performances.

    • apierion
      apierion Day ago

      the dialog scene after the mask gets slashed is some of the best star wars of the disney era; up there with mando season 2 and rogue one.

    • Kristopher Lisowski
      Kristopher Lisowski 2 days ago

      Absolutely. Hayden and Ewan both knocked this one out of the park

    • Vince Teo
      Vince Teo 6 days ago

      @BarcaBocaLDA25 Tom O'Connell does the stunts and lightsaber duels, while Dmitrious Bistrevsky does the walking/sitting scenes. Hayden was used for close up and flash backs.

    • Vince Teo
      Vince Teo 6 days ago

      @Zyrus Smith Tom O'Connell does the stunts and lightsaber duels, while Dmitrious Bistrevsky does the walking/sitting scenes. Hayden does facial close ups and flashbacks.

  • DC63 Productions
    DC63 Productions 3 days ago +14

    I know it’s a very small part but Hayden absolutely nails the emotion at the end

  • JCRdNZ
    JCRdNZ 27 days ago +456

    You don't need to be a star wars fan to understand how epic this fight scene is. The story line, the graphics, the passion and choreography. Legendary.

    • Isaí Montes de Oca
      Isaí Montes de Oca 11 hours ago

      @Jonathan Campbell it would have been cool to have some sort of those two team up against a creature just like a concept art of episode 3

    • Jonathan Campbell
      Jonathan Campbell 15 hours ago +1

      The location is terrible- just a dull, dark, rocky landscape. It doesn't give the choreographers or cinematographers much to work with.
      In TPM, ROTS, ESB and ROTJ, the characters moved their fight around the area and it told a more dynamic story, but here there isn't anywhere interesting to move "to".
      A place like this can work for brief fights like Obi-Wan vs Maul, but not so well for what they are trying to do here.

    • Mr. Bulldops
      Mr. Bulldops 2 days ago

      too bad the cameraman had Parkinson's

    • huss1up
      huss1up 3 days ago +1

      @Zodiac909 Yeah because of the lighting and then too many cuts happening. The last fight in ROTS didn't have this much cuts which made it more epic. But this fight is better than anything the sequels have brought forth.

    • Isaí Montes de Oca
      Isaí Montes de Oca 3 days ago

      @Robo Super Positivo yeah but i think he is refering the fact that he loses to everyone haha i think this fight should have ended with obi wan losing, resulting to luke being the only hope to kill vader, otherwise, vader doesnt seems too threatening

  • Jon
    Jon Month ago +133

    When Obi says “goodbye..Darth” he truly has closure and they never cut back to obi wan. In a short time he has to accept the fact his friend truly is dead that scene is well acted and directed.

    • Neal S
      Neal S 18 days ago

      Even before this, Obi Wan referring to Vader as Darth had long been assumed as a condescension

    • Neal S
      Neal S 18 days ago

      Definitely a retcon but it's way better than finishing the Kessel Run in less than however many parsecs. Donald Glover was a great choice for young Lando though.

  • Rain
    Rain Month ago +201

    I love how smart Obi-Wan fights here by actually aiming for Vader’s chest piece and damaging it to weaken him. Makes you wonder why none of Vader’s other opponents ever tried that.

    • Ach Rod
      Ach Rod 10 hours ago

      @Aleks Maccabee faaaacts

    • Not Sure
      Not Sure 10 hours ago

      @Garmadon As I have already stated. This Vader is still using his old form. He hasn't truly adapted to his prosthesis. He has only faced weak opponents. His injuries are healing poorly because of the inherent limitations in his suit. He still suffers from the fear and doubt of his original loss to Obi-Wan.
      Obi-wan on the other hand has his purposed clearly defined. (Defend the twins) He starts the battle by lulling Vader into a false confidence by engaging him with his Soresu, then switches to Ataru, (which neither Anakin or Vader have ever faced in his training or his duels with Obi-Wan)
      Obi-wan played Vader like a harp from hell. Strictly speaking Vader underestimated Obi-Wan and it cost him. Obi-Wan is only 48 in this battle. It isn't like he is an old man. and you don't just forget how to fence because you stopped doing it.

    • Garmadon
      Garmadon 10 hours ago

      @Not Sure ok but still coming out of retirement and beating a walking a truck who sends fear into everyone in the galaxy and u just think about 2 kids and beat him is unrealistic

    • Not Sure
      Not Sure 10 hours ago

      @Garmadon Also, clearly Obi-wan didn't cut himself off completely from the force BC rather than ride a speeder or some other land vehicle he chose to rife an Eopie so clearly he is still using his force power of animal friendship.
      Not to mention the fact that he fully expects to train Luke one day. You have no valid argument man.

  • Cal_Oh
    Cal_Oh Month ago +188

    It's easy to imagine why the entire crew gathered to watch this scene be filmed live. Everyone from makeup to catering. Everybody wanted to see them create this scene together. Hayden and Ewan hadn't been onscreen together since RotS and I can't help but feel bitter jealousy toward them. They got the chance to witness history.

  • Noobus Wonder
    Noobus Wonder 9 months ago +29306

    I love how once Vader's suit is broken he almost immediately goes from a cold intimidating villain to a sympathetic broken man who's barely alive. Hit's harder knowing he's only in his early 30s at this point.

    • Lao Ruska
      Lao Ruska 2 days ago

      @0Predaking0 He was 23 in ROTS, so he`s 33 here

    • sexobscura
      sexobscura 6 days ago

      yeah ... I'm really heartbroken over it

    • Al Nu
      Al Nu 17 days ago

      I love how Obi Wan (Vader's father figure) has enough of Vader adolescent tantrum and gives him a righteous and propper spanking. It's almost as if Obi Wan was like "Okay son, this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you." *Proceeds to spank Vader* "Huh, actually you know what? That did'nt hurt me at all. Seems like you should go back to school. Come back when you're ready." *Drops Mic*

    • Marie Toro
      Marie Toro 17 days ago

      My fault bro I didn't dive deep into his age in ROTS

    • Marie Toro
      Marie Toro 17 days ago

      Actually Anakin is in his late 30's because in revenge of the sith he's like 29 and considering this show takes 10 years after ROTS making Vader 39

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 4 days ago +4

    Every time Obi-Wan and Anakin fight it becomes one of the best duels in the series.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 2 days ago +11

    We waited so long for this scene. It was worth it.

  • Aura RC
    Aura RC Month ago +161

    This scene is so emotional. You can see the relief obi wan has when he heard anakin say he's not his failure, and you can see the relief in anakin when obi wan apologizes. Sad to see brothers fight.

  • DoomDuck
    DoomDuck 19 days ago +87

    That last scream for Obi Wan is chilling. You can hear all of Anakin's pain/emotion, knowing he's been defeated once again. Too good.

  • Khi
    Khi Month ago +64

    THIS is Star Wars. It was meant to be a tragedy. How can you not tear up knowing the feelings Obi-Wan experiences during this duel? Regret, fear, hopelessness...Anakin, the same.

  • Ethan E-DAWG Wenger
    Ethan E-DAWG Wenger 4 months ago +12545

    To hear James Earl Jones' voice and Hayden Christiansen's voice merge together was so awesome.

    • Die Antwo0rd
      Die Antwo0rd 2 days ago

      @JohnMasterCheif still cool though

    • Joe Parsons
      Joe Parsons 2 days ago

      His voice is AI

    • Brewed
      Brewed 7 days ago

      @Matt w Imagine how It feels for me finally hearing it in my 50's!! Ive loved this movie series since I was a child.

    • Mimewar
      Mimewar 9 days ago

      I LOVE good sound design. It’s not given the attention it deserves too often in movies

    • B&O5300
      B&O5300 12 days ago

      To see two different people in one costume

  • Joe Burns
    Joe Burns 14 days ago +55

    What I love most about this sequence is when Obi-Wan is pinned by the boulders and what he uses to gather his strength is thoughts of Leia and Luke. Jedi are supposed to be ridden of all attachments as to have no distractions from their dedication to the force. However, what makes Obi-Wan special is that he’s one of few Jedi’s that has the ability to use his attachments to further his strength in connection with the force. Extremely well written.

    • Paul Melcher
      Paul Melcher Day ago +1

      I would also argue it's his attachment to Anakin that prevents him from killing him as Obi Wan had numerous opportunities in this duel to do so.

    • Gabe Sarti
      Gabe Sarti Day ago +2

      That was actually what made many of the ancient Jedi much stronger than the ones during the clone wars and after. They didn’t try and force all of their members to purge all of their emotions.

    • Nathan Chun (Student HBHS)
      Nathan Chun (Student HBHS) 4 days ago +2

      The funny thing is Anakin basically used his attachments to his friends to make him more powerful and Obi-Wan told him to forget about them

  • Jeric Corpuz
    Jeric Corpuz 12 days ago +93

    I love that Darth Vader still refers to Obi Wan as his "Master"

    • Bryan O'Connor
      Bryan O'Connor 2 days ago +1

      He still refers to him as his master in a New Hope also when he says "My old Master is here".

    • Neweka
      Neweka 3 days ago +16

      I think he was being sarcastic there

  • bisuk manurung
    bisuk manurung 2 days ago +8

    The most epic duel all the time, what a great, what a masterpiece to see Obi Wan and His Apprentice face to face !

  • maggs131
    maggs131 13 days ago +68

    Ewan McGregor is such a phenomenal actor. You can hear and feel how deep his pain is and the guilt that's crushing him

  • TheGamingGuys
    TheGamingGuys Month ago +93

    I love how Obi Wan doesn’t even give Vader the ability to hear him say his full title of Darth Vader. He does it again in A New Hope where he only calls him Darth Vader when talking to Luke but when they fight, he still just calls him Darth. A blow to the pride to not hear his former master even address him properly as a Sith Lord. The strongest and most feared sith ever seen but he’s still just Darth.

    • Brownie 1980
      Brownie 1980 2 days ago

      @TD671 to me, there is Darth Maul, Dooku, Anakin, and emperor Palpatine

    • Brownie 1980
      Brownie 1980 2 days ago

      @TD671 I just feel like that was a bunch of stuff to sell books and merchandise. If it didn’t happen in the movies, it didn’t happen as far as I am concerned.

    • TD671
      TD671 2 days ago

      @Brownie 1980 wdym don't acknowledge? Bane and I think Revan too are both canon, just cause they're from the Old Republic doesn't mean they didn't exist

    • Brownie 1980
      Brownie 1980 2 days ago

      @TD671 I am just not a Star Wars fan that acknowledges all that other stuff. To me there is Darth Maul, Count, Dooku, Darth Vader, and emperor Palpatine.

    • TD671
      TD671 2 days ago

      @Brownie 1980 Palpatine is most definitely not the most feared or most powerful Sith ever seen, Vader was the most feared throughout the original trilogy, as no one knew that Palpatine was actually a super powerful Sith Lord, but they did know about Vader, but Sith from the Old Republic time period like Bane and Revan were more powerful and more feared than Palpatine

  • The one thats Wild.
    The one thats Wild. 9 months ago +9088

    Hearing Anakin/Vader struggle to breathe after obi wan cut his helmet is just heartbreaking. This whole scene is heartbreaking. So glad Ewan and Hayden came back and gave us this moment

    • Daniel Antonetti
      Daniel Antonetti 3 days ago

      It wasn't his helmet damage that caused the respiratory problems

    • JorgaoMC
      JorgaoMC 8 days ago

      ​@123 456 No. YOU'RE BREATHTAKING!

    • CaptainFantastik1
      CaptainFantastik1 2 months ago

      @AlanD That makes no sense. So the force wants Vader to blow up a planet and kill billions more people? And technically, anakin brought balance when he helped wipe out the jedi. The scales were balanced after order 66. And if the force wanted him to kill Palpatine he could've done it when Mace had him beat.

    • CaptainFantastik1
      CaptainFantastik1 2 months ago

      @Crichjo32 Agree 100%. The whole Leia/Reva thing was weak and poorly done. It should've been 100% Obi/Vader/Anakin.

    • Twraoylnled You
      Twraoylnled You 2 months ago

      It wasn't the helmet breaking that led to his breathing struggle. It was destroying his chest panels

  • Orsakan Studio
    Orsakan Studio 25 days ago +42

    7:10 Just this moment broken my heart ...
    "Anakin is gone ... I'm what remains."
    So much sadness ...

  • Tom Tush
    Tom Tush 16 days ago +36

    Seeing Obi-Wan and Anakin fight once again before a new hope is so awesome!

    • Tom Tush
      Tom Tush 16 days ago +5

      I saw this somewhere else but it is so accurate, Obi-Wan removed one side of his mask, Ahsoka removed the other, but only Luke could remove the mask entirely.

  • tubez4321
    tubez4321 4 days ago +27

    I'm not a Star Wars fanboy but when I saw this scene I was screaming. Finally get to see Obi-Wan in his full power. He'd always just kind of been a swordfighter who did force parlor tricks, but this was a complete wow. Also really felt for Anakin, his labored breathing, the hurt, heartbreak, Obi-Wan's sadness. Disney did this one right.

    • tubez4321
      tubez4321 5 hours ago

      @Korey G clearly you are a superior being.

    • Korey G
      Korey G 6 hours ago

      Really ? You were “screaming”. Weirdo

  • Joel G
    Joel G 25 days ago +19

    Lets be honest, it’s the fight all Star Wars fans looked forward to when Disney annouced this series. And it didn’t disappoint

  • Shadowplague
    Shadowplague 9 days ago +18

    Easily the greatest lightsaber fight since revenge of the siths epic duel.
    Couldn’t believe how fantastic the kenobi series was!

  • Benjamin Volesky
    Benjamin Volesky 3 months ago +3033

    "You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker, I did."
    This line gives us a resolution to the (now)fact that Obi-Wan never lied to Luke about his father's death; stating: "He betrayed and murdered your father."
    Darth even took credit.

    • DarthChocolate
      DarthChocolate 29 days ago

      @Glen Royce yes, and Vader was never obi's Padawan. He was Palaptine's. Granted he was given the title of Darth immediately, but he was still under the tutelage of Palps. So Obi still lied to luke. They should have explained it better, OR he should have just told Luke that Anakin chose to fall to the dark side (which he somewhat did), and then just leave it at that. None of this, the good man known as anakin was destroyed. The bottom line is he didn't want to admit to luke that anakin turned to the dark side. He wanted Anakin to remain the perfect father in Luke's eyes.

    • Glen Royce
      Glen Royce 29 days ago

      @DarthChocolate padawan = pupil....

    • DaKidBiscuit
      DaKidBiscuit Month ago

      @DarthVader1701 not really a retcon more than adding more context to it.

    • Cangaca777
      Cangaca777 Month ago

      "I came here to save a friend. not to kill this evil, sad husk.. goodbye Darth." Obi-Wan is a savage.

  • bdr32965
    bdr32965 Month ago +34

    Sad in so many ways. It was sad to see Obi Wan have to fight his former apprentice once again, very sad to see the inner conflict between Anakin and Vader, but the absolute saddest part is when Obi Wan addresses him as Anakin during the early part of the battle but at the end when Obi Wan has to finally say "Goodbye Darth".

  • Alexis Oustabassidis
    Alexis Oustabassidis 13 days ago +13

    I love how we can consider Vador like a big villain, with big dark voice, very terrifying. But behind his mask we directly see that grand kid suffering and swimming on his hate, and all we want is someone to help hilm.
    I love it, it's a magnificent tragedy !
    The combination between Christensen and James Earl Jones voice create that aspect so well !!

  • StickBlade
    StickBlade Month ago +28

    I like how Vader switchs grip from one hand to two. It really shows he's taking the fight super seriously. A nice contrast between him, and the cocky, overconfident, Anakin that lost on mustafar.

  • D Short
    D Short 3 days ago +1

    It amazes me how it took over 40 years for writers to display Darth Vader’s incredible power in the dark side

  • Dany Figueroa
    Dany Figueroa 20 days ago +9

    This ending battle was just simply perfect, beautiful, and amazing.. seeing the Light and Dark side switching within Vader is just perfect

  • Valentin Boulan
    Valentin Boulan Month ago +2864

    The lighting switch to symbolise the light side and the darkness, the amount of emotion conveyed with half of Hayden's face covered, the blending of the two Vader voices, the distress in Obi-Wan's face. This single scene is by far the greatest piece of Star Wars content Disney has produced to date. Wonderful

    • The Dog Productions
      The Dog Productions 3 days ago

      @Jake Martin Yeah that should go on the back burner over showing that it's literally anakin skywalker underneath the Helmut.

    • dustinAKAdustin
      dustinAKAdustin 4 days ago

      ​@Aura RCbecause they can and it's an entertaining show for the most part.

    • vivi44
      vivi44 4 days ago

      One scene does not save a mediocre show.

    • electrictroy2010
      electrictroy2010 8 days ago

      NO ITS STUPID. Obi-wan starts the scene saying be will destroy Darth but then just leaves. He could have ended a LOT of deaths if he had killed Vader right there

  • Vort317545
    Vort317545 2 days ago

    Without a doubt the most powerful and Emotionally moving duals in cinema history. It's what we 1978 Star Wars fans waited decades for!

  • Bill W
    Bill W Month ago +22

    Imagine all the lives Obi-Wan could've saved if he just put Vader out of his misery and taken his head clean off.

    • Bill W
      Bill W Day ago

      @Bryan O'Connor this is true... should've known better, disney is not my canon

    • Bryan O'Connor
      Bryan O'Connor Day ago

      @Bill W well rebels isn't one of the original books.

    • Bill W
      Bill W Day ago

      @Bryan O'Connor he tried to kill her in Rebels.

    • Przemek Zysnarski
      Przemek Zysnarski 2 days ago +1

      And with Vader dead, theres no one who could kill Palpatine, Luke would stand no chance by himself

    • Bryan O'Connor
      Bryan O'Connor 2 days ago +1

      Obi-Wan couldn't kill Vader for the same reason Vader never hunted for Asoka, He would have never been able to kill her because she was his Padawan like Anakin/Vader was Obi-Wan's.

  • Mike Matei Inspector Gadget

    I really like how they did Vader here and his interactions with Obi-Wan. In A New Hope, there’s this sense of acceptance I guess between the two of them when they meet face to face one again. They fight but it’s almost like they’ve detached themselves from the whole thing. It’s been going on for so long that when they see each other again, it’s less of a big reunion clash between the two and more just this resignation to fate, like thru know it has to happen and they both just want to get it over with. They’re both older and wiser, they know what to accept from the other. Obi-Wan know only seems him as Darth Vader and not the boy he once knew and Vader only sees him as an old fool who once trained him decades ago.
    Then you look at Vader here. He’s still seething with rage and hatred, still throwing barbs at Obi-Wan and mocking him. Still that furious young man we saw in Episode 3 who told his master he hated him. This isn’t a fight between Vader and Obi-Wan but it’s a fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan. Vader isn’t doubting himself, he isn’t conflicted, he hasn’t become the cold and calculating ruler he was in the original trilogy. He’s still absolutely consumed with violence and rage and he lets all of that anger out in this fight.

  • Chris Hardin
    Chris Hardin Month ago +29

    If you don’t remember, in their fight on mustafar Obi was on the defensive every time, and even took multiple punches and kicks and a choking grab while not retaliating with the same amount of force. However, in this fight after Obi lifts himself from the pile of stones, he almost doesn’t hesitate to not only attack Darth with the force, but also uses his bare hands in the same brutal way Anakin did with Obi on mustafar, probably having come to the end of his rope. That’s kind of interesting to ponder.

    • Kal Widorn the immortal captain.
      Kal Widorn the immortal captain. 4 days ago

      ​@Sam and his attempt was combined with his smart. Attacking the weak spots as hard as he could. Honestly you pointed out good mate.

    • Sam
      Sam 11 days ago +2

      I think after being almost crushed in that pile of rocks and wanting retaliate when only knowing a defensive style of lightsaber dueling, he did a crude attempt at replicating Anakin's fighting style and even brought in the force as a last ditch effort to retaliate and not die to one of the best and most brutal lightsaber users in history

    • Neal S
      Neal S 18 days ago +3

      I feel like there's a shift of mentality when the tide of the duel turns. There's almost this point when you see a fear in Obi Wan's eyes, and I think it boils down to how close he could've been to Vader's path. Think about the rage he expressed in the duel with Darth Maul after he had killed Qui Gon Jinn...

  • TheAwesomeDarkNinja
    TheAwesomeDarkNinja Month ago +26

    "I am not your failure, Obi-Wan"
    Anakin subconsciously trying to say it wasn't his fault, or Vader making sure Obi-Wan doesn't get credit for what he's become? Brilliant.

  • Johnathan Altomare
    Johnathan Altomare 4 months ago +2801

    They way he says “you didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker. I did” still sends a chill down my spine. One of the most emotional, powerful scenes in the whole franchise

    • Sean Feeley
      Sean Feeley Month ago

      @Johnathan Altomare yeah normally Vader would be head and shoulders above Kenobi in strength. He had to have some hesitation

    • Johnathan Altomare
      Johnathan Altomare Month ago

      @Sean Feeley i agree. Vader is very conflicted emotionally throughout the entire saga

    • Johnathan Altomare
      Johnathan Altomare Month ago

      @Pixelated. Morally, I don’t think he could ever bring himself to do that

    • Sean Feeley
      Sean Feeley Month ago +1

      And in a way he is reassuring Kenobi that he shouldn't feel guilty. Almost trying to keep him from dark side of the force. Most sith encourage Jedi to use their anger and use the dark side. Vader is doing the opposite with obi wan

    • Geno M
      Geno M 2 months ago

      @Paul Howellalways surprised how many don’t get that part

  • jeffrey peters
    jeffrey peters 18 days ago +5

    This fight was such an awesome climax to this show (which I will continue to love, I don't care what anyone says about it). This isn't Obi wan trying to buy time for anyone or escape or even just survive, he fully intends to kill Vader here if he can, and he really could have which is the shocking part. Him regaining his purpose really brought him back into his full power, but gaining closure about Vader and forgiving himself for Anakin's "death" was so beautiful, and helped him to really find himself and be at peace again. The fact that Vader himself is the one that helped him to do that is just so beautiful in a way

    • TD671
      TD671 14 days ago

      It's not shocking at all, Obi-Wan is more powerful than Vader, especially in this scene

  • Roadman1000
    Roadman1000 25 days ago +16

    Having half of Anakin's face showing under the helmet is beautifully terrifying. Seeing flesh and blood consumed by machine, by hatred. His gaunt, deathly face being a pale shell of the youthful and handsome Anakin. Vader in this scene is akin to Michael Myers, vaguely human, nothing but evil in his cold dark eyes, a shape that resembles a man.

  • Jon Niebauer
    Jon Niebauer 25 days ago +10

    Hayden actually pulled off menacing. I didn't think he would, but he did. It gave me chills.

  • Dc Sc
    Dc Sc 2 days ago +2

    so well done, Anakins voice coming through was epic

  • Connor Kingston
    Connor Kingston 16 days ago +6

    I think the most heartbreaking thing is when he said “You didn’t destroy Anakin Skywalker. I did.” Obi Wan blamed his whole life up to that point on himself he hid & isolated depressed blaming himself & when he wanted all the hate direct at him just to feel something he’s told this whole time it was never him everything he did was completely voluntary meaning the whole thing to save padme was some kind of twisted imagination to explain things.
    I think deep down when his mother was killed he chose to let the world burn so they feel his pain.

  • Gareth Lewis
    Gareth Lewis 9 months ago +3550

    "You didn't kill Anakin I did"
    I feel like that was Anakins last gift to Obi-Wan to relieve him of his guilt. That felt merciful to me from Vader

    • JDog11
      JDog11 29 days ago

      @The RivrPrncess agreed. Obi wan and the council certainly did not make things better for him, but things started to sour long before the clone wars. Like when he killed all those Tuskins. Now on issues like Dooku and Ashoka they definitely dropped the ball, but still.

    • A-V-8-R GAMING
      A-V-8-R GAMING Month ago

      That was anakin

    • Slayer Dave
      Slayer Dave Month ago


    • Ismar Sarajlic
      Ismar Sarajlic Month ago

      @Jose Velasco It was also the truth. He did it, nobody else, and even though Obi Wan sliced him into pieces, Vader is the one who killed Anakin.

    • Will Fisterbutt
      Will Fisterbutt 4 months ago +2

      I feel like it was a two sided thing. On one hand, whatever remains of Anakin probably didn’t want Kenobi to feel guilt over it. On the other hand, Vader wanted to rub salt in the wound by basically telling Kenobi that there is no light left, that he revels in the dark side

  • James Huggins
    James Huggins 28 days ago +11

    Say what you want about this series, but is one of the only lightsaber fights that looks like two people are actually trying to hit each other with said lightsabers. And I appreciate the hell out of it for that.

  • Ryan Roemer
    Ryan Roemer 23 days ago +9

    Their fight in Revenge of the Sith is legendary but this one is personal and heartbreaking like seeing two bestfriends fighting each other 😢

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 17 days ago +7

    I really like that Obi-Wans flashbacks of Leia and Luke are what push him to go all out, like Anakin is gone but the best parts of him are still alive, really sad but awesome at the same time.

  • James Clowes
    James Clowes 16 days ago +3

    This scene gave me goosebumps, could not be more perfect.

  • Ed SR
    Ed SR Month ago +7

    Obi-Wan is so heartbroken to see Anakin’s face. Excellent job both actors!

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner 3 months ago +3297

    Seeing a pure soul like Anakin completely corrupted and disfigured in the suit is heartbreaking.

    • goopootoob
      goopootoob Month ago

      @Racc That is a misrepresentation, or a misapprehension of the notions 'corrupt,' and, 'pure.' There are no degrees between the two. There is the pure, and there is corruption.
      There are "degrees" of severity of depravity, but once someone is corrupted at all, they are no longer pure at all... only a level of brokenness.
      There is not a one-to-one correspondence between moral corruption and moral purity.
      I hazard to say that the degree of depravity is still significant, but you can't earn back with what you already owe.
      Purity is something else, and we fool ourselves every day by a reduced standard.

    • Racc
      Racc Month ago

      No-one is immune to corruption, even the most pure man can be broken and made evil.

    • goopootoob
      goopootoob Month ago +3

      @Spencer Pease You've just distilled the idea quite succinctly.
      Nicely done!

    • Spencer Pease
      Spencer Pease Month ago +1

      If Anakin was pure, he never would’ve done ANYTHING dark, beginning with slaughtering the tusken raiders

    • goopootoob
      goopootoob Month ago +1

      @Rick Blaine That is the definition of corruption, which is part of the literary point.

  • EyeofHorus
    EyeofHorus Month ago +11

    Love love love the light switching on anakins face, he's trying to hard to hate there's always the good that shines through

  • smnoy23
    smnoy23 27 days ago +25

    Sure, Vader hates Obi-wan. But that’s nothing compared to how much Vader hates himself.

  • patio87
    patio87 Month ago +15

    No wonder Obi Wan thought there was no saving Anakin. It's interesting how Luke was able to still sense the light side in Vader when everyone else missed it.

  • Mugsy Catizone
    Mugsy Catizone 12 days ago +5

    I love all the parallels between Vader's duel with Obiwan and his duel with Ahsoka. Even down to Vader saying - *"Then you will die"* - right before both duels.

    • Tigerhawk30
      Tigerhawk30 4 days ago

      He seems to like to say this to just about everyone with a lightsaber that he meets. He gave Ezra a little longer..."Then you will die braver than most"

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 Month ago +8

    Vader was definitely having fun here. Think about it, this guy, for the past 10 years, has virtually wiped out everyone who has opposed him with minimal effort. This fight with Kenobi was the most he had been challenged since RotS, and he loved it, because he loves a good fight.

    • //X
      //X 8 days ago

      Bro he lost it didnt seem very fun. Vader isnt a god, Obi-wan is every bit as powerful. Obi-wan could have easily killed Vader here but it wouldve been pointless. He only loses to Vader eventually because of his age and lack of practice.

  • Nana
    Nana 2 months ago +2334

    Hayden was born to play Anakin, i can't -, his voice, his face, his expression, the emotions, he stayed so true to his character... Him and Ewan returning was a blessing

    • BarcaBocaLDA25
      BarcaBocaLDA25 19 days ago

      @lousyacrobathe was fantastic in the prequels he was one of the best parts about it

    • Bryon Letterman
      Bryon Letterman Month ago

      I think that will always be Hayden's greatest role

    • kitty cat  cat
      kitty cat cat Month ago

      @lousyacrobat he was excellent in rots

    • Aaron Bischoff
      Aaron Bischoff Month ago

      There was a video on Clip-Share on more details about Anakin’s mental and emotional state after ep1. Could Hayden have done a better job on his line delivery in certain scenes, I say yes. But in the end Hayden knew what Anakin was going through and George Lucas was probably more suited like Kevin Feige is to the MCU. Making sure the story flows how he thinks is right but can allow other directors to put their own creative touch could’ve made the prequels better

    • OXY
      OXY Month ago

      @lousyacrobat its not always bad acting, sometimes its bad direction.

  • Brian Lee • 84 years ago

    I love that realization when Obi Wan sees Anakin’s face exposed

  • mattman
    mattman 2 days ago

    One of the best modern star wars scenes today ! They put everything in to there acting! Hit the heart strings a little bit lol

  • Dylan Orange
    Dylan Orange 23 days ago +4

    What hit me is obi wans realization that the boy he watched over as a father and fought with on the battlefield with as brother in arms is gone and all that’s left is a man stuck between the dark and the light side suffering mentally and physically with that being said Yoda already knew what was up “the boy you trained consumed he has by the dark vader”

  • NotTsurugi
    NotTsurugi 11 days ago +2

    It is times like this when I remember exactly why Anakin/Darth Vader is, and always will be my favorite Star Wars character. His arc is truly saddening, and while he is certainly evil here, he *wasn't* that way, he could've been saved, but he wasn't. And all of this is made truly more impactful when considering his choice to side with Luke and take down the Emperor in Return of the Jedi.

  • empyre2000
    empyre2000 6 days ago +2

    Mann there’s no fight that makes me want to cry other than this.

  • Manic Wolf Gaming
    Manic Wolf Gaming Month ago +1148

    Watching Anakin's sith eyes disappear, and for a moment, he's back, even in a backhanded way, forgiving Kenobi, before reaffirming his hatred, is just heartbreaking.

    • LA FC
      LA FC 5 days ago

      @Fesh Pince Um.. No its not. When George Lucas made A New Hope, he had no intention of even making a sequal to it.
      And no i never seen "The Boys" but you sure have.

    • Fesh Pince
      Fesh Pince 5 days ago

      @LA FC The _entire point_ of the character of Darth Vader is to show that Anakin, a good person, still lives within him. That was the whole plot of the climax of ROTJ.
      I bet you're one of those fans who watches shows like "The Boys" and actually roots for Homelander.

    • sexobscura
      sexobscura 6 days ago

      It's still just bad writing however you look at it

    • Katano Martinez
      Katano Martinez 8 days ago

      @ThatLP like having a split personality

    • LA FC
      LA FC 9 days ago

      @Krystian Nowak Anakin is gone. you are just hearing what you want to hear. There is only Darth Vader.

  • Jamie Wadington
    Jamie Wadington Month ago +2

    Everytime I watch this I cry like a baby. Never had acting that has moved me the way that this does. Incredible job all around.

  • Jason Dickens
    Jason Dickens 24 days ago +10

    This will never get old to me.

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee Month ago +5

    Still love this scene. It bridges episode 3 n 4 together so nicely.

  • Jixx the Courageless
    Jixx the Courageless 8 days ago +1

    Say what you want about the Kenobi show, but this is definitely one of the most awesome moments in star wars

  • Conspiracy Theory
    Conspiracy Theory 13 days ago +2

    Man Obi-Wan really was in pain when he saw his face. Probably immediately thought of the little boy saying "What'll happen to me now"

  • TheAmazingJerbear
    TheAmazingJerbear 3 months ago +2416

    Say what you will about the show, but this whole encounter felt so important and necessary in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention, this is easily one of the best duels in the franchise. Nothing beats Vader in a broken suit, clinging to his hatred.

    • Jonathan Jacobs
      Jonathan Jacobs Month ago

      @Kevin Pittman obi wan, even as central a main protagonist he is-is slept on. Obi wan was humble, consistent with his judgement and a pillar of jedi morality. Honestly, in my opinion, the most well rounded jedi of them all.

    • Kevin Pittman
      Kevin Pittman Month ago

      i agree... Obi-wan was truely the most powerful and successful Jedi of the whole franchise.

    • I am 40
      I am 40 Month ago

      @W x B but tbh, this kinda cheapens the iconic fight between master and student. The whole point of Obi wan fighting Vader on the Death Star was meant to illustrate how they finally meet again back when Anakin wasn’t in a suit yet. And now they suddenly duel on a random occasion

    • Edu Carnerio
      Edu Carnerio Month ago +1

      @Peter Benjamin Parker not only that but the cuts and general coreography are really unsatisfying, especially compared to the prequels.
      Story-wise it also doesn't make much sense for Obi-Wan to defeat Vader here. You can argue Vader was weakened by his emotions and all the stuff, but at his peak, the only jedi I could see coming toe to toe with him is Asoka since she only got stronger after Anakin became Vader.

    • CSGaming2Bob
      CSGaming2Bob Month ago

      Imagine unironcally thinking this. Your last two brain cells are fighting for last place

  • fern
    fern 9 days ago +8

    I love how Vader straight up punches Obi-Wan in the face at 2:27

  • the hyrulean super saiyan

    Just watching this series makes me want to see a Vader series. Hayden Christensen did an amazing job on being Darth Vader.

  • Dennis Wilson
    Dennis Wilson 8 days ago +2

    Having seen the original as a little kid in the 70s, this was quite satisfying to watch. How come the last 3 movies couldn't deliver like this? Great everything!

  • Andrés Felipe Cárdenas Moreno

    Damnit! You all have no clue how hard was for me to see this battle.

  • Kristopher Lee
    Kristopher Lee 26 days ago +4

    8 mos later and this still hits hard n gets so deep inside

  • Malek of the Green
    Malek of the Green Month ago +1123

    "Anakin is gone, I am what remains." Goosebumps man. I'm so glad they have Hayden/Earl Jones as one voice. The Prequels just played through my head instantly during the whole fight. The journey they had.......

    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker 20 days ago

      @Leon Kennedy yes your watching John

    • The Lone Wanderer
      The Lone Wanderer 21 day ago +1

      I got a flashback of the prequels and The 2008 clone wars.

    • Leon Kennedy
      Leon Kennedy 25 days ago +3

      @gordon thomas Vader is dead I’m not going down that path anymore

    • gordon thomas
      gordon thomas 25 days ago +3

      I never cared for "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you." until that scene.

    • Leon Kennedy
      Leon Kennedy 27 days ago +5

      No I’m not gone

  • Hayes Humphries
    Hayes Humphries 21 hour ago

    I love how he thinks and fights for Luke and Leia in this scene and how they are far more important than Anakin.....those two are FAR more important and FAR more powerful than Anakin will ever be....beautiful!

  • Evan Schilling
    Evan Schilling Month ago +4

    i get chills everytime i watch this scene

  • Hannah Dawg
    Hannah Dawg Month ago +1

    I love how Vader's lightsaber technique shows it's in progress of what it's going to be. The suit Anakin is wearing was purposefully designed by Palpatine to be heavy, clunky, and an all around pain to move in. Anakin is used to being fast and moving like lightning, but as Vader he can't do that, so you can see how he's using the suit's weight to his advantage, landing down heavy blows that while not as fast are designed to unbalance his opponent and leave them open for attack.

  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson 5 days ago +5

    Regardless of the series as a whole, whether you liked it or not, I’m grateful for this fight. I understand the practicality of shooting movies back then meant we couldn’t have fast flashy lightsaber battles but I always struggled to visualise Vader from the original trilogy ever being able to move fast enough to defeat any surviving trained Jedi from order 66. But this scene really showed me how good a duellist and how fast Vader was even in the suit.

  • blkmattymatt
    blkmattymatt 20 days ago

    I love how it starts with blue while he's talking to obi wan. Once he truly understands that anakin skywalker is truly dead, it transitions to red. Such a great scene

  • Nevan Slone
    Nevan Slone 8 months ago +17219

    Luke- “You told me Vader murdered my father”
    Ben- “It’s literally what he said”

  • jotabird85
    jotabird85 3 days ago

    I can't imagine the frustration he felt from growing so powerful since their last duel and still losing to Obi-Wan. If I were to guess, he was a nervous wreck. Still trying to prove himself to his former master, even as a Sith.

  • Logan Shill
    Logan Shill 21 day ago

    We need to see more legit fight scenes like this. Showing how powerful the light and dark side are. So cool!!

  • Антон Сергеевич

    This one scene was the reason to create the show. Actually you can watch this and skip other episodes and loose nothing.

  • some random guy on yt :l

    I just realized that Obi wan replied "I will do what I must" to Anakin before this fight. Just like in revenge of the sith. He also does that pose when he was about to fight Grievous.

  • Shad0w Zucchini
    Shad0w Zucchini 28 days ago +7

    It’s scary how he worded “you didn’t kill Anakin, I did” like as if the dark side forcefully took over Anakin’s mind and yet he still tries to put ease on Kenobi. Idk if that’s how it works but just thinking that it did makes me wonder how it would feel.

  • BigBuckz601
    BigBuckz601 9 months ago +3019

    Obi Wan saying “goodbye darth” instead of “goodbye anakin” really hit home for obi wan you can tell his long fight to bring anakin back to the light was truly over

    • Clips And Tracks
      Clips And Tracks 2 months ago

      Well he never wanted to bring anakin back to light but anyway

    • Brownie 1980
      Brownie 1980 3 months ago

      @Jamie Lloyd wouldn’t that be Emperor Palpatine?

    • Theo-James Moulton
      Theo-James Moulton 3 months ago

      The clever part is the use of the light saber colour to show who is talking. Blue when Anakin is closer to the surface, Red once he is submerged beneath Darth Vader's malice once again.

    • Bulldawg2279 Gaming
      Bulldawg2279 Gaming 3 months ago

      A Master of evil, Darth.

    • Fer
      Fer 3 months ago +1

      @Daniel Rafferty Yes, but that's the "weakness" of Obi One. For all the power, and knowledge, and wisdom he has, as much as he is the perfect Jedi in many ways, he can't kill his worst enemy, a Sith who is making the Galaxy suffer, becasue it is his brother. It pains him not being able so kill him as it pains him not to be able to save him.

  • M K
    M K 4 days ago

    Say what you will about this show this duel and the dialogue between them here are some of the best we've gotten from these two in all of star wars

  • Panas Wiwatpanachat
    Panas Wiwatpanachat 27 days ago +6

    This is the scene that got me back on the Star Wars fan wagon. Sending chills down my spine like the fight scene in Episode 8's fight scene between Kyro and Ray. Terrific and very compelling stuff.

  • JD Robles
    JD Robles 24 days ago

    Anakin and Obi Wan is never going to get old. That is just a powerful clash that it’s insuperable.

  • Judge1964
    Judge1964 Day ago

    I find this interesting. In Episode III, Obi-Wan and Anakin knew each-other’s style so well it was almost like a dance. Here, Bader has been forced to create a new style to match the heavy armour he’s now forced to wear. Obi-Wan doesn’t know this style, so it’s a different fight.

  • Egg Co.
    Egg Co. Month ago +1339

    I think the most heart wrenching thing for me is the line from Kenobi “I’m sorry Anakin, for all of it.” Because Obi Wan isn’t just apologizing for Mustafar, for Padme, and his suffering inside the suit. He’s apologizing for, as he says, EVERYTHING. Every little thing, every wrong done to Anakin by the republic, the council, and obi wan himself that lead up to this moment. Obi wan knows exactly what lead to Anakin’s fall to the dark side, he’s had plenty of time to think about it.. and he’s apologizing for it all, but Anakin is gone.
    Vader is what remains.

    • a5inthisbih
      a5inthisbih 3 days ago

      well i mean if you’ve watched ep 6 you’d know anakin isn’t gone

    • Steven Brown
      Steven Brown 3 days ago +1

      @Denny Augustine because Darth Sidious lured him into thinking he could bring Padmai back from yhe dead even if she did die.

    • Robert Anderson
      Robert Anderson 4 days ago

      @Thunder Cricket I agree. I get that the Dark Side is supposed to be addictive and once you tap in, it drives you deeper very quickly. But they should have shown that descent. IMO if they were to redo Revenge of the Sith, I'd have Anakin fall to the Dark Side at the beginning of the movie and have him carrying out the attack on the temple and his duel with Obi-Wan at the end.

    • Robert Anderson
      Robert Anderson 4 days ago

      @RrenKrieg I don't think the Force was using Anakin as its vessel to purify the Jedi, but I do think that his fall was the inevitable result of the Jedi's complacency and rigidity. With the Jedi ignoring their emotions and forcing warriors to fit their specific mold, it was bound to happen that someday a great Jedi would fall. It happened multiple times before - Dooku was an example - but Anakin just happened to be the one strong enough to take down the order.

    • sexobscura
      sexobscura 6 days ago

      You should take the concerns you have here to 'Team Lucas'

  • Damon Powell
    Damon Powell 11 days ago +1

    Subtle details make this even better.
    Vader readjusted his grip when he realised obi wan was able to fight back
    Obi wan's defensive stance from episode 1 was countered with vader hitting back
    Vader gaining the high ground and taking his vengeance for it, arrogance and pride
    When Vader's breathing support was damaged he was panicked and reverted to his rage to fight through
    Obi wan knowing he was unable to beat vader with conventional form so he switched fighting styles to catch vader out and counter his mistakes

  • Dan D
    Dan D 13 days ago +1

    You can see and hear the inexperience Vader has at being Vader. The way he swings his lightsaber, his gasping for breath, his words.

  • TTO2 T
    TTO2 T 16 days ago +8

    The colors on Anikins face growing from red to blue for a moment as he says he doesn’t blame Obi Won and goes back to red is just great