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USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter on Pulisic, McKennie, World Cup soccer | The Colin Cowherd Podcast

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Gregg Berhalter, head coach of the United States Men's National Soccer Team, joins Colin to discuss the team's run to the World Cup. Berhalter talks about his first meeting with Christian Pulisic, an injury update on Weston McKennie, and why this team reminds him of the 2002 USMNT team, which is considered the best in the program's history.
    00:00 - Start
    02:26 - Early days with Christian Pulisic
    06:42 - Weston McKennie injury update
    12:54 - Comparisons to 2002 USMNT team
    15:50 - Unsung heroes on USMNT
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Comments • 114

  • Paul Wakefield
    Paul Wakefield Year ago +71

    Thank you for all the USMNT content. I’m all over this!

  • Matthew
    Matthew Year ago +53

    Great interview Colin, and hope you keep shining a light on another Futbol I love as well as football.

  • Johnny Soccer
    Johnny Soccer Year ago +24

    This is why Uncle Colin is one of the best. He knows there’s content with USMNT especially during World Cup so why not bring in GGG. Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Need more USMNT content!

  • Delboy0
    Delboy0 Year ago +6

    As a Brit I'm really impressed by Colin's soccer knowledge, which is unusual for a mainstream American sports broadcaster. Isn't Colin's parents British? Which might explain why he has so much knowledge and understanding of soccer.

  • Blake Brown
    Blake Brown Year ago +9

    Really good questions from Colin here, going far more in depth than you often see. Soccer / Football focused media needs to catch up...Colin barely touches this sport but has done a far far better interview here without having the deeper knowledge of the game compared to others giving interviews.

  • Zweng Art
    Zweng Art Year ago +29

    Thanks for covering usmnt for us Colin! great access to Gregg. Didnt really know who he was before! awesome starting to get to know him.

  • Bruno Paes Leme
    Bruno Paes Leme Year ago +8

    I am quite impressed with how far Colin has come in his knowledge of the beautiful game. What a productive and fascinating interview. My respect for both of these guys has skyrocketed

  • Ev Osama
    Ev Osama Year ago +17

    Thank you for bringing the USMNT into the mainstream Colin, hope to see more.

  • Jonathon Lewis
    Jonathon Lewis Year ago +18

    Gregg isn’t joking about Mckennie’s athleticism I could easily see Mckennie playing Safety at a D1 program

  • Aldwulfe
    Aldwulfe Year ago +12

    Best interview of Greg by an American journalist I've seen and you didn't start out your question by saying "Thanks for doing this, Greg!"

  • OPrime9
    OPrime9 Year ago +10

    Thanks Colin for shedding some light on US Soccer. Nobody else covers this stuff!

  • jayvang33
    jayvang33 Year ago +11

    Yes! Love the soccer content. I’m not expecting coverage all the time but once in awhile is good. Go USA!

  • jmkiser33
    jmkiser33 Year ago +2

    For a “non-soccer” guy, that was one of the best interviews I’ve seen in a long time. As much international soccer, as I’ve watched, I’ve rarely seen an interview of that quality.

  • Riggity R
    Riggity R Year ago +5

    This is a great interview. Great content. Goalaso!!!

  • Joshua Simmons
    Joshua Simmons Year ago +10

    Finally a good Gregg Berhalter interview without any lowball questions

  • Soccerboymedia
    Soccerboymedia Year ago

    Thank you for bringing the USMNT into the mainstream thank you, Colin, hope to see more hard questions were hard. Great interview!

  • Rawzilla The Thrilla

    thank you Mr. Cowherd! footy need this exposure in the mainstream!!

  • Blake Brown
    Blake Brown Year ago +2

    What Berhalter talked about here in response to Colin's "secret sauce" question, I believe, is likely a result of the team being so young and I'm not sure it would be like that - with the players being so close to one another and sharing that tight bond - if it was a more stratified team in terms of age. So while you have the general inexperience of that same age group, you have a lot of guys at similar places in their career, most with the majority of their career still ahead of them as opposed to long behind them...they all have that drive that sometimes can only come out of ignorance or inexperience, if that makes sense. You can feel something special when you watch this team in the way that they play for each other compared to most of the past USMNT teams

  • crypto scangg
    crypto scangg Year ago +6

    This is an excellent interview

  • Diego Forlan
    Diego Forlan  Year ago +4

    These are the best interviews this channel deserves more subs

  • Leo Glaser
    Leo Glaser Year ago

    Really enjoyed this interview, learned a lot.

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown Year ago

    Love that Colin is also a former LAFC ticketholder who loved watching Zimmerman at the Banc. This is the best

  • Andrew Coons
    Andrew Coons Year ago

    Weah, Pepi, & Pulisic up top, Reyna, McKinney, Musah, & Adams in mid, Dest, Robinson's & Zimmerman. Plenty of potential

  • RJ
    RJ Year ago

    thank you for the USMNT content!!

  • Jerald Darakjy
    Jerald Darakjy Year ago

    No one will ever ask Gregg a tough question or ask any hard hitting questions. I was hoping you would Colin

  • Andrew Coons
    Andrew Coons Year ago

    If we can have a decent showing at the WC & build some confidence and chemistry then in 2026 we should be a legitimate contender to win it ALL! Actually possible for 1st time in 80 years

  • James Rabago
    James Rabago Year ago

    Hi Colin. In the next interview, please ask about the center forward position. Unfortunately it’s our weakest. Also, please ask if coach believes in a playmaking “quarterback” who should have the ball the most and be making most of the decisions.
    Thank you for the great interview

    • Blake Brown
      Blake Brown Year ago

      A central midfielder is most often the biggest distributor of the ball but strategy is going to change game to game depending on formation and opponent.

  • scottyrossswingler

    Outstanding interview

  • Chris Hawk
    Chris Hawk Year ago +2

    4-3-1-2 Diamond: Robinson & Dest. Zimmerman & M. Robinson. Adams, Mckennie & Musah. Gio @ the 10. Pulisic & Weah. We need our best players on the pitch! With more chemistry & cohesion with this 11 we’ll be dangerous come the World Cup. LDT & Aaronson first subs. 1 win on the road.(won’t have home games during WC vs more dangerous teams) We need new ideas

  • John James
    John James Year ago +2

    Cowherd's soccer coverage is exceptiona;l Can't wait until the World Cup rolls around on Christmas Day.

    • Mání Ravsadhur
      Mání Ravsadhur Year ago

      The World cup will be over on Christmas day!

    • John James
      John James 10 months ago +1

      @Mání Ravsadhur I guess I was being a bit hyperbolic. But yeah, Thanksgiving Day.

  • Mání Ravsadhur
    Mání Ravsadhur Year ago +4

    I'm not American, but I remember the US team was brilliant in 2002, and they were positively robbed by Germany. If my memory serves me right, a German player stopped the ball on the goal line with the hand and the referee didn't see it. This team deserved to get to the semi-finals, and then who knows what could have happened?
    I haven't seen the current US team play but it seems to me that there is great potential there, and it's definitely possible to beat England.

    • Blake Brown
      Blake Brown Year ago

      100% - We weren't so impressive in group stage other than the win over Portugal 3-2, losing to Poland 3-1 and tying S. Korea 1-1, but then in the round of 16 beat Mexico decisively 2-0 and Germany absolutely stopped the ball directly on the line with an unintentional hand ball by the defender on the post....I'm so glad VR won out over any 'purists' who fought against it claiming it'd slow games down too much. The game moves too fast with too many men in a small area for every critical play to be caught by a ref with many men in the way of his line of sight of all the action. Who knows what could've happened if we ended up going to penalties against Germany instead of losing 1-0.

    • Mání Ravsadhur
      Mání Ravsadhur Year ago

      @Blake Brown I'm not convinced by the way VAR is implemented, but handballing on the goal line is a clear-cut case in which it applies perfectly. I think the US chances would have been rather high because of the morale factor, which can play a big part in overtime and shootout sessions.

  • Nachhattar Singh
    Nachhattar Singh 10 months ago

    Great questions Colin is a beast.

  • Maestro Angulo
    Maestro Angulo 10 months ago

    He has a core that will clearly be in Qatar and that starting line up. Kelley Acosta, Brenden Aaronson, Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie, Tyler Adams, Yunus Musah, Walker Zimmerman, Jordan Morris, and DeAndre Yedlin. Guys like Tim Weah, Gio Reyna, Ricardo Pepi and Jesus Ferreira are bubble players, Tyler Adams is his safety net for defensive mid or back line. Nov 14 is the final day for coaches to submit their list since they need to travel. I feel all the guys I mentioned will be on the list. John Brooks will be left out, Cristian Roldan and Miles Robinson have a bigger chance.

    DAVID Year ago +1

    Great questions Colin ! I still have a lot of doubts on Berhalter however will support you to Qatar anyways ... Go USA!

  • scotti pippen
    scotti pippen Year ago +18

    Guys, you don`t need the respect of the arrogant english (yellow) press. "They" have won one world cup. Almost a century ago..at least, thats what its feels like. As a German, i always have a smirk on my face everytime we play them and i see the headlines..

    • UK_of_Games
      UK_of_Games Year ago

      Overall England have a better record than Germany more wins better win rate more goals and less conceded per match

    • Josh UFO
      Josh UFO Year ago +3

      @UK_of_Games yeah playing San Marino, Austria, Maldova, and other great football countries. England win percentage is always inflated.

    • D G
      D G 10 months ago

      Germany has 4 world cups and 3 Euros. England has 1 and zero and nobody cares about your stats

    • UK_of_Games
      UK_of_Games 10 months ago

      @D G i dont care about trophies :) Netherlands 0 world cups big deal no one cares about your opinion

  • Coach Paul Business English & Entreprenership

    The only thing that has changed from 2018 is the players got better. The coaching has got worse and the better players bailed out Gregg Berhalter so many times. My kids have dual nationality and play for Under 15 team in Laos and they watch the USA games with me and say “they only play one way dad!” If a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old can recognize that, don’t you think the teams in our group are going to be able to outplay Gregg?

  • dwayne sinclair
    dwayne sinclair Year ago

    As a British citizen living in New the United States. The future of the sport here is quite scary.....watch the MLS over the next decade.

  • Andrew Coons
    Andrew Coons Year ago

    I thought I was the only one saying that. What if Kobe & LeBron was strikers, Shaq, Tim Duncan, & Dwight Howard played goalie.

  • Nick McAdoo
    Nick McAdoo Year ago

    good stuff Colin

  • Andrew Paoli
    Andrew Paoli Year ago

    More soccer content!

  • Charles Bartlett
    Charles Bartlett Year ago

    Hopefully Greg decides to un complícate the positional soccer strategy before the World Cup. European teams will counterattack and exploit a stretched American side if they stick to positional soccer.

  • J Y
    J Y Year ago

    Just watch more FUTBOL Colin . Futbol will eventually be the number 1 sport in America mark my words .

  • Connor Butler
    Connor Butler 9 months ago

    man really went from 'a couple good players that play well occasionally' to 'win the world cup' in one step
    nah USA are still at least 12 years away from that

  • Jonathan Carvajalino

    Uncle Colin knows ball. Don’t sleep

  • Vajrapani Buddha
    Vajrapani Buddha Year ago +1


  • discbee
    discbee 11 months ago

    Great q’s

  • Blair M
    Blair M Year ago

    Crazies? This coach is super easy to question. First question I have is, who else was vetted for the job? Anybody? Is that a crazy question?

    • Johnnybgood 11
      Johnnybgood 11 Year ago +1

      Why would he ask the current head coach that question? That's something you ask the bigwigs in the US Soccer Federation.

  • Juan Robbie
    Juan Robbie Year ago


  • anthony placide
    anthony placide Year ago +2

    Set pieces need to be address. The weakness of the team. Look at those 2 Costarican goals. The usmnt will be punished by those big quality opponents.

    • Sabrey Smith
      Sabrey Smith Year ago +1

      Good take, I d say offensive set pieces as well! It’s a bit mediocre, but has so much potential if we focused on it.

  • John James
    John James 10 months ago

    Colin: Give me the straigt skinny on Weston McKennie.

  • Coach Paul Business English & Entreprenership

    Colin thank you for covering USMNT but it would it would have been better to have the real stars on. Gregg Berhalter is not a good representative!

  • Kenny Gradilla
    Kenny Gradilla Year ago +2

    Really enjoyed the interview. But here are some of my thoughts about Gregg Berhalter, and the interview. Even after the World Cup Qualifiers, Berhalter is not a good coach. His roster selection, favoritism, style of play, in-game management, and the ability to adjust are his biggest weaknesses. For NFL fans, at his absolute best (which isn't very often), Berhalter is Mike McCarthy and at his worst, he is Adam Gase. For NBA fans, he is like Luke Walton when he would coach the Golden State Warriors. Luke Walton had an amazing record with the Warriors but failed with the Lakers and Kings. Basically, 9/10 games we win, it's simply because we have more talented players than the other team. Third, the majority of US fans do not mind MLS players on the team. For example, Turner, Zimmerman, Robinson, and Acosta. The problem is that Gregg's favorite players (who all play in the MLS but not the names I listed above) always get called up even though they consistently perform bad, and get minutes over quality players who Gregg never looks at. If anybody has a question, feel free to ask.

  • Gazza
    Gazza Year ago

    Let’s hope the American fans at Qatar improve there chants.come on guys and gals get rehearsing. No more of I believe that we can win shit.

  • Lawrence Dockery
    Lawrence Dockery Year ago +4

    I initially hated the Berhatler hire (and even wrote a 4,000 world article for World Soccer Talk) and still find myself wishing we had somebody else (Berhalter has all of the charisma of a lamppost and his game plans frequently stink) but at the end of the day he's got the highest winning percentage of any US manager ever, has recruited his ass off in terms of getting dual-nationals to play for us, won both trophies in 2021, and qualified us for the World Cup (albeit by the very skin of our teeth). A;; that being said, unless we have a super impressive run in Qatar at the end of the year, I still want Jesse Marsch to be the US manager for the 2026 World Cup cycle (to be hosted here in the US)

  • ripsaa
    ripsaa Year ago +1

    Many Clip-Sharers love to hate Berhalter and the MLS

  • chamberlain wonder

    Wester mckinie n gio rena is gona be fun to watch n lacosta from MLS mieldfielder

  • ripsaa
    ripsaa Year ago

    Give me the skinny on Weston McKennie..lol

  • HoneyImHome514
    HoneyImHome514 Year ago +1

    this guy used to bash soccer on the regular and now he’s covering it? 😂

  • nFWAYGo
    nFWAYGo Year ago

    Should’ve questioned his love for mediocre mls players that don’t belong on the team

  • J P
    J P Year ago

    Pulisic isn’t our star, Weston is 100%

  • Roberto Wagner
    Roberto Wagner Year ago

    You talk about football in a very odd way.

  • matt75hooper
    matt75hooper Year ago

    Soccer is a sport for countries where you have to step over Donkey dung to get to your mailbox.

    • Johnnybgood 11
      Johnnybgood 11 Year ago

      Should be huge in the US then, huh?

    • matt75hooper
      matt75hooper Year ago

      @Johnnybgood 11 I see what you did there. My my you are the witty fellow.

  • chamberlain wonder

    United states mens team is loaded with carrier high allstars

  • Justin
    Justin Year ago

    Forget earning their respect. They can shove it lol. They are not the final authority on soccer. They make one Semi-Final and they act like they won it lol. They won't make the Quarterfinals

    • UK_of_Games
      UK_of_Games Year ago

      I suggest you read up on england under 17 hnder 21 and men's record

  • ShrimplyTheBeast
    ShrimplyTheBeast Year ago

    The coach is a bum and a lot of the players are talented but inconsistent.

  • ExploraDORA
    ExploraDORA Year ago +7

    8:20 Bahahahahahahaha JOHN BROOKS would like a word please 🧐🧐🧐🧐

    • Anthony Carrera
      Anthony Carrera Year ago

      Ya, and how scally, Sargent and other players

    • KenDaKingArrives
      KenDaKingArrives Year ago


    • Wes
      Wes Year ago

      @Anthony Carrera you cant be mediocre AND make mistakes to make this squad

  • Coach Paul Business English & Entreprenership

    Worst coach of USMNT ever because he is horrible at picking line ups, he can’t change the game with tactics or substitutions. Moreover, Gregg Berthalter only plays one way. That is get wide to the wings and put a cross in. The stars of the team bailed out Gregg Berhalter so many times. Furthermore, taking 3rd in CONCACAF is not an improvement from 2018. Cananada has a great coach and kicked our butt ever time. Mexico who we beat or tied placed second because Gregg Berhalter is not that smart having group of players and playing away like like the old group of players! Win at home and try to draw away. Gregg Berhalter will not take us very far and he is an average coach in MLS. We will not make to the quarters or semi finals until we get a great coach from abroad or I would even take Jesse Marcsh!

  • coach hypeman
    coach hypeman 11 months ago


  • TJ kong
    TJ kong Year ago +2

    This guy talk about vision and bla bla but everyone need to realize who change these young players mindset was Klinsman encourage them to go to Europe more to learn there trade

    • Wes
      Wes Year ago

      everyone has known this shit well before klinsman, we are just a rising nation in the sport

    • Charles Bartlett
      Charles Bartlett Year ago

      There weren’t many American players that European clubs wanted before this cycle. Greg has done a good job of recruiting young dual nationals that want to play now instead of riding the bench for the European national teams.

  • Leon Yi
    Leon Yi Year ago

    The England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 team is always overhyped and overrated.

  • John Vegas
    John Vegas Year ago +2

    Inside the run? They finished behind Canada and are gonna be lucky to win 1 World Cup game. Relax .

  • mokaPCP
    mokaPCP Year ago +1

    As a european, it will be hilarious to see americans suddently being experts on football (the real football) until they claim the world cup doesnt matter when they get embarrassed (yet again) by some mid national team like Iran or something.

    • RJ
      RJ Year ago +2

      you don't really understand soccer in the United States.

    • John Vegas
      John Vegas Year ago

      Yeah, they're treating the fact that they qualified for the WC on the last day of games, finished 3rd in their weak group (level on points with Costa Rica) as some special achievement. And Cowherd is only talking about this because he's been ordered to by the higher ups at Fox.

    • RJ
      RJ Year ago +5

      @John Vegas Go ahead and ignore that this is the youngest team to qualify for the WC. Do you expect the youngest team to just dominate the qualifying cycle when they are travelling to these tough places? Let's forget that they dealt with injuries to Dest, McKennie, Reyna, Aaronson, Weah... 5 of the most important players. God forbid they celebrate some progress after a tough run.

    • RageAgainstMacDream
      RageAgainstMacDream Year ago

      "European" from where? Is your country's national team ranked higher the US? If not, then how much more embarrassing is that?