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We Had Cash Nasty Play Gio Wise 1v1! | $50,000 HoH Creator League!

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • @CashNastyGaming and @gio_wise LIVE 1v1!! | $50K HoH Creator League
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  • Kenny Chao
    Kenny Chao Year ago +3036

    Cash didn’t even sweat 🤣

    • jase allenson
      jase allenson 17 days ago

      Are you serious? I swear i have never seen an offensive or defensive play that cash didnt hack on. Especially on offense, he extends/shoves with his off-arm every time. Dude is straight sorry.

    • Alan Valencia
      Alan Valencia 8 months ago

      @Sully Wilson lol Kenward

    • Mamba x King
      Mamba x King Year ago

      @EDDIET G_09 Cash beat him lol.

    • ItzKamo_
      ItzKamo_ Year ago

      Chris made you sweat tho 😅

  • mikeruck2888
    mikeruck2888 Year ago +932

    Gio is what people feared everyone would become after Curry came along 🤣😂 I can feel the anger in hoopers watching Gio play like a child and not think the game through lmao!

    • FeneoM GameR
      FeneoM GameR 10 months ago

      gio think he playing 2k22 as kyrie thats fax

    • Gym Brown
      Gym Brown 10 months ago

      @IAM MKT I couldn't watch. I saw him playing some pretty serious defense and thought he was taking the game serious. And after that 2nd ridiculous 3 pointer, I realized I was wrong. Does he really think those are good shots? I can't watch anymore. Cancel Gio!

    • Tate Gross
      Tate Gross 11 months ago

      literally me raging at his opportunity to win 50k easily

    • IAM MKT
      IAM MKT Year ago

      @Ya Boi Jern757 bro anybody can get on this Clip-Share game just hoop an mic up

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones Year ago +390

    Hearing Gio tell someone “he’s not like that”, as he shoots 27 200 foot shots.

    • MixMan
      MixMan Year ago

      Ik I went straight to the comments

    • Loosey Goosey
      Loosey Goosey Year ago +1

      Gio has a signicant habit of overdribbling, extending his shot to far, not commiting to a drive, poor ability to guard, and kicking his leg out. if he'd just play and not 2k then he could possibly score

    • VelvetKvshOfficial
      VelvetKvshOfficial Year ago

      *misses 27 200 foot shots*

    • Ask Your Whore Mother
      Ask Your Whore Mother Year ago +3

      Can you imagine that kid actually has people who like him and enjoy watching him play? It’s Fkn insane lmao

    • Lil Sausage
      Lil Sausage Year ago +6

      Bro was like 1 for 15 or some shit when he said that

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Year ago +135

    Gio has the lowest IQ/skill combo i’ve ever seen in a hooper ever

    • Emil Tjøstheim
      Emil Tjøstheim 7 months ago

      yeah ddont call him a hooper xD

    • Dlynchious
      Dlynchious 10 months ago

      @Voice of Reason Where's that clip cause this ain't it

    • Voice of Reason
      Voice of Reason 11 months ago

      I mean he’s not tall and it’s a tall mans game, I’ll give him credit for being courageous and banging under the goal and sticking with cash foot work

    • Sam Le
      Sam Le 11 months ago +3

      Skills of a child. No game. Cash got a good warm up.

    • Backourt Ent
      Backourt Ent Year ago +6

      @Internet User facts.. gio ain’t no hooper he’s just a person that hoops if y’all get the difference

  • BigD2525
    BigD2525 Year ago +301

    Thanks cash for playing the game the right way. Aggressive and respectful unlike mk who just disrespectful and cringe. Keep up the grind mane. Voting for you to win 💪💪

    • Derek Smith
      Derek Smith Year ago

      @EonSpectra nah just love hoops and have seen a lot of tough 1v1 games and that’s how I’ve seen the best of the best play against each other

    • EonSpectra
      EonSpectra Year ago +1

      @Derek Smith u his manager or something?

    • George Bakradze
      George Bakradze Year ago

      @jalen nimmons I was literally gonna say the same thing lol, MK was definitely hacking the shit outta them games.

    • jalen nimmons
      jalen nimmons Year ago +1

      @Derek Smith what are you talking about, there is a clear difference. Between kobe and mk, kobe is playing physical not hacking. While mk is hacking. That kobe would not call foul on some soft shit like mk did. While mk is literally fouling every time friga went inside. Then when friga do call he don’t even respect it like what.

    SKT ALEN Year ago +3

    Cash definitely got way better over the years.I didn't really realize but, its nice to see cash playing some good old basketball❤💯

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez Year ago +1402

    Was glad to see cash mixing it up.. Not just backing him down in the paint 💪

    • Jaime Q
      Jaime Q Year ago

      @Rahqoun but what the fuck you talkin about anyways he could have scored anywhere he wanted to.

    • Rahqoun
      Rahqoun Year ago

      @Jaime Q listen buddy idgaf about anything outside of your original comment you said only the 2nd game is when he didn’t back him down 5/11 of his points in the first game were 3 shots ,2 3s so like I said ur just talking

    • Jaime Q
      Jaime Q Year ago

      @Rahqoun midrange you should make that atless 70% with no D# basically playing Gio is like playing against Air practice

    • Kilosabi2365
      Kilosabi2365 Year ago

      @Jeff Angel yea cash's weakness is he's slow you just gotta get around him and make your layups

    • Rahqoun
      Rahqoun Year ago

      @Jaime Q but yet he had 5/11 points from outside the paint in the first game y’all just be chatting bruh

  • TulsaTopFlight
    TulsaTopFlight Year ago +420

    Anybody who playing Gio in the first round was literally getting a freebie 😂😂

    • blak
      blak 10 months ago

      @FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT) only first round because he would be eliminated by the time 2nd round starts

    • Rzzy Ra3 Bby
      Rzzy Ra3 Bby Year ago +3

      Facts I don’t think anybody take him seriously just a crash test dummy

    • FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)
      FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT) Year ago +22

      Any round for that fact

  • Osmar Carlon
    Osmar Carlon Year ago +309

    Gio really made a brick house for the house of highlights good job 🧱

    • Ga Doofy
      Ga Doofy 10 months ago

      @Wat you killed him holy shit

    • Reezywyd
      Reezywyd Year ago

      @Gio Wise 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Wat
      Wat Year ago +5

      @Gio Wise bro you’re not Gio wise 💀. Talking about we got nothing better to do with our life’s, you’re sitting here impersonating a Tik toker who went viral off of how bad at basketball he is. That is so sad. I mean really, out of all the people you can pretend to be, you pretended to be Gio Wise?

    • Gio Wise
      Gio Wise Year ago

      Y'all really have nothing better to do with your lives then to sit in front of your macbook and aggressively smash the keys on your keyboard talking all kinds of stuff. I guarantee y'all have never picked up a basketball in your lives so quit hating on my name, I would drop each and every single one of you off 💯💯

    • Giannis antetokounmpo
      Giannis antetokounmpo Year ago +1


  • Sean Ilenrey
    Sean Ilenrey Year ago +33

    Gio’s performance reminded me of the importance of having coaches. Switch the game plan, exploit Cash’s weaknesses, make him work more on the defensive end, give different looks.

  • Tu Papa
    Tu Papa Year ago +277

    HOH Stats -
    Cash Nasty - 12/16 of shooting
    Gio Wise - 1/80 of shooting 😂😂😂😂

    • blak
      blak 10 months ago

      British empire ye ik but the comment was expressing it being good so everyone already knew

    • blak
      blak 10 months ago +1

      British empire nobody said it was bad lol

    • Deinocheirus the best duck
      Deinocheirus the best duck 11 months ago

      Lmao 🤣🤣😆😂

    • Tu Papa
      Tu Papa Year ago +4

      @Marcus Ng But Curry actually makes them accurately… Gio is just Gio brahhh

    • Quentin Chapman
      Quentin Chapman Year ago +16

      @Marcus Ng don’t put this shit on curry 💀💀💀 ik what you mean but it’s just he’s a tiktok kid he’s not a real hooper

  • David 888
    David 888 Year ago +19

    Cash playing it straight clean!!! Give that man his respect!

  • Golden_eye21
    Golden_eye21 Year ago +857

    Cash killed me when he started doing pushups😭. Weight Room!💪🏿
    Respect to Cash, dude made more jumpers than layups!

    • Just A Guy
      Just A Guy Year ago

      it aint even abt weight room at this point 🤣, that man gio is just a bum

    • Joe Hager
      Joe Hager Year ago +4

      That was plain disrespectful

    • GHOST _4466
      GHOST _4466 Year ago +1

      That was an O.G call pushups on sight

    • T2Busy
      T2Busy Year ago +1

      @itz.ze1o 15:10

    • itz.ze1o
      itz.ze1o Year ago +1

      At what minute

    ZRD SQUAD Year ago +301

    Cash LITERALLY made gio look like training drills

    • blak
      blak 10 months ago

      Gio is training drills

    • Landon
      Landon Year ago +4

      Gio taking 1 leg off balance shots for no reason and he can’t get anywhere near the basket 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Beaner Films
    Beaner Films Year ago +505

    “You literally spam dribbling in one spot” 🤣🤣 cash funny asl

    • g209xiv
      g209xiv 11 months ago

      @Gio Wise watchu on, gimme some of dat

    • Gio Wise
      Gio Wise Year ago

      @Kyle Neuman 1v1s don't prove anything. It doesn't determine how good of a player you might be in a team setting. You miss out the larger image. Playing one on one with your buddy, it doesn't show how good teammate you might be, your passing skills or your Pick and Roll abilities. I would pick Gio over Cash in a pick up game any day.

    • Kyle Neuman
      Kyle Neuman Year ago +5

      @Gio Wise who won?

    • Gio Wise
      Gio Wise Year ago

      All Cash do is spam top of key and miss 90% of his shots 💀💀

  • AlwayzHoodie
    AlwayzHoodie Year ago +7

    Cash doing push-ups was perfect 😂💀

  • Wat
    Wat Year ago +143

    Gio wise’s genius and very articulated responses to interview questions after loses 11-2:
    “How was game 1?”
    “Game 1 was very intense. Cash came out with the dub.”
    “Game plan for game 2?”
    “We’re gonna see.”
    “Same strategy for game 2?”
    “Anything you want to say to people watching at home?”
    “I’d say stay tuned.”

    • Gavin Rains
      Gavin Rains Year ago

      Dude is clearly not too bright in the head

    • TsR
      TsR Year ago

      @Twinarchfiend’s how?

    • Wat
      Wat Year ago

      @Josh Ronghi yw 👍

    • Josh Ronghi
      Josh Ronghi Year ago

      man thanks. i couldn’t watch the video or anything so nice

  • HiDefB14cKoUt
    HiDefB14cKoUt Year ago +1

    Hearing Gio say "he's doing too much" like he's not just pulling dribble moves stationary and going 28 of 230 is very hilarious

  • bailey
    bailey Year ago +1707

    gio: “you look shorter than last time, I’m not gonna lie to you”
    cash: “bro your hair look more fried than last time, you goku or some shit” 😂😂

    • Joshua Yeager
      Joshua Yeager 10 months ago

      Gio bro why he shootin half courts every time

    • Prod. Astro
      Prod. Astro Year ago

      Yep he definitely said that thanks for the useless comment pointing it out

    • Gun
      Gun Year ago

      None of those were funny

    • Lisa Shapiro
      Lisa Shapiro Year ago

      Facts matter. Don't do your own hair. It gets fried !

    • Jbomber
      Jbomber Year ago

      @Tyler Travis 😂😂😂

  • Ro Brinks
    Ro Brinks Year ago +202

    Gio is a free win for whoever got him in this tournament 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful Year ago +439

    Easy walk for Cash..and another bag for when he does his own review on his game 😭 at least Gio did his thing

  • Belair
    Belair Year ago +7

    Holy shit how does someone like Gio Wise get in this tournament? Dude isn't even junior varsity level. Legitimately hilarious to watch him play.

  • Cameron Murray
    Cameron Murray Year ago +47

    i respect that gio didn’t break character even for 50k lmao

  • Ty Petersen
    Ty Petersen Year ago +3

    The commitment to taking deep 3’s is something 😂

      MRLA450BIK3LIFE 9 months ago +1

      The ones he tried off 1 foot had me in tears bro😂😂😂

  • HollaAtKrazy
    HollaAtKrazy Year ago +1410

    I just wanna say gio wise is absolute ………. GARBANZO BEANS

    • joshy
      joshy 8 months ago

      Guys we are living in the end times rn
      Jesus can return anytime soon. SO PLEASE TURN TO THE LORD
      He's waiting and Loves you very much

    • WolfShon21
      WolfShon21 Year ago +1

      @Treveon Smith nah he doesnt just dribble fast and shoots he dribbles at the same spot without moving at all while shuffling his feet to make it seem hes dribbling fast and than has to jump way forward to shoot and still airballs

    • El Rubio
      El Rubio Year ago

      @Sus cash literally did pushups in front of him and the first thing that comes to his mind is to pull it from deep 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤯

    • Sus
      Sus Year ago

      @El Rubio his game is literally spam dribble then take a shot basically harden but no foul bait and has a worser shot

  • Phillip Yellow Hawk Hamilton

    So proud of cash man, working on those shots really amazing. Getting close and great one step mid shot as well. Keep up the great work bruh.

  • Rocky Doggy
    Rocky Doggy Year ago +24

    Cash bag lookin deep thanks to the legendary dev, easily best shooting performance ive seen from him and scored with variety
    can't wait to see how it works against real competition in the upcoming tourney games, gio is straight doo doo

  • V1vidWrld
    V1vidWrld Year ago +2

    Gio: "He's doing too much he's not like that" 8:33
    Also Gio: Goes 1-20

  • Ted Reblando
    Ted Reblando Year ago +66

    Damn gio wise throwing the ball everywhere

  • Stephane Keïta
    Stephane Keïta Year ago +1

    Gio is like everything you don't want a teammate to be

  • Mittey
    Mittey Year ago +606

    This was just someone Cash could test his bag on 🤣 goddamn warmup

  • MiNotorious12
    MiNotorious12 Year ago +4

    Cash you're a hooper. Working on moves, much respect 🙏

  • Diego Navarrete
    Diego Navarrete Year ago +17

    3:50 Gio goes 0 for 3, finally hits the forth then throws up the 3 fingers like if he ain’t been missing😂

  • Prince Breezie
    Prince Breezie Year ago +1

    I love Cash bro!!! Such a pure energy and positive person! 💯💪🏽❤️‍🔥

  • Derek Casteen
    Derek Casteen Year ago +20

    Gio has the whole dribble package but they leave him right where he started😂

  • The Life Of Tattoos
    The Life Of Tattoos Year ago +2

    Whenever Cash hit that spin and left hand lay up ⬆️ you could count it 💯💪🏽

  • Orian Cox
    Orian Cox Year ago +474

    Imagine losing 22:4 🤣🤣 Gio is not that guy

    • Orian Cox
      Orian Cox Year ago

      @Omotayo Satuyi my bad I forgot about my manners

    • Omotayo Satuyi
      Omotayo Satuyi Year ago

      @Orian Cox Let’s not call anyone that

    • Hollywoodmvp19
      Hollywoodmvp19 Year ago

      @DLB 4 big Facts 🤡

    • Patrick Marzo
      Patrick Marzo Year ago +1

      And he swears he’s one of the best on Clip-Share

  • damien McLeod
    damien McLeod Year ago +37

    ngl i feel bad for gio bro, this dude just got picked up by the guy he lost to terribly and cash just picked his ass up and curled him as if beating him wasn’t enough😂

  • Tbate 02
    Tbate 02 Year ago +1

    This gives me hope for cashs come back to what he was in like 2019. I know it’s hard for him though cause he bulks and puts the opposite kind of work that hooper hoopers put in

  • Chris szn
    Chris szn Year ago

    Shout out cash for the dub but respect to Gio for not calling that extension of the arm by cash, literally pushing this man back 💀

  • Austin Ledford
    Austin Ledford Year ago

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already know the outcome to this game before watching. But still had to tune in to support cash💪🏻💪🏻 Weight room&wet like watta

  • J Runna
    J Runna Year ago +106

    Gio has decent handles and ball control he just doesn't understand the importance of "FOOTWORK"... the footwork aspect of dribbling is what takes you where u wanna go on the court. It's what sets the defenders up to get their body leaning the opposite direction of where u wanna go. Knowing when to plant and understanding which foot to push off of that will propel u past defenders. He's also pretty fast so understanding how to change speeds will also help him greatly.. just my opinion tho 🤷‍♂️

      MRLA450BIK3LIFE 9 months ago

      @Chris GZm right that’s all I got from it😂😂😂 he not it n his shot is a brick house shit hard to watch

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 Year ago +1

      @h3kno He doesn't want to be a better player. He has created a character and part of that character is his bad game. He would not get nearly the attention if he was actually good

    • h3kno
      h3kno Year ago

      he's still pretty young. Hopefully he if really likes basketball, he'll take it seriously. All it takes is maybe one full summer of workouts without playing pick up to change up his game. Hes definitely quick but his dribbling literally goes no where and everyone knows that. His shot seems natural for him but its broken right now. If he can get with puresweatbasketball to actually learn some basketball skills and not pretend to be some and1 player, he might come back next year a much better player.

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 Year ago +1

      You don't think he has footwork? When he spams foot taps to make his dribbling look faster lol

    • Wat
      Wat Year ago

      @benz exactly.

  • Mauricio Rosas
    Mauricio Rosas Year ago +20

    Gio gotta sit out the rest of the tournament no cap 🤣🤣

    • Hollywoodmvp19
      Hollywoodmvp19 Year ago

      Is it too late for a replacement? I rather see flight at least it would be entertaining

  • Melly
    Melly Year ago +8

    Bro I ain't gon lie, I started dying when the score was the same twice😂😂😂

  • JohnMichael12
    JohnMichael12 Year ago


  • Sim
    Sim Year ago +2

    This game was pure comedy, gio just trolling the whole game and cash bein cash lmao this is what I like to see

  • Noah Walls
    Noah Walls Year ago

    If gio wins one game through this entire event I will be shocked as fuck

  • Spicyboi Viper
    Spicyboi Viper Year ago +125

    Cash came to play. I like seeing that out of him. Keep it up man.🙂

    • Emet Echad
      Emet Echad Year ago +1

      He barely tried 😂 geo sucks

  • Aj Zarcone
    Aj Zarcone Year ago +16

    The fact geo said “u doin way too much” 😂😂

    • Bodybag Yayo
      Bodybag Yayo Year ago

      Said cash was doin way too much but he literally puts his entire upper body into his jumpsuit cuz he can’t really shoot from deep😂😂

    • Johnny Bukol
      Johnny Bukol Year ago

      Straight up 😂 he think ge doin something while dribbling 😂

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander Year ago +16

    I have NEVER seen someone get tossed like this 😭 🤣

  • Kev G
    Kev G Year ago +2

    Imagine Gio Wise telling you “you’re doing too much” 🤯

  • DevZ
    DevZ Year ago +22

    15:17 Cash is a comedian dawg 😂😂😂

  • Cyzz Sells
    Cyzz Sells Year ago

    Cash scored more points in 1 minute than gio did in both games🤣🤣

  • Hbolty
    Hbolty Year ago +260

    Cash was just playing with his food the entire time lol
    That cam v cash matchup gon be interesting

    • Zain
      Zain 11 months ago

      Problem is that cam is just lazy if he actually tries I feel like it’ll be total domination but it’s so rare to see him defend and play aggressive

    • BigViews
      BigViews Year ago

      @Alexandor Scott let’s bet I got cash

    • John Stegall jr
      John Stegall jr Year ago

      @iDEDfellowcam is like a inch shorter and chris is 6,6

    • iDEDfellow
      iDEDfellow Year ago

      @John Stegall jr bruh he is not max 6'4 he shorter than crswht who is 6'4 6'5

    • John Stegall jr
      John Stegall jr Year ago

      @iDEDfellow cam is 6,5

  • Andre
    Andre Year ago +1

    Cash went crazy he couldn’t miss ! 🔥

  • Hollywoodmvp19
    Hollywoodmvp19 Year ago +4

    When cash started doing push-ups while Gio was shooting was crazy disrespectful funny 😂

    • JYavgN
      JYavgN Year ago +1

      Bro was doing push ups, clear run at the rim and still shot it. HoH better not bring him back again.

  • Eric Park
    Eric Park Year ago +3

    “He’s doin way to much. He not like that” 😭

    • meme
      meme Year ago +1

      Ironic coming from gio’s mouth

  • Blockchain Boy
    Blockchain Boy Year ago

    Shout out to Cash! Underrated but never faded!

  • mike bombard
    mike bombard Year ago

    Let’s go CASH!!! 💪🏼

  • Txrquin
    Txrquin Year ago +261

    cash shot was lagging but he got the dub none the less😂

    • Grimey Chaos
      Grimey Chaos Year ago

      @Sim The God lmao gio never stood a chance anyway and dont look at the comments before a video if you dont want spoilers

    • Houston Tx
      Houston Tx Year ago

      Nah cash was playing with his food

    • Jun.
      Jun. Year ago

      He not even trying bro😂

    • Mechxfn
      Mechxfn Year ago

      I thought it was just me he did real good but that shot lag was crazy his on a diffrent server that’s it

  • roberto lopez
    roberto lopez Year ago +2

    props to cash for switching it up even tho he knew he could have finished it faster

  • Austyn Woodcox
    Austyn Woodcox Year ago +6

    This man gio had the nerve to say “it always goes in” 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this dude down next level

  • aeShafts
    aeShafts Year ago +2

    I love how cash click d pad down and started doing push ups mid play and gio still shot like wtf gio your 2/30

  • Cordarow
    Cordarow Year ago

    Gio is like the Play Shot Creator that everyone hop off the spot in 2k when we all know that all he wants to do is dribble the clock out for an contested 3 smdh

  • Carlos Salcedo
    Carlos Salcedo Year ago +152

    Love the lil jab at MK 😂😂

    • Zafir Uzoma
      Zafir Uzoma Year ago +1

      @SnaggyMo Plug people gonna say what they gonna say when shit becomes public especially if they have a audience. Idc bout mk but what piss me off was Friga bring nice

    • SnaggyMo Plug
      SnaggyMo Plug Year ago +2

      @Cyrious tell them to stop crying over people who don’t know them. Are u thinking straight right now?

    • Cyrious
      Cyrious Year ago +5

      @SnaggyMo Plug but what did you just do? lol.

    • SnaggyMo Plug
      SnaggyMo Plug Year ago

      @AJ Ajala y’all gotta stop crying over people who don’t know u lol.

    • AJ Ajala
      AJ Ajala Year ago +15

      Mk absolutely had an absolute shit display last time out . Friga needs to stop being such a nice guy . His game is silky and all that disrespectful fouling ain't it. I thought Hezi was physical on Friga and fouled sometimes but Man MK Straight out hacked his opponent all the way.

  • Ian
    Ian Year ago +51

    Cash dead in his grave: also cash: “look at the flick tho” Gotta love cash 😂

  • Kidd Almighty
    Kidd Almighty Year ago

    Cash u better be this confident in the next one 😂

  • KingTundra
    KingTundra Year ago

    Cash bullying that boy and I’m here for it 😂

  • janushann j
    janushann j Year ago

    Cash came through with it😈😈😈😈

  • alida flus
    alida flus Year ago

    that will propel u past defenders. He's also pretty fast so understanding how to change speeds will also help him greatly.. just my opinion tho

  • youngOG
    youngOG Year ago +138

    Dude Gio was pressed as hell after game 1 😂😂😂😂 he said “I don’t know” lmao this dude an absolute troll, how tf did he get on here, that’s just disrespectful to the other creators competing

    • youngOG
      youngOG Year ago

      Definitely respect to Gio for continuing to put up wack ass content for people to hate on him on, but guaranteed everyone’s waiting for him to fall off because we sick of seeing those boring tik toks saying how much money he gots. Gio wise was ass and always will be

    • Hollywoodmvp19
      Hollywoodmvp19 Year ago +7

      They should’ve had Chauncey instead of Gio to be honest but because he’s not a big content creator he wasn’t invited.

    • Aimal Hafizi
      Aimal Hafizi Year ago +13

      Not gonna lie, the post game interview was pretty cringe. Cameraman was trying to get content and if he didn't ask all those questions Gio just would have sat there being filmed.... in silence 😅. The dude wised up at the 35 sec mark and walked away back to cash 🤣 😂 Don't wanna hate on him cuz emotional and mental health is a real issue these days and this man gets abused in the comments every time. His shot just wasn't dropping which was unfortunate, otherwise it could have been interesting.

  • Youngkingpage
    Youngkingpage Year ago +2

    Ik I wasn’t the only one laughing every time cash bullied him in the paint 😂

  • Miguel Meraz
    Miguel Meraz Year ago +1

    Cash just got it with this social media even the intro was smooth

  • O.D SoFine
    O.D SoFine Year ago

    Good job Cash wit the Dub:)

  • michael waya
    michael waya Year ago +1

    That boi Gio just throws the ball at the rim hoping it goes in 😂

  • Morris Dwek
    Morris Dwek Year ago +1

    If cash gets a midrange shot he would be unstoppable

  • Tony Da Man
    Tony Da Man Year ago +18

    They knew they was wrong for this matchup 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Marinho
    Jonathan Marinho Year ago +2

    Love how Gio just throws up almost half court shots the whole time

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas Year ago

    If Gio started hitting those mid range shots and attacking the basket, it woulda been a closer game

  • BlacqWoke
    BlacqWoke Year ago

    4:34 when he hit that jumper that gave him momentum.. cash went straight to the rack with an easy bucket..

  • MontaePost Young Pharaoh Twitch

    Cash Came Out Strong 💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kyle Roy
    Kyle Roy Year ago +1

    I just finished watching the first game and Gio literally shot a 3 every single time he had the ball 🤦‍♂️

  • cj vagnone
    cj vagnone Year ago +101

    Cash having a dang shoot around, while gio is getting mad about the absolute dookie funks he’s throwing up from half court not going in.

  • niso
    niso Year ago

    You Could tell gio was hella scared of cash, mans was shooting half court shots the whole game

  • Jose De La Cruz
    Jose De La Cruz Year ago

    Easy win for Cash! I never seen Gio Wise hoop but he looked like he wasn’t trying. His handles seem okay I am shocked he didn’t go inside. When they say you live and die by the three you definitely did that. Like c’mon bruh! They ain’t dropping. Switch it up! Sheesh!

  • krab
    krab Year ago

    Fun to see Cash be so mature towards Gio. Unlike Matt Catpiss

  • Karn
    Karn Year ago

    Cash is a PURE entertainer. MK needs to look at Cash. I'll say one thing... Cash ain't the best hooper, but he is by far the most entertaining to watch out of all these Clip-Share hoppers, which is why his prices keep going up and EVERYONE wants to play him.

    FBG CUZZO  Year ago

    LETS GO I was waiting for this, good game cash!!!

  • AnthonyDadon
    AnthonyDadon Year ago +300

    Cash paying bills, if MK hacks Gio MK down bad😂

    • AnthonyDadon
      AnthonyDadon Year ago

      @Yln_caleb if he does he’s down horrible for the 50k

    • Power of Truth ✝️
      Power of Truth ✝️ Year ago +8

      The Bible says in John 3:16-36 that whoever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ shall not perish but have everlasting life, the Bible also says in Romans 10:9 that those who declare with their mouth that Jesus Christ is their God, Lord, and Savior they shall be saved. Revelation 1:8 says that Jesus is the alpha and the omega. Luke and revelation is the ending times, and Jesus is returning back. So are you going to submit your life to him or no? Narrow is the path that leads to the gates of heaven, but only few people find it. The gates that is the path to destruction is where many people find it! Jesus loves you SO MUCH! That he died on the cross, and was resurrected from the dead 3 days later to give us eternal life.

    • Yln_caleb
      Yln_caleb Year ago +17

      He’s still prolly gonna do it too 😭

    • Avion Dix
      Avion Dix Year ago +12

      Yeah anybody who plays gio is an easy dub for them lol.

  • Isac Roman
    Isac Roman Year ago +1

    watching Gio play is like watching a little middle schooler play basketball… man just shooting but shit🤣🤣🤣

  • XXX _Monte
    XXX _Monte Year ago

    Easy dub for Cash and bro disrespectful started doing push-ups in the middle of the game 😂😂

  • 3G Bloke
    3G Bloke Year ago

    how does Gio play basketball for this long and never change

  • Rylan McHugh
    Rylan McHugh Year ago

    Ngl this prolly one of cash’s best performances… it’s good to see him switch his game up

  • Jinosauce
    Jinosauce Year ago


  • Child_predator
    Child_predator Year ago +28

    20:12 man started doing push ups. That got me crying 😂😂😂

    • RaZZyGunZ
      RaZZyGunZ Year ago +1

      He did what J Law did 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AllDay_Esco
    AllDay_Esco Year ago

    9:30 so nobody’s gonna talk about that brick Cash put up to go into break. They spotted him two points from the looks of it 😆

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen Year ago

    giowise- youre dribbling way too much
    also giowise- dribbles 40 times in 3 seconds and shoots from literally half court each possession


    That pump fake Cash did almost made Gio land on his face🤣😂

  • Jameson Buntin
    Jameson Buntin Year ago

    Cash got that nice post game💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Tony Pope
    Tony Pope Year ago

    It ain’t ya hands Gio, it’s your skills🤣🤣