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You Only Have One Chance to See This...

  • Published on Sep 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • There is a Hogwarts Legacy secret that you only have one chance to see without having to start a completely new playthrough. I’m sure you already know about the gravestone behind the gamekeeper’s hut, the Chamber of Secrets sink, and the random dragon flying about the world.
    Today, I’ll share 10 easter eggs you don’t want to miss, including one I haven’t seen anyone talking about yet that the developers at Avalanche just teased in a recent livestream.
    You Only Have One Chance to See This...
    • You Only Have One Chan...
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:26 - Secret 1
    2:25 - Secret 2
    3:40 - Secret 3
    5:04 - Secret 4
    5:46 - Secret 5
    7:36 - Secret 6
    8:49 - Secret 7
    9:38 - Secret 8
    10:30 - Secret 9
    11:06 - Secret 10
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  • RetroRaconteur
    RetroRaconteur  5 months ago +4

    🪄I attempted Hogwarts Legacy's Dark Arts Battle Arena on Hard Mode...without using ANY unforgivable spells! clip-share.net/video/ccZ3GE-a7AQ/video.html 🪄

  • Kaspbrak _
    Kaspbrak _ 6 months ago +530

    There's a scene in the 6th book where Harry meets professor Trelawney near the Room of Requirement, where he learns that she has been using the room to hide bottles of sherry. I think the bottles in the vase are a reference to that.

    • ml ml
      ml ml 6 months ago +37

      Yeah, Dobby being sober would just vanish Winky's bottles. Trelawney being drunk would try to "hide" them haha.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +22

      Ha! Good point. Could be that too.

    • xxxominisxxx
      xxxominisxxx 6 months ago +6

      Someone actually remember that part 😊😊

    • Marcus
      Marcus 6 months ago +6

      This was about to comment the same thing

    • Mark Abel
      Mark Abel 6 months ago +5

      That is actually what I thought it was. I didn't think of Doby at all.

  • TrashKingVids
    TrashKingVids 6 months ago +110

    It’s 100% a reference to when Trelawney tries to hide her sherry bottles in the room of requirement in book six. She ends up stuffing them in a vase near the room.

  • Grimseid
    Grimseid 6 months ago +172

    You can also see Prof. Hecat young if you wait for her to walk in front of some of the mirrors in her classroom. Apparently she has enchanted them to show her true self.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +18

      No way!!!

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +7

      Tahl Someone just tweeted it to me...seems legit. Could be a PC mod or photoshopped, but it looked pretty convincing to me.

    • Oliver Foggin
      Oliver Foggin 6 months ago +1

      Tahl are you playing with rtx on for the Xbox? I turned it off due to performance but I wonder if that would make it work?

  • Steven Taylor
    Steven Taylor 6 months ago +44

    The transformation spell can be used to turn an animagus back to a dark witch!

  • Shizzle Shizzle
    Shizzle Shizzle 6 months ago +25

    I read the books again before the game came out and when I got to that mission, I started looking for the vanishing cabinet and the weird bust on top of the cabinet that Harry hides the potions book in. I found the vanishing cabinet!

  • pxlbltz
    pxlbltz 6 months ago +35

    When you use transformation on pots and vases in dungeons, the coin sacks happen a lot.

  • OB Krishna
    OB Krishna 5 months ago +16

    theres a chest that can only be unlocked by using the transform spell on a vase, which turns it into a giant chess piece, and must be placed on a specific square. after unlocking the door that holds the chest, the piece can be turned back into a vase.

    • N
      N 2 months ago +2

      The heck that’s such a mad thing to find

    • arī
      arī 2 days ago

      where is it?

  • Liz DeStefano
    Liz DeStefano 4 months ago +4

    I love how the game brings in the Easter eggs even though this is a prequel of the Harry Potter series but they've done a very good job and I've only seen 2 Easter eggs! And I can't wait to see all the other ones And I'm glad I didn't miss the vanishing cabinet one, I'm not there yet

  • Vanessa Harkins
    Vanessa Harkins 6 months ago +10

    There is a second Snape Jack in the box in the faculty tower that doesn't go back in the box. I found it sitting on a shelf right after I got Alohomora and was searching for the two Demiguise in that area for the quest.
    Edit: I see you actually show that one at 4:50

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +2

      Yep! I was curious to see if anyone would catch that I included that one in there too 😄

  • JC Lemon
    JC Lemon 6 months ago +23

    Maybe if you can find the portrait of Sir Cadogan (the knight who guarded the Gryffindor for a while in the Prisoner of Azkaban) dressed in armor you might get an interesting out come.

    • Filelor
      Filelor 5 months ago

      Was gonna make this same suggestion 👍

  • Duchess Ravenwaves
    Duchess Ravenwaves 4 months ago +20

    I like the part when Dutch tells Arthur that they need more money

    • MrO
      MrO 3 months ago +4

      Just one final score

  • HaywireHornet91
    HaywireHornet91 6 months ago +4

    The paper article with the chicken is actually how you breed basilisks. It's just not easy (in mythical lore)

    • HaywireHornet91
      HaywireHornet91 6 months ago

      Wait. That may be the Cockatrice...can't remember

    • Sierra Luscombe
      Sierra Luscombe 5 months ago +2

      Hatching a chicken egg under a toad has a chance to give you a basilisk

  • Emma Wilson
    Emma Wilson 6 months ago +53

    The gear-wearing interaction one. I thought that if I wore the Demiguise mask and stand in front of Gladwin Moon, he’d act scared or yelp or something since he is afraid of them.
    Nope: nothing that cool happens.
    But I do really love the Werewolf Saga Tapestries secret. For me, it is a nod to Remus Lupin and his experience with turning into a werewolf as the story (when you cast lumos) seems to be more about the anxiety of the transformation than the transformation itself. I keep coming back to that secret room and observing it. Thinking about how clever the creators were to use ‘the light of the moon’ to expose the whole story rather than revelio.
    Without even meeting the devs of Avalanche and Portkey Games I can already tell they’re very passionate fans of the Harry Potter/Wizarding World franchise themselves. It just goes to show you the huge difference in the quality delivered when the devs are fans as well as business people

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +3

      Oh man, I had been meaning to try the one with Gladwin and the moon mask! That's disappointing he doesn't really react to it.

    • Emma Wilson
      Emma Wilson 6 months ago +4

      @RetroRaconteur right?! It threw me for a loop. I thought the whole point of getting that mask (my final achievement to reach 100%) was for that very purpose. To scare Gladwin.
      I was well put out when it did nothing. 😕

    • Kate 羊清菡
      Kate 羊清菡 6 months ago +2

      I got the same feeling about them being passionate about the Harry Potter franchise - clearly the devs enjoyed working on this project and brought something they have long loved to reality. There are some notable issues with the game which I think are more an issue of running out of time and prioritisation (although I can't understand why they left sitting down out!) but the beautiful castle itself and all these little quirky things and various references to the stories show, to me, that the people who were involved in making them were fans themselves.
      The castle itself, for example, has had a lot of research into putting it together. They've combined the castle from the movies and the books (because sometimes the movie castle didn't always add up with what the books said). The creators of the movie castle, I think, did a fabulous job bringing various ancient buildings from around the UK together and it really captured my imagination. The castle is one of my favourite things about the movies, as the castle of my imagination before the movies came out was a bit bland (and I'd never seen a real life castle to base it on). But the book castle had some key differences and I would always find a medium between the two when visualising it while reading the books.
      The Hogwarts Legacy version of the castle really captures the beauty of the movie castle, while adding in bits and pieces from the books and finding that medium when they don't agree, and the layout of the castle is actually a really spot on combination in my opinion. I've spent a fair while imagining the castle myself from information in the books as well as the models used in the movies and various maps (including what I could find of the movie Maurauder's Map) and most of the classrooms and all of the common rooms are where I imagined they'd be! (except for the Slytherin dungeon, which I imagined to be beneath the tower and parts of the wings on either side of the corner of the quad which is opposite to the Ravenclaw tower - between the corners that contain the Gryffindor Tower and the Grand Staircase tower, with the Hufflepuff Basement being below the Great Hall and Grand Staircase Tower, meaning that each house would have its own corner of the quad - but it's actually below the wings between the Grand Staircase Tower and the Ravenclaw Tower in the game). They've also done exactly what I did in my imagination with the Entrance Hall. The Entrance Hall is clearly mentioned numerous times in the books, and was included in the first two movies, but was replaced by a courtyard in the subsequent movies. So in my imagination, I put the Entrance Hall from the first two movies in between the corridor that leads to the Staircase/Great Hall and the courtyard in the same orientation as the game.
      The game devs that made the castle did an even better job than I'd imagined, and everything has had a lot of thought as to its placement. Which, to me, shows a lot of passion.
      I've had a great deal of fun exploring this game, seeing Hogwarts brought to life so beautifully.

    • Emma Wilson
      Emma Wilson 6 months ago +2

      @Kate 羊清菡 honestly they deserve so much praise and credit for the way they constructed and assembled the castle alone. For real: I mean I was exploring around the Headmaster’s quarters yesterday, picking up what field guide pages and collection chests I had left in the Grand Staircase Tower. And I was floored at the amount of detail they put in just walking through the halls to get to it. That’s before I actually entered the office. By the way, if you go back after the main campaign is finished, you can actually be in there while Professor Black is and he makes a comment about how you didn’t run away from the final battle and he says “well done, I suppose”, which is consistent with his characterisation for being an asshole. But he doesn’t ask why you’re in his study or try to shot you out or anything. It’s really quite funny.
      They’ve done an incredible job and I only hope those on the previous gen consoles get to experience Hogwarts Legacy like we can.

    • Kate 羊清菡
      Kate 羊清菡 6 months ago +1

      @Emma Wilson Totally agree with you! I really like how the NPCs will often say something that depends on certain conditions to be met. Like the Fat Lady says something about "and I was having such a nice dream! *SNORE*" if you go through the portrait hole at night. And a lot of the random NPC dialogue is pretty funny too, poking fun at something about the world or the game itself.

  • Fawzy Nahwi
    Fawzy Nahwi 6 months ago +12

    I think professor Hecat used a time turner to go back too far in time that when she got back she aged the same years. I think thats how Time turners are explained in the books and its why Rowling decided to destroy them all in later books

  • Lucy Lovely
    Lucy Lovely 3 months ago +2

    The unicorn fact is actually pretty cool tbh. In Universal Orlando’s Hagrids ride, at the end of the ride, the little baby unicorn is also gold who’s next to its white mother 😭🥰

  • ayodstudio
    ayodstudio 6 months ago +11

    The devs did so good in including so many elements from books/movies.

  • PrincessofErised
    PrincessofErised 3 months ago +5

    Regarding the Newspaper articles, you will also find proof of the stories in various vaults and caves, etc... For example, you will find a dead guy next to an open cage with a letter talking about the Dricken.

  • Agent Spatula
    Agent Spatula 6 months ago +18

    By far the best Hogwarts Legacy Easter egg video!
    Thanks for all the research you did, the Easter eggs included are unique and new, and the video is structured fantastically!

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +3

      Glad you enjoyed it! Really appreciate the kind words. Took me a bit longer to get this one out because I was trying to find things that haven’t been repeated everywhere already. 😅

  • mk64
    mk64 4 months ago +1

    You can use the transformation spell on all targetable pots, crates, barrels etc. Barrels & large crates only make pumpkins. All others change to animals (chicken, rabbit, mice, frogs) or coins. Sometimes if you change a few close together quickly you'll get higher chance of coins. Sometimes. All the pots you kick/break could have been a few coins. About 50 is highest i've seen from one pouch and as little as 3. Rabbits are bad about breaking pots next to them..

  • Shubham Manna
    Shubham Manna 3 months ago +1

    If you guys remember when the transformation spell was taught in harry potter movie Ron couldn't completely tranform his rat to a wine cup and so the Spell icon in the game looks exactly like what happened lol

  • Ana Pim
    Ana Pim 6 months ago +6

    Great video as always! I have played for a long time and still didn't know some of these secrets!
    About the basilisk breeder, I'm pretty sure you can also find one dead in one of the caves with a bunch of chickens and a note from the ministry warning him about not having toads around. I'm not sure if it's the same one from the newspaper but I found it quite amusing to find him after reading the news in Hogmeade.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +2

      Yes! I found that too and almost tried to work it into the video when I talked about the newspaper section.

    • Hassat Hunter
      Hassat Hunter 6 months ago +1

      There's a lot of random corpses with letters ingame. Most are really sad however. Wonder if I found them all...

    • Victoriaanne
      Victoriaanne 5 months ago +2

      I also thought it might be a nod to newt who said his biggest achievement was the outlawing of interbreeding different magical species. Since this is before newt’s time magical beasts are still being bred to disastrous results though it is frowned upon

  • The Moon Man
    The Moon Man 3 months ago +2

    In the 6th book where harry meets Trelawny near the room of requirment and then harry learns that she used the room to hide sherry's. That's a reference to the vase with butterbeers

  • NigiVlogs
    NigiVlogs 6 months ago +63

    6:30 I believe it isn't a nod to Dobby, it's the 6th book and Professor Trelawney trying to hide bottles of sherry in the Room of Requirements but the Malfoy throws her out

    • NigiVlogs
      NigiVlogs 6 months ago +7

      On the other hand, Dobby does mention in book 5 that he used the Room of Requirements to hide Winky while she was drunk

  • Corbin Garrett
    Corbin Garrett 6 months ago +1

    The Snape jack in the box can be found in other places throughout the game, it's not just in the room of hidden things.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago

      It makes a brief appearance in my video here 😉

  • Todd Vergith
    Todd Vergith 5 months ago +3

    I just finished the main story, and need to do all the side stuff yet. I didn't even know you could get into the kitchen. And it's by tickling the pear in the painting. That's so cool. The developers really did their homework for this game. I have quite a bit to go before taking my O.W.L.S. I tried to find the entrance to the chamber of secrets and thought I did until seeing this video and realizing it was the wrong bathroom. Is there no way to open it? Even if you're a Slytherin? Loved the video! Got a sub from me.😃👍

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  5 months ago +1

      Appreciate the kind words, Todd! Glad you're enjoying the game. As for your question about the Chamber, there is no way to enter unfortunately, haha.

    • Todd Vergith
      Todd Vergith 5 months ago

      @RetroRaconteur that's to bad. Oh well, I do need to find the kitchen though. 🤪

  • Delikatessbrühe
    Delikatessbrühe 6 months ago +2

    I was kinda hoping to find a five-legged creature or its skeleton in the room of hidden things since that's referenced in I think it's Halfblood Prince but - no such luck.

  • Chance Barber
    Chance Barber 6 months ago +4

    Honestly out of all the Easter eggs mentioned in this video,Sacharissa Tugwood is probably my favorite

  • Vanmarsnille Nathan
    Vanmarsnille Nathan 4 months ago +2

    So I found something strange and have no clue what it is. In front of the windows in the Slytherin common room at night I used Lumos, besides the fish seemingly reacting to it, a small flickering light appeared in the distance underwater. It remained there even after I stopped using Lumos. I took screenshots to be sure. Does anyone know what it could be?

  • Vaudemu
    Vaudemu 3 months ago

    There are two armoured guards arguing in a short hallway (can't recall location, but perhaps the armor you wear could trigger different dialogue when u approach them.

  • Wolfe911
    Wolfe911 6 months ago +8

    The Daily Prophet story on the guy trying to make a basilisk ties in to another easter egg hidden in the world.
    Also, like the tapestry, there is the medusa picture that changes when you interact with it.
    @RetroRaconteur My question though is, there is a pile of furs at a ruin that glows blue when revelio is used, but I can't find an interaction with it. Anyone else notice this, or figure it out?

    • rally4reel
      rally4reel 6 months ago

      That's related to a poaching quest I'm pretty sure, keep playing if you haven't finished all the quests with poppy

    • Tankred Pancreas
      Tankred Pancreas 5 months ago +1

      The pile of fur is something I saw too. And that was after 100% game. Maybe unintentional. Hopefully someone has an answer for it

  • Angel Juliet
    Angel Juliet 6 months ago +4

    Finding the Medusa portrait will turn you to stone for a short time

  • Mona J. Simpson
    Mona J. Simpson 5 months ago +2

    You don't even have to look up the unicorn-thing in fantastic beasts. Hagrid teaches this to his class after Grubbly-Plank took over his class for a brief period. He has Baby unicorns there and tells the class that Babys are pure golden and are more open to humans and "don't mind boys so much".

  • Slytherin Reviews
    Slytherin Reviews 6 months ago +1

    With the Butterbeer, there are two versions of it the non-alcohol version and the alcohol version, though the alcohol version is a lot stronger than the non-alcohol version

  • Chaos Unleashed
    Chaos Unleashed Month ago

    Ive found a secret. This might seem like a no brainer but its an extra detail added to the game so... The tables in the kitchens have different kinds of food on them depending on the time of day and no food with piles of plates off to the sides during the night.

  • Uyhn26
    Uyhn26 5 months ago +2

    Love your videos on Hogwarts Legacy! They actually teach me lores that I wasn't aware of! And certain secrets that I yet to discover! :)

  • Sylver3Lade
    Sylver3Lade 4 months ago +1

    It just amazes me the level of Potter nerd that is needed on one's resume to have been hired on to this team. This game is FULL of potter lore.

  • L0lb1T
    L0lb1T 5 months ago +4

    My other thought, besides with Trelawny, was perhaps the bottles reference the bottles Fred and George snuck in to celebrate winning a quidditch match

  • Lydia Tarine
    Lydia Tarine 6 months ago +5

    Yeah… The butter beer you can buy at official Wizarding World locations is FAR from book accurate. I wish the parks had a code named version that was for adults to try. I don’t drink and I would try it. 😢

  • Leo Nielson
    Leo Nielson 6 months ago +2

    The bottles in the vase could also be a reference to Professor Trelawney hiding her sherry bottles in 'The Half-Blood Prince'.

  • Xighlont
    Xighlont 6 months ago

    The golden unicorn was said in a mission to save a unicorn, the lady says she's been taking care of it since it was a golden foal.

  • Vanessa Harkins
    Vanessa Harkins 6 months ago +2

    It is said in the books that Unicorns are born gold and become white as they grow. We learn this when professor Grubly-Plank substitutes for Hagrid in the Care of Magical Creatures class. In the game however, they have shiny versions of all of the creatures and the Shiny unicorns are gold even as adults.

    • Xyxyx
      Xyxyx 6 months ago

      The baby shinies are still gold too tho

    • Delikatessbrühe
      Delikatessbrühe 6 months ago

      It makes me unreasonably happy that you used the word "shiny" to describe rare colour variants

  • Patricia Galindez
    Patricia Galindez 3 months ago

    I have yet to hear anyone discovering this. Unless its a nod to Sirius Black escaping Azkaban by transforming into a dog, I can't think of another reason for what I saw. When traveling to Azkaban, one cell on the left was holding a baby mooncalf. I barely noticed it but I was sure that's what I saw when taking a closer look.

  • DanteEightSix
    DanteEightSix 6 months ago +1

    I name my characters as relatives of characters in the series. On my live playthough, I had named my character Eldritch Diggory. It became quite awkward talking to myself doing the Hufflepuff main questline.

  • Palex
    Palex 5 months ago

    There are some pedestals with dragons that you set on fire, I think they are located in iconic places of the movies or books. For example there is one where Snape dies and another in the astronomy tower where Harry sees how Dumbedlor dies. Is it a coincidence? What does it refer to?

  • HaVøc Ragnarson
    HaVøc Ragnarson 4 months ago +1

    Lol good ol Peeves, but all credit goes to Nick for convincing him to do it to save Harry from Filch the squib lol 😂

  • wilmannator
    wilmannator 6 months ago +5

    Thanks for all that research... absolutely fantastic story about Winky and her butterbeer addiction. Love your vids, so different from the rest of the crowd. Wonderful.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +1

      Thank you so much! 😊 That really means a lot.

    LUCA BESTEA 5 months ago

    Wow! Didn't know any of these apart from the pijama reactions and professor Hecat being wounded by time, but didn't know the connection to the egg-bird scene. Also, I do know that you can converse with your teachers to learn more about them.

  • Steve Powell
    Steve Powell 6 months ago +4

    Didn't you notice the dragon icon flying over the map when you look to fast travel?

  • Amber Nichole
    Amber Nichole 3 months ago +1

    The transformation spell had it where you do it to a cow 10 times and you complete an achievement

  • DaDude
    DaDude 6 months ago

    Very well made video with incredible hints and references 🙌

  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen 6 months ago

    Safe to say, I haven't found any of these but I *have* seen the dragon. Issue was, I was talking to someone in-game at the point it flew by, so I don't think it counted. Did you find the Snitch in the Room, though? I know it appears a brief second as your character comments on it, and I never got into the same little shut-in it was hiding in after, but you can see it over the wall.
    That news article sheds light on Lupin's reasoning for giving Harry chocolate after the Dementor attack in 'Prisoner'. Also never connected that it was the Forbidden Forest they ran around in in that movie, but of course it had to be, though that iconic scene was the first thing I wondered about when seeing the lake in-game.
    The Butterbeer bottles in the vase is interesting, considering no house-elves that we know of from the books are in the game.
    There's a decapitated statue in a secret room that's holding its own head. When you interact with it, it turns you to stone.
    Never tried anything other than my underwear to trigger unique dialogues, though I know there are pajama outfits as well.

  • Shaun
    Shaun 6 months ago +3

    It's mad that I put 100 hours into the game and got the platinum trophy and I didn't once see the random dragon flying around the world

  • Hasa Diga Jack Dorse-Eye

    in the vivarium you can use the transfiguration spell on the phoenix. you can farm money by exiting the vivarium and rentering it after picking up the coin sack.

  • Aaron Burton
    Aaron Burton 5 months ago

    0:30 When you are sneaking around hogwarts at night helping Prof Moon with his quest, one of the teachers rooms actually has the Snape Jack n Box in their office, you can view it in all its glory! 🤓

  • KirschkernEnte
    KirschkernEnte 6 months ago +6

    I found an Easter egg related to an old German fairy tale. Namely the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. At the castle gate, where Mr. Moon lives, there are also stables for the Thestrals. Above the stables is a locked room and in the room is a spinning wheel and several baskets full of straw.
    For those who don't know this fairy tale, although it is quite well known, a short summary: Once upon a time there was a miller who wanted his daughter to marry the king. So he lied to the king, claiming that his daughter had the gift of spinning straw into gold. The king wanted to convince himself of this and locked the girl in a room filled with straw and a spinning wheel. Desperate, the girl didn't know what to do and started crying. Suddenly a little man appeared and offered his help, but also made demands. On the first night Rumpelstiltskin demanded her necklace, on the second night her ring. And on the third night he demanded her firstborn child, because if she could spin straw into gold again that night, the king wanted to take her as his wife. She agreed. And when the first child was born, Rumpelstiltskin came and wanted to take it with him. The girl (now the queen) could not give up the child and cried. Rumpelstiltskin softened and offered her that if she managed to guess his name in just 3 days, she could keep the child. Long story short: By chance she heard the name, called it on the 3rd day, Rumpelstiltskin got angry and tore himself up in anger. The End.

  • Freddie Kennett
    Freddie Kennett 6 months ago +1

    I think maybe if you find sir cadogon as a knight it will have an interaction

  • WardenWolf
    WardenWolf 6 months ago +3

    I actually did _not_ know about the tapestry you could walk through. And since I'm trying for 100%, that was one of my missing field guide pages for my collection.

  • Jordon Hanlan
    Jordon Hanlan 4 months ago

    I'm not a potter head so a lot of the references and characters are lost on me 😂 but I really wanna enjoy this game to it's fullest

  • Marc Coso
    Marc Coso 6 months ago +2

    You can actually find de guy who breeds basilisk in one of the missions with Sebastian

  • Lynn Thomas
    Lynn Thomas 5 months ago

    On the cloths. I like dressing my characters in PJs for the nighttime quests in Hogwarts. But on my 2nd playthrough i didnt loot them FOREVER. So i made the appearance of my outfit "invisible" which looks like an Edwardian shift and pants, looks like fancy nightwear. I forgot to turn it off in daytime and someone laughed at me at said "nice undies."

  • William Searcy
    William Searcy 6 months ago

    thats cool to be able to use the transformation spell on chickens, cattle and sheep but of course goblins, poachers and those otherenemy witches and wizards i'll be getting hogwarts legacy for my PS4 in may i already got the preordering day set for it just finishing off the funds that i need for the digital copy

  • Du-B
    Du-B 6 months ago +1

    Yeah the bottles in the vase are definitely wine bottles, that's Trelawney for sure. If they were butterbeer bottles I'd say it could be winky but those are too big.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago

      You can see the words “butterbeer” on them though. Could still be a nod to Trelawney, but the bottles are definitely butterbeer.

    • Du-B
      Du-B 6 months ago

      @RetroRaconteur I didn't see the label, those are huge bottles for butterbeer though, even had the classic wine bottle shape. Maybe it is meant to reference both scenes in one easter egg.

  • Jake Isitt
    Jake Isitt 6 months ago

    Now you've mentioned different dialogue with outfits, wonder if the dress robes and Prof Wesley's have something.

  • N. Holbrook
    N. Holbrook 6 months ago

    I ran into a problem today when I was playing. I went with Fig to a tower for my first "trial" and we're both invisible and Fig tells me to sneak up on a troll and use Petrificus Totalus on him...except I hadn't learned it yet. It doesn't show up in any of my lists of spells. I googled it and it was supposed to be learned ages ago but it didn't happen for me. Great...

    • Bowtie Artist
      Bowtie Artist 6 months ago

      It isn't a "regular" or "equip-able" spell. Its the same type as Protego, Stupefy and Alohomora. It doesn't show up in your list of spells because of that reason.
      When you sneak up and use it, it's like sneaking up to someone in a stealth-feature game like Assassin's Creed or Hitman. You have to walk up and be VERY close to the enemy FROM BEHIND, and it will show a button prompt. Fun fact that might help you down the line, it even works on Spiders.

  • Godlyfishy
    Godlyfishy 6 months ago

    in secret 2 the newspaper i read one of them the first time i saw it and it showed you how to breed bassilisks you need to hatch a chickens egg over a toad to do it its so easy to breed them

  • Salish Sea Quest
    Salish Sea Quest 6 months ago

    Thanks for the clear, concise, yet fully informative video about these secrets. Have you been to the Death Day Party?

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago

      Thank you! Yes, I loved the deathday party room! Such a nice touch.

  • Elliott David
    Elliott David 6 months ago

    Great video. I do not understand how Lumos affects the tapestries though. When you lit your wand, nothing happened.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago

      Put it at 8:20 of the video...then play and watch how the lady in yellow moves.

  • Disabled Dragonborn
    Disabled Dragonborn 6 months ago

    I can't remember what happened exactly, but when I killed a mongrel that was attacking me, the remains were that of a sheep.

  • Angel Juliet
    Angel Juliet 6 months ago

    Apparently you can turn sheep into a ball of wool and if you toss it into a hoop you get something

  • Ori Harel
    Ori Harel 6 months ago +1

    Secret 1 (The Vanishing Cabinet) is why the Floo system in Hogwarts Legacy doesn't make any sense. From a video game point of view, I understand the need for a "fast travel" system, but the developers should have thought of another way. I can't provide such a solution, but then again, I'm not a gave developer...

    • Bowtie Artist
      Bowtie Artist 6 months ago +1

      In Chapter 14 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Snape had used Floo Powder down in his office to summon Lupin from the DADA office. And Chapter 17 of Order of the Phoenix had Umbridge's hand grasping out in the fireplace for Sirius's Head, showing the fireplaces were connected (and also being watched). Honestly Floo being used for transportation within and around the school was already an established part of the lore.
      And although transportation throughout Hogwarts was a thing, the only inconsistency in Hogwarts Legacy isn't even actually an inconsistency when you think about the timeline. The fact you can use the Floo Network to travel IN and OUT of Hogwarts makes more sense back in ye olden days of Hogwarts with less threats. The protective charms of Hogwarts were strengthened by future headmasters who strongly resisted the concept of using Floo as a route into the school (as an example, maybe, for students who couldn't make the train or those who wanted to return after holidays without going to the station?) for fear of the security of the castle being breached.
      REAL WORLD history puts the first locomotive in England around 1820s, and King's Cross Station being opened in 1850s.
      With the game being in late 1800s, the timeline matches up to the idea by the Ministry of a train being used as a more secure means of transport for students, which is after portkeys were heavily unsuccessful (a combination of a third of students failing to arrive every year and the Hospital Wing being filled within the first few days due to the sick feeling many would feel after usage). Floo powder was probably then regulated not long after for Hogwarts after more charms being put in place to make the school more secure, and most likely was usable only by faculty or faculty permission for emergencies from there on, which would explain why pretty much nothing was mentioned of it in the books during Harry's story.
      All in all, one nerd's extremely overdone weigh-in on your comment, and a response of "simply put, the Floo System might have been the closest thing that COULD have worked for Fast Travel with how deep they're keeping to established lore, with all other means of transport considered, and if everything I said above was considered by developers, it might also be a deeply woven Easter Egg to spark a conversation just like this one."
      (also Vanishing Cabinets only worked as a pair. Use of Vanishing Cabinets as fast travel would never be overlooked by fans and would instead be judged as an oversight on the developers part, as you can't just transport from one Vanishing Cabinet to any one that you wanted, it was a bridge from one cabinet to a sister cabinet.)

  • bahamut12th
    bahamut12th 6 months ago

    you can also turn random things like barrels into animals and coins

  • Arcade Rival
    Arcade Rival 6 months ago +2

    my burning question is, HOW DO YOU OPEN THE SHUT DOWN SHOP DOOR in hogsmead.
    theres a boarded up shop, where if you use "revealio" itll show blue glowing boards over the door, as ifd they can be moved or burned.
    however, no spell seems to do anything to it.

    • MrKudo611
      MrKudo611 6 months ago +3

      For right now it's a playstation exclusive side quest. Honestly it was the most annoying side question in the game but when you complete it you get the shop and a house elf to run it. The shop gives you 20% more gold when selling items

    • Giulia S.
      Giulia S. 5 months ago +1

      Didn't know it was a PlayStation exclusive, but honestly I don't feel like you're missing anything. That side quest is a PAIN, definitely not worth it for a simple shop where you'll ultimately sell items for 20% more, in my opinion

  • princessofaim
    princessofaim 5 months ago +1

    Dumbledore's grave site is also in the middle of the lake at Hogwarts!

  • Wyld1one
    Wyld1one 3 months ago

    The stepladder in honeydukes basement. It's the only one I've seen in the game so far

  • Angel Juliet
    Angel Juliet 6 months ago

    You can glitch your way into the other common rooms!

  • Incurable Trickster
    Incurable Trickster 6 months ago

    My favourite outfit is the pyjamas. It's hilarious when people comment on my lack of dress code. Even better when an overpowered 15 year old single handedly slays trolls, takes down the entire poaching ring and goblin rebellion, all the while when they can't be bothered to get dressed after getting out of bed. 😆

  • dat_goose
    dat_goose 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure you can go through the room of hidden things again

  • Joey Goali
    Joey Goali 4 months ago

    In the room of secrets, there is the king from the chess fight in the philosophers stone

  • The Amazing JerBear
    The Amazing JerBear 6 months ago

    What happens if you wear the demiguise mask and you talk to Moon?

  • skyczy
    skyczy 5 months ago

    Did anybody see the students flying 4 kites out in the garden? Maybe that happens alot or rare? Not sure

  • Saeed Zafar
    Saeed Zafar 5 months ago

    Hecat's story shows that the Cursed Child can't be true.
    Otherwise, why didn't Scorpius turn 120years.

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 6 months ago +3

    I will never not giggle whenever I hear the name "Tugwood".

  • Gary Higson-Kuhn
    Gary Higson-Kuhn 5 months ago

    Remember professor trilawny hide her shery bottles in the room of hidden things. And hide some behind the tapestry across from the entrance

  • Fiend
    Fiend  4 months ago

    i managed to get a legendary iten from transforming a chicken in the mountains there's a guy who has been transformed it gave me the idea to change the 2 chickens near him and i get a weapon from it

  • Aditya Khalatkar
    Aditya Khalatkar 6 months ago

    In room of hidden things, there is a small mirror and when you look into it you can see the back of your head! I was sooo amazed but unfortunately the streamer I was following hardly notice anything -_-

    • Hassat Hunter
      Hassat Hunter 6 months ago +1

      Apparently its from the barber in Hogsmeade. Reusing assets...

  • RetroRaconteur
    RetroRaconteur  6 months ago +6

    What are your favorite secrets and easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy?

    • Melissa Coppa
      Melissa Coppa 6 months ago +1

      There’s a cabinet to the left of the out of order bathroom that has a white outline (like it can be interacted with) only when the transfiguration spells are currently in your active spell slots (just the altering spell and evanesco I believe) and I can’t for the life of me figure out why! Any thoughts?

    • Austin Gabaldon
      Austin Gabaldon 6 months ago +1

      Glad someone else saw this. I tried for half an hour to get something to happen but nothing did. Thought it was a glitch. There must be something though

    • Melissa Coppa
      Melissa Coppa 6 months ago

      @Austin Gabaldon my friend said the same thing! But I couldn’t let it go and can’t find anything on it besides the bathroom to the right. I’ve also found rocks with swirling patterns on them out in the world that you can break with Confringo. I don’t know what’s up with them either but I break them every time just in case.

    • Steven Taylor
      Steven Taylor 6 months ago

      The transformation spell can also turn an animagus back to a dark witch!

    • dax connell
      dax connell 6 months ago

      did any one find who the ghost is that vanishes into the floor as you enter the room of requirements ? it is the landing where you go up the small stairs to go down the stairs into the expansion

  • NightRaid
    NightRaid 4 months ago

    Aren't house elfs much stronger then wizards?

  • FattusCat
    FattusCat 6 months ago

    The talking mirrors seem to say something different depending on what you wear

  • Suigen Yukiouji
    Suigen Yukiouji 6 months ago +2

    2:52 I'm fairly certain the "witch wakes from 600 year slumber" is a reference to Bayonetta. Bayonetta is from the UK, not Ireland, but was put into a magical sleep for 500 years before the start of the first game.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 6 months ago +1

    if have the flamboyant robes on (the purple one) people will say something along the lines of "you wouldnt catch me in public with that on" or "go change into your school issued robes".

  • ScarletGhost
    ScarletGhost 6 months ago +1

    If you paid attention to Professor Grubbly-Plank, you'd know that Unicorn foals have a gold coat, and are comfortable only around witches.

    • RetroRaconteur
      RetroRaconteur  6 months ago


    • Lucretia
      Lucretia 6 months ago

      not quite right. Professor Grubbly-Plank taught the students that fully grown unicorns "prefer the women's touch" but it was Hagrid who taught them about the foals: they are gold and turn silver when they are growing up, starting at 2 and turn fully white when 7. And as long as they are foals, they don't mind being touched by boys.
      Im a little disappointed though they put a horn on the unicorn foals sine its stated explicitly that their horns grow when they are around 3 or 4 y/o

  • NatureDwellerGames
    NatureDwellerGames 6 months ago

    Love it! I had no idea about some of these

  • Angel Juliet
    Angel Juliet 6 months ago +1

    Secret room in gryffindor common room behind a clock in the corner.
    Secret room in hufflepuff common room behind a bookcase.

  • Godlyfishy
    Godlyfishy 6 months ago

    since you can turn animals into coins and take them is that technically killing them?

  • Adi23
    Adi23 5 months ago

    I don't know if this happened to anyone else I put a potting table in room of requirements and it unlocked a Harry Potter movie, had this happened to anyone else, do you get all the movies?

  • Fruzsina Tóth
    Fruzsina Tóth 3 months ago

    In the transfigurations classroom there is a rat that is half transformed to a cup… enough said :)

  • Craig Harvey-Gurr
    Craig Harvey-Gurr 6 months ago

    I had fun playing this game.

  • usernametakengib
    usernametakengib 5 months ago

    what about the hidden Room full of snacks in the Hufflepuff common room?

  • Jamestopboy
    Jamestopboy 5 months ago

    Hector Fawley, future Minister of Magic, can be seen at the school too! It’s not just Sacharisa Tugwood!